Mini Beet Protocol by Robert Von Sarbacher

| Modified: Jun 18, 2018
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According to the one page website of the inventor of the Mini Beet Protocol (aka MBP), Robert Von Sarbarcher, this juicing remedy will cure:

Fluoride Poisoning
Pesticide Poisoning
Mold and Fungal Infections
Crow's Feet
Heavy Metal Poisoning
Love Handles & Cellulite
Hormonal Imbalances
Free Radicals
Gray Hair

In order to do this protocol, you'll need:

A juicer

INGREDIENTS (organic, if possible):
* Ground Cinnamon
* Beets
* Asparagus
* Apples (any kind)
* Carrots

Robert Von Sarbacher's extensive instructions here: (His web page is best viewed in Internet Explorer; Firefox has a character display issue.)

After you try this juicing cure, please send us your feedback!


Posted by Aurora (Palo Alto, Ca) on 09/16/2012

The MBP sounds great, but is there a way to do it if you have allergies, particularly to raw to fruit/veggies?

To explain; My husband has worked in landscaping for many years, and the first seven years he worked with a company that used pesticides, and did not allow workers to use respirators or any protection. Now he uses mostly organic, but still have to use them occasionally, and with more caution. He has severe allergies every spring for months, (running and swollen eyes, feverish, sneezing uncontrollably, runny nose etc)... and cannot eat raw apples or now any fruit raw, without getting a dry, itchy metallic flavor in mouth/throat. Since we got together, I have slowly started getting the same allergies over the last 5 years, and the other day I could only take a bite of Apple, had to leave the rest; severe itchy/ dry metallic taste mouth/throat. We eat almost completely organic at home, although he doesn't stick to it as much as me... we eat a lot of tortillas, maize, beans, meat and try to include veggies/fruit every day in some form.

i love raw fruits and veggies, and don't know how to do a detox since we both react to them. (Lettuce, tomatoes, and greens seem fine raw) Cooked anything seems to be fine... Even strawberries I have to cook slightly, just a minute or so, to make a pudding or marmalade, and then we can eat them. Same with Apples; if I make apple sauce or apple pie we're fine, but raw; No...

What can I do? Could it be allergies related to Salicylates? Why has his allergies transfered to me? Could it be residual pesticides in his body? Is there a detox that can cure that?

Thank You so much to everyone who posts, this is wonderful. I wish to detox, I have so much pain, but don't know how to start...


Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2109 posts

Aurora, a comprehensive detox program includes the exterior as well as interior environment. Thoroughly clean your home w/ natural cleaning products. Many people already filter their water, but neglect to improve on the air. In addition to at least an electrostatic filter (a better alternative is the HEPA technology filters) in your air unit, it is necessary to add a floor or desk-top air purifier to further destroy toxins which translates in increased oxygen content of your home. Negative Ion technology type purifiers are quite effective. Also, it is possible that you live close to a major electric power lines which causes magnetic radiation poisoning which almost always translates into allergies and sensitivities, sometimes severe especially over a period of many yrs.

As for the internal environment here's two links to get you started:

Also, supplementing antioxidant nutrition is very important. Vit-A, Vit-E, Carotenoids (mixed C complex is best), Pine Bark or Grapeseed Extracts, Vit-C w/ Bioflavonoids. Coenzymes like Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 or Ubiguinol, and Co-1 or NADH are great antioxidants as well as energy boosters.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Replied by Aurora
Palo Alto, Ca

Thanks Tim; As for our air at home; I'm not sure why I should get a filter? we have windows/doors open all year; we like to hang out or have meals on our patio/garden. No carpets. I dust/mop floors about 2-3 days a week. All natural cleaning products, a few drops of chlorine sometimes to desinfect bath.... I love fresh air! We run an electric heater in winter just for an hour or two/day only as needed.

Update; we've decided to try to do the MBP anyway, just peel the veggies and apple, and see how it goes. I was able to eat a peeled apple fine after the juice this morning! No reaction at all! So it looks like the natural instecticides in the peel of fruit/veggies might be what we both are reacting to.... I wish I would have heard about salicylates before...

As for magnetics: There are no powerlines here, at least above ground that I can see, but it's a thought; where do you get an EMF detector? I seem to feel magnetic fields more than most people....

Thanks Again!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2109 posts

Aurora, looks like your OK on the exterior, so now focus on the interior environment. In addition to the antioxidant supplements I suggested, a very important one is NAC / N Acetyl Cysteine, one of the best Glutathione (the body's master antioxidant) precursors. Quercetin/Bromalaine is good for allergies. Acidity can cause hypersensitivity so try Ted's bicarb buffer remedy. Heavy metals can be a culprit so try some Cilantro herb for several wks. Hep C is a possible culprit as it will compromise liver detox. BHT eradicates the Hep.

Just some suggestion from afar, but you can objectively test PH levels, Heavy Metals, and Hep C for conclusive diagnosis. Whole body bath w/ Baking Soda & Epsom Salt will help (2x week) overall (this will provide a buffering so it would eliminate an oral route). To maximize the cleansing a good herbal detox like Dr. Christopher's "Red Clover Combination" 30 min prior to the bath will help clear any chemical or heavy metals from the body.

Let us know of your progress.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Aurora, I saw your question regarding an EMF detector. The actual name for them is a trifield meter. I know because my husband uses it at work to check different machines and far infrared saunas. I know you can easily find them online and they start at about $100 and go upward. Hope this helps. Lisa

Replied by Aurora
Palo Alto, Ca

Thank you Lisa and Tim so much for the suggestions, I am working on getting things sorted out, and in my usual fashion, I tend to take my time. I like to be thorough rather than rush things....

The cough has slowed me down a bit, but I found a Traditional Chinese Doctor and a chiropractor, so they both said they need to work on my lung and neck misalignments for a few weeks, so I guess that's what I'll be focusing on for a few weeks. I'm still juicing, about 4-5 days a week. The peeling solved it. Loving it! Don't seem to have any issues with strong juice at least :-) Tried eating an apple with peel the other day again, and yes, immidiate reaction.... yes, organic.

More later, and many blessings to you all.

Canberra Australia

Years ago I suddenly developed oral allergy syndrome and found that I couldn't eat raw fruit or veg fact I almost went into anaphylactic shock from a carrot juice until I vomited it up. There was some relief from charcoal, but until I found a cure, I cooked everything.

Eventually I freed myself from this allergy by adding half a cup of cooked brown rice to my diet every day for six weeks. It's a medicine. I like to cook it 40 minutes. Good in smoothies, salads, soups it can be added to everything and because it seems to boost my immune system, I still eat brown rice at least once a week.

Replied by Jocelyn
San Antonio, Tx

Hi Aurora, I also have tons of allergies and always doing research and came across this site. May I add try soaking your apples or fruits in 1c water w/ 1Tbsp salt for 15 mins? This helps remove soil, microbes and bacteria found on the skins of fruits and vegetables. Also, try rotating your foods every 4 days - meaning, if you eat an apple on day 1, avoid it for 3 days and ok to eat again on day 4. Maybe this may help, but if you can, it's best to avoid foods that makes you sick at all cost. Best of luck. :)

Replied by Rosanne
Toronto, Canada

Aurora, or anyone else who is suffering from this problem (as I do! ) do a websearch for Oral Allergy Syndrome. That is what the intolerance to raw fruits and veggies is called.

I have yet to find a solution to it myself, but it was comforting after so many years of not knowing what it was to be able to put a name to the problem, and to find out that I am not the only one who can't eat raw foods.

Peeling can solve the problem because the molecules that trigger the allergy tend to be located near the surface of the fruits/veggies.

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

Maybe hawaiin spirulina would be effective. Also raw, organic cocoa powder and absorbable colostrum worth a try.

Replied by Margaret G
Albany, Ny

To be honest, the symptoms you and your husband are suffering from sound exactly like oral allergy syndrome (I highly recommend researching it online, you can find a thorough list of problem foods on the encyclopedia sites).

It's a food allergy that starts with a reaction in the mouth, and the people who suffer from it tend to be adults who have hay fever/seasonal allergies. It's also called "Pollen-Food Allergy".

This is a real allergy and if suspect you have it, please take it very seriously -- my friend had to drive herself to the emergency room after an apple made her throat close. She was 30 at the time, and had been eating apples all her life. It can appear gradually or suddenly.

The part of your post that made me immediately think of this was the fact that you mentioned that the same foods cooked or without their skins are okay. If you had pesticide poisoning, you'd still be sick even if the foods were cooked.

Here's a partial list of foods that could possibly affect you if this is what's wrong. Keep in mind that these are all linked to different pollens, so if you suffer from ragweed, you'd have different sensitivities than someone with an allergy to birch pollen or alder trees:

Almonds, apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, carrots, celery, cherries, chicory, coriander, fennel, fig, hazel nuts, kiwifruit, nectarines, parsley, parsnips, peaches, pears, parsley, peppers, plums, potatoes, prunes, soy, strawberry, raspberry, wheat, etc.

Good luck with whatever this turns out to be, and be safe!

Fungal Sinus Infection

Posted by Cindy (Ontario) on 02/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I found the Mini Beet Protocol (mbp) while looking into biofilms, I had been suffering with a fungal sinus infection for over 13 years.

Over the years I had quit consuming all sugars and wheat products, as they were my triggers. Upon starting the mbp, my sinuses actually appeared to get worse, the mucous had changed and was now sticky ( my sinuses would stick together so that breathing through my nose was virtually impossible, and they were itchy like mad ) when I walked my dogs I would make a point if pinching my nose and forcing my sinuses open with air, just to get some oxygen moving in there, this would immediately take the itch away, also there was a horrible bitter taste in my mouth that would dissappear right after I ate an apple, needless to say, I ate a lot of apples.

When I read his protocol, I wondered how he knew how many apples to eat, now I understood, the first 10 days I was eating 13 apples a day and very little else, cuz I was full. On the five days off, my sinus mucous would return to normal ( as in still ever present , but no longer sticky), then on beginning again, the stickiness would return, along with the bad taste, so now I was sure it was the MBP causing this, my kidneys have done a 100 % improvement, and my sinuses are minimally improved , so I jet up the protocol, 10 days on 5 days off, and after about 2 months, my sinuses were considerably improved, the stickiness was usually only the first and second day of the protocol and the bad taste is now at bay with only 4 or 5 apples a day.

Also, I learned to make a gingerbug and had begun drinking gingerbug juice to keep up my probiotic, which also seemed to be helping . During all this time I've been doing sinus rinses with my hydra rinse ( similar to a neti pot). Then I read about a woman who encorporated her probiotic capsules into her sinus rinse, so I started putting a teaspoon of my gingerbug starter into my sinus solution ( living probiotic being better than dormant, or at least that is my thinking).

So once again I am overwhelmed with sticky discharge , and the smell ( like im now smelling the inside of my sinuses )and taste in my mouth are horrible, but after 2 wèeks , I am soo significantly better, the swelling on the roof of my mouth is finally abating after almost 14 years, and , although I wasn't really paying attention to my skin , the very obvious scar on my top lip is barely visible, my crows feet are almost non existent and the skin on my neck is tightened and firmed .

I am 54 and my sinuses have been giving me grief since I was 40, I have always been a fairly healthy eater, that has improved now out of necessity, but my sweet tooth is now gone, after 14 years without sugar, an apple seems almost excessively sweet, and I am physically very active, and very grateful to finally be feeling better!

General Feedback

Posted by Sofya (West Lafayette, In) on 10/22/2012
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I've been on MBP for 5 weeks or so by now and want to share my experience along with a couple of suggestions on how to reduce side effects.

I followed the protocol to the letter. I was fine the first 3 weeks while increasing the amount gradually from 1/4 cup of beet juice to full cup with no side effects. When I started 3/4 cup on my 3rd week, it was noticably more difficult to finish the glass, with a very slight nausea following the juice. A few other minor side effects such as headache and sore throat also felt, but very mildly. The very first full cup however, caused a severe nausea, and the second day full cup caused vomitting. But I also was in a hurry that day, literally pushing down the juice and 3 apples, and 2 carrots. So I have reduced the amount to 3/4 cups for another week. At the same time, I slowed fown the consumption speed, and added Apple Cider Vinegar 2TB to the juice. I've never had any side effects since then. Now I've been at least a week on a full cup MBP 2 TB ACV, taking in the juice slowly, and having just 1 or 2 apples and one carrot after, and not feeling any nausea at all. My husband, who was taking a short version of MBP, because he could not tolerate cinnamon, was taking it still a little bit harder than me, having sore throat and headache for the most part of the day after MBP. He followed my advice to drink slower, and with ACV, and he stopped having these side effects, too. So it seemed to work for us to be able to continue with MBP. It is still not easy, but quite tolerable.

Now benefits... Nothing dramatic happend after a month:(. My main health concern was chronic sinus inflammation, which seemed to be better the first week, but now is just as bad as ever.

However, I have a definite energy increase. A few days I missed MBP, I felt my energy level going to usual low level. My face skin became noticably younger, with fewer and shorter outbreaks. I dropped no more than a pound, but I certainly feel lighter with less abdomen bloating. Also, we did not get sick this fall, with so many sick people around. Even my husband, who is very succeptible to sore throat, with his recent overwork and a couple of chills, was sick for only 1 day, which is VERY FAST recovery for him. He had absolutely no time to get down, so we were so happy he did not, I credit MBP for that. My hair loss is reduced, the last period passed easier, my emotional state also seems to be slightly more balanced. So, yes, I certainly can see the benefits of MBP, even though we were on a full serving for only a week. I am looking forward for tackling my sinus and weight loss.

Replied by Sr
New York, Ny

You should really start with 1/4 this amount and build up way slower, no need to rush. It's a 6 month process.

Posted by Anniejay (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/09/2012

Well all this reading has spurred me on to do this protocol... BUT was wondering, as I'm the lazyish type (efficient perhaps?), could I juice and blend the beetroot, fennel, carrot and celery one after the other and drink this as ONE drink or do I have to drink them separately? Well my stomach is going to blend them altogether anyway.

Thanks for everyone's information. I've spent hours reading posts on fibromyalgia on EC as I'm going round in circles trying to find the best treatment for myself.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Anniejay, I did not do that version but rather his first protocol. It appears that you can do exactly that according to his instructions as he says it's the easier version to do but you are consuming more liquid. Just remember to eat the apple afterward. Read his instructions carefully and follow them because if you read people's testimonials on EC you will see some nasty experiences due to not following them! It's a powerful detox and I have to say, having read his cautions, it made me listen! And I'm not always good about that... At any rate, it is amazing and eventually I did not have to follow with the apple and carrot and felt fine. Of course, that was well into the protocol.

Hope this input helps, Lisa

Posted by Jd (Mattoon, Illinois) on 12/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Am excited about trying the MBP. Although this is my second day, I am already experiencing some wonderful "happenings". First off, with-in minutes of downing the MBP concoction.... I sneezed for about three minutes and my nose ran uncontrollably for a few minutes as well. I have been suffering with sinus infection and it has me all plugged up in the mornings upon awakening. I do the MBP first thing.... And.... It seems to be "unplugging" me! This has happened on both my mornings thus far. I found it odd that I would sneeze and get a runny nose after directly drinking the juice on both mornings. Could it be the cinnamon??? I am paying attention and journaling everything that happens to me during my MBP "experience". I am really excited.

This might sound a little bit gross but I have also noticed that just with-in a day of taking the juice, that my bowels are moving better. I have not had very good bowel movements and they tend to appear like little clusters of "rock" formations.... Yesterday evening before retiring for the night, I went to the bathroom and I heard a big PLOP! A "Boulder" fell out!!!! Figure of speech, of course...... Hmmmm.. I'm thinkin'... Must be really plugged up... Both in the Head area, and in the rear!!! Hahaha...... I am beginning to feel the difference already... And, it's only been two days. Looking forward to more Good results.

This protocol is also very filling too. I ate apples and carrots during the day. No cravings. I then ate a nice salad for dinner and am drinking lots of water. I might add that I am going to follow this protocol exactly as directed. To be cont.

Replied by Vera
Melbourne, Fl
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the Mini Beet Protocol and have had astounding results from it. First off I used the recipe with Fennel instead of Asparagus (but still ate one apple afterwards) because it's just so much easier!

After a few days I noticed a fog lift from my thinking. I didn't even realize it was there until it was gone. That was such a pleasant surprise, so when the detox started happening just a few days later - I didn't mind at all, knowing it was truly helping me out. Slight headache and a cold was what I got, plus of course the bowel clearing.

After just 3 weeks of the protocol I was cured of Hypothyroidism (got checked by a doctor) and some long-standing skin rashes cleared up.

I also got rid of lots of excess mucus and the thick white coating on my tongue that is said to be caused by candida. The feeling of strength and well-being after drinking the juice is incredible, and the fennel actually makes it taste good. I know the first protocol takes a long time to make and tastes awful to most, but the second one is really easy and tastes a LOT better. This protocol really does help!

Replied by JJ
Miami, Fl, Usa

Hi Vera, I am very happy for you and the great results that you have gotten from doing the MBP. I started with the second protocol with the fennel and also contacted Robert on his email. He then sent me an updated MBP document saying that the fennel version doesn't work that well and advised me to do the first protocol or his other alternative.

I then decided to do the first protocol and have been doing it for the last 4 weeks. There is no doubt that the fennel version tastes a lot better not to mention that the first protocol is more expensive since the asparagus are more expensive than fennel and not as nearly as juicy so you need a big amount of those. I have decided to do it for about 2 months and was hoping to see an effect but to be honest I haven't seen anything remotely close to what some of the people has written on this site. I strongly believe that I am detoxing by doing that I'm just trying to figure out whether I am doing something wrong so that I don't see those effects or I guess it just depends on the body type, etc.

Anyway, since I haven't gotten any answer to how long I need to do this to be sure that I have detoxed, I've decided to do at least 2 months. Since you have seen such results with the second version, I may switch to it now or after the 2 months I have done the first one. I just wanted to ask you to keep posting in the future so that we're all more informed on how this second protocol is working for you with the time. Thanks a lot and once again I am very happy for you!


Replied by Dottygoat
Nashville, Tn, Usa

What do you eat while on this MBP?

Replied by Luzmaria
San Jose, Ca. Usa

Hello, I just wanted to ask whoever tried this before, is that all people eat during the day? I mean drink not eat! , some people do it for several weeks or months, please don't tell me that is all you put in your stomach.

Thanks in advance for your response. LMA

Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh/USA

How often per day to do the Mini Beet Protocol??

How many times per day should someone do the MBP juicing and drinking? Is it replacing the usual 3 meals per day? Or if someone eats 5 small meals per day (3 hours or so apart) can the MBP be done 5x/day in place of the 5 small meals?

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Wendy, The mini beet protocol is quite powerful! My personal opinion is that once a day would be plenty. When I did this, I would drink it first thing in the morning to get into my system. I never saw it as replacing a meal but then again I never eat breakfast. Instead, I juice, drink my Chinese herbs, have my probiotic drink or maybe some kefir. I don't eat solids in the morning and that works best for me.

I'm not so sure you would want to be doing the mini beet protocol 5x a day! Perhaps in the morning and then other veggie juices. I say that because it's pretty intense and I think others who have experienced this would agree. Hope this helps, Lisa

Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh
14 posts

Thanks so much, Lisa, for the additional info on how often to do the MBP per day. In fact, I did as you suggested the last 2 mornings: the MBP only in the morning, as my "breakfast", then regular juicing the rest of the day with a great variety of veggies and/or fruits plus added Spirulina for protein.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Wendy and Cat, I'm glad you have found your stride Wendy with the mbp. Cat, you asked about frequencey regarding the mbp. I had said earlier that once a day is sufficient to reap the benefits of this very powerful protocol. Hence, why Robert von Sarbarcher has you follow it up with the apple, etc. I followed this to a tee in the beginning afraid of what might be the outcome as some who had tried it, posted. In the beginning, I felt a bit nauseous as he warned so I did what he said. After awhile though I was able to eliminate the other steps. I am not telling you to do that, I am only saying I became comfortable enough (and probably detoxed enough) to no longer do the cinnamon, apple, etc. Hope this info helps, Lisa

Posted by L (Alberta, Canada) on 11/21/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I did deal with and overcame detox effects from the mbp last year and managed it for 5 months, drinking 1 cup of beet juice with up to 1 cup asparagus juice, 2 apples and 1 medium carrot. It helped with cellulite, fat around waist and face, energy, and I believe healing /detoxing.

This past October I started again, after having some infected root canals removed. Same source for asparagus and beets. My carrots are local (no pesticides used but fertilized once, because Organic carrots are irradiated at the border) It's been about 5 weeks of the 1 cup beet mbp in the am.

Problem: I'm feeling nauseous right from the ingesting of the cinnamon which continues while downing the juice, and by the time I've eaten the apples and carrot, I have full blown detox symptoms, including a week of stabbing pains in the side of my head! Yet, my sleep is improving, and I sense this powerful detox program is healing my body. I have kidney and liver disease and am noticing stronger kidneys and less pain. I do take one (am) and often a second (pm) coffee enema a day which helps a lot. I've also had 6 ozone injections which has helped the infections. Vitamin C, E, and astaxathan I take daily. My diet is whole foods, gluten and dairy free.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or ideas as to what this could be?


Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

You may be detoxing too quickly. Try easing up on things and doing it every other day or in less amounts. Thanks for the tips, though! I love Earth Clinic. What a great help to mankind!

Replied by Jj
Miami, Usa

Hi, You are saying that you did the MBP for 5 months last year. I salute you!!! :) I was wondering how long you did the MBP before you noticed that you have lost some fat or cellulite. And how long is good enough to say that you have detoxed? I am in my third week of the first protocol now and cannot imagine doing this for longer than 2 months. It is a bit of hassle to do it every day. I have not found a single reference to how long the MBP needs to be done to see the effects and so far I have not really seen much of a difference in my life. Granted I am only in my 3rd week I do not expect major changes but I have seen some comments from others who see tremendous changes - either feeling better with their health issues, having a lot of energy, or losing weight in the first week. I do eat pretty healthy anyway so that may be the reason I do not see big changes but I am sure I have plenty to detox as well as I have never really done it in my whole life.

If anyone knows anything about how long the MBP needs to be done to make sure that you have detoxed well please let me know!

Thanks in advance!


Replied by Michelle
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

l am from Alberta Canada: Any chance you live in Calgary? I do and would love to meet you at Community for coffe/herbal tea and exchange notes. I know this is an old post. It is a shot in the dark but really great to see Albertans posting on EC. I know they irradiate almonds but did not know that about carrots. I try to buy Lund's in season at the Farmers Market. if you want to chat my email is maryhealth44atgmaildotcom.

Posted by Maria De Suecia (London, London Uk) on 09/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! I drank 250 ml of beetroot juice on an empty stomach every morning for about 3 months. I used a green star masticating juicer. I have to say that I did not feel nauseous at all. Initially I did the apple thing afterwards for like a week, but I got tired of it and tried without and I had no problem.

I took a break now to try green juice for a while but occasionally I have beetroot juice.

I noticed on the beetroot juice that I lost tons of fat in places where I never could lose fat before. People would tell me that I looked great and wondered what I had done to look so healthy.

The coolest thing though. I have done Bikram Yoga about 5 times/week for 3 years. About a month after I started with the juice my flexibility increased exponentially. I all of a sudden could get into a couple of poses that I simply could not get into before. I then read that beetroot juice has a lot of oxalic acid, which supposedly breaks down calcium deposits in your body. Makes sense to me given my miraculous yoga experienced. I mean, I made years of progress in 4 weeks.

However, the most energy boosting thing I have ever tried is eating 3-4 medium sized beetroots raw first thing in the morning. I don't know what happens but it just gives my an insane rush of energy. Scary actually how powerful that is. But it is really time consuming to chew them down.

Replied by Lislcat
Madison, Wi, Usa

Can I just use celery, in place of carrots? I've recently become allergic to raw carrots. I've developed many food allergies in the last few months and I know that my liver was affected by an IV antibiotic I was on. It destroyed my gallbladder, so I had to have that removed. I can't digest fats at all and I just keep putting on weight. I do eat cooked beets a few times a week and love them, so I'm hoping that this works for me. I'm also allergic to coriander (cilantro) and fennel (caraway).

Replied by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Maria, was it only pure beetroot juice you were taking or did you mean the MBP mixture? Fennel and asparagus are very difficult to obtain here, so if good results come from the beetroot only I am ready to give it a solid try. Cheers.

Replied by Maria D
London, Uk

Hi Cathrine, sorry for a late reply. I did pure and simple beetroot juice without anything added. I don't know about others but it was OK with me. I also have a friend who did the same thing and it was fine with him as well. I may have experienced some degree of nausea initially but nothing major and I got used to it so I drank it daily without any problems.

Lislcat, I think you can mix with celery. I gave my parents a huge glass of beetroot juice mixed with some pineapple juice. It tastes SO good actually. Also mixing in an apple makes it taste really good. Both my parents drank it without problem.

I have a gut feeling though that it is more powerful to leave it as is, and not mix in any sweet fruits. It just depends on how hard core you want to be.

Replied by Susan
Canon City, Colorado

Maria De, Just put your beets in a strong blender, add some water and blend. You won't have to spend all that time chewing, just drink it down and get the same benefits!

Posted by Mary (Barrie, Ontario, Canada) on 07/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been doing this up for my husband and myself now for more than a month. Initially, my husband got a sever headache which lasted about 24 hours. Since then, he has been fine. I chose the second simpler protocol in Roberts web site ( which was easier but still nutritious. The benefits have been numerous: better skin, digestion & sleep, more energy, feel lighter, am losing weight and walking faster and farther. To be fair, I am doing other things as well, but this is the main thing.

As I read the other entries, I see that other people are having problems. On his website, the second protocol calls for specific amounts. I believe it says:

"Separately measured out : 1 cup of beets juiced, 1 cup of fennel juiced, 1 cup of 50/50 carrot/celery.... That's it!!!! Drink down and eat one apple afterward".

Since my first one, I have had not problems. It is so beneficial that it is worth reading my reference site above for additional information to go with both protocols.

In the mean time ... To our health!

Replied by Sarah
London, Uk

Just started doing some beetroot-based juicing. I'm very surprised though by the precise instructions 'otherwise you'll be sick'. Much as I like the fennel, mixing beetroot with, say, a spot of carrot and celery - or anything to hand - seems just as good. I haven't felt remotely like throwing up. I'm going to try larger quantities at some point to see if I can make myself queasy per se with beetroot juice. But surely health food shops have been selling beetroot in fresh juices forever without it getting a reputation for making people hurl.... Am I missing something?

Posted by Minni (North Hollywood, Ca) on 06/15/2011

The mini beet protocol looks a little scary and I don't have a juicer. I recently found Trader Joe's Beet & Purple Carrot 100% Juice. Would this have any of the health benefits of mbp? Would eating apples after the drink be of any help or can I forget that?

Replied by Foodofthegods
Anytown, Usa

Minni, the beet juice needs to be fresh in order to preserve the enzymes. Therefore the bottled juices will not be as effective, other than for the vitamin and mineral content only. Other than that, there's really nothing to be afraid of with the MBP. Be sure to eat carrots and apples immediately after drinking the juice, and if there is still some nausea, add lemon to the juice.

Some background on me, I have been doing the MBP for about 3 weeks now. I have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, candida and heavy metal toxicity for years and I have done almost every diet and supplement with varying degrees of success. The MBP has been a lifesaver for me and seems to preserve my energy very well as well as help me detoxify my body and lose some extra weight. Robert Von Sarbacher must be some kind of nutrition genius because almost all of his recommendations have been right on. I still cannot juice a full beet due to mild nausea and fullness for hours after drinking the juice, but it's getting easier and I'm feeling a ton better.

Good luck and let us know how you like it!

Posted by Shee (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 03/21/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I just started the mini-beet protocol three days ago.

I followed the directions perfectly and within 5 minutes, got hit with horrible nausea. I felt dizzy like I might pass out. Also had a tingeling sensation in my face and head, like a niacin effect. I kept eating my apples and felt things moving in my stomach and the need to poop. So I ran to the potty, with a trash can in my lap (in case I threw up) and kept eating my apple and doing what I thought was a little bit of poop. When I was finished, I saw that the potty was filled! I didn't even realize that was happening! As soon as I finished pooping, the nasea was gone. It all took less than 10 minutes, but I felt like I had just been hit by a truck! Very powerful stuff!

I decided maybe because I only weigh about 120 lbs I should start with less juice. So the next day I only juiced 1/8th a cup of each juice and had no side effects. Today, day 3, I am almost up to 1/4th cup of each juice (1/2 cup total) and still no problems at all. I am still following the protocol perfectly, just with less juice.

One weird thing happened yesterday. I have one, small age spot on my hand. I noticed a white area of skin beside it and began to lightly scratch it. The skin flaked of easily and began bleeding slightly. Today it is healing back and the age spot is gone!

Will post again when I get up to the the full mini-beet protocol juice amount.

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Dallas, Tx

Tookie's response is just plain mean and nasty. It's also of no help to anyone. I can't believe EC posted this--it should be removed. I come on this website to get inspired, and now I have just been really offended by this meanness.

Shee, thank you for posting your experience. It is always a very good thing when someone manages to really clean up his or her body. Wish I could. I might try this sometime.

Replied by Tookie
Atlanta, Ga

in response to whoever from Dallas' bleeding heart post. Shee from Atlanta is actually my sister, so my post was actually "a joke":) In addition to the mini beet protocal you might want to try to laugh every so often... It's actually quite healthy! Haha

Posted by Emmi (Seattle, Washington) on 01/04/2011
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I started the mbp 4 days ago. I started slow with 1/4 cup beet and asparagus. All was well until day 4 or so. I got an intense headache that no matter how many apples I ate it did not help. Then recently I woke up one morning with the worst neck ache that has lasted for 2 days now, causing major headaches. On the one hand I was a little happy thinking these are some major hex. reactions, but at the same time, I am struggling to keep going. The headaches I can manage, it's the neck ache I cannot. Also, I did notice my candida flared up pretty bad early on, maybe possibly my parasites as well.

Anyone else experience anything like this? I will say, I just very well might be cleaning up a pretty toxic system, and I could be on the right track. I feel like this is die-off like I have never experienced from anything I have tried in the past. Sorry for the loooooong post... Still hopeful in Seattle!

Posted by Gary (Wauchope, New South Wales Australia) on 11/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the mini beet protocol and have nothing but praise for it first my blood sugar went from 11.8 down to 8.4 with in the first 3 days and now it is down to 5.8. I lost 4kg in the first 3 days and now I'm down from 94 kg to 86 kg as of this morning. My girth reading has gone from 118cm to 109.5cm all in all I would totally suggest it from a common sense approach I never felt sick but made sure I ate my apple and carrot as soon as I finished drinking the juice which dosen't taste bad at all. But I will suggest you use a cold press juicer as a friend tried it the protocol as well and didn't notice much at all. But she used one of those juicers that grinds the pulp away and is suppose to destroy certain enzymes.. Kind regards Gary

Posted by Nycwriter (New York, Ny, Usa) on 10/05/2010

Hello all! I love this site. I've been here many times, reading the day away while I should be working, but as you already know, it's too interesting and informative to resist. Kudos to those who keep it organized and non-commercial for it is truly one of the best sites on the web. I wanted to offer my own experiences with the MVP as well as throw out a few questions.

First, my history: I have always eaten healthily. I was not raised on junk food, and my biggest offenses were a bit of wine, ice cream, and some other things. But my diet has almost always been raw organic plant based, with a little lean fish or poultry thrown in. So, that being said, I suffer from a sluggish metabolism (extremely low rate of bowel movement, if you must know), which my mother suffers from and as do many other women, I hear. Also, I was diagnosed with candida by a naturopath. I have had severe lower back pain for several years though I see I chiropractor, accupuncturist and Asian herbologist. Overall, I am very healthy yet need to lose 30 lbs of weight. Sorry for this, just think it's helpful background.

So I did a 30 day severe yeast cleanse recommended by the naturopath, and never cheated one iota. It did not get rid of the candida as far as I know and I didn't lose 1lb, althugh my boyfriend, who did it with me, lost 15 and is still going strong, though he's no longer doing the yeast cleanse. In fact I gained a couple of pounds and my belly swelled up. So thinking I was reacting badly to something (she had us switch to coconut milk, and sheep or goat cheese, for example) I stopped the protocol, and after much searching around, adopted the MBP. Again, I followed to the letter for two weeks, while eating some other things, ie cooked spinach with olive oil, which he recomends, and so on. Again, not one pound lost, though I hope it is working with the candida. AS he explains, the beets are like a trojan horse: they lure out the fungi with their sweetness, then whammo--obliteration! Also, for those who have eliminated the apples, Robert says that the beets--apples--carrots combo work in conjunction with each one another. The beets go in first and do a clean sweep, then the apples get what the beets missed, then the carrots get into the nooks and crannies--or something like that. So the apples are not just for nausea. Also, there is a more recent podcast one the web from 3//2010. Radio One Network, if you do a search yoi will find it. He has a ton of info on there, including HGH, getting rid of gray hair, and some other things. Someone on one of the interviews suggested throwing a lemon in the mix in order to keep the beets down--and after experiencing one minor bought of nasuea (i had gone up to a cup of beets after one week of 1/4 at that point) I started adding 1/2 lemon to the juicer and no more nasuea. I have maintained a cup of beets plus asparagus a day now followed by 1 1/2 apples for about 2-3 weeks.

As for my constituion--the beets work wonders. Never has anything worked as well as this. My belly still is swollen, though. I am off dairy and wheat completely except for the occaisonal hi-quality yogurt. So, the beets and asparagus are ideally drunk 3 or more times a day if I understand Robert correctly. But I can only manage 1-2 times. I'm going to go down to tue-wed-thu, which Robert suggests is ideal for the rest of your life. We'll see. Incidentally, I've done an exhaustive search on the internet and can find no other information on Robert Von Sarbacher than what's been mentioned here. He seems to be in the finance industry, and obsessed with anti-aging (he used to drink four cups of carrot juice every day in college) began using himself as a guinea pig. That and prayer, he says, led him to the beet protocol. Obviously, he spent some time in Mexico working on ridding people of flouride poisoning. I'm interested to hear if anyone knows anything more. I'll try to update with my progress. If anyone can address my swollen belly and lack of wieght loss I would be grateful. My naturopath says it may take years of experimentation to find out what works and what doesn't. I hope to circumvent that. Thanks, and good luck!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi, my advice is maybe not what you would want to hear but that is the reason why it is maybe important you listen to some different ideas. Have you ever heard of eating fat and losing fat? Author Barry Groves wrote two books: Trick and Treat (which I have reviews on this site, just have no idea where you find the book reviews) and Natural Health & Weight Loss (and another one but this are the more updated ones). I read Trick and Treat first and am now half way through the other one. The idea is that all the advice we have been given for a long time is quite wrong. Why do I agree with that? Because I see everybody around me trying to comply with what they are told and all struggling with all kinds of illnesses, weight problems.... Read his books and decide for yourself. The first one is more about the general health and certain illnesses, the second one more about the diet itself and weight loss. I have never had weight problems in all my life but being 53 I started to get a bit round around the waist and anyway I am interested in eating healthily in order to prevent illnesses and to cure some I have already like allergies, bad eyes, bad skin. As far as the bowel problems go there is a lot you can do: drink more water, eat some fruit first thing in the morning, especially kiwis, drink a bit of molasses first thing in the morning. If nothing works a few prunes will do the job but don't use this on a regular basis or else your intestine will get lazy. Barry Groves also talks about the problems of taking more fibers. Interesting read even if at the end you decide not to give his ideas a try!

EC: Hi Francisca, your book reviews are all on the Favorites page:

Posted by Tiara (Oakville, Ontario, Canada) on 10/01/2010

Hi, I've been reading through this site for the past 6 months or so and have found it very useful! Thanks, EC! I just started the MBP this morning but I have been juicing for the past couple of weeks with things like beets, fennel, cilantro, celery etc. I do have a question. Is it necessary to take the cinammon? I suffer from GERD and I don't know if that is what caused my extreme reaction to the cinammon shot with water. I did it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and I was hit by so much nausea and bloating all at once followed by typical GERD symptoms. I can handle the juices and apples but don't think that I can do the cinammon. I want to try the asparagus and beets first because of the good results I read about. So long story short... Will it still work if I don't do the cinammon?


Replied by James

The cinnamon is not really a must do, but I find it quite a plus when you mix it with raw honey. 1 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp honey

Replied by Grannykeeperpdx
Portland, Or

What is the purpose of the cinnamon in the MBP?

Replied by Maureen
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

To Groundskeeperpdx, the purpose of the cinnamon on the mini beet protocol (MBP) is to lower your blood sugar level before you ingest lots of sugar in the beet juice. Therefore it defeats the purpose if you add honey to the cinnamon. So take it alone or leave it alone. Taking cinnamon is not a must, it is just better for you during the MBP.

Posted by James (Ny) on 08/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have been doing the MBP now for two months, I feel and look better than I have in twenty years. These are by far the best results experienced, having tried various juicing regimes over the years. I juice two organic beets with their green tops and six carrots, this makes aprox. 14 oz. Of juice. With this mixture it not only tastes great but I find no need to eat the apples after.