Candida: Killing So Sweetly by Bill Thompson

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Candida: Killing So Sweetly
by Bill Thompson

You may be among the many suffering systemic ill health – exhaustion, digestive issues, brain fog and other symptoms – due to a condition doctors refuse to diagnose. Stop suffering in silence!

Do you have a mystery illness that neither allopathic nor alternative treatments are able to cure?

Have you had a vaginal yeast infection or intestinal candida for years? Decades?

Find out why in these pages! Do you want to fully understand and completely eradicate your own serious candida problem? Discover the truth about how a candida infection really works and get a clearly defined strategy – verified by research – that will quickly eradicate systemic candida and all its symptoms.

Do you want to know why doctors's treatments rarely work against serious candida problems?

And one final question. Do you want to be truly healthy? If so, this is the comprehensive anti-candida strategy that can resolve all your candida-related health problems.

  • Anti-Candida and Anti-Pathogen Protocols
  • Anti-Biofilm Protocols
  • Alkalizing Protocols
  • Essential Body Detox
  • Liver and Kidney Support
  • Vitamin and Mineral Support
  • The Anti-Candida Diet (The Health Defense Diet)

This proven anti-candida regimen is fully detailed, with Example Daily Protocol Schedules included to help the candida sufferer defeat their own difficult candida fungal problems. Return to a state of health, and feel like yourself again!

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