Zappers for Parasites, Bacteria, Candida

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Dr. Hulda Clark conducted a great deal of research, testing millions of frequencies, to identify an exact ratio effective for eliminating harmful organisms. The result of that research is the zapper and the associated technique of zapping. The process uses a low-voltage device set at a specific frequency to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

What is a Zapper?

The zapper is the device that was researched, designed, and evented by Dr. Hulda Clark. The machine is designed to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds, and even fungi using electrical charges. When used appropriately, the mechanism eliminates viruses and bacteria within a mere three minutes; tapeworms, roundworms, and flukes in five minutes; and mites in seven.

The system is battery-operated and is constructed with a positive offset and low voltage – 5 to 10 volts. The system effectively kills parasites, bacteria, and other harmful organisms as it reaches them; however, it does not reach or harm the eyes, appendix, testes, or other sensitive organs.

The mechanism is designed in such a way as to limitedly emit frequency. As such, the current does not pass uniformly throughout the body but relies heavily on liquid transport – the lymphatic and vascular systems. As the blood and lymph typically contain the most toxins, the design is particularly effective.

Health Benefits of Zapping

Essentially, the benefits of zapping center on the elimination of parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. However, the system is more developed to meet those needs.

The mechanism is designed to send positive electrical force in the way of pulses to energize the white blood cells. This energy forces the cells into action by which the cells attack the parasites, toxins, and bacteria in the body.

Zapping is effective for a wide range of conditions. The process has been used to treat allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, bleeding, coma, depression, diabetes, endometriosis, heart disease, herpes, infertility, and insomnia effectively. Likewise, the technique can also treat kidney failure, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and a variety of other conditions.

With such a low voltage and a regulated process, the zapper causes no harm to the body and offers a wide range of benefits. Even healthy individuals can benefit from regular zapping, as the process eliminates toxins throughout the body.

Herpes Zoster

Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 03/25/2015

Through trial and error in trying to find the cause of my migraines I discovered I had occipital neuralgia. From there, I found the
root cause was herpes zoster virus.

The point of this post is that your underlying cause could be chronic infection. The herpes zoster is well known for causing nerve pain.

I have had low level chronic shingles my entire life but they don't break out in skin eruptions but just a little tingling on the skin. I ignored it most of my life since I had a zillion other things I needed to address. I did take a homeopathic formula for shingle 15 years ago that helped a lot with tingling but never touched the migraine.

I have had ME/CFIDS essentially my entire life. I am 60 years old. The virus has been getting more aggressive in me as I age. The heart of ME/CFIDS is that at it's root it's an encephalopathy disease which causes a lot of secondary diseases.

I know people are in desperation for some remedies to neuralgia so decided to post this as soon as possible versus more evaluation. It may help some people.

I found most of the Herpes Zoster remedies mention in the shingles file did help me some degree but did not really address the underlying condition. Curiously, many things that help people here are the same.

Here is the list of remedies and how I responded to them.

1) high dose b2 riboflavin helped a little. first thing that helped.

2) coenzyme b complex. it worsened I think due to the coenzyme folic acid whyich seems to irritate the nerve but other vitamins were ok.

3) b12 sublingual methylcobalamin helped a little more but too much aggravated it.

4) magnesium glycinate and magnesium oil help a little a lot since it relaxed the muscles around the nerves

5) chiropractor treatment help a lot by moving the migraine over the eye to neuralgia pain on side and to the spinal column at times. this traced it to the C2 section of spinal cord so I could make a diagnosis of occipital neuralgia.

6) lysine helped a lot more. the therapeutic dose is 3 grams minimum 3 times a day. This helped me realize it was a herpes caused problem but only because the chiropractor took a layer of pain off the problem so I could figure it out.

7) vitamin C helped a little but not as much as lysine

8) potassium gluconate helped a little but I think because it is ionic form

9) cooling things to the mouth like mint. that actually helped a little also. I saw this suggestion from someone.

10) changing my diet a higher lysine to arginine ratio helped more than just lysine

This still was not enough. When I slept, my neuralgia pain acted up a lot more as I slept.

11) Since I had an overactive immune system, I ordered a product called moducare. This product has a lot of research in back of it. It is a low dose phytosterol combination that has been shown to balance the immune system. After I started taking this, I was able to sleep better and had less neuralgia upon awakening but still I had to be aggressive with Lysine.

11a) There is another product - micronized Beta Glucan which I have not tried that research has shown to be very effective to improve immune system. The regular beta glucan is useless for the immune system since it does not get absorbed. The form of beta glucan is more important than the quantity. The ideal size of beta glucan is 1 micron or smaller although 1 to 2 microns may be ok also.

12) The thing that has worked the best is the Terminator 2 Zapper. It combines the zapper circuit with an orgone generated by a mobius coil. It is suppose to be the most popular zapper in the world. I stopped taking lysine and other things then just started wearing the Terminator 2 zapper for 16+ hours a day. after 3 days, the virus seems to be more under control than with all those supplements.

I still take the magnesium to help with muscle tension but also because ME/CFIDS uses up the magnesium. I hardly had any neuralgia pain today I really have to test the Terminator 2 zapper out for month or more before I can truly give a more solid review.

Neuralgia causes a lot of pain so I will make an exception. I'd like to put this out there as soon as possible. this is another thing to try.

I am very cognizant that many people especially chronically ill may be on very tight budgets so must choose carefully what they buy. I strongly recommend buying the Terminator 2 Zapper. It has many generic health applications. If it doesn't work for one thing it may for something else. Running it 24 hours a day for one month would cost $3.50 in batteries (seven 9 volt batteries). You may save on supplements to make up for the cost of the zapper. I always tell people that it is worth buying a silicon enema kit because it has many health applications.

Replied by Jack

This post was 7-8 years ago. Still using the zapper? I read years ago about the use of real oil of melissa (Melissa officanalis or Lemon Balm) stopping HSVII by following it back to the nervous system where it lives and destroying it. Some used the pure 100% oil (no carrier oils) along with DMSO to carry it through the skin. It was a european doctor if I remember correctly who said his patients never experienced another HSVII outbreak after applying it to the affected area. Let me know what your experience has been with the zapper.

Zapper Feedback

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Posted by Tony (Tn, Usa) on 02/09/2014


Is this the zapper you're referring to from eBay(the scaled down version)?

I have multiple health concerns. Viruses, bacteria, candida, and other unknown/undiagnosed conditions as well. You had mentioned the zapper to me before in a different topic.

I think it's time to seriously consider getting myself one. I just want to make sure I get the right one. I'm certainly not looking to purchase one that's expensive. Lord knows the amount of $ we've already spent in trying to get my health back. However, I do want to get one that truly works for multiple health issues like me. Thanks Timh!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

I would rotate, on a daily basis, the for-mentioned but also add Baking Soda and Borax for alkalization. Alkalization is a critical first step, without which may not see positive results of any other therapy.

Also, as I have been zapping my spine in a successful endeavor the kill fungal meningitis, as well as some species of bacteria in my shoulder blades also with success; but I am also experiencing an additional benefit of killing warts and tags in that area which have been problematic for several yrs on. I have been scrapping and pulling pieces of these nasty growths off my shoulders and back for several days now. I would advise the use of the Don Croft Terminator Zapper as they are the best in use of small local area like the nose. An E-Bay seller has a scaled down model for about $35.00 if one cannot afford the $100+ 2nd edition Croft Zapper.

If rotating all these does not prove effective, a salve containing Bloodroot will likely put an end to this C. Also, one could apply Ozone from one of the generators designed especially for food & water purification. A small hose is included so the Ozone will concentrate if applied about 1/4-1/2 inch from the nose surface.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

My apologies for not being specific; I did mean Topically.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Tony: Yes, this one is the scaled down version of the Terminator Zapper. I would not recommend this one for whole body zapping unless it is used in conjunction w/ any basic 30 khz zapper w/ handles. This model is best used for local application.

Personally, zapping has been one of the most effective remedies I have used for chronic parasite & pathogen infections which have almost claimed my life in the past two yrs. I have only very recently found it absolutely necessary to zap w/ three different 30 khz zappers 3 times a day for aprox 30 min. per session. And I can say that I am finally getting the upper hand.

As for economy, a basic zapper is one of the best bang-for-the-buck remedies I know of. I would recommend this little Terminator Zapper along w/ another basic Hulda Clark (or equivalent) used simultaneously in your severe condition. Have some charcoal, clay or fiber ready because you will experience some rather severe herx. for a few days. Also, you may want to consider purchasing a 9 volt battery and recharge unit so you will save from having to purchase several non-recharge 9 volt batteries. You should get something like 40 hrs use from one battery.

Also, zapping increases the potency of pharmaceutical meds so do not zapp while medicating, unless you as much as half the dose.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks Timh for your reply back to me!

What about the Terminator II zapper that's more expensive than the basic zapper? There's some on eBay for around $130. Would I still need to get one of the Huda Clark zappers in addition to the Terminator II zapper as well? I'm really trying to avoid the zappers like the ones from Huda Clark that require wrist straps and being hand held.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is would the Terminator II zapper be sufficient for whole body zapping? I've read quite a bit about these zappers including some of the Huda Clark zappers. There seems to be quite a few to choose from with the Huda Clark line of handheld zappers.

Unless I'm confused, it seems the $130 Terminator II zapper would work for whole body zapping but then again I'm totally new to zapping. I definitely want a zapper that can treat the entire body. I know I have organs involved with my sickness/diseases. If I can do this by purchasing only 1 zapper then that would be ideal.

As for the die-off, I've been going through this off and on for about 2 years now. I seem to have very little progress. I can't tell half the time whether it's my symptoms of disease are getting worse of actual die-off. I know when I see all that strange stuff in the toilet it's definitely die-off.

I'm also going to get ChemBuster to use alongside whatever zapper(s) I purchase. Have you tried the ChemBuster homeopathic treatment with your zapper treatment Tim? Maybe you haven't heard of it but the information about it is from Don Croft's zapper site. Any suggestions/help are greatly appreciated!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Tony: The Terminator II Zapper is one of the top sellers w/ many people reporting benefits, so it seems you couldn't go wrong w/ it; my speculation is that the severity of your condition may require an additional zapper, like the basic Hulda C one which you can get for around $35.

Do continue w/ your other nutrition based remedies and after introducing zapping you should see big improvements. Be sure to do an annual gallbladder as well as colon cleanse so to improve digestion & elimination.

No, I am not familiar w/ the chembuster. Thanks for the heads-up, I will check it out.

Hope to hear good news from you soon.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks Timh for yet another very timely and helpful response. I really appreciate you bringing to light the zapper back a few weeks ago to me. I really wasn't interested in zappers at that time. However, I'm just so tired of taking so many supplements. I think the least I can take would be better for me.

A zapper will probably allow to me to eliminate a lot of my supplements. I've taken as many as 15-18 supplements at one time during the past 2+ years. It gets really old! Sometimes, I can hardly keep up with it all. Especially, when I have really bad days.

Zappers just seem to be the answer. Maybe not the complete answer but a big step in regaining my health. It's easy and convenient to use. Doesn't take a lot of brains and effort to use one. With the way I feel most days a zapper will be so helpful because of my lack of energy and weakness. I know the biggest reason for my lack of energy and weakness are thyroid and adrenal related to go along with chronic candida and viral overload. I have so many different bodily systems affected here.

The supplements I take have made very minimal dents into my sickness/disease. I've not lost total confidence in supplements but when you keep doing the right things with diet and see no progress with supplements you begin to lose confidence in them. However, I trust them totally over any prescription drug period.

I'll look for the basic Huda Clark zapper on eBay as well. I know that I saw several zappers from Huda Clard line on there but didn't view any of them extensively. Is the one you're referring to actually called the basic Huda Clark zapper? Is that the actual name?

I've come up with a new plan now to go with zapping. I'm going to use the following protocol plan for a good while:

  • zapping(daily)
  • BHT(for viral overload, HSV, etc., 500 mgs. daily)
  • Vit C(support for BHT treatment)(1000 mgs. daily)
  • B Complex(support for BHT treatment)(one daily)
  • Multi-vitamin(every other day)

This is all of the supplements I plan on taking for a while once I start zapping. This will be easy and simple. No more having to keep up with when I take this and when I take that. It gets so aggravating! I'm sure you have been through this as well. I've read a many of your personal posts on here. You too have been through pure heck with your health as well. It's a shame we have to experiment on ourselves to find out what works.

I say this because traditional medicine doctors have absolutely NO ANSWERS! We have to do this ourselves with the help of each other here at EC. I really appreciate your helpful and detailed replies here at EC. I'll keep you updated on my status. Please let me know about which Huda Clark basic zapper to get as well. Thanks & God Bless!

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Hello again Timh!

I just want to make sure I get the right basic Huda Clark zapper. Is this the right one or not? Huda Clark Zapper Would this one work even if it's not the basic HC zapper? Remember, I'm also getting the Terminator II zapper as well.

BTW, ChemBuster works with all zappers. It's just a homeopathic remedy that gains extra strength when placed beside a zapper for a few minutes before taking it. Supposed to work with all pathways in the body for better elimination of pathogens and supports all organ regeneration/repair. Thanks again Tim and God Bless!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Yes, this one I have used w/ no problem for about 3 yrs. I got best results using this in a foot bath w/ added salt for conductivity; do this while using the terminator over glands and organs, including the spine. I think it was Beck who recommends zapping directly over the underside of the wrist for immediate blood purification.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks Tim for replying back to me. So, the Huda Clark mini-zapper I linked is an acceptable one? That's good because it's not too expensive of an add-on to go with the Terminator II. Already purchased the Terminator II and waiting on shipment. Will go ahead now and also order the mini-zapper as well.

That's interesting in you using the Huda Clark zapper with foot baths. I wasn't even thinking of using it this way. I know that the soles of our feet are a good detox pathway but it didn't even occur to me for zapping this way. I'll take your advice and use it in foot baths. Should I do the zapping foot baths daily as well? I assume you used sea salt and not table salt?

I plan on using the Terminator II for 30 minutes daily or so for the 1st week. I will gradually increase to where I can hopefully wear it 24 hours daily for a few weeks at one time. I pray that the detox/die-off isn't too bad. I've already been through enough suffering but if that's what it takes to get better then so be it. I have to stay strong! If things get too bad then I'll just reduce the zapping to a minimum until the detox symptoms get better.

I know that I have major overloads of various toxins and pathogens in my body. The doctors tell me I'm just fine! Yeah right! If I'm so fine then why in the heck am I still so sick? They have no clue! I know I'm very sick both physically and mentally. I don't need a doctor to tell me that anyhow! I know my body and we all know when something serious is wrong.

You don't have thyroid nodules along with goiter for nothing. Like Bill said, those symptoms alone are auto-immune Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Those symptoms are only a drop in the bucket for me. No energy! Extreme fatigue! Weight loss issues! Prostate/sexual dysfunctional issues! HSV(Herpes Simplex Virus)! Candida overgrowth! Past renal failure! Swollen Lymph Nodes in neck! Anxiety/Depression! Chronic back pain! You name it and I probably have it at this point.

These are systemic issues and definitely signs of multiple auto-immune conditions. The only thing the doctors have hit it right on is the anxiety/depression but hey it's all in our heads/minds in their eyes right? Yeah right! All sickness is just in our heads in their view! It's just ridiculous!

BTW, I see that you mention using the Terminator II directly over glands and organs. Is it OK to actually use the Terminator II directly over the thyroid? This seems to be my major area of concern even though I have multiple glands/organs being affected. I read that the Terminator II safest place for usage is the wrist/palm and the bottom of your foot. Once the body turns more alkaline you can then move it to other places without the burning sensation. Is this correct?

What benefits could I expect from the Huda Clark mini-zapper in comparison to the Terminator II? I thought the Huda Clark zappers where designed more for direct organ/gland targeting while the Don Croft zappers are more for the bloodstream. Could you elaborate a little more on this?

I really appreciate your information and helping me. I especially thank you for introducing me to zapping. After all the research I've done about my health issues I never came across zapping. God sent you to me for a reason. Please answer my follow up questions in more details! Thanks again Tim & God Bless!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Tony. You are welcome for my input as my condition somewhat mirrors yours.

I don't suppose to be an expert on zapping but I can say that due to the severity of my condition, zapping has gone a long way in preserving my life above ground. I was born w/ a disability that weakened my immune & detox function, and slowed my neurology; as a result my health was challenged at age 26 as it could not heal properly and by age 32-3 I acquired a severe environmental disease that almost killed me in 1996. Like yourself I received very little help from md's and it was their best intrest to diagnose psychological disease. I have, however, received life-saving care when I needed it, for which I am grateful.

Anyway, yes I use sea salt for conductivity although I haven't taken a footbath zap for some time as I am zapping w/ three devices simultaneously w/ pretty good results. Due to autoimmunity I am faced w/ what appears to be almost impossible task of eradicating 3 species of parasites plus chronic active viral hepatitis, plus fungal, plus bacterial. I have made good progress treating the fungal over the last 3-4 months by zapping immediately fallowing taking 200mg fluconazole. You can buy fluconazole on Ebay for your fish aquarium without rx. It seems you would also benefit from herbal parasite detox so do address that very likely issue. I get best results w/ herbal para plus Glutamine. Glutamine is the main fuel source for the immune cells in the gut.

Back to zapping. I chose the Z4eX EXTREME 3 Frequency Hulda Clark Zapper over the terminator in early Jan 14 then also purchased the basic terminator for local zapping. I am somewhat satisfied w/ the little progress I've made lately but there is such a long way to go, so tonight I zappet w/ all three frequencies of the Z4eX using the copper handles and got good results. I am now resolved to use this method w/ footbath for max result. I am also going to purchase battery recharger as the 2.5KHz and 15Hz use much more energy. Do let me/us know how you fare with the terminator2 and basic Hulda. My guess is you will show some noticeable improvement but other remedies will be required for any lasting and big relief. So, just experiment around with these two and report your results.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thank you so much Tim for yet another very detailed and helpful reply. It certainly is eery similar in our health conditions. My mind has been in a whirlwind for the past few years. I've taken so many different supplements. Researched so much information about my health. My mind and body is tired for sure but I keep fighting the fight of faith.

Seems like everything I try gives me either very little results or no results at all. I can't say the same as you in regards to life-saving care from medical doctors. When I had kidney failure back in 2012, I was only given IV fluids for my renal failure. They gave me absolutely nothing to help regenerate my kidney function. Baking soda water you could say saved my life but it was really Jesus Christ that allowed me more time here on this earth.

Even though my BUN and Creatinine numbers kept going up the hospital NEVER gave me anything other than IV fluids to help my kidneys. I thought for sure that my life on earth was coming to an end. Jesus had other plans though. So, I can't give the doctors any credit for saving my life. They could have done more but why they didn't is beyond my understanding.

As for the Diflucan, I will not ever take that stuff again. I was given two different courses of this medicine before I had kidney failure. I had pretty severe side effects from this drug. They were treating me for fungal issues but said I didn't have any fungal infections. Go figure! I know I have fungal overgrowth. I have a white coated tongue as a major proof. I was told that was perfectly normal for my age! Geez!

I'm not on any meds Tim. I've been able to stop the meds I was taking. Thank God for that!

I've even been able to stop my anxiety/depression meds. I believe this is due to higher dose niacin and magnesium. I think the niacin has tackled both blood pressure issues as well as my depression/anxiety. Niacin is well known for helping mental issues and a hosts of other health problems as well.

I too know that I have multiple pathogens involved. Viral, bacterial, fungal, and possibly even worms. My wife was diagnosed having worms a couple years ago. I probably have them as well. I've stopped going to all my doctors too Tim. They always look at me like I'm crazy and I'm just flat out sick and tired of it.

My nerves got so bad at one point that I had to be hospitalized temporarily in a mental unit. They still wouldn't give me anything strong enough to help my nerves. They haven't helped me at all. Made things worse on me by acting like they have and no help medically either.

I too purchased a set of rechargeable batteries to go along with a charger. I bought the charger type that will recharge multiple sorts of batteries(AA, AAA, C, D, 9V). Don't wanna have to fool with having to keep buying regular batteries. I'm going to put this Terminator II zapper to use for sure.

I'm actually going to a plan of treatment for mainly viral overload for a while. I'm going to use the BHT treatment protocol to go along with zapping of course. I've been treating almost exclusively for candida for the past 2 years now with very little progress. I know that I have candida overgrowth but I also have HSV.

So, treating the viral overload with a certain few supplements(BHT, Vit C, Monolaurin, B Complex, & standard multi-vitamin) and zapping then I will have all pathogens covered for treatment. This will also cut down on me having to take sooooooooo many different supplements. I'm absolutely tired of keeping up with 15+ supplements taken daily. Especially when I see basically no results.

HSV is probably the longest running sickness I've had going on. I've had it for close to 20 years now. Never taken any prescription meds for it either. Only L-Lysine treatment but that has been off and on through the years. All of my doctors tell me that HSV has absolutely nothing to do with my health issues. I know better!

Anyhow, I'll get back here with results on my progress. I want to thank you for being such a great help. I feel like I personally know you now. I guess it's because of our similar circumstances. Thanks again and God Bless you Tim!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Tony. It's sure good that there are means & ways for society's rejects. My relations w/ md's continues a path of deterioration. The only real solution is this alternative route.

I don't know if you have had hair analysis but it may be worth it or simply do some natural chelation. As for the parasite probability, buy a bottle of Black Walnut Hulls, Clove, and Wormwood and add some glutamine taken at least twice a day. One of the big problems w/ parasites is they excrete all kinds of nasty stuff like acids, bacteria, viruses, funguses. These infections will never respond to treatment because the source continues there existence.

As for the viral, I have been taking BHT for almost 2 yrs now. I take 250mg 2x day. For maximum effect I fallow the BHT 15 min. later w/ one of the antiviral herbs: Chanca Piedra, Echinacia, or St JohnsWort.

For my kidneys I occasionally take either D Mannose or cranberry fallowed 30 minutes later w/ Dr Christopher's herbal. Kidney/bladder formula.

If you cannot tolerate the "conazole" antifungals you may want to consider Lufeneuron. I have had good results w/ L.

Maintain a positive mental attitude, be very smart and aggressive has been one of my mantras lately.

If you haven't tried Lipo C you may better read up on that. I have been doing home made Lipo C, Borax, and herbal para all with lifesaving effects. I began last Aug and I can say that I would not be alive today were it not for those remedies.

Replied by Justin
(Chiapas, Mexico)

Hello Mmsg from Somewhere Europe,

my name is Justin and I just came across your posting because it was related to Zappers. I don't know a whole lot about Zappers though I did buy one some years back ....I got the Terminator.

I'm not sure if anyone has already suggested this but are you familiar with a substance called "black salve"? I think it is primarily made from a few plants that grow in the dessert of SW USA, though for all I know people are also making it in other parts of the world. Anyway it is all natural. I first learned aboat it by reading something Jim Humble had written aboat using both MMS in conjunction with this specific black salve called "Indian Herb". Google them and you will find their web site. people with cancers and other illnesses have been treating them selves externally and internally with this salve. And from all that I have read and the Youtube videos I have seen the stuff really works. There are video blogs of people who apply black salve directly on top of there carcenomas and within a few days the salve actually eats down into the cancer and pulls it out by the roots. Leaving behind a clean hole where the cancer was and Then in time the skin just grows back and the body heals itself. I read aboat one guy who had prostate cancer and he cured himself by smearing black salve directly onto his cancer. Really I think it is a miraculous medicine, though I can not speak from personal experience seeing as I have never used it.

I purchased this salve some years back and called the business just to ask about the product and I got the owner on the phone. And she was super sweet and took the time to answer my questions.

cool well I sincerely hope you find the remedy and treatment to heal yourself. I wish you all the very best.....justin

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks Tim for yet another great response. I have not had a hair analysis done because around here for some reason they want too much to do it. I read that it's supposed to be relatively cheap but there are only a couple options here locally and they want too much to have it done. The homeopathic doctor that was treating me I WILL NOT go back to her period. She got over $3,000 of our savings in just a 4 month period. I saw no results!

I have used chelated minerals and supplements but they just like most other supplements I've used don't seem to do much either. I had told you about ChemBuster. This is a combination remedy of 13 different substances to use with zapping. A zapper placed beside the bottle for 5-10 minutes before taking makes it more potent.

The 13 total ingredients are 4 herbals and 9 homeopathics. I don't think I'll need to take any other herbal combination formula for parasites. One particular compound in the ChemBuster is solely for parasites. The substance is called Juglans nigra 6X.

I also don't want to take too much stuff. Lord knows I was having major problems keeping up with taking all I've been taking. I want to take as least amount of supplements as possible to go with zapping. Zapping is going to be my main area of focus for a while. I will have both the Terminator II zapper and one of the Huda Clark mini-zappers hopefully by early next week. Shipment is on its way!

To be honest, I'm actually excited to know that I may have finally came across something that will finally make a turnaround for me that doesn't involve taking something internally. I'm tired of so many darn supplements. I'm still going to take a few supplements. Like the ones I had mentioned in my previous reply.

I think I will add some Glutamine as per your suggestion. Maybe some probiotcs as well. I have the probiotics already on hand but will have to order some Glutamine. Do you have a preferred brand of Glutamine or will most any brand work?

I've also never heard of Lufeneuron. Is this a drug or natural supplement?

I try to maintain a positive attitude. It's been really hard. There's times that I don't even feel like getting out of bed. I do keep pushing on with the strength through Jesus. I also have a wonderful wife and a son that makes me keep wanting to live. I have came close at times to giving up. I'm just being flat out honest here. When you feel this bad it's hard to keep going. But, I do with the help of Jesus and my family.

I've also not heard of Lipo C either. I'll do some Googling on that one too. Borax hasn't done anything for me either. As a matter of fact, not much success at all in the fungal part of my sickness/disease.

I'll keep you posted on my results. Just waiting now on my zappers to arrive to get things going again. Then, I'll start back on the supplements again as well. Hopefully with this new approach things will start to get better soon. I'm just looking for better days ahead! Thanks again for your help and God Bless you Tim!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Tony: Yes, the zapping will likely help enough to get some energy and confidence back into your fight. The Glutamine will also help in conjunction w/ probiotics. Whatever Glutamine you can find at a good price, either caps, tabs or powder. Athlete's use much G as it helps build muscle, so it is very available. You will most definitely prosper from the lipo-c. You can make it at home at low cost but high results. Lipo-C is demonstrated several times more powerful by volume than I.V. C. Several good vids on YouTube. Here is a link specifically for production. This is the method I use.

You may need to also try some DGL/Allantoin to rebuild your gut. It's been a mainstay for me for many yrs. I only take it when I have a flair up.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks again Tim for a response back to me!

I now have received both zappers. Started with the Terminator II last night. Placed it on the right sole of my foot. Left it on all night. It was a little uncomfortable especially with my night-time bathroom trips. However, wake up this morning to see two black spots where the copper discs were on my sole. That's a good sign of detox. It's gonna take a few days to get used to using overnight.

I also have been zapping in specific areas with the Terminator II. Received it yesterday and the Huda Clark mini-zapper today. Gonna do a session with that zapper later today. 3X 7 minute session w/20 minutes in between.

I've tried the Terminator II on different areas but some areas I get a pretty significant stinging/burning sensation. That just tells me how acidic my body is in. Even get the burning on my back/spine. Tried the neck/thyroid area temporarily but way too much stinging there. Doesn't surprise me there with my thyroid issues.

Not bad at all in the stomach area(liver, spleen, pancreas, etc.) so using it there quite a bit. I also know I have serious digestive issues. Will wait for the acidity to subside before going back to the neck area. Hopefully, I can go to the back/spine area soon as well. I know I have spine issues too! Too much pain in my entire back area.

Once I get a few days of zapping with the Huda Clark one then hopefully that will take care of helping in the bloodstream so I can start using the Terminator II in multiple areas without the burning sensation.

Is it OK to zap with both units at the same time? Thought about doing that too!

I just went ahead and ordered some Lipo C from eBay. The brand made by Dr. Mercola. I've used his products in the past. They do work better than most for me. Especially his immune formula with medicinal mushrooms. His products are too high in price though. I do respect his view on health though.

Isn't DGL Licorice? I remember reading about that I believe in the past. Maybe I have the initials wrong thinking it's something else and not Licorice.

Staying positive and by your suggestion also staying aggressive. Was going to go slower with the Terminator zapping at only 30 minutes daily to start but decided to use it longer. 8-16 hours daily to start is what I'm shooting for and that includes the overnight usage during sleep.

Tim, could you tell me how to properly take a foot bath with the Clark zapper? Do I actually place the copper tubes in the foot bath water and then place my feet into a sea salt water solution with the tubes in place? Can't find any specific instruction on the net for this. Don't want to cause any dangerous problems with this foot bath. Please tell me how this is to be done. Thanks!

In a week or two I'm gonna shoot for the entire 24 hour day with the Terminator II and the 3X 7 minute daily zapping session with the other zapper. Thanks again for your time and God Bless!

Replied by Timh
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Tony. Good to hear of your beginning zapping. Using both at the same time will be the most powerful as will the footbath. There is a web article on the fbz somewhere and I have posted the link somewhere here on E.C. so a search here should bring it up. I use separate containers one for each foot w/ warm sea salt water. Place the copper handle between the first and second toes for stabilization. I experienced major herx reaction for almost a week during my first fbz.

DGL is the "safe" form of licorice and used in conjunction w/ the Allantoin will heal the gut rapidly.

I forgot to respond to your Lufenuron question. Lufenuron is an otc pet meds for controlling fleas but someone discovered that it also kills fungus by inhibiting the hard exoskeleton Chitin layer that protects the fleas and funguses. Lufenuron is a safe chemical compound listed as a "chitin inhibitor".

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks Tim for yet another reply. I've taken some time to search here at EC for the footbath suggestions but way too many results. Looked through a few of them but no luck finding your specific comment/link. Are the alligator clips actually safe in water? That was my main concern with the footbaths with a zapper like the Huda Clark ones. I know the Terminator II zapper can't get wet so I know that zapper isn't safe in water.

Also, I had a strange reaction last night with the Terminator II zapper. I switched to the left foot last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with burning/tingling sensation in my left foot/leg. The zapper isn't supposed to burn when using on the soles of feet. What do you think caused that?

I know that I'm acidic but the soles and palms are supposed to not cause such a reaction. Looks like I'm an exception to this rule. Just like most other things I've tried it doesn't go as planned/expected. Something caused this reaction. It didn't happen on the right foot. Strange!

As for the Lufenuron, I did read about it. What I read wasn't what I wanted to see. It's actually listed as a pesticide in most articles that I pulled up from the net. I really don't wanna take a chance on something like that. I've had enough bad stuff happen when taking certain supplements. Anything close to pesticides I will completely stay away from.

I think I will also wait a while before using DGL. I want to keep my supplementation to a minimum. I'm specifically focused on the BHT treatment along with zapping. I plan on sticking with this for a while to target the viral overload. I think viral and candida are my main underlying issues. Already tried the candida with little results so hopefully attacking the viral part will give better results. The zapping will attack multiple pathogens anyhow so all toxins/bad guys will be attacked intensively. Thanks again Tim and God Bless!

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)


I'm replying here in regards to your comment on another thread about using a magnet for the thyroid. I've never came across this while researching my thyroid issues. Are you talking about just a regular magnet that people use to stick/hang items on a fridge?

Is that what you're implying? Does make sense because energy placed throughout the body like with zappers, etc. have great health benefits. I'm just a little shocked that it may be that simple as using a regular magnet but I want to make sure. If so, I'm going to add this to my zapping & BHT regime for my health issues. Thanks again Timh!

Replied by Prioris

In regards to "Lufenuron ... It's actually listed as a pesticide"

Diamataceous Earth is also listed as a pesticide. It's very contextual. Doesn't mean it is bad to consume. Boric Acid is a pesticide but that doesn't make Borax bad to consume. Things that toxic to humans are not necessarily toxic to insects and vice versa.

I have found no information that says that Lufenuron is toxic to humans

From wikipedia

"It has no known toxic effects at any dosage on humans or other animals in the environment that do not depend on chitin, though the orally administered pills can sometimes cause an upset stomach with acid reflux."

From the sellers site

"Lufenuron fights Candida in a similar way as the immune system. The immune system uses the enzyme Chitinase to attack Candida's cell wall. Lufenuron also attacks the Chitin in the fungal cell wall, but much more effectively so than Chitinase. Totally safe for liver and kidneys. Lufenuron is not like anything else on the prescription-free market - it is as effective an antifungal as Diflucan (Fluconazole). "

Replied by Timh
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Prioris: I should have been more particular when I said "list" as I meant chemical category. When you say list as "pesticide" that means "marketing" term. Luf is marketed as a pesticide but it is a chemical in the category of "chitin inhibitor".

Replied by Timh
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Yes, the thin fridge magnet is a good start as it is not too powerful, but one should graduate to stronger magnets if need be. Personally I like to do magnet therapy first then zapp.

Replied by Timh
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Tony: The alligator clip half of the c pipes will be above water so it's no problem.

For acidosis I take half spoon of sea salt/baking soda 3x day, but this is not enough for the severity of my condition so I take hot baths w/ baking soda, epsom salts, major & trace mineral (micronized) to finally buffer the entire body. As for the pathogens add some borax or povidone iodine 15-30 min into the bath. Do this bath for an hr or more at least once per week.

The burning symptoms is definitely a sign of toxicity. Your not positive response to Bill's candida protocol also admits toxicity (of some kind). The best remedy for this is Detox Foot Pads (one for each foot before retiring). I have been using these nightly for some time now w/ good results. You can buy DFP on Ebay from the east for under $40 for 100 quantity. You may also be interested in using Detox Foot Spa (I have also been using this extensively w/ good results). Again, the best buys are from the global market on Ebay.

The human body, like all warm blooded organisms, is an environment and host for myriad unwanted and pathogenic substances. Any kind of accumulation of zenobiotics or heavy metals is a production ground for the pathogens to thrive. These parasites attach themselves directly against the foreign substance so to effectively evade the immune system response.

Always waiting to hear some good news from you.

I have had best results w/ BHT fallowed by Echanacia or Chanca Piedra 15 min later 2x day.

If you can find time to watch a Beck video here is a link: If the severity of your case doesn't resolve as expected, you will probably also need to use either Lipo-C or Colloidal Silver. (both of which you can make at home at an affordable price).

I have also had very good results Oil Pulling. I do O.P. 2 sessions back-to-back once daily.

I have used two bottles of Lufenuron also w/ good results (and zero bad side effects) but it is a bit pricey so I use seldom. Lufenuron has been very effective for controlling the fungal issues in my Kitties as per their running about and playing w/ the mouse.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks Prioris from Fl for your reply. I understand that some substances that are listed as pesticides aren't really pesticides. Borax certainly says right on the box not for human consumption but we know that it's a strong natural agent.

I really don't want to take anything closely related to a prescription drug either. OTC stuff can be just as bad as some prescription drugs. Not many things but certainly some are not really safe to consume.

I'm willing to take a lot of things suggested by members here at EC. There's certain people that I've gained real trust in what they have to say/suggest. Tim here in this thread is certainly one of them along with Bill and Ted of course. There are others as well.

I just don't want to add to much to my supplementation right now. It gets really old taking 15+ supplements daily. I've cut down to around 7-8 right now on my current BHT regime to go along with zapping. I'll consider adding Lufenuron and DGL at a later date. I'm praying & believing that zapping will do a number on all pathogens that I have. Thanks & God Bless!

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thank You Tim for yet another timely reply. Let me address each specific area of your comments.

I have several small magnets on the fridge. I will start using one of them for 10 minutes just before my Huda Clark type zapping session. Do I just hold the magnet right on my thyroid area?

I will begin the zapping foot baths this week as well. For alkalizing, I'm currently on 3X daily. I use ACV/BS/H2O once daily and BS/H2O twice daily. Sometimes, I do replace the ACV with fresh squeezed lemon. Have been using this alkalizing protocol for about 3 months now. I was on a different alkalizing protocol before that with the candida treatment.

This was 3X daily as well but just BS/H2O for all 3 alkalizing drinks daily. I also add fresh squeezed lemon to every bottled water. I'm getting quite a bit of lemon into my diet now with daily water consumption. I drink at least half my body weight in just water alone.

I also drink 12-16 oz. of fresh made greenie drinks daily. I have an occasional fresh made fruit drink as well w/kiwi, grapes, apples, & bananas. I believe this along with magnesium supplementation has made my bowel movements regular. I go 3 times daily now and before I got real sick in 2012 I went once daily.

I've used both Borax and epsom salts in baths off & on for about 2 years now. I've also experimented with turpentine in baths. I get a burning sensation all over but especially in the genitals with turpentine. I haven't tried using vaseline to help protect that region but my thinking is I have major prostate issues so getting directly into that area can only help and not hurt.

The burning sensation from zapping has gotten a little better. I'm using the Terminator II zapper in the sacrum region for treating HSV. This is suggested by Don Croft from an article I read about HSV and zapping. Supposedly, zapping like this daily for 24 hours(we can't zap 24 hours daily) in about 1 month the virus can be eliminated. I don't know how true this is but Don Croft knows about zapping with his products.

A lot of factors play a role into the amount of time healing takes place. Me having this for 20 years now will probably take longer. Add to that I have candida issues. However, I don't know which pathogen is playing the biggest role in my disease pattern. I just think viral overload is a definite cause because of the HSV. It's the longest running sickness I've had. Of course, the doctors refuse to even think candida/yeast is an issue when I know better.

I'll look into buying some of the Detox Foot Pads you referring to Tim. I buy a lot of stuff on eBay so this will not be a problem. I rarely buy from international sellers though. I like to keep things here in the USA for 2 reasons. Lengthy time in shipment arriving and customs.

It's weird that you mention zenobiotics. Bill has done the same thing in our discussion from the candida protocol. Especially when supplementing with turpentine. I do still take an occasional Lortab for pain. When I say occasional I mean every few days. Sometimes, I get such bad pain that I have take 1/2 tablet just for some temporary relief.

I never take more than 1/2 tablet in a day period. To show how much I try to avoid taking them I have a Lortab prescription that dates back to May of last year. 45 tablets and still have some left. I don't like taking any prescription meds! 1/2 tablet gives me about 1-2 hours of mild pain relief but that's about it.

They're not the answer for pain! And, prescription meds aren't the answer for any disease or illness. Sometimes, we have to resort to using them though. Medicine has its place though. They can save lives for sure in emergency situations just as they have for you!

As for the BHT treatment, I just started the full protocol today. Using 350 mg BHT once daily for a few days to start. Will possibly increase to 700 mg daily in a few days. My capsules are 350 mg each. Might break open a capsule and use only half to make it around a total of 500-550 mg daily. Don't want to go too high in dosage. 500 mg is the suggested daily dose for viral issues.

I'm also taking Lipo C(500 mg twice daily) and Monolaurin(550 mg twice daily) to go along with a B Complex daily. Still taking a multi as well plus continue to take niacin, magnesium, & zinc in higher doses. I also take 2,500IU of Vit D3 as well daily. This is cut down from 5,000IU that I was taking in the past. I get very little sunshine so I need extra Vit D3 daily. That's about it in the supplementation category. Cut down quite a bit from what I was taking. Couldn't even keep up with things before.

I've also taken CS in the past. I just think I didn't take it long enough and not at high enough doses for my health issues. I used it for about 2 months but varied the dosage weekly. I should have taken a higher dose for that period of time. I then stopped using it which was probably a big mistake. CS is a potent killer of multiple pathogens as well.

Oil pulling I did for a few months with minimal results. I do know that I got pretty significant detox/die-off when I started OP. Didn't see any results in the mouth area for gingivitis. I will say that there was definitely toxins in the oil after spitting it out. White as snow and ugly looking stuff. I tried sesame, sunflower, & olive oil for pulling. I didn't get much results with any of them. Probably did this daily for around 4 months.

As for the Lufenuron, I've been reading up a lot about this product. Some very good testimonies about using this for candida. It's interesting how this stuff works. It releases slowly into the system for killing candida systemically. Interesting in how it's taken. 3 days of dosage and then a break.

Something you don't have to worry about taking daily over a long period of time. I would have no problem using it with fatty food. I eat healthy fats with basically every meal. So, getting the full benefit won't be a problem for me.

Now, it's probably going to take multiple monthly treatments for me with my serious candida issues. That's OK though if that's what it takes. I read one particular story about Lufenuron in which a guy had to use multiple treatments to get rid of his candida issues. I think it was 5-6 months. But, he felt better each month of treatment.

He bought his from an international seller but I've found a seller in the USA that I have in mind. People have also said you can get it from eBay. I haven't checked into that yet. Sorry for the long reply. Thanks Tim and God Bess you for helping me and others here at EC! I'll keep you updated of course!

Replied by Timh
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Yes, Tony hold the magnet directly over the thyroid on each side of neck, and while your at it, treat the thymus gland which resides between the heart & neck area. I do this as well as occasional zapp to stimulate & strengthen the immunity. Raw Thymus Glandular may be necessary in the severity of your case. If that candida gets into any of the glands you can expect some havoc. My thyroid bottomed out several times, but I put the magnet, zapper, and Iodine onto it and it is now recovered.

Surely you will soon make some substantial improvements as to your treatment efforts. You are very welcome for my input and I hope to share some joy in your recovery. Thanks for your detailed responses as maybe all the particulars will also help others.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)


I've been doing some reading/watching on the magnet therapy you had suggested. Could you please enlighten me on this? All of the reading and watching of video from the net says that moving magnetic therapy is the only type of magnet therapy that works.

I watched a video from Dr. Oz and he specifically stated that the magnets you see on fridges are not the type of magnets that work. He said only the moving/motion magnet therapy will work. I've also not located any scientific research that backs anything about these type magnets.

Do you care to show me how this is supposed to work or evidence(research) that it does work? I know energy placed through the body like with zappers work but I'm a little hesitant in saying this about the standard fridge magnet. Thanks again Tim!

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks again Tim!

Does it matter how close I get the magnet to the gland/area I'm treating? I've started out with a small magnet in size(1/2" wide X 3/4" tall). I do have a few larger ones on the fridge but wanted to wait and see what you suggested as far as size. I know with the Terminator II zapper it works up to 18" away from the site of treatment.

I'm going to be ordering a raw multiple glandular supplement soon for all of my glands. I know they're all out of whack not just my thyroid gland. I'm getting the glandulars made out of New Zealand from grass fed cows that are freeze dried. It's a raw glandular supplement. I've not tried using glandulars before so hopefully this will help in my regeneration process even more.

I CAN NOT handle iodine in anything above 12.5 mg daily doses. I get such a bad reaction when on higher doses that I can't hardly function. I've been on and off iodine for the past 2+ years. I always feel much worse when taking this stuff.

Maybe with the detox I'm doing now with zapping, BHT, etc. I can possibly go back on it at a later time. Like Bill has suggested a many times when you have thyroid issues it's normally pertained to lacking in iodine as the main problem. I just can't handle it well at all though.

BTW, I have some Glutamine on the way. I'm also doing an herbal parasite 2 week cleanse with a formula I found on eBay. Has the standard parasite killing herbs in wormwood, cloves, & black walnut.

I want to ask you a couple more questions.

Is it OK to perform more than one Huda Clark zapping session daily? To my surprise, I've not had any significant detox/die-off symptoms yet after 4 days of zapping with both zappers.

I want to zap more from the thyroid area but just can't do that yet because of the burning sensation. Within a minute of placing the Terminator II around my neck/thyroid area I get significant burning. That's supposedly telling me acidity. However, I've checked my urine PH the last couple of days and it's been 7.6-7.7 which is good.

My urine PH hasn't been this high since becoming sick. It's not been above 6.9 for more than one day that I can remember. It's been as low as 6.2 at one time. I want to go slightly higher in PH in order for more rapid healing to take place. I can get it back down to normal range once I get more stable. Anyhow, enough rambling for now. Thanks again for your time Tim and God Bless!

Replied by Timh
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Tony, if I ever get well enough I am going to do some extensive research in magnet therapy and maybe practice it part-time; but for now I can only say that I have experienced no bad side effects and only good effects from magnets on all body parts, including the skull/brain and eyes. Also, the general guideline seems to be: the more powerful the magnet the better. My strongest magnet, placed directly over the liver for at least 15 min major reduces any inflammation as well as purifies the blood of parasites and pathogens. So, the little fridge mag will only be a good start until you find an old, discarded speaker w/ a good magnet.

I will yea the multiglandular as I use the Solaray brand 2x week on average w/ noticeable results.

As for the zapping, I did not experience herx until I did the foot bath zap. To reduce the burning as well as increase the effectiveness, try placing a thin, wet cloth over the skin of the area to be zapped.

The glutamine has big potential in your case, as it seems to me. Take it directly w/ the herbal para to maximize the effect. Glutamine also alkalizes the blood and boost growth hormone.

Backing up a bit, you may want to reconsider the hair analysis as you can purchase this online for about $100 w/ lab report included. Anyway, it would be advantageous to take a few caps of Coriander before retiring w/ the removal aid of the detox foot pads.

Everything you're doing looks to be in good line except the area of Antioxidant Status as it seems very poor in case. This is a broad subject but you will absolutely need to cover the basics. Vit-A, E, Selenium, Melatonin, Grapeseed Extract, and Silymarin for the liver.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks again Tim.

Let me begin this reply with the magnet therapy. You say to graduate to a stronger magnet. You say to find an old speaker magnet. Are there any other options for bigger/stronger magnets? I don't have any access to old speakers for a bigger magnet source. What's the biggest magnet you can get in stores that would work?

Now, onto the zapper chat again. I was told not to place a cloth/paper towel against my skin when using the Terminator II zapper. It's designed to only have direct contact to the skin. Now, I do use paper towels sprayed with a sea salt water solution when zapping with the Huda Clark zapper.

The seller messaged me and said not to do this with the Terminator II zapper. I understand the towels with sea salt water is only used for better conductivity with the Huda Clark zappers. It's not the same purpose with the Terminator but couldn't hurt I guess to use them to keep from burning.

I'm starting to burn a little in my sacrum region with the Terminator II but wasn't experiencing this at first. I attribute this to the detox and bringing the toxins/pathogens to the skin surface even though my urine PH is slightly above normal.

I will take your advice and use glutamine in combo with the herbal parasite cleanse.

Is hair analysis really necessary at this point? I mean I'm attacking all pathogens and also supplementing all the standard vitamins and minerals. I failed to mention a few other things I'm taking in my last reply.

I'm taking extra selenium(100mcg) separate from my multi. I take 5-HTP for sleep/stress/anxiety at 100mg at bedtime & 100mg once during the day. I'm taking a mushroom formula with all trace minerals included. I do have some grapeseed extract but haven't used it yet. I was taking milk thistle but stopped it because it's suggested to not take milk thistle when using the BHT protocol.

Keep in mind, that BHT will support the liver. That's one of its great benefits especially for hepatitis. Are you saying I need extra liver support other than taking BHT? I'm not taking extra Vit A or E. It's also suggested to not take extra Vit E supplements with BHT.

I've got something interesting to tell you Tim. I woke up this morning to a pretty nice-sized blister on the inside of my lower lip. This popped up overnight. There wasn't a blister there before going to bed. I take this as a strong detox reaction. I don't have HSV1 where people get them in the mouth area. I have HSV2 of the genitals.

This is a sign that the virus is trying to escape/flee the body. I've never had a blister this size inside my mouth. Small ones before but not the herpes type blisters. This thing looks pretty nasty. About 3/8" round and black in color. I've used tea tree oil on it and it's getting smaller already! I take this as another good sign of detox! The BHT looks to be doing it's thing!

Thanks again Tim for your help! God Bless you bud!

Replied by Timh
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Sorry I forgot you were taking the BHT and recommended supplements that are contraindicated. Maybe this viral problem will take a beating from the BHT.

As for the magnets, the best way to get hold of a good used music speaker magnet is your local Goodwill or any second hand store. Also might find a good one from an old, broken car or auto salvage yard.

As for heavy metals, you would need to trace your personal history of any high risk to metals or any other harmful chem.

If you have pets, especially in the house, it's highly likely you have some type parasite. Hulda Clark recommends deworming the entire household plus the pets prior to removing them from your life. I certainly don't agree w/ the extreme measure of removal of pets. The best option is to keep them dewormed. I had a wonderful Kitty family a few yrs back that are dear to my heart, but I did get Ascaris infestation in the order of life-threatening.

As for the zapping, simply try and work what's best for yourself. has tons of post about zapping if you can allocate some time there.

Hoping to hear more good news from you Tony.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Hello again Tim.

Yes, I'm on the BHT treatment protocol and can't take herbs in high doses. Can't take milk thistle at all right now!

I'll make a trip to Goodwill to see if I can find some speakers. If that doesn't work, I'll go to one of the local salvage yards.

I used to work in a textile plant for a few years. I wasn't really exposed to any dangerous chemicals while there. However, all the fabric I certainly was around it. I don't know how dangerous those chemicals would have been though. That's the only place I could think of for heavy metal toxicity.

There's absolutely NO WAY that we would get rid of our pets. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat. Love them all dearly! Wouldn't take a zillion dollars for any of them & I honestly mean that Tim! God gave us these creatures here on this earth for a reason just like he does everything else. They love us unconditionally just like Jesus does!

I do let them lick me though. Have for years! We did have to de-worm our cat last year. She got really sick! The licking is probably a source of parasites withing my body.

All of our pets have been sick at one point or another. So, I'm sure that we all have some sort of parasite problem. Each and every one of us allow them to lick us. I think I'm gonna put a stop to that now though. Loving them certainly but not licking anymore.

I've used curezone in the past. When I first had prostate problems this is one of the first places I found on the net. I even tried the Budwig protocol for a short while and that's where I got that protocol from. Thanks again Tim and take care!

EC: Ladies and Gentlemen, once a thread gets too long, we can no longer show it on the Recent Posts page as it takes longer and longer for our Recent Posts page to load. Please check the Zapper page for new posts in this thread or start a new thread. Thank you!

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

To Timh:

I can't thank you enough for posting here on EC about zapping. I didn't know a single thing about this type of treatment after all the researching I have done on my own for my health issues. After just under 2 weeks of treatment with zapping I'm a totally different person now. Have tons of more energy. Total body pain has gone from a 10 down to about a 4-5 already. That's goes for everywhere in my body.

My thoughts and mental clarity is greatly improved. My depression and anxiety is way better. My life has already changed tremendously in just this short period of time. I'm honestly a little surprised to see such a drastic improvement in such a short time period.

I'm keeping a positive attitude as you suggested Tim and also going at this aggressively as well. I've added the parasite cleanse along with Glutamine per your suggestions & all is working wonderfully. Also, doing the magnet therapy just before my Hulda Clark zapping session. This is the most progress I've seen in over 2 years.

The candida protocol hasn't done this. All the other things I've tried hasn't done this. It's the zapping treatments for sure. Plus, Jesus is doing his great work within me as well. Thank You Jesus! I pray and expect healing to continue in a great way.

I've had hands laid on me by a few very anointed people of God. I've been to a few healing conferences. I've been praying and believing for this turnaround for quite a while. I know Tim that God sent you to me. I could have given up after having hands laid on me. I could have quit after going to these healing conferences but yet not get healed. Jesus is in control folks.

We just have to yield to his plan in this life. He's going to allow us to get THROUGH sick times. He has his own way and it's his timing. We just have t continue pushing on and believing that time will come. No, I'm not healed but I'm certainly now on my path to healing and restoration.

BTW, I can't believe there hasn't been a section posted here at EC about zapping until this discussion started. EC had to create this section after me and you began the discussion until it got so lengthy. Strange, but we need to get this information out to the public about zapping.

Thanks Tim for helping me & providing me something that has now given me my life back in such a short period of time. God Bless! Tim, please remember that our posting here will not be seen now from the Recent Posts page because of its length.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

I just wanted to post back to Tim and let him know of my continued progress. I continue to get better each and every day Tim. Since my previous post back close to 1 month ago, I have added DMSO, B17, and Colloidal Silver to my treatment regime. Using both the DMSO and CS topically and orally as well. I have lots more energy since adding these 3 products. Still doing the zapping sessions daily.

Just glad to finally be feeling better now. I have kept my faith and continue to trust in The Lord. Healing is taking place for sure! Just a slow process and I accept whatever Jesus has planned for me. Of course, I wished this would have taken place a long time ago but God is in control. I just thank him daily for the healing. Keeping an upbeat and positive attitude goes a long way.

It's been really hard though with all the pain and suffering that me and my family have been through. I'm just allowing Jesus to use me however he wants in this life. I here to be his servant and can't wait til he decides that time is fully here. Thanks again Tim and I hope and pray your getting better as well!

Replied by Timh
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Tony: I have been waiting & wondering how your doing, so it's very good to hear you are much better and still improving.

As for me, I am, after three long yrs in the trench, seeing some big improvements. I have made major improvements w/ the parasites, & pathogens w/ a combo of remedies; now my two major concerns are bone infection in mostly my shoulders & arms/elbows, and heavy metals.

I guess I am like yourself in that there will be a need for rehab or reassessment back toward a normal life. I have spent most of the last 3 yrs in the bed and have been in need of some personal assistance.

As for particulars, in hard cases like yours or mine, I think the presence of Biofilms is a major implication. Bill is making much research progress on this problem; and as you might guess, modern medical practice is not on this. After watching a YouTube video on biofilms, the researcher spoke of bone infection as common in biofilms. Two noticeable remedies I have found effective are Nattokinase and Turpentine. With the removal of the films, the zapping, Colloidal Silver, and MMS are finally proving as powerful as they're taunted to be.

As for my Christian Faith, I can say that I have lost much of it, but continue on the right path as is necessary for spiritual survival. Over the last several yrs reading and watching NDE experience testimonials has very much helped fill the loss associated w/ disability. Socially I must live in a state of constant self-defense as I am so vulnerable. My bitterness has reduced as I no longer have any ambition in this world. Just try and remain positive and live in the moment.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, US)

So glad to see your response back to me Tim. I thought with this thread not being able to be in the recent posts, I was wondering if you even know I posted in this topic anymore.

Like you, It's been a painstakenly slow process. I even thought many times in the past 2+ years that I was leaving this earth. God had other plans for me. I have thought about giving up but God has allowed me to continue the fight. It's certainly a challenge to my faith. I still have prayed daily even on days that I couldn't get out of bed.

I know what Jesus has done for me in this life. He's what has kept me pushing on towards the goal of having my life back. He promises me that in Jer 30:17. He says that he will "restore" my health and heal me of my wounds. I'm standing on that promise!

Now, onto the biofilms chat. I too have been reading up on this. I already take Natto and turpentine for the biofilms but seem to make slow progress. Have you read about "raw milk" and its benefits for removing biofilms? Yes, raw milk in higher quantities remove the biofilms associated with disease. Google "raw milk cures" and you will find out. You need to drink 3-5 quarts daily though not only for removing biofilms but also for treating many diseases.

I recently started using raw milk from a local farmer that's strictly grass-fed cows. Also using their raw milk butter and cheeses. When you compare conventional milk/cheese/beef to raw milk/cheese/beef there's just no comparison. Raw milk products and grass-fed beef taste soooooooo much better than conventional store bought types. Plus, you get the amazing health benefits from them as well.

I don't drink 3-5 quarts daily but I do consume 2 cups of raw milk daily as well as a couple of servings of raw milk cheese. Add to that about 2 servings weekly of grass-fed beef.

It seems now that I'm taking just as many supplements as I was when on the full anti-candida protocol provided by Bill. I don't mind it now though when I'm feeling better. I still have my rough days though but many more good days now. That's what I've been praying for and believing for too. Still a long way to go but I will get there because I have work to do here on this earth for my Jesus!

BTW, I've also been doing tons of research on colloidal silver. I don't know what brand of silver you use but the type and brand is key. If using topically, the ionic(clear-colored) form of liquid is the right type to use. If using internally, you need the "yellow" colored type. The yellow colored silver works better in the digestive tract bypassing acid. The ionic clear colored type doesn't provide this so it's basically useless taking internally. I use both topically and orally mixing each dose with DMSO as a carrier. Thanks again Tim and God Bless!

Replied by Rohini

I was a big sceptic until I bought a Hulda Clarke Zapper for my grand parents. It was a big help - thx to the local doctor who advised us. After much ado, I finally found a place to buy it in India and my grand parents have been using it for last 6 months.

For all the nay sayers, try it!

Replied by Paula
(Salt Lake City)

Does anyone know if the Hulda Clark zapper is effective for hepatitis c? Thank you...

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

P: Zapping could only help, but alone may not be a cure. For best results, you may need to also zapp directly over the liver area. I have recently began zapping my lungs for a longstanding mycoplasma infection and nebulize Colloidal Silver immediately after w/ some good results. I use a 4' piece of nylon twine around my chest and slide the copper handles underneath. For additional power, I use 2- 30 KHz Zappers attached to two handles.

Placing the handles on apposing sides of the liver area will be the most effective.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

I am thinking of using a zapper for the varicella zoster herpes virus. The virus is causing my occipital neuralgia / chronic meningitis. I just have tingling on the skin so skin out breaks are not a problem.

I have had an over active immune system for over 50 years. I am 60 and the virus is getting more intense in terms of neuralgia. I am starting to take Moducare to help balance the immune system. The Lysine and vitamin C are not enough.

I notice Hulda Clark zappers are very expensive so wonder if there are alternatives. What zapper would you recommend for this and how effective would it be.

Replied by Prioris

I just noticed hulda clark website give you a one year trial period where you can get back your money. That seems like a pretty good deal.

UPDATE: you can't return the zappicator hence only partial refund. that hulda clark website was not really hulda clark endorsed website. seems so many zappers plaster her name in their products.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

Auto zap 5 is suppose to be able to zap in 5 minutes vs 60 minutes. Any experience with these. Cost is $290. I am thinking of buying it. They have the auto zap 5 WELLNESS costing more but not sure of its advantages.

Replied by John
(San Diego, Ca)

Thought about trying out one of these devices, but after reading articles such as these well....Nahhh, not to mention all the other ones which explain that the synchrometer simply doesn't work...Thanks, but no thanks...Interesting stories though, I'll stick with my colloidal silver which is being used to help with the fight against Ebola.--To each their own though, maybe it does help some...

Replied by Prioris

It's taken time for me to wrap my brain around the zappers. This is a very brief tutorial for someone wanting to quickly get up to speed.

I decided to buy the Terminator 2 Zapper. It is one of the best selling zappers in the world. It is a combination of a zapper and orgone field producer. Orgone is energy like chi, qi, etheric energy.

Many people will claim there is no proof of orgone. Of course. many of them won't be able to actually present evidence that there is no scientific evidence since they don't have access to the physics used within the black operation programs. The real physics has been suppressed and the public has been dumb down.

The Zapper created by Hulda Clark was pretty basic circuitry. There really isn't much to differentiate basic zappers except sales hype.

"The zapper's circuitry is built around a 555 timer integrated circuit which emits a nice, positive offset square wave of direct current from a nine-volt battery (stepped down to around 4.5volts and 3.5milliamps) at a frequency of about 20,000 times per second. "Positive offset" is a wave form that has alternating current characteristics. This may be important in the long run because it won't alter the body's natural electromagnetic field polarity."

Also many zappers use Hulda Clarks name. She never endorsed any zapper. Her son Geoff use to give a stamp of approval if the device showed it emitted the square positive wave but that is all one needed to do for his approval. Geoff eventually stopped doing it.

Someone can also confuse it with Rife technology. Frequencies are generally irrelevant. Here is an excerpt that articulates it.

"May we not create a mystique about connecting the zapper's frequency to the resonant frequencies used by the Rife technology? Careful reading of pp1-41 of THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES will clear this up.

I must be noted that neither Don nor we are still using frequencies in the 20,000 Hz range. Our Zappers oscillate at about 15 Hz and we have found this to more effective in that the lower frequencies allow the current to penetrate deeper into the body.
Zappers do not kill parasites because of certain frequencies. This is often confused, when you see other producers of Zappers advertising their various frequency ranges. The zapper kills parasites and dissolves pathogenic tissue, because of it's delivery of electric charge, not because of the frequency resonance phenomenon. This is acknowledged by Hulda Clark when she speaks about tapping your finger at the second pole of a battery."

The Terminator 2 uses a lower frequency for deeper penetration. It has nothing to hang on to. You just hold the box close to the area of your body. The military does use very low frequency to penetrate deeper into the earth.

What does a basic zapper affect. The basic zapper affects only the parts of the body with blood. That means it doesn't affect bowels, eyes , teeth and other things.

A zapper isn't the end all or be all but is meant to be another healing tool.

There are many debates about the various zapper products out there with "features" that can overwhelm people with technical information. It would take too long to discuss those.

I'd be careful about paying to much for a zapper device since the basic zapper should be dirt cheap to make.

I'd be careful about what some deceptively call "features" to differentiate one device from another. Just remember that whatever features they actually have, the basics are built around a very simple circuit. Some don't follow hulda clarks original specs but that should not be a problem. The Terminator 2 uses the 15 khz frequency. Others use multiple frequencies. Remember this isn't rife technology.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl., US)

Here is a link to an article that gives an overview of many electronic health devices

The electroherbalism website is a good starting place to find information

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

I am very cognizant that many people especially chronically ill may be on very tight budgets so must choose carefully what they buy.

I strongly recommend buying the Terminator 2 zapper. It has many generic health applications. If it doesn't work for one thing it may for something else. Running it 24 hours a day for one month would cost $3.50 in batteries (seven 9 volt batteries). You may save on supplements to make up for the cost of the zapper. I always tell people that it is worth buying a silicon enema kit because it has many health applications.

Replied by Stacy

Just purchased a terminator zapper. Had been using one from the chiropractor that had wires and copper tubes to hang on to. It had a protocol of 7 min on and 20 off for 3 cycles. I noticed when I was using the copper tubes that my dog did not want me to touch her however now with the terminator she doesnt mind at all. Is this because the terminator from Croft is not as strong at the one with the wire tubes and is that why people keep it on all night? Thanks for your answer



I used a Terminator zapper from Don Croft for 3 years which I bought for around £100. However it always stung me, even on the soles of my feet, so I had to continually move it around. I did feel better (more energy) for using it, but it did not get rid of the pinworms I had (and the reason I had bought it), despite sometimes using it for 5 hours or more a day.

I did get fed up that the worms were so persistent and somedays used the zapper until it stung for a while - that was a mistake as I have been left with many scars all over my stomach from the stinging. The copper plates would go dark after a few hours so it needs cleaning everyday (I would use toothpaste as a mild abrasive which was quite effective). However it is not waterproof so cleaning had to be done with care.

The other issue I had was that there was nothing to attach the zapper with to me and my skin (I mainly targeted my abdomen where the worms reside). As I wanted to use it for several hours I had to find make shift ways of carrying it next to the skin. I tried using a scarf, a bandage and tucking into my leggings. It would often fall out as I stood up or was looking after my children! Over time the internal workings started to break because it kept falling (which was my fault for dropping it, but in a way, the product design's fault for not being supplied with a way to attach it, so it could be used continuously).

Also the battery needed replacing every 3 weeks and, over time, the way that the battery attached to the device started to break as it was only made of flimsy plastic and not very strong. Now the device is unusable because the plastic battery attachments have completely broken. We did try to fix the internal workings which broke after it kept falling (my husband soldered some of the parts which temporarily fixed it), but this battery attachment part could not be fixed. Don did offer to fix the device, but the cost of returning by recorded post did not justify taking this option (I live in Europe), especially when a similar device could be bought for 1/3 the price - a little more than the cost of postage.

Although a good idea in principal, in practice I do not rate it that highly and I would not buy another one - Don was very helpful when it broke and with advice during the time I used the zapper, but for me this product did not solve my basic problem and reason for purchase (pinworms) and caused me scarring.

The zappers that come with wrist bands do not appear to cause scarring or stinging and I will be trying one of these next - I have not given up on the idea of zapping and thank you Don for the opportunity to try out your device, which I know you make with love and good intention.

Zapper Side Effects

2 User Reviews

Posted by Rob (Melbourne, FL) on 06/09/2023

Using a Don Croft Terminator Zapper for the first time. Noticed a blue-ish residue coming out of the skin where the contacts were placed after a couple of hours?

Does anyone know what that is?

Replied by Gary
(Kitchener On)

Hi Rob

I have been zapping myself for 2 years and never noticed the blue marks.

When I zap I move it every 5-10 min. max, no longer than that. Go every where, even eyes and cheeks, the zapper is amazing.

Nice talking


Zapper Side Effects
Posted by Jack (ID, USA) on 04/05/2023

After using the zapper on her lower right abdomen, my spouse had an allergic-like reaction in the area the next day. Multiple bumps (not red) about 2 inches in diameter on the skin that were itchy. Applied Thyme and Lemon Balm to calm the bumps and itching. She has used the zapper many times without any reaction (although you must be careful, it can burn the skin if left in one place for too long) Has anyone had an allergic-like reaction to the zapper before?