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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

Hints and Tips

Posted by Wendy (Houston, TX) on 01/31/2008
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If you are unable to eat garlic, rub vaseline on the bottom of your feet and put crushed garlic over the vaseline. Cover with plastic and socks. The garlic is absorbed through the feet. Works best over night if you can stand it. This also works great for children.

Posted by Shelley (Olney, Illinois) on 01/31/2008
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I like to put olive oil on my feet and then cut up diced garlic between my toes and all over the bottom of my feet. I then put my socks on and go to sleep. This helps distribute garlic throughout your body..IN can even taste it after several minutes!!

Replied by Peter
Naga City, Phillipines

Crushed Garlic on soles of feet as cure for Colds & Flu

Crush 2 lge cloves, spread over soles of feet put your socks on then go to bed for the night, especially good for children.


Posted by Jackie (Bellefourche, SD) on 10/17/2008
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I use garlic all the time in pasta and I don't have any hook worms.

Immune System

Posted by Matt (San Tan Valley, Az) on 04/20/2012
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My wife is a teacher at a preschool and frequently brings strep throat home. I can't afford to miss work for the doctor so I resort to generous helpings of garlic.

So far I have tried eating raw cloves on one occasion and a mixture of garlic, honey, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper on the other. Today I'm going to try garlic tea. The raw cloves are very intense and not recommended for the average bear.

My wife detests the smell and taste of garlic so I find the best way to get her to try it is to mix it into some rice or steamed veggies.

Posted by Yoss1 (West Covina, California, Usa) on 03/04/2011

I started getting the flu the day before yesterday. I drank a garlic shake with cherries, which made me extremely nauseous, but it lowered the severity of my symptoms. I was a vegan for 4 years, and now have started eating meat. I noticed that I'm aging quicker and I'm getting sick more often. I plan to detox asap. I tried oil pulling a few minutues ago, and it really helped me! When I was really healthy and vegan, I would do oil pulling, but I didn't notice any results, maybe because my toxicity levels were low.

Posted by Mark (Rochester, NY) on 01/25/2007
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Oh, what raw garlic can't cure..... It's not that garlic cures infectious ailments both inside and outside the body it boosts your life giving auto immune system.... We were born with a system that is quite amazing to say the least. The auto immune system is working overtime in today's world.... Genetically, to know who you are is more important whereas everyone is so different yet totally the same when it comes to environmental hazards. We live in a quagmire of toxicity whether it be through the air, food or drink we take in..... Speaking of taking in, use raw garlic (chewed with food) as a spring, and fall seasonal pre-maintenence ritual .... Give your auto immune system a much needed break and detoxify yourselves today. Thank you, Mark

Ps....What inspired me to write this story ? I was at the dentist 8am Tuesday morning [1-23-07] ..... with a tooth abscess. The pain was incredible......Guess what ? Yep, Garlic. I couldn't do any garlic treatments the past few days on account of my social life so I had to wait until today to crush 14 cloves of raw garlic into a jar filled half way with (good water) not tap water. I would swish the elixir around the infected garlic pieces into the infected area with my tongue.... I feel less pain as we speak. "I ain't got no tooth insurance" so, (I'm sure to cancel the appointment now) but I believe than if I got the bill in the mail from a scheduled appointment next week I would be in much worse pain both physically and financially. Garlic is quite amazing....

Let Garlic Sit

Posted by Steve (Scarborough, ME) on 12/17/2007
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We must let the garlic sit for at least 10 minutes before heating up because when it is heated it stops the changes the garlic does when it is crushed or chopped into anti cancer properties. to get max benifit we must let the garlic sit! please inform the masses and sorry about the spelling!

Low Energy

Posted by Ray (New York City)
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Wake up the dead juice: When I was younger I used to get a lot of fatigue, loss of appetite, and body aches as a result from a cold. It would be those types of colds that just basically gave you those symptoms. It would have none or very little fever, coughs, stuffiness and sneezing. So I used to say to myself I would go to school if I had the energy. That's when I started drinking "Wake Up the Dead" juice.

There are a few ways to make this.

You can either boil some water and add sliced onions to it.

Or boil water and add chopped garlic to it.

I usually mix both onion and garlic to the hot water. I leave the chunks inside. You can remove them if you wish.

Drink that water as hot as you can take it.

Another way people do it is by mixing about 2 cups of cold water and 1 chopped onion and/or some garlic chunks all in a blender. They can either drink it hot or cold. But drinking it hot is better.

It is extremely important that you drink this as soon as you get up on an empty stomach. One cup is fine and 2 is better. The more onions and garlic you put in it, the better it is. It tastes very disgusting but it will give you one hell of a boost. It will last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Then you have to drink it again. You should only drink it twice a day.


Posted by Beverly (Willsboro, New York) on 08/23/2007
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I have started taking garlic tablets EVERY DAY Because in the past I have had over the period of 2 yrs flashing bright lights, like lightening) in front of my eyes. Even when I put my head under a pillow I still saw them, and it was very scarey. I went to a nuerologist and had a cat scan of my brain, his conclusion was he said I have the side effects of a migraine without the headaches. Well, since taking one garlic tablet every day, I am very excited to say, that I have had NO problems for about 4 years. So of course I told the Doctor. He didn't say much, I guess he was a skeptic.

Replied by Ontario
Toronto, Ont

I had that too. but only lasted a few months then never came back since. that was over 2 years ago almost. I never get headaches ever. It left as quick as it came.

Replied by Mrs. Texas
Portland, Texas
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I often have headaches and once I take garlic, soft gels, the headache disappears. I have been doing this for about 10 years.

Replied by Sylviecha
Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada

They are called ophtalmic migraines. I've had these a few times, in a 15 years period. It comes usually with seeing bright zig-zag-type lines in the central or side vision (to me, it's similar to the lines we could see back then on the black and white TVs, when the program wasn't getting through). There can also be flashing white light sensations. These symptoms usually resolve spontaneously after several minutes ( generally in less than one hour). I did some tests, and the DR told me these migraines are not dangerous. After the initial panic from not knowing what that was, I became accustomed to them and since I don't have them frequently, I don't bother anymore. But I know they can be accompanied by headaches (this is not my case), and that can be troublesome.

Replied by Ellen
Leander, Tx

Thank you sooooo much for posting this information about Ophthalmic migraines. I have experienced this several times and was worried I had a brain tumor or was going to lose my vision. I went to the ophthalmologist who didn't know what the problem was, but prescribed glasses for me.

It was soo comforting to read your response. I realize your post is over three years old, but if you see this again, THANK YOU!!!

Milk for Garlic Breath

Posted by Tracey (Britt, Ontario, Canada) on 01/10/2013
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There was a post for getting rid of the smell of garlic on your breath, MILK, yes milk. A big tall glass will get rid of the smell. :) Hope this helps.


Posted by Mary (Mary, USA) on 05/14/2008
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Hi guys. I started the garlic procedure to remove a raised mole on my forearm. I've warn long sleeves for forever because of how much I hated it. About a month ago I heard about this remedy, so I tried it & after about 4 days I wasn't seeing any results besides half of the mole was a bit lighter. I stopped the experiment, & after a few weeks, I decided to try 1 more time so I started 2 days ago, this is my 3rd day now & I definetely see results ! I really think its going to work. The 1st time I tried this remedy I was putting too big of a piece on the mole, about 4 times the sixe of it, which was just damaging the sin around the mole. Now I've been only cutting a small piece to fit the mole perfectly. I've heard you should scratch at the mole just a little bit w a knife or something, not hard, so thats what I did this time [only the 1st time u apply the garlic, not everytime, just once for the whole experiment], so i washed the area 1st, scratched the mole up a tiny bit, cut the clove up, with the knife I rubbed the juice from the garlic onto my mole, I started to feel a tingling because I scratched at it, then wet a napkin & cleaned up any juice around the mole on my skin, apply the garlic piece & put a bandaid on. I go to work & 11 hours later take the bandage off & wash it & do the whole thing over w a fresh bandaid and piece of garlic. I have been using a whole new clove for each application. It is a big waste of garlic since I only use a tiny piece of it, but the cloves dry out quickly, even in a ziplock bag, so I just get a new 1. They are very cheap anyways. Now, my 3rd day, my mole is raised quite a bit more & its a bubble that I want to pop so badly ! There are a couple tiny bubbles on my skin around the mole, but from now on I am going to apply vaseline on my skin surrounding the mole to protect the skin. I will keep u guys updated !

Replied by Julie
Worcester, Ma

You shouldn't put the garlic directly on the mole, it causes burns which is why your skin bubbled, & you're also not supposed to put Vaseline on burns.... To prevent your skin from burning, place a piece of gauze over the mole, place the garlic on top of the gauze (you can use a bigger piece since you're putting it over gauze), wrap the gauze over the garlic & secure with tape or a Band-Aid.... That should help prevent the burns....

Posted by Paul (Haywards Heath, UK) on 10/18/2007
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re: garlic for superficial skin tumors -- I applied a slither of fresh garlic on a skin lesion abnormal but small skin growth under left eye for one week, appling for a duration of 5 mins untill it stung and was a little red...the lesion shrunk and has disapeared. senior operating department practitioner

Posted by Trisha (Singapore) on 01/26/2007
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My mom had a 1 inch diameter mushroom like mole that would fester. she had it for over 30 the side of her breast. when she was in her 70s she heard about garlic and started taking it to lower her high blood pressure, she would take 2-3 cloves every night ( chopped finely and tucked into her mouth like a pill, & swallowed it down with a glass of sweet drink.. ) after 6 months she realized that the mole started to dry up -no more festering- and after a year it started shrinking and simply flaked off bit by bit..after 2 years it completely disappeared, to date it is only a dot left. completely cured what could have been cancerous ? she continues to take 3 cloves of garlic daily, to keep her blood pressure down, she is 84 years old, lives alone in a flat in Malaysia. she is very lucid and keeps abreast of CNN's daily news cast. due to garlic ? all reasons point in that direction...


Posted by Ross (Brooklyn, NY) on 07/16/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic helps to reduce the length of, or even entirely cure, a bad case of mono. I was diagnosed with mono and immediately began a garlic treatment of as much sliced garlic as possible a day. I probably averaged a bulb or bulb and one half a day. My girlfriend was not happy to say the least, but I wiped out my mono in record time. I have tried garlic for other sicknesses since then and have found that it is not good for bacterial infections, but does wonders for viral infections. I am currently taking it now, to help battle swollen lymph nodes and achy back.

Posted by Dan (Pittsburgh, PA) on 05/13/2006
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About 2 weeks ago i was diagnosed with mono had very achy legs and arms. i have been cutting little slivers of garlic up and take it like a pill. wow it's strong, burns my stomach some too, but believe it or not, i feel so much better. i think i'm ready to retest for the mono. i think it will come up negative. my dad has lung cancer found out 5 yrs ago doctors gave him 6 months. i was very sad and even if my dad would pass away, i'll still consider him beating his cancer because he really did he lose so much weight but my dad has been taking garlic and garlic. he loves it. he puts it on bread plain and eats it -- he's gained weight now. he feels so much better. i love my dad he showed me how effective garlic would be and i'll never forget that secret he gave me. keep taking garlic it really does help.