Neem Oil Health Benefits

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Posted by Mary (Milwaukee, Wi, Usa) on 08/24/2011
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Neem is something that I learned about very recently, and because of the various ailments it helps with I decided to give it a try (it worked for clearing up my skin). While this herb works wonders for the "normal" person I would like to inform anyone who has an autoimmune disease that it could potentially cause major side-effects. The introductory post discussing neem says it can help with rheumatic disorders, and the post by Sayed from Abu Dhabi says it helps with rheumatism; rheumatic disorders and rheumatism refer to rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. According to WebMD(, there is a contraindication listed under the herb for autoimmune diseases mainly because neem can activate the immune system, which is exactly the opposite of what should be done with an autoimmune disease.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and had minimal pain and inflammation before taking neem, and I took it for about a month. Over that month the pain and inflammation increased pretty severely; my entire body - from my skin, joints and organs - experienced extreme inflammation, and I may also have some permanent joint damage now. Three months later I am still slowly nursing the pain and inflammation into remission (the natural way). This may be an isolated incident and I am not a doctor, but I would like to at least let people know the experience I had with it. I would, however, recommend it to people who don't have an autoimmune disease.