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| Modified on Jan 28, 2015
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by Bill Thompson
December 7, 2013

Because there has been so much confusion with identifying exactly what Yakeow and Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) are as herbs, I decided to research it and find out once and for all and let everyone know on EC. As most already know on EC, Ted from Bangkok always recommends the use of Yakeow and SSG against cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

Yakeow is the Asian form of the Yarrow herb -- Achillea millefolium. Here is a picture of it -- a very distinctive-looking herb.

Yakeow -- Asian Yarrow

Yakeow/Yarrow Properties

This herb grows in the cooler temperate mountainous regions of the tropics and not in the hotter lowlands. For instance Yarrow is only found in the Baguio mountain regions of Luzon in the Philippines and is not found in the lowlands(too hot). Yarrow is also found widely in Europe and America. I will try and purchase this plant for my garden sometime in the future from Baguio(only an hour and a half away from where I live in the Philippines).

Interestingly, Yarrow contains monoterpenes -- alpha- and beta-pinenes, limonene, sabinene and borneol. Turpentine or pine oil, which also has beneficial action against cancers, also contains these terpenes. However, Yarrow also uniquely contains 51% azulene -- a highly beneficial terpene. Azulene action appears to encourage antineoplaston activity in the human body against cancers. The body has two trigger mechanisms concerning cancer. Oncogenes in the body encourage gene aberrations that cause cancers whereas Tumour Supressor genes act to prevent cancers. This theory is based entirely upon Dr Bryszinski method of curing cancer by encouraging tumor suppressor triggers and suppressing oncogene triggers. Azulene derivatives from Yakeow also appear to have this beneficial antineoplaston activity against cancers. Azulene also encourages and promotes liver regeneration. Chamomile also contains azulene derivatives in smaller amounts. Azulene in solution is blue in color-- its name is derived from azure -- which means bright blue.

Regarding Yakeow/Yarrow -- actual hard research evidence was hard to find, but its use in older medicine against cancer was easier to confirm:



Sabah Snake Grass or SSG is from the Clinacanthus nutans plant. This is a true topical herb. There is quite alot of research(mainly Asian) on Clinacanthus against cancer.




Clinacanthus chemical composition:


SSG is used against fevers, dysentery, gastrointestinal problems, various cancers, for liver and kidney protection and for diabetes problems.

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Posted by Eos (Hongkong) on 01/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Sabah Snake Grass (Clinicanthus nutans) received its common name due to its neutralizing properties in treating snake bites. However, recent study has shown that it can also help cure cancer. According to the Singapore Cancer Society, cancer remains to be the leading cause of death affecting 1 out of 3 Singaporeans.

First off, cancer development can occur as a result of free radicals damaging healthy cells. They can destroy various cellular components like DNA and membranes and are often created by factors such as toxic environment and smoke inhalation. Aside from cancer, these free radicals can also cause a series of debilitating medical conditions such as stroke, emphysema, heart diseases and diabetes mellitus among others.

In line with this, the antioxidants found in Nutans Tea help clear out the toxins and trap free radicals. In addition, it also prevents damage to other organs and tissues with its anti-proliferative properties.

From lung cancer to leukemia, Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) has shown great potential in stopping the spread of the disease while helping to ensure the normal levels of cholesterol and uric acid.

In Singapore, the most common types of cancer are colo-rectum and breast. Predisposing factors include family history and age while precipitating ones are diet and activity. However, ensuring proper exercise and consumption of healthy foods do not automatically remove the risk, it only lessens it. For example, a non-smoking, athletic person can still have a higher chance of being diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer if he/she previously had Crohn's disease. This condition has been described by Mayo Clinic as, "both painful and debilitating, and sometimes may lead to life-threatening complications."

On the other hand, breast cancer may be common in women but it affects men as well. Most cases begin in the milk duct but can also start in other parts of the breast. Patients would often complain of lump and pain which may extend to the armpits. Although age is still a risk factor, younger women are still not safe. Initial test can be done through self-breast exam by looking for any abnormalities such as dimpling or swelling. To avoid any false diagnostic results, 2d mammograms can be combined with 3d but this should be done with doctor's orders.

Though most cancer patients would complain of pain, other complications include fatigue and weight loss. This makes it more difficult for them to perform their activities of daily living especially when they start experiencing nausea and difficulty in breathing.

Because cancer creates a huge impact on the lives of both the patient and his/her significant others, nature has provided a solution in the form of Sabah Snake Grass. And yet, it doesn't end there. Health benefits can extend up to the skin by slowing down the aging process. There's no need to apply cosmetics containing harmful ingredients just to retain that youthful glow. Nutans Tea cleanses your body inside and out. When your internal systems are working efficiently, it will show on your skin.

It's no wonder why Sabah Snake Grass is becoming more popular worldwide!

Nutans Tea (Sabah Snake Grass Tea) retains all the goodness of Sabah Snake Grass in a more convenient form for today's fast paced world, where even cooking your own meal is a luxury. Just like conventional tea, Nutans Tea sachets can be readily prepared with just immersion in boiling water. We had the initiative to make health products more appealing rather than using the phrase ?It is healthy for you, taste is not the main point'. Nutans Tea is blended with Traditional Chinese Herbal Flavouring to give a healthy and yet refreshing taste.

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