Natural Cures for Children with Asthma

| Modified on Feb 02, 2021

Few things are scarier than watching your child wheeze and pant, struggling to get enough air, but this nightmare is a common reality for many parents. According to research, nearly 20 million Americans suffer with asthma while roughly 9 million of those asthma sufferers are children. But, there is hope if your child is one of the many who have asthma. In addition to regular medical care, natural cures for asthma help relieve asthma symptoms and support effective lung function. Some of the best treatments for childhood asthma include cayenne pepper, omega-3 fats, ginger, turmeric, and dietary and lifestyle changes.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is considered a chronic disease that adversely affects the airways. The airways are long tubes that carry air to and from the lungs. With asthma, the lungs and airways become inflamed when exposed to specific triggers, such as pollen. Childhood asthma is often triggered by a number of other common causes including cold air, physical activity, exposure to pollutants, and changes in the weather.

Certain factors contribute to or increase your child’s likelihood of developing asthma. Exposure to tobacco smoke, previous allergic reactions, a family history of allergic reactions, and exposure to frequent air pollution are some of the most prevalent risk factors. Additionally, low birth weight, obesity, a chronic runny or stuffy nose, severe lower respiratory tract infection, inflamed sinuses, and heartburn may also case asthma.

What Are the Warning Signs of an Asthma Attack?

Knowing what to look for when your child is about to have an asthma attack or in the midst of one is crucial to acting appropriately and in a timely manner. While certain children exhibit different warning signs and even symptoms, several are common throughout kids. Common symptoms include severe wheezing, incessant coughing, very rapid breathing, chest pain, tightened neck and chest muscles, difficulty talking, anxiety, pale or sweaty face, and blue lips or fingernails.

What Is The Best Way to Treat Childhood Asthma?

It is important to meet with your doctor as soon as you see any warning signs for asthma in your child as this could help defer a life-threatening emergency. In most cases, your doctor can suggest a number of lifestyle and home remedies that help manage asthma symptoms. Doctors also often prescribe an inhaler for children to use in emergency situations. In addition to these treatments, we suggest trying natural remedies such as cayenne pepper, omega-3 fats, ginger, and turmeric to help alleviate symptoms and prevent further issues.

1. Cayenne Pepper

Dr. Weil, a renowned physician, suggests a tincture of cayenne pepper for treating an acute asthma attack. Cayenne contains a potent amount of capsaicin, a natural anti-inflammatory. The capsaicin also helps improve blood flow to ensure h body is effectively supplied with blood and oxygen. To make the tincture, mix three parts Iobelia with one part cayenne pepper and take 10 to 20 drops in water at the start of an attack.

2. Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3 fats are an integral part of any diet. These complex fats help line the respiratory tract and reduce inflammation. Your child can take omega-3s in the form of fish oil supplements or by adding additional fish and nutrient-rich foods to his or her diet.

3. Ginger

Ginger is another important anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger contains gingerols, which are a close relative to capsaicin a potent anti-inflammatory. As such, ginger helps treat inflammation in the air passages and lungs and can reduce the prevalence of asthma attacks. You can provide your child with ginger by adding it into common foods in his or her diet or by giving him or her a daily supplement or dose of essential oils.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties. Dr. Weil suggests this remedy as a long-term control and prevention option that should be taken daily. This treatment helps to reduce inflammation in the airways and lungs.

5. Vitamin D

Research suggests that vitamin D may also be a relatively new breakthrough for treating asthma. Vitamin D deficiency may be at fault for asthma, so taking a daily supplement and getting plenty of safe sun exposure could help eliminate your child’s asthma altogether. You should initially treat your child’s asthma with therapeutic levels of vitamin D, so 50 to 70 ng/ml.

Continue reading below to discover the remedies our readers have used to treat (and sometimes cure) asthma in children!

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Jessica (Duluth, MN) on 05/29/2009

Tried ACV for my 5-year-old's asthma. 1TBS in warm water with honey once a day. I am sorry to report that it didn't help him at all. He was on it for 2 months and during that time got several flares and even wound up in the ER with a severe attack. After that we gave up and he's now on Flovent and Singulair and doing much better. I am very bummed out to have him on these medications and would love to find something natural, but so far no luck. Will keep researching alternatives.

Replied by Sally_oh
(Escazú, San José, Costa Rica)

Check his food and environmental allergies. Remedies can only fight so much. Remove the obvious offenders: pets, feather pillows/comforters, sugar, white flour, dairy, clorox, windex, alcohol (very toxic - I used to use it clean my windows), smelly cleaners, ajax (used to contain mercury, don't know if it still does)... anything you can think of. If he craves a food, it is very likely an allergy. Remove everything for three weeks, then add things back in one at a time (ice cream first, of course!) See what he reacts to. Once you've pinned down his allergies and removed them, try the ACV again. It may have been working too hard against too many stimulants.

My son lived on meds from three to 15. He survived, he is bright funny and his asthma is now managed very well. Good luck!


I have asthma and doctors were forever saying I must be allergic to my dog etc. They were all wrong. If it had been because of my dog then how come I was just as bad when in the hospital where no animals had been? My dog is hairless anyway, and I was the same before I had a dog. Another doctor said it must be something in my house I am allergic to, I have lived here nearly 30 years and there is nothing of significance which is new here.

It also did not make sense because I could get three months of severe and then nothing for three months, where it goes up and down, yet everything in the house has remained the same.

Acupuncture helped me but sometimes you need to have a dozen or so sessions and then later it comes back and you need to do them again.

Replied by Lauren
(Memphis, Tn)

I just wanted to elaborate on what Sally has said here. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and developed asthma 20 years ago, in response to synthetic chemicals that are ubiquitous in the indoor environment I have also had asthma in response to medications. Pollen and typical allergens don't bother me. I have cats, and they don't trigger my asthma....chemicals do.

Cleaners and pillows are just the tip of the ice burg.....carpeting, furniture and cabinets made of particle board,paint,health and beauty supplies, soap, laundry detergents, softeners and dryer sheets, perfume, air fresheners....just to name a few things. Fragrances are made of hundreds of synthetic chemicals, including petrochemicals.....even products that are labled fragrance free may still have a fragrance, but the manufacturer may add another chemical to mask the smell. Carpeting, particle board and many other products contain formaldehyde and can take years to outgas. Wrinkle free cotton clothing and polyester/cotton sheets are treated with formaldehyde to make them wrinkle free. These synthetic chemicals are making many, many people ill, but they don't know it. It is not ecomomical for companies to do anything about it....infact the industry denies this growing health issue, and works hard to oppose the idea that their products are making the public ill. Read up on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities,also called Environmental Illness, to gain a better understanding of the negative health effects of these chemicals and where to find them in your home and work place.

The average medical doctor is completely unaware about this phenomenon, and thus completely ineffective in dealing with this aspect of a persons health issues. Also,I need to point out that chemical illnesses aren't allergies, as the two reactions are mediated in the body in completely different ways. People understand allergies, and tend to call any negative reaction an allergy, but it is basically the body's inability to process the chemical(s). If you are able, you might want to check out a doctor of Environmental Medicine....they understand chemical reactions.

Several years ago, I heard a statement in the news that indoor pollution was 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor pollution. Unfortunately, there was no elaboration on what this meant, and I didn't understand it at the time. Now that I am chronically ill from synthetic chemicals, I know exactly what they were talking about. If someone could have explained this to me years ago, it would have saved me a lot of suffering and provided greater quality of life. It never occured to me that companies would be allowed to make products that would make me and others ill.

By the way, aside from avoidance, I learned on this site about ACV and honey, and use it to help settle my asthma flair ups and associated coughing ( 2 tbsp ACV, 1 or more tbsp honey and 8 oz water). It has been a great help to me, as I can no longer tolerate any medications including inhalers. For twenty years I only needed to use inhalers occasionally. Afer being given a new product last year, it caused my asthma to worsen when I used it. Once that reaction happened, the same thing happened with my old inhaler, so this homemade remedy is all I have to help, and I am thankful for the information!

I hope this helps some of you...good luck and good health.


Replied by Vicki
(Atlanta, Ga, United States)

I have had asthma since I was six. I am now 52 and due to the inhalant steroids (Advair) which I only took for a few years, I now have steroid-induced cataracts. The drugs he's taking now will have serious consequences later on in life.

Everyone is different and react differently to remedies. Since ACV did not work for your son, you need to find something that does. I have learned that the single, most important and significant change I made was my diet. I became a raw vegan and that has helped tremendously. Wheat, dairy, peanuts and soy all aggravated my asthma. Well, actually, a lot of cooked foods trigger it also, so I find it best to stay on a raw fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds diet.

I cannot stress how crucial it is to take your son off all processed foods, dairy (no more ice cream or milk), wheat (no more cookies, crackers or bread), etc. Try it for 30 days. I think you'll be greatly surprised. Then you can add one item back at a time to see if he has a reaction.

Green smoothies are delicious and helpful. You can make raw ice cream out of frozen bananas or frozen strawberries. You can make awesome shakes out of almond milk. Starting him out on a raw diet now, at this young age, will allow him to enjoy a lifetime of excellent health.

Best wishes to you both. I empathize with your situation.

Replied by Rusti

I see this was posted in 2009, but for anyone else interested, I've been taking vitamin C with rosehips and bioflavanoids and omega 3s for years for asthma, stopping many attacks. Now take them everyday and haven't had an attack in years. That's the key in preventing attacks.

You might start him on 200 mg a day, (adults 500 mg split 2 X a day, 500mg morning, 500 mg evening) more if he's getting the sniffles. Cod liver oil is a good source of omega 3s and A&D. Also, try going wholefood organic as much as possible. Juicing organic fruits and vegetables is even better. Agree cutting out any processed foods containing all kinds of contaminants.

Replied by Myway

I wanted to chime into this discussion so that parents have some direction with asthmatic children. I have to admit, I am rather alarmed at asthma rates here in this country - and how little progress we have made to remove the root causes. Did you know that 48% of kids here in the US are chronically sick?

My Story

I had terrible asthma as a child, born in the north, city. A pediatrician back in the 60's told my parents "get your daughter south" away from mfg plants and highways Or her asthma will get worse. Two parents, neither finished high school, one didn't speak English - 3 weeks later, we were living in the south. Mom had purchased a juicer (sounded like a jet landing in our kitchen every day) and flooded my body with nutrients, local produce, beans, grains, two weeks, Mom had me at 100%. No meds for her 3 year old. She washed my cotton bed sheets in diluted white vinegar and borax, homemade meals, play outdoors, cats and dogs everywhere, etc...I had a blessed childhood.

As soon as I hit college and got away from my daily healthy way of life from a dedicated parent - I felt my symptoms creaping back. I returned home, analyzed what my Mom did for so many years, incorporated them back into my life - and for about 20 years, no symptoms, no meds.

Now in my 40's, my asthma returned with a vengeance. I moved up north for my husbands job, lived near an airport and I-95. I was doomed. I started taking Advair, singular, inhalers...knowing I had to get myself back to holistic lifestyle. First of all - everyone quit blaming the cats. They may be part of the problem and are always in the lineup - but please work at getting rid of anything synthetic first (environmental toxins). Anyway, I landed here on earthclinic a couple years ago, determined to rid myself of dangerous meds. I followed Bill Munroes hydrogen peroxide inhalation method, removed all processed food and sugar from my diet, exercise daily, plenty of water - I feel healthy! It seems sugar was the toxin that caused my flair-ups More then anything. Natural sugars (like fruit, honey) I can consume - no problem. The point is - I took the time to figure it out. Everyone is different.

One item I wanted to mention - I notice when I sleep with any synthetics on my bed (fleece for example), I start itching - I feel some allergic response which can exacerbate my symptoms. I recommend everything cotton on the bed, including pillows, to sleep on.

Lastly, I am thankful to a mother who did not believe synthetic "patent" medicines were the answer. Because of her diligence, I have lived a relatively healthy life - she is a woman before her times. And at 80 - she says that it's now the new "60."!

I hope my story provides some encouragement to parents who are looking for answers. Work with your pediatrician or practitioner - but let medis be a last resort.


MyWay :D

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Carmel, read up on Bill Munro's h2o2 inhalation method.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Yes I used to be allergic to everything but lettuce and when I ate it I couldn't stop burping. Cortisol is the stress hormone the produce robs peter to pay paul to make. It throws off hormones, minerals, water balance, and gets trapped in parts of the body. Eric Berg teaches on youtube how to release it. Then the body becomes out of mineral and water balance. To WARN YOU OF THIS SITUATION YOUR BODY WILL PRODUCE HISTAMINE. Has an anti histamine ever alleviated your symptoms? So now~~ you can put this information into a trail test and see if one of your minerals or hydration level is out of balance or if you have stress trapped in your body tissues.

Blessings, Charity

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Daisy (Waipahu, HI) on 05/16/2008

My 6 year old son normally gets asthma when he gets a cold. The doctors that we've seen since he's been diagnosed with asthma told us that we should start him right away on albuterol and pulmicort (steroid) once he starts coughing. 2 days ago, he began to cough because of all the VOG (volcanic ash - contains sulfur) that is now present in our air. Instead of jumping for the nebulizer and giving him a dose of his medication, I opted for 1 tablespoon of ACV in half cup of water and sweetened it with Agave nectar (to his liking). His cough lessened in just a few seconds. That same night, I gave him a warm concoction of the same ACV mix which surprisingly helped him sleep through the night without a single cough. Next morning, I gave him another warm ACV drink and fed him slices of apples. The skin of apples contains something that helps with coughing. Later in the day, he started to have runny nose, which normally doesn't happen until a few days after the initial cough. ACV is definitely speeding up his recovery. It's so much better than having him on medication for a week to 2 weeks. I also forgot to mention that before he came down with the cough, he was already taking a teaspoon of ACV in a half cup pomegranate and water mixture on a daily basis. I guess all he needed was a little more ACV.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)
495 posts

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND ASTHMA: To Daisy from HI: Hang in there Daisy & congratulations for resisting starting your 6 yr old with asthma on albuterol & steroids. The only thing I would suggest that you change is if you can get some raw honey made within a 50 mile radius of where you live, use this to sweeten the ACV instead of the nectar. Asthma quite often has an allergy component and the honey helps with the allergies. Another thing is to watch for when his attacks occur, and try to eliminate the triggers (pollen, hair spray, room deodorizing sprays, paint odors, perfumes, after shaves, flowers, after shaves, etc. and just about anything you can see or smell in the air can be the trigger. Again, I commend you for trying something that actually provides some nutrients for him instead of just starting to drug him up with the albuterol and steroids, both of which have several unwanted side effects and no nutrients at all.

Replied by Nalani
(Hilo, HI)

Hey Daisy, I live on the Big Island also with the vog problem and all of a sudden my 8 yr old has asthma! First time in her life. She's had it for a while now but I refuse to use all the nebulizers and unnatural things. (Which my very healthy grandmother suddenly died after taking.) Anyway, I've been trying so hard to kick this asthma with my daughter. It's finally letting up though she still has a little cough, but not so croupy sounding. I tried giving her the fish oils for the Omega 3's, kelp for inflammation in the lungs (in pill form), lemon juice with honey that she finally got tired of, and now I will try the ACV to see if that will completely kick it. Nice to hear from another person dealing with the vog problem with a natural remedy. Thankx!

Replied by Nalani
(Hilo, HI)

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, I also had her take a spoonful of coconut oil since I found that as a natural remedy listed for asthma. Everything I gave her was sort of inconsistant with each other but again, I will try and stick to the ACV now. Thanks again. ~Nalani

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Michelle P (Kenosha, WE) on 02/22/2008

My 9 yr. daughter has been on every asthma medication known to man. She was diagnosed before she was two and has been on numerous antibiotics, steroids taken orally and inhaled and of course albuterol. These medications just seem to help the symptoms but nothing ever made her truly better. I found your site and decided to take matters in to my own hands. I started giving her 2 tbsp of coconut oil per day and eventually was able to wein her off all her medications. The coconut oil is amazing!!! I wish I would have known about this years ago. I started the coconut oil about 6 months ago and in those 6 months she has had only 5 minor attacks...

Hydrogen Peroxide in Humidifier

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Posted by Mzelliec (Evansville, Wi) on 03/02/2011

I use hydrogen peroxide in my cool air only.. All nite for over a year now.. This IS WONDERFUL.. My friend uses it the same way for her son and no LONGER has to do breathing treatments on him in the middle of the nite "cause he can't breathe.. I have a lots of family and friends are on this method... Read on the internet.. And sites that sell this a LOT of doctors and books on this H2O2.. Good stuff......God Bless all of you ....

Replied by Connie
(Elmira, Ny)

I bought colloidal silver and use a tsp in a nebulizer for myself and have stopped wheezing works great. Do it once a day. Also hold a tsp. under the tongue and swallow after a minute. love it.

Kiwi and Bananas

Posted by Klobo (Portland, Or) on 01/17/2015

I read Jeff Primack's books and he recommended eating 2-3 organic kiwi per day and to stop eating I gave it a try and within 2 weeks my asthma was 90% gone, allergies were about 75% gone. I did this for a long time, my inhaler never got used and actually passed the expiration date without ever needing it. I got lazy and stopped eating kiwi after almost a year and within 3 weeks I needed my inhaler I'm eating my 2-3 kiwi per day and it's working again ? I should add that I did not have terrible asthma to begin with, just allergy, exercise and stress induced, I would only use my inhaler a few times per week but now I almost never need it! Highly recommend his books!!!!

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Kash (Dallas, Tx, Usa) on 04/17/2013

Help requested for kid with severe asthma:

My son is 4 years of age and is suffering from severe asthma every 3 weeks. He has no obvious triggers just simple allergy, viral like symptoms which proceed to asthmatic cough and then finally wheezing. He is on Advair for prevention, albuterol for rescue and also taked singulair all through ten year. None of the medications is helping and he has trouble all through the year. We take all precautions, no carpets, no milk, no wheat. After the attack he gets thick nasal discharge mucus from his nose for several days, also can hear chest congestion and phlegm.

He had severe eczema when he was a baby and after trying everything we read about Apple Cider Vinegar so have been giving Apple Cider Vinegar with honey and water every night for last 6 months. It has improved his eczema quite dramatically but his asthma remains the same. We also started doing Apple Cider Vinegar steaming for the last one month. he again had an attack last week and hasn't completely recovered yet.

We have tried many things for his asthma and we at least want to reduce the frequency of attacks. He is unable to lead a normal kid life, always restricted for the fear of asthma. Has anyone had experience with kids with such severe asthma. Any other remedies which could help? I am looking forward for help from other parents who gave through the same and minimized asthma naturally. Thanks for reading.

Replied by Blessings
(Grateful 4 Earthclinic!, Thanks To All!)

Perhaps colostrum, black seed oil, MSM, turmeric, coconut oil mixed with local raw honey and/or apples would help. Please google for information. Wishing your child well!!!!

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

The viral like infections you speak of probably are caused by a virus. So when he has a flair up of the asthma and blocked air passages use colloidal silver as drops into his sinus passages to kill the virus infection. That "solution" will help with the secondary effect of the asthma. Helping with the asthma issue itself is something I can't help with. On the amount of silver drops, use six or eight drops with his head leaned back and see if he can learn to allow the drops to drain back into his sinuses. It's hard for an adult so will be more so for a child but he'll learn that if when he uses the drops his infections will go away and so will soon welcome the relief.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Middle, Tennessee, Usa)

I am so sorry your son is having so much asthma trouble. Two of my children have asthma. Different things seem to work for them. I tried many, many natural things for each before finding what worked best, but neither have needed medical treatment now for years. One child responds very well to nettles and quercetin. If he takes 2 x00 nettles capsules 4x a day and 1x 0 caspule of quercetin 2 x a day, the symptoms resolve. Most days he no longer needs any. But he took those daily for a long time. He was about 12 when we started that. I think over time his body did heal from this. He used to need daily OTC meds and steroids at times. If he gets a cold, I will have him take nettles again to help prevent an asthma flare up and it seems to work for him. If he starts to sneeze from pollen he just reaches for the nettles.

With my daughter, we were up for hours and hours trying different things we found on Earth Clinic under asthma. She was younger when hers began and couldn't swallow pills, so that makes it harder. We would mix 1/2 t. of turmeric with 1 t. honey and give her that. (you can give that every few hours if needed. ) We would mix 1/2 t. nettle leaf powder and mix it with honey. (Again, very frequent is fine. ) (Now she can swallow pills and we give her the nettles and quercetin like my son. ) 1 drop of Lavender Essential oil in 1 t. honey helped sometimes. A warm epsom salt bath with a few drops of lavender were also helpful at times. But the best thing for her seems to be essential oils and some other herbs. In two ounces of olive or coconut oil, add 1 T. peppermint essential oil, 1 T. eucalyptus essential oil, 1/2 t. thyme essential oil and 1/2 t. frankincense essential oil. I rub this onto the back and chest (over the lung area. ) Test each oil before putting it in your mix as some of my children cannot tolerate some of these oils and it will give them a rash. (We use it for a cough, too, for anyone. ) You can also try nettle and/or mullein tea. Both are great for asthma. (Watch for allergy, my son cannot use mullein - it gives him an itchy chin, his first sign of being bothered by something.)

You could look into high doses Vitamin C as it is a natural antihistamine.

Long term use of strong drugs can be hard on the system. You could look into activated charcoal to help detox from these things. Also, 4 oz. fresh organic carrot juice daily (if you have or could borrow a juicer) would helpt to nourish and strengthen, as would 1 t. blackstrap molasses, twice a day.

Hope you find relief for your child, soon. It is hard to see our children suffer.

Replied by Kash
(Dallas, Tx, Usa)

Thank you all for the suggestions. Have already started him on mullien. Will try some more of these as well. Thanks!

Replied by Joy

A doctor recommended Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C for asthma

Replied by Michelle A
(Santa Cruz, Ca)

My daughter had severe eczema on her elbows. She was prescribed various medications. They worked temporarily but the eczema always returned. I started reading about alternative ways to combat it. I found liquid magnesium -phosphorus- vitamin D by Twin Labs. She took it everyday for about 3-4 months. Her eczema disappeared and has never returned. Hope this helps.

Replied by Marge
(Riverside, California)

I wonder if this liquid magnesium -phosphorus- vitamin D would have an effect on hives?

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne Australia)
233 posts

Hi Mama to Many, I was encouraged to see your use of frankincense topically for the asthma, as a rather new discovery is boswelia serrata, the tree from which the frankincense comes from, for curing asthma (ingested). It is also useful for all inflammation, including the joints, etc.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Safia (London, England, Uk.) on 01/16/2012

My baby has severe asthma. Tell me which foods are good for my baby and which are dangerous.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Safia, as for foods does your formula contain DHA or are u breast-feeding (if you are you need to take two spoons of Flax Oil daily)? DHA is very important fatty acid for baby development and helps reduce inflammatory response. As for baby food, pineapple is very good for inflammatory diseases like asthma.

May I also add the importance of air quality. Since I don't know your environment, I cannot say for sure, but you may need to improve your indoor air with any number of different filtration beyond standard fiberglass filters. HEPA, Negative Ion purifiers are very good. Some air purifiers have a combination of technologies to achieve very clean air. Also check for the possibility of Black Mold as it could be deadly regarding your infant.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

if you have carpet then lie down on it and take a few slow deep breaths through your nose to check that your baby has nothing to react to there. Mould can even live there or even in the underlay.

Urine Therapy

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Posted by Rod272 (Edmonton, Alberta) on 05/23/2015

When my son was two he was diagnosed with asthma. He had some fairly serious attacks that left him in the hospital. I just about lost him a couple of times. The specialist told me he had a particularly brittle case that would always require steroids. I didn't accept this, and tried many alternative therapies with varying degrees of success.

I brought him to a TCM doctor about three years ago and with his help was able to get him off of steroids. He still had periods of difficulty breathing, but the swings weren't as extreme as the ones he had while on meds.

He was still wetting the bed. I thought it must be related to the asthma. The western doctors told me this was an entirely different problem that required the attention of a specialist. (I knew not to go to a specialist.) The TCM doctor thought it was related. He was able to improve the problem but it was still happening 1-2 times a week. This is not an easy problem for a 12 year old to deal with.

We had tried so many things he had given up. I convinced him to drink his own urine, a cup every morning and within a week his bed wetting and asthma were entirely gone. It's been over 6 months without another occurrence. I wish I had discovered this earlier. I think we could have avoided alot of unnecessary suffering.

Occasionally, I still wake up in a panic wondering if my son can breathe. I know it's other kids out there struggling for breath. You parents out there struggling with this disease, I'm with you. Urine therapy might work you the way it did for my son.

Rod 272rip(at)

Replied by John

Keep him away from anything that has been in a #1 PET/PETE plastic like tetrapaks, typical water, juice and ketchup bottles. The stuff contains antimony (Google it) and is a main cause of asthma due to it causing extreme liver inflammation and an increase in leukotrienes (which is the root of asthma). It's a pain in the butt to do but is so worth it.

Replied by Rod272
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Thanks very much for that.

Replied by Sam

Gluten free diet and Buteyko breathing method have cured my niece of asthma (7 years free of asthma).

Replied by Halconique
(Kansas City, Missouri)

Is it safe to drink people's urine? We use urine to relieve the pain caused by jellyfish contact by peeing directly on the affected area. But we have not tried ingesting it before.

Replied by Rod272
(Edmonton, Alberta)

The only caution I've read about it is when you are on drugs. For example, if you are on steroids some of it will show up in your urine and increase the dose you are ingesting. My son continues to get benefits from this. He's growing at triple the rate. Apparently, in children and adolescents there is concentrated growth hormone in the morning urine.

Replied by Adaolisa
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Thanks for the information on urine therapy .my daughter of 9years has being going through the same astma problem since she was two. We are in the hospital as I'm writing this and on nebulizer . I will start the urine therapy tomorrow morning and I pray it works for me too. I have really suffered cos of this problem and have being asking God for answer and I believe he has answered for me to discover this therapy. Thanks so much and remain blessed. Pls help me with any suggestions and I will always keep in touch. Pls is it first (early) morning urine that she will take?

Replied by Rod272
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Hello Adaolisa: That's a good way to start. Take a cup of the first urine in the morning. You will read on other website that you should drink the midstream urine. I never had my son do that. He just drank a cup of the morning urine. He still does this and has never been sick since he began the practice. He hasn't had a flu or a cold either. I think it's going to work for you. I am going to send a prayer your way. You can email me directly at 272rip (at) .

Regards, Rod


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Posted by Stephanie (Napa, Ca) on 02/01/2021

Water. If your child is suffering from asthma, make sure they are drinking enough water. When water is low, the brain sends a signal to the lungs telling the bronchioles to close in order to preserve water. Make sure your child is drinking at least 4 glasses of water per day or drinks two glasses of water at the onset of asthma symptoms. They should always have water with them wherever they go. Be careful not to over-water as this can deplete the body of precious minerals including sodium, in which case they should also increase their sea salt intake. Read the book about the “body's many cries for water”.

My son had a child in his class that was always asking to be excused to get a drink of water, annoying the teacher who would deny her, and unfortunately she passed away from an asthma attack later that same year. I personally believe asthma may be caused by long term dehydration.