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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

| Modified on Mar 19, 2023
How to Prevent Garlic Breath
Posted by Gab (Toronto, Canada) on 02/04/2008

I have one tip for persons using garlic:

Drink lemon juice or eat few slices of lemon.

It kills garlic breath, cures stomach ulcers (for sure prevents them), keeps you safe from colds and flus!

Garlic Side Effects
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/01/2019 233 posts

You may benefit from drinking marshmallow root tea daily, this puts a protective and restorative lining upon the entire gi tract, among many other benefits.

Garlic Side Effects
Posted by Benard (Bahrain) on 05/31/2019

I am struggling with lower abdominal crimping and constipation after I ate raw garlic and honey to clear a sore throat, My GE doctor ordered for a ct scan but apparently it showed nothing. I have lost 15kg in 5 months and now am searching for an alternative to my pain and diving weight, please anyone with an opinion should share.

Raw Garlic Side Effects
Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 08/30/2020

I know that when I eat lots of raw garlic, I will bleed more than usual. If I'm getting bloodwork done, I avoid it for a week prior. If I don't, the simple gauze pad on the site doesn't stop it from bleeding and I need to apply pressure for quite some time or it'll bleed right through the dressing. So, for me, it thins my blood. Who knows what that does to my blood pressure.

Raw Garlic Side Effects
Posted by Junebug (Pasadena) on 08/29/2020

I had an interesting experience with raw garlic yesterday and am wondering if anyone has an idea. I chopped up garlic and ate a couple of small cloves with heirloom tomatoes for lunch, not something I normally do (raw garlic, that is). About 10-15 minutes later, I felt very light headed and a little dizzy, like mild vertigo. It lasted for about 5 hours and I was fine after that. Do you think it was my blood pressure plummeting from eating raw garlic or a high histamine response? Thanks for your thoughts. Am thinking about doing a before and after blood pressure reading next time I eat raw garlic, but didn't think about it in time.

Storing Garlic
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile , Tn) on 06/19/2020

ORH here,,,,,,,, as all know, I's kinda wild and strange. We harvested our garlic bulbs, 1/2 bushel, and have dried them. My dilemma is where to store them as my choices in the past were to too sporty. Know they need to be cool, dry, dark, and in open air. Research showed the the garlic odor will kill bacteria and fungus. Being SJS, here is my solution. I am going to put them in a mesh bag and hang them in front of our central A/C unit. That will meet all the fore mentioned conditions and maybe improve our log cabin air. So, this is another tale of mine, but all use garlic and have quandered where to store. Don't think this will change the smell and it may not work on the toxins in the air. But, I needed a story to tell. ====ORH====

Posted by Jane (Des Moines, Iowa) on 12/05/2018

WOW!!! Garlic has cured for me every cold that has tried to attach itself to me in the last 8 years. One or two cloves chopped up with olive oil poured over it taken in a tablespoon with a little water after to wash it down. Burns the inner infection out naturally!

Today with my tooth aching I decided to place garlic at my gum where the void and great pain exists. Google just to check, brought me to you and I see I am heading in the correct direction. Thank you all for the confirming comments of health testimonials! I just Love a natural solution! I can feel it working!

Posted by Natural Cures (Los Angeles, California) on 06/22/2018

Natural remedies for Alzheimer and dementia: I think garlic is curative and so garlic pills can help improve our mental and physical health. Thank you for all the information it is very helpful.

Garlic Allicin Tabs
Posted by John, (Trang Thailand) on 02/22/2018

Allicin, the working part of garlic comes in 2000mg tabs. A while back I went through all my vitamins plus etc. and sorted out the ones that took 2-4 hours in a glass of water to dissolve. Anything taking much longer goes out the back door with your money.

Allicin tabs from Thailand took 10 hours to dissolve. I will look for another brand.

Fresh Garlic vs. Garlic Supplements
Posted by Brian (Wichita, Ks) on 01/15/2017

How are you supposed to store it safely? Elaborate please, it may save someone's life

Posted by Dennis (Georgia) on 12/22/2016

What you should have done is mash the garlic gloves up on some plastic wrap. Rub your feet in Olive oil. Then wrap the plastic wrap around your feet. Put enough plastic wrap around your feet to keep the olive oil from leaking out. Next put your sock on. Do this before you go to bed and take it off when you wake up. Wash your feet and do it again the next night. This will cure toe nail fungus. The olive oil will protect your skin from a rash.

Eliminate Garlic Breath
Posted by Jo-ann (Charlton, Ma) on 12/22/2016

My husband and I take raw crushed garlic every morning. We wash it down with a half glass of (cow's) milk. I read this nullifies the odor in breath and skin from garlic. Right away you can feel it calm your mouth down. It's been 2 weeks since we started and neither one of us smells like garlic!

Peeled Garlic Vs Fresh Garlic
Posted by Kate (Uk) on 12/18/2016

I'm not sure how helpful a comment published six years later but a. firstly I'm amazed that peeled garlic is a thing, we haven't become quite that lazy over here yet! and b. I would think you're better off with something with its skin on, and ideally local and organic if you can get it. In at least some parts of the world garlic is irradiated for supermarkets so it won't sprout - I *think* that doesn't happen unless labelled in the UK, but seems to in Canada (eg so might well be in the US. Something raw with the skin off must've gone through some process to stop it rotting (like enzymes or chlorine baths that don't need to go on the label). In the UK, garlic I get from the organic shop has got loads more of a kick than the stuff from the supermarket - sometimes you can't track exactly what is doing what (freshness? farming practices?) but just follow your nose.

Can I also recommend Joanna Blythman's book Swallow This, which is very enlightening about 'clean labelling' - ie putting foods, including apparently raw, fresh simple vegetables through all sorts of food processing that is invisible on the label. For instance, those fresh fruit salads in supermarkets don't go off for several weeks because of an enzyme dip, and harmless and 'natural' sounding words like 'beetroot extract' on a label are actually the same stuff that would have had a long chemical name in the 90s. Only at some point it would've been waved in the general direction of a beetroot. So even if you're a committed label reader, you won't necessarily be getting a very clear picture of what's happened to your shopping, because there's a whole culture committed to hiding it. If you want to get round this, garlic unpeeled and ideally from a local foodchain, not a major supermarket is probably your best bet.

Posted by Adrienne (New Zealand) on 09/30/2016 6 posts

Perhaps anyone reacting to garlic may have sensitivities to sulphur, particularly if sensitive or allergic to sulphur based antibiotics and products.

Eliminate Garlic Breath
Posted by Jess (Salem, Va) on 09/14/2016

I've been using Garlic, water and honey for 3 days now and it's been amazing. However, my husband is complaining of a strong garlic smell coming from my body and breath. I would love to know a way to rid of this, so I can continue to take this mixture for as long as I want, without "turning him off"! Thanks!!!

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Posted by Veena (Denver, Colorado) on 03/31/2016

When my blood pressure is high I immediately chew and swallow 1 - 2 garlic cloves. It took at least 2 hours for the BP to return to normal level but you can feel it decreasing after an hour of taking it. When my BP is very high, I take the garlic followed by 1 tsp ACV mixed with 16 oz of water. This works for me every time! But I'm still open for suggestion as I believe that the more options to remedy high blood pressure, the better!

Posted by Susan (California) on 01/16/2016

For colds, I take the minced garlic without chewing it. That way you have no garlic smell on your breath or between your teeth. Just brush a little after swallowing, just in case.

Chewing Raw Garlic
Posted by Vee (Oklahoma) on 01/15/2016

Minced garlic on a slice of buttered bread 3 times a day. Right now Jan. 2016 I am using it after a round of ampicillin for nasty Strep B urinary tract infection. When I peed in the cup so they could analyze it it was full of blood. Very scary stuff! I started taking garlic yesterday and already I feel better. I even inserted it last night in my vagina just in case I have an over growth there. It helps to pierce the garlic with a needle and run a thread through it so it is easily removed.

Posted by Vee (Oklahoma) on 01/15/2016

I hesitate using the fresh garlic since the odor is so prominent but after a Strep B urinary tract infection I said to heck with it!!! I am going to take this daily for the rest of my life...they can just get over it!!!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Tarshia (Fayetteville Nc) on 07/25/2015

Please explain how garlic puts on lbs.

Garlic Tea
Posted by Kenike007 (Utica) on 04/30/2015

Hello Everyone. Ever since I was a tiny tot garlic has been a huge part of my life. I am full blooded Italian and I can remember while on my way to 1st grade school just a block away from my home my Italian Grandmother would hobble down the street after me calling for me to wait up..."Ashbet", she would call out, means wait in Italian. Then she would proceed to stuff a few cloves of garlic into my socks, for she believed it to keep the evil spirits away. When I went out to play at recess time all the wonderful healing garlic properties would seep into my pores and of course along with it, it's pungent odor. All the kids would run from me and say that I stunk. I would come home crying and of course my mother would pick up on the smell and find the cloves tucked into my socks. I can still hear her hollering to my grandmother, Ma, what are you doing??" My grandmother would reply, " I keeps the Evil Spirit's away", and my mother would reply to her, " and yes Ma, it also keeps everyone away! " Our Ancestor's knew the powerful knowledge of healing herbs.

Here's a great Garlic Recipe for ingesting or making into a tea.

*6-7 large cloves of finely minced Garlic

*1Tablespoon Raw Honey ( Make sure it is RAW Honey). Raw honey in itself is a powerful food loaded with enzymes. The junk honey you find on grocery shelves is refined and useless.

*Add a very tiny sprinkle of Cyanne Pepper appox. 1/6 tsp. or smaller. Cyanne pepper is a high source of Vit C.

* Put a teaspoon in mouth, chew and swallow as often as needed. I guess you can just swallow, but I chew it to release the potent allicin, then swallow. You can also put this into a tea with some lemon and other added super foods like tumeric, a bit of ginger, lemongrass or whatever you desire. Yum. I add a hint of stevia also.

Even without any symptoms, I take 1 teaspoon of this recipe at least 3-4 times a week to stay fit and well.

Hope this gave you all a laugh and helps!

How grateful I am for the healing herbs of Mother Nature. Love and Many Blessings of Wellness to you all.

Posted by Tinyx (South Bend, Indiana) on 03/28/2015

I put 1 clove of crushed garlic for each of my baby's socks when he had colds. I put 1 pair of socks on his feet then the socks with garlic next. This is the only remedy that I have tried for his colds from 1 month to 1 year old. It only took 2 applications for him to recover from the early signs of colds.

Tooth Abscess, Infection
Posted by Mike (Surrey, Bc, Ca) on 03/01/2015

When using garlic you want to mince it to get the oils out of it, this oil is called sulfenic acid and is the reason for the serious burning, it will break down in about 15 minutes into allicin, which is more potent, and fyi using ceyenne pepper helps increase the potency of antibiotics, pinicillon, painkilles and any natural remedies as well, hope this helps someone, ( by-the-way, garlic didn't work for my tooth absess, but oregeno oil with olive oil worked for oil pulling and on top of the skin, olive oil actually absorbs into bone). thanks earthclinic I share this site with as many people as possible

Posted by Ellen (Leander, Tx) on 11/16/2014

Thank you sooooo much for posting this information about Ophthalmic migraines. I have experienced this several times and was worried I had a brain tumor or was going to lose my vision. I went to the ophthalmologist who didn't know what the problem was, but prescribed glasses for me.

It was soo comforting to read your response. I realize your post is over three years old, but if you see this again, THANK YOU!!!

History of Garlic
Posted by Kislany (Europe) on 03/25/2014

Just to comment on the garlic taste. I love raw garlic, however due to hubby's job, he can't eat garlic at all as he can be called at work any time. So I avoided as much as possible eating garlic as I know how bad it can be for someone who doesn't eat garlic to be near someone who does.

Today I had an idea to add a clove of garlic to my regular juice, which usually contains carrots, celery, ginger and parsley leaves among others. Much to my surprise, there was no garlic taste, no garlic breath or smell at all. Hubby didn't feel it (and I even kissed him 'for test' purposes). Finally now I can consume garlic every day. It's wonderful for so many things, I never want to be away from at least one clove..or two or three of garlic a day.

Garlic and Blood Thinning
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 01/14/2014

El from Al: sounds like you simply took too much.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 01/13/2014

Becki from Portland, Or:

Why not take old socks, fold them down so you can shove a quantity of turmeric in, then walk in it. Should work extremely well. You may have orange feet but keep them, it is beneficial. Namaste, Om

Multiple Cures
Posted by Becky (Portland, Or) on 01/13/2014

When you say that the "garlic tea course" has helped clear up your toenail fungus, do you mean that you make a tea and drink it everyday? Can you elaborate? I'm looking to clear it up in my two big toes. And how long did it take?

Garlic and Blood Thinning
Posted by Mike 62 (Denver, Colorado) on 12/20/2013

El: Farmers add yucca liquid extract when watering fields high in clay because the natural soaps do something to the electromagnetism making the water wetter. Wetter water can penetrate the clay when regular water does not. Thinning the blood requires removing matter from the blood and the garlic does not do that. Garlic makes the water wetter. Pour some soapy water in a cup. The water stays there. Poke some holes in the bottom. The water leaks away, not because the water was thin, but because the cup was leaky. The capillaries are weak and porous from not enough nutrients from eating cooked regular food. Watch raw food videos for the best body and brain of your entire life. You can also take raw grassfed animal products, superfoods, and home brewed water kefir like I do to function at peak performance.

Garlic and Blood Thinning
Posted by El (Al) on 12/20/2013

Hi. I felt I was coming down with the flu, so ate lots of garlic. Next day, I had a horrible nose bleed. Since then, I've had bruising. Apparently, the garlic thinned my blood too much. So, if I want to take garlic for the flu or whatever, what should I take with it so I won't bleed? I've always been a free flowing person, so when I donate blood they have to do extra wraps. Low BP, too. Suggestions?

General Feedback
Posted by Mike 62 (Denver, Colorado) on 12/19/2013

Morris Paul: Here's the skinny on garlic. A buffalo steps on a garlic plant and crushes the cellulose. Two chemicals that were seperated come together and make allicin. This prevents the wound from becoming infected. The buffalo does not eat the garlic because allicin also damages blood cells. Garlic contains 3 beneficial substances that when prepared properly are good. Crush a clove of garlic and and let set for 15 minutes. This lets the allicin fully form. Heat at low temp for 3 minutes changes the allicin into poly sulfides that expand the capillaries and produce h2s. Hydrogen sulfide destroys pathogens but does not harm the cells. Garlic oil has set for more than 72 hours so all the allicin has changed into poly sulfides. Aged garlic is high in a water soluable poly sulfide that is extremely beneficial. All of the above properly prepared garlics have 39 antibiotics that are not harmfull to the cells.

General Feedback
Posted by Mike 62 (Denver, Colorado) on 12/18/2013

Right on Mama: I would engourage you to keep promoting the best of God's Goodies, garlic. I take both aged garlic and garlic oil 4 caps of each daily. Sulfur is the mother of all minerals. The first life on earth got energy from sulfur before there was oxygen. Longevity experts promote garlic.

General Feedback
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 12/18/2013

Regarding garlic, I was reading the pet section and indeed some had died from ingesting garlic. Different bodies have different tolerance to herbs even in general. In my case, if I ingest more than a sliver of garlic, I feel so nauseous that I hope to regurgitate it which does not happen and after a few minutes all is well again.

Eastern medicine, such as Ayurveda, state that as for garlic, too much for some can damage kidney and liver.

Great caution with regard to the place garlic was grown. What comes from China has a good dose of arsenic and a study claims people who ate garlic regularly also had high count of arsenic in their body.

Garlic is a powerful medicine and ought to be respected as such instead of a dish consisting of lots of roasted garlic for normal consumption. Bodies have different chemical composition and here we come to understand that medicating is a very individual procedure that demands much discrimination and insight. Om

General Feedback
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 12/18/2013

Personally, I think garlic (and onions! ) are awesome. I use them in cooking and as medicine and find them to be very effective and safe. (Others might not find the garlic breath to be safe! )

Both have a long history of being used as food and medicine.

Some things I wonder about these studies...regarding airline pilots...was the garlic used in tests processed? If it was processed or not grown organically, there may have been other factors (like chemicals) that were what affected the reaction time of the pilots. Again, I haven't seen the studies, but I wonder what is behind them. We have seen effective and safe, natural things become banned from use. Comfrey is a plant that is currently being criticized. If we lose the rights to use plants for medicine by way of law or fear, the medical field and the drug companies do benefit from this.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents on garlic and onions! I will look forward to hearing other thoughts on this.

~Mama to Many~

General Feedback
Posted by Beberobozo ( New York) on 12/18/2013

Hi; I also saw that on utube by Andrias Moritz that onions and garlic are poison.. don't know

General Feedback
Posted by Morris Paul (Ireland) on 12/18/2013

Youtube/garlic is toxic to the body...............this was news to me. I used to be a big fan.....but not so sure anymore....because it deadens brain cells....some airlines do not allow their pilots to consume garlic 72 hrs.pre flight......decreases reaction time in an emergency by 30%. However it is nature's best incecticide......just spray on crops. Do you have an opinion on this issue.??

Garlic Tea
Posted by Nicole (Atlanta, Ga) on 09/02/2013

I woke up this morning with a head cold, thanks to my nieces. Today is Monday and I have a business trip that starts on Saturday so checked Earthclinic for a home remedy to clear it up before then Had taken ACV but really help. A week before travel, I always start Emergen-C to boost the immune system; taking that helped a bit. However, I cut up 3 cloves of garlic and added them (after sitting for 15 minutes) to my hot tea and started to feel relief almost immediately. I will definitely repeat this until everything is cleared up and make my nieces drink some too.

Tooth Abcess, Infection
Posted by Jessie (Riverdale, Md) on 08/27/2013

It wouldn't hurt to try. Fresh is generally strong, but powdered is good, too. Try charcoal powder and clover powder, too. (Clove is good for pain.)

Tooth Abcess, Infection
Posted by Shun (Memphis,tn) on 08/27/2013

Can you use garlic powder instead of fresh garlic for a tooth abcess?

Posted by Julie (Worcester, Ma) on 08/12/2013

You shouldn't put the garlic directly on the mole, it causes burns which is why your skin bubbled, & you're also not supposed to put Vaseline on burns.... To prevent your skin from burning, place a piece of gauze over the mole, place the garlic on top of the gauze (you can use a bigger piece since you're putting it over gauze), wrap the gauze over the garlic & secure with tape or a Band-Aid.... That should help prevent the burns....