Fight Aging with the Amazing Antioxidant, Glutathione

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Our bodies naturally produce a miraculous substance with which many of us are unfamiliar – glutathione (γ-glutamyl-cysteinyl-glycine or GSH). This sulfur-based enzyme is created within the liver, but is also found in meats, fruits and vegetables. Some of us may have been prescribed glutathione for an ailment without realizing the full range of its benefits. To date, the U.S. library of medical research, PubMed, has recorded over 90,000 studies and articles on the essential role that glutathione plays in every cell in our body.

When You are Sick, Your Body Uses More Glutathione Than it Produces.

Healthy people manufacture enough glutathione in their bodies. However, when one is aging, fighting infections, under a lot of stress, exposed to environmental toxins, taking medications or following an inadequate diet, one’s glutathione levels are reduced. Lack of adequate glutathione makes us less able to fight the stress facing our bodies, making it all the more difficult to regain our health. Research shows that the low glutathione levels often exhibited by the critically ill can impede the chances of recovery.

Glutathione works to maintain the health of our bodies at the most basic cellular level, working to prevent damage from free radicals, oxidative stress, infections and cancer. A healthy liver produces adequate glutathione, but when the liver is damaged or overloaded, it can’t do its job. A body that is not healthy cannot therefore produce enough glutathione to replace levels being used by the body.

Glutathione protects us by attaching itself to anything that the body considers foreign (toxins, fungi, viruses, foreign bacteria) and then removes it. However, there must be sufficient glutathione present to do the job.

7 Ways to Naturally Raise Your Glutathione Level

  1. Eat an organic, fresh diet, including sulfur-rich vegetables such as garlic, onions, cabbage, parsley, avocados, tomatoes and squash. Eat as much RAW food as possible; the glutathione naturally present vegetables is reduced by up to 60% by cooking. and is completely destroyed by the canning process.
  2. Whey protein (without sweeteners or other additives) contains cysteine and other elements needed by the body to produce glutathione.
  3. Stay active and exercise, but not to extremes. Activity increases cellular energy and glutathione production.
  4. Fresh, raw eggs and raw milk increase the production of glutathione. The high temperatures required for pasteurization destroys this capacity.
  5. Red and organ meats from grass-fed animals supply necessary alpha lipoic acid. Desiccated liver is another option.
  6. Turmeric is incredibly effective for many ailments and has also been shown to help glutathione metabolism in some studies.
  7. Chronic, low-level stress reduces the body’s glutathione levels quickly.  Find methods of lowering stress levels that work for you.

Benefits of Glutathione

  • Supports the immune system;
  • DNA repair;
  • Detoxification of chemicals, drugs, metabolic wastes and environmental toxins, including radiation;
  • Fights bacteria and viruses;
  • Fights premature aging.

Low glutathione levels are associated with 70 specific ailments. They include: Autoimmune Diseases, Aging Problems, AIDs, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Cancers, Candida, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis, Herpes, Parkinson's, Shingles, Strokes and Toxin Poisoning. Low levels of glutathione can also hasten the aging process.

Almost all ailments would benefit from healthy glutathione levels.

Healthcare providers typically administer glutathione with an injection or intravenously (IV). Glutathione suppositories are available for home use and glutathione can also be nebulized for the treatment of lung diseases. Capsules are available, though some studies suggest that glutathione taken orally is not readily absorbed in the digestive tract.

Bottom line: glutathione is necessary for good health as it is a necessary component in the body’s fight against illness and damage.

Keep reading below for feedback from our readers about the best ways to raise glutathione!


The importance of glutathione in human disease.  
Glutathione—a review on its role and significance in Parkinson’s disease


Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 10/23/2016

The way that glutathione works is that it attaches to toxins in the blood or the liver. Once the glutathione carries the toxins in the liver it moves on into the bile and goes onto the intestines through the bile duct in bile, where it moves out through the intestines. This is where I need to give a warning on glutathione. Your liver and bile duct must be in working order and your bile needs to be thin enough for it to move on out. For glutathione to do its job a liver detox may be in order. Light stools is a good indication of lack of bile because bile darkens the stool.

I have personal experience with this. I went to a doctor and took some glutathione through IV and it seemed to do nothing. I started coffee enemas and bitter herbs to increase the liver function and after a month I went back to the doctor for another IV of glutathione. This time all sorts of benefits became noticeable. It was like night and day between the two. It became a very good experiment to show how glutathione works in my body. I deal with mercury and its affect as well as other toxins. If you are dealing with the affects as well, you should know that glutathione should be part of the mercury detox but you should know that there is, what Dr. Shade calls, three phases, shown here;

This chart by Dr. Shade shows the 3 phases and how it should work and when it doesn't work. You take the mercury out of the cell in the first phase. Then it is carried through the blood to the liver or kidneys in the second phase. Finally it moves through the liver, into the bile duct and into the intestines in the last phase. If you use an intestinal metal sweep to lock onto the mercury it can be moved out of the intestines into the toilet. To start the detox it is best to work backwards in the 3 phases. Start with the liver by coffee enemas, herbs or red beet root. At the same time detox the kidneys with a good herbal cleaner that contains Didymocarpus pedicellata and Saxifraga ligulata. The next step would be to start the glutathione for the second phase so the mercury can move to the third phase. Lastly, in phase 1 you would take R-ALA, EDTA or if you can get one of the other things like DMSA so that the mercury can move to the last phase. If you do this you must be careful not to cut loose to much mercury, at any one time, as you will be bed ridden from the side effects of moving out the mercury. You also need to take 4 days off of phase 1 for every 3 days you do the phase 1 detox. I think that there is some other things that is overlooked by this approach. Mercury gets locked up in calcium. Your body may have stashed calcium in places it doesn't belong. Talking vitamin K2 can cause a clean out of calcium in the body as well as moving calcium to the bones. This will cut loose mercury that is attached to calcium so be careful of vitamin K2 or anything that dissolves calcium in the body. Next is the use of enzyme therapy. Enzymes can digest cysts and cancer tumors in the body and can release mercury. If you have done any of these things and it made you feel awful, this may be the reason why.

I know that glutathione is destroyed by stomach acid so I started with liposomal Glutathione but I have found Glutathione patches out there as well as Glutathione suppositories but they are all very expensive. Try a search of your own to see for yourself. I would like to try making a trans dermal glutathione using DMSO and glutathione as well as glutathione suppositories but I can't find anything on doing these things. So if you know anything or have done these things please post it here. I would love to hear from you. :)

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U WYDO,,,..... I do glutathione via a nebulizer and our anti-aging doctor says it doesn't work. From my perspective everything that goes into your lungs gets into your blood. What say Yee?


Replied by Timh
2072 posts

I differ much on your interpretation of Glutathione etc. I tried the link you provided but got blocked by a warning from my security software. From my understanding Glutathione is an endoginous antioxidant enzyme that works as a "reducing agent", that is it attaches itself to toxin then "enzymatically reduces" it to a harmless compound predominately Mercaptate or Mercapturic Acid which is then excreted in bile/gut/colon and kidneys/urine.

Consuming concentrated Sprouts provides absorbable form of Glutathione plus other natural antioxidants like Methionine Reductase, Catalase, and Superoxide Dismutase. As for boosting Glutathione my standard regimen and recommendation here on E.C. is supplementing Selenium, NAC, and Melatonin.

As for cheating mercury I agree on the ALA pulling it from wherever it's hiding and bringing it to the liver to be absorbed by either Activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay for removal. Also, from what I understand, Selenium itself is a good "reducer" of mercury.

As for supplementing Glutathione, Liposomal is Ok but probably a better bang for the buck is Lipo Vit-C taken with MSM, for antioxidant purposes. I take a dose of the above once daily, but my favorite taken every-other-day is a combination of Liposomal Reduced Glutatione plus CoQ10 and I also add a few drops or capsule of Tocotreinols for maximum antioxidant potential. But most noticeable is the ENERGY boost that is not possible with oral soft gels or caps of regular CoQ10 or Ubiquinol.

Replied by Wydo

Hi TimH,

What exactly of my interpretation of Glutathione do you disagree with. I went to the link just now and it is fine and clean. My McAffe is fine with it so I can't explain your problem. Here is a Youtube video to him; Christopher Shade PHD is a researcher and has studied this to death. If you disagree it is not with me but with him and that is pretty hard to do. The other person you would disagree with is David Hammond, author of Mercury Poisoning.

My main point in writing this is that you should be aware that Glutathione latches onto toxins like mercury and carries it to the liver where it goes into the bile and through the bile ducts to the intestines whether it is your own native Glutatione or some that you supplemented with. If your bile is thick or your bile ducts are plugged up, Glutathione cannot do it's job and I have proven that to myself with Glutathione IVs before and after a liver detox and bile duct thinning. Is that what you disagree with? I just had another Glutathione IV and it gave even better results as I have continued with my liver detox. I would like you to look at the Chris Shade video and maybe one of his other newer and longer videos and take another look at what I have written here.

Everything here I have written about is of my own experience with detoxing from Mercury for myself. I have tried all kinds of things that stirred up the mercury and just made me miserable and nothing changed. When I did the liver and bile detox it is going much better and I am progressing. I just want to help others through my own experience with what Dr. Shade has given us.

Another point I did not make that natural production of Glutathione is reduced by age after 30 years old and becomes less and less as you age. I believe, and this is my own thought, is that when you have mercury poisoning for years your ability to produce Glutathione is diminished. I think it is just a matter of time until research proves this to be true. Dr. Shade also points out that research shows that some people do a good job at natural detox of mercury while others do a moderate job of detox, some to not so well and a few do a very bad job of it. So in case of poorly detoxing of mercury it is necessary to supplement Glutathione. I have my Glutathione powder and I have started experimenting with it and it works. There is also a company that makes Glutathione patches and blood tests of user showing a 300% increase in blood Glutathione over a 24 hour period.

I am sure that what you are saying is true for the young and healthy that do not have silver mercury amalgam fillings and never had them or those that have not been exposed to other heavy metals or other toxicants. For the not so healthy I think that supplementing with Glutathione may be very helpful if done in the proper way.

Replied by Wydo

Hi Robert Henr,y I've looked at this before and because it requires a special machine to buy I was reluctant. I would like to hear more about what it does for you.

Replied by Timh
2072 posts

That first link you provided was again warned by McAffee to "go back" but this time I wasn't able so had to close all web pages and come back here. But for the chart I assume it is a textbook chart of Phase One & Two Detoxification which includes many nutrients that make it work. My differ is the action of "chelation" vs "reduction". Other heavy metal detox protocols like Cilantro & Chlorella rely strictly on chelation while Glutathione, from what I understand, is based on "enzymatic reduction" which is to some degree complete depending on the level of poisoning and overal antioxidant status. Yes, a plugged or stagnate liver/gall (cholestasis) is not good in cases of detox. An herbal Liver support (Milk Thistle/Artichoke/Turmeric/Dandelion) is advised and will increase Glutathione by improving Liver function.

During heavy metal detox it is good to do the Glutatione supplementation and therapeutic doses is advised, but it is also important to boost one's own Glutathione production by supplementing NAC, Selenium, and Melatonin. And yes, Charcoal, Fiber, or Bentonite Clay is good for removing undetoxified metals from the gut so they don't go back into circulation where you feel terrible and sick again.

Replied by Wydo

Hi Timh if you are having a problem with Glutathione enzymatic properties here is a great little article on it; that has a nice little chart. Dr. Shade expands on this a little plus he shows his chart on Glutathione half life for different people here in this video; with explanation on the genetics of Glutathione half life for different people. I think this is important to understand because not all people will respond to eating the foods that will stimulate natural Glutathione production, in the same way. There is a part 2 to this video that will go on the explain the reductase potential of Glutathione in the human body. I think this would be of interest to you as Dr. Shade has no books and no one has written on this complete process. He does mention how Glutathione moves from the liver to the intestines, with the toxins, but never tells how it does that, which is that it moves through the bile ducts and gall bladder. I had to read that in a book on Glutathione. I think it was in the part 2 video that he explains his Phase 1,2, and 3 in more detail.

Now about me, I have had a long history with silver mercury amalgams starting at around 7 years old with my first and just a few years after that having a mouth full. Then at 21 having my first root canal which stirred it all up and after a few months I had my first irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome. This went away until I had my next root canal and it happen all over until IBS and CFS was permanent. At age 37 I began to loose weight until I had 1% fat. I did Bernard Jensen's bowel clean out program and that helped because it also included coffee enemas to clean out the bile ducts and gall bladder and it included chlorella. That only lasted a little while so I started my first removal of the mercury fillings. With each jaw of fillings I removed I gained back 10 pounds of my natural weight. I continued the chlorella for years but it wasn't enough and it all came back to the point of fibromyalgia and that lasted for years until I found Earth Clinic and Ted. I tried all the things he posted that might have anything to do with me but last June I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and I never smoked. Using what Ted has taught here in EC plus some things I learned on my own, I kicked this cancer and it was gone in record time. In fact my oncologist's head snapped back when he looked at my first PET scan. His prediction was that I would be dead by now. I have always had a first class diet that should stimulate the production of Glutathione including all the things that you mentioned. I am living proof that that was not enough. I still have the IBS and Fibro and the only thing that stops it in its tracks is taking the liposomal Glutathione. The only thing that helps on a permanent basis is the slow removal of mercury from my system of which Glutathione supplementation is a part of. The Glutathione IVs that I mentioned in my other post makes me light headed at first then clears my brain fog. My very tight intestines begin to relax and I can hear and feel the food start to move through. All the tight and sore muscles in my body begin to relax. The things you mention that will stimulate my own Glutathione production does not work I need more. I've been taking ALA for years to control elevated blood sugar. I started NAC last January and I have been taking 6 grams or more of vitamin C a day for over a year. I don't think you can name anything I have not taken or that I am currently taking.

The point is Timh that there are some of us that have diseases of inflammation and those of us with blood sugar problems that can be helped with proper Glutathione supplementation then there will be a few of us that will produce their own adequate supply of Glutathione into their nineties. I think the important thing for each of us is to be able to deduce where we are on the chart so we know what will work best for ourselves. We need to understand that the natural things will not always work and we may need a jump start. If you have read anything on Orthomolecular Medicine, you will see this is part of their thinking.

Replied by Wydo

Timh Hi, I have been looking over Dr. Shades different videos and I think this video would suit you better than the other on I put up in my last post.

This one cover the subject of mercury removal much more in depth that the other video in the last link. It is a 5 part video though but you could watch it over time. He does state that when you start this process you remove much more than mercury and that all toxins start to come out. He mentions genetics and epigenetics as being factors in how well a body removes toxins in the body. This supports my thinking that mercury poisoning in the body can interrupt the bodies ability to naturally detox mercury.

Replied by Whisperingsage
(N Cal)
47 posts

Well, you are the guinea pig, what say You? I saw some amazing videos through the mercola dot com website where he featured a Dr Perlmutter giving glutathione IV to Parkinson's patients, and 50 minutes after the IV, he taped before and after, they were drastically improved in their balance and walking. And speech. So I woud expect you would have some improvements. I would think nebulizer would be an excellent form of delivery.

General Feedback

Posted by Angelina (Cape Cod, Ma) on 09/22/2012

Ted or Bill or anyone who can answer this please. I have read that you can ONLY get glutathione into your system by taking precursers like ALA etc. However there are clinics out there that are giving glutathione by IV..

Will this work? I have read that it won't .. Call me confused or is it the clinics that are trying to take your hard earned $$. Thank you much...

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Angelina... It is certainly expensive to take nutrients like Vitamin C and Glutathione by IV but it can be effective. But there are alternative and cheaper methods of internal delivery such as by the liposomal delivery of said nutrients.

Liposomal delivery involves completely enveloping the Vitamin C or Glutathione(in solution) into the center of a suitable nano-sized lipid sphere. When supplemented, this lipid/glutathione sphere takes the lipid or fat pathway into the blood. And because the lipid is of a similar form and constituency to the the body cells, the lipid spheres then automatically melds with the cell walls then opens up to directly deliver its contents -- vit c or glutathione -- directly into the cells. This is a very efficient method of delivery for nutrients to the cells because it takes the lipid pathway -- so you can normally ingest much larger amounts of glutathione or vitamin c using this liposomal delivery method which are comparable to IV delivery methods.

I've also read research that has discovered that larger amounts of vit c can be delivered to the cells by this liposomal method than by IV because there is no problem or danger with excess vitamin c causing problems in the blood -- because the vit c is always surrounded or at the center of the lipid sphere while in the blood.

It is true that liposomal glutathione is also somewhat expensive but you can perhaps make the liposomal glutathione form by the same method used for making the liposomal vitamin c form. You can actually do this at home -- you will need soluble glutathione powder, organic granulated lecithin and an ultra-sonic cleaner (as used for cleaning jewelery etc) -- see this link for a description of how to make liposomal vit c :

Glutathione Side Effects

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Posted by Cecilia (Las Vegas) on 08/10/2015
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Does anyone know hhy does my belly swell up big when I take glutathione 500 mg pills?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U CICILIA, , , , , , , , , , , I really don't think you can take Glutathione orally straight. I take it IV or through a nebulizer.

Our friend , Timh , can answer your question better than anyone I know.

Timh, answer this young lady's question. Where are you boy?


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Cecilia, if it's doing you good, how about taking just a quarter of a pill a day until you see you can add another quarter later in the day etc. without this side effect?

Replied by Timh
2072 posts

C: Here are some possibilities of what's happening.

1. Check the expiration date on the product, because amino acid supplements go bad within a yr of manufacture date, that is they begin growing bacteria. Keep refrigerated to extend life.

2. You could have a pre-condition of parasites or pathogens which would degrade the gth on contact.

3. Glutathione is an enzyme and thus not very well absorbed in the intestinal tract unless it is aided w/ support nutrients like Vit-C, B-6, digestive enzymes.

4. You may also have improper PH balance in the gut, most likely acidic; and if so will likely also have pancreatic insufficiency and further digestive problems.

As a side-note, if you are trying to boost detox by oral GTH the best way is by LET, otherwise you simply don't get much in your bloodstream. In this event, I recommend supplementing Broccoli Sprouts Extract, which are very well absorbed and very potent phase 1 & 2 detox system agonists, which stay in the body for up to 48 hrs, and also powerful anti-cancer and DNA repairer.

To naturally boost GTH take the mineral Selenium, amino acid NAC, and the hormone Melatonin (before retiring). The humble amino DMG will also complement the previous nutrients for maximum effect (increasing both detox & metabolism). CoQ10 is another nutrient that works great with the above.

Replied by Wydo

Robert Henry would you mind telling me more about how you do the glutathione through the nebulizer? Like what kind of glutathione and what do you mix it with and how much of each? What kind of nebulizer do you use and what do you recommend in a nebulizer?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

WYDO,,,,,,,,,, as you know I's long winded, so this epistle will be no different. First, why am I so involved with glutathione? My Integrative Doctor uses it to address dementia and he has had success with this as an IV. He charges $95, which is cheap compared to others, but is expensive to me. My Atlanta ozone doctor introduced me to this form of glutathione. I know it is difficult for the oral to be adsorbed, but did do it via Tihm's method for awhile.

I think right or wrong that what you put in you lungs goes into your blood stream. I got that from Bill Munro's saga. We talked for about 45 minutes on the phone after I emailed him when I learned that I had cancer. He was a great guy and a trail blazer.

To the point, my Atlanta doctor has hit the trail and my family doctor would not write the compounding prescription for meanness. My Anti-aging would only write it to a firm in Alabama because they use the best compound. This trial and tribulation has put me in the top of a tall pine tree.

At 80, I have cancer, A Fib, diabetes, a crushed vertebrae, and sleep apnea. But the worst part is that my mind is going. That is the my biggie and I plan to address this problem with glutathione via a nebulizer. Other things I will do is ozone ear insuflation, my Rife Machine, niacianamide, and coconut oil.

The nebulizer we use is a VIOS and we are happy with it.

Wydo, I am impressed with you, but I am also impressed with my buddy, Timh. You birds need to kiss and make up. You both help lots of folks.

I have completely run out of spit and hope I have answered your questions. I will post the compound prescription if the BOSS will allow it.


Replied by Timh
2072 posts

-ORH- Of all the help & support from various sources you will surely improve from these various conditions and instead of downgrading your veggie garden, upgrade it maybe this coming yr. Like my own chronic condition I must work hard & diligent and stay hopeful. As for nebulizing I do Colloidal Silver about once per wk to keep that cursed mycoplasma infection killed back. As for Ozone, I periodically ear insuflate while swishing a mouthful of Colloidal Silver to treat the cursed tapeworm cyst in my jaws & neck (among other treatments). Recently I have been compelled to increase Ozone as per chronic infections and parasites. Ozonating chilled C.S. works OK but one must guzzle it down immediately. So I add a spoon of Lecithin to a 12oz bottle of C.S. and shake until dissolved (Liposomed) then chill then ozonate a few minutes, cap it and can drink on this for about 30 min once daily. The taste isn't so bad and this trt is helping my condition.

Wydo. Thanks for all the links & info on detox. Glad to see you have taken your serious health issues to school and successfully remedied your cancer. The subject of Glutathione is big & ongoing as it is such an important defense substance. From what I can see, GTH is our primary defence and many if not all diseases and even disease causes like stress, can reduce or deplete it. Transversely GTH supplementation is efficient in reversing illnesses. One item Dr? failed to mention in the video of protecting GTH is alkaline environment. Acidic condition severely deplete minerals and enzymes, and yes always reduce the inflammation. One big stressor or reducer of GTH in our modern world is poor air, especially indoor air. It is very important to go beyond standard fiberglass filters as the lungs use up precious GTH detoxifying polluted air on contact.

Two more items on the subject, one is the use of Detox Foot Pads to help remove metals & zenobiotics during detox or periodically for prevention. These pads will increase the entire detox system as they directly remove toxins from blood & tissues. The nutrient D-Limonene or Orange Peel Extract is good for boosting Phase 1 & 2 detox. Broccoli Sprout Extracts are particularly good in mostly phase 2 but some in phase 1 detox.

Replied by Art
1658 posts

Glutathione is great, but so are super oxide dismutase and catalase.....all part of the bodies highly potent antioxidant system. SOD and Cat are no shrinking violets in this area!


Replied by Wydo

Timh and Robert Henry, I have been doing the foot pads and broccoli Sprout Extract and I started taking haritaki. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable. I take NAC at night because it helps me sleep better and longer. I also have Ted's book and I do alkalize my system every day. My primary method is putting ascorbic acid with potassium bicarbonate in solution to make potassium ascorbate at 3 grams at a time and my blood pressure does not go down as Ted warned against. In my case I must really need it. If you want to try this you must have a blood pressure meter around to check it everyday so that you can detect a dangerous blood pressure drop. The antidote is sodium if it drops to low. You can take sodium bicarbonate or sodium ascorbate.

Robert Henry, I tried niacinamide as Ted did not like niacin. I bought a big bag of it and capped it in # "000" capsules. I finally tried niacin and it worked so much better for me. Except for the pesky niacin flush it works great. For my brain fog my doctor took me off of the magnesium chloride and put me on a product that is a powdered drink mix of 325 mgs of magnesium per serving made up of mag citrate and mag carbonate. When I first started drinking it I got light headed and when it cleared I could think much better. I do that 3 times a day. Maybe that will help you. She also recommended to stay with the niacin.

My biggest problem right now is that I have a spot in my colon just past my splenic flexure which stops everything. When I was looking at a PET scan image I noticed the transverse colon full of food and where it ended. This could be explained as splenic flexure syndrome or IBS. It makes me miserable and I am hoping that clearing out the mercury from my system will help. My doctor is going to have me do a vitamin C IV of 50 grams. I will let you know how that goes.

Oh and Robert Henry I would like to hear more about the machine you are using so that I know what to look for.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

WYDO,,,,,,,, I use flushing niacin to detox and lower cholesterol. I use niacin amide to address my brain. My Rife machine is a GB 4000 Plasma MOPA. It is expensive, but the folks support your efforts.

If you want to get indigestion, then read the story of how the medical field ruined Dr. Royal Rife after they learned what his machine could do. Even now the proponents have to walk on egg shells. After 80+ years of use, it is still only experimental.


Replied by Wydo

Hi Robert Henry,

Good for you on the niacin, keep it up. It takes a couple of years to clear out heavy metals out of your brain if you are using a good method. After you get them out you may need some nootropics to get back your cognitive abilities back to normal. I know that I will need to do this. I just read a book on NAC by James Lee. Half the book was on NAC and the other half was on nootropics. It was short and to the point. It might be a good read for you. I got it on my old Kindle because reading a paper book is just too hard for me so if you have a hard time reading paper books you might consider this. The older ones with the keyboard are better to read from if you have trouble reading off of white paper.

I've known about Royal Rife for about 25 years and yes it was a tragedy. I've even tried a rife machine before but it was not as fancy as yours.

I did the 50 grams of vitamin C IV today. The brain fog went away about an hour into it. My IBS went away and I even had a bowel movement 2 hours after it was over at a time that I never go. The pain in my muscles that I have all the time, is gone. I don't know how long it will last but it is good to be normal for now. The doctor said that she expected my blood levels of vitamin C to go up from 350 to 400% but it only went up to 150% and she will up it to 75 grams next time. It will be good to see how I will react to the higher dose next time. I think it might be something to consider for yourself. If you would like to know more about how I am reacting to this, just let me know and I will keep you informed. In the mean time you should look up the Riordan Clinic and click onto their LEARN link to get more information on this kind of therapy.

I'm really interested in your inhaler that you are using. I have been looking and there are ones for around $30 on up and I don't know where to put my money. Could you please help me with this?

Thank you.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

WYDO,,,,,,,,, don't put me in the same class as the bright folks on this site. I've just been down lots of dusty roads and constantly research.

I caution you about increasing your Vit C IV strength because one of the guys at our IV group did and he almost lost the function of his kidneys. He chewed our great integrative doctor's fanny out in front of us all. Now our doctor will not do the high strength Vit C I.V.'s. We all have to get our kidney function lab tested on a routine basis. This saved him. More is not always better.

We now do H2O2 via our nebulizer instead of by IV. We do Glutathione via nebulizer instead of by IV. The reason is it is cheaper and we can do it daily. Our doctor is a great guy but he has a family to feed. Naturally, he says this method is not as good. It probably is not, but anything that goes into your lungs, also goes into your blood. You can also do Colloidal Silver via a nebulizer.

I also suggest that you find Timh's method of taking Vit C in EC's archives. As mentioned before with our medical ozone generator we can get ozone into our blood via anal or vaginal insufflation. You can get it into your brain with ear insufflation. You can address stomach or bladder problems with ozonated water. You can do lots of stuff at home with a few tools.

Our doctor just completed our second UBI treatment in order to build our immune system for the viral problems that winter brings. We do not do the mercury flu shots.

We have converted our family bath into a health room and it is the most important room in our house. When anyone decides to build a home, a health room should take the most priority. Know I'm preaching to the choir, so I'll hush. Wish you well.


Replied by Wydo

Hi Robert Henry, did your integrative doctor give you the G6PD blood test? I can't imagine that he didn't if he was giving you IVC higher than 10 grams. He shouldn't had any kidney damage from an IVC. Like I said you can look at the Riordan Clinic website and they have been doing IVC for thousands of patients for years with doses up to 200 grams at a sitting without any kind of damage. You can contact them and ask any question you want. Here is their website;

You can also click on their LEARN link and read up on it. In my Orthomolecular book they just out right say it is doesn't happen to those that pass the blood test for G6PD. Does the one with the damaged kidneys know for sure he did not already have kidney damage from the start?

Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron did research in Scotland using IVC on terminal cancer patients. I read their book and nowhere do they say there was any kind of kidney damage to the patients. It only clears up cancer and some kinds of cancer needs higher doses. My doctor also did blood test to see what the blood levels of vitamin C that I had before and after the infusion.

I am very curious as to what happened in his case. I hope you will find out. Oh and one last thing. The FDA took the Riordan Clinic to court several times because they said that IVC was not safe. The Riordan Clinic proved to the court that IVC was safe each time because of their immaculate record keeping and following their patients for years after the treatments. If there would have been any kidney damage the FDA would have forced the Riordan Clinic to stop intravenous treatments of vitamin C for good and thousands of cancer patients would have died. Please look into this.

Good Luck

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

WYDO,,,,,, yes, we have to have a blood test on a periodic basis. I appreciate your input and I am now studying the Riordan Clinic website. My guy is a one man clinic and he does it all and that is the reason his patients love him. He has no nurse to do the grunt work. He has a receptionist and that is either one of his daughters or his wife. He has to keep a low profile because he is in Tenn. No website, etc.

Whenever he does a serious procedure he asks you if he could pray with you. Not many left like him.

Thank you for your concern.


Replied by Wydo

Hi Robert Henry,

The G6PD blood test checks for the enzyme Glucose-6-phospate dehydrogenase. Persons with this deficiency cannot handle high doses of vitamin C and when they get the vitamin C it cause hemolysis. This damaged blood can cause all sorts of problems. You only need to have this test once because it reveals a genetic disorder which never changes. I don't know what your blood tests that your doctor is giving but if it were me I would ask if one of them was the g6pd test. I have a binder of all my tests including pictures of my CT and PET scans. If your brain isn't working as well as it should, then get your tests in print and keep them around and re-read until it sinks in. Please check with your doctor and find out if you got the g6pd blood test. This is good information to know and you should never be afraid of high dose vitamin C IVs. Keep your own records.

Your doctor sounds like a good man. I am glad that you have him. He sounds like someone you can talk to so I think you could ask him why he thinks the one person had kidney damage and if you all had the G6PD tests and it wouldn't bother him if you did. I think it is a good thing to include prayer or meditation. I think one of the reasons I got over my cancer so quick is that I had faith in myself and that I could do this with no problem. I also do yoga and I think this is very important as well as walking. Hospitals often provide yoga for cancer patients and you should look into this.

As for the niacinamide, I just don't get anything out of it for my brain or anything else. Some people have problems converting the more complex sources of vitamins to the basic kind the body uses. I get the niacin powder and #"2" empty capsules. I fill them and take them several times a day. I take them on an empty stomach and get a niacin flush every time. When my niacin flush is finished and is done my brain works so much better. I often mix it in with other powders like magnesium powdered drinks or vitamin c mixed in water.

I really recommend that you read;

Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease: 65 Experts on Therapeutic and Preventive Nutrition

This book is very technical and I hope your are up for it. I got the kindle version and I was able to look everything up instantly so I could move at a very slow rate. Just take your time.

If anything I presented you is helpful then I am grateful that it did.

Wydo :>)

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

WYDO,,,,,,, you are far into the science of things than I, but I buy into why a niacin flush works when most folks don't want the hassle. The flush is when your capillaries are dilated and garbage that normally can't pass, does. That is the reason Ron Hubbard wrote his book about detoxing by doing that and extended saunas. He was trying to bring back to reality all his LSD buddies that blew their minds in the 60's and 70's. I read his book on this, but have no interest in his religious ventures. In any case, he was a brilliant man.

At age 80, I have a number of ails but I address them with study and tests. For instance my back pain as a result of a fall that crushed my T 12. I now sleep with magnets on this area. On waking, I do PT that a bright lassie taught me. Then, I usually do a FIR sauna. I follow that by coating my hips with MgCl and Dr Tishnor's. This combination helps better than liniment and DMSO. Then I have a massager that I do my feet, legs and hips. Next, I get on my NuBak decompression machine and my wife runs a massager over my back while decompressing. I usually get two or three pops from my vertebrae turning loose. Then, I stick an ice pack on my hips and see what is going on in the world on my computer.

This sounds like half a day chore, but it usually takes a little over an hour. I am then out of pain until I spend a few hours doing chores that involve my back. I address all my ails in this manner. If my pain comes back, I do ice and my decompression machine again.

Wydo, I thank you for your counsel. My present study area is how to avoid dementia. My current supplements for this are Rhodiola Extract, Lithium Orotate and Colostrinin. I wanted to cry when Coach Summit's doctors recommended that she do cross word puzzles. AUSM? She was a legend in wemmins college basketball as you know.

Out of spit.======ORH======

Replied by Wydo

Robert Henry I've been looking at a nebulizer kit for $42 for the glutathione. It has a built in compartment to put the cup and holder in. I would like your thoughts on getting one of these as they come in quite a price range. Is this a good price or should I be getting on more expensive?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

WYDO,,,,,,,, the brand we use is VIOS and are satisfied. Think you are on the right trail.


Replied by Whisperingsage
(N Cal)
47 posts

I think some docs have improved upon, it, Hulda Clark used one and did extremely well with it, she could predict cancer before conventional docs could, before there was a tumor, And my doc uses a machine developed by a german doc, and I think it's along those same lines.

Replied by Angela

I bought L-Glutathione Plus, it's designed to open the capsule and put in in the nebulizing vial with normal saline and nebulize. It's from Theranaturals.

How to Raise Glutathione

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 04/25/2015

HI U Timh, , , , , , , , , , boy , you did yourself well if you watched this video. You are the Guru of liposomal of Gutathione.

Me , I do the compounded kind via a nebulizer. Just got too much going through my gut. It appears that Glutathione is the king bee as you get old. You produce it yourself all your life and it stops. Then, your body goes to heck along with your brain.

My friend, I think you will help lots of folks that are in deep sheet both physically and mentally if you will tell them again how to intake Gluthathione such that it again works in their old body as it did in their youth.

Yo ole Redneck buddy.


Replied by Timh
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ORH: Sorry for the delayed response but it's the best I can do for now.

As for boosting Glutathione, I will take a holistic approach to simply boosting overall antioxidant status overall. With optimal antioxidant nutrition levels, Glutathione will be recycled or not-depleted (as is what happens with disease or aging). So, before doing specifics for increasing Glutathione, do try and meet a minimal achievement of all other antioxidants. Here is a good article from Jon Barron on the subject

Now for the specifics. A list of Glutathione precursors.

--"Nondenatured" or native" whey protein products, contain bioavailable Cysteine much like NAC. OR NAC

--Methionine+B-12/Folic Acid+TMG OR SAM-e

--Selenium+Full Spectrim Vit-E+CoQ10


As for Liposomal Glutathione, from personal experience, it is absolutely best when combined w/ CoQ10. This synergistic effect is science based, they simply work together very well. Will soon be trying my second order of Reduced Glutathione and CoQ10. Am eager to compare Lipo to Nebulized versions. With my bad lung condition, the Nebulized GTH seems most promising and have some evidence of prior efficacy.

Not-to-forget the best natural source for Glutathione is Wheat Sprout Concentrate which also contains Catalase, Methionine Reductase, Superoxide Dismutase. Sulforaphane aka Indole-3-Carbinol or D-Limonene boost both phase 1+2 P-450 Detox Enzyme System (which includes Glutathione).