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Homeopathy is a balanced medical philosophy and treatment system that is based on the concept that the body has natural or innate curative properties. A practice that originated in the late 1700s, homeopathic medicine made began in Europe yet now extends around the world. The practice utilizes specific liquid mixtures and pills, which most often include a plant or mineral, to treat disease and remedy illness.

What is Homeopathy?

Also called homeopathic medicine, homeopathy is a relatively common practice. The concept behind this type of medical treatment includes an understanding of symptoms as the body’s natural response to illness and as an attempt to cure itself.

Additionally, the practice hinges on the idea that “like cures like.” This suggestion meaning that if a certain substance causes a symptom in a healthy individual, it will likely cure the person of the illness. In essence, the homeopathic approach enhances the body’s natural healing and self-regulatory processes.

Rather than mainstream medications, homeopathic pills or liquid mixtures are used by homeopathic practitioners to treat various illnesses. The mixtures typically contain only one active ingredient, which is generally a plant or mineral. Known as heavily diluted constituents, these treatments are generally very effective.

Applications of Homeopathic Medicine

The practice of homeopathic medicine has been used throughout history to maintain health and remedy a wide range of health conditions and illnesses. The applications of this type of medicine include long-term illnesses to acute attacks of specific diseases and conditions.

Allergies, dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome are all treated effectively using homeopathic remedies. Minor injuries including cuts and scrapes, muscle strains and sprains as well as inflammation can also be treated using homeopathy. A variety of other conditions including the common cold, Dengue fever, gout, insect bites and worms can also be treated using this type of medicinal treatment.

Generally speaking, homeopathy offers a wide range of benefits for careful practitioners. The process is generally considered safer than conventional medicine as it uses natural remedies and treatments. It can also be used to treat a wide range of conditions and does so in a holistic manner that takes all factors of wellness into consideration during treatment.

Arnica for Falls

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Posted by Zai (Montgomery, Tx) on 02/12/2012
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I used to fall all the time. I have found that it simply means that your body wants you to slow down and don't rush through life. For falls, I have found that Arnica Montana (a homopathic remedy) really works. You put 5 tiny tablets under your tongue. But on condition that you take it at the time or close to the time of the fall. My 85 year old mum, sisters, friends and I carry it every where we go. It has been a life saver on many an occasion - and normally I take it that one time or if there is an ailment that requires a little more help, I take it for 3 days 3x a day. It can be quite costly $7.99 a tube but worth every bit of it. The Arnica 200 is about $9.99 and it is for more severe mishaps. It helps your body as it goes through any trauma (it help speed my recovery when I was in a car wreck). Also helps my family sleep on sleepless nights. It is a wonderful thing. I drink noni juice for pain - it really works if you keep up with it and will help your arthritic problems. I also take ____, a natural antiinflammatory - you can purchase it at Whole Food Stores or any health food store. It has rosemary, turmeric, ginger, Holy basil, green tea, Hu Zhuang, Chinese Goldthread, Barberry, oregano and Baikal Skullcap in it. I take it 2x a day in between meals to help the body get rid of the inflammation. The pain is there because your body wants you to attend to the problem and it is reminding you to take extra precautions. What a great doctor our body is. Arthritis, heart problems, cancer and diabetes amongst other ailments is caused by inflammation and you need to take anti inflammatory. Hope this helps.


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Posted by Dr Howard (CA) on 02/13/2023
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I have over the years never failed on helping bad knees with Calc fluor 30X. Four pills once each evening under the tongue. When pain or any discomfort stops cease taking.

Then take a dose now and then if any reoccurrence. Good for tone elasticity in body, joints, bones, as well as for teeth and gums.

Read about this wonderful remedy.

Don't take too often.

Posted by Lia (London, England) on 02/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I am a homeopath with over 15 years' experience. One patient was told she would have to have knee surgery in the near future due to osteo-arthritis in the knee. This was several years ago now and no surgery. She has been taking Ruta 6c once a day. She enjoys walking with no knee problems. She also has regular constitutional treatment which keeps her immune system strong.

Replied by Lia
(London, UK)

Hello phoenix, I am happy to answer your questions.

I'm not sure what you mean by "doseage". the 6c is the potency. You could have a 30c potency. The difference is not that important. She is taking once a day.

I get my remedies from a homeopathic pharmacy. My experience is that the ones you buy in the shops are ok.

re remedy responses - it depends on whether you are treating something acute or chronic. Acute problems, like an injury, will respond to Arnica for most people(see the post how homeopathy works). Something more chronic, like arthritis, may need "constitutional" treatment. That is taking the personality into account. You need to see a homeopath for that. But you can still do a lot of good with homeopathy at the first aid/acute level.

Of course there are a lot of 'gray area' complaints like headaches. They could be both acute and chronic. There are many homeopathic remedies for headaches and then you do start individualising the remedy, to see which one matches the person and their symptoms most closely. Homeopathy is about treating the person rather than the complaint.

I hope that makes sense and I am happy to continue posting.

Posted by Bc (Fair Lawn, Nj) on 01/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My mom, who is elderly, had bad osteoarthritis in one knee, with pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. It would be severe at times. She started taking homeopathic Hypericum 30c 2 pellets twice a day for something totally unrelated.

The same day she started it, she was surprised to find that the swelling and pain in her knee was very much reduced, and she now had full range of motion. That night, she told me she got into bed bending that knee for the first time in years!

At first we thought it was just the change in weather, but it continued getting better so that she no longer needs a cane. She stopped taking it after two weeks, and the pain started to creep back, so she has started it again, with improvement again.

It was startling how fast the improvement was. We consider it a miracle, since we weren't even treating arthritis. It's nice to have a positive side effect for a change.

Banning of Homeopathic Doctors

Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 02/15/2017

Oh Ke Dokey! Gather round folks and listen up! Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin:-

In a long-forgotten, far-away land, there lived a Special Doctor (we shall call him S D instead of M D for short). "Special" because he had done pioneering work to save people who had given up hope from other sources. He thought outside the normal medical constraints. He was a qualified Allopathic doctor as well as being a gifted and innovative Homoeopathic practitioner. I travelled seven hours there and seven hours return to see him on several occasions when I was in some strife many years ago, so you can appreciate I held him in high regard! He was considered unconventional by some of course and the Medical Establishment were suspicious of his methods naturally and attacked him more than once without managing to "dent" or "faze" him badly. Like James Bond's martini, he was "Shaken but not stirred"!

I well recall the first time I consulted him! At the conclusion of his diagnosis / treatment, I sincerely thought he had said "And how shall we pay?" (credit card, visa, cash??) but I must have been a tad hard of hearing (or mentally in another place possibly), as what he had in reality asked was, "And NOW shall we PRAY?". An understandable error on my part I suppose, as your regular sawbones does not often ask that these days I guess. After the prayer, and after I had settled up, we parted company! I visited him a few times UNTIL he was finally struck off by the Medical Council who managed to finally get to him at long last. They gave him the run around for a long time! It was very sad, as at the time he ceased to practise, (UK type spelling used here! ) he would have been helping hundreds of patients who were subsequently deprived of his ministrations.

From what I was led to understand, a couple of politically correct zealots were at least partly responsible for his being censured!

I believe he managed to carry on with some of his homoeopathic patients though, which is something to be grateful for at least.

I have retained a long-held sense of injustice about his treatment and it still rankles to this day. Still, Good will hopefully triumph in the end after life's long and worrying vicissitudes!? I suppose I should harbour (UK again-sorry! ) Christian thoughts and trust that the two protagonists have found peace somewhere later in life and not been so easily prone to having their sensibilities offended!!?? Yeah - right!

Cheers and take care,



Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 01/26/2012

Hi to all. I decided to post this here instead of lastest questions area, because the questions don't seem to be getting any response.

Anyway, There was a homeopathic product out a few years ago, that was removed by the FDA because a few people claimed to have lost thier sense of smell. This was in a gel form and was squirted into the nose to shorten the duration of the common cold. It WORKED and this is probably the real reason the FDA removed it. NONE of my family members ever lost any sense of smell using it. And it was safe for all ages, DID NOT raise blood pressure and men with prostate problems DID NOT have to fear using it.

The active ingredient was zincum gluconicum 2x... My question is if Ted or Bill or anyone else might know of a way to make this at home in a gel formula. What process and ingredients are needed?

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Or one could take 25-50 mg Zinc Gluconate daily with much the same results. I would add 3mg Copper once-in-a-while.

Replied by Diane
(Louisville, Ky)

Trazadone and gabapentine put you in a stupor. Try to get off these drugs and you may feel much better. I once had to take gabapentine for eye surgery pain, I just sat in a daze. I couldn't wait to stop taking it.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

Ok Diane. Where did this come from??? I am not on any drugs... I simply am asking does anyone know how to make this Zincum in gel formula so I can put it in my nose when I have a cold.

Dengue Fever

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Posted by Allan (Cebu City, Philippines ) on 01/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Dengue Hemorrhagic fever. I have been using a homeopathic preparation: cinnamomum HA in ampoule form since 1998 given by IM or orally and it is very cost effective. No need for admission if DF is diagnosed earlier. Need only from 3 to 8 ampoules. If patient is in bad state just an IV drip in the clinic for 4 hours with homeopathic remedies in it, patient goes home well immediately. Tried many times to show to other physicians but they are very biased to alternative treatments. No complications noted since its use. so patient friendly.

General Feedback

Posted by Sukhasanthi (Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India) on 06/25/2012

Ancient systems of healing in our country have proved over ages that a holistic approach to our body ailments can navigate our ailments to the root cause. Modern system of medicine and treatment follow eradication from upper layers of a disease but do not attempt at locating how causes innately.


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Posted by Dave (Riverton, UT) on 05/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this web site and for the posts. I had severe gout pain every day for 2 months, so I gave in and tried the medicines the doctor prescribed. They made me so sick I could not take them. I tried ACV (1 TSP ACV, 1 TSP Honey, 4-6 oz of hot water- makes a decent tasting hot tea) a couple times a day, cherry juice, and ibuprofen cream. The pain went away within 2 days. I know the ACV is working as I had never tried it before; I had been eating a lot of cherries and that helped for a while, but not enough when it got severe. I wanted to share the ibuprofen cream idea as I did not see it on this web site. My wife uses it on her jaw for TMJ, so I thought I'd try it. I just rub some into the joint before bed and/ or in the morning and it seems to reduce swelling and increase mobility and decrease pain. It's called homeopathic ibuprofen cream for muscles and joints and it works well.

How Homeopathy Works

Posted by Lia (London, England) on 02/04/2010

It's great to see suggestions for homeopathy remedies on this site. As a homeopath with over 15 years' experience, I know it works! It's just that 'science' cannot yet explain how micro-doses of a substance can cause a curative effect. It's about the energy, and we just don't have the tools to measure energy, yet.

Homeopathy strengthens the body's own healing mechanism, the immune system, to heal itself. That is why it is good to have holistic, constitutional treatment in addition to the suggestions here for particular ailments.

One thing you should all know about is Arnica Montana for physical injury and brusing. After a fall, or surgery, it helps the body heal faster. I give it to my patients if they need an operation, Arnica 30c twice a day for a up to a week afterwards, and invariably their doctor will comment on how quickly they've healed. Also good for children's falls and scrapes. You might notice the bruising gets worse at first. Like with oil-pulling releasing toxins, this is a sign that the body is working. The bruise may look painful, but the person feels well.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Wouldn't Arnica Montana be dangerous after surgery due to the blood thinning characteristics?

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Ambika (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I'd like to add my glowing review from successes with Homeopathic medicine.

Only 2 years ago I first tried out a medicine for PMS cramping, which I often get very severely, and the remedy continues to work well. I use a 'combination' medicine specifically for Headaches that is better than anything else I've ever used, natural or pharmacueticial...wine hangover/headache goes away swiftly too!

I have also used homeopathic remedies for pain from a ruptured ovarian cyst, and it helped immensely.

I am still getting acquainted with this form of natural healing, which treats immediate symptoms with accuracy and speed. It amazed me what ailments can be treated... not just physical symptoms, but emotions, like stress, irritability, etc.

Just a few weeks back I was having terrible shoulder soreness and an overwhelmed feeling after the workday. I found remedies for both ailments that worked well to take the edge off, as I had already been massaging and stretching as much as I could, and trying to rest.

It isn't easy to wrap the mind around Homeopathic medicine, how exactly it works, but we are all learning much these days about vibrations and energy and such... and it's something of a mystique, but they DO work well! Sometimes the challenge is matching the right remedy to your very specific ailment, and some books and vendors pamphlets make this process easier.

I'll continue to write more to add to this page because I hope more people will come to know about Homeopathics and thier uses, especially when an immediate action is needed that isn't found as easily in other natural remedies.

I use and try all other forms of natural healing and living, including herbs, acv/baking soda, coconut oil, hydrogen peroxide, healthy/raw diet, juicing, lots of water, positive attitude, green tea, flower essences for emotional healing, striving for good habits, generosity, etc. etc. etc. and I feel strongly that Homeopathics certainly have thier place. I hope more people will come to be aware of all they have to offer. If I could I would love to study this fascinating subject formally. I am pretty passionate about it along with the Flower Essences...

Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

I am just getting into this homeopathic medicine. I have had a problem with my dog for about a year. I have had her to four different vets who didn't know what was causing her problem or what she had. The only thing they could do was put her on prednisone. I didn't want that, so I kept searching. Infinite wisdom put someone in my path that suggested her homeopathic veterinarian. The dog was getting me up 6 times a night and I was exhausted. I contacted the vet and she prescribed a remedy. After just ONE dose, the dog slept all night and has been for about three weeks now. I'm hoping she will continue to get better. Do you have any books that you would recommend to me as I too would like to learn more?

Replied by Thealth
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi Ambika,

Good to know that homeopathic remedies are such useful. My wife has similar terrible shoulder soreness and is not healing. I would like her to try the homepathic medicine you use.

I would really appreciate if you can name the medicine you use and where it is available.

Thanks again.

Replied by Ambika
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi THealth: The name of the remedy is Rhus Toxicodendron in 6c. You can get at vitamin shoppe, whole foods, etc for $6-8.

The one I have is Boiron brand and they offer strengths of 6c and 30c. One of the strengths is better for general issues, and one better for local. I forget which is which. but they have books at the store where I bought mine, and I did my reading for a time before narrowing it down to this one. For this ailment the 6c was recommended.

Stretches and massage do work wonders too. I do hope she starts to feel improved.

Preserving Homeopathic Remedies

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Posted by Kirsten (Santa Fe, N.m. U.s.a.) on 12/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I first heard about Codex Alimentarius on You Tube and it seems almost too evil to believe. I hope for everyone's health and wellbeing that it is only an evil rumor and not an actual plan.
Something that has worked for me for the past few years as a way of saving money on homeopathic remedies may become a necessity if Codex is real:

You can keep homeopathic remedies going forever if you preserve the vibration in alcohol.

Here's how it works:

Take your pellets or pills and put them in a new glass bottle with a dropper. Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with any hard liquor and allow the pellets to dissolve. ( If you have a remedy already in liquid form just refill the bottle with liquor.) Succuss the bottle about 100 times by tapping it on your palm. You can repeat this as many times as you like as you are simply keeping the vibration going. A few drops is a sufficient dose. I usually succuss the bottle a few times each time I take a remedy just to keep the vibration strong.

Blessings and thanks.

Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

Kirsten, thanks for all you input on the homeopathy. I found it interesting that you can keep the remedy going but I'm not quite sure what you mean about keeping the remedy going if you already have it mixed with water. I'd appreciate a little bit more info.

Tick Bites

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Posted by Thamas (East Coast NSW, Australia ) on 11/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: cure for tick bite for dogs and humans -- My dog had a severe reaction to a nasty tick. Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head and her tongue was swollen and she couldn't breathe. She was going to die. Instead of a $700 vet bill I gave her about 7 drops of diluted ledum (a homeopathic) every 10 - 15 mins and within 1/2 hr she was completely normal. there was no side effects or after trouble. Hey presto problem solved. If anyone in my househould starts to feel sick from tick bite or even if I find a tick on anyone it is always cured completely with ledum.


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Posted by Nancy (Houston, Texas) on 05/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I bought some homeopathic medicine from the health food store, so this is not a home remedy, but it prevented a vet trip with meds, so I thought I might pass it on. My 7 yr old lab started acting sick, then her BM was pure water, so I looked for homeopathic medicine, and found Podophyllum Peltatum. For humans it would be 5 pellets under the tongue for diarreha, but I crushed 5 pellets and mixed it in her food. I did it twice. Within 24 hours, she had a almost normal BM with a lot of dead long worms. It was disgusting, but I am guessing they were intestinal worms. 24 hrs later she is back to normal. Before giving it to her, I looked up the ingredients on line, and it said the medicine used to be used for worms, but I did not know she had them. I used to give her garlic on a regular basis, but I kept reading stuff that said garlic was not good for dogs, so I quit giving garlic to her, without replacing it with something else. I am glad to read on your site that many folks still give their dogs garlic, I will start that again. This was the first time I bought a homeopathic medicine, and it worked so quickly, I was so grateful. Not too expensive, about six bucks for 80 pellets or so. I will keep it on hand for emergencies. Thanks for your great site.