Traditional Folk Remedies from India

| Modified on Mar 14, 2017
Traditional Folk Remedies from India go beyond Ayurveda, but for that traditional philosophy of medicine alone the country's healing tradition should be revered. In villages across India, medicinal plants and many other natural ingredients are widely used to treat hundreds of ailments as they have been for centuries.

Indian healing tradition is very much concerned with holistic treatment. Health issues such as skin disorders, epilepsy, coughs, infertility, and colds have been treated with herbal remedies of course but also with holistic approaches such as yoga, meditation, and cleansing treatments meant to restore the body's overall balance and ability to care for itself.

Ayurvedic Medicine: Ayurveda specifically is the richest healing science to develop in India and probably the world's first medical system. While exceedingly complex, the principles of Ayurveda often focus on balance between the body's components, removing blockages in the body as through induced sweating, detoxing the organs through cleansing techniques, and stimulating the body to heal itself through massage, yoga, meditation, and herbal treatments.

Below you will find a list of traditional remedies from India which have been submitted by our readers. We hope you will send us your own folk remedy recipes from India too!


Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 12/27/2012

In India or at least in my province, what we do is whenever a person is suddenly getting an epilepsy attack. We give a nice iron rod or atleast 6 inch door key made of iron and make the person hold it for some time till the epilepsy gets under control. This works to control the episode of epilepsy attack.

What I recommend is, wear a thick chain made of cast iron, or a thick bracelet made of iron. This will definitely control the frequency of epilepsy. And along with this you can try other natural medicines. good health

Urine Therapy

Posted by Annapurna (Mumbai, India) on 02/06/2012

This is what I know about Urine Therapy through my grandmother who lined successfully to 99 years: Your diet should not contain any animal products. Only veggies, fruits, nuts and grains.

In the am, upon waking, pass some urine for a few seconds, and then collect the remaining urine. This can be used to ingest, or apply on skin for skin problems.

You can continue doing this through the day, but the morning collection is the one most potent. So drink more water before bedtime to get more of this.

She was against storing due to fermentation which according to her was not a good thing. By ingesting or applying fresh, no one can pick up on smell residue, which one does know of in older fermented products. Also, in addition to no animal products in diet, drink plenty of water, as well as coconut water everyday. And do not do this if you are on any form of medication. I hope this is helpful.

Replied by Tema

I am an islander from Kiribati and my grandmother taught me how to use my own urine to protect my teeth from decay and keep them white and it is done just how it explained above but do not drink it, just swish it around in your mouth and you do it first thing when you wake up in the morning.