Magnet Therapy Benefits

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Posted by Timh (Ky) on 07/11/2015 2063 posts


If I can ever get out from this dungeon my answer to your question would be much more precise after having done more research. For now I can speak mainly from experience, particularly w/ bone infections plus parasites; the results always being so positive that I continue spouting the benefits here on E.C.

From what little I do know is that almost all diseases have a general and typical energy association w/ them, that is Positive which causes acidosis, pain, and inflammation. Magnets neutralize bad positive energy back to healthy negative do to the magnetic force field, inflammation, acidosis, and pain goes to the wayside.

My knees and elbows have been particularly affected as both bone & joint fluid caused considerable pain and discomfort. From my experience, applying a strong magnet therapy a few minutes daily fallowed by zapping has been my bread & butter. The magnets set the field for zapping to finish the job, like a boxer applying a left undercut fallowed by a straight right punch leaving the opponent on the mat.

This FlexPulse device appears to somewhat combine both magnets and zapping technology into one treatment, so it looks good and hope you can update us on your results.

One tip I may offer, to reduce application time and increase effectiveness of magnet therapy, I highly recommend Magnetic Bed Pads. I use a 14" X 20" pad under my bottom and a M belt secured on my pillow for shoulders & arms. The magnetic bed pads can be particularly effective because of the added benefit of restoring sleep is maximized. Last night I became aware my Kitty is doing much laying about the house and reluctant to get his toy mouse so I broke out the 14X20 and he had a good nap on it and afterward pounced about a bit and wanted to go back outside. So, Magnet Pads + Sleep is a particularly effective healing combo therapy. Is the FlexPulse designed or recommended for waking or sleeping hrs? This is important.