Colon Cleansing Remedies

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Natural colon cleansing, via home remedies, has been around since ancient Greece. Why would this be beneficial? Many studies have indicated that cleansing of the colon can decrease over-long fermentation in the gut and thereby the chances of developing diseases like colon cancer. Researchers believe that colon cleansing can further help improve your health by promoting healthy intestinal bacteria, enhancing your immune system, and even give you an energy boost. The fact is that the majority of the population ingests many food products, and the intestine must decipher what is good and bad for you, and then clear out the bacteria and non-nutritional components in order to maintain a healthy homeostasis.

Home remedies for colon cleansing have become very popular over the last decades. Although this is not the only way, it is most likely the most common and non-invasive method. We hope that you find some of the treatments listed below as helpful as other bloggers have noted them to be.

Please send in your own comments and/or questions about colon cleansing techniques and benefits!


Posted by Jane (Ottawa, Ontario Canada) on 05/22/2009

Dear Earth Clinic, Could you please start a new aliment section for "Colon Cleansing".

I've heard of someone eating 5-10 apples for a day to start a colon cleanse, for example, and would like more information on it (instead of buying packaged pills)from the Earth Clinic's contributors.

Kindest regards.

Cleansing Formula

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 03/25/2015

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , ,

I brought the subject up so I has to deliver.

We started off with Dr Grey's cleanse on Holistic Horizons some ten years ago , and modified it to this.

To a tall olive jar:

Add 2 tsp of Pysllium Husks, 1 tsp of Inulin, 1 tsp of Bentonite Clay, 1 tsp of Diatomaceous Earth, 1/8 tsp of Cayenne pepper. Fill the jar half full of water and shake until all is dissolved . Next fill the jar with any juice that you desire. We do tomato juice.

Next fill the jar with water and drink. After awhile your stool will change. Slowly build up this protocol to twice a day and more as time goes on. Once you are comfortable with your bowel movements then add the Holistic Horizions herb that will cause your intestinal plaque to turn loose.

This is not a short procedure that will cause you to have a healing crisis. My wife had a bowel movement only once a week for some 65 years or so, and after this cleanse, we fight over the downstairs commode every morning.

Eliminating toxins is the purpose of a bowel movement. If you don't buy in with my program , then find one that works for you.


Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Robert Henry,

At your kind request, I will share some herbs for cleansing. And thank you for sharing what is working for you and your wife!

We have used a couple of herbs in our family for cleansing, though it wasn't always our intent to "cleanse" at the time.

"Nettles" are a wonderful herb for so many things, including cleansing. Nettles is a blood purifier. It wouldn't be my "go to" for cleansing the digestive system, but for the blood. It is useful for allergies and my son took it faithfully for a year or two and it did more than treat symptoms, it appeared to heal him from allergies and his asthma problems as well. It was much later that I learned of the blood purifying property of nettles. Nettles does have a positive effect on the digestive system and has a history of being used as a "spring tonic, " in rural areas. The benefits of nettles are too many too list. It is one of my favorite herbs.

As Robert Henry mentioned, Sassafras is another "spring tonic." Like nettles, it is a useful blood purifyer. It is not recommended for pregnancy, wheras, nettle is safe for pregnancy. I have not used sassafras myself yet. But I like to say "sassafras." :)

Burdock Root is an herb I have used. I used to to cure my neuropathy. It is a gentle herb and the root is used as a food in some cultures. While Burdock root is gentle and safe, it is quite a powerful herb and is one of the four herbs in the famous cancer tea, Essiac.

In my favorite Herb book, Practical Herbalism, the list of cleansing herbs is quite long. I could spend weeks writing about different herbs and the ways they fascilitate cleansing and healing. But just to pique your interested for further study, I will mention that dandelion, garlic, Poke, Cascara Sagrada, Black Wanut, Elderberries, Watermelon, Flax Seeds, and Plantain are among the herbs with cleansing properties.

Of course, I must mention that, though not an "herb" per say, activated charcoal is a wonderful, wonderful detoxifier. It draws poisons out. It can be used internally, externally as a poultice, or in a bath. Books have been written about it. It is used very often in my house for a variety of things.

So, there is a tiny piece of the very large puzzle of cleansing.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U MAMA TO MANY, , , , , , , , , , thank you for responding. It shor is better to avoid problems with cleanses as our ancestors did. You mentioned Nettle. Is this what we call Bull Nettle?

When I worked in SW Arkansas in the 70's there was a fellow there who had a Bull Nettle recipe from the Native Americans that would make you immune to poison ivy. I never got up with the guy, but if you know this recipe then there are lots of folks that will dance at your next wedding.

When you mention charcoal, that resonates with me because there is natural wood charcoal and then there are briquettes. Most Briquettes are fly ash from industry and contain lots of toxins. In the paper industry we sold our bark fly ash to these companies. This ash contained the chemicals the we used to process trees into pulp. You don't want to grill with this toxic stuff, but all do. Even our son who knows better, says natural charcoal burns too hot.

Anyway, your cleanses will help lots of folks avoid health problems.

Your friend.=======ORH==========

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Robert Henry,

My nettle is "stinging nettle." It doesn't seem to be the same thing as "bull nettle." Though I would not be surprised if they had similar properties. When I look up bull nettle, I get a lot of hits on how to get rid of it. Kind of like the herb, Plantain. Plantain is everywhere and hard to kill. And it has amazing medicinal properties!

Anyway, wish I knew that Native American recipe to bring immunity to poison ivy! Apparently, Native American's also used Jewelweed for poison ivy. We have oodles of that growing near us and I hope to make a Jewelweed tincture to try on poison ivy. I will let you know how it goes.

Yes, when I talk about charcoal, I am talking about the natural wood charcoal. I don't know why they call it "activated." I would like to make my own some time, just for fun, but that is kind of lower on my list of what I want to do with my bits of free time.

By the way, I am glad you recovered well after your ER visit. I have been praying for you, as I am for Timh now.

Your friend,


Replied by Dina

Hi, do you have to just eat or drink this, or must you fast when doing this? Thanks dina


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Posted by Ca (Pd, Fl) on 10/10/2012

Try the Coffee Ememas like they do at the Gerson therapy by Dr. Max Gerson.

Health Cleanses

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 03/22/2015

HI YA'LL, , , , , , , , as all know I'm a fan of the late Hulda Clark and she was a proponent of body cleansing. She had a protocol that first started with parasites, then the kidney , next the colon and then the liver and gall. She believed that if you cleansed then you would have a far better life. This is chump change and no doctor is involved.

I just got off my direct line to the EC bosses and they (she) said that if there was interest then she would set up a separate remedies page just for cleansing. She just wanted to know if there was any interest.

So here goes, , , , , , , Timh, you have done a jullion of these so you go first and I suggest parasites. I'll follow with my colon cleanse that is slow and will not make you sick. Mama, you go next with one of your spring cleanings such as sassafras tea or whatever. Bill, you have many that will make folks feel better. Please join in. This is not a closed society so if you have a cleanse that worked for you then pass it on. I'll bet Om has one or two to contribute. All others join and let's help one another.

My complaint of this site is that we are doing just what we hate...... we address symptoms and not health. Body cleanses address your overall health.

I suggest that the topic include the word cleanse, so that it is filed in the right place.

Your worn out cheerleader, ===ORH===

EC: Update: We had an old page in the ailments section called /cures/colon-cleaning so we just changed the url to /remedies/colon-cleansing.html.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts


Sorry to not respond w/ a good post, don't have to much wherewithal right now; hoping to get back at it very soon.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Timh,

That last post certainly does not sound like you. I hope you are doing OK. So many on Earth Clinic are sending healing thoughts and prayers to you right now. Take care and take the time you need to feel better.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

Rsw , I second that motion. Timh is my favorite. Good heath to you boy.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn.)

HI ALL, , , , , , , , , , am concerned about Timh, as we all are. He uses zappers and not a Rife Machine because of the cost.

I just learned that we have a Rife machine advertiser on site and will not address that. What I will address is Rife machines are now a wave that is going through the health community and there are bunch of charlatans amongst them.

Before you jump into the fray, research and learn if there is scientific evidence and good help behind what you buy. I am a very smart guy, but I needed help when I bought my machine. This is deep stuff and don't get caught up in the hype.

The other day, I accidentally set my program for 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes. Well, that meant the zapping would be 3 hours and not an hour and a half. That day, I was sick as a dog. You can only go as fast as you can get rid of the toxins that you kill. I follow a cancer killing program by a professional foundation. This is not a Kentucky windage thing.

I say this because I had asked Timh to take on the parasite cleanse and thus, his sad reply. Bill is right on the money because I truly believe that the world's health problem is parasites and Candida is the primary one. Your skin or scalp problems are an internal one and not an external one. Some fuf-fuf juice will not solve your skin problem.

I will say a prayer for Timh tonight and ask that you do the same. He is a good guy.


Replied by Anon

yes Timh , there is electricity and there is energy . I believe we get this energy from music and from the flow of the spirit . You like marshall tucker and it reaches into your spirit and ministers to your soul.

When a person ministers healing as directed, a power flows and it can be barely felt or knock you to the floor. My first experience with it, I was asked inside my spirit to obey, to help a stranger and the vibrating and shaking started up and it lasted 18 hours into the night . The person was dramatically transfromed from laying on a bed for three months with this rubber thing 8 inches around on top of open stomach that would explode with poop, she got up and took her walker to the kitchen ten times that night unassisted. She couldn't stop vibrating either. Whacked! Hope you get well Timh your post and your beautiful heart for others.

Jesus said, as the crowd was ALL touching him, "Who touched me, power has gone out of me!"

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

TY Anon for your spirited post. You certainly seem to have wet your toes in the waters of the miraculous, and yes, it is contagious.

In response to the power of music and healing energy, and in tune with black soul, I can't help but post a link to the heart-n-soul opening of Woodstock 1969 by Richie Havens. This performance levitated the entire event of thousands of people and yrs later became legendary, a timeless classic.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Timh,

I'm glad you're back! We all hope you are feeling well and want you to know you have been in our thoughts and prayers. I know you have lost many important people in your life over the years, and feel alone at times, as most of us do. But if you ever need help, just post your phone number or address on Earth Clinic and I promise you won't have room in your house for all the people here who would show up for you! ORH would be leading the pack and I would be close behind. Take care now, and feel the loving smiles that surround you as we read your newest posts.

Replied by Anon

I had the eight track in my teens . I sometimes felt like a motherless child . There was so much dysfunction in that generation, thus the raging of the teens and the drug use. They were chaotic and creative times . I don't think our current health issues were foreign to them and we just got them handed down to us along with their creative chaos, layered on them from their upbringings. Broke the chain, the buck stops here and this generation is out to find the source of the problems and get some answers that fix them. Glad you are using your weakness and learning experiences to help others not as bright as you . The answers are natural, spiritual, and relational, because we are.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Thank you Rsw & ORH in particular, for both your past & recent support in my most trying case.

Let me try an update. My main problem has been chronic bone toxicity, compounded by Lung Fibrosis which in all has severely compromised both Immune & Detox systems. A whole body bentonite clay bath back in 2002 proved sadly unsuccessful. Ionic Foot Spas since 2009 have proved helpful but insufficient. Adding Coffee to the Spas has greatly improved the efficacy. Whole body baths of Sodium Thiosulfate beginning last fall have proved much helpful. After reading up on the Beet/Asparagus protocol I began foot baths w/ Zinc Sulfate w/ good results. Tuesday I finally took a whole bath w/ Zinc Sulfate w/ results being positive beyond my expectation and am now once again able to hold my head above water most times. Preventing another bought of bone marrow failure is top priority as well as bone cancer.

ORH, I almost bought one of the "Rife Type" zappers a couple yrs back but decided to add another Hulda Clark making two 30 KHz, plus a Hulda Clark Z4eX Extreme (Three Frequencies 30KHz, 2.5KHz and 15Hz), and mostly for local a Bob Beck Basic 30 KHz zapper. In all, these are proving fruitful. My parasite loads are lower now than in recent yrs. One other item to give credit is Ozonated Colloidal Silver; which has, just like Hulda says, penetrated those tapeworm cyst allowing the meds & zappers to finish them off. The pathogen loads seem to be slowly lessening. Turpentine and Serrapeptase/Nattokinase has proved invaluable in penetrating the biofilms. Magnet Therapy has also proved invaluable in reducing pain.

In closing, due to the severity of my condition, but w/ major intervention including incredible assistance, love, and concern from folks here on E.C. I am more hopeful now than ever on substantial recovery. It also gives me strength to be of help to others.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U Timh, , , , , , , , , , , boy, you have really been down some dusty roads. Glad you are doing better.

Have you investigated Spanish Black Radish Juice? My Russian author hails it, but don't know if it would apply to your situation. I grow the radish and would be happy to ship you some juice this summer.

I have the Sota Blood Purifier which also makes colloidal silver. I can make Ozonated water with my medical ozone generator. My question to you is how do you mix the two. I drink 500ml of ozonated water at a time and only a few teaspoons of Collodial Silver.

Appreciate learning how you make your " KICK-A POO JOY JUICE". You now know that I read Little Abner as a kid.

Yo Buddy, =========ORH=========

Replied by Timh
2063 posts


I definitely need to do some juicing, but I never have the wherewithal. Making Colloidal Silver and LET Nutrition is about as much as I can do. I do take Beet Powder caps periodically as well as drink the otc veggie juice sometimes. The Radish juice seems as promising as any veggie, so if you have room for an extra row I will take you up on that.

As for the C.S., I drink watered down Coffee/Black Tea so I just add enough of the Coffee/Tea to a cup of C.S. and drop that Ozone tube in there and let it bubble for about a minute and immediately drink about half the cup and wait a few minutes and repeat the method. My guess is that the Ozone will be more likely to adhere or bond w/ this drink more readily than w/ plain C.S. water, but the Silver Ion itself is supposed to act very much like Iron in providing a bonding site for that unstable O3 molecule to attach. I am doing this only now-and-again but am banking on it to prevent the big C as well as kill those virulent chronic microbes like the mycoplasma in my lungs, as well as that damned fungus in my joints & spine.

I have also considered bubbling Ozone into a cup of Lecithin Water. We have many folks doing O3 Olive Oil Or O3 Water, but why not use the bipolor property of Lecithin to incorporate that Oxygen into both Lipid & Hydrophilic substance (which is what the LET Vit-C, Glutathione, and others is all about). Why not O3??

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi ORH...Well, as requested, here's my own take on caring for the intestines. Sorry that its taken a while to respond but I had to gather the evidence to help people believe what I was going to say. I also did this to help make the telling shorter because I also happen to believe that having a healthy intestines is absolutely key for long term health. I'm simply going to mention some info that I believe is important to consider while doing a cleanse, which might extend into other different areas other than just the intestines. And because this is alot of information -- I shall not going into detail with dosages, frequency etc -- I am just going to mention possible solutions to these problems in passing and people can then ask any questions later or look for the answer on EC for themselves.

Here is a good concise round up, by Walter Last, of the various methods and nutrients that you can use for an intestinal cleanse. The Ultimate Cleanse.

What I'm going to deal with now mainly concerns why people fail or do not succeed when they try and cleanse their intestines.

First off, ask yourself where pathogens like viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus can hide in your body -- away from the immune system and away from all anti-microbials. Ted from Bangkok mentions that viruses can hide in the synovial fluids of the backbone, neck and joints in the body. I've found out that pathogens(particularly viruses) can also hide in the following areas as well:

* Fluids in the backbone and joints
* Mid and lower intestines(I will explain this later)
* Root Canals
* Ear canals
* Nose and sinus region(under the eyes)
* Nasopharynx cavity(the open cavity just behind the back of the nose above the tonsils where all that snot collects. This is a veritable feeding ground for pathogens).
* Biofilms

The point that I'm making above is -- If your illness never goes away or just keeps coming back or returning then the above reasons also goes some way to explain why this might be happening.

Now to the second reason for failure pertaining particularly to an intestinal cleanse protocol. It's well known that the human adult intestines is about 30 ft long with the efficient surface absorption area of a tennis court. Now think of orally taking a just few drops of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide(say 1/4 tsp) in glass of water or 8 drops of Lugols Iodine or any other oral nutrient. Now ask yourself how long will it will take for those drops of HP or Iodine or whatever to travel down the intestines and either be absorbed into directly into the blood, neutralized or completely exhausted. Who here honestly believes that those small dosages of HP or Iodine will travel all the way down and act to kill pathogens for the whole 30 ft length of the human intestines(think tennis court)? That wrong assumption is one reason why oral protocols specifically for the intestines so often fail -- because most oral nutrients rarely if ever act upon the whole length of the intestines. In my own opinion -- and I have no real evidence for this -- it's my estimation that most oral protocols(for the intestines) will only successfully and effectively act on the first 10 ft of travel down the intestines. After that they are either completely exhausted or absorbed into the blood.

And exactly the same argument as above goes for enemas and colonics. Enemas and colonics will certainly help to clear up the colon area but they will only effectively act and have benefit on the last 10 feet of the intestines.

So what's left? If enemas and oral nutrients generally only ever act on the last 10 feet and first 10 feet of the intestines respectively then that means that there is a middle region in the intestines -- about ten feet in the middle of your intestines -- that is therefore always untouched and unaffected by these methods of protocol delivery. This is perhaps an area where parasites, bacteria, mycoplasma, fungus etc can hide -- breeding and safely pumping out their toxins into the body -- with no real cure in site.

So what can you do to overcome the above problems and how can you take an intestinal protocol that more effectively and successfully has wide anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and detox action throughout the whole 30 ft length of the intestines?

As far as I can see, the only nutrients that have beneficial action all the way through the whole 30 ft length of the intestines are:

* Diatomacious Earth

* Bentonite

* Oxypowders

* Chlorella(intestinal detox)

* Psyllium

* Laxatives

All the above protocols in the list are quite useful in their own way but using laxatives is perhaps the most useful for the health of the intestines. Dr Max Gerson, in his famous cancer therapy, used to give full blown castor oil laxatives to his stage 4 cancer patients 4 times a day and 4 times at night in the sleeping hours. He had a 50% cancer cure rate.

My own belief is that when you take turpentine and the castor oil(CO) together as a full-blown laxative then the CO helps to inhibit the absorption of turps into the blood -- so most of the turpentine is used within the intestines. Secondly, CO is a laxative which therefore helps to spread the turpentine rapidly throughout the whole intestines(including the illusive middle intestinal region) to actively kill and expel bad pathogens, parasites, heavy metals and other poisons as well as effectively removing biofilms throughout the intestines. This, I think, is probably the reason why all the parents in the autism kids group that I'm working with are now using the Turpentine/CO protocol and will never give it up because it always helps to get them over problems and consistently helps them to lower the ATEC scores of their kids to a cure.

I'm going to stop it there. In my next post here I'll talk more about how to disinfect the upper regions of your body(backbone & joints, nose, sinuses, ears, nasopharynx cavity, lungs, bronchials, throat, larynx etc) where pathogens can also actively and safely hide. I will also be describing a rather novel and effective turpentine inhalation method that I stumbled upon, which is both very cheap and simple to do.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Now quickly on to some protocols that will help to eliminate safe hiding places for viruses, bacteria, fungus etc in the following regions of the body:

Synovial Fluids in the Backbone and Joints
This is Ted's formula. Massage a mixture of 5 drops of clove oil with 1 tblspn of coconut oil all the way up the backbone and neck. Rub this mixture on all joints like fingers, knees, shoulder, elbows etc. Do this once a day.This will chase out all pathogens(mainly viruses) from these areas and the immune system should destroy these pathogens when they move into the blood.

Root Canals
Go to a proper biological dentist and have your old root canals removed, disinfected and treated properly. Here is some research by Weston Price on the dangers of root canals which should help to convince you.

Use either 3% hydrogen peroxide or lugols iodine for this.
For the HP protocol, use a capful of 3% HP and dilute with the same volume of water. Using a dropper, fill up the ear and hold it there for a minute or two until the fizzing(and tickling) stops. Empty the ear but do not dry. Then do the same for the other ear.
Using lugols iodine, add 8 drops to a capful of water and fill up the ear. After a minute just empty the ear but do not dry it. Do this for both ears.

Nose, Sinus and Nasopharynx Cavity Regions
You can use 3% HP or lugols iodine for this.
Using a dropper, add 8 drops of iodine in a capful of water, squirt the mixture into each nostril and ensure that it reaches the nasopharynx cavity area at the back of the nose. Do this for both nostrils.
Using a capful of 3% HP add the same volume of water and, using a dropper, squirt up each nostril and ensure that it reaches the back cavity of the nose.

I've also been reading alot recently and in the US Dispensatory of 1847 and in the British Pharmacopia of 1914 I found many medical references where Turpentine(as well as Euculyptus) were commonly used as a steam inhalant with boiling water. Then I read a certain pamphlet called Consumption of the Lungs and Kindred Diseases Cured by Kerosene by Dr Charles Oscar Frye(1914) which described how kerosene should be used together with a fine mist atomizer spray(rather like the Bill Munro HP protocol) and that, when used thus three times a day, this was able to cure lung diseases like tubercolosis(which is still incurable in modern medicine) and diptheria as well as other diseases. Well Kerosene is virtually the same as turpentine.

So, from the above information, the penny dropped and here's what I did. I took a 1/4 tsp gum turpentine and put it into my mouth. Then I mixed it with my saliva for a while. Then I breathed in through a small opening in my mouth so that the air passed directly through the turpentine at the front of my mouth. This created turpentine vapor which then passed over my throat and bronchials and then into my lungs. On the slow exhale through my nose, the turps vapor then passed over my bronchials, throat, tonsils, nasopharynx regions and out through my nostrils. I slow breathed this vapor in through the mouth and out through the nose taking frequent rests(breathing fresh air through the nose instead) and did this for about 4 minutes. By breathing turpentine vapor into and out of the lungs in this manner, this would allow the disinfection of bacteria, viruses and fungus from the following regions: mouth, gums, throat, bronchials, lungs, tonsils, nasopharanx cavity, nostrils and sinuses. I must also say that my lungs felt wonderfully cool after completing this protocol. And even though I thought my lungs were clear of phlegm, about 3 hours after doing this protocol I brought up a considerable amount of loosened phlegm.

And here's what you should not do if you use this turps vapor protocol:

When you start the protocol:

* Do not breath in too quickly -- you will cough and splutter. Breath in and out very slowly and evenly unti your lungs get used to it.

* Do not hold your breath -- breath out immediately. If you don't you will cough and splutter.

* When you start, take only 1/4 breath and breath out slowly through the nose. You should work up slowly to a full breath.

The above protocols would be useful against most viruses and especially those viruses that are well-known to be able to hide in the body -- such as EBV, CMV and HPV. Many of these viruses are also involved in serious autoimmune diseases like CFS and cancer.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U BILL, , , , , , you did good again, as usual. I don't proclaim to be in your league, but at least I already use some of the items you recommend for colon cleansing. I copy your posts and file them for future reference.

We head out for the farm this morning to transplant sugar snap peas in a raised bed and purple onions to be grown to maturity. Our white onions to be used as green onions were planted weeks ago. We have a greenhouse where we start our seeds in a heated spouting cabinet in floats which we transfer to heated water beds to be grown for later transplanting. The Spanish Black Radish I promised Timh are already sprouted and will be moved soon. We transplant all vegetables except for carrots. If you transplant this vegetable it will develop 4 or 5 roots which are impossible to clean.

I bring up our gardening because I know that they are free of herbicides and pesticides that are found in a typical market. What is so sad is that many organic gardens are raised using arsenic laden mushroom compost from chicken litter . The mushroom compost we buy from a plant about 30 miles up the road uses litter from chickens that were not fed arsenic. We have it delivered in a 22 cu. yd truck.

You don't save money by growing your own vegetables but you do eat healthier.


Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc)

Dear Robert Henry ---

Nice to read your post on gardening.

As for cleansing practices, I have for many years used auto urine, that is, Shivambu, and need nothing else. Just turmeric, amala for vit C , triphala, chromium, topical mag. and LI.

I am eighty this year and still have nine rescue animals to care for, a garden and household. I also endeavour to keep up my yoga.

I have rarely taken drugs except insulin for a while until I wised up and disposed of it. I avoid allopathy like the plague it is. I follow Ayurveda.

I have green drinks and steam cook some veggies as well as juicing veggies with spirulina. I was vegan for a year but had to give that up because of weakness all over. Have been vegetarian all my adult years with no hitch except at the beginning when learning to make right choices. I can't do without dairy and use goat milk and cheese. I brew my own Kombucha.

I have always used Essiac tea but this year it is the authentic for the first time. Far more powerful.

Shivambu is my magic potion and one person who posted on EC about it mentioned Shivambu Shastra which was the best write up I have read so far and, amazingly, by a western lady. Please google it.

Wishing you and Mama to Many and Bill and Dave all the best as well all EC visitors.

We will be getting into good times very soon.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OM, , , , , , , , , , you are a beautiful spirit and all love you.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OM AGAIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , as all know I's just an old Redneck on a quest for knowledge. After your post, I investigated Shivambu and was amazed at what I learned.

I first learned of Urine Therapy when Anwar Sadat tried to get Began and Carter to partake in the treaty talks between Egypt and Israel back in the 70's. Then, that seemed wild and strange, but years later I learned that your urine is sterile and not a toxic waste like your stool.

You have opened my mind to a different cleanse and I thank you for that. I really had no idea where this cleanse thing would lead. I hope you have shown others that they too can participate and help all to a better health.

Your friend. =====ORH========

Replied by Jerry
(Miramar, Fl.)

Hi Ted and all, is it possible to do a colon cleanse, and still eat regular foods, during the cleanse, I can't afford to lose any weight, I'm already 30 lbs underweight, but I feel the need to do a cleanse, then will try to gain some weight, which I never had to begin with. Also, is there a colon cleanse pill I could get that is recommended?

Replied by Kennywally
46 posts

Please don't forget probiotics as it is your immune function.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

KENNY,,,,,,,,,,, glad you brought up the colon cleansing subject up because first you are right about probiotics and second, this made me go back and read the archives on this subject. I know you have read this thread because that was when I was full of piss and vinegar and got that thread going and the BEST IN THE WEST contributed. Bill really out did himself as he responded to my challenge for our bright folks to say something that folks can avoid health problems by addressing their gut. Mama also contributed as did others.

Most EC folks know that their immune system is what fights for them and it is in their intestines. As all know, I'm an evangelist, both in religion and in health. What I urge all to do is to go to that site and read what Bill says. He said the bugger bears know you are after them and hide. They hide where you can't get to them. One place he said is your ear canal. Since I's SJS, I think that is where my parasites are hiding and the reason is because whenever I do an ozone ear insulation then my ears crust for a week or more. That tells me that that is where they are hiding and I need to do that treatment more often. They are probably candida. When I run them out, then they will find another place to hide. The challenge is forever. I encourage all to back track and read this whole thread. It caused me to reflect on my current ails. Your overall health is in your gut. Concentrate on this and see how other problems just go away.

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Hyperplastic Polyposis Syndrome

Posted by Lauren Loves Green (Florissant, Missouri) on 11/07/2011

Hi Ted, I have a friend who was just diagnosed with Hyperplastic Polyposis Syndrome. She is so fearful of the diagnosis that she can't bring herself to find out about alternative treatments and has already had half of her colon removed as well as the polyps. I am concerned that she will be pulled into more surgery and prescription drugs. Would you please tell us what she can do so the polyps do not turn cancerous or come back? She is 55 years old and quit smoking about 2 years ago. She is very thin. Thank you for your help Ted.


Lauren G.

Replied by Karina

One thought: The colon is an extremely vital organ and responsible for elimination - your friend should try everything which helps this detoxing/eminination process (e.g. ACV or fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning in water to get acids out, Schizandra tea for the liver, deep breathing for the lungs, Kangen water, Green Juices in the morning). It is difficult to tell in her particular case but she might need to change certain foods in her diet (too much dairy/bread or white sugar might cause an overload of mucus) or look into correct food combining (which can cause a chain reacting in the body attracting the wrong kind of bacteria) - so that it is clear what causes the inflammation in the colon. Simply ask her to consider a 30day green smoothy challenge (there are some website in the internet) - this could help to pull out the toxins gently out of her system and neutralise the side effects of heavy medication). And if she is open to it she might learn a lot how to help her system recover naturally just by eating the right foods. 'Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food' is an old Chinese saying which is so important and once learned the best balancing property of nature. Additionally, 'Woods colon hydro gravity cleansing' would be ideal - but if that is too alternative as a treatment - wait with this and prompt her to check out the 30 days Green Smoothie challenge - this is a great stepping stone - once one feels so much better after 30 days she might open up to new possibilities. Hope this helps and above all just keep on loving her - no matter what she will decide - your friendship and unconditional love is all that really counts!


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Posted by Danae (Munich, Bavaria) on 07/06/2011

For me since I started to do a colon hydro therapy I feel better. If one is for a long time congested - physilium might me too much - I took it and it just got stuck in my colon and did not move at. With a new nutrition regime I felt much better and then all came to a halt and with further research (Norman Walker, Natalia Rose, Dr. Shinya Japanese inventor of the colonoscope etc. ) I realised that my colon was probably highly impacted. Reluctantly, I dared to go through with it and am so pleased about it. I am still not 100% cured - but I feel so much better. I intend to do this for the rest of my life - as I realise that cleansing is important for natural body functions - skin irritation, puffiness, tiredness, impacted lymphs are not normal --- as it was all not dramatic I accepted it - but one does not have to. A healthy colon is really the key factor in overall energy and wellbeing. I totally underestimated this - my skin became better, energy is rising and aging seems to reverse.

What helps me is Kombucha - a liquid probiotic, femented drink, fresh vegetable juices with ginger and lemon, lemon, cayenne peper tea (receipe from earth clinic! ) with some honey before my period seems to cleanse as well very gently. I am still learning as I go along to understand what nutrition works for me...

Replied by Sara
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I recently had a 2 week colon cleanse diet (by a nutritionist) and at the end of the diet I had to do some purging with Epsom salts and the next day 2 home made enemas (first coffee then garlic), I was wondering if I can drink Kombucha right after? I understand Kombucha helps repopulate the intestines with good bacteria but now that my colon is supposedly very clean was wondering if it may not be the best time to drink Kombucha.

Psyllium, Yerba Mate, Probiotics

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Posted by Jeremiah (San Diego, California) on 07/12/2009

I have found that taking plenty of Psyllium Husks each day (about 20-30 grams minimum), along with a good cup of Yerba Mate tea, a natural toxin eliminator, the next morning, is excellent for Cleaning out my colon. I tried this one time with a probiotic supplement as well, and it worked even better. Give it a try. You will definitely feel better.

Replied by Bluewater
(Santa Ana, California , United States)

Jeremiah, thanks for this tip. I bought just the psyllium husks yesturday. I took one round of teaspoon of these husks with an 8 oz. Glass of water, and today, I put another in my fruit shake. I did my digestive business today and what a supprise (by the way, if you are only going once for this, your system is too cluttered, you need some good cleansing). I could not believe all the mucus I was seeing. I had strings of them in the blend, the clear coat of the mucus was visible in some areas. Amazing! I feel cleaner, lighter. The mucus couldn't have been years old becuase it easily broke apart, but it did have its elasticity---who knows how old they were. Am I glad to have this out of my system. Mucus after a while from what I understand, will stick to the the digestive membrane, and could eventually destroy some part. I am sure this has caused many a problems in people, countless who have had surgery to fix this problem. The membrane just rots in the body, fermenting, and getting in the blood stream to cause many problems or deseases. I am not totally certainly how the these husks end up pulling down excess stuff in the digestive system. I was thinking that perhaps it because the husks absorb the water or fluid of the mucus, thus sticking. Once it sticks, it also makes makes matter running through to also stick. The weight of this accumulation, makes the mucus too heavy, and thus pulling it from the membrane that its sticking to. Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks again!

Sodium Thiosulfate and Vitamin C

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Posted by Giark65 (Phoenix, Arizona) on 07/02/2016 12 posts

Colon Cleanse....sodium thiosulfate

I came back from overseas after 12 years in terrible shape. I found after several cleanses, that the most thorough was the protocol of sodium thiosulfate with vitamin C for 14 days while I supplemented the cleanse with aloe vera/lemon juice. It pretty much ripped out anything I didn't want and rebalanced my gut to move forward. At one point I knew my liver was fatty and possibly in stage 3 of liver failure given the symptoms. So along with the cleanse I remineralized my body in between and included liver tonics and Chanca Piedra. Afterwards I found raw Cilantro to help with the chlorella when I started the Lugol's Iodine. I had several nights of 'sweats' which affirmed the detoxing process.

To date, I actively wrestle and coach at the age of 50. Oddly, many of my supplements mirror those recommended on this site. As a former pharma rep. for Monsanto, I'm grateful to have left that profession and found true cures.

Core focus remains upon stimulating glutathione production (+ATP cycle), intermixed detoxing & cleansing, remineralizing, and utilization of essential oils (topically, inhaled, orally) to keep body in state of homeostasis.

I've used turpentine with castor oil, TSP (trisodium phosphate), Borax, baking soda, methylene blue, ACV, GSE, and a bunch of other supplements. Most I rotate in and out.

All I can say is one can get healthy. Daunting when you look at it at first. But each day is a stroke of success and eventually it feels great when you ultimately become empowered with your own well being.

Thank you Bill Thompson. I've read so many of your posts after the fact. And I'm still learning. You have helped so many. Wish I would of found you well before my own journey. BTW, I lived in PI for 13 years and have my daughter with me here in Arizona now.

I made a fortune selling pills for Monsanto/Searle pharmaceuticals but quit when I realized something was wrong. I've learned so much and tired of lies. Want to see people empower themselves and tell the allopathic community to go fudge themselves when it comes to general health.

God bless to all.

Replied by Kennywally
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Giark65, wow, what a whirlwind, in and out. Could you be so kind as to mention the amounts of these products that you took.

I've been cursed for years with candida and a monster gut with all that garbage just setting there, waiting for me to figure out where I'm gonna start, so I can finally evacuate this junk to where it belongs.

I have tried some turpentine and some kerosene, the turp got rid of the biofilm and energized me, but that was a bout it, nothing to add about the kerosene. Lucky for me I do supplement, probably the only thing keep ing me afloat, as I once tried BP medicine and got a headache, so that was the end of allopathic medicine for me. I wasn't gonna put up with the stinkin headache for that.

I do take my Bioplsma to insure my body has plenty of minerals to clean out the blood, all that gunk must be accumulating in my colon which I'm not very regular about, and after reading lots of dr jensens book on gut health, and now your testimony, I'm looking forward to mixing up different batches myself to get this stuff a movin' out of here, besides, it ain't payin no rent!!! kw

Replied by Giark65
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I followed Tony Pantalleresco's protocol (he has two videos on Sodium Thiosulfate).

Mix 5 grams (or 1 teaspoon) of Sodium Thiolsulphate with 3 oz water and drink. Chase with more water if necessary.

Recommended to add Vitamin C (I think I used two teaspoons) to add immune support. Because it is such an effective cleaner, the user(s) must replenish their system with fermented dairy or a probiotic (recommended are full-bodied yogurts, kefir, and muszlanka).

This recipe is primarily intended to clean out the buildup that has accumulated around the intestinal lining. Other known benefits include: anti-aging effect, anti-fungal, anti-parasitical, detoxifier, removes Calcium deposits, and can be used for arsenic, cyanide and copper poisoning. Topically, can be mixed with Aspirin to treat lesions and sores.

I followed this protocol for 14 days straight. In the mornings...a lot of visits to toilet for about two hours max. In the evenings I'd supplement with my protocols (magnesium, sulfur, probiotic, spirulina, chlorella, iodine, etc.)

Hope this helps.

Best, Kraig


What mineral supplement you use to replenish minerals while on STS cleanse?

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For a mineral supplement in evenings I'd recommend a fulvic/humic acid compound. That ensures you get a broad spectrum of minerals/nutrients for the body to access.

Replied by Kennywally
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OMG. thanks for your response. Now I got the recipe. I will post back on my results!!! Thanks, do you suppose it can rid the gut of candida? That's what I'm hoping for. I already tried turpentine, which did remove the biofilm on my brain....twas a very weird experience....anyways looking forward to trying this out.


Should I do this?? Its hard to make decisions about the brain without full use of your brain... can you tell me more about the biofilm on your brain? And the turpentine exoerience?&