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Posted by Brittany (Lake Wylie, South Carolina) on 03/02/2008

I actually haven't tried the cayenne pepper yet, but am sure it will work. I'm more concerned with what people are using to take the heat away afterwards... You should use sugar. It absorbs the heat. Bread probably works too, but not as much. Milk, just like water, spreads it around even more and will probably upset your stomach, especially if you try lemon with any of the remedies. So bottom line, use sugar not milk or water.

Cayenne Tips
Posted by Blue1965 (Stafford, Virginia) on 12/28/2007

To remove the burning from your mouth after using cayenne pepper or chilli pepper,take a slice of bread and push it down on your tongue & the roof of your mouth.The pepper grounds stick to the bread and come right off the skin inside of the mouth.You might have to move the bread around to get it all but it stops the burning.

Cayenne Vs. Chili Peppers

Posted by Mkb (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 01/04/2010

Hi.we in Malayia take lots of chilly and there is so many varieties of it.The hottest chilly is the small green chilly we name it"Chilly Padi",this chilly really knock you off. My question is does all this chilly come into the Cayenne pepper group and can Tabasco be categorize as cayenne pepper,Gnc in Malaysia does not sells capsule Cayenne pepper,so i normally purchase organic Chilly powder for my cayenne dosage.Ted please enlighten me on this issue

Replied by Blanche
(New Iberia, Louisiana)

I'm not Ted, I hope it's OK to post an answer.Where I live we grow a lot of hot peppers, even in our home gardens. The tabasco pepper is a very small pepper, used commercially to make Tabasco sauce. The cayenne that we grow is larger (up to about 6 inches long. The cayenne is used mainly to make ground red pepper for seasoning. It is the one used in Cajun seasoning, and is used to season just about all our food before cooking.

Wikipedia states that the cayenne is related to the jalapenos, the bell peppers, and other peppers.

It is possible that any of the hot peppers that is grown wherever one lives will work as well as cayenne pepper. I would certainly try whatever I had on hand if I were you. (And let us know.)

Chest Pain

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Posted by Nashirah (Mahboula, Kuwait) on 04/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Cayenne Pepper is a real cure for pains on the chest. Each time I get the tired pains that spread across my chest into my neck, jaw and shoulders I immediately head for the Cayenne Pepper, take 1 teaspoon in any liquid preferably in juice or milk. It instantly feeds the heart muscle of Vit C. I would honestly recommend this to heart sufferers. It works for me and should for you! Thanks to Earth Clinic for all their advice and remedies. God bless you all!


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Posted by Joshua (Mccleary, Wa, Usa) on 10/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I first read about cayenne pepper online and have been using for about 3 months daily.

I take 2 capsules of 100,000 heat unit 3 times daily. I have had tingly dry feelings in my head and extremities for years and nothing had worked. CAYENNE PEPPER HAS HEALED ALL OF MY SKIN PROBLEMS.

All of the lotions and water in the world did nothing. The problem was circulation, that's why I was suffering in my extremities. I have been taking vitamins, herbs and eating right and exercising for 15 years, and by far cayenne is the most beneficial. I get an unbelievable energy rush, better than drugs because the side effect is better health, not the destruction of your body like drugs.

Also I have replaced most of my water consumption with green tea, for some reason water does not work nearly as good for me to hydrate. I have read a lot of remedies on this website, but felt like I had to tell people about cayenne. Cayenne is not a folk remedy, IT IS A CURE!!! It has not changed my life, it has saved it. I had a debilitating problem for 15 years and it is completely gone, please try!!

Posted by John (Panama City, FL) on 01/20/2008
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Anyone looking to keep their feet warm - sprinkle cayenne in your socks. It DOES work. However, DIABETICS BE WARNED: you should be careful using any topical treatment which provides heat, be it medicinal or homeopathic (this includes cayenne, IcyHot or similar items, electric heating pads, etc.).

Because diabetics often suffer from poor circulation and skin issues, using such items can produce burning, and since diabetics often do not heal as quickly, this can become a serious medical issue.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

John, Thanks for the alert I had not heard of this contamination so did some googling and now there are two chemical poisons - the Sudan Red you mentioned and also Para Red. They are illegal dyes that should not be in food. The list of food and spices that are contaminated is still growing and they are sill looking for more. To think I recently looked at some paprika that was very pale and decided not to buy it.

Clogged Ears

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Posted by Jonny (Drogheda, Ireland) on 01/12/2010
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Cayenne Pepper for clogged ear

Hi, recently I was experimenting on ways to get rid of an allergy so I tried snorting cayenne pepper up my nose to see if that works, I did this yesterday so im not sure yet however today when I was exercising at the gym I felt my right ear slowly popping and could start to feel the air coming freely through my ear! It had been clogged up for months and finally it feels so good! I use to use the eardrops the doctor gave me but they didnt work so I just left it alone and forgot about it. I reckon it was the cayenne because I only snorted through my right nostril and only my right ear freed up.

Colds and Flu

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Posted by Violet (Cerrillos, NM) on 03/28/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I was about a month and a half after my initial infection and still having trouble breathing, constantly needing to clear my throat, brain fog, low energy, and coughing fits. I would make an occasional Hot Toddy, because it really helped with the breathing, and I always added a dash of cayenne pepper. Last week, the cayenne pepper was not coming out of the shaker, so I opened it up to get a little out, and probably a tablespoon's worth, maybe a little more, fell into my drink. I thought "what the hey" and added a bit more honey to make it more palatable. It was not the best tasting, but I drank the whole cup. The next day, and ever since, I felt better. I drank one more this week, just to be sure I killed everything off, but I am back to my usual self.

Colds and Flu
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/06/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Why cayenne beats colds and flu:

Lithium is antivirul. Nightshade vegetables tend to bioaccumulate lithium. Cayenne is a nightshade.

Colds and Flu
Posted by Aaron (New Port Richey, FL) on 02/11/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Well, where to begin.

I got up Sunday with a tickle in my throat. I was suppose to sing at church and by the time I arrive could not. By half time of Superbowl the sore throat an congestion had set in.

Worked Mon, Tues and Wed thinking I could get through it, but after not sleeping Tues and Wed, I was simply put exhausted and tired of being sick.

Called in sick Thurs, figuring I really needed to rest to beat this, since I had not been this sick in 5 years. Missed work again Fri. By Fri evening I decided to look online for natural remedies.

My symptoms, sore (strep throat), hard packed congestion, coughing up the vilest green/yellow crap I have ever seen.

Having diagnosed myself with strep throat, I search Dogpile with ("strep throat" "natural cures"). This is how I found the Earthclinic website, of which I consider myself blessed to have found.

Under the "sore throat" section I read the "Penny's cayenne pepper remedy". I thought to myself, you have got to be kidding me.

However, I was so miserable I figured what do I have to loose. So I sprinkled some cayenne in a glass, mixed in some warm water and gargled about 5 times (swallowing only a very small amount each time).

By the time I was done, I could tell there was something good happening. I waited 15 minutes and repeated the same procedure. When I finished I just couldn't believe it. My swollen sore glands were all but gone and the thick green/yellow was breaking up.

I said "praise God", took a Melatonin (for sleeping) and crashed. I woke up about 3 hours later, hawked a few loogies (no where near as bad as before), gargled again and went back to sleep.

When I got up in the morning I simply could not believe how good my throat felt, so I gargled again thinking if what I did makes me feel this good, doing it again will make me feel even better. However, my sinuses were still pretty packed and discharge still fairly green/yellow.

By now Doris, my wife, had arose around 6:00 a.m. (she had the same thing prior to my getting it and still had not fully recovered now almost 2 weeks after it started). I told her the above, she then asked where did I get the info and what do they say about sinus infections.

We both looked at the site this morning and saw the info about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). We looked at each other in amazement, looked at the ACV on the top of the stove and made a couple of ACV cocktails for breakfast.

Within an hour I had no more green/yellow snot. It is now 10:30 a.m. and my nose still runs abit but clear discharge verses the vile stuff previously mentioned. I simply cannot put into words how much better my throat feels. 12 hours earlier I told my wife the best thing I could use for my throat would be a knife. :-)

I am still coughing a little but nothing like the 4 days prior that make your head ache and pound. Even sitting here finishing this script, I keep saying outloud to myself, "I can't believe how good my throat feels! I can't believe how good my throat feels! ..."

I am a skeptic who has been turned into an advocate. The only thing you have to loose is sleepless nights and a smaller pay check. Are you with me??


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Posted by Cayenne619 (San Diego, Ca, San Diego) on 05/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I been using the cayenne brand from Smart & Final. Which is a deep dark red cayenne 2 to 3 times a day for 4 years.

My goals is not only for health benefits but to block the sciatic pain used to have from (shoulder & hip) old dislocations.

The reason writing this is April 17, 2012 was involved in an electric skateboard accident. I am 48 years old and was not wearing a helmet. I hit my head at 24 mph. I hit my head 2 more times while trying to stabilize myself before EMT arrived. Yes, I know not very bright without a helmet.

The hospital did a CT Scan there was no blood on the brain. I received 5 stitches in eyebrow, sprain my wrist and took a layer skin off my shoulder underneath my shirt.

My shoulder healed in 2 weeks complete with a new tan, my wrist healed in 5 weeks, you can't even see the stitches in my eyebrow. I didn't even get a black eye at all. I had a little dizziness for about my last 3 weeks with nausea and feeling of wanting to vomit.

I upped my dosage of cayenne along with 2 plain aspirin twice a day. Today, 5 weeks later had a severe headache located on the lower back part of my head that lasted 2 to 3 minutes. Afterwards my dizziness had completely vanished.

I feel 99% healed from my post concussion accident in 5 weeks. I believe it was cayenne powder for my speedy recovery for my traumatic state.

Replied by Blwalk75
(Dallas, Tx)

Hello and thanks for that remarkable story, glad for your recovery results. Please tell me how you took the cayenne 2 to 3 times a day. Thanks!


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Posted by Denise (Atlanta, GA) on 09/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was up night with a horrible cough. So my throat was on fire this morning. I mixed a little cayenne with ACV and warm water. And what can I say it works its a beautiful day out side and I am on my way to enjoy it.

Crohn's Disease

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Posted by Shannon (Kansas City, MO) on 10/05/2006
4 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from chronic diarrhea for sixteen years due to having Crohn's disease. I read on your site about using cayenne pepper for this. I went and bought cayenne pepper capsules and it is working great. I am concerned though that this may cause ulcers? Also, I have a colonoscopy scheduled soon and the bottle says to stop taking two weeks before surgery. I am wondering if that would apply to my procedure as well. I also wonder why I should stop taking it before surgery.

Replied by Cat
(San Diego, California)

Yes stop taking it 5 days before surgery, ask your Doctor., also anything that thins the blood, such as aspirin.

Replied by Bane
(Bg, Serbia)

cayenne is used in curing ulcers, so don't worry about that. source: (read testimonials)


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Posted by Matt (Springfield, USA) on 03/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I have almost a cure for a Pilonidal cyst. The reason I say almost is it will come back in usually about 10 months to a year, and then you will need to repeat the steps again. I came across it from another person who has suffered from this health problem and has been through many surgeries with no help. I myself have been through one surgery in which the cyst came back a year later. The cure is to put cayenne pepper mixed with water in the sinus opening of the cyst for 3-4 days straight using an eye dropper with a narrow end. The solution should be 1 heaping teaspoon of pepper in a cup of water used over the 3-4 day period. This does sting quite a bit for the first minute or two after the pepper is injected but subsides afterwards. Note: you will probably need someone to do it for you to really get the solution in the sinus. I've read this works because the sting of the pepper brings a rush of white blood cells to the area, not sure if that is true or not, but it worked for me. Of course check with your doctor before doing anything. I'd also be interested if anyone else has found other ways to deal with this issue.

Replied by Deborah
(Atlanta, Ga)

I'm 52 years old and had Pilonidal cyst for years, didn't get the recommended surgery. I began taking the B Vitamin complex vitamins for more energy and vitality, I noticed that my Pilonidal cysts disappeared and stayed gone for 15 years because I love the B vitamins and always take them. Now after not having a cyst for 15 years it came back when I was diagonosed with Diabetes. At the health food store I was told the medicine I was taking for diabetes depletes your body of the B vitamins, so I increased my B vitamins, particulary B 6 and sure enough no more Pilonidal cysts!

EC: For those interested in researching more about pilonidal cysts:

Erectile Dysfunction, Energy, Cuts

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Posted by Frank (Maryland) on 03/02/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have taken cayenne for over 10 years. Great for energy, ED and overall health. Used in my mouth for bleeding after getting a tooth pulled. Put cayenne powder right on the hole and the bleeding stopped. Also used it on cuts many times. Burns for a few minutes but works.

Replied by Rena
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Frank, this helps with my boyfriend's ED. He is on several medications that contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. He has been taking one capsule in the morning, and one capsule at night. Ever since, you would never know he had a problem in that area. Cayenne pepper is the fountain of youth for men.

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