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Preserving Homeopathic Remedies
Posted by Kirsten (Santa Fe, N.m. U.s.a.) on 12/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I first heard about Codex Alimentarius on You Tube and it seems almost too evil to believe. I hope for everyone's health and wellbeing that it is only an evil rumor and not an actual plan.
Something that has worked for me for the past few years as a way of saving money on homeopathic remedies may become a necessity if Codex is real:

You can keep homeopathic remedies going forever if you preserve the vibration in alcohol.

Here's how it works:

Take your pellets or pills and put them in a new glass bottle with a dropper. Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with any hard liquor and allow the pellets to dissolve. ( If you have a remedy already in liquid form just refill the bottle with liquor.) Succuss the bottle about 100 times by tapping it on your palm. You can repeat this as many times as you like as you are simply keeping the vibration going. A few drops is a sufficient dose. I usually succuss the bottle a few times each time I take a remedy just to keep the vibration strong.

Blessings and thanks.