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Tooth Abscess, Infection
Posted by Aumber (Desert, Ca) on 09/30/2012
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Better But With Side Effects

Hi, I read all the post about raw garlic and tooth infection and yes even how it really burns, but I did not think of it burning as what I have received. I thought maybe like some really hot --- hot sauce, or hot drink. I would like to let everyone know just how bad raw garlic can REALLY BURN. I was only able to hold it for about 15 minutes and unable to do again. The rest of the day I used Oregano Oil, (50/50 with castor oil) I also swallowed some (fresh not swished) Oregano Oil, I am not sure which remedy helped. This was on a Friday and my mouth was pretty sore from both the tooth (which pain was going down my neck also) and now the raw garlic burn. Saturday I woke to a REALLY, REALLY BAD cheek. It was so sore I could not even hardly chew, even though I was chewing on the other side, the action of movement was still hurting my burned cheek, even drinking from a straw hurt bad. Others have said it feels like they may have drank or eaten something to hot.... Type burn but this is not the case here. I have been holding salt water at the burn spot off and on all during the day, swishing hurts to much. It is really swollen and red. I am guessing the cheek tissue is more sensitive then the gum line because the cheek tissue is what got so badly burned while the gum tissue is just fine. Today is Sunday and my cheek is still sooooooooo sore and angry, the trauma has come more to the surface. Today I am going to add some Oregano Oil to my salt water in hopes this will speed up the healing. I was told by some one (after the fact.... Of course) that they also had gotten a really bad burn from raw garlic and was told to do this instead.... If they choose to use garlic for healing again. It works just as well as raw garlic with less danger of burn. Take a 6 - 8 oz glass of warm water and add to this 2 - 4 cloves of crushed garlic (a garlic mincer works best), let this sit on the counter over night to infuse, (or all day, which ever will be longest). In the morning take a 16 oz glass and add warm water and some infused garlic water (very little as this infused water is very strong) (you can always add more but can not take away) also add (optional) salt. This infused 16 oz. Glass of water will last you all day, swish around the infected area as often you feel the need. If your water gets cold DO NOT boil or microwave it as this will kill the "live" action which is needed for healing, you want to warm it with a water bath. For those who do not cook much here is how to do a water bath. Find another small bowl, cup, etc. That your 16 oz glass can fit inside with room all the way around the glass and up to the top or close to the top. Heat some water to HOT not boiling and pour into this other container, set your 16 oz glass inside this water (with your garlic/salt water in your 16 oz glass) and let it warm up. That is all there is to it. Swish or hold this infusion (only if comfortable) for about 1 minute, your going to be doing this all through the day so no need to hold longer. DO NOT SWALLOW this infusion as you have been swishing an infected area and do not want to swallow any infection. Be sure to drink plenty of clean water, at least 64 oz. If you have just swished wait at least 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything. Hope this helps so others will not get the side effect that I did. This is a great site and I visit often. Good health to all.