The Rife Machine - An Overview

| Modified on Nov 11, 2023

The Rife Machine is considered to be an alternative medical marvel by many who report that it has cured them of cancer, parasites and numerous other ailments.  Conventional medicine generally says that is useless and a fraud.  You'll have to decide for yourself.

Royal Raymond Rife invented this machine in the 1930s, based upon his work with high-magnification optical microscopes.  He claimed to be able to see microbes with his microscope which were too small to see with the existing technology.   He also claimed that these microbes could be destroyed by directing specific frequencies at them.  If the microbes were destroyed, the disease that they were causing could be cured.  For many years, this was considered to be a 'science fiction' claim, with no validity.

It would appear that one major problem with the Rife Machine has been the difficulty of delivering the exact frequency that will kill what is 'bad' while not harming what is 'good'.  It is said that each 'bad' organism can only be destroyed with its own specific frequency.  One of the major hurdles has been knowing what frequency was needed in order to kill a specific disease organism.  At least one company claims to be able to supply this information.  Currently, research at Tufts University, among others, is studying the use of implanted medical devices which will utilize terahertz frequencies.

In 1993, Dr. Hulda Clark developed the Zapper to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites.  This machine uses the principle of resonance to create a special electronic wave that uses only one frequency that is said to include all of the vibration (kill) frequencies of these organisms, thus destroying them. 

There are a number of different Rife machines available to the consumer, all rather expensive.  Anyone who is interested in this technology should do their research and get recommendations from those who are knowledgeable in this subject.

Frequency Specific Micro-Current

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Posted by Bob (Murphy, Nc) on 02/08/2017

There's a newer, better frequency device that is not strictly a Rife one. Rife killed pathogens at high frequencies, KHz or MHz, by vibrating them to death. The problem with Rife devices is not being sure of what frequencies to use. I have a list of 100's of frequencies, but haven't found any testing or proof that they are correct.

Frequency Specific Micro-Current is sponsored by Dr. Carol McMakin, a chiropractor. She has been testing frequencies for a long time. Also there's blood test results. She also teaches how to use it. A number of other doctors have joined in. She got into the field when she learned about a Dr. from the Netherlands living in Canada. He was a medical psychic who came up with the frequencies. The frequencies are low and safe, only up to 999 Hz. They don't vibrate pathogens to death. They harmonize with the tissues and organs of the body, restoring health. And there are two channels, one for the problem and one for the tissue type. So it can treat almost any medical condition, not merely pathogens. I call it a portable hospital. I bought one. It is doing the seemingly impossible. Blood tests show a 90% reduction in pain marker biochemicals after one 45 minute treatment. An expert pain Dr. thought that was impossible, as these chemicals are long lasting in the body. Tests also show an increase in protein synthesis, and ATP. I think there's also an increase in brain pleasure chemicals. This device can also treat psychiatric conditions, such as PTSD. Another miracle is that it can soften scar tissue. She treated a famous NFL player who had a broken ankle, and was told that he would never play again, and have a limp. After several weeks of treatment, he was able to play in that year's Super Bowl.

You need to take the Course before buying a unit, but there are 100's of Practitioners. A list is on her website, According to State law, Practitioners can be Nurses, Techs, or even Massage Therapists. It's classed in with TENS units.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

BOB,,,,,,,, sometimes, things are not as they appear. Dr. Ronald Free was my chiropractor back in the late 80's and he had been using micro current devices since he left NASA in the 60's when he became a chiropractor. His office was standing room only. He developed a bench that he could suck back into place a slipped disc. He did that for me. Most spine folks would say you had to have an invasive procedure. Bill Gates was a hanger on to the Georgia MD that first invented the personal computer, but it was so new that the MD was starving and went back into medicine. All the hackers know this and it the reason they attack Gate's programs. Have you never wondered why folks are going to Apple to get away from the virus' of Microsoft? I worked at a mill that made the paper cards that had to be punched to use a personal computer. They were used in the 50's at Ga Tech when Gates was in diapers.

America is not named after the man who discovered this continent, but by the man who wrote about it. We all know the story of how Zuckerberg got control of the company that a group of he and his buddies developed.

It's called "SOCK IT TO YOU BABY". The more you post, the more holes I see in your resume. What is bothering me is my name being associated with our truly bright people on EC. I am fairly smart, read a lot, and have been halfway around the watermelon. I don't think I've come up with anything original. I just write interesting stories.

Not fussing at you, just acknowledge that there are other points of view. As a manager in industry, it took me 20+ years to learn that if I let employees do their job, then most time they will. For the first 20 years, I was a micromanager.

ATS =======ORH==========

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

In my battle against a wide range of pathogens including parasites, fungus's, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma that are inevitable until I remove all the inorganic manganese from my body, I use 2- 30,000 Hz Hulda Clark Zappers tied together as well as the H.C. Z4eX 30KHz - 2.5 KHz - 15 Hz Zapper. From my experience I always get best results from the 15Hz, along with herbals or pharm's. IMHO, it is always best to combine Zapping with Herbs to augment the effectiveness.

As for Frequencies in specific, I am still alive as a result of Hemp Oil combined with THC Beats aka digital drugs or digital Marijuana, and many natural remedies combined with Love 528Hz frequency. Many condition specific frequencies now available for listen or download on many www outlets like YouTube or ITunes. So, for those who can't afford a Rife Machine, you have the option of disease specific Healing Harmonics which revert vibrations gone bad back to normalcy.

Replied by Tea

I highly recommend to any one the Spooky 2 rife machine. It's mind blowing. Run from your own computer and the free software is amazing. I have been using it on my family since 2015 for every ailment you can think of on remote using DNA. Amazing price of kit for under $280 NZ dollars.
It's affordable to any family.


Hi there, I am very new to this type of healing and have been doing some research. I came across the Spooky 2 rife machine. Where did you buy from? I contacted them and they are based in China. Did yours come from China?


Hi Lara in Fiji, Yes, the company is based in China. But the man who developed the Spooky system is English I think. John White. I don't yet own their system, but soon will. They have different kits. From very affordable to very expensive. Check their site and get impressed.

Carol S.
(Tennessee, USA)

It sounds like you feel the Rife machine really works. I am considering purchasing it. Have you tried it on skin collagen? I have an app on my android phone with Rife frequencies and have been using it a lot for depression. I'm not sure if I'm getting results or not because it's so extremely subtle. I feel like it is helping but am not sure if it is because circumstances have eased up or is it really helping. I use it for depression several times per day. I'm thinking if you use the actual machine, the results would be more pronounced and last longer and may even be permanent? I'd be interested in your thoughts on this. Thanks


Is there anyone who has Personal experience with Sooky2?


HI U CAROL FROM TN, ORH here, also from Tn., and I have had an hi dollar Rife Machine for many years. I bought this expensive machine after I read the story of Royal Rife and how he initially was considered a God for this discovery and then ruined, because he would put so many medical folks out of work. I think you are pissin up a rope to think your iPhone is close to a Rife machine. My Rife machine is difficult to set up and understand. I bought it when I had cancer some 25 years ago. I no longer use it. Hulda Clark said in her book that all diseases come from parasites and you have to be a complete dumb ass not to know this, after dog dewormer cures cancer and Ivermectin cures covid. Both are out of patent cheap parasite Rx and BIG PHARMA is fighting both, tooth and nail. My advice to all old folks is to get on dog dewormer to avoid cancer and CDS and DMSO to avoid all the other stuff that is out there. For your heart, I suggest EDTA Chelation and the KAATSU system. Also grow you own veggies. If you want my smarts then you will have to put up with my tall tales. ====ORH====


I have heard this but advise people to be careful what they ingest, I would say if faced with a death prognosis then I would try manure if that would help, but I follow the old saying to first do no harm. I use the Prowave 101 system, graviola tabs, I.P 6 tabs and been using immuno 150, I have a problem with high platelets and have a mutation diagnosed 4 yrs ago, but feel well and am going to see hematologist in 3 wks. I am not recommending anything and am not a DR. I ALSO DO NOT WORK FOR ANY COMPANY.


Posted by Skyrider (Houston, Tx) on 09/18/2016

May I ask you where can I read more of human treatment concerning skin fungus and Candida. Thanks Skyrider

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

Chlorine dioxide kills skin fungus and candida infection.

Posted by Steve (Beaverton, Oregon) on 04/08/2015


You mentioned something to someone about Rife treatments. Do you feel this would help with the fungus in my head?

I found a gal in Canada who seems to be an expert... She claims she can muscle test to see just what's in there, and then treat with the appropriate frequencies. She also says the fungus will change frequencies when the treatment starts, and she knows how to track it to kill it even when it changes.

Does this sound like something I should pursue?... and should I just do your MAIN program right along with this Rife treatment?

Thanks, Steve

PS... I'd LOVE a link to buy some of that tea you were telling me about last night!

Replied by Carol
(Martinez, California)

Did you use the healer in Canada, and if so, how did it go? Thank you!! Carol

Replied by Kelly

I heard about this woman as well and am tempted to contact her. Did you ever see her and have her muscle test you?

Replied by Monica S.
(Vancouver, Canada)

Hi, Who is the woman in Canada who does the healing please. It would be great to know just in case. Much love and thank you.

General Feedback

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 12/01/2014

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , This is beyond amazing. I am aware of the term MOR (MORTAL OSCILLATORY RATE) because I have read Hulda Clark's book and have her zapper, and read the history of Dr. Royal Rife and have a modern version of the 1934 frequency generator that he invented. The MOR of any creature is the frequency at which it ceases to exist. Think of an opera singer hitting a note that explodes a wine glass.

The FDA and the medical field ruined Dr. Rife when they learned of his invention and it's effectiveness on all diseases . No MD can use this frequency machine in the U.S. But wait, Tufts U and others have devised an implant that does the same thing as the Rife machine and the news was just released this weekend along with reporting the billions that this new discovery will bring into the medical field. ARE YOU SHEETING ME? This fact is over 80 years old.

Now you will see this treatment for cancer instead of chemo and radiation. What the medical folks have not factored into this equation is now they will start curing cancer as they should have been doing since 1934. They just needed a protocol that would bring them in as much money as surgery, chemo and radiation. This new method will. However , I can promise you that the Rife Machines will still outlawed for doctors.

More to this story??.. my integrative doctor collects your DNA, sends it off and the frequency it emits tells the firm what pathogens you have and what frequency it will take to kill them. He would not tell me the frequency's as I could have then used my own Rife Machine instead of his protocol. Even the Good Guys have a dog in this hunt.

So I researched further and found this site.

Here for a fee you can get the frequency of almost all known pathogen cells. If you know the frequency , you can destroy your problem very quickly. Hulda Clark tells you how to measure what ails you. I suggest you go to this site and read their personal experiences as we do here daily on Earth Clinic. Things like malaria, HIV and all the dreaded diseases are cured pronto. That is what I'm doing today and that's reviewing and getting ready to crank up my Rife Frequency Generator to cure what ails me. I's SJS.

Suggest you read this twice because it's the biggest medical thing in your lifetime and yet has been known for almost a century. We humans have a MOR and I'm sure our Defense Department has those Frequency Machines already in the warehouse, or they should have. 1984 or Brave New World?? your choice.


Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale, Ca)

Thanks for the info ORH! You've given us a gem and I will be doing much more research into this. I must say - I always enjoy reading your posts... helpful info and I like your style!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Meeya: If I am not mistaken, Raymond Rife was one if not the first inventor of Zapping to kill parasites and pathogens, and cancer. Other notable scientist have furthered this knowledge. Folks like Bob Beck, Don Croft, and Hulda Clark each have a line of zappers w/ various frequencies and recommendations on using them.

So, there is lots of info and choices for this remedy.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U Timh, , , , , , , , , and Columbus was not the first to discover America, but he publicized it and gets the credit. Rife gets the credit because he also developed the first microscope that you could view cancer cells and how his machine destroyed them.

The zappers cannot home in on all frequencies, thus, are toys compared to Rife's Machine. This new thing our medical field is proposing also will home in a specific frequency. For that reason, your doctor will totally control your treatment as he now does now with chemo and radiation.

I fear that my message did not resonate. This new revelation is not progress. It is still doctor business as usual.


Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hello RH ---

yes, big head lines here, too. The gall of it. Healers are sitting in prison. Those that developed the new microscope were shot at while driving.

It is so oppressive. I ask myself how it is possible. But people still trust in the untrustworthy. The cut burn and poison method had less than 3% success, yet they run to the doctor.

The "nice doctors" killed two of my friends. Both said in the end that they would have lived longer, had they stayed away from them. What they told me is simply criminal. It was all money, money. $1000 for an injection - with intimidation. Cafeteria full of sugar. Super nice surgeon begging for one more operation. Two days later, she was dead.

The other one was coerced by family opinion. Had never been sick in her life. But took a blood pressure pill that was known to be dangerous.....

Namaste, Om

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U Timh & Dave, , , , , , , , , our boy Tim got my interest up the other day with this comment about Bob Beck's device. So I researched and learned that Beck's device complements my Rife Machine in the treatment of these little critters. I now have two options and one device looks like something you scrap up from parts bought at Radio Shack and the other is well thought out and will also make colloidal silver. "Two birds with one shot". That is the reason I bought Dave into this fray.

Beck's claim to fame is he says you have two pounds of bad microbes in your blood and he designed an electrical device that will do them in. Timh, you have been down this trail and I would like your take on this. Dave, I bring you in because you the Colloidal Silver Guy and this is just part of the deal. Here is the video and I would appreciate your comments.

If you follow EC daily you will learn that it's either skin parasites or internal critters that are causing lots of our health problems. I am also convinced that elecro-medicine can address both of these ails.

I solicit folks that are into zappers or other electro devices that will destroy demodex or visible mites to post their experiences on this site.

Our EC bosses can't give you the Nobel Prize for Medicine, but you will get an Atta Boy from the folks suffering.


Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale, Ca)

Timh: Thanks!

ORH: was already right there with you on that same page! What I learned from your post is that we can acquire the needed frequencies to deal with illnesses using our own frequency machines. I don't have one... yet.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U GOD FEARING PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , It seems that there is an interest in what the Rife Machine can do. I really don't personally know yet, but I am using one because of what I have researched. The URL in this post is wild and strange and gets too deep into the Smart Fella above us. I don't buy all this mumbo jumbo and just try to stick to the facts. It's a long read, but worth it.

What she says is that our pathogens ain't dumb. They know when you're trying to kill them as does a house fly when you go after the critter with a swatter. Both get the hell out of Dodge and hide. That is the reason the critters come back when we think we have killed them all.

To me, Electro Medicine is the way of the future. My GB 4000 Rife Machine cost a pretty penny, but what is money if you have bad health? For starters you can go the Bob Beck's Protocol and that will just cost you a few hundred bucks and kill the pathogens in your blood. I also have one of those. It also makes colloidal silver. Dave will help you on this.

Life Extension magazine just reported in their April issue that the famous Cleveland Clinic has bought Dr Mark Hyman on board to get into Functional Medicine. That is a $3 dollar consultant word for natural medicine, which is what we all post on EC everyday. This finally may be the death of allopathic medicine. We'll see.

I understand that folks can't or don't want to spend money for their health. Stuff happens. My family ancestry comes from the soil. I have a Ch.E. degree from Ga Tech and I have gone back to the soil, and so should you.

ATS ======ORH=========

Replied by Ike
(Two Mile, Tn.)

to ORH, they are in the soil & pesticide resistant, because of us! Being pesticide resistant they have over populated the wild & are now attacking the next food source in line.....US! They"re evolving! We better come up with something electronic or otherwise (bring DDT back?).And SOON! As in now.It"s already pandemic.We know the CDC has dropped the ball, but has anyone tried to get the EPA's attention?

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

I have not had successful experience with Rife. Around 15 years ago I bought a $4000 Rife machine. I got rid of it about 6-7 years ago. I figure I didn't need it and I usually throw out anything I don't use. I lead a clutter free life style. I would have thought that there would be bigger price drops in Rife machine by now. My machine was a custom built one by someone else so really didn't know enough about it but I trusted that the person did the best he could. I will never know without measuring devices whether the machine did what it was suppose to do. There are also disagreements on what it is suppose to output from rife builders. some custom features became standard as years went by.

The one aspect of any of the machine I had that I didn't like was the requirement to grip the handles. I don't even like those stickem pads either for the body. I thought the best interface for electronic devices was the terminator 2 zapper.

The main problem with these machines is cost. This is a major barrier. I really think people need to get together and make a group buy and then share and experiment with the machine to determine if it makes sense if one should buy the machine.

The second problem is always having some doubts as to how close these machines are to the original Rife machines and their effectiveness.

Even if one gets thru these hurdles ...

The third problem is figuring out the frequencies. For me, I can only guess what microbes are infecting me. The only infection I knew I had was the herpes zoster. I tried the Rife frequencies for that and didn't feel any success. This doesn't necessarily mean it isn't working.

I did see the dna frequencies website some weeks back.

Question ...

Has anyone bought any frequencies from there and how different are they from the more standard Rife frequencies. Do they give you any more information as far as treatment protocol.

The fourth problem is knowing the treatment protocol for any particular microbe. Just because the machine may be affordable, effective and correct frequency, there may be other important pieces of information we are missing to achieve success.

The fifth problem is that there are complicating factors. For instance, if one's immune system is too weakened, one could kill much of the microbes but a weakened immune system allows them to come back. Some infections need to be addressed by finding a way to strengthen the immune system or removing the cause why the immune system is weakening.

The sixth problem is unknown covert activity of the government regarding these rife devices. this can create a minefield for the buyers of these devices. one builder said some time ago he was no longer sending the devices to europe because they were being sabotaged.

My intuition tells me that these electronic devices represent the next leap in addressing a lot of problems but knowing how to use them is another thing. I have no doubt they have very advanced medical devices behind the scenes in black operation programs that can perform all sorts of medical miracles and cures.

Maybe next year I may buy another Rife machine to experiment. I will look into that idea that dna samples emit frequency of pathogens we are infected with.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U PRIORIS, , , , , , , , not writing as an expert on Rife Machines, but mine is a GB 4000 with a plasma tube and I do my sessions in the early mornings while still in bed. I bought it several years ago when I was get getting over my preclinical blood cancer, because I figured the cancer would be back. Sure enough it has returned.

There is no way I would take this treatment on as the novice I am. I use the protocols developed by The Independent Cancer Research Foundation. I also follow Cancer Tudor and Dr Shallenberger and Dr Robert Rowan on the internet for using Ozone. I also use Transfer Point's Beta 1,3 D Glucan to build up my immune system. We grow most of our vegetables , fruits and berries. We have done this all our lives. I render our leaf lard from local hogs and believe that is far more healthy than the store bought GMO oils from Big Agri. We do use cold pressed Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil.

If you decide to buy another Rife Machine, my counsel it to research what they say on Cancer Tudor and talk to the people they recommend. You will receive information concerning any ailment your desire to address. I have two zappers which require skin contact and no way would I go down this trail with a Rife Machine.

I too old to experiment on my own. I just know that most of my friends died PDQ when treated by the supposedly best Allopathic cancer folks in the world. I think I can beat their 3% cure rate as a smart Redneck from Arkansas who reads.

If not, then I have lived a full life and am at peace with my Maker.

ATS ========ORH=========

Replied by Jong
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Robert Henry,

Bless your soul, you are courageous in your illness. For cancer, I strongly urge you to monitor & up the pH level of your body. I'm alternative medicine researcher. High conviction of curing cancer with high pH, I.e., alkalize your body, this is sure cure.

If you need my advice, [email protected].

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U JONG, , , , , , , , , , , yes, I'm aware of the pH treatment and take ACV, baking soda and iodine daily. I have only tried to keep my urine pH around 7.

I thank you for your concern and maybe will speak to you privately via e-mail.

It's like the little old lady said who pissed in the sea. Every little drop helps.


Replied by Diane

I also find the handheld tubes inconvenient and recently found a Rife unit that works remotely by using the DNA from fingernails. Rife does work but the tricky part is finding the right frequency. I'm not affiliated with this company, just want to share my find. A spooky2 generator is $115 or the full package with all the accessories for $317. Software is free and includes scanning capability.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U BILL AND Timh, , , , , , , , , using my Rife Machine 6 days a week as recommended. I am feeling better, so that's a good sign. But also my ears are not acting up when I do Ozone ear insufflation. That tells me that the candida is losing ground.

These Rife cancer protocols go after all pathogens and also go after them when they mutate. I feel confident that I am on the right trail. I just watched a video by Dr. Shallenberger and he says that cadaver autoposies show that all over 60 have cancer. So if you are over 60 then you have cancer. It just has not consumed you.

Allopathic medicine can not detect cancer until it is in stage 3 or 4 unless it's skin cancer. I have detected my cancer before an Oncologist could. Thus , they would not know how to treat cancer until it fit their model and that's stage 3 or 4.

I took note of a EC post of a fellow who said keep your Baking Soda in your bathroom and take a tsp on waking and a tsp on the way to bed. Are you kidding me? My second urine pH is now at a constant 7.5. Kiss my grits. This is a brilliant guy.

What this means is that I may live another 14 years to age 92 and give grief to EC posters all along the way.


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Yay ORH!!!! We're eagerly looking forward to you giving us "grief" for many years to come, G-d willing!!

Replied by Tea
(New Zealand)

My dad got the spooky 2 rife machine that you use remotely and don't use handles or pads just zap your fingernails. I just ordered one as I have aspergers kids and want to help them.

The quantum entanglement is mind blowing as being 1/2 my dads DNA I feel everything he is treating have to read up about it but its a sure thing....and you sound nuts trying to explain it.

spooky 2 is only $370 US with the boost to run it while your getting on with life and going to work and the ear clip that pics up any ailments you have.

Its mind blowing and extremely effective. he used it on his neighbors Parkinsons and he immediately stopped tremors and had clearer thinking.....All from zapping his fingernails only....The day before he could even pick up the telephone and managed to oversleep with no day he was happily showing dad his tremors gone and the clearer thinking and less fog in the head as it went through different frequencies.

I plan to treat my liver, kidneys eyes, and happiness and wellbeing.....then all the vanity things ontop....cant wait!

yes 100% works

100% affordable and understandable with spooky 2 software....

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI ALL, , , , , , , , , my tractor driver had shingles about 6 years ago and almost lost her left eye. This month she has had cataracts removed from both eyes. The doctor was concerned about her left eye so he put her on a drug. Yesterday, her vision in that eye changed and she had premonitions about the shingles returning.

I e-mailed the folks that I purchased my Rife Machine from and today they sent me the program to address this problem. Glory. She is now under the plasma amplifier getting the frequencies to kill that virus.

We had gone to EC to see what was in the archives. Most addressed the pain and surface and not the root cause. Hopefully, this goes to the root case.

I am forever grateful because with this new program I can address almost any ailment with my plasma G B 4000. This science comes from the 1930's. The technology is 2015.

Also, I can now address my cancer directly with the optimum frequencies. For Leukemia that is important because it is in the blood and bone.

Now, I think I'm going to be around to agitate you EC folks for a long, long time. I will still stay with the Budwig, Essiac Tea protocols and our fresh garden veggies.

I think this will be my way of life 'til I go through the PEARLY GATES.

Ya'll behave for a change, because I have to.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)


HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , instead of buying a new car, I suggest you drive the old one a few more years and buy you this device to address almost any ailment your have.

The cost is over $4000, but that is peanuts vs your health. Right now we are using our unit to address my blood cancer and my wife' herpes zoster that is back after it almost got her left eye some 6 years ago. It is now after her eye again.

Most all on this site think some magic foo foo juice will cure any ail they have. Not so, but I'm not denying that there are lot of natural things to get you well.

Right now I have a red raised growth that is in my forehead hair line that I have thrown the kitchen sink at and it just keeps getting bigger. Now I can keep going down this trail or go to a Dermatologist and have him cut it out. After messen with this booger for several months, that is exactly what I'm going to do and I apologize to no one.

As the Kenny Rodgers GAMBLERS song went ...... "sometimes you have to hold and sometimes you have to fold". Right now, I'm folding.

Not getting much input on health things you need when this nation tanks, but that's OK because I already knew. Did this to get the EC folks thinking.

Life is fixin to get about as interesting as we can stand, so be a good boy scout and BE PREPARED.


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Yep, ORH, that's what I did to the "thing" on my face. After 2 years, I folded. I probably should have tried the h2o2 a bit longer, but done is done.

Replied by Monica
(Vancouver, Canada)

May I ask what machine you have and recommend? Thankyou kindly.

Vibe Machine

Posted by Lauren (Queens, Ny) on 03/25/2015

Hi Bill....I am curious to know what are your thoughts on the vibe machines that you will typically see at a chiropractor's office? I am hearing a lot of positive things about it and am contemplating purchasing one but they are not inexpensive. I do hope I'll get a quick response. Thank you,

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Lauren...There are two types of machines described as Vibe Machines. The first is the Vibe Machine that works off the Lakhowski principle that uses the Multi Wave Oscillator and static low frequency harmonics that resonates with the whole body energies to help the body raise up its own energy to heal itself.

The second type of Vibe Machine(VM) is a machine that you stand on whose foot plate physically vibrates and tilts. I will assume that you are referring to this one as the one you saw in chiropodist's office.

The Vibe Machine is probably quite expensive and, to be honest about it, why buy such an expensive device when going for a half hour or an hour's brisk walk every day might achieve exactly the same results as the Vibe Machine? If you are trying to get rid of excess fat using the VM there are also other more effective ways of achieving this through natural diet etc. The one thing that has always put me off buying any type of exercising machine is that you just sit or stand there and do the exercise and so your mind is completely bored and unoccupied by the continual repetitions of the exercise involved. And, like I said, a VM costs alot of money. I also know many people who have bought running machines, rowing machines etc and, in the end, these people always seem to just stop and abandon using these machines after a while because using them is so boring or stressful(I'm guessing here).

This also reminds me of a story concerning my Tai Chi/Zhan Zhang teacher and relates to the importance of energy in the body. Zhan Zhang is a form of Chi Gung that's also called "Standing Like a Tree" because its all about stillness and holding a posture or position for a considerable length of time without moving. At the higher level, the exercises are done with various mind visualizations of energy flows into and out of the body. Anyway, when I was practicing a certain standing position, my teacher came over and gently scolded me. He said, "Bill, you're way too tense -- for Heaven's sake relax!! ". Then he went on to explain that it was OK to use or express your Chi energy when you are young, but when you are over fifty he said that I should not be tense. In Tai Chi thinking, a tense hard body relates to sickness, death and rigor mortis while a soft relaxed body is just like a healthy baby. My teacher then said, because of the tense way I was practicing, that I was wasting my special energy aka Jing energy(Essence). He then concluded that when you are in your fifties and coming into middle age(as I was at the time), you should always practice in a manner that does not waste your energy but in a way that helps to preserve that important Jing energy. Then I suddenly clicked and in my Eureka! Moment I said to him, "So is Zhan Zhang exercise all about gathering that important Jing energy inside us from Nature?". My teacher just grinned and walked away. In Chinese thinking, when your Jing or Essence runs out and this special energy cannot be replaced then you die because you have an empty tank. That's why exercising in a relaxed and enjoyable way -- in a way that benefits your mind, body and spirit in order to help preserve your own Jing essence -- is so important, especially when you are an older person.

Replied by Lauren
(Queens, US)

Thank you Bill for that amazing response. I really do appreciate your prompt answer...thank you for all the help you give to all of us on blessed.