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KAATSU: the Anti-Aging Blood Flow Restriction Training From Japan

| Modified on Apr 13, 2023
KAATSU, which is a Japanese term meaning “added pressure” is a type of training that involves performing low weight resistance exercises while an externally-applied compression on the arms or legs safely restricts blood flow to an activated muscle group.

What is KAATSU?

KAATSU is a device with a small digital compressor with thin air tubes that attach to flexible bands that are placed in a specific area either on your arms or your legs.

These bands inflate and deflate in a sequence based on algorithms that the inventor found boosts circulation, improves hormonal balance and helps people develop muscle tone in a fast and relatively easy way. 1

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Kaatsu Feedback

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Posted by Deirdre (EC) on 02/01/2022


Thank you so much for mentioning Kaatsu a month or so ago. I researched it when I saw your post and found it so interesting, I bought a C-3, which is not cheap but has turned out to be a great investment one month in. I use it regularly. So far, noticing increase in strength, circulation in hands and feet a lot better, sleeping more soundly (esp on the days I use it), and muscle tone is improving.

Based on the price, it's definitely not something people should buy unless they know they are going to use it regularly.

I was wondering if you would please submit feedback on your experience with it so far? I will do the same and have created a quick new page on EC in the remedies section, which I will expand on when I have some time. I would love to know what you do with it: exercises, such as the 3-point series on arms and legs, weight training?

And what settings do you use: cycle or training or both? What benefits have you noticed so far?

I'm doing extensive research and training on it ... reading all the literature, taking the certification course, and watching the videos. Also doing lots of experimentation with movement and weights with them on.

Grateful that you mentioned it. This is right up my alley. Thank you so much!

Replied by ORH

D, ORH here and my reply will disappoint you because I am using it to keep my heart from shutting down and staying alive. I called and talked to the KAATSU people and they panicked when I told them I was in CHF and urged me to do only slight movements when using the device. A year ago I was close to death and the only solution from my MD's was to just keep taking their Rx. I have for several years but started some new things. I added Jardiance Rx and cut out several others and halved others. I sleep with my feet elevated so gravity will help with the lymph fluid. On waking, I vibrate my entire body as my lymph system flows. I use the KAATSU system while sitting in my lounge. I use the insomnia PEMF program before bed and sleep with my window open regardless of temperature. I take DMSO and CDS several times a day. Just left my Nurse Rachet and she was delighted with my lab work with the exception of my PSA which was 9. I'm certain I have prostate cancer and am addressing it with dog dewormer. I will add alkalizing and increasing my CDS.

In summary, I am certain the KAATSU system has strengthened my heart. I check my oxygen level often and it stays above 97. Last year I was on oxygen. The proof of the pudding is if I'm still gardening a few years from now.




Thank you for your reply and update. Yes, I can imagine they (KAATSU) would react that way! But from what I understand and have seen, it can work well without exercise and muscle contraction. Glad to hear you think it has strengthened your heart.

Does your wife put the KAATSU arm bands on for you? I am wondering how difficult people are finding it to get them up near the armpit and tightened to the right pressure. The leg straps are a lot easier to tighten on your own.

What about Bill Munro's inhalation method or H202 drops in distilled water for the PSA issue? Did you ever try either protocol?

I think we have some interesting posts in the prostate section with other remedies, though I am sure you have checked them all out at this point.



Replied by ORH

D, ORH here and our 56 year old daughter is visiting and has been a workout freak her entire life. I showed her what I do with KAATSU and she is using the system and is mentally pumped after reading the testimonials on the net. I saw a picture of the Japanese doctor that invented the system and he and wife are in their 70's, but look 40. Look up their picture because they do not have the first wrinkle and have an out of this world physique. Like CDS, this is a biggie. Dr Frank Sellenberger says oxygen in your blood is important, but not like oxygen in your cells. Also suggest you go to the site of Koncentrated K and that will also flabbergast you if you read the story. The biggies are your salvation, not the pimple on my butt thing. ATS ====ORH====

Replied by Jj
(El Paso, TX)
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Hi Deidre, I'm hoping you have information on this or can point me in the right direction. I contacted the company and the reply was simply to tell me it has a one year warranty and also the person replying said they've had theirs for 2 years:

Re Kaatsu C3 How long on average does the device last?- I would just be using it half an hour to an hour a day., ( I know it's a one-year warranty but wanting to know what the track record is... Buying one of these every year or two would get expensive.)


Hi Jj,

I was wondering the same thing when I bought mine! I just checked my records and I bought a Kaatsu C3 at the end of December, 2021. It's still working beautifully. I don't use it every day. Hopefully, it will last a good number of years. I bought a 2-year warranty, by the way, for that very reason. Will post again if the device fails so people know.