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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

Storing Garlic

Posted by Orh (Ten Mile , Tn) on 06/19/2020
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ORH here,,,,,,,, as all know, I's kinda wild and strange. We harvested our garlic bulbs, 1/2 bushel, and have dried them. My dilemma is where to store them as my choices in the past were to too sporty. Know they need to be cool, dry, dark, and in open air. Research showed the the garlic odor will kill bacteria and fungus. Being SJS, here is my solution. I am going to put them in a mesh bag and hang them in front of our central A/C unit. That will meet all the fore mentioned conditions and maybe improve our log cabin air. So, this is another tale of mine, but all use garlic and have quandered where to store. Don't think this will change the smell and it may not work on the toxins in the air. But, I needed a story to tell. ====ORH====


Posted by Kelly (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 03/04/2011

A suggestion for those afraid to use garlic cloves for a suppository. Instead of threading the clove, thus puncturing it, use a teabag. Snip off the top of the teabag, empty out the tea and drop in the peeled clove. Thread or tie around the top of the teabag with dental floss. Don't forget to lubricate.

Take Crushed or Juice Garlic

Posted by Dave (NY) on 12/02/2005
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Hi, garlic is so versatile that if you do not get a desirable result examine your protocol. When garlic is crushed alliin and allinase combine to form allicin..... this is the useful chemical in garlic, apart from the minerals. Heat destroys allicin! Juice or 'osterize' garlic and ginger.... and drink to your health! Do not cook garlic. Of this family, only onions can be cooked and retain its healing properties.


Posted by Neil (Auckland, New Zealand) on 08/29/2007
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I get tonsillitises frequently (every 4-6 weeks) and it usually takes 1 week to recover. I have tried prescribed antibiotics with no effect. However, after reading about garlic on this website, I gave it a shot and I was totally amazed at how fast I recover. There is a dramatic difference the following day after I take a clove of garlic soup before going to bed and I make total recovery within 3 days. With prescription antibiotics, it used to take about 1 week, including gargling every couple of hours. Even when I am ok, I take garlic soup about 2 times a week, and this is the first time ever that I have gone through winter without getting a cold!! I peel a clove of garlic and cut them in half lengthwise. Then I boil it for a couple of minutes in 1.5 cup water and add a pinch of salt, teaspoon of butter, a pinch of pepper and sprinkle with nutmeg. I take is as a soup as the garlic is soft enough to be eaten. Works wonders for me.

Tooth Abcess, Infection

Posted by Drugfree (Trenton, Nj, USA) on 12/21/2009
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just 2 days ago i was in pain all day long. it was keeping me up all night. even advil wasn't working. had 4 fillings done at the dentist and even a month later i couldn't drink cold drinks because it would hurt right away and i couldn't drink juice without brushing right away because it would hurt really bad 30 minutes later. noticed a bubble on my gums. found out it was an abscess. started researching tooth abscesses. while searching the web found earthclinic which helped me before with hypothyroidism, for that i used coconut oil. noticed that garlic really works for infected teeth and abscesses. at first i just rubbed half a clove of raw garlic sliced in half on the abscess. didn't really help. so i chewed 1/4 clove of garlic and let the garlic juice sit on the infected area for at least 10 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. by the 3rd night all the pain was gone. now i can drink cold juice without the pain like before although if i do drink cold juice and don't brush its still a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 for pain. thanks to everyone who posted their testimonials. can get back to my life now. earthclinic is a real lifesaver.

Replied by Paul
Stamford, Ct
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Better But With Side Effects

I had a toothache caused by a filling that came out. At first it didn't hurt, but I must have gotten food stuck and it really started to hurt... a dull throbbing pain. After reading about the garlic remedy, I cut a clove and put it between my gum and cheek. It was painful at first, but eventually (5 minutes or so...) the pain went away... only issue now is my right cheek is swollen... the area between my nose and my cheek is very puffy and has been for about 12 hours now. it doesn't hurt, but not sure what happened???

Replied by Shun

Can you use garlic powder instead of fresh garlic for a tooth abcess?

Replied by Jessie
Riverdale, Md

It wouldn't hurt to try. Fresh is generally strong, but powdered is good, too. Try charcoal powder and clover powder, too. (Clove is good for pain.)

Posted by Leila (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on 03/03/2009
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Garlic cured my jaw infection! One of molars in my upper jaw broke off about a year ago, all the way down to the gums. I don't have insurance and am mortally afraid of going to the dentist, so when my cheek swelled up yesterday, I panicked. I tried green clay, bit it didn't help much. After sleeping 3 hours and not knowing what to do about the pain (painkillers didn't help much either), I decided to do a search on the Internet and stumbled across your site.

Garlic worked wonders! I chewed it and pressed the pulp against the 'hole' between my teeth.It stung so badly, I had tears in my eyes, but after 5 minutes the pain had subsided. Am absolutely overjoyed! Will continue to treat with garlic, I have a really good feeling about it. Thank you!

Posted by James (kent, uk) on 08/23/2008
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I used garlic for my tooth abscess and within 3 days they has cleared. Before i knew about garlic i had to take anti biotics which had unwanted side effects like tummy cramps. Now i always take garlic when i have problems with my gums or any other infections such as ear infections. I had one nasty ear infection and it went fast after i had taken 500mg of odourless garlic a day for a couple of days.

Posted by Chanana (Aubrey, USA) on 02/06/2008
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My mom had a severe absessed tooth a few months ago (almost a year). It was so bad she could not sleep at night. She used garlic and it cleared the infection and it has not returned. She cut raw garlic and rubbed the cut edge on the tooth and gums a couple of times a day and also ate a whole clove a couple of times a day and then gradually reduced the garlic intake as she felt it healing. She also used whole cloves (the spice you use in pumpkin pie etc. )as a local pain killer. If you bite down on the whole clove it releases a potent pain killer. just wanted to chip in some info that can hopefully help others, this is a great site...

Tooth Abscess, Infection

Posted by Aumber (Desert, Ca) on 09/30/2012
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Better But With Side Effects

Hi, I read all the post about raw garlic and tooth infection and yes even how it really burns, but I did not think of it burning as what I have received. I thought maybe like some really hot --- hot sauce, or hot drink. I would like to let everyone know just how bad raw garlic can REALLY BURN. I was only able to hold it for about 15 minutes and unable to do again. The rest of the day I used Oregano Oil, (50/50 with castor oil) I also swallowed some (fresh not swished) Oregano Oil, I am not sure which remedy helped. This was on a Friday and my mouth was pretty sore from both the tooth (which pain was going down my neck also) and now the raw garlic burn. Saturday I woke to a REALLY, REALLY BAD cheek. It was so sore I could not even hardly chew, even though I was chewing on the other side, the action of movement was still hurting my burned cheek, even drinking from a straw hurt bad. Others have said it feels like they may have drank or eaten something to hot.... Type burn but this is not the case here. I have been holding salt water at the burn spot off and on all during the day, swishing hurts to much. It is really swollen and red. I am guessing the cheek tissue is more sensitive then the gum line because the cheek tissue is what got so badly burned while the gum tissue is just fine. Today is Sunday and my cheek is still sooooooooo sore and angry, the trauma has come more to the surface. Today I am going to add some Oregano Oil to my salt water in hopes this will speed up the healing. I was told by some one (after the fact.... Of course) that they also had gotten a really bad burn from raw garlic and was told to do this instead.... If they choose to use garlic for healing again. It works just as well as raw garlic with less danger of burn. Take a 6 - 8 oz glass of warm water and add to this 2 - 4 cloves of crushed garlic (a garlic mincer works best), let this sit on the counter over night to infuse, (or all day, which ever will be longest). In the morning take a 16 oz glass and add warm water and some infused garlic water (very little as this infused water is very strong) (you can always add more but can not take away) also add (optional) salt. This infused 16 oz. Glass of water will last you all day, swish around the infected area as often you feel the need. If your water gets cold DO NOT boil or microwave it as this will kill the "live" action which is needed for healing, you want to warm it with a water bath. For those who do not cook much here is how to do a water bath. Find another small bowl, cup, etc. That your 16 oz glass can fit inside with room all the way around the glass and up to the top or close to the top. Heat some water to HOT not boiling and pour into this other container, set your 16 oz glass inside this water (with your garlic/salt water in your 16 oz glass) and let it warm up. That is all there is to it. Swish or hold this infusion (only if comfortable) for about 1 minute, your going to be doing this all through the day so no need to hold longer. DO NOT SWALLOW this infusion as you have been swishing an infected area and do not want to swallow any infection. Be sure to drink plenty of clean water, at least 64 oz. If you have just swished wait at least 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything. Hope this helps so others will not get the side effect that I did. This is a great site and I visit often. Good health to all.

Replied by Mellybell

I've never heard of the infused garlic water. Will that also help canker sores?

Replied by Mike
Surrey, Bc, Ca

When using garlic you want to mince it to get the oils out of it, this oil is called sulfenic acid and is the reason for the serious burning, it will break down in about 15 minutes into allicin, which is more potent, and fyi using ceyenne pepper helps increase the potency of antibiotics, pinicillon, painkilles and any natural remedies as well, hope this helps someone, ( by-the-way, garlic didn't work for my tooth absess, but oregeno oil with olive oil worked for oil pulling and on top of the skin, olive oil actually absorbs into bone). thanks earthclinic I share this site with as many people as possible

Trigger Finger

Posted by Chin (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 06/05/2010
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Hi everyone. About 2 years ago, I was diagnose with trigger finger (on my left middle finger). My doctor told me there was no treatment for it except if it gets worst, a rather painful injection of steriod would be needed. I decided to do some research into home remedies and came across a website (sorry i can't remember the url now) but it did mention about how garlic can help. So I started taking about a few pips of sliced raw garlic together with my dinner every night. What happen about a week after taking raw garlic with my dinner was that I noticed the pain on my middle finger had gone away and the triggering effect had also gone away.


Posted by Robyn (PERTH, Australia) on 12/29/2007
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Crushed Garlic Cure for Warts. Some time ago I had two warts appear on my nose. They seemed to increase in size quite quickly. GP tells me to come back in two weeks and she will burn them off. I didn't like the sound of that so tried a remedy that I'd heard about. Take fresh garlic cloves and crush them and apply to the warts. Keep on warts for as long as possible until they disappear. I used crushed garlic from the jar I purchased at the supermark and applied the crushed garlic to the gauze part of a bandaid and wore a fresh one every night for two weeks. Warts disappeared. Probably go in quicker time if I had used fresh garlic and used it in the daytime as well as at night.

Replied by Sandy
Bangalore, India

How did you consume garlic for weight loss ? How many cloves of garlic did you eat per day, at what time of day, before meals or after meals? Also, how long did it take before you saw results?

Weight Loss

Posted by Mayra (Jersey City, NJ)
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I used garlic for weight loss. It is excellent and burns fat.


Posted by D.G Douglas (Long Beach, California, USA) on 11/07/2008
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For years I've had Xanthelasmas (fatty deposits) around the orbit of my eye. I've had them surgically removed several years ago but they soon returned. After reading of the many healing uses for garlic, I decided to give it a try. I cut medium sized cloves in half and applied the juice to the deposit. I would hold the clove on the affected area for 10-15 minutes using slight pressure. After about 5 minutes, I could feel a slight burn. I continued this regiment for 3 days. After each treatment the size of the deposit was reduced and finally dried up after 3 treatments. It appeared to draw the fat to the surface which I removed with tweezers on the 3rd day. Presently I'm continuing this process on the other deposits. I've found fresh oily garlic when cut works best. I'm quite happy with the results. It also provided relief from the pain and swelling. Thank you for clinic and my oppurtunity to contribute.

Replied by Kirsty
Torquay, England

Hi I just read your post about putting garlic on the fatty deposits, how many times a day did you do this? I have did it once today and felt the burn, and hoping it works, I got told lecithin worked but I used this for 3 months and nothing happened. My doctor wont remove mine, she said it was cosmetic only but did refer me to get camouflage cream, this made it look worse and came off when I sweated or if it rained, so no use. I did get used to the Xanthelasma as it's only two small patches under my eyes next to my nose, but recently my right side has gone a slight bt bigger, puffy, red and itchy. It used to upset me more when people asked about it and my daugter too, but she stopped asking for awhile until today because of the swelling, this is why I am looking for a cure again and would like to know how it worked for you?

Replied by Nat
Melbourne, Australia

Hi, Just wondering if you have had any success with the garlic treatment for xanthelasma? Thanks

Replied by Andrea
Cambridge, Ma

Hi, I've been applying garlic to my xanthelasma and I'm trying to understand what you did and how it worked. It seems to do something, but I'm not sure what you mean by drawing the fat to the surface. I don't understand how I would be able to use tweezers to get the fat off. Wouldn't the skin have to be broken? I plan to continue but I'd love to hear more about how it worked for you!

Thanks so much, Andrea

Replied by Donna
Dickson, Tn
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Ok, so I noticed these things coming at me fast and furiously about 7 months ago. Cholesterol was just a tad bit high but barely. I do have thyroid issues and have noticed alot of people with Xanthelasmas have also had thyroid problems. Anyway, I wanted to post my experience. I started research immediately on how to get rid of these. I have tried SO many things, including garlic. Garlic did take down a little bit of the puffiness for me but not too much but it would swell right back up within days once I stopped. I've tried so many concoctions based on internet research and I think after several months I might have figured it out for me. Kind of makes me ill because it's so much simpler and less painful than anything else I've tried but here it is.

A mixture of Castor Oil and Lecithin. I had already tried each alone and it didn't work. But once I put them together (for the last week) the puffiness of my xanthelasma is almost completely flat. The yellow spots are turning more white now and seem to be getting a bit smaller also. I'm thinking it may take a while to be gone completely but it is the only thing that has worked this well so far and it doesn't burn or anything. I already had some triple strength lecithin capsules (liquid) So I emptied two of them into a contact lense container and put about a half teaspoon of castor oil.. Mixed well and I put it on several times a day. I have to mix another batch today but will be happy to do so after the results I've seen so far. In addition, I also started taking MSM tablets 3 times a day and COQ10 once a day.. For antioxidant effects. I started this about 2 weeks ago. I'm thinking that maybe be helping also. If anyone else decides to try this I would like to know what the outcome is. Good luck to everyone.. I've hated dealing with this.

Replied by Debbie
Monmouth, Il

I have decided to try the lecithin/castor oil remedy when mixed together it gels up some, after applying with a q-tip there's a slight tightening sensation but not uncomfortable or painful. I am praying this works. I will keep you posted.

Replied by Nat
Melbourne, Victoria Ausrtralia

Hi, just wondering how you guys are going with the castor oil/ lecithin remedy. Does it work? Thanks

Replied by Latisha
Paris, Paris/france

Any news about the lecithin and castor oil solution? I am also very eager to know. Thank you so much.

Replied by Sarahsewscats
Midlothian, Va Usa

I am interested in knowing if the castor oil/lecithin capsules have worked on anyone that has xanthlasmas. It seems to be an inexpensive, safe treatment.

Replied by Jon
Southampton, Hants, Uk
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have low cholestrol and low blood pressure. I have had some rather unsightly xanthelasma appear close to one eye. The doctor wasn't interested as I am healthy. I tried the garlic cure, cutting a clove in half and holding on the affected area. It made the area swell and the skin became red, and eventually there was some damage to the skin surface though vaseline helped. This was all a bit unpleasant and I was considering audition for a Dr Who monster. However, the swelling has come down and the xanthelasma has more or less completely gone. I'd say go easy on the garlic but it does work for me, very impressed and thanks to whoever put it up first.

Replied by Sandy
Hyderabad, India

Hi Jon, I got this xanthelasma 3 years back on my left eye but I had laser treatment but it came back 6 months later and after 3 years now I got it to my right eye as well... Is garlic treatment really works I have tried it once but its very burning n painful.. Please lemme know if it really works.. Thanks a lot...sandy

Replied by Z
Jersey City, Nj

Garlic treatment is working. Day 1 applied garlic. I cut a small piece of garlic and applied the juicier looking side to the Xanthelasma above my eye, kept it there till the burn subsided. Day 2 I woke up discouraged as it was slightly red and inflamed. At night applied garlic again and tried to remove with tweezers. Skin was too thick still, and accidentally pierced the skin, only a little. However, at the end of night 2/tonight I noticed my xanthelasma above my eyelid is slightly smaller, maybe 20%. I am going to step up the garlic use twice daily, morning and evening.... I shall update tomorrow evening if I can find this site again.