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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

Garlic Bath

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Posted by Chanda (Longview, Texas) on 01/25/2012

This is great for any age. I use it on my grandson all the time. ( 1yr ) Run hot as you can stand bath. Pour some garlic powder in the bath. If you have aches pour half bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Close shower curtain and allow yourself to soak at least fifteen minutes until you break sweat. This cures any sickness trying to come on, and breaks fever. You will feel refreshed and stink if you do not rinse off with cold shower after.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Why garlic powder, why not fresh garlic? And I don't have a shower curtain around my bath..... Is HP safe to pour in the bath like that? My husband tells me to stay away from it as it is a powerful oxydant that can cause cancer. He is a chemist.....

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

regarding HP: actually the opposite is true. Oxidized molecules, or ones with oxidative damage, have had an electron taken from them, the things that "steal" the electron (think greedy = bad) are oxidizers and cause oxidative stress and damage, aging, disease etc. This is what causes cells (and tea leaves, etc) to wilt. HP has an extra electron, and gives (think giving = generous, good, etc) its extra electron to those molecules so they are no longer damaging or damaged. Perhaps Ted or someone with healthy experience with HP can advise us of its limits, but we are getting oxidative stress every day, so I believe small amounts daily instead of huge amounts would be better. I am discovering lots of great uses for it on EC.

Garlic Capsule Side Effects

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Posted by Charlotte (Essex, Clacton, England) on 03/16/2012

I tried taking garlic capsules every day, twice a day, high strength. After three weeks I got a rash, it didn't hurt or sting, you could just see it, brain fog where I could not concentrate or think straight or remember much - very scary. Will continue to take it but much smaller doses. Now trying Apple Cider Vinegar and wild oil of oregano - this is for my sinuses and allergies which spread to ears and cause bad headaches sometimes.

Garlic Flu Shot Recipe

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Posted by Dot (Chicago, Il) on 02/03/2013

GARLIC FLU SHOT recipe. I live in chicago but I'm from the south and the cold here is BRUTAL on my system. The past few months we've been having an outbreak of flu. Everyone in my family got it (despite having a flu vaccine) and I was scared to death (I did not have the flu vaccine). BUT, thanks to this recipe I found posted on Pinterest, I survived, nursing them all through their virus without getting sick myself. This is an unheard of victory for me.

The recipe is:

  • juice of 6 lemons
  • 2 tbsps honey (i used raw)
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne
  • 1 BULB of garlic (yep, that's the whole thing)
  • 3 cups of juice (pineapple, pomegranate or grapefruit)
  • 1 tbsp or more of grated ginger
  • Drink 4 cups a day.
Blend it in the blender and drink, making sure to chew on any garlic clumps that make it through the blending process. Not only does it scare away viruses, it gives you lots of ENERGY. I got fairly addicted to it, and noticed that while I was drinking it, it had the added side benefit of making my skin glow:)

Replied by Wellspruce
(Juneau, Ak, Usa)

For clarification, do you mean one HEAD of garlic with the 20 or so bulbs?

Garlic From Kashmir

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Posted by Ross (Charlottesville, VA) on 11/27/2007

I have found a powerful garlic from Kashmir that you can eat raw (much more healing power) but it has almost no odor. It's much better than using cooking garlic! I'd be happy to let others know how to get it.

Replied by Carol
(Portland, OR)

Where did you get the garlic from Kashmir?

Replied by Alfredo
(Mexico City, Mexico)

Yes please let us know where can we get the garlic from Kashmir, thank you

EC: Warning! There is only 1 site on the internet selling this as far as we can see, so the post was probably sent from there. Very little information is given about the company that sells it, only the product itself.

Garlic Side Effects

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Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/01/2019 233 posts

You may benefit from drinking marshmallow root tea daily, this puts a protective and restorative lining upon the entire gi tract, among many other benefits.

Garlic Side Effects
Posted by Benard (Bahrain) on 05/31/2019

I am struggling with lower abdominal crimping and constipation after I ate raw garlic and honey to clear a sore throat, My GE doctor ordered for a ct scan but apparently it showed nothing. I have lost 15kg in 5 months and now am searching for an alternative to my pain and diving weight, please anyone with an opinion should share.

Replied by Marty

I have found when we do most things in extreme, we may end up with a healing crisis. All the uncomfortableness in the body is in the lymphatic system and toxins not having a way out of the body so all kinds of things can happen until it does. If your kidneys are not filtering, then all the waste in the lymph is being held somewhere. That can be dangerous when all of a sudden a big load gets dealt with and then it can't go anywhere, make sense?

Slowly build up to more and more but listening to the body is important and using kinesiology on yourself is helpful too.

Garlic Side Effects
Posted by Maria (Silver Spring, Md, Usa) on 12/15/2010

Garlic side effects
The same thing that happened to Lin from QLD, Australia happened to me. I got horrific blisters on my toes from eating 3 raw cloves of garlic. It took a long time to cure. But, the most important thing is that I realized that the blisters were a manifestation of my candida, as the garlic is a fungicide that attacks the yeast inside the body. The problem is not the garlic, but starting with garlic at such a high dose that the body cannot handle the toxins that emanate when the garlic kills the yeast. Start slow and increase gradually.

Garlic Side Effects
Posted by Lin (Qld, Australia) on 08/18/2009

Reading the benefits of garlic and with winter ailments around I bought a bag of garlic and added crushed 1/2 a garlic in our family meals, (in our meat or potato etc)
After 4 days of garlic in our meals my stomach continued to worsen with bloating, gurgling and upset stomach until a dose of diarreah. I felt very ill and am not game to touch it again. Within two days I was back to normal but wonder if I'm allergic to it. None of my family reacted at all. Perhaps this is a cleansing thing but I have my doubts as previously after taking high potency garlic capsules for a week or two my hands break out in red itchy blisters, especially between the fingers and eventually clears up after I stop using them. Should I keep clear of Garlic?? I tried the hydrogen peroxide therapy and it had no side effects.

Replied by Katrinakay
(Minneapolis, Usa)

Pertaining to your problem with bloating, gas, upset stomach - I struggled with stomach ailments for 10 plus years as well as sinus congestion and now within the last 5 years asthma - I have been aggressively researching over the last 5-6 years about natural remedies for these ailments and have been learning alot about how to stay healthy. FIRST AND FOREMOST - check your diet - you mentioned eating meat and potato meals - 2 types of foods that may be highly suspect in causing gas and bloating - It may not be the garlic at all but rather your diet that may be the cause of your stomach ailments. I used to eat a diet heavy in meat and starchy foods like potatoes and lots of carbs - I ended up in the hospital with serious stomachs pains in 1999 that was diagnosed as Gastritis - I started seriously looking at my diet and over the next 5 years or so made some big changes in what I eat on a regular basis. My diet now includes things like whole raw vegetables, fruits, and good sources of proteins, like legumes and nuts, seafood too (especially Salmon) for omega 3 oil. I cut out as much sugars, processed foods and toxins from my diet as possible and limit my intake of meats and starchy foods. Now, I rarely ever have any stomach problems any more. I also noticed other health benefits after changing my diet - lost 15 pounds, haven't had any cavities for last 7-8 years (used to have 1 or 2 each 6 month apt.), plantar wart went away (I had tried everything else and couldn't get rid of it), eyesight improved (confirmed by eye doctor apt.). I am still struggling with some congestion and asthma however and continue researching natural remedies for this. I suspect environmental causes and am researching these (things like potential allergies, cat dander, smoky air, mold in home, and pollution from living in city). I read about ACV on this site about a week ago and had some success with it, also some success with garlic - I probably need to keep at it and try for longer period of time. So I say don't give up on the garlic as well as helping for stomach ailments - My dad had a quadruple bypass and was in serious trouble with his heart - my mom researched on the incredible benefits of using garlic to help your heart and he has made a complete recovery after his surgery about 2 years ago and looks better than ever (he is 78 years old!)

Garlic Tea

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Posted by Kenike007 (Utica) on 04/30/2015

Hello Everyone. Ever since I was a tiny tot garlic has been a huge part of my life. I am full blooded Italian and I can remember while on my way to 1st grade school just a block away from my home my Italian Grandmother would hobble down the street after me calling for me to wait up..."Ashbet", she would call out, means wait in Italian. Then she would proceed to stuff a few cloves of garlic into my socks, for she believed it to keep the evil spirits away. When I went out to play at recess time all the wonderful healing garlic properties would seep into my pores and of course along with it, it's pungent odor. All the kids would run from me and say that I stunk. I would come home crying and of course my mother would pick up on the smell and find the cloves tucked into my socks. I can still hear her hollering to my grandmother, Ma, what are you doing??" My grandmother would reply, " I keeps the Evil Spirit's away", and my mother would reply to her, " and yes Ma, it also keeps everyone away! " Our Ancestor's knew the powerful knowledge of healing herbs.

Here's a great Garlic Recipe for ingesting or making into a tea.

*6-7 large cloves of finely minced Garlic

*1Tablespoon Raw Honey ( Make sure it is RAW Honey). Raw honey in itself is a powerful food loaded with enzymes. The junk honey you find on grocery shelves is refined and useless.

*Add a very tiny sprinkle of Cyanne Pepper appox. 1/6 tsp. or smaller. Cyanne pepper is a high source of Vit C.

* Put a teaspoon in mouth, chew and swallow as often as needed. I guess you can just swallow, but I chew it to release the potent allicin, then swallow. You can also put this into a tea with some lemon and other added super foods like tumeric, a bit of ginger, lemongrass or whatever you desire. Yum. I add a hint of stevia also.

Even without any symptoms, I take 1 teaspoon of this recipe at least 3-4 times a week to stay fit and well.

Hope this gave you all a laugh and helps!

How grateful I am for the healing herbs of Mother Nature. Love and Many Blessings of Wellness to you all.

Garlic Tea
Posted by Nicole (Atlanta, Ga) on 09/02/2013

I woke up this morning with a head cold, thanks to my nieces. Today is Monday and I have a business trip that starts on Saturday so checked Earthclinic for a home remedy to clear it up before then Had taken ACV but really help. A week before travel, I always start Emergen-C to boost the immune system; taking that helped a bit. However, I cut up 3 cloves of garlic and added them (after sitting for 15 minutes) to my hot tea and started to feel relief almost immediately. I will definitely repeat this until everything is cleared up and make my nieces drink some too.

Garlic Tea
Posted by Kelly (Cincinnati, Oh) on 01/15/2010

a great way to ingest garlic for multiple ailments is using it in a broth. It can be any kind of broth (no solids) so as to give your digestive system a break. Personally, I love the taste of roasted garlic. So I either sautee/bake fresh garlic and add it to the broth,then finely chop fresh garlic and add it as well (after heating-stir in and let sit a couple of minutes). The amount depends on ones tolerance for garlic. But that way I get the best of both worlds. The flavor of the roasted garlic and the allicin (the enzyme in garlic that fights disease) as well. cooking garlic kills most of the allicin so this is a good way to get it raw in a larger quantity. God Bless!

Garlic Tea
Posted by Ermila (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 06/16/2009


I was suffering from fever and flu, the Company Doctor prescribe medecine and anti biotic. All the medecine had been finished and yet my fever haven't gone, and worst of all i also suffer from tonsilitis.

I've been a regular reader of Earth Clinic and try this garlic soup 'walla' the fever is gone and so with the tonsil ache. Whenever my kids suffer from sorethroat, this is the best remedY.

Garlic Tea
Posted by James (New Orleans) on 03/12/2006

I didn't boil the garlic . I've read over and over that heat destroys the allicin. Anyway , I simply use a garlic press . It's a lot easier than chopping. I take it straight and chase it with lots of water . You can ball the pressed garlic up into a wad and take it like a pill. I was able to sleep last night without waking due to coughing. I took two medium sized cloves.

Garlic Tea
Posted by Anonymous (Alabama)

I had a nagging cough for a long, long time. I drank the Garlic Tea and within two days I had stopped coughing almost altogether. I have given this remedy to a lot of my friends. Thank you so much. It really works!!

Replied by Susana
(Hesperia, California)

Can I give my 7 month old grandson garlic soup? Nothing works what the doctor has given me for my grandson.. Prescripton drugs don't work for my grandson Ethan.

Replied by Wendy
(Ontario, Canada)

It is challenging for parents to find books to learn from for holistic approaches for children! I started a holistic parenting group in my area online 6 yrs ago and we have over 300 members now. Like here we share what has worked for us and our children. Nice to get back to grandma's /kitchen remedies as our first line of defense. My mentor is Aviva Jill Romm's teachings. Her books are my bibles ;-) She is a 25 yr midwife and herbalist and gives specific remedies not only for children but for pregnant and lactating women as well. In fact that is where I learned how to make the garlic tea and also to gain the confidence to do a mustard plaster on my children. ;-) Amazing woman, invaluable books.

Garlic Tea
Posted by Yakal (Philippines)

The tea was great. It helped me from my misery. It helped me solve my problems. It also helped my friends, Charmelle and Zandro. Also try putting SUGAR. Thank you very much!