Natural Prostate Cancer Treatment

| Modified on Apr 30, 2024

What is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is the single most common form of cancer among men in the United States. Problematically, symptoms of prostate cancer are nearly invisible early on, which can give the cancer time to advance and become metastatic, which is why regular prostate exams are recommended for all men over 40 years of age (rectal exam and/or PSA test).

As with all cancers, prostate cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells, in this case among the cells of the prostate gland. This is a gland that is associated with urination and male reproduction (women do not have a prostate) and encircles the urethra as it exits the bladder. As the prostatic tumor's mass increases, it can begin to restrict the space around the urethra, making urination more difficult. Other prostatic cancer symptoms include erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation, and blood in the urine.

After lung cancer, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among men. However, survival rates are improving and surgical techniques are multiplying and advancing.

Natural Therapy and Natural Remedies

A low-fat or vegetarian anti-cancer diet is important for prostate cancer treatment as well as natural hormone therapy.  Valuable natural remedies for prostate cancer include cayenne pepper capsules, corn silk tea, pumpkin seeds, and saw palmetto.


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Posted by Fawyd (Nador, Morocco) on 11/13/2016

For my kidney stone stuck at my uretea; 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved in 8 oz of water before breakfast and after lunch and dinner, AND for my prostate cancer stage 4;

2 table spoon [bigger than tsp] baking soda and 2 table spoon of molasses OR honeybee syrup 8 oz of water, mix and drink before lying to bed, why?? well, muscle must relax..

Now I'm free of those 2 nightmare of my life but I still keep taking those DOSE to make sure I'm free. check ur urine PH

My expenses; 268 pesos for molasses

263 pesos for Apple Cider Vinegar 21 pesos for baking soda total- 552 pesos

Replied by Diane

How long did you do the Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda for? Did you take any prescription or radiation? My dad has prostate cancer and looking into options. Thanks for your advice.

Replied by Kenneth R.

hi Fawyd.

how are you now?

how long did it take for the cancer to go.

I have metastasised locally prostate cancer.

did read about baking soda and how new a few yea s ago but not in the amount you are suggesting.

I do agree about the PH level f the body.

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 12/28/2011

If you maintain your ph at 7 that will stop the cancer, the cancer cells don't divide at a ph of 7. If you can maintain a PH of 8.5 for a few days at the ph over 7 the cells start to die off. Using Baking soda and a sugar carrier like molasses. You have to get some litmus strips to measure your ph. And be prepared for some side effects like headaches and loose bowels. Mix two tabelspoons of baking soda, thats soda not powder! In a cup of water in a pan stir till it clears then add a tablespoon of molasses. Let it cool and then drink it down. Build it up to three a day untill the ph is 8 or above.

Mild headaches nausea and yellow stools might be the side effects that show up when the cancer is being excreated. This regime dropped a bloggers psa from 25 to 1 who had advanced prostate cancer that had metasisised to his bones.. The mri scan showed no bone cancer, after he was diagnosed as terminal before the regime by two doctors. After one regime of this soda treatment. But as always its up to you to decide and do your own reasearch.

Replied by Bob
(Phoenix, Az/usa)

I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in feb, had prostrate removed, tested after 2.7 should of been O.

Next test 4wks later 4. 1Sent me to a oncologist who says I must have a few cells left behind. Will this soda and molasses remedy kill off the last of the cancer cells since the doctor is not sure where the cancer cells are right now? Can you use something besides molasses or is there something with better taste. I'm also diabetic. Thank you Bob

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Yes Cayenne causes prostate cancer cells to go suicidal. If you spread it on toast with butter mixed in you can take it without the burning. Its a shame you didnt try it before the removal of the prostate.... If you google "Cayenne and prostate cancer" youll find some good stuff including the scientific report.

Replied by Thenewguyintown
(Westwood, Nj)

Bob, its a shame you didnt do the BSM & BS protocol before the radical decision to remove your prostate. At this point I would suggest that you look into taking capsaican supplements. Do your due diligence and you will see many have had great success. The BSM & BS is far from tasty, but then again its about battling cancer. Opposed to the contrary, its not that bad a thing to have to ingest..... Good luck

Replied by Juliana

Hello, 2 weeks ago my husband is diagnosed with prostate cancer and since then I have been searching every info I could find on cancer and the cure. I found the article by University of Alberta in Edmonton, that 2 Doctors/Scientists found the cure for the Brain, Lung and breast cancer.The cure can't be patented by Drug companies, therefore not many knows about the cure.There are more positive info on the internet about DCA, but also negative ones.

Here is one of the websites to read:





Replied by Kevin
(Flat Rock Mich.)

Very good info, you said in your post to raise it to three - is that three teaspoons of baking soda or do it three times a day?

Replied by Gman
6 posts

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 11 years ago. After my PSA climbed higher the DR. sent me for radiation treatment to burn it out. I backed out and told them I just wanted to monitor my condition and give my body a chance to heal its self. The Dr. said it was slow growing and it would be o.k. for a while. My PSA checked high, a 8 or 9, and every Dr. I went to, wanted to remove it. I changed my diet, took vitamins, juiced and tried to eat very healthy. The Dr. gave me shots to lower my testosterone, which made me feel like I was slowly dying. I lost muscle, gained fat, couldn't think very well, felt lousy all the time. When I went back for my next visit, I refused to take the shot, regardless of what could happen.

Don't do let them do a biopsy when ever they want to either. If it is cancer it will get larger, they can measure your prostate fairly easy. And guess what,, I still have my prostate and I am now clear of prostate cancer, my Dr. says to just forget I ever had it.

Replied by ken r.

Hi Gavin.

How are you now?

my prostate cancer has metastasized locally.

P SA kept doubling this year after a biopsy. From 75 to over 1000. So I decided my five years of alternative remedies weren't working so am now on hormone therapy. I would like to give the soda and molasses a go.

What is the difference between soda and powder?

I have bicarbonate of soda in a 10 kg drum.

all the best.


(Bergen Co, NJ)

Hi Ken, so sorry to read that your prostate cancer persists. To answer your question, in the US, we have "baking soda" which is exactly the same substance as your "bicarbonate of soda." Sometimes readers get confused because in the US, we have a similarly-named ingredient called "baking powder." Baking powder is never used as a natural remedy; it's only used in cooking food. Baking soda, aka bicarbonate of soda, is frequently used in natural health remedies. So, you have the right stuff on hand! Prayers for your healing!

Alternative Treatment Centers

Posted by Ann (Palm Springs Ca) on 03/02/2014

Bankok Thailand treatment for prostate cancer metastasized to bones?

I am looking for treatment outside the US for my friend. He has metastasized prostate cancer in his spine, ribs and hips. I am not satisfied with the prognosis his Doctors here have given him. Hormones, injections, bone strengthening meds and pain meds.

I had a friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma and was given 4 weeks to live. He went for treatment in Thailand and is now cancer free.

Are there any facilities that have some success he could try outside of our Medical Facilities here in the USA? Thank you, Ann

Replied by Mike62

Ann: The 112 year old woman in the Caucuses, the 99 year old Tarahumara in North Central Mexico, and the 150 year old whale in the Pacific, don't live in mansions, drive Cadillacs, get cancer, go to clinics, take meds or isolates from supplement manufacturers. He can go from getting worse to getting better in just 5 minutes. The cooked conventionally grown food that he is eating is a toxin the creates a poisonous environment. To survive the components of the cell mutate into cancer. Raw organic produce reverses the condition. Cancer does not eat sugar in the presence of insulin when fat is below 5%/g of carbs. Organic fruit is the best food because fruit wants to be eaten. As the fruit ripens the plant increases the activity of all the nutrients and make highly energized water to attract herbivores to propagate the seeds. Make green smoothies from 1oz organic baby leaves, some organic chili, 1/2g unrefined sea salt, and 12oz water every 2 hours. Eat raw organic fruit, berries are best, strawberries have vitamin c, bananas, melons, and dates are best for calories, whenever hungry. For protein and unsaturated fat soak raw organic nuts and seeds, chia is best, over night before eating. Eat 1/2 saturated fat from coconut oil and 1/2 unsaturated fat from soaked nuts and seeds. Keep total fat below 5%/g of carbs. Make home brewed water kefir. He can take colostrum. The continuous flow of active nutrients and high energy water simultaneously nourish and detox properly.

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas)

This man cured his cancer using baking soda and molasses:

Replied by Steph
(Florida, US)

Ann I am very partial to Gerson therapy but it is not an easy protocol. She is out in California. Kushi Institute in Mass on macrobiotic healings is also great. I love Dr Burke Goldberg that collaborated with Suzanne Sommers book on holistic Dr referrals. I believe his consultation fee is $200. Blessings

Replied by Gee S.

Hi Ann, did you find anywhere? my brother has the same issue would be good if you could share. Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Posted by Charles (Kelseyville, Ca) on 01/09/2018

My name is Charles. I was diagnosed and treated with IMRT Radiation in 2012 for Prostate Cancer. In January (about) 2016 my PSA began to increase. Long story short ,I went to a Natural Practitioner as I read years before about hi dose pro-oxidative Vitamin C and began the treatment. I was already on a diet and he added organic foods. I read about Baking Soda and ACV in the dose of 1/8 tsp and 2 tsp but I don't add water. I do it on an empty stomach as the first thing then followed by other vitamins for absorption. My wife is saying I should not do this long term but I don't see a problem. Has it helped me? Too hard to say with all the prayers and other supplements and juice I take. It is a full time job to keep up my health. I feel fine and thank Jesus every day for that. I think at times I should have done this instead of radiation but it's too late now. Hope this is some data you might use. God Bless you all!

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

GCharles, how are you doing now? My hubby is facing this nightmare & he thinks taking raiation is going to solve his cancer problem that has, according to the MRI take a few days ago, will cure his leg, hip & backspine pain. These are the areas where the cancel has spread from his prostate. The PSA reading for the last 2 years had been 4. something. He has been taking the baking soda and blackstrap molasses, which helped his pain tremendously, but he got upset & stopped bc it caused him to go tot he bathroom and sometimes made him feel sick on the stomach. I told him that that was just symptoms of its working and purging the cancer out of his body. He thinks radiation is better, although, he has not researched a thing about it & its side affects.

My question is, how many times a day do you take the Apple Cider Vinegar & bs together & is the pro-oxidative Vitamin C avail for consumers to purchase? Thank you!

Replied by Candy

Research side effects of radiation. My husband's doctor just listed ten for us today including diarrhea, bloody stools and urine, permanent e.d. etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Molasses

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Posted by Primopascual (Philippines) on 10/26/2014

For my kidney stone stuck at my uretea; 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved in 8 oz of water before breakfast and after lunch and dinner, AND for my prostate stage 4; 2 table spoon [bigger than tsp] baking soda and 2 table spoon of molasses OR honeybee syrup 8 oz of water, mix and drink before lying to bed, why?? well, muscle must relax..

Now I'm free of those 2 nightmare of my life but I still keep taking those DOSE to make sure I'm free. check ur urine PH

My expenses; 268 pesos for molasses

263 pesos for Apple Cider Vinegar 21 pesos for baking soda total- 552 pesos

Apricot Seeds

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Posted by George (Michigan) on 04/30/2022

I sprinkle 12 apricot seeds on my cereal for breakfast and another 12 on my salad at lunch. They just add a little crunch to my food and I don't even taste the bitterness. I've been eating 24 seeds a day for over 6 years and my prostate cancer has shrunk to nothing. I keep eating them to prevent cancer.

Replied by Bernard

Hi, can you please tell me exactly what kind of apricot seeds you are taking? Thankyou.

Replied by Bryan

Where are you getting your apricot seeds?

(US Colorado)

I get my apricot seeds from this place.

Baking Soda

Posted by Bexi (Rivonia, Gauteng) on 02/02/2013

Hi, my brother (74) has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. If he begins taking BS now, how much should he take?

Replied by Alan
(Qld Australia)

Hello Bexi my experience I have been taking apple cider vinegar and baking soda regulalary now for a bit over two years, I started taking it for enlarged prostate after say 3 to 4 weeks the symptoms were gone, since then I have had a few friends that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, to really know how much baking soda to take is to buy some PH strips from the health store and test the PH of the saliva regulalary while taking the baking soda to maintain the ph at around 8.3 for 5 days then have a couple of days off to rest then start to take it again cancer can not live in an alkaline system, another tip is to eat and chew very well the kernals from apricot seeds I have a long term friend who eates them al day every day , a lot of this information can be found on this site check out TEDs remedy in this section. Have a look on youtube baking soda cures cancer too, all the best Alan


Hi Alan, I don't understand that you keep the body PH at 8.5

I thought the body always kept its PH in a precise range around 7

so how do you measure the body PH?


Replied by Kasia
(Montreal, Canada)

Hi, I need help for my uncle .He has a prostate cancer stage IV spread to bone lungs and brain. We would like to start treatment with baking soda but we have no idea what is the exact protocol for that therapy .Is there anyone who can write the whole step by step directions how to do so. Please let me know...please!!!!

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Kasia,

Relative to your uncle's cancer and the use of baking soda to treat; go on line to "Youtube Dr. Simoncini baking soda cancer" and you'll find some sites that can describe what he does and others do to treat. As I understand, the baking soda must be applied to the site of the cancer. In one case a doctor who used the protocol already had a port to be used to feed chemo into and the doctor replaced with baking soda. The spread of the cancer to hard to reach places will be a problem. But I don't know if drinking the soda in water is going to be enough to turn around the situation. Best is to find a doctor who does this protocol...Simoncini himself, for instance.

(somewhere, europe)

GeeMan, the way I understand it is that the body keeps the blood PH at about 7.4 or so. But we can influence the PH of the saliva and urine by eating more alkalizing foods. Those are the PHs that Alan is speaking about.

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City, The Land Of Oz)

In all fairness it isn't that hard to find, really. Baking soda & molasses recipe:

2 tsp baking soda & 1 tsp molasses in cup of warm water. Gradually increase dosage perhaps starting at half cup morning and night and build up towards a cup full two or three times a day. Molasses worked for the guy who promoted it, and so should using honey or maple syrup. I haven't tried this remedy yet..

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup

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Posted by Ning (Springfield, Missouri) on 01/03/2011

My husband had prostate cancer in 2000, he did the radiation and was cancer free, on OCT. 2010 he had abdominal pain on his right side, and ended up in the ER, they took CAT scan and Ultra sound and accidentally found a black mass on his thoracic spine, went to have another MRI on his thoracic spine and went to see the SURGEON for the results of the MRI and the findings is that maybe "prostate cancer"spreading on his spine, the doctor would like to do a BONE scan but husband decided not do it yet, so another MRI is coming up in FEB, 2011 and I am very anxious to start this baking soda and maple syrup for cancer remedies and I hope and pray to GOD that the black mass will be gone by then. I'll keep you posted... He's also drinking ojibwa tea 4 bags a day instead of water (he takes tea)and VIT D3 2x aday.. Goodluck and thanks a million for this site and to all the people who posted their testimonies!

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

My husband is dealing with the same thing, Ning. Please tell me that this BS & maple syrup worked to kill off ur husband's bone mass. How did the radiation miss it any the 1st place for ur dear husband needing to go through suffering crap again? I hope the Lord answered ur prayers and will answer mines, too. Would you please share ur exact protocol of using the remedies? Thank you. Feeling a bit scared!

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup
Posted by Kate (Henderson, Nv,usa) on 12/15/2010

I just want to share a testimony of my father-in-law and his friend how they got cured of cancer using maple syrup and baking soda. My father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer and my husband's friend told him of this successful cancer cure. The thought of going through chemotherapy and radiation at his age, 83 years old, didn't really appeal to him so he tried it. In two weeks, cancer is gone and even had another doctor checked it out. My father-in-law shared this with an 80 plus year old with pancreatic cancer who was told by doctor to "settle his affairs" coz he'll be gone soon. He did this, pancreatic cancer gone.

So cancer is not to be dreaded nor it's gonna cost you money-unless you want to help the 200 billion dollar cancer industry which they have no intention of defunding or finding real cure. Remember, our body produces liquid sodium bicarbonate to make our body alkaline. It does work. For formula, you can check online, search at yahoo baking soda/maple syrup cancer cure and it will give you websites to go to. God bless.

Replied by Voxpop
(Dallas, Tx, Usa)

If this protocol was successful as it appears in your comments.. Why not just give us the recipe and how many times a day it was taken???

Replied by Genevieve123
(Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, England)

For the exact recipe for baking soda and molasses / maple syrup cure for cancer, go to YouTube phkillscancer. com, given by terminal prostate cancer survivor, who also tells his story.

Replied by Regina
(New Port Richey, Fl)

Hi. My husband, John, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the hospital last week. We have an appt. with urologist/oncologist on Thursday this week. So far he has had bone marrow biopsy waiting for results and stent put in tube between kidney and bladder. We pray we can do something to keep his prostate and be cured naturally from the cancer. Please help.

Replied by Myway

Regina - this can be a frightening time BUT the first resource I suggest to anyone is

....the series "The Quest For The Cure" will give you up to date information. I purchased the series in DVD format and offer it to patients I take care of. It is very empowering. Don't let the medical community scare you. research and take control.

Secondly, Peter Starr, a media producer contracted prostate cancer and produced a documentary that I've seen twice on PBS...he was able to cure his cancer without invasive surgery or chemo. Go to YouTube and type in Dr. Mercola and Peter Starr.... You will see a great interview on this topic. The series Peter put out can be purchased as well...Periodically it is on a pbs station for free.

Lastly, do not rush to any judgement on which direction to take except - there has to be some drastic lifestyle changes. Earth clinic has some great folks here who can help guide you but the bottom line is, you have to do your own research to figure out what you and your husband are comfortable with.

I wish you and your husband all the best on your journey!!!!

Myway :D

Baking Soda and Molasses

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Posted by Kevin (Oakland, Ca) on 09/26/2012

Answer to cure for Prostate Cancer... Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions

"How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions" follow link for video.

"How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions">

Baking Soda and Molasses
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 12/31/2009

Hi Everyone...Here is more evidence of success against cancer using the simple Baking Soda/Molasses protocol.

The link below describes the personal story of someone called Vern and his story details all the protocols, side-effects etc. of his Baking Soda/Molasses cure for Stage 4 prostate cancer that had metastased into bone cancer. He cured his cancers by taking this protocol in order to simply maintain his body pH at 8.0 - 8.5 for 4 days, which was enough to completely wipe out both the prostate as well as bone cancers.

The link to this remarkable story is here:

Certain caveats about this protocol. First, I have only every found this protocol successfully being used against prostate/bone cancer. Second, for ordinary tumor cancers(non-metastased), as Ted says, there is a chance that this protocol could -- via feeding glucose to the cancer -- cause the cancer to suddenly metastase into its more virulent, viral form which could also cause dangerous cachexia in the patient.

Of note about this story of a prostate cancer cure, is that it seems to work successfully against already metastased cancer, and the protocol seems somehow to be able to even penetrate the blood/bone barrier to kill off the seconadary bone cancer(very difficult to do).

Replied by Ron

Is Vern Johnson the only prostate cancer survivor using baking soda and molasses? I can't find anyone else, do you think he was just lucky? I've been trying the protocol for 3 days now, Vernon recipe is very strong and tastes VILE , others suggest one teaspoon what do you guys think?

I'm a Gleason 8 Psa 6.2 guy with P/C. I go for another MRI in 6 days. I will keep taking the mixture until then, I'll let you know the result.


Replied by Michael

John Curry claims to have reverse prostate cancer with bicarbonate. I have been searching for evidence that bicarbonate works but beyond these 2 individuals it seems anecdotal. I tried baking soda, the last 2 days at high dosage I.e. 6 tsp. Then I measured my PSA. Unfortunately within these 8 days it went from 5 to 6. My guess is that it may work with some people but not for all . The best way is to try it and measure your PSA before and after. If your PSA hasn't gone down, I would question continuing with bicarbonate.

I have been able to delay biopsy for about 3 years using many of the methodologies that people talk about here I.e. diet, eliminating meat, dairy etc, taking supplements. Unfortunately, cancer is smarter than this. It works for some people but only for a while. Then for some lucky ones it works for a very long time. Thus the secret for most is to find what works and try to change different protocols, with an eye toward delaying the inevitable. I would love to hear about other peoples protocols as well as if anyone can confirm that bicarbonate has worked for them (I mean for longer that a few months)

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U MICHAEL, , , , , , , , , , , , from what I've read, the baking soda is to get your urine pH over 8 and keep it there for a period of time. Also, molasses is then used as a Trojan Horse for the cancer once you get your ph in that range. There are a number of videos and articles concerning this on the web.

I would not give up on this protocol until you are better informed.


Replied by Carolinablueskies55

Michael, how did you measure your own PSA level? Thanks

Replied by Dave
(Basking Ridge, Nj)

Does anyone understand why the baking soda is not neutralized by the strong hydrochloric acid in the stomach?

Barley Grass

Posted by JC (San Antonio, Texas) on 01/12/2009

First I am not a doctor or medically trained professional but this info is from personal experiences. I have also heard success stories from other people and a few doctors that have had patients tell them they have done the same thing. We have a family friend that had prostate cancer and was told by his doctor that if he didnt begin aggresive chemo treatment immediately he would only have 3-6 months to live. He refused becuase he didnt want to endure this torture and began to seek new treatments. He began drinking organic barley green grass 3 times a day, ate less red meat and ate more veggies. A few weeks later he went to the doctor again and the doctor was amazed at the result and told him I dont know what you are doing but I want you to keep it up because it seems to be helping you. This was almost 2 years ago and he is doing extremely well. This has also worked to help shrink fibroids. Barley green is known for removing harmfull toxins from your body. You may want to drink Organic Barley Green Grass powedered/granules Not In Pill Form. You can mix it with water or apple juice but nothing acidic (no orange or lemon juice), nothing with caffeine.

Black Seed Oil

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Posted by Danny (Franklin, Tn) on 03/15/2017

In reply to a thread on the COPD page..

I too was diagnosed with aggressive Prostate cancer. Instead of the baking soda and maple syrup, I got off all sugars, breads, carbohydrates. I took one teaspoon of Black Seed Oil made from cumin and a drop of raw honey. I swished it around in my mouth and swallowed it on an empty stomach at bed time. 4 months later the doctor did another biopsy. He could not find the cancer. My PSA dropped dramatically. Urination is much better. No negative side effects.

Replied by Ray
(Houston, Tx.)

Hi, where did you find the black seed?

Replied by Scott
(St John's, Newfoundland, Canada)

Could you please share the name of the seeds/oil you used?

Mine is now spreading.


EC: He did. It's "black seed oil" -- found online and in most health food stores.

Replied by Scott
(St John%u2019s)

Sorry, I meant the brand name. Thanks

Budwig Diet

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Posted by Lloyd (Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain) on 04/03/2009

I personally visited Dr. Johanna Budwig in Germany in the year 2000. She passed away in 2003 at the age of 95 from a fall. Dr. Budwig was nominated 7 times for the Nobel Prize Dr. Budwig had over a 90% success rate with this protocol with all kinds of cancer patients over a 50 year period. Dr. Budwig worked with many patients who were terminally ill and some who had only hours to live. Dr. Budwig explained in her books that her healing plan works on improving the cells of the body. It doesn't matter where the cancer cells are located or what name if given to your cancer because the Budwig program gives cells what is needed in order for them to normalize in their functioning process. Her approach successfully treated the cause of all types of cancer, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer, Bone cancer, Carcinoma, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, Leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, skin cancer, etc., and other common serious illnesses such as such as Arthritis, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Multiple sclerosis, Heart Disease, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, and so on. She used a unique formula of cold pressed flaxseed oil and low fat cottage cheese with a little honey. Many people of heard of Dr. Budwig and may even have tried to follow her recipe. However unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation on her protocol on the Internet and if it is not followed exactly as she discovered and explained in her research the results could be very disappointing. As I obtained copies of all her research and have shared it with many others todate I would be happy to share her exact formula with any who request it on this forum. I often write about Dr. Budwigs formula for a local English Newspaper here in Southern Spain.

Lloyd from Southern Spain

EC: The Recipe for the Budwig Diet can be found here.

Budwig Diet
Posted by Ron (Johnson City, TN) on 10/18/2005

How I Reduced My PSA Level by over 50% without Prescription Drugs: From November 1998 to early November 1999, my PSA level climbed from 1.7 to 5.1, and a month later jumped to 6.15. My doctor made an appointment with a urologist, who said that my prostate was slightly enlarged and scheduled me for a biopsy to test for prostate cancer in early December 1999. During my discussion with the urologist, he indicated that there was considerable research that showed a high correlation between consumption of red meat and that of cancer, in general, including prostate cancer.

In the meantime, I became aware of the work of Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and Nobel prize nominee, who did extensive research in the benefits of flaxseed oil combined with sulphurated protein in the diet. She helped many seriously ill individuals, who had been given up as terminal, to regain their health. The program that she used was flaxseed oil blended with quark, the German form of cottage cheese.

In early December 1999, I began a program of flaxseed oil and low fat cottage cheese. Specifically, in the morning, I took five doses, each consisting of two 1,000 mg softgels of flaxseed oil with one teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese. I repeated this in the evening, so that my total daily dosage was twenty softgels of flaxseed oil and ten teaspoons of low fat cottage cheese. In the one year since I began this program, my PSA level has dropped from 6.15 to 2.4. I have now reduced my total daily dosage to two softgels of flaxseed oil and one teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese.

The source for the flaxseed oil that I used is Nature's Distributors, Inc., phone number 1-800-624-7114, or on the internet at This company often sells many of their products at a 2 for 1 price. If you call them, ask about their new Vita-Flax product, which is available in 1 lb. containers. This product is not only more economical, but it also replaces both the flaxseed oil AND the cottage cheese. It is also claimed to be superior in many ways to the flaxseed oil, since it is lower in fat and is rich in soluble fiber and also contains lignans, which reportedly have significant anti-cancer properties.

CONCLUSION: In my case, I was able to reduce my PSA level by over 50% without surgery or prescription drugs. The only change that I made besides the program described above is that I reduced my intake of red meat in favor of fish and poultry.

Replied by Bob
(Brisbane, Australia)

you could try calcium hypochorite powder .. it is cheap and easily purchased from your local pool chemical shop. A google search on Jim Humble will bring up further details . I gave the info to a friend, he has had an infection on his arm causing a lot of discomfort and Drs have tried treating it for over 8 years ... it was completely healed in just over a week. His brother has prostate problems and he has started using it with good results, Do some research first, according to Jim Humble he first used it to treat Prostate cancer with great success

Replied by Sam

Last week there was a free 11 days online marathon "the truth about cancer" organized by Ty Bollinger. He interviewed 51 medical doctor who left allopatic medicine , refused to participate in today's medicine madness and devoted themselves to real healing. Each part is more than an hour long and covers so much about cancer, that no one should miss it, no matter how much you already know about cancer, any cancer. I believe it is about $5 per episode now, to cover expenses. May be some of it is still free. It s such a small price to pay for the knowledge you receive. Do NOT skip part one. You will be amazed to hear some new information that was not covered anywhere else. Episodes from 6 forward are for those who already have cancer, had treatment, etc. Listen to it, what do you have to lose other than cancer. By the way hardly anyone knows what cancer is. They will explain in such way, you will understand. Only you can beat cancer empowered by knowledge, no one else.