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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System


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Posted by D.G Douglas (Long Beach, California, USA) on 11/07/2008

For years I've had Xanthelasmas (fatty deposits) around the orbit of my eye. I've had them surgically removed several years ago but they soon returned. After reading of the many healing uses for garlic, I decided to give it a try. I cut medium sized cloves in half and applied the juice to the deposit. I would hold the clove on the affected area for 10-15 minutes using slight pressure. After about 5 minutes, I could feel a slight burn. I continued this regiment for 3 days. After each treatment the size of the deposit was reduced and finally dried up after 3 treatments. It appeared to draw the fat to the surface which I removed with tweezers on the 3rd day. Presently I'm continuing this process on the other deposits. I've found fresh oily garlic when cut works best. I'm quite happy with the results. It also provided relief from the pain and swelling. Thank you for clinic and my oppurtunity to contribute.

Replied by Kirsty
(Torquay, England)

Hi I just read your post about putting garlic on the fatty deposits, how many times a day did you do this? I have did it once today and felt the burn, and hoping it works, I got told lecithin worked but I used this for 3 months and nothing happened. My doctor wont remove mine, she said it was cosmetic only but did refer me to get camouflage cream, this made it look worse and came off when I sweated or if it rained, so no use. I did get used to the Xanthelasma as it's only two small patches under my eyes next to my nose, but recently my right side has gone a slight bt bigger, puffy, red and itchy. It used to upset me more when people asked about it and my daugter too, but she stopped asking for awhile until today because of the swelling, this is why I am looking for a cure again and would like to know how it worked for you?

Replied by Nat
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi, Just wondering if you have had any success with the garlic treatment for xanthelasma? Thanks

Replied by Andrea
(Cambridge, Ma)

Hi, I've been applying garlic to my xanthelasma and I'm trying to understand what you did and how it worked. It seems to do something, but I'm not sure what you mean by drawing the fat to the surface. I don't understand how I would be able to use tweezers to get the fat off. Wouldn't the skin have to be broken? I plan to continue but I'd love to hear more about how it worked for you!

Thanks so much, Andrea

Replied by Donna
(Dickson, Tn)

Ok, so I noticed these things coming at me fast and furiously about 7 months ago. Cholesterol was just a tad bit high but barely. I do have thyroid issues and have noticed alot of people with Xanthelasmas have also had thyroid problems. Anyway, I wanted to post my experience. I started research immediately on how to get rid of these. I have tried SO many things, including garlic. Garlic did take down a little bit of the puffiness for me but not too much but it would swell right back up within days once I stopped. I've tried so many concoctions based on internet research and I think after several months I might have figured it out for me. Kind of makes me ill because it's so much simpler and less painful than anything else I've tried but here it is.

A mixture of Castor Oil and Lecithin. I had already tried each alone and it didn't work. But once I put them together (for the last week) the puffiness of my xanthelasma is almost completely flat. The yellow spots are turning more white now and seem to be getting a bit smaller also. I'm thinking it may take a while to be gone completely but it is the only thing that has worked this well so far and it doesn't burn or anything. I already had some triple strength lecithin capsules (liquid) So I emptied two of them into a contact lense container and put about a half teaspoon of castor oil.. Mixed well and I put it on several times a day. I have to mix another batch today but will be happy to do so after the results I've seen so far. In addition, I also started taking MSM tablets 3 times a day and COQ10 once a day.. For antioxidant effects. I started this about 2 weeks ago. I'm thinking that maybe be helping also. If anyone else decides to try this I would like to know what the outcome is. Good luck to everyone.. I've hated dealing with this.

Replied by Debbie
(Monmouth, Il)

I have decided to try the lecithin/castor oil remedy when mixed together it gels up some, after applying with a q-tip there's a slight tightening sensation but not uncomfortable or painful. I am praying this works. I will keep you posted.

Replied by Nat
(Melbourne, Victoria Ausrtralia)

Hi, just wondering how you guys are going with the castor oil/ lecithin remedy. Does it work? Thanks

Replied by Latisha
(Paris, Paris/france)

Any news about the lecithin and castor oil solution? I am also very eager to know. Thank you so much.

Replied by Sarahsewscats
(Midlothian, Va Usa)

I am interested in knowing if the castor oil/lecithin capsules have worked on anyone that has xanthlasmas. It seems to be an inexpensive, safe treatment.

Replied by Jon
(Southampton, Hants, Uk)


I have low cholestrol and low blood pressure. I have had some rather unsightly xanthelasma appear close to one eye. The doctor wasn't interested as I am healthy. I tried the garlic cure, cutting a clove in half and holding on the affected area. It made the area swell and the skin became red, and eventually there was some damage to the skin surface though vaseline helped. This was all a bit unpleasant and I was considering audition for a Dr Who monster. However, the swelling has come down and the xanthelasma has more or less completely gone. I'd say go easy on the garlic but it does work for me, very impressed and thanks to whoever put it up first.

Replied by Sandy
(Hyderabad, India)

Hi Jon, I got this xanthelasma 3 years back on my left eye but I had laser treatment but it came back 6 months later and after 3 years now I got it to my right eye as well... Is garlic treatment really works I have tried it once but its very burning n painful.. Please lemme know if it really works.. Thanks a lot...sandy

Replied by Z
(Jersey City, Nj)

Garlic treatment is working. Day 1 applied garlic. I cut a small piece of garlic and applied the juicier looking side to the Xanthelasma above my eye, kept it there till the burn subsided. Day 2 I woke up discouraged as it was slightly red and inflamed. At night applied garlic again and tried to remove with tweezers. Skin was too thick still, and accidentally pierced the skin, only a little. However, at the end of night 2/tonight I noticed my xanthelasma above my eyelid is slightly smaller, maybe 20%. I am going to step up the garlic use twice daily, morning and evening.... I shall update tomorrow evening if I can find this site again.