The Rife Machine - An Overview

Frequency Specific Micro-Current
Posted by Bob (Murphy, Nc) on 02/08/2017
5 out of 5 stars

There's a newer, better frequency device that is not strictly a Rife one. Rife killed pathogens at high frequencies, KHz or MHz, by vibrating them to death. The problem with Rife devices is not being sure of what frequencies to use. I have a list of 100's of frequencies, but haven't found any testing or proof that they are correct.

Frequency Specific Micro-Current is sponsored by Dr. Carol McMakin, a chiropractor. She has been testing frequencies for a long time. Also there's blood test results. She also teaches how to use it. A number of other doctors have joined in. She got into the field when she learned about a Dr. from the Netherlands living in Canada. He was a medical psychic who came up with the frequencies. The frequencies are low and safe, only up to 999 Hz. They don't vibrate pathogens to death. They harmonize with the tissues and organs of the body, restoring health. And there are two channels, one for the problem and one for the tissue type. So it can treat almost any medical condition, not merely pathogens. I call it a portable hospital. I bought one. It is doing the seemingly impossible. Blood tests show a 90% reduction in pain marker biochemicals after one 45 minute treatment. An expert pain Dr. thought that was impossible, as these chemicals are long lasting in the body. Tests also show an increase in protein synthesis, and ATP. I think there's also an increase in brain pleasure chemicals. This device can also treat psychiatric conditions, such as PTSD. Another miracle is that it can soften scar tissue. She treated a famous NFL player who had a broken ankle, and was told that he would never play again, and have a limp. After several weeks of treatment, he was able to play in that year's Super Bowl.

You need to take the Course before buying a unit, but there are 100's of Practitioners. A list is on her website, According to State law, Practitioners can be Nurses, Techs, or even Massage Therapists. It's classed in with TENS units.