Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

Jan 16, 2017

One of the most commonly used cooking spices, garlic has more purposes than just being used in the kitchen. The common herb is a member of the Allium genus and has high concentrations of sulfur that make it an effective health remedy. From reducing inflammation to eliminating infection, the number of health benefits garlic possesses are seemingly limitless.

What is Garlic?

Garlic is an herb from which the leaves, seeds and flowers are used in flavoring food as well as making medicine. The herb has even been used in cosmetics, perfumes and dyes.

A member of the Allicae family, garlic is closely related to chives, leeks, and onions. An edible herb, the most common form of garlic is the traditional bulb of garlic cloves from which the bulb itself is used.

Historically speaking, garlic was first used in ancient Egypt; however, its use has spread worldwide today. This history also secured the herb as a dual-purposed plant with functions in the culinary arts as well as the medicinal world.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has a varied history of use and has been applied in numerous ways to benefit the health. Its innate composition make it an effective remedy for a variety of conditions, yet the herb can also be used to prevent a number of health problems as well.

Garlic possesses a number of active components that make it an effective health treatment. Allin, allicin, allinase and several unique sulfur compounds present in garlic give the herb its potent medical affects. These elements make garlic a powerful antibiotic, anti-viral and a fungicide.

As such, garlic is considered a “superfood” capable of treating a range of conditions. The herb effectively treats high blood pressure, high cholesterol, respiratory infection, sore throat, bacterial vaginosis and a variety of other conditions. The treatment is also effective for preventing a range of conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

With its wide range of applications, garlic has purposes that extend far beyond culinary creations. Garlic is a potent herb with a variety of active compounds that reduce inflammation, fight infection and regulate the cardiovascular system.

History of Garlic  

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Garlic has a long history in folklore as a protector from disease and evil spirits (such as vampires). For these reasons, garlic is not only consumed as a healthy food and medicine but it is also worn to fight various ills. Many native cultures throughout the Caribbean use garlic in religious rituals and divinations. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used garlic in infectious diseases and particularly prescribed it for intestinal disorders.

12th century German mystic Hildegarde von Bingen recommended simmering garlic in water for twenty minutes and drinking the "tea" for bronchial problems like asthma. This treatment is still in use in many cultures. Three cloves of garlic in boiling water is also recommended as a topical cure for athlete's foot. Additionally, garlic was used extensively in the battlefields during World War I (1914-1918) to treat and dress wounds and infections. Being a natural antibiotic and widely available, it was the most effective antiseptic available at the time.

Garlic has been used in herbal medicine to treat asthma, deafness, leprosy, bronchial, congestion, hardening of arteries, fevers, worms and liver and gall bladder trouble. Herbal books list it being useful in Leucoderma, leprosy, piles, worms, catarrhal disorders and cough. Additionally, it is reported that garlic is good for the heart, stimulates appetite, and is an energy tonic.

Garlic's unpleasant odor is due to its sulphur content. This mineral is contained to a greater degree in its volatile oil, which has remarkable medicinal virtues.

Juice of garlic has a most beneficial effect on the entire system as it helps dissolve an accumulation of mucus in the sinus cavities, bronchial tubes and the lungs. It also helps expel poison from body through pores of the skin.

Replied by atul
Washington, DC

The way i'm having garlic juice is: take 2-3 cubes of garlic, cut each cube into two/three pieces, put them in a glass of water (room temp), cover the glass and soak the garlic for the whole night. next morning drink the water in empty stomach. you can use the same group of garlic for 2-3 days. i've been having it for little over a year. i used to have cold at least once every winter, but not anymore.

Replied by Kathryn
Raleigh, North Carolina, Usa

WARNING! I had an upper respiratory bacterial infection (green and yellow mucus secondary to a virus) and read a number of posts here about raw garlic and, not wanting to chew it, I put raw garlic packs under my feet (chopped several large cloves and put them on plastic wrap and wrapped each foot, put socks over) and left the first pack all afternoon. I didn't notice a problem. I decided to do it again and leave them overnight. The next morning I awoke to find that the mucus was clear again, BUT I had very itchy, swollen, bright red feet. The itching nearly drove me crazy and I scratched... Big mistake. By the next day the arches of my feet were covered in large blisters, the itching is even worse, and my feet look and feel almost identical to when I had an emergency room level drug reaction to Keflex last year (before it was over I looked like I had third degree burns in all the intriginous skin areas and it took five months to heal -- the dermatologists at Duke had never seen anything like it... they thought it was a fungal infection and only a skin biopsy confirmed the drug reaction).

I came back here immediately and read more about garlic and saw somewhere a post from a mother who said her daughter's skin blisters when it's exposed to garlic. Since I've eaten raw garlic in green smoothies every day for the last year I didn't think it could be the garlic; perhaps a reaction to the plastic wrap (I'm multiple chemical sensitive and react to all sorts of things). So the night before last I put one slice of garlic on my forearm and covered it in paper tape for sensitive skin. In the morning it seemed fine... At first. By evening a red patch had appeared and I felt a slight itch. By the next day the spot was swollen and red and definitely itching. I've been treating my feet with ACV, magnesium oil, and triamcinolone acetonide (prescription topical steroid I was given for the Keflex reaction), so I put that on the arm spot that day each time I did my feet (every three hours). This morning the arm spot is still red, swollen, and itches and has a small blister.

Never again will I put raw garlic on my skin. When asked if I have allergies I will list a topical allergy to raw garlic.

My QUESTION is: Should I continue to eat raw garlic? I'm not certain yet, but it seems to me that I have a fit of intense itching shortly after drinking even a small glass of green smoothie with raw garlic.

Replied by Dud
From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa


I think raw garlic placed on external skin for long enuf would ulcerate anyones' skin. I would not assume I was allergic to it, for that reason. It also done my skin that way.

However, the word on the street, is that USA stores are now selling chinese grown garlic. This garlic is said to test for prescence of arsenic..... Per this message board

My recent experience with side effects from taking no-brand garlic internally, seems to support this. [ I seemed to get side effects indicating possible poisoning. ] Before the chinese garlic was imported to the USA, I had no problems with taking garlic internally, and got some benefits.

Maybe we are all being poisoned via our food supply now.

I am going to start buying the USA GROWN brand garlic, grown in California. Christophers Ranch brand, to see is side effects go away.

Replied by Kathy
Benton, Arkansas

You are not allergic to topical garlic. Garlic burns sensitive skin. You have a burn! You are supposed to use gauze between the garlic and your skin. You will have to experiment to see how much gauze you need but the garlic fumes and garlic will seep through the gauze but not enough to burn you unless you do not use enough gauze. I use tea bags to make a poultice of garlic. I put one on each side of my back for a lung infection. It is working but at first I burned my skin. Live and learn.

Replied by Mawgee
Shelton, Wa

I also believe china is poisioning us, with all of their cheap products. Not the general population, the government. Thats more or less been proven, baby bottles, kids toys.... lots of toxic items! Beware.

Replied by Jackie
Orlando, Florida

is the garlic remedy good for kids too my seven year old is sick with the cold.

Replied by Adrienne
New Zealand

Perhaps anyone reacting to garlic may have sensitivities to sulphur, particularly if sensitive or allergic to sulphur based antibiotics and products.

Replied by Dennis

What you should have done is mash the garlic gloves up on some plastic wrap. Rub your feet in Olive oil. Then wrap the plastic wrap around your feet. Put enough plastic wrap around your feet to keep the olive oil from leaking out. Next put your sock on. Do this before you go to bed and take it off when you wake up. Wash your feet and do it again the next night. This will cure toe nail fungus. The olive oil will protect your skin from a rash.


* Garlic is a gastric stimulant & helps with digestion.
* It acts as an anti flatulent, carminative and diaphoretic.
* It stimulates the kidneys and is diuretic in nature.
* It is a tonic, giving strength & vitality
* It is an expectorant having a special effect on the bronchial and pulmonary secretions.
* It is beneficial for eyes & brain.
* It helps to heal fractured bones (also see comfrey poultices)
* It is a great antiseptic.
* It has allicin, which has the property to destroy germs which are not killed by penicillin. As such, it is a very powerful germicidal.
* It rehabilitates sexual malfunctions.
* It improves functional activity of heavy smokers.
* Half a raw garlic clove a day can increase body activity to dissolve blood clots, thereby preventing heart attacks and strokes.
* A couple of raw garlic cloves daily can bring blood cholesterol levels down in heart patients.

Click here to see all books on the healing properties of garlic.


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Posted by Haywood (Arlington, VA) on 03/16/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I cut up cloves like the size of pills, and took them with water. I did this treatment at night so I could go through the next day without being bothered with hay fever.

Angina - Warning  

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Posted by Pat (Burlington, Vermont) on 07/10/2007
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Although many of you believe you have been cured of angina by taking garlic and flaxseed, I am afraid that is is not true and you are in a dangerous situation. These supplements are very useful and strong if used prevention. However, they cannot unclog arteries. Please be good to yourself and reasonable. Use all available treatments and advice together! There are plenty of wonderful cardiologists who have a holistic approach.

Replied by Kathy
Benton, Arkansas

Be very careful about e-mails such as those who direct you to not take supplements. They are probably from big pharmaceutical companies. Many pharmaeutical drugs say they can cause tuberculosis and many other dibilitating problems and many of them say they end in death. Do not be influenced, use your own common sense if you think you need a drug check it out on We are guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies who need to test their drugs on the masses. CAUTION

Replied by Kathy
Benton, Ar

There is a supplement that will help your arteries. It was discovered by Dr. Louis Ignarro who won a nobel prize for his discovery - Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke with Nitric Oxide. I take 1000 mg L-Arginine and 750 L-Citralline daily - taken together in the a.m. before eating. It relaxes the arteries from a hard, tight state. I have taken these two supplements for three years for plaque in my left subclavian artery. I get an ultra sound every year. My blood pressures were different in my arms the first two years. The third year, last year, my blood pressures were the same and my ultra sound results were very good. My doctor, a vascular surgeon, is following me closely. You can read about Dr. Ignarro in The World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets, Bottom Line Publications. He was also interviewed by Hugh Downs for his discovery.

Replied by Doreen
Long Beach, California

Another cardiologist found that Co-Q10, magnesium, D-ribose and L-Carnitine work wonders on heart patients of all levels, he even said that some of t hem were on the waiting list for heart transplant and got off of it after taking those supplements together... He calls them the "Awesome Foursome". The cardiologist's name is Stephen Sinatra. You might want to read about it, I found it to be amazing!

Replied by Kathy
Benton, Ar

Garlic. Since my last post I have been crushing the garlic instead of chopping it. I allow it to sit for 10 minutes for the Allicin to work and take it in one teaspoon with water. I do this 2x daily. Heating the garlic removes its potency. Taking crushed or chopped garlic too soon after crushing or chopping prevents the allicin from doing its job. There are many places on EarthClinic to read how to take garlic. There are many websites to read how to take garlic.

Replied by Kathy
Benton, Ar
01/24/2012 - learn more about garlic - garlic does reduce artery plaque, can cure MRSA, many, many things - it is a natural antibiotic. It will burn your skin if you are sensitive to garlic. That doesn't mean you are allergic, it simply means put something between your skin and the garlic. Use a mask with a garlic poultice in it to breathe garlic into the lungs. Make a paste of olive oil and garlic, place in poultice (tea bag), place on bottom of feet in the ball behind the toes for garlic to get to the lungs over night. I wrapped a piece of garlic in gauze and put in my ear over night. Earache gone the next morning. Breathing it into the lungs is also good for unclogging sinus. Go to the website I provided above.

Bacterial Vaginosis  

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Posted by Aminta (Charlotte, NC) on 10/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I want to thank for starting this website. It has truly been a blessing to me. I am writing to let you ladies know that, although no one commented that they used fresh garlic as a cure, it really works. I have suffered from BV for 3 yrs (since my husband cheated on me). Every other month after that I was getting recurrences of BV. Like the rest of you, neither the cream's nor pill's got rid of the BV for good. I recently was reading up on how natural garlic heal's so many ailment's. So, I bought so garlic, peeled it and wrapped it in gauze. I tied it with dental floss and inserted it in my vagina once a day, preferably at night before bed. I would remove the garlic every morning before taking my shower. I did this for 7 day's and I am symptom free still today. The bad thing about it is that the smell of garlic doesn't wear off for a while so if you are sexually active often then I wouldn't recommend this home remedy. I hope this remedy help's you ladies. It is alot cheaper on your pocket's. I bought 2 bulb's of garlic for under $1.00.

Replied by D
Birmingham, Al

What do you mean it doesn't wear off for a while... ? Weeks, months?

Replied by Nice
Houston, Tx

I have tried too! Was so tired of it & trying over the counter products. Garlic is the remedy..:)


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Posted by Cateye (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/20/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Just did a quick squizz to see what this brilliant says about bloating. Been funny in the belly for the last few weeks. Bit of a mystery because my diet is usually exemplary since the whole allergy breakthrough c. Five years ago. Stopped the MMS for the same length of time I've been bloating now I think of it, but I tried the (organic) garlic about four/five mins ago and can already feel a lessening of the awful pressure. I've been craving apples, dandelion root tea and fresh fruit- pineapple, kiwifruit, passionfruit- so I guess enzymes have their place in here too. Come to think of it I've been rather free with the salt on the meat lately... Hitting the hay now, nighty-night and best health to you.

Bloating, Stomach Cramps and Constipation  

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Posted by Rick (Victoria, Australia) on 11/24/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Cut garlic clove into small pieces. Swallow them in one go with just a little water. This cures Bloating, stomach cramps and constipation.

Replied by Lin
Qld, Australia
0 out of 5 stars

Reading the benefits of garlic and with winter ailments around I bought a bag of garlic and added crushed 1/2 a garlic in our family meals, (in our meat or potato etc)
After 4 days of garlic in our meals my stomach continued to worsen with bloating, gurgling and upset stomach until a dose of diarreah. I felt very ill and am not game to touch it again. Within two days I was back to normal but wonder if I'm allergic to it. None of my family reacted at all. Perhaps this is a cleansing thing but I have my doubts as previously after taking high potency garlic capsules for a week or two my hands break out in red itchy blisters, especially between the fingers and eventually clears up after I stop using them. Should I keep clear of Garlic?? I tried the hydrogen peroxide therapy and it had no side effects.

Replied by Katrinakay
Minneapolis, Usa

Pertaining to your problem with bloating, gas, upset stomach - I struggled with stomach ailments for 10 plus years as well as sinus congestion and now within the last 5 years asthma - I have been aggressively researching over the last 5-6 years about natural remedies for these ailments and have been learning alot about how to stay healthy. FIRST AND FOREMOST - check your diet - you mentioned eating meat and potato meals - 2 types of foods that may be highly suspect in causing gas and bloating - It may not be the garlic at all but rather your diet that may be the cause of your stomach ailments. I used to eat a diet heavy in meat and starchy foods like potatoes and lots of carbs - I ended up in the hospital with serious stomachs pains in 1999 that was diagnosed as Gastritis - I started seriously looking at my diet and over the next 5 years or so made some big changes in what I eat on a regular basis. My diet now includes things like whole raw vegetables, fruits, and good sources of proteins, like legumes and nuts, seafood too (especially Salmon) for omega 3 oil. I cut out as much sugars, processed foods and toxins from my diet as possible and limit my intake of meats and starchy foods. Now, I rarely ever have any stomach problems any more. I also noticed other health benefits after changing my diet - lost 15 pounds, haven't had any cavities for last 7-8 years (used to have 1 or 2 each 6 month apt.), plantar wart went away (I had tried everything else and couldn't get rid of it), eyesight improved (confirmed by eye doctor apt.). I am still struggling with some congestion and asthma however and continue researching natural remedies for this. I suspect environmental causes and am researching these (things like potential allergies, cat dander, smoky air, mold in home, and pollution from living in city). I read about ACV on this site about a week ago and had some success with it, also some success with garlic - I probably need to keep at it and try for longer period of time. So I say don't give up on the garlic as well as helping for stomach ailments - My dad had a quadruple bypass and was in serious trouble with his heart - my mom researched on the incredible benefits of using garlic to help your heart and he has made a complete recovery after his surgery about 2 years ago and looks better than ever (he is 78 years old!)

Replied by Maria
Silver Spring, Md, Usa
0 out of 5 stars

Garlic side effects
The same thing that happened to Lin from QLD, Australia happened to me. I got horrific blisters on my toes from eating 3 raw cloves of garlic. It took a long time to cure. But, the most important thing is that I realized that the blisters were a manifestation of my candida, as the garlic is a fungicide that attacks the yeast inside the body. The problem is not the garlic, but starting with garlic at such a high dose that the body cannot handle the toxins that emanate when the garlic kills the yeast. Start slow and increase gradually.

Replied by Kathy
Benton, Arkansas

High potency garlic pills are not as good for you as fresh garlic cloves. I took a garlic pill for awhile and had the most horrible heartburn I could possibly have. Today I cut up fresh garlic the size of pills and eat a teaspoon twice a day with 2 tbsp of apple cidar vinegar in 8 oz of water. I have been able to stop using Nexium. Use fresh garlic if you can. Acid reducers such as Prilosec, Nexium etc. Are very dangerous to continue for any length of time. If you have a germ in your stomach you need the acid to get rid of the germ.

Also, ignore the post that says you must cut or chop and eat the garlic in 30 seconds. Many such post come from people who work for big pharmaceutical companies. They have invaded many good sights. There is one called "quackbusters" and they say bad things about just about all natural healing foods and supplements. The man works for a pharmaceutical company. You have 10 minutes to cut and eat to get the benefit.

Replied by Khakimo
Atlanta, Usa

Actually - all the research I've done says that you wait the 10 minutes after cutting/crushing to allow the allicin to build to maximum potency. Then it should be consumed within an hour of cutting/crushing or it will start to lose its potency.

Replied by Jeff
Statesboro, Georgia

OK folks here's what I take- it's got all the Allicin you need. It's called ALLI-C, google it.

Blood Cleansing  

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Posted by Karen (Randolph, Nj) on 03/28/2010

Response Sami:

I am a former certified food safety manager - we were always warned about garlic kept in this way, especially at room temperature. This is a dangerous practice - garlic kept in this way be liable to botulism and clostridium. Old fashioned restaurant and pizzerias sometimes keep a pot near the stove or steam table this way - food stores sell it this way now, too, but don't be complacent. It's easily contaminated.

Replied by Brian
Wichita, Ks

How are you supposed to store it safely? Elaborate please, it may save someone's life

Posted by Bonnie (Ulysses, Kansas) on 05/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to advise everyone that garlic should be sliced quickly and into your system within 30 seconds if possible. When garlic is sliced, it releases the healing properties and if not taken soon, it gradually loses its healing power. I have found it to relieve a toothache!

I first learned about garlic when I found that I had blood-poisoning one evening as I was getting ready for bed. I had to be at work early the next morning (on a Saturday) and going to the emergency room was out of the question as I worked as a rural mail carrier. I had recently bought a book on alternative healing, so looked for a solution to blood poisoning. It advised to take one clove of garlic and stated that one clove of garlic will cleanse the body's blood supply in a matter of hours! This herb is truly a gift from God!

Replied by T
Maryland, USA

Actually, letting garlic sit for 10 minutes after slicing or mincing will maximize the beneficial compounds. You can find numerous references to this via Google (try "let garlic sit" as the search string).

Replied by Sami
Willis, Mi , Usa

Put your sliced garlic in olive oil, it will keep it fresh for a long time, I've been doing that for a long time, try it and see the garlic how it stay strong.

5 out of 5 stars

Garlic has been found to help remove toxins, revitalize the blood, stimulate circulation and promote intestinal flora.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol  

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Posted by Cynthia (San Francisco, CA) on 02/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars


EC: Taking garlic juice with fresh water regularly reduces high blood pressure (hypertension).

Replied by Gus
Missoula, Montana

EC, please tell me how to make garlic juice? thanks

Replied by Crystal
Melissa, Tx

How long does it take for garlic to start lowering your blood pressure? Does anyone know of an instant bp reducer(natural, of course).

Denver, Colorado
5 out of 5 stars

When my blood pressure is high I immediately chew and swallow 1 - 2 garlic cloves. It took at least 2 hours for the BP to return to normal level but you can feel it decreasing after an hour of taking it. When my BP is very high, I take the garlic followed by 1 tsp ACV mixed with 16 oz of water. This works for me every time! But I'm still open for suggestion as I believe that the more options to remedy high blood pressure, the better!


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Posted by Leslie (Pascagoula, MS) on 04/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

It seems that ever since hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast we have been battling more and more cases of boils. I have found that GARLIC helps get rid of boils. At any stage in the cycle of the boils if you get the 1000 mg GARLIC capsules and squeeze the gel onto the boil it will get it to come to a head and drain or the boil will disappear completely.It generally takes a few days but it does work to eleviate the swelling and pain and its effective in healing the boils. Its safe for children.At the first signs of even a bump take one gel capsule and sqeeze the gel onto the bump then rub it in aftewards throw away the used capsule and wash your hands. Repeat this at least three times daily until the boil is gone.

Posted by Margaret (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) on 11/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have had recurring boils since 1996 under the breast area and over all of the abdominal region and ocassionally on the inner thigh region. Application of active magnesium was helpful but painful. Garlic hi-dose of 20,000mg did reduce and clear but 2 are still stubbornly remaining as scars and do reappear if I stop garlic for a few months. But the recurrence is controlled with ingestion of garlic again. But my abdominal area is covered by the ugly spots and scars.

Replied by Naz
London, Uk

I have find drinking at least 5 pints of Water a day clears up my bottom but still trying to find a cure for the scars!

Replied by Adam
Tucson, Az

I am currently giving Garlic a go to help with boils and some other things. Some good ways to help scars heal is DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide or wood pulp oil) pure real Vitamin E liquid on the scar area after applying DMSO. Another method if you can obtain the equipment is IPL (intense pulsed light). It is infra-red light. I have seen this transform people from completely disfigured with terrible skin problems back to looking young and re-newed. In fact, my wife did this for a living for some time. Good luck!

Replied by Mitzy
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Just using the juice from a garlic clove, (use a serrated knife and rub it back and forth over the garlic clove to get the juice out) 2-3 times a day will dry out boils and pimples. Just watch - not too many times - it can burn your skin! This is an old recipe that the people from Macedonia used to use effectively.


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Posted by Lex (San Francisco, Ca) on 08/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I discovered that garlic cures acute bronchitis by accident...

I've been diagnosed with acute bronchitis and been sick for a month and two weeks and nothing seems to be working. It appeared as if I kept on getting relapses...

Growing up, I've always been told by mom that garlic is good for the health and what not. I've also been hearing it from others, tv, etc. But I've always thought it was just for minor things like a sniffle or so...

One day I decided to go "gung-ho" and chop fresh garlic into my salad. Maybe it was my primitival instict kicking in, but I thought that maybe strong dose of fresh garlic may do something. On the same day, I decided to include fresh garlic into everything - including my dinner pizza. The next day I started to feel better. I still wasn't sure if that was just a calming state before another relapse so I didn't jump into conclusion. Second day passed, Third day passed, and now I'm on my fifth day of feeling back to normal.

I then "googled" garlic and cures to read about garlic and its healing properties. That's when I found this site and discussion!

Thank you.

Posted by Sarah (Ocala, Florida) on 04/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have COPD and chronic Bronchitis. I have recently been searching for a way to eliminate constant congestion and and continuous nasty cough. I found this site and now visit the health food store almost weekly. I love it and tell everyone I see. Anyway, back to the congestion, I took 2 cloves of garlic and smashed it and downed it chased by water late in the evening. Amazingly I feel 90% better after 1 night. I will do this again today and see if it continues to get better. I slept very good and did not wake up coughing all night. I also noticed in the morning that I am coughing up all kinds of junk. That is definitely an improvement. I will continue this for a few days and post another comment as I progress. I am very interested in the MSN method also. Could someone please post more specific instructions. Where do you buy MSN? Is it liquid, capsule, powder, etc? How much do you use and do you mix with water? Thanks.

EC: Hi, Sarah. Do you mean MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) or MMS (Miracle Medical Supplement)?

Replied by Sarah
Ocala, Florida

Oops, yes, I did mean MSM. Thank you very much for catching that. :)

Replied by Dorothy
Oz, KS, US

go to A___ an online book store and check out page 41 in the Miracles of MSM book. That should help. Check online for discount vitamins or your local health food store for msm.

EC: No problem mentioning that url!

Replied by Merchant Ship
San Antonio, Texas

Several years ago I was suffering from sarcoidosis, which is an auto immune disease that attacks soft tissue organs, usually lungs or skin. After a year of suffering from a dry cough that left me with bloodshot eyes and sore ribs on a consistant basis, I was finally diagnosed at Mayo. A year and half on prednisone rendered it inactive, but I was given a couple of inhalers that I was suppose to be on indefinitely. A friend had just heard about MSM and gave me a cassette tape explaining the research and treatment that had been done with racehorses. I tried it in pill form, but only noticed a slight change. It was when I found the powdered pharmaceutical grade that changed my lung health forever. It came in a 4 oz. bottle for $24.00, yikes! I took 1/2 a tsp. mixed in OJ morning and night. It needs vitamin C to absorb into the cells so make sure to take it with carrot or citris juice. It is very bitter and if you don't stir it well you will get a MSM sludge at the end. Within 2 weeks my lung capacity improved and I quit the inhalers. I continued consistant use for about a year. I have used food grade and animal grade (for horses from the feed store) and as long as it is 100% pure MSM it works for me. Now I just throw it in smoothies or take it when I start to wease. It's great for arthritis, bursitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia too. Hope this helps:)