Magnet Therapy Cures and Remedies

| Modified: Aug 26, 2018
Add New Post Magnet therapy or magnotherapy is principally associated with the circulatory system and with the iron content of the red blood cells (hemoglobin), with the electromagnetic force of the magnet intended to affect and improve the flow of blood throughout the body.

Natural Remedies: Magnetic therapy has many proponents, particulary among those who use magnets to relieve pain and inflammation, especially in the case of headaches and joint pain (research supports the use of magnet therapy for osteoarthritis). However, magnetic therapy is also indicated for reducing cholesterol levels, purging toxins from the cells, sore muscles, foot and heel pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, bone fractures, and many other conditions.

Some healthy skepticism should be employed against the claims of many purveyors of magnet therapy jewelry, blankets, and other relatively inexpensive devices. This is because weak magnets are much less likely to penetrate the body properly in order to have a measurable effect on one's health. At the other extreme, speaker magnets are very powerful and somewhat readily available, if you know how to tear a stereo speaker apart.


Posted by Almeda (Knowlton, Quebec Canada) on 11/14/2010

Yes I use magnetic products and have had great help for over 20 years now! My rhuematoid arthritis started 30 years ago after the birth of my third son.. which was also my third C section. I am still mobile and independant after all these years.. Thank God!!

Posted by John (Brunswick, Ohio) on 07/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I repaired my arthritis that was causing three bad discs in my lower back. My surgeon told me I was to full of arthritis and there was nothing they could do for me and sent me to the pain clinic. A friend of mine called me to tell me about a meeting on using permanent magnets to repair my arthritis problem. I went to the school and learned how to use magnets. I bought a few magnet pads, and experimented with my problem, the one that made me believe in the magnets was what happened when I went to the hospital to have my pacemaker replaced, they took the pacemaker out, but held me for a few days while they run me throw an MRI to better see what was going on with my back and put a new pacemaker in on the other side of my chest a few days later. That night after they removed the old pacemaker, the incision from cutting out the old pacemaker swelled up, so I put one of my magnet pads over the swelling, and to my surprise after forty-five minutes the swelling was down to nothing. After what the magnets did for the swelling made me want to make my own magnet pads, I wanted something to penetrate deeper into my back so I made my own magnet pads using 12,000 gauss magnets to reach deeper into my body. I placed the pads on my side of the bed and slept on them for a year, and during the day I would put a pad over my lower back were I had the bad discs. I also started taking coral calcium to rebuild the discs that was eaten out from the arthritis, I needed to get a lot of exercise to bring the mussels back that I lost to support my body, but it was all worth it to be able to enjoy life again.

Replied by Bless
Karachi, Pakistan

Re : Magnet Therapy.

This is with reference to a response regarding Back pain treatment with Magnets. The person has mentioned that magnet pads were made by one self.

Whatever little I know of the vast benefits of treatment by magnets, I would like to know how the POLARITY of the magnets are used. That is which Pole side I. E. North or South has to be touching the skin to reduce pains.

Thanks for all the interesting responses on your page. Regards

Replied by Jr
Coloma, Mi

Are you using the magnets with your pacemaker? From what I have read, they say you're not supposed to use magnets if you have a pacemaker.

Replied by Healthierbin
Dallas, Us

My mom has severe arthritis, is looking for a natural cure. This seems to be promising.

Replied by D
Any Town, Usa

to Bless from Karachi, Pakistan, this was on same page but an earlier post...

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "The use of north pole magnets (using a very powerful neodymium magnets) will help reduce inflammation. South pole increases inflammation, so please take note to apply the correct one. To identify the north pole is to get a compass. If the north pointing compass points to your magnet. It means this side is north. So mark the positions accordingly. The idea is well accepted in sports area, but are not well accepted in conventional medicine. Sports people need results and the faster they heal, the faster they can compete."

Back Pain

Posted by Jim (Athens) on 08/26/2018
2 out of 5 stars

I used a cheap PEMF device (from Belarus) for my back pain with absolute no result for days. My device was supposed to be 300 Gauss strong but if I put an iron spoon near it only attracts it with little force. So I don't say that all PEMF devices don't work but be careful with the cheap ones. A real 480 Gauss PEMF device can do even this!

Posted by Chu (Edmond, Oklahoma) on 05/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

i have found that sleeping with magnets applied to my back completely eliminates my back pain, i was having pain in my back for two weeks so i researched and read that magnets may help, it took about on week but the pain was completely gone, it came back once more after i strained my back again and the same remedy worked again, i was able to find a back magnet called norso on ebay for around $10.

General Feedback

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 07/10/2015

Addressing Timh, , , , , , , , , , , , hi u boy. Dr. Shellengerber told me how to get O2 into my blood last month in his medical letter and this month he told me how to get that oxygen into my cells. That's where you come in.......magnetism, pulse, not static.

It appears that the Germans and Russians have known this for 30 years and of course the US is behind as usual. It's a $ thing. Too cheap and too effective.

The thing is that young folks do not have this problem and that's the reason old folks are not in professional sports. They no longer have the energy. They can't get oxygen into their cells and thus can't preform. They are what I call Ole Patoots.

I just got this new expensive health toy and since you are into magnetics , I want your counsel. Supposedly static magnetism is not in the same class as pulse magnetism and that's what I bought. The device is called a FlexPulse and has 6 different programs. It is promoted by Dr Pawluk, who is our top guy in this field.

I bought it to address my blood cancer. I now have the where-with-all to get oxygen into my cells. Supposedly an alkaline pH, a good immune system and oxygen will do cancer in. That , along with a Rife Machine is my program.

Timh, you a bright guy, specifically address how magnetism works in the body. I ask because I have no clue and think it can help me and others.

Yo Ole Buddy, =======ORH=======

Replied by Timh
2111 posts


If I can ever get out from this dungeon my answer to your question would be much more precise after having done more research. For now I can speak mainly from experience, particularly w/ bone infections plus parasites; the results always being so positive that I continue spouting the benefits here on E.C.

From what little I do know is that almost all diseases have a general and typical energy association w/ them, that is Positive which causes acidosis, pain, and inflammation. Magnets neutralize bad positive energy back to healthy negative do to the magnetic force field, inflammation, acidosis, and pain goes to the wayside.

My knees and elbows have been particularly affected as both bone & joint fluid caused considerable pain and discomfort. From my experience, applying a strong magnet therapy a few minutes daily fallowed by zapping has been my bread & butter. The magnets set the field for zapping to finish the job, like a boxer applying a left undercut fallowed by a straight right punch leaving the opponent on the mat.

This FlexPulse device appears to somewhat combine both magnets and zapping technology into one treatment, so it looks good and hope you can update us on your results.

One tip I may offer, to reduce application time and increase effectiveness of magnet therapy, I highly recommend Magnetic Bed Pads. I use a 14" X 20" pad under my bottom and a M belt secured on my pillow for shoulders & arms. The magnetic bed pads can be particularly effective because of the added benefit of restoring sleep is maximized. Last night I became aware my Kitty is doing much laying about the house and reluctant to get his toy mouse so I broke out the 14X20 and he had a good nap on it and afterward pounced about a bit and wanted to go back outside. So, Magnet Pads + Sleep is a particularly effective healing combo therapy. Is the FlexPulse designed or recommended for waking or sleeping hrs? This is important.


Hi there. I have read about magnet therapy and want to try it on my nose for extensive scar tissue underneath the skin and constant nasal swelling and problems healing from a botched nose job. Could you recommend any products you think might help. Im willing to try anything even if its just a guess. Im desperate. My nose swelling goes up and down every day and its ruining my life. The internal scar tissue has completely distorted it. I looked on the internet for magnets and just have no clue what to get :( Please please any recommendations and ideas??

Philadelphia, Pa

Hi everybody! Yes QRS is very, very expensive, but they have rent to own program and you have 6 mos to give it back. you can also find it in some offices near you. But we both need it now! Joint pain and nothing seems to work...But if you get magnets (where?) shouldn't you also get compass to know which the north (beneficial) pole is?

04/02/2016 has their magnets labeled green side bio-north and red side bio-south.

Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

THANKS TIMH, , , , , , , , , , , , , , I's the blind hog under the acorn tree. I am just going with counsel that I believe in and I believe in Dr Shallenberger. If we are still communicating many years from now then it worked. Otherwise, ...............


Somewhere, Europe

Timothy, read up on Serrapeptase for scar tissue.

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A good rule of thumb when faced with a number of different options and not knowing which one, is simplify. Quiet the mind and do relaxation techniques. Do know that stress is a major health destroyer.

OK, start with a refrigerator magnet. Th RM is flexible but not strong so it will need to fit over the area and stay for proly several hrs per day. Any small but strong Magnet applied for a few minutes a day will knock the inflammation & infection out quite well; and should hasten the healing process and reverse the scarring.

Let us know what works in your case.

Philadelphia, Pa

At last I found someone here talking about pulsed el.-mag. field= PEMF! It sounds so interesting to me, but everybody around here says I am naïve and it is just a scam. I plan to rent QRS and use it twice daily--and see if it helps with anything. Never believed in static field--but pulsed makes sense. Did it work for you?

04/01/2016 has some good magnetic therapy products which I have used. Sota makes a magnetic pulsing machine which is more expensive but also very effective. I've had good success with their unit as well.



The QRS is good machine but very expensive. I had some good results eliminating different aches and pains with the Sota unit.

Genital Warts

Posted by Christopher (kirkland lake, Canada) on 03/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Again this isnt very natural but i insist it is worth while...

Back in the day i had a G/f with a bird. im allergic so i was getting lesions?.. i wonted is theres a mold or something associated with those animals.. anyhow, she had had Genital warts, I didnt know... i ended up with dyer skin on my Wang :) and resultingly i aquired a cauliflower kinda wart thing. Talking about feeling like totally helpless. I looked on the net for a solution and at that time didnt come across anything except a machine....

It was a magnetic pulser. prolly 300$ i thought well its that or my junk is gunna fall off. :) so rather quickly i got the machine and started an intense pulsing on my penis. probbaly 6 times a day for about 5 minutes. glad to say after 4 days it was going/gone. i kept it up for a while....

Nothings ever scared me that much. apprently the machine bring better circulation to the area and the magnetics kill alot of different things...

i bought an ozone generator and colloid silver generator because it that gizmo works the other should... the zilver thing is said to kill over 700 kinds of viruses, fungi, bacteria ect... 700 seems like alot but apparently its so cheap to manufacture that in the 50's they got away from from it cause theres was more money in antibiotics and not fixing the problem...

thanks and i hope my story helps anyone with a persistant problem...


Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 384 posts

The use of north pole magnets (using a very powerful neodymium magnets) will help reduce inflammation. South pole increases inflammation, so please take note to apply the correct one. To identify the north pole is to get a compass. If the north pointing compass points to your magnet. It means this side is north. So mark the positions accordingly. The idea is well accepted in sports area, but are not well accepted in conventional medicine. Sports people need results and the faster they heal, the faster they can compete.


Posted by BEV (SPRINGFIELD, MA) on 03/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars


Replied by Ang

Have you considered learning about the bloodgroup diet. All the problems you mentioned seem to come with the unhealthy foods causing the associated illnesses with the group o.


Posted by Lisa (Brampton, Canada) on 04/24/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had horrible migraines weekly for the past 2 years, ever since I had my miscarriage. I was at my last resort when I tried a magnetic therapy pillow case, and unbelievably, I have not had a migraine, or headache even in the 3 1/2 weeks since I have been sleeping on it!

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Jaques (Brighton, England) on 02/19/2012

i have been reading a lot about these items, I bought a small metal rod containing a magnet which is put into a glass of water in order to "liven it" and am thinking of buying another product in order to relieve painful knees, hi blood pressure and hi colestorol, the last 2 of which arent caused by diet, but likely hereditary. I wonder what feelings Ted might have about this please?

Posted by Nancy (Saint John, New Brunswick) on 06/30/2011

Hi, I live in NB, where do you buy a magnetic pillow case? I have never heard tell of them, thanks Nancy

Posted by Mae (Mayerthorpe, Ab, Canada) on 03/28/2011

I have just found this site - not surprising as I'm restricted to dial-up internet. What is surprising is the lack of information/comments about magnets and magnetic therapy.

Twelve years ago, I purchased a negative field magnetic mattress (that actually is a pad for under your mattress) when desperately seeking to relieve my husband's horrendous pain as the lung cancer that was killing him was growing and crushing his ribs. (Individual magnets had been helping, but were awkward and too small to be adequate. ) He was able to cut back on the amount of mind-deadening narcotics he was taking for several months, but eventually had to go back on them. No - his cancer was not cured, but he was given some quality in his life for his last months.

The unexpected effect was the instantaneous help for my crippling 14 year chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. From the first night, I was amazed at my ability to really sleep. I had forgotten what it was like to wake up feeling like I had slept! My pain lessened and my energy improved, so that I not only stayed functional through this very traumatic time, but was also able to learn and to provide care for my husband at home where he wanted to be.

I still have chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, take my vitamins and EFA's, but I have never been even close to the level of repeatedly enforced inactivity I had suffered before getting that mattress. Spending a few nights away from home reminds me of just how good it is! I do get pain, and I'm tired, but it's because I do a lot of working, playing and living! No, I do not have any investment in the mattress company.

I've also used magnets to relieve headaches, lower back pain and on a once injured ankle that bothers me on occasion. I've shared my success, and magnets, with others. Though commonly used to relieve pain while not curing the underlying causes, they can help other conditions. I have known them to cure carpal tunnel syndrome. (Relieving carpal tunnel is usually within an hour, while a full cure may take months of several hours a day with it tied or taped to your inner wrist. But it sure beats surgery! )

Almost anyone with pain should try them, but magnets should not come near pacemakers or insulin pumps - or your computer or credit cards. Also be cautious if you are on medication as magnetic energy can cause meds (that the body recognizes as foreign) to move through your system too quickly. Don't use them if you are using "patch" applied meds. Find disc magnets that are over 1000 gauss, and always use the negative side toward the body. Apply on the area of pain, or on an energy pathway (as in accupressure point) near by. (For "bad" knees, use them on your hips.)

Often, new injuries, areas that have been operated on, and some forms of arthritis, get more painful - so take the magnets away and don't use them for that! I don't know why this happens, and if anyone knows a way around it, I would be very interested in knowing.

I hope my sharing is helpful to someone.


Replied by Jackie
Capetown, South Africa

After trying so many cures and having no success or little success over many years, I totally cured my chronic 15 year fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue thanks to this site and became a new person. I did this by eliminating fluoride, using borax as stated on earthclinic in distilled water, on top of this my menstruation returned after 4 years of nothing my gynae does not understand as my bloodtests show I am very much into advanced menopause. My arthritis also disappeared sametime.

Nervous System

Posted by Georgie Boy (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) on 07/12/2013

My Dad was diagnosed with first, a "form of Parkinson's" and was give Sinmet. After 4-5 month, doctors had him taking 9 pills a day. This caused him to start having seizures at which time they took him off of it. His diagnosis was then changed to cerebellar ataxia and they are still waiting for extensive blood work results. Is there anything we can do, magnets, supplements or therapy the regenerate his cerebellum? We have been to countless doctors including Cleveland Clinic. Desperate in Ohio!

Replied by Om
Hope BC, Canada

to Georgie Boy - sorry about your father. I am thinking of an ayurvedic herb BRAHMI or its other name GOTU KOLA. It is supposed to repair and revitalize brain cells and nerves. It also decreases senility and aging. It is also a powerful blood purifier. Dr. David Frawley in Santa Fe would be the right professional to consult. Best of luck. Om

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, USA
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Along with the Gotu Kola recommendation by OM, here is a list of supplements for brain health: Phosphatidylserine, Phosphatidyl choline, Acetyl l-carnitine, Raw Bovine Brain Glandular. Omega 3 fatty acid foods/oils like Fish and Flax are also much needed for brain health, along with the Omega 9 Coconut Oil.

Also, music harmonic therapy is helpful. Here's a good one for starters: "528 Hz Alpha Binaural Beat (listen with stereo headphones)". Big proponent of Magnet Therapy here. I use Magnets on all parts of my body on a regular basis including the brain and eyes.

Also, another from the herb dept, Ginkgo Biloba provides direct antioxidant protection as well as increased oxygenation. Speaking of oxygenation and herbs, the Periwinkle vine has a nootropic compound Vinpocetine that is beneficial. The drug Hydergine is another "old school" treatment for brain disorders. The nutrient DMG (Vit B-15) is good for almost all degenerative disorders.


Posted by Matt (Millbrook, Ny) on 01/20/2011

I just realized that I made a mistake awhile back here, regarding which side of a magnet is north. PLEASE IGNORE MY LAST POST! I would like to ask Earth Clinic to please remove it if possible.

There may be some confusion as to which side is north (as was in my case), but Ted correctly stated that the compass needle that points north should point to the north pole of the magnet being tested. There is a great amount of information available on bio-magnetics, and I'd like to try to supply as much factual information as possible. That's for another time, however, and for possibly a new page on this site.

I should also note that there are many magnetic water treatment devices available that cost anywhere from $20 to over $400. You can magnetize your own water using magnets for only a couple dollars :) , But I suggest doing plenty of research before you attempt this.

Posted by Matt (Millbrook, Ny) on 10/26/2009

What we call the South pole (in the Antarctic) is actually a physical North pole, the physical South pole then being in the Arctic. So the red needle that points north is actually South seeking, therefore we want the red needle to point AWAY from a magnet to find it's north pole. A simple way to remember it is that the "northern" end on our compass is actually a north pole magnet.

A simple and informative video demonstrating this:

I woke up today with a very sore, stiff neck from sleeping in an awkward position. As I am writing this, I have a strong north pole ceramic magnet on my neck, and my pain has become more tolerable after maybe ten minutes.