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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

Garlic Tea

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Posted by Jennifer (Miami, Florida)

By accident I was told that raw garlic was good for slimming so I went and bought some garlic, at the time I had a chronic cough, and it silence my cough all night, but I didn't not like the taste, So I will make garlic tea, or Soup sounds like a more tasty idea, thanks for the advice.

Garlic Tea
Posted by Susan (USA)

Marco, a well known soux chef in Santa Monica, California, gave us this simple soup recipe for nagging coughs. This is an old Mexican recipe from Marco's mother that aided him and his siblings' flu/cold recovery process.


  • Cut a garlic cubed into quarters and add to two 2 quarts of H2O.
  • Boil on low flame for at least one hour.
  • Strain and sip slowly.

Believe or not, this warm garlic soup has a very pleasant taste!

Click here to see all books on the healing properties of garlic.

Replied by Ranjana
(Arlington, TX USA)

What did you mean by garlic "cube"? Is it a clove of garlic or is it a whole head of garlic. Please post a reply. Thanks."

EC: A whole head of garlic!

09/12/2009: Tim from Portland, Or replies: "Actually its a bulb of garlic."

09/12/2010: Rh from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Yes, a whole garlic head. I tried it and it works! Boil water with a whole garlic head. Take it at night you will immediately feel the difference the next morning."

02/01/2011: Tony from Antofagasta, Chile replies: "This is a bit confusing as Marcos uses the word cube that has been translated by Tim from Portland as a bulb and Rh from Los Angeles as a whole garlic head. Marcos says that the cube has to be cut into quarters, Does this mean that the whole garlic head has to be cut into four? I have never cut a garlic head into two or four as we usually divide it into cloves. Would Marcos be so kind in clarifying this to us, please?"

02/02/2011: Keri from California, Usa replies: "A bulb of garlic = a whole head of garlic. The individual pieces are the cloves."

02/25/2011: Soulflower from Verbena, Al replies: "2 quarts of water? That's more than a whole days' worth of water for me. In what time frame should it be drunk?

I've been following these instructions:

How to make garlic tea:
1) Peel and roughly chop 3-4 cloves of fresh garlic. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. The wait is to allow allicin to form. Allicin is the powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral compund in garlic which only forms when garlic has been broken in some way (eg by chewing, chopping).

2) Add the chopped garlic to a mug and fill it with some hot water [I use boiling hot water, as I would with other teas. ]. Sip the garlic tea once it becomes cool enough.

If you have a mild case of the flu or a cold, garlic tea should start working for you fairly quickly. However, if you're down with a particularly bad bout of the flu, you might have to take garlic tea over a period of a few days."

04/22/2011: Grannykeeper from Vancouver, Wa, Usa replies: "An easy way to prepare garlic is to smash the clove with the blade of a vegetable knife a couple of times. Then it is easy to peel. Whack it again and smash it good, then it is very easy to mince, and there is no waiting. If you can capture the juice, that is good, too.

Replied by Tash
(Sydney, Nsw Australia)

I used this recipe and added a little vege-stock to make it more of a broth than a tea, and also a sprig of fresh rosemary for a little added flavour. Very yummy and suprisingly sweet :)

Replied by My2cents
(Rock Hill, SC)

It is better to grate the garlic. If you have a zesting tool, grate the garlic and allow it to sit for 15 minutes so the beneficial allicin can fully form. Then proceed. The finer the chop or grate on garlic, the more beneficial compounds will be released. This is how I make my garlic tea and it works very well.

Garlic, Horseradish, Honey Remedy

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Posted by 1rose (Sacramento, Ca) on 12/02/2010

Greetings to everyone. I'm very grateful for this site, I've used the information I found here and it has helped greatly, I'm writing now my 1st post because I want to give back as a thank you. :)

I have this amazing recipe that's actually a tremendous antibiotic, antiviral, anti critter remedy. I've used it for 3 years now with GREAT results. A friend told me about it when I was very sick with the flu in 2008, I have lost my voice, my whole body ached and I was half dead in bed for 4 days. She came over and brought this jar with stuff (I'll tell you in a minute) and I took a tablespoon of it and in 20 minutes my voice came back and I felt 75% better. I was stunned! By the next day I was fully recovered. Last year I got the swine flu and I got rid of it the same day by taking this remedy.

Here is what you need: equal amounts of fresh garlic and fresh horseradish, for ex. 3oz fresh peeled garlic and 3oz fresh horseradish. You will need a small food scale for weighing the stuff. Use a small grater and grate both the garlic and horseradish. Put them in a glass jar and add enough organic, raw honey to make a paste that will keep both the horseradish and garlic paste together. Close the jar and let it macerate for at least 3 days and then take 1T every 4-5h for at least 3 days or so...

I felt my body coming down with the flu again this year and I just made this mixture real fast and took 1T right away and in 1h I was sweating buckets... It does miracles... It kills infections of all sorts, etc. I've told everyone and their mother about this :) some do it and are amazed, some laugh. I have a jar with the stuff already made in my cupboard for emergency, :) the stuff doesn't expire because of the honey and it doesn't lose its potency either. To me it tastes good because I know what it does to my body, it kills the viruses, bacteria and it strengthens the immune system, it can't get any better than that! I pray that this post will go around the world and will save many people from misery. Thank you Earth Clinic for this wonderful site,
God bless. 1Rose
PS: It's safe for the kids, the dose is smaller 1t every 4-5h. The problem is that they complain about the taste, :)

Replied by Pam
(Johanesburg, South Africa)

Thank you so much for this post I never knew about the horseradish. I have used the garlic and honey with great results.

Replied by Kamran
(Queens, New York)

I am following the regiment for the last one month. Dec/Jan are the coldest months and is more suseptable to catch colds / flu etc. What I did was take two teaspoons of each (approx) and mix it in a jar.

I take half a teaspoon first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening before sleep. I'll probably taking it for along time as its become a habit now. One of the secrets of living longer is that folks takes raw garlic daily. This is the next best thing and I can tolerate the taste - It tastes better than licorice candy (a bit sweet from the honey).

Gas and Constipation

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Posted by Anuradha (Delhi, India)

I take garlic after meals. I am now free from gas and constipation.

General Feedback

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Posted by Morris Paul (Ireland) on 12/18/2013

Youtube/garlic is toxic to the body...............this was news to me. I used to be a big fan.....but not so sure anymore....because it deadens brain cells....some airlines do not allow their pilots to consume garlic 72 hrs.pre flight......decreases reaction time in an emergency by 30%. However it is nature's best incecticide......just spray on crops. Do you have an opinion on this issue.??

Replied by Beberobozo
(New York)

Hi; I also saw that on utube by Andrias Moritz that onions and garlic are poison.. don't know

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Personally, I think garlic (and onions! ) are awesome. I use them in cooking and as medicine and find them to be very effective and safe. (Others might not find the garlic breath to be safe! )

Both have a long history of being used as food and medicine.

Some things I wonder about these studies...regarding airline pilots...was the garlic used in tests processed? If it was processed or not grown organically, there may have been other factors (like chemicals) that were what affected the reaction time of the pilots. Again, I haven't seen the studies, but I wonder what is behind them. We have seen effective and safe, natural things become banned from use. Comfrey is a plant that is currently being criticized. If we lose the rights to use plants for medicine by way of law or fear, the medical field and the drug companies do benefit from this.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents on garlic and onions! I will look forward to hearing other thoughts on this.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Regarding garlic, I was reading the pet section and indeed some had died from ingesting garlic. Different bodies have different tolerance to herbs even in general. In my case, if I ingest more than a sliver of garlic, I feel so nauseous that I hope to regurgitate it which does not happen and after a few minutes all is well again.

Eastern medicine, such as Ayurveda, state that as for garlic, too much for some can damage kidney and liver.

Great caution with regard to the place garlic was grown. What comes from China has a good dose of arsenic and a study claims people who ate garlic regularly also had high count of arsenic in their body.

Garlic is a powerful medicine and ought to be respected as such instead of a dish consisting of lots of roasted garlic for normal consumption. Bodies have different chemical composition and here we come to understand that medicating is a very individual procedure that demands much discrimination and insight. Om

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Right on Mama: I would engourage you to keep promoting the best of God's Goodies, garlic. I take both aged garlic and garlic oil 4 caps of each daily. Sulfur is the mother of all minerals. The first life on earth got energy from sulfur before there was oxygen. Longevity experts promote garlic.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Morris Paul: Here's the skinny on garlic. A buffalo steps on a garlic plant and crushes the cellulose. Two chemicals that were seperated come together and make allicin. This prevents the wound from becoming infected. The buffalo does not eat the garlic because allicin also damages blood cells. Garlic contains 3 beneficial substances that when prepared properly are good. Crush a clove of garlic and and let set for 15 minutes. This lets the allicin fully form. Heat at low temp for 3 minutes changes the allicin into poly sulfides that expand the capillaries and produce h2s. Hydrogen sulfide destroys pathogens but does not harm the cells. Garlic oil has set for more than 72 hours so all the allicin has changed into poly sulfides. Aged garlic is high in a water soluable poly sulfide that is extremely beneficial. All of the above properly prepared garlics have 39 antibiotics that are not harmfull to the cells.

General Feedback
Posted by Aditya (Hyderabad, A. P. India) on 01/05/2007

Garlic is used in India from times immemorial. We use it daily in our diet. It is used in our traditional medicine as a cure for many ailments.


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Posted by Mama to Many~ (TN) on 03/07/2024

Odorless Garlic Pills for Health

Last summer a couple of my kids had strep throat. That was when I discovered the amazing benefits of odorless garlic pills. I get Nature's Bounty from Walgreens They are often on sale, and not a bad deal full price.

I was taking the garlic pills when my kids had strep figured it won't hurt and might help me stay well. I have continued to take them for the last six to eight months. I take between one and four a day. (Four a day when I have a UTI as they do seem to help, along with other remedies.)

I have been exposed to very much sickness this winter. Covid, Flu, Coughs, Colds, etc. I have helped take care of sick toddler grandchildren many, many times, and thank God, I have not been sick once.

I was always skeptical of odorless garlic pills. How was that going to help at all? But I have had to swallow my pride with my garlic pills.

I also noticed how much better my allergies are. I am allergic to cats and we have an indoor cat. I am a chronic nose-blower but realize how few tissues I have needed and that the cat bothers me less.

The pills are not totally odorless. I have children that think they are very nasty. But I don't mind it and the ones I get are easy to swallow. If I take a ton, my husband says I do smell mildly of garlic.

Anyway, I think odorless garlic deserves a reserved space in the medicine cabinet!

~Mama to Many~

Heart Problems

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Posted by Waheed (Ibada)

I used it (garlic) for heart disease and it work like magic.

EC: "As diluting agent for blood, regular eating of garlic and also having milk with garlic boiled in it controls assimilation of cholesterol. Chewing 4 or 5 cloves of garlic given at the time of heart attack prevents heart failure, till medical aid is procured." Source

Replied by Julia
(Astoria, Ny)

What do you mean having milk with garlic boiled controls assimilation of cholesterol? I have a 94 year old neighbor who is as erect, incredibly active, looks younger and when I asked her what regiments she thought were helping her she answered that since she was about 25 she began to drink milk boiled with fresh garlic. Can you please explain more specifically how this combo aids in health? I remember Ted had warned that having milk with other foods would block the vitamins and minerals from being processed into the body and that, in fact, milk should be taken alone to get all the benefits of its vitamins and minerals.

EC: Sorry, that was a quote from a book on garlic and onion cures, which was missing the source link. Has been added back to the post.

Also, garlic in boiled milk is an ayurvedic formula traditionally used for tuberculosis and asthma!


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Posted by Helmut (Zamunda, CA) on 12/19/2005

try combining 8 oz. of apple juice(organic mckintosh if you can get it) and 2 cloves of garlic in a blender set on liquify.solved my heartburn and next morning I felt double-strong.


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Posted by Shane (Sherman Oaks, California) on 12/27/2007

I have been studying Natural Remedies and herbal cures for years and found only an obscure reference to garlic for the treatment of boils in an old text. I used to get herpes around the mouth really bad where it would sometimes completely encircle my lips by 1/4 to 1/2 inch. The way to use garlic to treat these outbreaks is this (not entirely pleasant) - Take any size clove and break or cut in half. Eat one half immediately and chew completely. Take the other half and rub into the affected areas. THIS WILL STING- That's it! repeat as necessary until the herpes pain is gone. The first time you do this it will take a few applications every day until it stops the progression of the blistering. It will scab up. There will be a longer interval between outbreaks but the next time it happens start the treatment with garlic as soon as you feel it coming on. The blistering should not get very far if it even blisters at all. It takes 3-4 progressions of outbreaks and by they should be further and further between. I have not had an outbreak since 1995. A year ago I felt it a little and used the garlic right away and the feeling stopped immediately. ODORLESS GARLIC GELCAPS DO NOT WORK FOR THIS!!! I TRIED THEM AND THEY ARE WORTHLESS. Must be fresh garlic. Do not cut corners.

Replied by Jennifer
(Long Beach, Ca)

Vitamin E oil will stop and heal an outbreak, apply at first tingle or itchy feeling. Start adding lemon in your water to balance your ph ASAP do not consume food or beverages that cause acidosis or an acidic environment. Herpes will only break out if your ph is to acidic. I know lemon acid, but once consumed it becomes alkaline. Do some research on alkaline foods and acidic, both are needed but alkaline at a much higher ratio.

Posted by Emily (Madison, Maine) on 05/10/2007

I take the odorless garlic softgels for my Herpes outbreaks. I take twelve softgels when I feel the tingling and then three every four hours while awake for the next few days. If I don't get it soon enough to prevent it then it only lasts a few days. I also use the softgels for when I have ear pain. I pierce the gelcap and squeeze the contents on a cottonball and put it in the offending ear for an hour. Then do the same over night. You will feel an immediate response and the overnight treatment only needs to be done for a couple of nights. I LOVE garlic. These remedies I have found through many health and herbal remedy books.

Posted by Bobby (Houston, TX)

crushed garlic (it burns) on an outbreak works! You won't believe the results and how fast the ulcer heals.

High Blood Pressure

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Posted by jake (chicago) on 04/14/2024

garlic - fresh pressed - I recently started with yogurt 1-3x per day for valley fever. Dr. Weil of Arizona suggests garlic as it is strongly anti fungal.

What I have found additionally is that it is cure for high blood pressure. Art's recommendation - carditone - took me down from 160 - 180 systolic to 130 - 140 range, but the garlic has brought my level down to 100 - 115 systolic. Of course the 100mg nattokinase I started a month back undoubtedly has contributed as well.

High Cholesterol

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Posted by Julian (Moscow, Russia) on 01/22/2009

I was involved in the building of the Lipitor factory for the then Warner Lambert in Ringaskiddy, Cork Ireland. The Irish have never been good at keeping secrets. Lipitor comes from garlic.

Eat garlic, it doesn't have the side effects of Lipitor.

When you think about it, your body is the result of a million years of development. It has been 'built' to run on natural products not the chemicals that pharmacuticals have designed in the last 20 years.

Hints and Tips

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Posted by Chong (Kl, Malaysia) on 09/24/2009

hi ted or others.

is it true that after i cut or chop 1 clove of garlic into smaller pieces, i must leave it expose to the air for at least 15 mins then only can eat it?

if i put those small pieces garlic in my mouth and chew it again, will it destroy the benefit of it?


Replied by T
(Maryland, Usa)

Hi Chong, leaving garlic to sit after chopping maximizes the beneficial compounds in it. Garlic does not contain allicin per se; it is formed in garlic after chopping or crushing. Letting it sit 10 minutes before cooking with it or consuming it raw is a good timeframe to maximize the formation of allicin. I don't think the chewing you'd do to ingest it is going to take away the benefits. If you're concerned, then just swallow small pieces whole like you would a vitamin capsule (that is what I do).

Replied by Debby
(Carrollton, Texas)

Hi I was wondering I have had recurring boils for over a year and seems like nothing helps. The antibiotics the doctor gives helps get rid of it but I don't want to go every time I have one I would be going to the doctor every month. But I heard that garlic was a strong antibiotic and I've been taking the pills that says on the front of the bottle 1000mg and been taking 4 soft gels a day for 3 months but I'm still getting the boils so what am I doing wrong ? Do I need to be buying the fresh garlic instead.... Please I need help with problem it's so tiring getting these boils all the time.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Hi Debby - It is turmeric you want to look into taking. Put a 1/2 teaspoon in your coffee, along with a tablespoon of Organic Virgin Coconut oil every day, and you will be boil free in less than ten days. I was amazed. Some people say that adding some hot pepper to it makes it work even better, but I never did. It is an aquired taste, so you may want to work your way up to it at half dose to begin. Best to you, Carly :)

Replied by Joyce
(Dallas, Tx, Usa)

Debby, I have suffered from the same thing. It is probably MRSA. Once your system has it, you might always have flare ups and is always in your system. But here is what I have done to prevent them or keep them away and Attack the boils head on By myself.

First, on the day you notice a boil forming (They are Solid as a Rock) then go and get some Acai Berry juice from the health food store ASAP and drink a cup in morning and cup at night. Your boil will be minimized the next day. Keep doing this until its gone in 2 to 3 days.

But if you catch The when it has gotten way too big already, then go ahead with the Acai Berry juice, however, You will also need to get some Milk of Magnesia and Hydrogen Peroxide from the Drugstore. Mix The Milk of Magnesia and H202 With a half and half solution in A small cap. Apply this solution to the boil every hour for like the next 4, 5 or 6 hours depending on how desperate you are. Do this everyday until it goes down, in about a day or two.

To make a stronger solution, you can go get some Betadyne or Povodone Iodine from a local drugstore and add a couple drops to the capful Solution. The iodine will further kill the infection under the boil, or the STAPH.

Also, another thing that helps, as a Daily routine and preventative measure, Is putting Neosporin in your nose with a Q tip everyday or every other day, to ensure that any Staph that is wandering in your body will die... I read that a Magnesium Deficiency could be a big part of this Staph Problem, so load up on Magnesium Citrate 600 mg daily or more to be safe. I got this information here on Earthclinic and from Ted. Go to MRSA Cures. Good Luck!