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Blood Pressure
Posted by Suzie (Ontario, Canada) on 03/15/2018
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Boron lowering my blood pressure too much?

Hi, I notice my blood pressure has dropped to 106/74. I am 57 female. I was forgetting to take it twice a day and just starting back into it again. I have it cut right amount of Boron as per videos I watch. I will take my bp at the drug store next in town. But lol, they are never calibrated right. Maybe it will put it up to 120/80 normal than. I also woke up this morning with broke blood vessel in my right eye. Showing reddening patch spot and above the lower lid. I think it's helping my arthritis and joints. Long story short should I be concern it's low and and can't blame my eye on high blood pressure. I don't recall any hard coughs, sneezes for a blood vessel to burst. Can't find info. So wondering if you could give me any advice. Thanks.