Boron Remedies: A Natural Supplement for Health

| Modified on May 02, 2024

An essential trace mineral, boron is necessary for a variety of functions in the body. Typically found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, the prevalence of boron in the diet has decreased in recent years because of commercial growing practices. As such, many individuals benefit from a boron supplement.

What Is Boron?

In its pure form, boron is a black, crystalline structure that is extremely brittle. As the substance is not found in its pure form, it must be chemically extracted; however, it is also found in the more commonly recognized compound known as borax.

In any case, the element is an important mineral needed in very small amounts in the body. The mineral is often found in food but can also be taken as a supplement. The body uses the mineral in forming strong bones, building muscle, boosting testosterone levels and improving cognition.

Health Benefits of Boron

With its variety of health benefits, boron is often used in treating a range of health conditions. The element supports the body’s use of various other vitamins and minerals and promotes overall health naturally.

Traditionally, boron has been used in maintaining bone health and treating osteoporosis. The mineral is also an important treatment for osteoarthritis, low testosterone and a variety of brain conditions. Boron is also used to promote estrogen production in women who are transitioning through menopause. As it stimulates the production of hormones, boron can also be used to improve sex drive in men and women.

Boron can also be used as a cancer therapy and cardiovascular treatment. The substance contains powerful enzyme inhibitors as well as substances that promote cardiovascular function and reduce cholesterol levels. The compound also functions to improve a variety of cognitive skills including visual perception, concentration, short term memory, coordination, fine motor skills and logic. The supplement also fights off fungal infections and other pathogens.

While few people are aware of it, boron has a variety of healthful applications. A nutrient that is found in a variety of foods including apples, oranges, grapes and pears, boron can also be taken as a supplement to support health.


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Posted by Roelof (Pretoria, South Africa) on 07/22/2023

For me Boron was truly a miracle cure. I am a 78 year old male and blessed with good health, but over the past seven years I have had serious trouble with arthritis in my knees, one shoulder and the fingers of my left hand. I had the normal symptoms: pain, stiffness and swollen joints. Walking became increasingly difficult. I tried a number of the OTC medicines, as well as a few of the remedies on this site. None of them brought any relief worth mentioning. Eventually, I started with Boron, the 3mg tablets. I take three tablets per day. It has now been fourteen days and I am astonished by the success: no pain, the swelling and stiffness have disappeared and I can walk at a brisk pace. I am now scaling down to two tablets per day as a maintenance dose. (Ps. Using Boron tablets instead of the Borax solution was just a personal choice.)

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

For the past few years, I have had problems with arthritic knees, barely able to walk, etc. Along with other exercises, I was advised to walk backwards, preferable up a mild, not steep, incline to strengthen knees. There are youtube videos about this; I wasn't interested in the one where one pulls some device in a gym, but walking backwards on the driveway, or in the backyard, or safely in a park is worth it as it strengthens muscles you didn't know you had!

Posted by Neptronix (Salt Lake City, Ut) on 04/25/2018

I have two bad knees and now one bad hip at the young age of 36. A lot of this is due to an internal 10-15 degree rotation in the tibia ( just recently diagnosed; wish I would have known sooner ), causing all lower joints to wear funny since birth.

I have taken 6mg of boron in pill format for 3 days and have seen my arthritic pain and joint function improve by the day. I am actually rather shocked at how fast it has helped.

Previously, I have tried supplementing with collagen and ASU, and have had half decent results actually, but the curative effect has been slow to build over the course of a month.

I have aten a ketogenic ( aka low carb ) diet that is low in plant matter for the last 4.5 years, but the arthritis symptoms have been really bad in the last 4. I believe that my diet is deficient and boron and supplementing has helped.

I will follow up in a month, but the results so far are amazing over such a short period of time, and I just wanted to chime in.

Posted by Pam (Marlborough, Ct, Usa) on 10/21/2010

Carly, I forgot to mention in my last post, that the doctor did test for arthritis, and Lyme disease. I also went to another doctor that said I had trigger finger, and gave me two shots in one hand, and said come back if this doesn't work. Well it worked for a week and then that was it. After a $300.00 bill for the visit that the insurance didn't pay for, and looking up trigger finger, and realized I don't have trigger finger or its symptoms I wasn't going back there. Thats when I found Earth Clinic. I am also going to try the ACV next week. Wish me luck. Thanks Pam

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Pam,
I swear, doctors make me wonder at times. I guess they are all just humans, and some are smarter than others, but sheesh. The shots never work long term - and they are so expensive too. My mom was getting them in her back, and they helped for a day or two. Crazy money, and doctors who have no idea what things *really* cost the consumer.

I've had doctors tell me I have arthritis. One said that the only way to not have it is to not be over 45. Well I AM, and I was not liking the arthritis! I really, REALLY think the Boron has taken care of this. I don't feel like any of my joints are hurting anymore.

I do still have the stupid body aches from the fibromyalgia, but they are under control for the most part. Winter is the "bad" time.... But I have upped the vitamin D this year, so we shall see if that keeps it in check.

On blood pressure -

I read something today while looking up an unrelated issue... But it had to do with blood pressure, so I thought of you. The article said that they did some test where 81% of the people in it lowered their BP meds after a year of eating 3-4 servings of potassium rich foods per day. "Lowering BP meds" isn't very specific, but hey, a glass of V-8 and a banana a day couldn't hurt anyway? :-)

Just another thing to look up and read about.

Glad to hear you are goig to try the ACV - I really think it lowers BP from what I have read. Well - I have posted another book - so easy to do when talking about health related issues! :-)Carly

Replied by Pam
(Marlborough, Ct, Usa)

Hi Carly, I just posted another question about having a rapid heartbeat that lasts about three hours. I have woken up at about 4am the last two mornings with this. I went and looked up supplements, and I think I am taking to much Vitamin Bs. I guess I was just trying to get my hands better. They are feeling pretty good today. Talk about writing a book, I thought I would bring up this.

Last Nov. Just before Thanksgiving, I stepped on a screw and it went into my foot, just under my big toe. I went to the doctor, and they gave me antibiotics. Well to make a long story short my foot got infected and I was on antibiotics on and off until January, they couldn't get rid of the infection, said it was resistent bacteria. I finally didn't go back because my foot was somewhat better, My toe next to my big toe became infected, and I had to go back and was on more antibiotics until April. At that point they were making me feel sick. So when my toe was good enough I just stopped taking anything as I couldn't stomach it anymore. The reason I am bringing this up is my hands started giving me problems in January. I asked the doctor if this could be related to my foot, and they said probably not. Well thats why I thought I would bring this up and maybe you or someone out there would know if too many antibiotics or an infection could have caused this. Thanks for any help Pam

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Pam,
It seems to me like the rapid heartbeat could be from taking too much of any of those things - but I remember reading that boron and magnesium are (antagonists?) or some such thing. I get a "fluttery" racing, skipping every once in a while when I am low on magnesium.

Stopping everything for a couple of days is probably a good idea, and then maybe add one thing in per week, and that way you can nail down what (if any) of the things you are taking are causing it. I believe Ted recommends taking two days off a week for most everything, and it does make sense to give the body a break from everything for a couple of days a week. I think I will start doing that too and see how it goes.

That infection sounds ugly! I have not a clue if it or the antibiotics could have cause the inflamation in your hands, but it is an interesting thought, and I would look into inflamitory reactions from wounds... There should be something on the search engines. I have not had a wound since reading about it, but if I do I plan on using good old iodine on it. It has amazing germ killing properties from what I have read, and I have a bottle on hand if (when)I need it. :)

What kind of antibiotics did they give you? Did they have a (fl) in their name? I think that means they were flouride based... So you might want to read on here about flouride, and what kind of crud THAT can do to a body. Flouride is used in many meds, and is also dumped in a lot of city water supplies. I used to get flouride treatements at the dentist, and I am fairly certain that as poisonous as it is, it is responsible for more than some of my issues. I no longer drink tap water unless it is from someone's well.

So, consider if you are getting enough magnesium, potassium, for the racing heart thing - or google something like "racing heart and vitamin or mineral symptoms" and see if anything strikes a chord? One more thing... Try not to stress over it, or it will be a self fulfilling nightly thing because of the stress! (I know, easier said than done, but just thought I would mention it ;)

Well, well, another book. Lol. I hope you are feeling better by the time you are reading this, Carly

Posted by Pam (Marlborough, CT) on 10/14/2010

I started taking 3mg of Boron two days ago and started having heartburn. I am also taking vitamins and tumeric for my hands. I didn't take the Boron today and no heartburn, but took everything else. I have always taken it with a meal, does anyone have any suggestions to take it so there is no heartburn? Thanks Pam

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

As with any supplement that is good for you but gives you side effects, back off to a smaller amount.

Replied by Pam
(Marlborough, Ct)

Didn't take boron for a day after thinking it gave me heartburn. Then gave it another try. I have taken it two days, no heartburn. Hands are steadily improving, can't believe it.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

I am so glad to hear this Pam! Your heartburn may have been a coincidence... I had been hoping you would give the Boron another try. After all of the web searching I did on it, and how my hands feel - I am sold on taking Boron. (along with the VCO and ACV with BS). Thanks so much for posting your update - I am so happy it is working for you! ~Carly

Replied by Pam
(Marlborough, Ct, Usa)

I was feeling better, but today I got of bed feeling stiff again. My hands hurt but not as bad as before, I hope this is just temporary, what are the other things you are taking, I haven't tried ACV yet, But I have been taking extra B vitamins together. Thanks Pam

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Pam - It sounds like you are having success with the boron. :-) Don't let one bad day get you down. If you think back on what you did the day (or even two days) prior, you may find you over did it because your hands were feeling better! That is what I tend to do anyway... Go hell bent for leather on the days I am feeling great, and maybe have a rebound due to it. (I have fibromyalgia as well - which is a whole different ball of fun).

Okay, so since you asked - here is what I take every day. Everything I take I learned on Earth Clinic, and if you search the site for the different remedies you will see how others use these things, as there are many ways to take ACV, VCO, etc... Every Morning before I eat I take 2 tablesppons of Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV) and add 1/2 TEAspoon of baking soda. When it is completely done fizzing I add about 8 ounces of water and then top it off with a splash of Orange juice. (just for flavor, and a little potassium). It is really good tasting to me. Later in the morning I have my ONE cup of coffee for the day. To the coffee I add 2 tablespoons of VCO (virgin coconut oil). Do not ever START at this amount... You have to work your way up to the VCO or you will have a herxheimer effect or stomach issues. I cook with it too, but in general don't use much oil overall. Anyway, back to that one cup of coffee... To the VCO I add 1/4 TEAspoon of turmeric. I was taking more, and it is AWESOME for inflamation, but it started to give me an upest stomach so I have cut back on it. If I could tolerate it, I would use more. You have to keep stirring it as you drink it though, as the oil floats on the top, and the turmeric settles on the bottom. This is an aquired taste. I like it now, but it was pretty gross at first. Then, throughout the day I use one of those 32 ounce sport bottles and to spring water (NON chlorinated, NO flouride - ie NOT tap water) water I add one ounce of Fulvic Acid and one packet of Emergen-C. Then througout the day I will take at least three more of the Emergen-C packets in water. This gives me 4,000mg of vitamin C and does not upset my digestive system. The Fulvic Acid provides trace amounts of a TON of minerals and has no taste at all to me when taken with the vitamin c. Other supplements I take daily are Magnesium Citrate - 400mg, B-100 complex, Boron - 3mg, Vitamin D - 2,000mg (twice a day), and maybe a 3mg melatonin at bedtime to sleep well. I don't take Calcium at all any more, after reading what Ted said about it on here. I try to eat a banana and tomato juice daily for potassium. Having low potassium can really cause problems. I have been doing all of the above for about a year now (except the Fulvic Acid - I started that this Summer, and the Boron which was just about a month or so ago that I started). I am not in perfect health mind you... But I am VERY much improved over how I felt a year ago.

Like I said - everything I have mentioned is here to read about on Earth Clinic, or out on the web. The more I read, the more I want to know. Lol. Sorry for writing a book, and I am sure I left something out - but for joint pain that Boron is STILL amazing me... I may have a day here or there with a bit of stiffness, but not the feeling of having had my hands slammed in a door like I had before. For the most part my hands are pain free! I am a 50 (in a couple of months anyway) year old woman, of average height and weight. My issues (challenges?) are Fibromyalgia, Joint Pain, Arthritis, An Upper Back "Thing", Ovarian Cysts, Fibroids. All of the above for 20 years, and all are improved. I don't spend full days in bed any more like I used to at least once a month.

Scattered thoughts, but if you are going to add any new things to your regime, I would only start one thing at a time, and start slowly.... Read, read, read about how others have gone about it before jumping off the diving board and you will not be sorry. :)

Best to you! Carly


2000 milligrams of Vitamin D ... wow that is a total humungous overdose.

I hope you mean 2000 International Units... Google how many IU are in a gram of Vitamin D and it will blow your mind ... 40 million!

If you are taking that as pure Vit. D stop immediately ... if it is diluted then maybe OK but 4000 IU to 8000 IU is fine and tolerable.

Replied by Pam
(Marlborough, Ct)

Carly, Thanks for getting back to me. I had a bad day yesterday, and you are right I was doing extra cleaning the day before, because my hands were feeling better. I took a Aleve last night, which I don't do often as it bothers my stomach. But today my hands are feeling much better, and I don't even need anything for pain. I am 58 and the only problems I have had are high blood pressure for about 5 years, inherited. My father had it bad and his mother too. So when I take anything new I watch to see if it helps, or hurts. I am on medicine for it, which I don't know if I will be able to get off ever. If I eat right and try not to stress, my pressure is pretty good. I noticed that the B vitimans have helped that also. The Tumeric hasn't bothered my stomach so I might try to increase that slowly. Thanks for everything. I am so glad I found this place, I am even starting to see my knuckles again as the swelling is going down. Thanks again Pam

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Pam -
Glad to hear you are doing so well, and it was possibly just overdoing it that gave you a bad day or two. I am wondering now though - you say you are on meds for high BP... Did the knuckle swelling come on at the same time as you started taking the BP medicine? My mom had tremendous leg swelling after starting "Boniva" (not BP medicine, but just an example of what some drugs can do). Anyway, just a thought. I tend to have lower than normal blood pressure. I didn't start taking my BP until after I had been taking the ACV / Baking Soda for a few months though, so I am not sure if that is why. I believe I have always been fairly normal in that area, but have read where people have said the ACV lowers BP - so you might want to look into that and maybe give it a whirl. I wish that the tumeric didnt bother my stomach - lucky you! I really LIKE the taste of it now, and wish I could go for a second cup of coffee with it every day. Lol. Good luck to you, thanks for posting back - and please keep posting with your progress! :-) Carly

Replied by Pam
(Marlborough, Ct, Usa)

Hi Carly, I have been on bp pills for about five years, and when I started having problems with my hands I went to the same doctor, he gave me prednizon, don't think thats spelled right, pills to take for a week, and said it was probably from over use, as I had a barn flood when we got all that rain in April, and me and my husband had to shovel a lot of wet bedding. Well they helped for a week, and that was it. I called him back and told him, and he said he had no answer to go to a specialist. He never mentioned he thought it might be from the pills. I am taking Cardizem and HcTZ 25mg once a day.

The past two nights though, my heart is beating faster than it usually does, so I am not taking the tumeric today or the boron, and am going to see if it changes, since that wasn't happening before. When I was just taking the B vitamins my heartbeat was nice and slow at night. I can usually tell when my bp is up without taking it. Then if I worry it goes up more. Well I will let know what happens, it may not be the tumeric or boron, just something I ate. Pam

32 posts

I'm thinking your fast heartbeat isn't caused by your vitamin B because vitamin B complex will usually calm you. I'm thinking it's your BP medication. Also, get rid of your table salt and buy pink salt or Celtic salt. Put a small dash of pink salt in your magnesium and drink in water. You can make a great electrolyte drink with magnesium, pink salt and trace minerals. Dr Carolyn Dean has some great products. I use her Remag liquid, Remyte liquid and put both in a liter of water with a pinch of pink salt and lemon and drink daily. It's actually really good.

Tracy R.
(Central Valley, California)

Regarding B Vitamins, everyone responds differently to things. I can't handle them at all as Vitamins! When trying something new, it helps to just do that one item, so you know that any reactions belong to it.

Replied by Robyn241
(New Plymouth, New Zealand)

Regarding the fast heartbeats, get CALM Magnesium, it works for me, the liquid Calcium to get is Angstrom minerals Calcium. Both are available on US websites where I get it.


Most vitamin D3 comes in 2000,5000, and 10,000 IU's or International Units and I am sure they that is what they meant not milligrams. That said I have taken up to 25,000IU's for years at a time and I am still deficient according to lab test's. I am hoping that the Boron will resolve my "Non-Responder" status to D3 supplementation. Doses as high as 150,000IU's have been used in the treatment of many systemic issues. I beleive their is a book on this very topic something like "Vitamin D3 Miracle" The key to keeping the D3 from being toxic at high does is K2 supplementation. In the USA you can only buy K2 in tiny microgram does around 250 micrograms but in Japan you can get K2 supplements in 50 milligram dose thats right not micrograms 50 milligrams. Same thing for sodium and iodine intake. When looking at vitamins and minerals with relationship to dose the USA and Western Europe are terrible sources for information. I do not know of anyone though that sells D3 which really is not a vitamin by the mg it is always IU's. For the record 1IU of D3=.025mcg of D3 so you would have to take a huge amount to get even 1mg of D3 let alone 1000mg, 3000mg etc! Sadly few countries have done much in the way of using nutrition and herbs for the treatment of serious disease. Often the therapeutic dose is far higher than the minimum recommendation by governing bodies!

  • Vitamin A: 1 IU is the biological equivalent of 0.3 mcg retinol, or of 0.6 mcg beta-carotene
  • Vitamin C: 1 IU is 50 mcg L-ascorbic acid
  • Vitamin D: 1 IU is the biological equivalent of 0.025 mcg cholecalciferol or ergocalciferol
  • Vitamin E: 1 IU is the biological equivalent of about 0.67 mg d-alpha-tocopherol, or 0.9 mg of dl-alpha-tocopherol


Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

JOHN,,,,,,, you have done the EC folks a good service by relating that hi doses of Vitamin D 3 must be accompanied with K2 so the calcium goes to the bone and not the blood vessels. Our Anti-aging doctor has never explained that to us and that is the reason you must research yourself regardless of the doctor's resume. I just wish I could have a do-over on life. Can't change much when in the twilight zone.



That is ridiculous! Our bodies make wat than that naturally! During 30mins in the Oslo, Norway midday sun, people were naturally making 10,000 to 20,000 IU of Vit D. Geesch. Check ur facts, man.


That is ridiculous! Our bodies make way more than that naturally! During 30mins in the Oslo, Norway midday sun, people were naturally making 10,000 to 20,000 IU of Vit D. Geesch. Check ur facts, man.

dan brown

d-3 is a hormone. research. it makes you feel good but stopping starts to hurt the body. d-3 is synthetic. avoid. get sun, fish oil...



There is the fantasy that D3 is rat poison again. That is a myth perpetrated by people who have no understanding of science, chemistry or reality.

Yes the best form of vitamins is from foods and naturally acquired. But supplemental D3 has dozens of studies that prove it is not-first of all rat poison, and second, is vital in the health of individuals. It is an essential vitamin especially in northern climates during the winter months. Supplementation is vital.

Such things as Warfarin, is a prescription given by doctors for people with clotting issues, and that indeed is used in rodent control as well. Is it toxic to humans? In large doses sure. (Also do not trust the med establishment at all). You must remember that what is toxic to you may be nothing to me. I eat peanuts and love them. You may eat 1 and die. Does that mean they are toxic to humans? Many substances throughout the world are toxic to dogs but not humans. Calciferol and cholecalciferol or activated Vit d are different. Vit D is also toxic to dogs and cats, so does that mean its toxic to humans?

Don't just believe the first search on Google. Dig into NIH publications, Harvard or Berkley science papers to get large population studies and their results before making a blanket statement like d3 is poison!

Arthritis and Leg Cramps

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Posted by Joe (Conway Sc) on 07/09/2017 2 posts

I am 61 years old and I started taking Boron about 2 months ago. With in the first month I noticed a big difference in my arthritis. I could actually bend my knees enough to tie my shoes again and I could crack my nuckels again but the best think I have found is I have no more leg cramps. I weighed 285 but now I've lost 20lb. I take the Boron supplement in pill form they are 3 mg and I take 3 of them ever morning. Some day I may try the Borax powder but right now the supplement is doing fine.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi Joe,

The thing about knees is that they are so complex it is hard to put one's finger on exactly what ails them! An accurate diagnosis is frequently hard to come by and without one, one tends to have a stab at lots of treatments. I may write more on this subject but for now I would suggest you check out your shoes and specifically those things called inserts. If your arches are not adequately supported (OR one leg shorter than the other) it can throw any or all of the lower regions out of whack including the knee (or knees). It would not hurt to investigate this option eh?

Cheers, Michael

N.B. Also, sometimes, simple targeted exercises can help enormously and even the way you walk could need reviewing.

Replied by Beryl
(Nottingham Uk)

Hi Michael and Joe,

Approximately three weeks ago I posted about the onset of arthritis which flared up overnight in my right knee. My doctor thought I had fragments of bone floating around, and I was referred to see a consultant. The consultant recommended a course of physiotherapy on the basis that I was quite healthy when the flare-op occurred, but thought I would eventually need a knee replacement.

So I saw the physiotherapist. All she did was to stand me in front of a mirror with arch supports under my feet and asked if that felt any better, because I was flat footed. I was then told to go away and purchase some arch supports from Amazon! Bearing in mind I'm still in a lot of pain, my walking is restricted, cost of taxis to and from the hospital, time involved, and the seemingly inadequate advice I was given (I thought at least I'd be given exercises to do), I came away thoroughly disillusioned. I hope my next visit will be more satisfactory.

However, I did purchase some arch supports, (but not from Amazon! ), and they do help, so I think your recommendation, Michael, is sound one.

Since the flare-up I have been taking borax, D3, magnesium, fish oils, and eating a healthy diet, but currently avoiding tomatoes. I do tend to be carried away by other contributors' recommendations, but when they do not work quickly enough for me move onto something else.

Three or four weeks ago I could barely put one foot in front of the other, and became quite low, but things have improved, and consequently I'm more optimistic.

I did find the following smoothie on the web which incorporates a lot of ingredients good for arthritis, and been having this.

One cup milk, 1/2 banana, two tablespoonsful black strap molasses, one tablespoonful of chia seed, one tablespoonful of gelatine powder, half to one teaspoonful of turmeric powder, one teaspoonful of coconut oil. Blitz together to form smoothie.

The taste and texture leave a bit to be desired, but it's OK, and worth a try.

Best wishes to everyone. Take care.

Replied by Joe
(Conway Sc)
2 posts

So Michael are you suggesting that even though the Boron has given me better range of movement and help with the pain in my knees that I need to quit taking them and try to find some kind of special shoe or some kind of insert or see a podiatrist and have him check my arches.

My fingers and knees feel so much better since I have been taking Boron And I don't believe that better shoes or insoles would have stopped my leg cramps. Appreciate the info though.

Thanks Joe

Replied by Eddie
(Ca, Usa)

Hi, where did you buy the capsule from?

(Conway, Sc)

I got them from Puritans pride they were 3 mg and very reasonable. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

Blood Pressure

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Posted by Suzie (Ontario, Canada) on 03/15/2018

Boron lowering my blood pressure too much?

Hi, I notice my blood pressure has dropped to 106/74. I am 57 female. I was forgetting to take it twice a day and just starting back into it again. I have it cut right amount of Boron as per videos I watch. I will take my bp at the drug store next in town. But lol, they are never calibrated right. Maybe it will put it up to 120/80 normal than. I also woke up this morning with broke blood vessel in my right eye. Showing reddening patch spot and above the lower lid. I think it's helping my arthritis and joints. Long story short should I be concern it's low and and can't blame my eye on high blood pressure. I don't recall any hard coughs, sneezes for a blood vessel to burst. Can't find info. So wondering if you could give me any advice. Thanks.

Borax vs Boron

Posted by Gisele (Ontario) on 10/02/2020

Does anyone know if you can get the same results with a boron supplement, and if so, what is the best form? (I'm asking for someone who is in a care home and wouldn't be permitted to take Borax.)

Replied by Anon
(Not Canada)

Sure, but borax is dirt cheap. And probably more effective because tablets contain binders.

Boron and Kidney Disease

Posted by Michael (Griffin GA) on 01/23/2022

Boron and kidney disease

I have stage 3 kidney disease. Is there a safe dosage that will not cause harm to the kidneys?

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

Boron releases calcium out of soft tissue, the slower it goes out the less discomfort. You could start a ridiculously low dose of 1/4 tsp borax in a cup_8 oz. of water that you mix up and put in refrigerator >> From that you would take 2 tbsp of that water per day mixed in your drinking water. That would be around 1/8th of a normal dose. I did a pinch of borax in a foot soak and got kidney pain when I first started out. Some people have little trouble with it, and other people are more affected by it. I usually dust my water with it now. I put a pinch in my cup of water I use it daily and it affects hormones.

Replied by Roelof

Download book by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
Called: End of transplant

(British Columbia, Canada)

Hi Roelof -

Thank you for the information on Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury!

I went to his website, clicked on

There are quite a few books available. As I was going through them, I found this one which is very interesting (I've just started reading it).

360° Postural Medicine covers many ailments. It was the first time I've seen the list of chemicals used in kidney dialysis (page 32) – yikes!

Dr. Chowdhury is a very generous and caring person and so are you for telling us about him and his books.

Thanks again.

Best wishes from Canada.

Boron Research Articles

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Posted by Timota (Los Angeles) on 04/07/2022

Good article about Boron entitled: Nothing Boring About Boron


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Posted by Janet (Conroe, Texas) on 03/15/2019

I purchased Boron Tabs and have been taking them because I was diagnosed in 2018 with Osteoporosis.

I am a 61-year-old female, have multiple sclerosis and take meds for Thyroid. I chose NOT to take the prescription I think it was Fosamax - and this would be the FIRST time I would tell my doctor that I did not want to do/take something he recommended to me... I never considered Osteoporosis serious UNTIL I was diagnosed. However, after much reading, I decided I would see what I could find on Earth Clinic.

Skeptical still to use the Borax method I purchased a bottle of Boron Tablets 3mg and it wasn't till JUST NOW that I realized I was taking this incorrectly as I misunderstood... Instead of taking the recommended dosage as listed on the bottle to take once daily 3MG- I was taking 3-5 times daily BECAUSE for some reason I was understanding you should/could have somewhere around 20mg of Boron?? Someone please confirm. Should I be taking the as recommended amount on the bottle of ONLY 3mg daily ??? I have read so much over a period of time I am totally confused. I also was understnding Boron was water soluble and your body would get rid of what is not needed. I have had a few lower leg fractures and really believe I must do something to help with this and Boron was one of the few things I have added to my daily supplements. Thank you !!!

Replied by Christi
(East Texas)

Janet, I just listened to a Dr. Fletchas on u tube and I am sending a link here. It was at a conference in 2013 and you are correct, he said 30-70ish doseage daily.

Maybe this will help. Blessings, Christi

Replied by Rochelle

This is a great video.

I am shocked that the guest in his lecture cannot answer his question. I guessed it without a medical background. I know because the only physical problems I have are arthritic in nature. I take boron and magnesium however not consistently as I should. I was taking care of my elderly disabled father so I would get sidetracked. I started feeling my normal pains so I prepared my borax and Epsom salt mixture. Within 30 minutes my symptoms disappeared.

My father passed away in October. I now have time to focus on myself. I had him doing the borax and Epsom salt just not enough. He had a lot of health issues that this would have helped him overcome but due to narcissistic siblings, I had to be careful with what I did with my father. He refused to give me SOLE healthcare proxy, I could not help him the way he needed it.

This video is just proof, I was on the right track with him. When I finally had access to his medical records, I found everything was pointing to boron deficiency. We could not address until he had his colon surgery. He fought so hard. I kept him alive for 6 plus years. However, my brothers would ALWAYS cause drama once I get him to surgery. I knew if my father did not stop them this time he Would not make it. He successfully made it through 2 surgeries he would not have made it through prior. He did well. But my brother was HP and insisted he go into Long term care. 40 days later he died because healthcare is not lifecare. This would have bounced him back had he come right home and started back up where we left off.

(elkhart, in)

I am so sad and believe your caring would have saved your father, I respect people like you who tries doing things right.

Side Effects

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Posted by Eileen (Stoke on Trent, England) on 03/12/2021

Hi, I started taking boron 3mg capsules twice a day approximately a month ago for generalised arthritis. All my joints are painful. The boron did appear to help but unfortunately, I have developed this frequent burping/belching and also not passing urine as well as I did. Is this a known side effect?

Can anyone give me advice? I stopped taking the boron about a week ago and burping has almost gone and passing urine much better, so I know it is definitely the boron that is doing it.
I want to restart but not sure what to do.

Replied by Rochelle
(Palmyra, NY)

You need to make sure you are taking magnesium as well when you are taking boron. I do the borax and Epsom salt with no problems other than stomach upset because boron is utilized by the gut 90%. Taking smaller dosages more often helps. I just take my dose and expect to lay down until it passes. I do it every morning on an empty stomach so that when I take my supplements to, they are absorbed for utilization.

There is a awesome video posted under the Arthritis comments. I highly suggest you want that.

Side Effects
Posted by Filomena (Ny) on 08/15/2018

I'm taking the recommended daily boron... it seems to be bringing on tooth pain. Could it be clearing bacteria? is it detoxing?

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Yes, tooth pain and bone pain and all kinds of stuff as the calcium is moved out of soft tissue into the bones and teeth. Recently I went from my foot soaks to drinking it in water and all kinds of old health problems were flaring up.

I have to start slower on it again. I went back to foot soaks and increasing the amount I use and then slowly add some to my drinking water as I can tolerate it. I use 20 mule team borax for my boron. Tumeric helps the tooth pain. Put a small amount in the mouth and let it sit and then rinse it out. A baby aspirin also helped the tooth pain. The bone pain was intense and seemed to run the course of an old surgery I had 3o yrs ago. I used some Oscillococcinum to fight that back into tolerable pain levels.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Filomena, try taking less.

Replied by Anon

Seems quite possible. Maybe it is flouride being displaced. You might increase your intake of other minerals like magnesium and sulfur, or anti-inflamatories like turmeric, maybe tulsi. Let us know what you do. :)

Replied by Helen

That happened to me as well. I thought it may be clearing out a sinus which gives me trouble above the hurting teeth but just backed off to a weaker dose and it quit plus my sinuses seemed much happier. Not sure if that's related but that's what happened.

Side Effects
Posted by Cazzy (Australia) on 02/23/2018

Is there likely to be an initial detox effect with borax compared with boron? The Herx...(something or other) effect? I started taking boron supplements (3mg capsule x 1 daily) 5 days ago for arthritis of knees, and my pain level has immediately jumped from a copeable 3 - 4 on my ricktar scale previously to a horrendous 10/10+ and perhaps even tripled to the point I can hardly walk now, with research advising that this can last for 1-3 months! I just can't take any more pain and am just about ready to give up. Some feedback please?

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Low dose and slow is the way to progress and still function. Candida does not die quickly if it is system wide . I am overcoming mine with borax foot soaks and vitamins.You may be treating arthritis, but killing candida at the same time. I started with a tiny pinch in two gal foot soak for one hour one day a week. There was lots of misery that first month but drastic results. That was last august. I am still at it. Now I soak every other day. I have pain within 24 hrs of the foot soak and then I feel stronger than before. I hope you can hang in there and find the dose and supplements that help you get well. Borax takes calcium out of soft tissue where it does not belong and puts it back in bone and teeth. I use castor oil, hexane free, covered with old shirt on any area pain is out of control after using borax . So nice. Sometimes I use a large bandaid with a couple drops of oil and half a capsule of activated charcoal on my hip or bottom of my foot to stop pain. If the borax releases calcium stones you might use chanca piedra for awhile to break those up so you don't have that discomfort. Read a lot and try low dose and keep hydrated .

Side Effects
Posted by Sunset (Spain) on 02/21/2018

I took boron for a couple of months but every time I came of it I had stomach ache, anxiety & sadness. Awful. Stopped it 2 days ago & would never take again.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Fighting candida ablicans is not for the faint of heart. The harder you hit it, the harder it fights you back, like when you hit a punching dummy bag and forgot to duck when it comes springing back at you. I find much study is needed to win this war I was born into, along with many other things lined up to keep me stuck. My first four year attempt at it was in my mid twenties, 35 yrs ago. Cortisol from stress fight or flight hormone makes it much more complex. Study, plan, implement. If you get a kickback, study, plan and implement again. Eventually you will overcome. You have a lot to gain if you engage in the battle tactically to win.

The stomach ache might be from calcium stones...use chanca piedra to break them up and maybe some bitters for your lining of stomach, kefir for enzymes in daytime and if it's bad use activated charcoal to calm it down at bedtime 1-3 capsules with 16 oz water

Msm for pain ....with vit c or use blue emu pain cream ....

topical castor oil, hexane free, for pain reduction any part of the body. Put old cloth and heat on it to drive the oil into the source of pain.

Anxiety, B complex vitamins, L-taurine to displace MSG, and soy lecithin granules to remove bad fats stored in body tissues and feed the brain for memory. Vitamin C and Lysine for immune help. Magnesium to balance the calcium as it gets redistributed.( or an epson salt bath for calming)

Boron is one of the minerals that your body uses to regulate other minerals/hormones into bones and teeth. It also kills candida and candida does not die without a fight. Low copper can also cause candida to be out of control.

Probably forgetting something, but hope you win and be healthy and youthful again.

Side Effects
Posted by Carri (Nashville, Tn, Usa) on 05/18/2013

Hello~ I love your site and felt an immediate connection to trying Boron for my Perioral Dermatitis yesterday when I read about it. I took 2 3mg capsules yesterday and today and also bought Neem oil, which I LOVE, (felt and saw immediate positive results), and also a probiotic. This afternoon I have been nauseaus and had a terrible headache and am curious if this is the Boron, am I taking too much, or possibly the "die off", I've read about? Also, how long should I take Boron and do you think I'll be nauseus everyday I take it?

Thanks so much!!!! Carri

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