Colon Cleansing Remedies

Sodium Thiosulfate and Vitamin C
Posted by Giark65 (Phoenix, Arizona) on 07/02/2016 12 posts
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Colon Cleanse....sodium thiosulfate

I came back from overseas after 12 years in terrible shape. I found after several cleanses, that the most thorough was the protocol of sodium thiosulfate with vitamin C for 14 days while I supplemented the cleanse with aloe vera/lemon juice. It pretty much ripped out anything I didn't want and rebalanced my gut to move forward. At one point I knew my liver was fatty and possibly in stage 3 of liver failure given the symptoms. So along with the cleanse I remineralized my body in between and included liver tonics and Chanca Piedra. Afterwards I found raw Cilantro to help with the chlorella when I started the Lugol's Iodine. I had several nights of 'sweats' which affirmed the detoxing process.

To date, I actively wrestle and coach at the age of 50. Oddly, many of my supplements mirror those recommended on this site. As a former pharma rep. for Monsanto, I'm grateful to have left that profession and found true cures.

Core focus remains upon stimulating glutathione production (+ATP cycle), intermixed detoxing & cleansing, remineralizing, and utilization of essential oils (topically, inhaled, orally) to keep body in state of homeostasis.

I've used turpentine with castor oil, TSP (trisodium phosphate), Borax, baking soda, methylene blue, ACV, GSE, and a bunch of other supplements. Most I rotate in and out.

All I can say is one can get healthy. Daunting when you look at it at first. But each day is a stroke of success and eventually it feels great when you ultimately become empowered with your own well being.

Thank you Bill Thompson. I've read so many of your posts after the fact. And I'm still learning. You have helped so many. Wish I would of found you well before my own journey. BTW, I lived in PI for 13 years and have my daughter with me here in Arizona now.

I made a fortune selling pills for Monsanto/Searle pharmaceuticals but quit when I realized something was wrong. I've learned so much and tired of lies. Want to see people empower themselves and tell the allopathic community to go fudge themselves when it comes to general health.

God bless to all.