Cayenne Cures

Apr 01, 2017

Cayenne Health Benefits and Natural Cures

Cayenne Pepper is an easily available, inexpensive home remedy with seemingly endless applications. Many cultures use cayenne pepper in recipes daily. It is a commonly used herbal remedy discussed at length in many herb books. Earth Clinic readers report a great variety of cures using Cayenne Pepper.

Health Problems Helped and Cured by Cayenne Pepper

Herbalists use Cayenne Pepper to treat many conditions including arthritis, ulcers, sore throats, tonsillitis, laryngitis, hemorrhage, heart disease, dry moth, depression, cold extremities and bleeding wounds. Earth Clinic readers also report Cayenne Pepper to be helpful to infections, hypothyroidism, weight loss, wounds, vision problems, and digestive problems.

Cayenne Pepper contains important nutrients, including vitamin B6, potassium, molybdenum, vitamin c, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, and beta-carotene.

in his book Herbal Home Health Care, herbalist Dr. John Christopher writes about using cayenne pepper in case of heart attack - 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot water. Many midwives use the same formula for mothers who birth at home and experience hemorrhage.

How to Take Cayenne Pepper

As with most natural remedies, it is best to start with a smaller dose and increase as needed. Even 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper is helpful in some cases. Some people just keep a cayenne pepper shaker on the table for seasoning food. Many people also find that mixing cayenne pepper in some orange juice will help it to go down easier. Cayenne pepper taken in capsules is more likely to cause digestive surprise when the capsule opens in the stomach. If the tongue has already tasted the  cayenne, the stomach has had advanced warning! Some cayenne pepper capsules include ginger to help the stomach to adjust more easily.

All Cayenne Pepper is not created equal. Health food stores are more likely to have a higher quality and stronger cayenne pepper than the average grocery store. Cayenne Pepper can have a wide range in heat. Some Cayenne Pepper has a heat rating of 30,000, which will still be quite spicy. Others will have as much as 190,000 heat units. Only those used to strong spice will be able to tolerate higher amounts!

Please read on to see what benefits Earth Clinic readers have experienced with Cayenne Pepper.  And be sure to share your experiences with cayenne pepper!


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Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 04/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

ACV, Chilli, and Bicarb - all three of these are antifungals.

I use Bicarb quite frequently as a spray whenever my plants have fungal issues. Works quickly. Bicarb also neutralises the mycotoxins produced by pathogenic fungi.


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Posted by Kolin (Nottingham, England) on 02/13/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Yesterday I had, unusually while awake, a strong episode of atrial flutter, my chest felt like a washine machine full of golf balls! It would not calm down with relaxation etc, so, half teaspoon cayenne in a cup of warm water followed by a short deliberate heavy coughing session, 5 minutes later all went back to normal, well worth trying!

Keep up these posts, love to all, Kolin.

Replied by Dallas
Amesbury, Ma, Usa

This is a GREAT description of an arrythmia! Gotta LOVE it. Next time it happens, I hope I remember this remedy. Another remedy to keep the golf balls out of the washing machine is CoQ10 on a regular basis. I started with a heavy dose and it worked right away. I was astounded. Then I worked my way down to a lighter dose. Less expensive.

Posted by Geri (Dothan, Alabama) on 06/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Cayenne pepper effects on heart racing and arrythmia...

I have been using cayenne pepper for several months for racing heart and arrythmia. Within less than a minute my heart is back to normal!! I use 1/2 teaspoon in warm water, less than a cup, one teaspoon in 8oz is recommended, but I get the results from 1/2 tsp., also I use cayenne pepper liberally on most of my food, like salads, baked potato, omlets, etc.. I have tried MANY natural cures, but never had one work so fast. The Phamaceutical companies will probably try to get this miracle cure declared illegal! If people could try it, doctors and drugs would lose billions! I don't mind the heat at all for the results I get. It IS a good idea to have some food in your stomach, though. Wonderful site, Earth Clinic!!


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Posted by Trina (St.Helens, Oregon) on 08/07/2008
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Rheumatoid/Osteo Arthritis: So update, I have done oil pulling and still have twice everyday. My Arthritis is not completely gone. I think it's because i aint using the right oil. But i still sleep well and no more chocolate addiction. And branded scar is completly GONE Due to the Organic Sufflower oil that i pulled with. Anyways i wanna loose weight to help my arthritis because my doctor says i have both.((RA/OA)) So i try the recommended Master Cleanse Diet (from this site by a person). After day one i felt really Pain free. in that diet all you drink is Cayenne pepper in filtered water with Grade A/B Organic Maple syrup and organic lemon. Oh and diet tea and salt laxitive. I did that diet for 2 and half days without eating.

Anyways it was the cayenne pepper that made me pain free. I researched cayenne pepper online and bought the pills. It works great. I take more then it says too. it takes about 6 Cayenne fruit pills. it cost less the 3 dollars at Wal-mart. And Well worth it!! - u know that diet i was supposed to have min. Look up Cayenne pepper it does much more then just for pain oh and weight loss. 3 thumbs way up.

Athlete's Foot  

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Posted by Vince (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/21/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had Athletes' Foot between 2 toes that sit against each other. I had it off and on for years. It was hard to dry them after a shower, and when in a rush, I don't think I did it that well, and then sitting against each other, I would probably really have to, and sweating probably cause it also. I only applied cayenne in salt water one time, and it has been gone for years. Usually it has to stay in place for a while on skin surfaces, so I soak the gauze on a bandaid, but since my toes touch, I didn't have to.

Bloody Noses  

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Posted by Rob (Springfield, MO) on 11/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Every winter since I was little I would get bloody noses because of the dry indoor air. Last winter it was bad. I was having at least one a day no matter how much I ran my humidifier. I came across this site and read about Cayenne Pepper helping with this problem. The day I started taking Cayenne Pepper pills was the last time I had a bloody nose! (It has been almost a year now) I take one in the morning with my vitamins and dont worry about my nose exploding every time I sneeze. Try it, you wont be disappointed!


Posted by Crystal (Lawrenceville, GA) on 04/28/2007

I have used all sorts of strange things for candida the only two things that have seemed to work are cayenne pepper!! and dr. natura colon cleanse -- you're supposed to use that for three mths I only used it for one. But I will let you know. I tried the pepper one day after reading all about dif. cures and realized oh yeah parasites come along with candida so you have to kill those off too!!! and cayenne pepper is a great thing for that. I had a really bad metalic taste in my mouth got dehydrated confused my eyes were foggy like I'd been swimming in clorine so I tried the pepper and it knocked it out almost immediately!!! I should probly do a a metal cleanse and a kidney cleanse also!!!

Replied by Magnolia16
Keller, Va

A doctor's wife told me of this cure for these painful spasms: drink a glass of cold water. This works for me also and I just keep a bottle of water by the bed as my spasms occur mostly at night. But come to think of it, I have been doing the ACV and honey twice a day for about a month now, and have not had any spasms.

Cayenne and Surgery  

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Posted by De Shawwn (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 09/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I can attest to the effectiveness of cayenne pepper because March 17,2014. I had a major surgery. I was a severe anemic at the time and on the day of my surgery my doctor was advised several times by other medical personnel working with him to give me a blood transfusion BEFORE my surgery but he didn't. I believe had it not been for me taking cayenne pepper before my surgery the outcome of my surgery could have been devastating. After the surgery I received a blood transfusion. No one could ever convince me that cayenne pepper is what allowed me to not bleed to death during my surgery because at the time of my surgery my blood was a 5.0 and remember I had a major surgery cut wide open from one side of my stomach to the other side. My healing was amazing 2 days after my surgery my cut had healed on the outside and I was walking around without any problem.

Cayenne Contraindications  

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Posted by Unsure (Northridge, Ca.) on 03/31/2017
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Has anyone mixed cayenne pepper capsules with butcher's broom capsules? About a month ago, I started taking herbal supplements to not only improve my poor circulation, but also help with my 9 year edema issues. I have been on prescription diuretics from various doctors. None of them were getting to the root of the matter so I started taking at first Dandelion leaf capsules. No difference, then the parsley leaf with the cayenne capsules. (only one in the a.m. & then one in the p.m.) I am on heartburn medication also. I did notice some differences with the swelling of my ankles with the parsley. But I finished the bottle & started yesterday on the butchers broom.

Now I'm having chest pain like squeezing/sharp only on the left side of chest. But it comes & goes. When I take the cayenne & butchers broom capsules in the a.m. I don't have the chest pain.? Why only at night? I'm also on high blood pressure Prescription meds, also on high cholresterol, lasix, one for joint pain, one for thyroid, I just read an article that says don't take butchers broom if you have high blood pressure! I also am experiencing back of head pain but it to subsided. I'm done with the butchers broom! Will order the apple cider vinegar capsules next.

Will let you know how that goes!

Posted by Jeanne (Westlock Alberta) on 03/27/2014

Can a person do natural treatments such as cayenne and molasses if they are being treated by a doctor for blood clot in the right lung and the right leg with warfarin or other anticoagulant drugs? Is it too risky?

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

Jeanne: I see no problems w/ the BSM & Cayanne. Two herbs which to avoid during this drug treatment is Gingko biloba and White Willow as they are considerd "blood thinners".

Cayanne & Ginger work together very well to assist in improving circulation which reduces the risk of blood clotting stroke.

Omega 3 fats like Fish & Flax oil are recommended for keeping the blood thin but are considered "mild" anticoagulants and very much indicated in cardiovascular conditions.

Posted by Jasmine (Chicago, IL) on 05/26/2008
1 out of 5 stars


This is just a warning to all cayenne users. There are only a few categories of herbs, the most cautionary one is heated ones like ginger and cayenne. There are also bitter herbs and sweet herbs. Heated herbs can actually raise your body temperature a few points.

In cases of mild fever, this isn't dangerous, but if you have a high fever, please do not use hot spices in LARGE quantity. A little as a spice in your food is fine, but using it medicinally can involve much more than you would ever ingest normally.

Many remedies for chills, frostbite, hypothermia, and similar "cold" conditions use these heated herbs due to this reason. They warm you up.

Always monitor your body temperature and discontinue the cayenne if your temperature is turning into a high fever. Use your common sense. Heated herbs are sometimes used as fever breakers, just as some would cover their loved one in blankets to "break" their fever. But when a fever becomes too high, heat is a bad idea. There are other sweet and bitter herbal remedies for sore throats and the like that can work just as well. So please take caution in using heated herbs with fevers.

As with any herbal use, there are always precautions we must take to ensure our safety. This is one of those measures I hope everyone is aware of.

Replied by William
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Jasmine,

You are definitely wrong regarding cayenne pepper. I've been filling my own "00" gel caps with cayenne pepper for a year now, with no side affects. I take it orally now. This is the most beneficial way to do it. But you must start out with organic cayenne pepper at about 40, 000SHU (heat units) by taking 1/8 tsp. In 4 oz. Room temp. Distilled water, after every meal and build up to hotter pepper. DO NOT TAKE IT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! YOU WILL REGRET IT! I am now taking 1 level tsp. of organic cayenne pepper @ 90,000SHU in 4 oz. of distilled water after every meal. I can even swirl it around in my mouth for a while. You will get used to it...

This spice/herb is truly amazing.

I am 66 years old and I've never felt better in my life. I cayenne pepper was $50.00 a pound (which it isn't) I would still buy a pound every month.

Thanks for listening...

South Africa

What you said about taking cayenne on an empty stomach is so true. I normally take it first thing after brushing my teeth, hey man you'll find me pounding up and down in trying to cool and settling my stomach from burning and sometimes I would even feel like vomiting for some minutes before I feel back to my senses. It is really a bad idea to take on an empty stomach. I regret every time after taking it. Thank you so much for your advise of eating before drinking the powder. God Bless

Posted by John (Panama City, FL) on 01/20/2008

Someone offered this advice to hunters (and anyone else looking to keep their feet warm): sprinkle cayenne in your socks. It DOES work. However, DIABETICS BE WARNED: you should be careful using any topical treatment which provides heat, be it medicinal or homeopathic (this includes cayenne, IcyHot or similar items, electric heating pads, etc.). Because diabetics often suffer from poor circulation and skin issues, using such items can produce burning, and since diabetics often do not heal as quickly, this can become a serious medical issue.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

John, Thanks for the alert I had not heard of this contamination so did some googling and now there are two chemical poisons - the Sudan Red you mentioned and also Para Red. They are illegal dyes that should not be in food. The list of food and spices that are contaminated is still growing and they are sill looking for more. To think I recently looked at some paprika that was very pale and decided not to buy it.

Replied by Millsy
Adelaide Aust

Cayenne is also not very pleasant if you get it in your eyes, speaking from years of experience. I've always had a diet high in chili, preferably red and hot. I don't get colds very often and have hardly ever had flu. In fact the first I had flu, hardly felt sick and only found out I had a temperature when I went to the doctor after I woke up with the sorest legs muscles ever. I could hardly walk! I was fairly fit and cycled to work every day plus did a 30-40 km ride ever weekend on top of two three shorter 20 km rides after work each week.

Being an industrial spray painter half my working life, I've worked in fairly toxic environments and also worked 20 yrs doing rotating shifts in a glass foundry. Exercise and a fairly healthy diet, avoiding fast foods like maccas, pizzas etc has made me look and feel about 10 yrs younger than most people my age. At least until I had a recent infestation of scabies and body lice from a weekend away, sleeping on an infested bed. I would've had no trouble beating them, but for the fact I've always been slightly allergic to dust mites and never had any lice or mite problem before, so I was well and truly covered by the time I worked it out.

I have always used a lot of and a variety of spices, although not for any particular health benefits, just for taste. I should've increased my chili intake, but I tapered off through low energy and making basic meals after cleaning and trying to debug my house from what was a whole new pest to me. This website has helped me far more than the prescribed cream which I was using every two or three days instead of the two supposed treatments 7 days apart.

I'm not totally free, almost there after starting on tea tree, h2o2 epsom salts, lavender oil baths. now also going to borax for and the carpet etc.luckily I don't think I need to rub cayenne pepper sauce on my skin cos I know it'll be in my eyes. Internal chili is the only way for me, lol

Posted by Karenna (SF, CA) on 06/01/2007

Cayenne is NOT unsafe per one of your feedback customers. I recently found your website in some research I am doing on Cayenne and Lymph, but was a little disconcerted to see that you published someone's testimonial warning others not to use cayenne if they do not want their blood thinned.

Cayenne is used in midwifery and in other instances when needed to stop hemorrhaging, and has the ability to correct and balance both ends of many circulation issues. It will assist in dissolving clots as well as stopping bleeding, and it will -- over time -- correct both high and low blood pressure.

I suggest to all readers that when it comes to benefits and contraindications of herbs and medications, that they exhaustive research, or at least more than they think is necessary, to discover what they need to know for their particular situation or those for whom they are caring. [EC : Thanks, Karenna. We appreciate your clarification!]

Replied by Schrimsh
Seffner, Florida
5 out of 5 stars

I have had personal experience with cayenne for stopping hemorrhaging. Immediately after the birth of my second child, I began hemorrhaging pretty badly. The midwife tried everything she could think of to get it to stop, but it wouldn't. Finally, on the insistence of the birth assistant, they gave me two full droppers (not two drops) of cayenne tincture. The bleeding stopped instantly. My mouth was on fire, but at least I was safe.

Posted by Ava (Detroit, Michigan) on 03/22/2007

Cayenne Pepper - I just think there should be a notation that it is a natural blood thinner. I was going to try it, but after noting that, couldn't.

Posted by Amy (New Haven, CT) on 02/18/2007
1 out of 5 stars


Love your site but wanted to let you know that the reason you are supposed to stop taking cayenne pepper before surgery has nothing whatsoever to do with inflammation (which in most cases it doesn't cause anyhow). The reason is that Cayenne Pepper is a very effective blood thinner and so, like aspirin, you don't take it prior to surgery, to ensure minimal blood loss.

Replied by Andrew
Williams Lake, Bc, Canada

Although Cayenne does thin the blood, I have read in several places that it greatly aids in blood coagulation, so that would indicate that it is a good thing prior to surgury, and it is often used to help people stop bleeding when wounded. So, with a little more reading you maybe should retract your misleading statement. Thanks. A.

Replied by Cate
Sacramento, California

Deeper research yet would show that Cayenne is a blood thinner UNTIL oxygen comes into the equation. Once that happens coagulation is the opposing result. I could get very scientific in my explanation but for those of you confused as to how it can accomplish both, study harder yet...