Natural Prostate Cancer Treatment

Baking Soda and Molasses
Posted by Michael (Ca) on 08/28/2015

John Curry claims to have reverse prostate cancer with bicarbonate. I have been searching for evidence that bicarbonate works but beyond these 2 individuals it seems anecdotal. I tried baking soda, the last 2 days at high dosage I.e. 6 tsp. Then I measured my PSA. Unfortunately within these 8 days it went from 5 to 6. My guess is that it may work with some people but not for all . The best way is to try it and measure your PSA before and after. If your PSA hasn't gone down, I would question continuing with bicarbonate.

I have been able to delay biopsy for about 3 years using many of the methodologies that people talk about here I.e. diet, eliminating meat, dairy etc, taking supplements. Unfortunately, cancer is smarter than this. It works for some people but only for a while. Then for some lucky ones it works for a very long time. Thus the secret for most is to find what works and try to change different protocols, with an eye toward delaying the inevitable. I would love to hear about other peoples protocols as well as if anyone can confirm that bicarbonate has worked for them (I mean for longer that a few months)