7-Keto DHEA Health Benefits

| Modified on Dec 01, 2020
7-Keto DHEA is a nutritional supplement favored by bodybuilders and used to increase weight loss, rev up the body's metabolism, and provide immune and age-related benefits. It is a prohormone that can be converted into testosterone and other metabolic proteins.

As a steroid, the use of 7-Keto DHEA should be carefully considered and monitored; however, extensive toxicology studies have been completed without any evidence of adverse health effects from 7-Keto DHEA supplementation. It is currently being studied as a thermogenic compound with potentially significant results as a dietary aid, but studies are yet preliminary.

7-Keto DHEA is often used to increase muscle mass, as a weight-loss supplement, and improve mood and memory capacity.

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DHEA Contraindications

Posted by Denise (Seattle) on 05/30/2014

Is DHEA safe to take with hepatitis c and neuropathy? And if so what dose? Thank you much.

Replied by Timh
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Denise: Unlike recombinant, synthetic hormones prescribed by MD's, Natural identical sources of Pregnenolone, Progesterone, or DHEA are very free of bad side effects at recommended doses independent of disease instance (with the exception of Prostate enlargement in males, and Liver disease can also cause problems w/ proper metabolism of DHEA if it's unable to convert DHEA into DHEAS thru a process of sulfation). In this case one would need to start at a low dose 5-10 mg once daily and slowly work up to as much as 50mg daily. Signs for effectiveness would include increased strength, alertness, energy, better sleep, better mood.

Long Term Use of 7-Keto Dhea

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Posted by Loren (Queens, Ny) on 04/02/2013

Hey EC.... Can anyone tell me if 7-keto dhea is safe to use long term? There are so many good reviews on line about this product but there are some scary ones too. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank guys.

Replied by Sheila965
(Guyton, Ga)

I've read websites that talk about side effects but I have also learned that you have to be careful where you get your information. :-)

I've lost 150 lbs since 2011 (eating organic). I started taking those because of my age and that my body doesn't produce it much as you get older.

I've been taking it since the beginning of 2012. I started with 50mg and bumped up to 100. I noticed when I ran out, I had bad hot flashes. I am pre-menopause (age 48). When I started taking it again, the hot flashes were less intense. I am now taking 3 a day to keep the hot flashes from being so miserable at night that I can't sleep.

So far, I can't see any other "side effects. " They work great.

Replied by Thehandyman1947

7-keto I have used 7keto for 15 years with no problems. people that are prone to sugar, or have sugar, can not take D H E A because it can cause benine prostrate hyplaceia (b p h ) 7 keto is a form of d h e a that will not convert to dihydrotestosterone, it is safe for anyone, also for long term use. low testosterone, can cause lots of problems from muscle wasteing, to heart attack. it's sold for weight loss, don't know if it works for weight loss, but it firms up muscles, haven't had a heart attack, the info says it increases testosterone (not free testosterone) but it improves sex drive. for the ladies, testosterone is not a male hormone, no more than estrogen is a female hormone, we produce both, without testosterone women would not enjoy sex. I take 100mg 1x a day, a woman may need less, I think it would be safe to take more if needed. sorry for the spelling, don't need to know how to spell, only what works.

Loss of Well Being

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Posted by Jackie (Grand Rapids, Minnesota) on 06/20/2010

Loss of Well Being - 7-keto dhea is helping me with this problem. i am 63 yrs old and well past menopause. i took no supplements or hrt during that time even though i had bad hot flashes. as of late i just have an almost complete lack of confidence. i'm terrible at remembering names and i have memory lapses more than i would like. i start to talk and i stammer. i don't feel relaxed around people. i tire very easily, get frustrated, poor tolerance to any stress. it takes me ages to make a decision and do poorly at keeping my house, car organized and clean. i guess that's poor focus. decided to research on the internet people have told me they have great success at bioidentical hormones. well i ran across the dhea supplement and bought some. it says after a week you start noticing better well being, better sleep. i felt better after the first pill instantly more relaxed, more focused. i have been blessed with great health and don't want to take something that will jeopardize it, but everything i've read claims 25 mg dose is ok.i should mention i bought the 7-keta dhea brand not just dhea. i feel like this is something i should have been taking a long time ago.this is foolish to post so soon after starting a supplement, but just had to tell someone.(this is the 2nd day)

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, New York)

Yes, it is powerful stuff... I've been experimenting with only around 6mg/day..(cut a pill into quarters) and notice it's effects. I've been taking it for adrenal fatigue along with other herbs, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola. (Dr. Ray Sahelian recommends only 5mg with breaks as he is concerned about long term effects)For your memory you may want to try Phosphatidylserine. Though a little on the pricey side I've found its effects positive so far.. There is much research on its ability to improve brain function/memory & reduce cortisol.

Replied by Fbk227
(Long Island, Ny)

Hi, I only found the 100mg capsules. Is that too much?

Replied by Kal
(Poitiers, France)

I see you experienced adrenal fatigue, I have it and I wonder how you have processed to heal it, it's difficult to work hard with AF, it's not marvelous at all.

Replied by Nohard
(Aristomenis, Greece)

DHEA you should start low and build it up to the leval that suits you the best.

I'm on it for ED and to help push up my libido, which it has done, and I'm on 75mg a day, I take 50mg first thing in the morning, I read on a site about dosage that it's best to take then.

There is a good piece on webmd, just put DHEA in their search box, you should also find out about its side effects.

Replied by Hertsman
(St Ives, Cambridgeshire)

Are you taking 7-Keto DHEA or just DHEA for your ED issues? They are two very different things so it is important for me to know exactly what you're taking. Also are you taking a tablet or a sublingual tablet?