Mini Beet Protocol by Robert Von Sarbacher

| Modified on Mar 29, 2023
Mini Beet Protocol

According to Robert Von Sarbarcher, the inventor of the Mini Beet Protocol (aka MBP), who wrote Earth Clinic back in 2009 informing us about his protocol, this juicing remedy treats multiple conditions. They include:

  • Fluoride Poisoning
  • Pesticide Poisoning
  • Mold and Fungal Infections
  • Crow's Feet
  • Infertility
  • Heavy Metal Poisoning
  • Love Handles & Cellulite
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Free Radicals
  • Scars
  • Gray Hair
  • Parasites
  • Mycoplasms
  • Nano-Insects

In order to do this protocol, you'll need:


  • A Juicer


  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Beets
  • Asparagus
  • Apples (any kind)
  • Carrots


Robert Von Sarbacher's extensive instructions used to be found at his website, but his site went offline at some point and is now a Chinese gaming site, so we have recovered instructions from a web archive to preserve the knowledge.

Robert Von Sarbarcher's Mini Beet Protocol Protocol - Archives

FIRST PROTOCOL (there's another way to take this I've recently discovered via one client who experimented with it more and it WORKS! See Second protocol below - the first one is a major keeper though nevertheless)

  1. Take one shot glass of cinnamon - say 2 or more tbls of water mixed with a fork in 1 tsp of cinnamon - stir for 2 mins - if you do not stir well enough it will not mix well and will be an amazing annoyance on the back of your throat while trying to drink it down... right after drinking it you are to swallow little water to wash your throat of the residue of the cinnamon. Let's say this another way... you are to have 2 glasses in front of you. One glass is a stirred up cinnamon shot, and the second glass has a decent amount of water in it only, say 1 cup of water. Drink the cinnamon shot, then drink the glass with water in it only to wash throat of the residue of the cinnamon and to make sure you do not burn your throat from cinnamon heat.Now you can start juicing below... it will be about 15 mins til get everything juiced and to start drinking, so this will give time for the cinnamon to do its work, about 15 mins in fact?
  2. The exact ratio of beet to asparagus juice combo is 60% beet to 40% asparagus, (ie, as an example in amounts: that would be exactly 3 cups beets juiced and 2 cups of asparagus juiced) but I have seen plenty make it into 50/50, (ie, equal amounts of each) ...Start out small please: work your way up to taking a full 1 cup of beet juice and ¾ cups asparagus juice (that is the goal of the mini beet protocol... 1 cup beet juice and ¾ cup asparagus juice, mixed and drunk)... but for the moment you must start out with lesser amount and work way up to that over say one week...start with ¼ cup beet juice to ¼ cup of asparagus juice, first juice the asparagus, take that juice away from under the juicer and measure it out perfectly and if there is any froth from the asparagus juicing, well, I measure ONLY the juice, NONE of the froth! Simple... do the same thing with the beets that you did with the asparagus - measuring it out separately. Now combine beet and asparagus juices, mix and drink right then. [the 100% purpose of separating them out is so that you measure them correctly that's all ]Again, you can do this for a week every day, then thereafter do the next step up - ½ cup beet to almost ½ cup asparagus juiced, then next week step it up again and - do the full 1 cup beet to ¾ cup asparagus juice... this is the MBP not the Major Beet Protocol... the Major is just plain scary not only in the amount of beets/asparagus you are consuming but in it's amazing affects on the human body, WOW! WOW! WOW! Very GOOD! 4 days of the Major and it will feel like someone lifted an anvil off of your kidneys, I kid you not...even if your kidneys function like perfection already!
  3. Now lastly is to eat one apple or two apples or three apples: one apple (if amount of mixed juice had in it a total of ½ cup of beet juice), or 2 apples (if amount of beets in the mix was ¾ cups beet juice) or 3 apples or more (if amount of beets IN THAT MIX as 1 full cup of beet juice ) - we're talking ONLY about the beet juice portion of this mix - the beet portion is the only reason we're eating these apples, so only measure the beet portion to know how much apples to take in - Next eat one or two carrots after the apples, I don't care if it takes you 2 hours to get down 2 or 3 apples then eat 1-2 carrots as long as you get them down and in THAT ORDER (apples first then carrots) ... you have to start with eating of apples right after the juice even if it takes you two hours to finish, just so long as you start Right After the juicing ok? if you did this correctly you should notice total perfection - not a drop or hint of side effects, fevers, chills, nausea, headaches, etc! ok? Eat those apples and then carrots to remove any drop of detoxing side effects.

.... for those who will obstinently refuse to take any advice on this and think they can be cocky with beets, then you have not seen the horrendous mind blowing shocking evil nausea (lol, I laugh but it's not funny!) and other detox side effects that can come with it... do not play with beets if you are not able to follow this juice drink with eating of apples after or worse - if you get cocky after a 1-2 months of doing it faithfully and feel you don't need the apples, then, watch out! but the detox side effects are beyond AWESOME in their annoyance of you and are not to be played with... if you do what I say there will not be a drop of any side effects...


This is a juicing protocol and no apples are needed but they are recommended and no cinnamon is needed (or recommended) when doing this 2nd protocol version... This version is MUCH easier to do but it's more liquid to consume! I think everyone is going to get addicted to this 2nd version as it is also much cheaper b/c asparagus is soooooo expensive and it is NOT needed in this juicing version... so here it is:

Separately measured out : 1 cup of beets juiced, 1 cup of fennel juiced, 1 cup of 50/50 carrot/celery.... That's it!!!! Drink down and eat one apple afterward (optional)...

Let's remember that apples are eaten for the purpose of removing of detox side effects whereas in this case there are NONE b/c of the fennel (eventually can lower that to ¾ and ½ eventually b/c of not needing it as much) - over time you won't even need as much fennel though the stuff is cheap cheap cheap ... I do however recommend putting in the asparagus ANYWAY! Since it is an all around eater of every type of heavy metal there is! Just like beets are, and they provide super nutrition too... Note that in both recipes above the use of carrots with beets (whether eaten as in first recipe or juiced in second - carrots being the cousins of beets or should I say the wife since they are sooo good together - carrots provide a lotttt of calcium and force production of Human Growth Hormone - thus youthing you and providing calcium for detoxing without side effects as well as an answer to the acids inside of beets to tame them. Beets will always youth you more than carrots though, do not forget who the King is!)

Notes and extra information section: note is for those with severe fluoride poisoning, you will notice huge amounts of headaches from eating nothing but asparagus, never mind also beets, - but you will have NOOOO headaches if eat the apples afterwards as mentioned above, esp with carrots following after...This is particularly useful info for those with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and those on bone drugs that are highly fluoridated drugs.

Apples do not work if they are juiced, you must eat them... I found one way around this annoyance of having to eat them though... and it is to juice them then take the pulp of 1/3 of the apples and put it in the juice... the anti - "detox side effects" will not take place without the pulp! 1/3 of pulp in the juice, mixed up like so, is minimum to make this work, but you will have to increase though the amount of apples - I tried this and it worked and made it so that with only 1/3 that amount of apple pulp I was able to drink the apples down no problem...but of course, instead of 3 apples I now had to do like 6-8 thru a juicer, you get the idea... for those with teeth sensitivity then this is great!! Or just do the 2nd protocol to not have to worry at all about this (though I STILLLL recommend the use of an apple after anyway as it seems to double its effectiveness, not to mention this weird clean feeling you get after eating apples.)

Note: for those who wish to experiment, you can TRY apples sauce - plain - no honey or cinnamon at all!!!!! So for beet anti-nausea via apple sauce FRESHLY made, then no cinnamon added, must do the apple sauce alone by itself ok? I have NEVER tried this with this form of consuming apples afterwards, UNLESS I put them in my Vitamix with half their weight in water and then blended and drink down, and this worked, but why have I not tried this often? why? b/c when making apples sauce this way it takes TIME to consume - and I'm usually in a hurry, so up to you. Also, it's much more volume of apples to consume than just eating two apples - b/c I had put in lot of water too - to make it more apple saucy... but the real question is: will it work if enzymes die b/c did not eat it fast enough? I do not know.....(but feel FREE to experiment)

Note the difference between apple sauce possibility versus the juicing of apples with pulp thrown back in --- Easy b/c I just drink that juicing (with pulp) down in seconds after juicing ... it's easy to drink... but with apple sauce, can you just drink it down? NOOO... so it's Up to you which to choose, give it shot...

Note: many have no access to asparagus so if not using asparagus you can mix with other juicings instead, and the juicing amount to mix it with is 2 ½x to 3x the juice amount of the beets. Let's go over what that means: ie, if you juice 1 cup of beets, you need 2 ½ to 3 cups of another juice to make this anti-nauseous, ie, to dilute it enough, you cannot drink this beet juice straight! The other juices you can use are carrots with lots of celery(or prefer 50/50 celery/carrot) or (and I used this next one all the time in Mexico ->) cucumbers and little celery or, third, just juice some apples and a little celery, and mix this with beets and drink... feel free to experiment with other juices to dilute this but asparagus is the only one I found that can be used in such a way as to not need much juice, while all other juices other than asparagus juice you must make 3x as much as beet juice soo - whew, that's a lot of juice if using anything but asparagus, you see the prob?? ... You get the idea.... I like the combo beet with carrot with apple with celery (and with cucumber possibly). The 2nd protocol is the now soo good that apples do NOT have to be eaten afterwards at all but I would still do it anyway to wash the kidneys please and make you feel "clean".

Note: Let's rehash the above to make it totally clear: if you juice 1 cup of beet juice, you must do 2 ½ cups to 3 cups of another juice (like only apple juice or only carrot juice or only cucumber juice) (or a juice mix - like carrot/celery/apple, or carrot celery or cucumber celery or apple celery) as given above... this will make for a total of 3 ½ - 4 cups of juice total (PS by the way, this last recipe is what was used by the 28 year old woman I mentioned above for that 2 month period of time that made her get pregnant and made all wrinkles on her face disappear.)

If you use apples to dilute the beet juice you must still eat the SAME amount of apples afterwards as in examples above - 1 or 2 or 3 apples eaten after depending on amount of beet juice in the mix! juice will absolutely not remove any detox side effects of anything! You need the fiber to do that... No matter HOW MANY apples are juiced, it will never remove detox side effects in any amount! At all! Therefore must eat exact same amount of apples as would have originally even when apples juiced into the drink....

Mini Beet Alternative:

[note: this alternative is a quaint alternative to get beets in you (from the whole form of beet using blender, NOT juiced, so fiber is still intact this way) but it NOT acceptable alternative to the MBP above for clearing out diseases and parasites and Lyme disease or Lupus or lung disorders or removing chlorine and fluoride (which is a lot faster if doing the MBP,) and for cancer, no way, Have To Use the MBP not this one below but you get the idea....this one below is like a supplement to take a super smoothie for the day, uh, it's also quite like a happy pill, I kid you not, try this faithfully for one week drinking it right after making it so don't lose the enzymes. Note: for cancer I recommend both this where you're taking beets in in whole form and taking them in juiced form.]

This below is an alternative way to get beets in you, I have found it amazingly powerful and useful! So here it goes, and also it has less side effects b/c it's in whole form... anytime you eat a beet instead of juice it - it has 5X less side effects, but slower working of its magic - but they WILL have side effects still - it just may take a week or two to come up - So eat your apples ok?? So.. here's the 2nd recipe, the Mini Beet Alternative...

In a vitamix you are to put 4 bananas and 20-30 green grapes if have green (otherwise red or whatever will have to do) and one medium size beet (there are 3 sizes, gigantic (softball), medium (baseball) and baby (golf ball)) - if they are organic bananas, then put in the peel from half of one of them ok? Now - whatever height in the vitamix (or other super blender you have) the bananas and beets go heights go, ie however much space in the blender that they take, you are to add water at least ½ that height after the ingredients are in, then blend and are to eat one apple and one carrot afterward IN THAT ORDER AGAIN! Just like above... it must be eaten in that order, please. I love this recipe b/c it's also like a happiness formula but it will NOT accomplish same thing as the protocol above, that is, like decalcification would take a LOTTT longer with this...

As for this mini beet alternative: Tell me if you do not have a noticeable turnaround in any problem you have starting in 3 to 5 days... not to mention that wonderful feeling in the brain that comes with that combo all by itself... don't know how to explain that one! Lol This blended drink - it's my 2nd most powerful version of a happy pill! Yes I have one better... saved for another time.

One warning though, if you are not eating enough apples and asparagus or you leave out the carrots/celery or you are significantly deficient in Magnesium you might get kidney stones ( 2 to 4 months later of doing this faithfully) like crazy in forcing all this stuff rid yourself of chronic kidney stones simply take this dosage every day so that it is not an issue... the dosage each day that is to be taken is 100mg B6 and 300 mg of Mg.... I would recommend as they don't use toxic fillers for their synthetics... I despise synthetics but it's a quick and easy fix... however, I'd just eat my carrots after or do the celery/carrot juice so don't have to take the Mg and B6, ok?

Note: extra fun for those that have the extra time...For those doing the MBP faithfully, there are 4 supplements I prefer for people to take to make certain they do not suffer from stones.... 2-4 capsules of Coral Calcium from me, morning and night (this one is ionized naturally so body will see it as food instead of as most coral is seen - a heavy metal), 1 tbl of cod liver oil per day (also , and Magnesium chloride (called Magnesium oil) in your bath or sprayed on ½ or just a ¼ of your body morning and night. - 866-543-3388 (reference # 10240) - this will build up magnesium levels to perfection in 4 weeks (if sprayed on) - otherwise take 2 baths per day in it, for 8 weeks... (1/4 cup of Mag Oil in bath each time for 30 mins soak each time and in 2 months you should have perfect Mg levels) and lastly the most devastatingly powerful of all - butter oil from (it's a combo of butter oil and Mg in capsules or prefer you take it in pourable version, 1 tsp of each, 3x/day each for a few months)

Note : - of all the supplements to take, this is by far the most vastly powerful and it is the butter oil(combo with cod liver oil)... it takes about 12 gallons of pure raw milk harvested in the two months of summer when grass grows like crazy and cows eat that much more of it to get that high of a concentration of Vit A and D that makes this supplement work: this 12 gallons makes one cup of butter oil - it's very limited and very precious stuff.... It will dissolve on it's own an entire calcified pineal gland in < 4 months of 1 tsp of butter oil, and 1 tsp of cod liver oil, both taken 3x/day... it will force the absorption and usage of about 10x more calcium by the body than normal BECAUSE you can see it regrowing a new layer of enamel on your teeth within the first 2 weeks of usage! Do you see why I call it the most powerful of all?????? Yes??? Also, it will reharden ANY cavity if it has not yet been drilled out, and thus reverse a cavity that way! All within a few months! It is the single most powerful supplement you can combine with the above MBP in order to make it so that it is much more youthing than usual!!! Talk about major decalcification??? I've never seen such dramatic regaining of youth and looks as when people take my MBP with the butter oil combo... especially when they are already young like 35 ish and don't have much reversing of aging to do!!! Yet see if all your college friends are not freakishly jealous of you...

Extra note: there are over 2,500 version of coral calcium all of which the body sees as heavy metal calcium, like the same calcium in milk after it's pasteurized, ie, pure poison to the human body, however, this is the only coral in the world that is ionized and the body can use quite quickly! I looked over 7 years for this stuff - hunting, and found it, and it is naturally 1/3 magnesium, (no inorganic Mg added) and 2/3 calcium! Vit D is added via Grade 10 Reishi Mushroom, highest grade of Reishi in the world... so far...

Super Hydration Drink:

This will not act as a happy pill, wish it did but it's a lot of the above items... I take this at night usually as opposed to different times of day it's just easier this way.... One cup of chia seeds (see directions below), one cup of water, 1-2 beets smaller than a baseball and 2 bananas, throw into blender with 2 heaping tbls of tocotrienols and one heaping tbl of Calc Tea Powder (preferably with comfrey - 1lb bag from Dr Chris) and blend and drink... eat one apple minimum afterwards!!!

One cup of chia seeds - take 2 tbl of chia seeds and put into a cup, then pour in about a cup of water and stir with a fork for a min or so and try to get as many chia seeds as possibly to be below the surface of the water... it will be good to go within 30 mins or even 20... but I just put it in the fridge overnight b/c it's easier for me that way.
Chia Seeds and tocotrienols in 8oz bag or 3lb bags - from Debbie Russell - 972-612-2178,469-358-1143)
Super calc tea powder in 1 lb bag with or without comfrey is from 888-372-4372 or

Chlorine A Note About Carrots [thought you might like this article]

A special note about carrots is in order. Like virtually all vegetables, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of phytonutrients (i.e. nutrients in plants not otherwise classified) in carrots that have not yet been identified or tested for cancer-fighting abilities. It may be that we do not yet know the best cancer-fighting nutrient in carrots, but based on many testimonials and some books, carrots may be the best cancer-fighting vegetable of all.

  • "In a review of 206 human studies, carrots consistently emerged as one of the top cancer-fighting foods. The power of carrots lies in the group of pigments called carotenoids (beta-carotene is among this group), which give them their orange color."
    Source For Quote No Longer Exists

A long-time and highly reliable friend of mine (in fact, my wife and I had our wedding reception at her home more than 35 years ago), told me about her friend's father, who completely cured his throat cancer with carrot juice. In other words, he ate nothing and drank nothing but carrot juice and natural water.

Closer to home, I have seen a clear pattern in the people I have interviewed, and testimonials that I have read, that carrot juice was the core element of their raw food diet. While the day may come that some other vegetable, such as beetroots (i.e. red beets), may be shown to be even better, until that day comes it would be advisable to make sure that carrots are the core of your vegetable juice.
[the problem with the above is that almost every maker of ready to eat peeled and washed carrots in the USA has dipped them in chlorine before shipping them out! That weird slimy slippery feeling you feel on those carrots when they are a bit old and then wash them off and there's no more slimy feeling, you just washed off chlorine!!! It's a major problem in carrots and esp in iceberg lettuce and all lettuces in fact! Just thought you'd like that info!]

Juicers: in order to juice this in regular centrifugal juicer you must consume it the second that it is juiced (both beet and asparagus and then mix and drink) but if you do not drink it right then - all the enzymes will die (most likely less than 15 mins after juicing (probably really 7 to 10 mins)- so be quick about drinking this, the power is in the enzymes not just vitamins and minerals), whereas if you get the Omega juicer 8003 or 8005 ($250ish) or if you get the Green Star Juicer ($350ish) the enzymes will last 1 day maybe if you're lucky; however, #1 in the world juicer for preserving enzymes is, so far, is the Norwalk - so with these juicers above you can consume the juice mix later if you like making it very easy to juice a lot and drink it later saving you a lot of time of having to juice 2 to 3x/day .. yes??? (note: Norwalk makes enzymes last the longest, 1 ½ to 2 days min, and 3 days max, but the other 2 types work only to make enzymes live for .... 1 day if you're lucky) - enzymes are a necessity if you're getting over anythinggg related to cancer, or other major diseases... or dealing with such. Dr. Bernard Jensen found in treating anyone with cancer and other diseases, that juicing and super juices will NOT work without the enzymes alive!

Side Note: technically though the greatest eater of cancer in the world are phytochemicals, these are found in the pulp... the highest source of phytochemicals to date with 325 different phytochemicals is... apples... hmmmmmm.....

Note: enzyme juicers above (not including the Norwalk) will give you about 25% to 150% of the vitamins and mineral content GREATER THAN a centrifugal juicer, BUT the Norwalk will do 50% to 300% greater vitamin and mineral content above and beyond the (as I call them) enzyme juicers, always beating out the other enzymes juicers above in anyyyy category of juice extracted both in volume extracted and in amount of nutrients extracted and in length of time the enzymes will live after juicing... just so you know...

Robert von Sarbacher
POB 223744
Dallas, TX 75222
[email protected]

Robert first contacted Earth Clinic about his protocol in 2010. You can read all the feedback from Earth Clinic readers who have tried this protocol below, including side effects. If you have tried this remedy, please join the conversation!


2 User Reviews
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Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 12/01/2009

I started the Mini Beet Protocol on November 28 and today will be my fourth day on it. No problems the first day, actually felt good all over. 2nd day, had several loose bowel movements and pain in my lower back. Not knowing if this might be kidney stones or not, I downed 2 ounces of lemon juice mixed with 2 ounces of olive oil...The pain was gone on the 3rd day and that day was normal.

I plan to keep going and I believe going very slowly will be the key. I plan on staying on the 1/4 cup of beet and asparagus for at least 10 days and then I will either do it twice a day or move up to a 1/2 of cup each.( probably will up the dose, because the cleaning up of the juicer is the biggest problem I am having. It is a PAIN! )

Anyone know if you are suppose to juice the green leaves of the beets also? I have been cutting them off and disgarding them. I also read somewhere that beets should be peeled before juicing, I have not been doing this either, I juice peel and all.

I wash my beets and asparagus in a soak of water and Hydrogen Peroxide and rinse real good ( They are not ORGANIC ) I have read you can use a vinegar or grapefruit seed extract liquid mixture in water to clean your veggies. So ROBERT,if you are reading this, please let me know what that VEGGIE WASH is that you use.

I really am shooting for at least a 3 month period of this and maybe four, so slowly I go and hopefully I want have to stop it or have any bad side effects. I will post again after the 10th day.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

Well it is day 10 of the MBP for me. Unfortunately, for me after I posted here on day 3, my right ear began to hurt, my scalp was very sore and my throat became scratchy. I know that Robert says that you should take your time and even doing the protocol 3 days a week, it will help you alot. Also he says even the slightest sore throat and you should stop until youre 100%. Maybe I just had sinus or something, but my blood is probably some of the filthiest around. I have been fast food, white bread, alcohol and junk food the majority of my life. SO SLOWLY, I do this, because I want to be healthy. I have No nausea at all though.

So I started back today as I started feeling better around day 7, but wanted to be 100%. I plan on doing this for a long time to come. So I will be carful, not to make myself sick off of it.

Well Lisa, I have the Jack LaLanne power juicer and it has 6 parts that has to be cleaned, You have to assemble it and dis-assemble it all the way and clean and dry it compleatly. I read about the one you have and it sounds easier to clean up. As for ORGANIC, I wish I had a source near by. But I live in a very small town and it is not a wealthy area, so the Wal-Mart super center here does not carry alot of organics. I have to drive 45 to 60 minutes one way to get to the town that carries organics. I could afford the organics, I just don't like that long drive and gas cost. My beets seem to stay good for a long time, but my Asparagus goes bad ( Soggy slimey ) in just a few days. So I would probably have to make 2 trips a week. If I am down that way, I will pick up the organics.

I am very excited, I just wish I had not had the set back, but I am determined to do this thing and clean myself up.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

Well again, I have not kept up with the total days on the MBP. So I couldn't even begin to tell you what day it is. But anyway, this week starting on Monday I was juicing and got 1/2 cup of beet juice and thought maybe it was a good sign, to up the dosage. So I did 1/2 cup of beet juice for 3 days til Wednesday. No side effects, except expelling what I guess was yeast in a bowel movement. I'll try not to be to gross, but it was liquid yellow and burned like bees stinging and I have had severe itching every since. I did have pinkish urine on day two, but not before or since.

I also am consuming and have been since Monday 1 cup of goji berries. I haven't changed my diet completely yet, but did add in 1 day of turnips, yellow squash, white onion, and broccoli. I recieved my vitamins yesterday and started those as of today, although now I am a bit confused. I read, what I guess is an updated version on Robert's page and I am a bit confused on what exacally I am suppose to suppliment with. He says as long as you are consuming enough carrots, apples and asparagus stones should not be an issue, but then goes on to say people should suppliment with B-6, cod liver oil, magnesium, coral calcium. So any way, I am eating the apples and carrots and I am using asparagus along with the beets, But just to be safe, I am taking cod liver oil, B-6, calcium magnesium with D and Magnesium chloride all in tablet form. The calcium,mag, with D is as follows: Vitamin D 400 IU, Calcium Oyster shell 1000mg and Magnesium Oxide 500 mg. The bottle recommends3 tablets daily and I an taking 2 for now and taking the magnesium chloride 1 a day as it is Magnesium chloride 520 mg and elemental magnesium 62.17 mg. I also have Corral calcium, but I am not taking that, because of the controversy surrounding it. I know Robert recommended Magnesium oil and I might have to change to that. IF YOU ARE READING THIS ROBERT, please let me know about these suppliments as I am confused on them. I am also CHEWING the vitamins as TED has said this gets them better absorb into the body in case of FILLERS.

When I start back, I will resume with the 1/2 cup and will work up slowly as I feel comfortable. On my days OFF, I also drink Organic asparagus extract 5gm which is equal to taking half pound of asparagus, so the box says.

I am not going to brag about anything yet, but I have seen some improvements ( later to be revealed ). I just wish the itching would go away and I hope and pray I don't get kidney stones, when I do feel lower back pain ( only once on second day ) I take 2 ounces of olive oil with 2 ounces of lemon juice.

I guess that covers everything for now, and about my diet. I am really trying to change that for the better, but it is hard to break life long bad habits in a short time. I read an interview with David Wolfe and Mike Adams. In that interview David said it takes some time to adjust and figure out what foods will work for you and to break bad habits. He says know one really knows what they are doing at first, but they figure it out as they practice and experment. Or something to that effect, that might not be exactly what he said, but something like that.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

I am still doing the MBP. Although, I am sticking with half of cup of beets and asparagus juiced at this time. I actually increased my doseage and had a bit of an ill feeling.

It is interesting to me that, my diet is prety much still the same and yet, I believe this protocol is helping with certain issues. I know that it would do better with a complete diet clean up. I do not want to mis lead anyone til I know for sure the effects, but some areas are improving.

Refusing to get burned out or sick off this protocol, I am still going very slow with it, trying to get up enough strength and courage to radically change my diet for the better.

Anyway, I would encourage everyone on here to get these beets into your diet. I do wish Robert would post here.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

Well, it finally happened. HERX, like you would not believe. Last week sometime I was going to move up to 3/4 cup of the beet juiced, well lets just say I glad I stuck with the 1/2 cup. I got sick for about 3 hours of feeling like I had the severe flu. I was scared for the minute as I could not get off the toilet and felt as if I was going to toss my cookies at anytime. Sweating, stomach cramps, chills, diarrhea, and nausea. It felt as if my insides were pulling and stretching. After the diarrhea for about 2 hours, I slowly started to get better and after 3 hours I was mostly back normal.

I decided to give it another go today. The smell of the cinnamon was gagging me, but I managed it down. Being cautious, I went back down to 2/3 cup of the beet juice. Had a hard time getting it down, immediataly followed with an apple. RIGHT THROUGH ME IT WENT! How can something travel through your system that fast. Before I could finish the apple, on the toilet I was, Hour or so of diarrhea and nausea, slowly started to fell normal again.

I did change the beets that I was using, to a chaeper version ( But still organic )just with out the green leaves and I bought my asparagus from a different grocery chain. I almost want to say that maybe the produce was bad, but I truely believe it was HERX reaction.

I have had some improvements in my health and do believe that parasites and yeast have been forced from my body. I will not go into details, but the proof is in the stools.

I will have to clean my diet up and take a break for a while from this. I had began thinking people on here were doing something wrong or going too fast and was getting sick, well I have went as slow as a person can go and now I am very sick, even when I smell ingredients in the protocol. I should have cleaned up my diet while doing this, but I was seeing improvements and thought I was doing fine.

If it were just the diarrhea, I could deal with it, But the nausea I CAN NOT handle. I know that most of you will say that it is part of the detox process and my body is healing getting all the toxins out and I would love to be able to youth over all at some point, but for now I will have to break for a while.

Fountain of Youth

1 User Review
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Posted by James (Ny) on 08/15/2010

I have been doing the MBP now for two months, I feel and look better than I have in twenty years. These are by far the best results experienced, having tried various juicing regimes over the years. I juice two organic beets with their green tops and six carrots, this makes aprox. 14 oz. of juice. With this mixture, it not only tastes great but I find no need to eat the apples after.

Fungal Sinus Infection

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Posted by Cindy (Ontario) on 02/02/2016

I found the Mini Beet Protocol (mbp) while looking into biofilms, I had been suffering with a fungal sinus infection for over 13 years.

Over the years I had quit consuming all sugars and wheat products, as they were my triggers. Upon starting the mbp, my sinuses actually appeared to get worse, the mucous had changed and was now sticky ( my sinuses would stick together so that breathing through my nose was virtually impossible, and they were itchy like mad ) when I walked my dogs I would make a point if pinching my nose and forcing my sinuses open with air, just to get some oxygen moving in there, this would immediately take the itch away, also there was a horrible bitter taste in my mouth that would dissappear right after I ate an apple, needless to say, I ate a lot of apples.

When I read his protocol, I wondered how he knew how many apples to eat, now I understood, the first 10 days I was eating 13 apples a day and very little else, cuz I was full. On the five days off, my sinus mucous would return to normal ( as in still ever present , but no longer sticky), then on beginning again, the stickiness would return, along with the bad taste, so now I was sure it was the MBP causing this, my kidneys have done a 100 % improvement, and my sinuses are minimally improved , so I jet up the protocol, 10 days on 5 days off, and after about 2 months, my sinuses were considerably improved, the stickiness was usually only the first and second day of the protocol and the bad taste is now at bay with only 4 or 5 apples a day.

Also, I learned to make a gingerbug and had begun drinking gingerbug juice to keep up my probiotic, which also seemed to be helping . During all this time I've been doing sinus rinses with my hydra rinse ( similar to a neti pot). Then I read about a woman who encorporated her probiotic capsules into her sinus rinse, so I started putting a teaspoon of my gingerbug starter into my sinus solution ( living probiotic being better than dormant, or at least that is my thinking).

So once again I am overwhelmed with sticky discharge , and the smell ( like im now smelling the inside of my sinuses )and taste in my mouth are horrible, but after 2 wèeks , I am soo significantly better, the swelling on the roof of my mouth is finally abating after almost 14 years, and , although I wasn't really paying attention to my skin , the very obvious scar on my top lip is barely visible, my crows feet are almost non existent and the skin on my neck is tightened and firmed .

I am 54 and my sinuses have been giving me grief since I was 40, I have always been a fairly healthy eater, that has improved now out of necessity, but my sweet tooth is now gone, after 14 years without sugar, an apple seems almost excessively sweet, and I am physically very active, and very grateful to finally be feeling better!

General Feedback

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Posted by Catherine (Wellington, New Zealand) on 06/20/2010

Question about MBP:

I am about to start on MBP and was suprised to read about nausea following beet juise drinking. Some years ago when I was started using juices my favourite was a large beetroot drink with a dollop of cream and a few drops of vanilla..nectar from heaven!! I never noticed any nausea. Beetroot is my second favourite vegetable (the 1st is spinach) and I have had to stop buying tins of baby beets because once started I can't stop until the tin is empty (I'm talking a LARGE tin here). Also when I go to OZ I haunt the vege juice bar at Davy Jones in Sydney where I always order a large beetroot and spinach juice. If this kind of beet ingestion should cause nausea then why doesn't it affect me like that? Or does it mean I have a higher requirement for beet juice?? I'd be interested in any comments on this, Cheers

General Feedback
Posted by Entheogens (Palo Alto, California, Usa) on 04/22/2010

I have a question about the MBP. Now I have been doing the MBP for the last two days, but here is my problem. I am using a Vitamix juicer, and as you may know, that does not get rid of the pulp. I have to put about 1/2 cup or so of water into the blender with the beets or else, I just get a mush. So, I am pretty sure that 1 cup (or 1/4 cup) of the juice you get from a regular juicers is not the equivalent of what you get from a Vitamixer. So, I need to know, from those of you using regular juicers, how many medium-sized beets you use to get a cup or 1/4 cup of the beet juice.

I am rather sure that over the last two days I have either been using too much or too little beet. I have been eating two or three apples and the carrots and doing the cinammon, but the only bad reaction I have got so far is a temporary, mild headache.

Replied by Bibi
(Nashville, Tn)

I use two beets to make 1/2 I'm guessing 1 beet for 1/4 cup. The beets are approx 2 to 2 1/2" wide.

Replied by Entheogens
(Palo Alto, California, Usa)

Thanks Bibi. Apparently, according to Von Sarbacher, there is a difference if you use a juicer or Vitamix (as I am doing). Now why this should be the case confuses me. I mean, the only difference is that with a Vitamix, you are getting the fiber and not just the juice. In other words, nothing is being subtracted. You would think that as long as you are getting the beets in you, that the form, juice or entire beet, would not matter.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

It is not right to say that with a juicer you only get the juice. The name seems to indicate that but with a masticating juicer you have the choice to feed the pulp back as many times as you want making it to become very dry meaning that the juice you get can be liquid or with the consistency of a smoothy so much of the fiber are kept in anyway. Most of the time I throw away very little fiber which is as dry as straw. I did a lot of research before I bought my masticating juicer and from all I read, also from a few books I bought I have the idea that they are the best buy although expensive. And they make soups as well. One good thing of my juicer is that it juices absolutely everything without a problem. The fact that all the vitamines and enzymes stay alive for up to 48 hours sounds good to me (not that we wait that long to drink our juices.....). But I guess everybody should do their own research and choose what seems best!

Replied by Jvc
(Oak Park, Il Usa)

So if you are using the vitamix, how many beets do you need to get 1/4 of cup of beet and asparagus juice, since water must be added?

General Feedback
Posted by Dolly (Cairo, Egypt) on 11/22/2009

Hi a question to Ted and all who are acquainted with MBP, I am about to do the mini beet protocol but I need to know should I boil the beets first or just juice it raw and also the other ingredients? I do not have a juice machine, will a blender be okay? I am afraid it will break or so!

Appreciate someone's feedback on this the soonest please.


Replied by Moi
(V Ville, Ca)

The beets are to be raw for juicing. Yes, they will break a blender. Even with a strong juice machine I cut them up before juicing. While you save up for a juicer, you can eat raw beets by peeling and finely slicing or grating and then eating the beet. It will take a bit of commitment to do that but well worth it. Start with half a small beet. Eat a small apple and carrot afterwards.

Good luck.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Hi Dolly, Well, the beets should be raw. I would say you need a juicer as that is what it says in the mbp. Then, this morning as I was going through youtube I found a guy who said that if you can't afford a juicer, use your blender- it's better than nothing! He showed how he did it. Now, what I would do is cut up your beet in small chunks to help your blender to not get overtaxed. He then added water. (He was using carrots, greens, etc., not beets.) Then, he blended it up. Next, he poured it through a strainer. Now you can get nut milk bags at health food stores (not all)or over the internet but they aren't exactly cheap. I got mine for $11 at a health food store. He said you can get paint strainers which work equally as well and go for about a dollar a piece! Put it over a glass, pour your blender liquid in, squeeze liquid from the pulp as well from the strainer and then drink the glass full of juice. Search on youtube for "juicing with a blender" and the guy I watched is rashb. There may be others as well. Hope this helps.

Replied by Phil
(Dearing, Ga)

Hi Dolly. Beets should be in RAW form. This way they have alot more detox effects. Ted, is not the one that suggest the MBP, it is actually Robert Von.

Robert gives an alternative to get your beets in, without doing the MBP and helps you somewhat like the MBP. I think it was on here just a few days ago. It was a response to Lisa, from California. Go on here under REMEDIES to Mini beet protocol, look for Lisa and read, I can't remember who wrote to her, but they had written what Robert suggested to get your beets in. Also you should check out:

Alot is already on here. You just have to read. I have been reading here daily, for years and have not even scratched the surface, yet.

Here on Earth Clinic everything is laid out pretty simple and you can also use the search box here to find what you need.

The person that responded to Lisa, should still be here some where under the lastest post section also.

Good luck!

Replied by Dolly
(Cairo, Egypt)

Hi Phil, thanks a lot for the feedback and guiding lines to find all about MBP here on earthclinic.


Replied by Dolly
(Cairo, Egypt)

Hi Lisa, thanks for explaining how to do the mbp without a juicer, which I will do at least till I buy one! I found the you Tube and its very good, thanks for your help Lisa.


Replied by Indigo
(Sacramento, Ca)

Mini Beet Protocol - raw beet recipe

This is for Dolly and anyone else who wants a palatable way to start eating raw beets until you can buy a juicer.

A delicious way to prepare raw beets is to grate them (using the larger holes on a hand grater or food processor), then add in olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Also can add a good sea salt to taste. Sorry I rarely measure anything when preparing food, but I would guess quantities to be something like this -

1 large beet, grated (works with carrots, too!)
1 TB good olive oil, more or less to taste
1 fresh lemon, squeezed into olive oil before adding.
sea salt (or real salt) to taste if desired.
can also add chopped parsley or other herb if desired,
also raw sunflower seeds are good, but optional.

I made some of this for Christmas Dinner with my extended family, and people were helping themselves to seconds and exclaiming about how good it was.

Can be added to salads or just eaten as is, 1 or 2 TB per meal as a relish or when hungry. The same recipe works well for carrots, too.


General Feedback
Posted by Reikigirl (Millstone Twp., Nj) on 11/03/2009

Mini Beet Protocol: Read about the MBP some time ago, just bought a juicer, had all the ingredients so I gave it a try today. Mixed 1 tsp. cinnamon in 2 tbsp. warm water and tasted fine...followed that with a cup of water...juiced 1/4 cup asparagus, 1/4 cup beets, mixed together and drank... tasted like beet juice, really no asparagus taste to it...then ate a large apple followed by 10 baby nausea...I feel just fine...will continue to follow this increasing amount of juice each week as directed. I am 51 and hoping to see an improvement in wrinkles and cellulite. I am 7 lbs. away from my goal weight and need to firm up my body. Will report back each week.

Replied by Jp
(Pomona, New York)

Rikigirl, I'll be looking forward to your weekly updates on this. I plan on starting this in a week or two. I just placed an order for the cinnamon. I'm hoping this will help my candida problem since nothing else works along with some other health issues.

Replied by Reikigirl
(Millstone Twp., Nj)

Mini Beet Protocol update: My first post was 11/03/09 and I started the MBP that day. It's been one week and I haven't noticed any changes in wrinkles or cellulite yet. I have noticed that I've been able to accomplish more things in my day. Seems like an increase in energy without feeling like you've had too much caffeine. Also, according to Robert Von an important part of this is to take 100mg of B6 and 300mg of magnesium daily to avoid the possibility of developing kidney stones from using the MBP. I started that today. Tomorrow I am increasing the juice to 1/2 cup asparagus and 1/2 cup beet. I am cautious about trying to do too much too soon so I'm sticking with the MBP as written. Will report back again in one week.

Replied by Reikigirl
(Millstone Twp., Nj)

Mini beet protocol update: I'm sorry to say I can no longer continue with the MBP. During my 2nd week I experienced problems with bloating and a sick feeling stomach. So I finished the 2nd week and decided not to go on to the 3rd which would be the full amount of beet juiced to equal one cup and asparagus juiced to equal 3/4 cup. I can't think of anything that I was doing that would cause these problems other than the MBP. I'd like to hear if anyone else has had these problems or success with the MBP. Thanks.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Sorry to hear you're giving up. I think it may be that you were moving too fast. To be honest, we stayed with the straight mini beet protocol for only about a week and then through lots of research began to add in lots of dark greens in addition to the beet/asparagus mixture. We have had nothing but incredible results which you can read about in all my previous posts as I have been giving updates as promised when my husband and I first began this journey almost a month and a half ago. Our bodies are singing praise and my pain is gone. To everyone suffering with body pain/arthritis- it's due to too much cooked food and not enough raw veggies/greens and fruit. It all has to do with the enzymes that our body really needs. Since embarking on this, I have tried eating cooked food meals 3x and about a half hour afterward the pain immediately returns. It is so debilitating that as of last night, my husband said to me, "That's it, I think we can see a direct correlation between your physical pain and the food." Yesterday, started with a green smoothie- of which we have moved on to instead of just juicing as both of our bodies are in much better shape to be able to handle this after strengthening them through pure juicing. For lunch, a raw soup-gently warmed and salad. Dinner was an Israeli salad which was diced tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, green onion and red onion and portabello mushrooms with mushroom "gravy". Oh sing praise! Body pain completely gone again. The benefits just keep coming!

To Janice from Coloma, Mi- I hope you're reading this because it isn't just broccoli but all dark greens and yes, they must be raw.

To Belladonna from Toronto- a shout out to the delicious green smoothie!

To Taleen from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl- all I can say is the money spent for organic veggies and staying healthy is money well-spent. We could be paying doctors thousands of dollars instead and I'd rather be in charge of my own health. I think if you see it as an investment into your own well-being, it's well worth it. After all, you've lost weight and have glowing skin! That's only the outside! Think of all your insides thanking you for what you're giving them.

Here's to our health! Lisa

General Feedback
Posted by Rob (Manhattan, New York) on 10/13/2009

Mini Beet Protocol

That is quite a list of benefits! Without solid studies and verified lab tests these claims come off as exaggerations and at worst flaky. No doubt however, a healthy drink. Beets, are considered longevity food in many cultures. Borsch, is one great example and all the more powerful if you have a loving grandmother serving it to you. As for Asparagus, I came across this study ..... (Researchers in South Korea at the Institute of Medical Scienceand Jeju National University evaluated the effects of young asparagus shoots and leaves on liver cells from humans and rats. In an extract form, asparagus leaves and shoots significantly eased alcohol's oxidative stress on liver cells and the toxic effects associated with a hangover)........

So I will give this a go to see if it helps with my for clearing my brain and getting rid of my Nano Insects? well...I need more proof. Not completely dismissing...just give me more sound info! Will report back.

Replied by Yankee
(Houston, Texas Usa)

Rob from Manhattan, you never came back to comment. Is there anyone out there who found out if all these claims are for real. Who had their gray hair turn dark? Who had their wrinkles go away? Some of these claims are quite sensational. I can't find any real "reviews" of Robert Von on the internet. Anyone?

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi, I just thought I should respond on this. Those who remember me might remember that I embarked w/ my husband on this mini beet protocol for a couple of weeks. I think it is fantastic! Yes, I saw my skin change quite a bit. Still, I have to add, it did nothing for my gray hair. Alas, I have tried lots of recommendations in that regard as I am highly allergic to hair color but nothing seems to change on that front... But, more importantly, it led me into an amazing journey! First, into vegetable juicing for a year, which led to the raw food world and then we went on to green smoothies for several months. We no longer are raw- that lasted for 3 months and it was great but I recommend it for major detoxing and changing the status quo for the Western diet. Not for the faint-of-heart really. We are still involved w/ that world as a result but we eat a variety of things again. Anyway, I would highly recommend the mini beet protocol. And yes, there isn't a lot of info on it on the internet because I tried researching all about it before starting. Thus the reason for going into green juicing since there's loads of info on that!

Also, Mmsg, if you're reading, I know you'll remember all of this! As for today, I am still health conscious- always! Have been away from green juicing, green smoothies, etc. Still, lots of greens but meat is back in our diet. We also just attended the Longevity Now conference which is something you might want to google. It's held every six months in Costa Mesa, CA. Tons of info- sometimes into overload! I did a blood analysis while there- whoa! Scary stuff really! Even w/ all that I take care of myself, you could see heavy metals in there! Yuck! There were also some "blood parasite-types" that the dr. called pteryharpens, I believe. So, I got a liver detox formula. I asked the Dr. About what I was seeing, as in, do others have super clean blood and I'm looking awful? He said that, today no one for the most part has that because our world is so dirty... Interesting. He said the way to combat it is to constantly detox. I believe Bill from the Philippines says that all the time. So, Mmsg, to answer your question from a few days ago, I am now back to Chinese herbs after hearing Ron Teeguarden speak extensively on the benefits of them. Absolutely amazing. Also, taking a liver detox formula from a woman whom I met at the conference. Powerful stuff!

In addition, Mmsg, I am also doing a far infrared sauna twice a week which is highly touted by doctors and scientists who are aware of alternatives for health. The dr. who did my blood work highly recommended them. I also do a machine called a Turbosonic. You might want to google it and learn about it. I go to a wellness center to use both. They are both in a quest for cleaning up my body!

Francisca, the heavy metals I saw in my blood were alarming! The Dr. Asked if I had amalgams, which I do. He said most likely most of that is from the amalgams. Oh, geez, just one more thing...

That's about it for now. Hope everyone is well.


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Lisa, thank you so much for your response. It's very encouraging for my quest for finding the best diet for me. I am now experimenting with no-carb for a bit, to see if that makes any difference, it did for my white tongue, that is gone. But it is still not the ultimate answer. Animal proteins are in, but not anywhere near the amounts in the various low-carb diets.

I'm a bit leary of all those newfangled machines, I'd really like a basic, plain diet that will do me good. Still searching!

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

Hi Yankee... yes, sorry, I forgot about that post/update...I tried the mini beet only for a short while since my body found the beets too sweet... & naturally rejected it. I didn't find it of any noticable benefit over other juicing... Like carrots ginger etc... But I do believe it is a healthy juice. As for the claims, I didn't stick with it long enough to find out... My guess is that the asparagus juicing with beets would be good for the liver... And good for a hangover... As far as hair and fading wrinkles... Well I doubt it.... But anything good for the liver will help the skin... Go with the advice of others who have tested it for a longer run....

Replied by Lee
(New York, Usa)

Hi Lisa, Great to read your update. I'm always interested in following your steps to good health. I've done a bit of the same protocols. Now I'm avoiding grains, going light on dairy, eating lots of organic veggies and some fruit. I'm wondering if you are still taking MSM? I have had success with it, but I also take HA. I also have some amalgam fillings which has always concerned me. Did the Dr. suggest replacing them? It's great to be able to learn from each other on this website. I hope all is well with you and your family. Happy Fall! Lee

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA) on 10/10/2009

So, I am on day 3 of the mini beet protocol and no side effects at all. I am drinking the juice in the morning of beet/asparagus mixture and then following with the apple and carrot. I did notice yesterday that my facial skin was very clear and a very healthy color but other than that nothing. Of course, it has only been a few days at this point. I am a very healthy eater believing in eating "close to the earth" which includes vegetables, meat and fish. I also have done a lot of the cleansing/ detox remedies from this site. ACV, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, oil pulling, etc. which could contribute to why I don't feel any signifcant side effects of detoxing. I started cautiously with 1/4 of both beet and asparagus juice but this morning I took it up to 1/2 of each and so far, so good. I will keep you posted on the results as I go.

I am curious though as to where it was mentioned that Theo of Ottawa, Canada heard a lot of audio of Robert von Sarbacher. I can't find any anywhere on the web other than his one page he has posted on his MBP. If anyone can lead me to that I would appreciate it as I would love to hear him speak on it. He makes some pretty hefty claims as to results of this regimen so we'll see...

EC: Hi Lisa,

3 links below Robert's photo on his home page here:

The first 2 links are audio files from a radio program.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, usa)

Hi everyone, Well, today I begin week 2 of the mini beet protocol. I have not had any side effects whatsoever from drinking the concoction which I have upped each day after the third day of starting at 1/4 combo of the beet/asparagus juice. The first 3 days I followed up with apple and then carrot. On the fourth day I eliminated the carrot as I had no side effects at all. No side effects. On day 5,6 and 7 I added carrot to the beet/asparagus combo and did not do the apple afterward with no side effects. NOW, I am NOT saying for everyone to follow suit. I am just documenting what I have done. Robert clearly states that there can be serious side effects depending on one's quality of diet. I have a very clean diet of vegetables and meat and fish. I do drink red wine with dinner as well. No sugar, junk food, fast food, desserts. Not because I have to try but, just because I don't want them. I do eat bread but not too much. As for noticing changes- I have noticed that very little hair falls out while washing, maybe 3-4 now. My husband has noticed that the front of his hairline has lots of new hair coming in. Now, mind you neither of us has thinning hair but, two years ago I had a severe reaction to dying my hair. I have very dark brown hair but covered up my greying. Well, it was so bad and I was losing chunks of hair which scared me enough to completely stop coloring it. Now I have a lot of grey hair but still a lot of my dark hair. I am hoping that perhaps this MBP will arrest the grey but we have yet to see. I really don't have that many issues from the long list of what MBP can do but, I am always trying things to better my health and this sounded very healthy. I can say my skin has dramatically become very soft and my facial appearance is changing in that the lines by my eyes are disappearing. Is anyone else doing the MBP out there? Post results if you are. By the way, I think the drink is delicious for anyone wondering.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Everyone!

I haven't written here for quite awhile but I read this site everyday always looking for new info. I had written that I started the mini beet protocol and the last post was about 2 weeks ago. Today marks one month from my first post. I don't want to repeat what I posted the first 2x so I'll continue from my last post. The mbp really got me interested in more info about this but much to my disappointment, there wasn't much on the web other than Robert's very simple site. I also listened to his audio which was quite long but interesting. Well, since there wasn't much more about it, I started going on juicing sites which I began to learn SO much from. Now that my husband and I were up to a large glass of beet/asparagus juice (plus we did not follow it up with the apple/carrot- not recommending one does that, just documenting what we did) I decided to start adding lots of dark greens as many of the juicing sites said greens really benefit us and are full of nutrients and protein that our bodies can readily utilize. Wow! We really started to notice a difference! Then, I decided to start adding in garlic and ginger which is delicious and act as natural antibiotics.

In week 3, we also both started craving our veggie juice, not just in the morning but also about 5pm. We don't eat dinner until about 8 as my work schedule does not permit until then. So, the juice really amped us up in energy. Of course, me, being always curious to know more about health just kept perusing different sites. That led me to the raw food world.

Now, let me tell you, at first I thought,"What? Are these people crazy?" As I was a vegetarian years ago for a long time but then returned to poultry when I was pregnant with my first son when my midwife found me severely anemic and threatened not to let me have a homebirth if she did not see an immediate improvement. (This was a long time ago now. A year later I began to eat beef as well.) I always seemed to have energy issues and obviously very anemic as well as a vegetarian. So, curiously, I began to read more about this "lifestyle" and found lots of sites dedicated to this world. It is fascinating and began to make a lot of sense why these people were so full of energy, looked amazing and much younger than their "real" age. I also could not ignore the fact that through the veggie juice of which we had added kale, chard- all kinds, carrots, radishes, dandelion greens, cucumber, zucchini, apples, cabbage, parsley, cilantro and all sorts of various vegetables but not necessarily all at once, we were seeing all sorts of amazing changes. Lots of energy and a need for less sleep- naturally awake at 5:30 am without even trying. Melasma is something I have had for about 7 years now all over my cheeks and I have tried lots of ways to get rid of it to no avail. Well it is almost completely non-existent at this point. I see a lot of issues with this on this site for those of you plagued with that. All joint pain is gone. (Except, admittedly, my hips still hurt some. Still, after seeing all the results from this juicing, I have hope of that reversing, as well!) My husband who has always dealt with constipation issues has been completely relieved of that. Our skin is so incredibly soft we marvel at it. My eyes are very clear. Also, as Robert von Sarbacher claimed, wrinkles have disappeared on my face. All my pores are very small too of which I have always had problems with large pores and clogged pores trying all sorts of things to remedy that. My hair is growing in dark again of which I have a lot of grey over the last few years. Scalp itch has disappeared, my nail beds are very pink and ridges on the nails are gone. I learned that's from lack of silica of which many people are lacking in.

Anyway, in week 4 I decided I wanted to try giving the raw thing a go. Not radically, just adding in lots more raw. The first 3 days, we had tuna with lots of celery, pickles and onions served over raw tomatoes for lunch. That was it for anything other than raw veggies those days. We both noticed that we began to actually not want meat but in the most natural way- not forced. Now, through learning so much from these various raw sites, I am learning new techniques for food such as raw nut cheeses, nut milks, veggie "pastas", etc. I ended up purchasing a dehydrator to make veggie chips and raw meals. It is a whole new world I am exploring and am so excited about it as I see the amazing changes occurring in the two of us. Also, I have seen miraculous changes in people from these sites with people dropping over 160 lbs, to ridding themselves of many serious issues from fibromyalgia, diabetes, arthritis, chronic depression and fatigue syndrome, etc. I would encourage everyone to just read about it because I see so many things people are plagued with and genuinely want answers to on this site. Google raw food or raw food living/ world, etc. and you will discover truly amazing things! I even went to Borders and found about 5 raw food "cook"books. I bought one called "Raw Food, real world" and have been trying recipes. I also was so impressed with Sarma Melngailis, one of the authors, that I went to her site and loved her blog. She has her own raw food restaurant in NYC and is absolutely beautiful. I emailed her and she wrote me back immediately!

If anyone has questions about sites, people, etc., I would be happy to write and encourage any of you out there.

I realize this is a long post but, I saw a couple of people over the last two days writing about the mbp and I thought I should write my discoveries and real results! I wish you all the best on your quest towards health, happiness and peace.

Sincerely, Lisa

Replied by Phil
(Dearing, Ga)

Hi Lisa. I am so glad to hear all the good MBP has done for you and your husband. I have had a great desire to try this MBP myself. I did read all the Robert had to say, but did not listen to the recordings or go to his website... On my computer, it wanting me to open up outlook or something like that and I am cautious of things like that. My computer knowledge is limited and I am careful as to what I will open or install.

You may have already addressed this, in one of your previous posts.

Robert, mentions some supplements to keep the body from developing any stones... I believe it was coral calcium, magnesium and one other one.

Are you and your husband taking these suppliments? Because this is really the only thing holding me back, I believe my mother in-law will loan me her juicer for a while. I just don't want to develope stones in any way.

I read all of Roberts post here on EC and clicked the link he mentioned getting the suppliments from. I was unable to find those suppliments on that website.

So, on Roberts website and audio how did he address the issue of stones? Could I use the coral calcium, magnesium and other suppliments from another supplier?

I do know he provided a phone number, but thought you may already know.

Thank You,

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Hi Phil,

We are not taking any supplements per se. We used to do a lot of supplements but don't anymore and have not for a long time. Instead, we are also taking what they call superfoods. They are maca root, goji berries, flaxseed, hempseed and raw cacao. You can read about these and also hear some of the different people speak about them on the internet. One is David Wolfe who wrote Superfoods. You can watch video of him on youtube. Raw cacao is rich in magnesium. We have all of these in powder form and add them to smoothies.

As for the supplements that Robert recommends for preventing kidney stones, there are 3-coral calcium, 1 tbls. cod liver oil and magnesium chloride. Have you had them before and is that the reason for your concern? If not, I would say try the mbp and then go for the dark green veggies in addition- you will be amazed! There is a lot of calcium in very dark green veggies that are readily usable for the human body. It only takes 15 minutes for the benefits to enter the bloodstream. Hope this helps.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

mini beet protocol, juicing and raw foods

Today it has been one month and one week since we embarked on the mini beet protocol and I had promised to keep updates. I want to encourage reikigirl to keep going as it just gets better! And Phil- go for it, don't wait any longer because you will see changes that become remarkable. To be honest though, we only stayed with the true mbp for about one and a half weeks before we began juicing, along with the beets and asparagus, kale, chard, carrots, cilantro, celery, zucchini, cucumbers, ginger, garlic- you name it but especially the dark greens. It has sent me on a journey I can't turn back from now as the results are so wonderful. My skin has become very soft, damage from the sun in Hawaii on one of my arms (go figure) was so bad it looked like it was from a 95 year old is gone, wrinkles have disappeared, my skin is becoming firmer, stomach flatter, almost no mucus at all, ridges on nails gone, circles under eyes gone, hair growing in dark... I have become turned onto the raw food world through all of this and trying the superfoods on this planet from all over the world that can be learned about over the internet. They are maca root, goji berries, raw cacao, hemp seeds, chia, mushrooms and more. We are incorporating them in our diets. Maca root will strengthen the adrenals which I had a serious problem with about 4 years ago now, during a very stressful time that struck while I was in NYC and became unbelievably debilitating. Raw cacao is loaded with magnesium and can help stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain to give a better sense of well-being, strengthens the immune system and can absorb free-radicals from the body. I would encourage a lot of you out there to do the research and find out how to build the bodies natural strength and immunity to rid itself from some of these very insidious diseases that are now on this planet and are invading people's bodies but mostly because of poor diets which weaken our systems. Many of you describe them here on this site. Remember, knowledge is power. Do the research but not from doctors! They don't go the route to healing- they use meds, drugs, surgery. Those things don't heal you, just cover up the true source and often exacerbate the problem. That's what they know so, I don't fault them but I stay clear of them. Often, they don't even know of the things I speak of or even acknowledge them, i.e. candida for one. If you mention this, they may even outrightly scoff at you. (There are some doctors out there sincerely trying to give you good info and you can find their sites on the web.) Remember, doctors make their money from you being sick.

Also, you may think some of these products are expensive (not really) but I would rather find my health, be in charge of it and keep it rather then profit the doctors which will cost you a lot more. I think at this point, everyone is aware of that- at least on this site.

I truly hope this info helps those of you out there sincerely on a quest for health and recovering a healthy body. I am seeing the miraculous results each day and loving it! Peace to all of you out there...

Replied by Kay
(Houston, Tx)

wow lisa:) what kind of juicer are you using? i too have gone mostly raw since starting the mbp but have not noticed results like you!:)

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Hi Kay! Good for you. I bought a very inexpensive (relatively speaking) juicer from It is the Breville Juice Fountain for $99. I couldn't afford the very high end ones and figured that 1) I could wait while I saved my money to afford one thereby delaying progress or 2) I could go for this one, after all, I didn't know if I would see results, would stick with it at all and wasn't sure if that big investment would pay off. Well, it was the right decision! I saw results quickly. I will give you some tips that I have picked up through my own research on countless sites I have read and studied. I use a lot of greens now in addition to the beets and asparagus and rotate to get different nutrients. As David Wolfe says though, there is no green necessarily better than another- it's all good. Diversity is good though. So, I take the greens- dandelion, beet greens, kale, chard, spinach, etc. and I tightly pack them together into the feed tube then I allow them to slowly move through. I don't force them through with the pusher as you sometimes need to do with the harder vegetables- carrots, beets, etc. I gently apply a little pressure and look at the green juice coming out- as long as that's occurring that's all that needs to be done. The point being to be able to break open the cell walls of the greens as slowly as possible to extract as much juice from them as possible. The higher end very expensive juicers are just that- they grind slowly to extract a lot more out of greens. Perhaps in the future I will invest in one but for now this is working and I am seeing the results exponentially. Especially with going high raw. I am glad to see that you are going the raw way too.

Perhaps you aren't seeing as dramatic results because you were in better health. I always considered myself a healthy food person but I see the difference dramatically now. Each day I crave more raw vegetables and yesterday I tried a cooked meal and it was so disappointing! My husband is in on this with me and this morning he said to me, "Wow, that was not as good as I always remember." It was one of our favorite Indian meals of dal and traditional fare. I said to him that I thought maybe it was just me. I am interested in your progress and any new experiences you are having with this path. Let me know. BTW, I am 52 years young. And the other day, while shopping in Whole Foods, I ran into a mom I knew from our kids- our oldest are now 24 and began kindergarten together. I called out to her and had not seen her for about 3 years- she turned and responded, "My God, don't you age? You have no wrinkles!" Thank you mbp, juicing and raw food! That's how dramatic it has been. Honest. Keep on going Kay- it gets better!

Replied by Kay
(Houston, Tx)

hey lisa!:) you are a real inspiration to us! i have the same juicer.:) i have only tried blending the greens for smoothies, not adding them to the MBP so i will try that. (i'm trying to get rid of some acne scars on my face:)) i will try juicing them with the MBP and report back in a week:). thanks so much lisa!:) (i also know that i have digestive issues!)

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Hi Kay,

So glad I can help! So, have you tried doing the greens yet? I find it works really well. I have only been on the smoothies for a few days now as I needed to strengthen my body first I felt. As for the acne scars, well I have to tell you about aloe vera. I know I wrote about it to someone here but it's worth repeating. I had severe damage to my right arm (nowhere else!) from the sun when we went to Hawaii about 3 years ago now. No matter what I did- coconut oil, grapeseed oil, acv, even strivectin, I could not make my arm look better. It looked like it was from a 90 year old person. Then I heard Daniel Vitalis speak on youtube about aloe vera and immediately went outside to get a leaf from our aloe plant. So far, everything he has said about it has been true. I immediately opened the leaf and spread the gel all over it. By the next day it was already much improved! I also started using it on my face and the skin is getting tauter and very soft and supple. I have been using the same leaf for over a week now and still it is full of gel. After I use it, I press the leaf back together and by the next time I use it, it is rehydrated and ready to use again. So, try it on your face and see if you start to see a difference.

You have to listen to Daniel on youtube because he's very inspiring. Also, David Wolfe- they are at the forefront of this raw food movement and so full of knowledge. It is so inspiring. It has been so fun to explore this world and see how my body sings from it. I hope you are feeling it as well! Keep in touch.


Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

Actually, my question is about the aloe vera. For those of you who have aloe vera in your gardens, can you please tell me the approx. length of what would be considered a "large aloe vera leaf"? I need this information for the aloe/honey cancer cure, and the plants we get at the store are so small that I don't know what a large leaf would look like. How big do they get? Thanks.

Replied by Tahiti
(Monroeville, Pa, united states of america)

To Lisa about the Mini Beet Protocol, please read below.

This is from Robert Von Sarbarcher. hello how r u !! great to meet you... sorry to take so long to get back, my new # is 940-233-0484 and can call anytime and see if we catch each other... in mean time...

Thanx for the "dr." but I'm not a Dr. yet, hehe, and as for Living well, it sounds like a great juicer.... and I will add you to my email list as soon as I have one No worries...

I'm glad it removed the age spots it's amazing how fast those disappear... IBS? great! glad it's gone, and gone for Good hopefully, but we'll talk more on that in a second... as for the straitening of the hair it 100% most definitely will do that!!! esp if you take some of the left overs and when in the shower you put it in and let it sit, I think one friend of mine left it in all day one day and it helped a lot, that is, they put it in their hair after the shower, and when it dried out on it's own, she put a towel down and slept all night on it, and when got up in morning it was straighter, she did this on a continual basis... it straightened it out to a large extent...

yes I guess I'll have to get to that site earthclinic and start typing in some info for people... more on health care for people..

It's really simple to do some items in nutriiton and fix what's wrong with you, faster and cheaper and easier, more is being discovered every day!!! I would do yourself a favor and take a combo of parsnips and carrots and boil them correctly see attachment and make a 50/50 mix almost of carrot and parsnips with butter and salt and pepper...little more parsnips than carrots the key here is the mix to make it justtttttt right, which is why I boil a lot of each then when I get out the masher and mash them all together I have a little bit of both left over so I can put in a littlemore parsnips or carrots to make it freakishly addictive, remember a little more of the parsnips than the carrot!! woo hoo that will drive you up the wall for yippie-ness

ok... as for IBS start consuming one romaine lettuce salad every other day with extra tomatoes for life please, must start with that to get it in you good!

add turnips to diet by putting them in with white onions and broccoli whenever steam or boil veggies... Here's what I do every night, I put in usually these 3 turnips, broccoli, white onion, and sometimes extras like asparagus and yellow squash and parsnips and maybe rhutabega adn sometimes beets, and steam them for 14 mins, and when done, I IMMEDIATELY dump them in plastic bag and dump them into the fridge and when Im up in morning and have enough veggies for all day - this works soooo well and it's sooo easyyyy dang it! lol... this is how you change your life.. and for the cheap... I also get my broccoli and lots of veggies from the asian markets, the absolutely cheapest markets in history to buy anything from and if no organic I used my depesticiging on them... good luck ttys let me know what else happens..

Robert von

PS cooked beets are nothing in comparison to raw, so if you wish to, you eat one beet raw and follow it with one apple every day and this will be your beets instead of MBP ok? try this with getting turnips in you every day and watch what happens to your body.. however, first off I would start off with the 10 day trial - that is, 10 days, 1x/day you are to eat 1 cup of goji berries per day!!! in 10 days yoiu will have the blood of an Olympic Athlete!! ok? it'll cost you about $70 ish or so to do that for 10 days, good luck...see what you feel like after that!

m Robert Von Sarbarcher himself.

Replied by Tricia
84 posts

Hi Gean, I don't know where I got this info so I can't confirm that it is correct but I read somewhere that to get the most nutrient content from an aloe vera leaf it should be at least 14 inches in length.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Hey Tahiti, Thanks so much for passing that letter on! I tried once more yesterday trying to find more on mbp on the web with no luck so this was awesome. He is so full of enthusiasm as I find all of these people who are involved and living this life of healthy eating with veggies, juicing and raw foods. They literally ooze with life force! I love it and am finding it so inspiring. They are so willing to pass on vital information to help improve one's life/health. I find each day from doing this which is now a month and a half, that I am doing the same. Bubbling with excitement to see all the changes occurring in me. Wanting everyone to try giving it a chance only to see problems disappear. I am going to try the parsnip/carrot recipe although for two weeks we have been raw and the changes have accelerated. Again thank you. I may try writing him myself and thank him for the info. Lisa

Replied by Kay
(Houston, Tx)

hi lisa:) how many times a day were you juicing the greens? plus, did you drink it right away or store it in the fridge for later in the day? i got an aloe vera plant:). i'll let you know in a week how that goes with the juicing of the greens with the mbp:).

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Hi Kay, We were doing greens with the beets both in the morning and then around 5pm. From all the research I've done, it's best to drink it immediately, not save it. Honestly, the Breville is so easy to use that juicing with it is easy. The reason is because you want all those enzymes that are in there and they dissolve pretty quickly as time goes by. It's the oxidization. There are people who say that if you MUST save it for later, put it in a glass jar and make sure it is flush to the lid so that there is no oxygen in there. Personally, I'd rather get as many health benefits as I can from the juice. So, you got an aloe vera plant! Good for you. Did you plant it? I cannot believe how wonderful it has made my skin feel. I use it all over my face and neck. Of course, I know the juicing has been extremely effective. Did you get around to watching any of the videos on youtube I recommended? Also, look up rejuvelac. I have begun drinking that- it is full of enzymes, vitamins, and friendly bacteria. I bought some so I could start right away. I am going to make my own though after finally getting some hard red wheat berries to sprout beginning this morning. I watched how to make it on youtube. Good video with Angela Stokes and also Ann Wigmore who was famous for helping heal people who had all sorts of ailments including cancer with juicing at her healing center. I am looking forward to hearing about how your next week goes. Are you eating a standard diet in addition to your juicing or are you eating more vegetarian? We are at about 90% raw at this point for about 2 and a half weeks now. Such a vast world to explore! I'm so curious to hear your results and discoveries. Have fun on your journey. Lisa

Replied by Kay
(Houston, Tx)

hi lisa!:) you are so sweet to write back so soon!:) thanks; we have only been juicing once a day; i will try twice a day with the extra greens:). yes, we are 90% raw; just fish maybe every other day; otherwise, juice, the green smoothies, hemp seeds, chia seeds, raw cacao, goji berries, stuff like that:). yes, i've looked up some of the youtube videos!:) they are great and inspirational:). my husband says he thinks the scars on my face are better already!:) (not all the way but a definite improvement:)) i'll keep you posted!:) (the aloe vera plant was kind of small so we bought two;we planted them:)insearch of a bigger one because i'll be using alot!:)

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Hi Kay, I know what you mean about using the aloe a lot. I wanted to tell you that I found a place called Aloe Farms because I thought of perhaps ordering large leaves of it. I thought you'd be interested because they are located in Harlingen, Texas and sell very large leaves which I can purchase here in one of our health food stores and it says they can last a month. Check them out. I am using the aloe and coconut oil alternating through the day and almost all melasma has disappeared from my face!

Also check out Raw Freedom community to find a very extensive recipe section with lots of very yummy recipes which we have tried quite a few of at this point and they have not disappointed. Also, did you look into rejuvelac? Do you have a local health food store that you go to or do you order online? I do both.

I saw that Jenine from Pomona, NY has joined us beginning with the mbp. A shout out to you Jenine and good for you for going for it! You will not be disappointed and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Take care and here's to our health, Lisa

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

This post is for Kay from Houston, TX- First of all thanks for your fantastic info on superfoods. I have checked it out. I would love to hear how you're doing with your juicing, superfoods, etc. I sent earthclinic my email address for you but they don't have yours. If you are interested in corresponding you could give them your email address and they could give you mine that way. I don't want to violate the guidelines of site names, products, etc. but I wanted to ask you about some of them I have read about and see if you've actually used any of them. Thanks so much! Lisa

Replied by Anonomous
(Falling Pines, America)

QUESTION TO TAHHITI FROM MONROEVILLE PA. I noticed in the letter that you posted from Robert on here to Lisa.

Robert said see attached, for correct way of boiling and also mentioned his depestisizing of non organic foods.

Would you be so kind as to post that information here?

Thank you, so much!

Replied by Tahiti
(Monroeville, Pa, United States of America)

To Anonymous of Falling Pines, America - Here is the information you requested. This is all of the information that I have received from Robert Von Sarbacher so far. I will post more when I hear from him again. Hope this helps! Tahiti

How to cook veggies and recipe

One of the greatest combo recipes in the world for veggies is... yellow squash, broccoli and spinach, and white onions, with butter oil and salt and pepper and trocomare spice and herbamare spice...(spinach is required to be organic or do not get it at all! It is totally worthless now for any nutrition if not organic, it's just empty!)

When you are back onto eating meats again for those that are vegetarians for a few months, you can also put in here some smoked chicken or smoked brisket if you can find a reliable source for smoked meats... (not cured) like I can find here at Whole Foods Grocer.

Whenever you cook veggies via steaming or via boiling - boil in purified water never in distilled ... distilled and/or de-ionized water are for cleanings and for making teas... not for drinking on a regular basis...See Source list for MRET machine and the use of Spring water with it!

When boiling you must never boil veggies or steam them for more than 15 mins or all the enzymes will be dead.... This involves 2 steps ONLY - Step one, put veggies in water that is ALREADY briskly boiling, this may cause it to stop boiling for a few mins maybe 10 mins, that's fine, just wait til 10 mins is up and take it off the heat or wait the 10 to 12 mins til it starts to finallllly boil again then step 2, DUMP IT, strain it! Remove it from the heat... stop the cooking process... DO NOT turn off the stove and leave it there in the hot water! This will kill it! Do not place it originally in water that is cold and wait the 30 mins to an hour for it to start boiling, they will be dead b4 then! Do not wait for it to come back to a boil so you can count down your 7 to 10 mins of cook time...just start counting from the min you put all the veggies in EVEN if those veggies caused it to stop big deal! It will boil again in a few mins or sometimes 10, then when starts boiling again, it's usually perfect 30 second to 2 mins after that... sometimes right then with no more wait! Check and see...

Steaming will kill veggies as easily as boiling but b/c of massively uneven heat distribution ... do you see a problem?? Most veggies will be "al-dente"... little hard or crisp or what have you... that's fine if you prefer it that way.... You know that is truly better than boiling for nutrition, unless you're 88 and you need everything hot and mushy like with boiling... otherwise steaming always comes out superior b/c less cooked... and only one thing better.... Eating them RAW!

Replied by Tahiti
(Monroeville, Pa, United States of America)

To Anonymous from Falling Pines, America. Here is the second part of the information that you requested. Here's to your health! Tahiti

Salt and all that is good about it

All studies done on salt being bad for you were done on pure adulaterated filth, but for whatever reason, they still humorously saw fit to still call it salt anyway! Even though had they continued with this form of filthy, trash salt since b4 the 1950s, if they had not added Iodine to it, they would've wiped out all mankind (salt naturally has plenty of iodine in it, they process it to such an extreme that it is there is no iodine or ANYTHING good in it, then add the iodine back in so that mankind does not get wiped out). That is, they still used this salt then (back in the 50s and b4) with iodine added (so that they would not wipe out mankind) in order to do experiments with/studies on that type of salt, thus telling everyone that salt was bad for you, even for the heart... (though it does not stop them instantly from giving a saline/salt IV the second you have a heart attack, hmm)... anyway... without going into forever on describing how they process salt to make it so amazingly bad for you, (though the anticaking agent used is usually worse than allll the evil they've already done to that pile of white filth when they're done with it) let's just go on with which salt to get and how to take it, and use it, and be efficient cost wise about it...

[seems everyyyyone is really interested in how they turn the worlds #1 nutrient and most potent cell mover and shaker and anti-parasitic and brain chemistry enhancer and heart beat repairer into a poison that has the exact opposite affect.. it's simple they turn it into acid! This is how it works... all salt that exists in the world today comes from sea water, whether that sea water comes from dried up sea water in ancient mines we mine out as "rock mine salt" or whether it comes from dehydrating sea water directly from the sea... to make this sort and sweet - here's how it happens. First they went to Mexico and started harvesting their sea water off the coast, it's highly polluted and now worthy of ever being made into salt, no official in Mexico doesn't know this but it doesn't matter considering what they are about to do with it. They will place this sea water into giant Olympic pool size cement vats and let it dry out, and being polluted it dries into a black goo. Being in cement it has soaked up all the cement toxins, most notably amount these toxins is aluminum which goes majorly into the making of cement... they then take this dehydrated sea water black mesh out with a bulldozer and heat it up to a crazy temp to remove all the impurities (thus removing all the pollutants from the sea, and ALL OF THE MINERALS THAT BALANCE THE SALT AND KEEP IT FROM BEING ACIDIC!!!) and in doing this heating, they SEAL IN ALL THE CEMENT TOXINS which cannot be cooked out, isn't that special? They then bleach it to make it white again, and instead of 10 to 15% minerals with the salt it is now 99.9% salt and no minerals, uh, except powdered aluminum, well cooked in, and other cement toxins, and now it's acidic, and when it combines with sugar in foods you eat, salt and sugar together as in every recipe book since Betty Crocker when on the salt with sugar rampage, those 2 together are like running acid thru your blood! Not just ACIDIC sorta kinda, but like acid running thru your veins... sigh, anyway, despite all the evil they do to salt they use this method to make it so that it is superrrrrr cheap... thus the world renowned currency becomes a poison instead of a thing of beauty. Worse than this, it wouldn't have been so bad had they just turned this into you average filthy poison, but they went one step further and added a poisonous anti-caking agent to it! They don't even have to put it on the ingredient label! LOL The anti-caking agent is so messed up that it is WORSE THAN ALL THE EVIL THEY JUST GOT THRU DOING TO THE SALT IN THE FIRST PLACE! It is a radical destroyer of your blood pressure (the anti-caking agent is) and it's affects build up in your body.... Regardless of this, keep this in mind... that real salt, with minerals intack, will lower your blood pressure RADICALLY and within 30 seconds to 30 mins!! It's that fast... here's how you test it... take a blood pressure reading beforehand, then put 1 tsp of salt on your tongue, say Flower of the Ocean brand Celtic Sea Salt, let it dissolve slowly for 5 mins, then take another reading on your blood pressure, then at 5 mins, then at 15 mins then at 30 mins and watch it plummet, THIS IS REAL TRUE SALT - the world's most amazing super fast healer and destroyer of all ulcers and internal tissue strife, a major healer! Well, that was the reallllly short version so moving along]

Redmond Real Salt brand of salt is one of the cleanest salts there is... it is also the cheapest of all the good and acceptable salts! It's a Rock Mine Salt - You can buy a salt shaker of it and then the refill bag and use this in all your cooking, by adding salt AFTER you finish cooking, but still, if you ever use salt in your cooking, then you at the very least now have this and other good salts to use, in the actual cooking process which is better than the bleached, 'anticaking (free flowing) agent filled' salts... you get the idea... this is the one I tell people to get for their everyday needs, b/c it is not expensive though it is still not a therapeutic salt like below...

But for therapeutic salts I tell people to always get Flower of the Ocean Celtic Sea Salt... this is the highest amount of minerals available in a salt in the USA and is good for lowering High Blood Pressure ... I have it put into a formula : a quart water or so with 1/4 tsp of salt and drunk thru the day... making sure with this much salt for therapeutic reasons taken, is always balanced out with one orange and one banana by end of day...., or for more info on forcing water out of the blood stream and into cells thus forcing HYDRATION of the body... making you thirsty and wanting to drink more water... I also use this one above for a huge variety of other things, esp asthma, etc... but that is for the the mean time... Salt is the escort of water into the cells, the passkey sort of, but not really, but it's a good analogy to get to understand its significance...Just like insulin is the passkey for sugar to get into a cell so that it can be burned and used.

A lot of people are into another high mineral salt as well called Himalayan Sea Salt... but there is soooo much corruption surrounding this salt that the only one I feel ok about recommending for this is one: ... keep in mind though that Himalyan salt will not hold PH level of the blood, just like it will NOT hold the PH of water for more than a few hours b4 the PH of water falls, this is not the case with the above Flower of the Ocean which truly holds in place the whole PH of the blood b/c it's mineral content is so high. I should right a few pages on this subject, but know that Himalayan is inferior.

Next good salt is Sun Fire Salt from myself at my website which will be here at month's end - it's

Celtic Grey Sea Salts of all kinds.. first thing you notice when switching over to ANY of the salts above or even regular Celtic Grey Salts, is that there is no more swelling going on in the wrists or arms or ankles... congrats on getting rid of a lot of water weight retention by way of using good salts instead of filthy will NOT get rid of it all, that requires another diet but it will help in that regard...

My personal recommendation is this, for therapeutic use - use the Flower of the Ocean Celtic Salts (it's not grey like the others), and use Real Salt by Redmond for everyday use, so don't have to spend a ton of $...if you're trying to find Flower of the Ocean, google it as I do not sell it yet, however, these are perfect prices if you find it online, for example on $17ish for a ½ lb is a good price so be CAREFUL when you think you're getting ½ price or double pricing and check that you're not paying $8 for 1/4 or 1/8 lb, if you see my point! They will TRY to sucker you in.... 866-543-3388 (ref # 10240) Himalayan Sea Salt, gift&search_in_description=1&osCsid=9be510d5689adcbfdf769dff0d69bbe5&x=13&y=16 type

in salt in search engine or maybe Himalayan Salt or just Himalayan

Good Luck to All
Robert von

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, New York)

distilled water is perfectly fine...& good for you.You get plenty of minerals from your veggies, seaweed etc. I prefer pressure cooking my organic beets for about 8 minutes (larger ones) in a cup of water with a dash of vinegar. I then drink this dark red water & find it has such a restorative effect..(a quick russian borscht)

Replied by Anonomous
(Falling Pines, America)


I do wish he would post here on Earth Clinic also. He seems to be very knowledgable when it comes to nutrition for the body. Again thank you so much!

Please continue to post anything else you get from him. I know it is probably a pain but it will help so many people."

12/13/2009: Tahiti from Monroeville, Pa, United States of America writes, "To Anonymous from Falling Pines, America - You are welcome. I will be sure to post any information that I get from Robert Von Sarbacher. I have asked him to consider posting on earth clinic and he said he would think about it. I told him that there were more than a few people interested in what he has to offer. Maybe if those who truly are interested would email him or call him, he might decide to post here. Tahiti

Replied by Teambk
(Dundalk, Md, Usa)

We just got the nutri-bullet. It pulpifies the whole fruit/veggie - seeds and all, if so desired. So, just blend up, or what? I'll be trying this either way. Have been using curcumin for boils. At least something helps.

Heard beets were a great blood cleanser, so - now's the time!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Teambk, The original mini beet protocol calls for juicing. I'm not so sure blending would work but certainly never tried it that way. Robert von Sarbacher, the creator of the mbp is pretty specific in his instructions. I have made green smoothies a lot and never used his combination of veggies/ fruit while doing it. Perhaps, use your new nutri-bullet for other green smoothies and try the mbp in the original method. Just my thoughts... Lisa

General Feedback
Posted by Eve K (Houston, Tx) on 09/19/2009

Whoops, I guess I should have read the instructions again before starting MBP. I just downed a cup of beet juice and a cup of asparagus juice. Too much for a first-timer, according to all of the feedback. Well, good thing I am sticking close to home today in case it makes me ill. I also forgot to do the cinnamon first. I am primarily doing this for fluoride detoxing, although the other benefits would be nice too. My goal right now is to stick with it for 2 weeks and see if there is any benefit. If Robert is reading this, is that long enough to expect a difference?

Replied by Irishelee
(The Rolling Hills, Ky, Usa)

[Question] Does anyone have any personal experience doing this with broken teeth? I've looked around and there's not much information on this in regards to teeth.

General Feedback
Posted by Laurie (Belleville, Ontario, Canada) on 09/17/2009


Well I've decided to try the MBP. I bought a bunch of beets, asparagus, apples, carrots & celery today. I did the first "treatment", but had forgotten about the cinnamon (too much of a hurry to start lol )

1/4 cup beet juice, plus 1/4 cup asparagus juice; followed by 1 apple and one carrot. The drink is Very good, no bother at all, I ate the apple & carrot and only ended up experiencing a vague feeling of nausea.

1've just had my second treatment (cinnamon plus the juice) and will have a 3rd later. So far so good.

I'll let you know later how the first week goes

I noticed in Roberts Audio he mention protocol can remove all traces of a smoking habit, including the desire to smoke in only ONE WeeK. I did email him, although in all fairness it was only a couple days ago, and I'm sure he's a very busy man.

So Robert if by chance you are reading this. Can you please give us an exact protocol for removing smoking traces in Only ONE Week.... especially for beginners of the MBP like me ??

Thank you
All the best wishes for everyone here.

Replied by Marie
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Hi Laurie,

I've been looking everyday on Earth Clinic to see if any one was doing the MBP. I started Saturday, and I'm only doing it once a day. I missed two days but did it again this morning. I'm hoping this will help with my very serious systemic candida problem. I've had this problem for years and have tried soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many different things. I really can't eat sugar or I get a reaction and I feel the yeast in my vaginal area and I feel it before I have to urinate. TMI?????? Sorry. I'm desperate and I'm hoping this will work. I think I'm going to increase taking the mbp.

Please keep us posted with your results and I will do the same.
Wishing us both success!!!

Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

I can't say I have been doing the Mini Beet Protocol, but I guess I would call it the Modified Mini Beet Protocol. Here's what I've been doing for a couple of months, off and on: I started with 1/4 beet, sliced and blended well with a little water. Drink this down with an extra large straw (I saved mine from a gas station drink). Then eat a few raw asparagus spears. Then eat one carrot, and then one apple. I figured the extra fiber would not hurt, plus getting the juicer all dirty for 1/4 beet seemed like a huge ordeal. I also felt better about less waste of a vegetable; also I thought the fiber might help push out toxins. I felt a little nauseated when I did this every day, so I went to every other day for a week. Then every day. Then I increased to 1/2 beet, and skipped the asparagus. Liver spots on my face are quickly fading, as well as red bumps around the lymph node areas, which after a while seem to turn into skin tags. I believe that if you have a clean, healthy liver, everything else follows. I found this method to be less time consuming, since the blender is much easier to rinse clean! It's a sustainable habit, in other words. If it's too hard, you'll stop doing it.

Replied by Laurie
(Belleville, Ontario, Canada)

Hello Marie from Philadelphia: Firstly... I too am wishing you success at ridding yourself of the candida and of good health in general. I will continue to rate MBP here for as long as I can afford to do it (Asparagus here is very expensive)

I DO hope you're feeling much better Very soon


Gean from Salina, Ks:

If you don't mind my asking how long have you been doing the MBP including your modified version ?? How long was it before you saw "Liver spots on my face are quickly fading, as well as red bumps around the lymph node areas" ? This is very intriguing !

Please keep us all posted on your results


Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

I have been doing the "MMBP" (modified mini beet protocol) for a couple of months, though not continuously. I've taken days off, or a week or two off here and there. I've also included cooked canned beets in my diet now and then. I don't know exactly when I first realized the liver spots were fading, but all of a sudden I noticed they were like 50% faded. Now it seems like every day they are a little lighter, same with the lymph spots, where before they seemed to be getting darker and darker.

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Posted by Leanne (Brisbane, Qld Australia) on 08/30/2009

Day one of the MBP - I can't stand cinnamon so have omitted that step - I started with oil pulling, then mixed half a cup of beetroot (as it's called here in Australia) juice and half a cup of celery juice. It smelled just a tad earthy and like Dianna from Texas I've had some really special moments with straight beetroot juice in the past, so I added a splash of apple cider vinegar. I drank it slowly over 5 minutes with no ill effects. It tasted a bit salty, but was definitely palatable. I didn't feel at all unwell, and actually forgot to eat the apple and carrot, but ate an apple about half an hour later when I felt hungry. (Ruddy rabbit food!) I've felt good all day, no side effects, however I have been on ACV and bicarb soda as well as oilpulling for around a week, which may have already detoxed me to a degree.

I think that sipping slowly is the key to beetroot juice - chugging it down pretty much guarantees an instant, violent and spectacular multi-coloured display in the bathroom! I'm using the MBP primarily as a liver detox to aid a weight loss programme, which incorporates ACV and bicarb soda, VCO and oilpulling. I also take about 10 grams of calcium ascorbate daily.

Will let you know how the MBP progresses

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Posted by Silvy (Amsterdam, Holland) on 07/12/2009

Hi,First I want to say that I love this site!! I have a question regarding the mini beet protocol. I'm wondering if I should first cook the beet and the asparagus before juicing?

EC: Both should be juiced raw, not cooked!

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Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 06/11/2009

hi - i just wanted to say that i used to often enjoy beet juice with carrot juice. then one day i decided to try just straight beet juice. about 10 minute after i ate it i suddenly felt extremely ill and had to rush to the restroom to throw up. it was actually very funny because it was a white marble bathroom and you can imagine what it looked like after i was finished. i never drank straight beet juice again! yes it is very detoxifying stuff! maybe i will try it like this. thanks

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Posted by Catherine (Seattle, Washington USA) on 06/07/2009

Questions about the mini beet protocol...can anyone help? I cannot find much information on the internet about it.

1. What is the major beet protocol? The author mentions it but does not say what it is. I imagine it is several cups of beet juice and asparagus per day?

2. Should the juice be drunk on an empty stomach? First thing in the morning? 3 hours after food okay?

3. What is the purpose of the cinnamon?

Replied by PR
(Houston, Texas)

Hi just click on the link below and read the whole article. This article will answer all your questions.

Replied by Catherine
(Seattle, Washington)

Response to PR, Maybe I am missing something, but I read the protocol page 3 times very carefully and did not see my answers questioned!! I know there are 2 video links too, but they cause my browser to freeze so I am unable to watch them. I looked on YouTube and didn't see anything there.

I am hoping someone who knows a lot about juicing can answer my questions.

Replied by Robert von
(Dallas, Texas)


Sorry you're having trouble understanding it Catherine... I've made quite a few updates for people but it has not been posted yet, I'll try to see if I understand Earthclinic well enough to alter items in here to make it more easily understood... we'll see...for now, and until I get to updating things in here, here's the simple skinny:

You juice one cup of beet juice then 3/4 cup of asparagus juice (or 1 cup), then mix them together, then drink them IMMEDIATELY, b4 the enzymes die... then eat 3 apples then 2 carrots in that order... I have people usually do the cinnamon before even starting to juice everything (see MBP)...and just like apples, this cinnamon is a potent remover of the side effects of beets, but some can't take cinnamon at all, so feel free to skip that step if you're annoyed too much by the cinnamon.

This drink is to be thought of as a supplement... therefore you can drink it morning, noon or night, in the middle of the meal, on empty stomach, right after a meal, on a full stomach or whenever, etc... as for the eating of apples/carrots right after, can take up to 2 hours to get those done but you must get them into your stomach and in that order, first finish off the apples and then do the carrots... (over time you will need less and less apples to remove the detox side effects of beets.

This drink is so detoxing that if you were to do it without the apples and carrots you would end up hospitalized within days, with the worst side effects known to man, it is after all the single most detoxing substance in existence on this planet... as should be rightly seen from the fact that wrinkles disappear from your face within days to weeks to months depending on your age, right in front of your eyes... it's effectiveness on the human body also depends on if you're a nutrition freak like me who never eats anything bad for him or if you're a pastry and donut type eater that is non-stop with the twinkies (I'm totally not judging you, just giving humorous examples and spreading the love).... what I'm saying is that blood chemistry plays an obvious part in how fast this will work.... blood chemistry being how much filth is in your blood via bleached sugar, and bleached starch, and bleached flour and bleached salt, that might hinder this or any other protocol.... obvious stuff of course but mentioning it anyway.

If you do this drink and experience even the slightest sore throat then please increase the # of apples you're eating and stop doing the MBP til you're perfect again, just eat apples and veggies til throat is back to normal.... never ever push the MBP... take your SWEET TIME. Make sure you're feeling better on this almost every day of doing it for it to work, else take some time off to recharge b4 going back on it again.

Those who are weak with anemia absolutely cannot do this protocol even though it will reverse anemia... why? If you do this in such a weakened state, you will not be able to withstand the cleansing even if eat enough apples, your energy will tank... therefore, first reverse the anemia with beef liver in a few days, and at worst 1 month depending on the type and severity of the anemia and then you'll be good to go to do the MBP...why would you use MBP to reverse anemia over months and months when beef liver done 3x/day will usually reverse it in 3 days... depending on anemia and severity thereof (a Nobel prize was one between two MDs that discovered this fact!!).

Other diseases like Lyme's, Lupus, etc. they might make it so that you can only do the absolute tiniest amount of this protocol to start, then do it for like 3 days as an example, then do it for 3 more then off for 3 and back and forth, - the reason for this is that there are zero nutrients in such people, just to exaggerate a bit... the diseases ate all your nutrients or made you so that no nutrients could get in your body thru the years wearing you down via eating away any stomach acid you have so that nothing you ate over time could be broken down - getting worse every year with less and less stomach acid... Does all that make sense, so to do the mini beet protocol I highly prefer people eat massively BUILDING foods while doing it so that it is easy to do... such foods are called Vegetables... tocotrienol powder wouldn't hurt at all either and I highly prefer everyone doing my MBP to take herbal calcium or otherwise to keep calcium high... (To restate: veggies, tocotrienols and herbal calcium... these are greatttttt to do while doing the MBP and even when NOT doing it.)

I could go ON and ON about all the nooks and crannies of how to apply the MBP haha, but the bottom line is that the weaker your condition the more you need super veggies with which to do something this cleansing...b4 I go I will give two examples...

A Naturopath/Chiropractor in California was infected (I have no idea how) with a number of diseases at once, I never asked how.... Hep C and few others as well as Lyme's, and although he had helped to alleviate and reverse 100s if not 1,000s of his patients of their diseases, even the removal of every disease he had EXCEPT Lyme's - yet this one last annoyance of Lyme's having been with him for 10 years was just destroying him and he wasn't sure how much longer he had to live since it was slowly sucking him down... a good friend of mine and the most charitable woman I know, gave my MBP to him without my knowledge... now remember he has nothing left but Lyme's and suffered with it deteriorating more and more each day for just over 10 years... his left foot is 2x the size of his right foot and has been this way for more than 1 year.... he has little stomach acid to boot... just hanging on there and barely able to work anymore

In 10 days after giving him this protocol, I receive a phone call with my friend, and the g/f of the naturopath calling to tell me the MBP has reduced his foot to the same size as his other foot in 10 days, but it was sooo detoxing and he was soooooo weakened already, that he had to stop it... I told her, "that is totally required! Stop it please, and rest, eat veggies and eat apples and regain strength..." he began again (this time with his g/f also doing this protocol) for another few days and continued on the MBP off and on for 2 1/2 months...each time getting off to recharge himself and rest up and gain some strength at which time I get this little note from my friend.... both the naturopath and the g/f (girlfriend)... have checked their blood... not even the tiniest trace of mycoplasms, candida, germs, viruses or bacteria... cleaner than anything he'd ever seen in blood before...(he's NEVER gotten rid of his g/f's candida b4!) with only a few traces of spyrochete's left in his blood, almost nothing, so the lyme's was almost completely washed away...

So the moral of this story is that it very potent and I guarantee you that if he continues the use of the MBP that it will completely permeate his bones and tissues COMPLETELYYY, to the extent that even the most imbedded spyrochete's of Lyme's disease, no matter how far impedded in bone, no matter how tough or resolute it is, no matter how far imbedded in tissues nor how old or powerful they may be, they will be forced out or vaporized, whichever comes first.

Next, one of my friends in El Paso, has quite a few maids, and asked me down to go over many items on nutrition and supplements and the MBP... I even showed all the maids/cooks/etc how to do it, so that her and her family could have it done for them easily ..... however, almost but not quite 3 months later... I returned to find not one of them had done the MBP even once LOL... how humorous is that... but here's the good part: one of the maids who goes back to Mexico, simple boarder crossing by a few miles, every Mon, Tues and Wed, was using this MBP on her son! He was one big pimple!!! just endless pimples all over his face... when I had returned... I found out that this sweetheart of a maid had been giving the MBP to her son ONLY on those 3 days of the week, NO CHANGE IN DIET AT ALLLLLL! Just added the MBP to his diet (of whatever he regularly ate) on those 3 days per week... he was 99% acne free when I returned < 3 months later... I think you're seeing my point.

But just to reiterate, even doing a little of the MBP say ONLY 3 days per week, I highly prefer doing just this little of it, only 3 days/week - and just keep up with eating a few apples on the days off, adding them to your diet of whatever you usually eat on those days off when not doing the MBP. This MBP does NOTTT have to be done every day to be affective...

I hope these small examples clear up some things for you... most especially how easy it is to do this simple juicing ... 2 cups of juice when combined, then eat apples then eat carrots... simple I hope.

I wish you all, all of you, the best, let me know how your nutrition experiments go, and I'll do the same.

Robert von
(note: cannot juice the apples or carrots in order to remove detox side effects, I've tried, it 100% does NOT work, only eating of apples will remove detox side effects...more details are on the MBP.)

EC: Thank you so much for this information, Robert. Great!!

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