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The world of health food as well as diet and exercise is wrought with a wide range of fad diets and health remedies. One current trend making its way into the health and wellness spotlight, however, is the raw food diet, which in essence is no fad at all. A raw food diet relies on food as made by nature, which is healthier for the body, easier to digest, and more beneficial in terms of health and wellness.

What is Raw Food?

At its most basic premise, a raw food diet is a return to food in its natural state. The plan relies on foods that the human body was designed to eat – those made by nature naturally. Such plans limit the amount of cooking and preparation necessary for eating, which also limits preservatives and other processed food additives.

A raw food diet plan consists of a number of different foods and often brings individuals a greater variety in diet. Such a diet includes a combination of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, roots, fresh herbs, raw spices, and seaweed.

Other foods that are “processed” to some extent are permissible as long as the processing does not involve heating the food above 115 degrees. Additional foods that are considered a part of a raw food diet include cold pressed oils, olives, raw nut butters and milk, fermented foods, maple syrup, dried fruits and vegetables, foods cured in vinegar, and a few others.

Health Benefits of Raw Foods

As the body is programmed to eat foods in their natural states, raw foods are more beneficial to the body and offer a number of nutritional and health benefits. Such a diet plan also helps “reprogram” the body, making natural foods more attractive and satisfying.

Permanent weight loss and weight management, improved skin and hair, increased energy and stamina, mental clarity and focus, and emotional balance are all direct benefits of a raw food diet plan. Likewise, specific health conditions, including acne, allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, congestion, constipation, diabetes, herpes, infertility, menopause, obesity, thyroid problems, and ulcerative colitis, can be treated using such a plan.

Raw foods offer the maximum level of nutrition from food. As such, a raw food diet is considered one of the healthiest lifestyle changes.


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Posted by Dave (Philadelphia, Pennsylvanias) on 05/16/2008

Acid Reflux Remedy: Golden delicious apples works well i find along with aloe vera. I have had this acid reflux going on eight years besides meds have tried everything and so far (under one week..) this by far has worked!

Replied by Sylvia
(Magalia, CA)

My husband had acid reflux really bad for many years. He now takes apple cider vinegar in his water daily and had not had anymore problems with acid reflux. He has been taking the vinegar for almost five years and he swears by it.

Replied by Mom
(Apopka, Fl, Usa)

Acid reflux-
30 second CURE!!! Dill pickle juice... I'm serious, just go to the re-fridge, open the jar, take a sip and within 30 seconds your heartburn, and acid reflux is GONE!!! Hello--No more pills! Your welcome :)

Posted by Teresa (Fort Worth, TX) on 03/22/2008

Last week after using ALOT of an over-the-counter pain aid (this particular one never works for me but that's all we have at my job) I felt really drawn to eating a green granny smith apple I had brought with me. I ate it slowly over the course of 30-45 minutes and by the time I was through with it my headache was gone! The ONLY thing that had ever worked for me before was a different over-the-counter pain aid. I am extactic about my apple-cure discovery. Oh, let me add that the headache hasn't even tried to come back either. That headache had been coming and going for three days. Yeah!

Posted by Danie (Virginia, MN) on 06/14/2007

I've lived with acid reflux burning for over 25 years and tried so many over the counter and medicalprescriptions and nothing seemed to help. I was on the computer some time back and came upon a testimonyial about a person who found a certain apple that cured his acid reflux and wanted money to get the name of apple. I thought it was a fluke just wanting money but began buying differant types of apples off an on none of them helped. While on a vacation trip my wife bought some jonagold apples and I sliced it up and ate little slices thru out the day. Im quite amazed at the affect these apples have done in releaving the pain i've always had in sturnum area. Its six days now. Its like a miricle. IM wondering if anyone else with similar pain could also get such fantastic results??? please let me know. P s. Ive tried the acv with baking soda remidies and not much help for me and I about gag when I use them.

Posted by Jillian (Lake Macquarie, Australia) on 06/07/2007

My daughter had severe acid reflux & was medicated for 2 years, but was in severe pain, & frequently vomited. She is now drug free & symptom free. Please tell Melissa from Tampa Fl to use the acv after a meal, but also to eat an apple, (even 1/2) before bed. These simple remedies changed my daughters life. We don't know why the apple works but it is fantastic. The problem with a lot of reflux is not too much acid but not enough, hence the acv aids digestion. This was the case with my daughter. She had bad breath and nausea. The food in her stomach was not being digested, it was just sitting ther rotting. I note with interest your advice to take 1/4 tspn b soda with acv. Will definitely add this to the mix. Thanks Jillian NSW Australia

Posted by Dee (Middlesbrough, England) on 06/14/2006

Forgot to let you know -- Jonagold apples are the best for acid reflux because they are highest in pectin.

Posted by Carlos (Baltimore) on 04/23/2006

I am so glad I found your website. Last year I started developing some strange food sensitivities and terrible dizziness and fatigue. After numerous doctor visits and many many tests I was diagnosed with acid reflux! I was taking aleve for joint pain and levaquin for an infection and my health started going downhill fast. I started taking Prilosec & Zantac and noticed remarkable improvement for a few weeks, but then my heartburn and problems swallowing got worse than ever! One day I noticed that a nice crunchy green apple helped my GERD considerably, and now I can't live without 2-3 green apples a day. I'm going to try that apple cider vinegar too - antacids are just like painkillers, they don't attack the real problem they just try to minimize complications without addressing the source. Thanks for the info!


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Posted by Loren (Orlando, Fl) on 05/21/2010

Hi everyone: I am trying to start the raw food diet but I really need help with getting the right blender. Is there anything as good as the vitamix but more affordable? I would have purchased the vitamix but this is too expensive. Please help someone!!! Thank you all.

Replied by Carolyn
(Hobbs, Nm)

Loren, there is not another blender that will do what a Vitamix does. I tried them all, even Kitchenaide, and I was trying to drink chunks. A Vitamix makes green smoothies as smooth as a milkshake. I add a scoop of whey protein powder to mine and they are wonderful and so good for you. You can sometimes find a used one on ebay but I would suggest buying one and paying it out if you have to. Good luck. Carolyn

Replied by Tashimoto
(Vancouver, British Columbia Canada)


We own a Blendtec blender which is expensive, like the Vitamix. This past winter on vacation, we had to use a simple $35 blender to make our green smoothies - and you know what?! They were great. Almost as good as our home blender that cost ten times as much. I mean, really - you're ingesting all the pulp, etc. with a blended drink anyway - does it really make all that much difference if it is blended totally smooth or almost totally smooth? I don't think so.

Replied by Joanofarc83
(Morton, Illinois Usa)

Loren, I use a Black & Decker Cyclone for my green smoothies. It works just fine. I have blended fresh beets, passion fruit, avocado, bananas, spinach and kale & frozen fruit. Not all at the same time however. Good luck on your raw food effort.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

My masticating juicer, an Oscar, makes smoothies, juices, fresh pasta, baby food and bread sticks. I think that the most important thing is that it doesn't warm up the smoothie or juice, at least that seems to me to be the most important after doing quite a bit of research on the Internet before buying mine. Also in the books I have they all recommend a masticating juicer. The other thing is that as all the vitamines and enzymes stay alive you can keep your juice up to 48 hours (which we never do but my husband does drink his in the evening when he comes home and even the colour still looks great). They are more expensive than a lot of blenders but then they come in different prices. The Oscar was not cheap and to be honest if I had been able to try it before I bought it I wouldn't have bought it but still, I would have bought a masticating juicer! The juices and smoothies are great, you can even choose how much fiber you leave in them, the pasta and bread sticks I have never tried but I find that the machine has a few problems like juice getting into the entrance of the motor and so, not what you would expect for that price. But.... we do fully enjoy our juices and smoothies and it juices everything under the sun!

Replied by Loren
(Orlando, Fl)

Thank you all so much for your response to my question about the blender. I really do appreciate it.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I would just like to add that the Oscar also has a device to mince meat but you have to buy it separately. Here in countries like France (at least in my area) it is hardly possible anymore to have them mince pork in the shop (I don't like buying meat already minced and I like a mixture of beef and pork), I think because of problems with Muslims so the only option is to mince it at home.

For soups I actually never use the juicer, although I could, I use a much simpler device which is a staff mixer. They come in all prices, also very cheap and do the job very well. I have used them all my life!

Replied by Regina
(Mountain, Ca)

I bought the Montel Williams HealthMaster Fruit & Vegetable Emulsifier from an infomercial. It costs about $200. I love, love, love it.

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

I have a Tribest personal blender, which is very good. I use it to make smoothie, soups, salsas and sauces. The Oster Fusion is also an inexpensive and good blender. Check the reviews online.

Replied by Agatha
(Toronto, On)

Loren: I've recently switched to a raw lifestyle as well. After having done a lot of research and read what raw and non raw foodists have written, I made the decision to purchase a Vitamix. Yes, it's definitely an investment but in my opinion I'm worth the extra money. It performs well and has an awesome 7 year warranty. The company's been around for ages so that's pretty comforting. My naturopath has had one for over 10 years and she tells me it runs like new. I use if several times a day and I'm totally thrilled with it. Because it is so powerful, it's able to break down the cell walls of your food releasing more nutrients which means your body's able to better absorb all its goodness with a lot less effort on your part. If money is tight right now, just buy a blender and start blending; it's a good start. Blendtec is also another one that the raw and non-raw community recommends very highly. I bought one initially but returned it for the Vitamix because I like the manual controls of the latter. Hope this helps.

Replied by Dianew
(Fresno, Ca, United States)

I have a vitamix that I love. I have seen used ones for sale at health food stores. They were much more affordable and, considering how well they are made, I would consider starting there. A new one is too expensive for now.


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Posted by Victor (USA) on 06/26/2007

Raw cabbage and cabbage juice relieves joint pain and swelling in my hands, and it works fast.

Posted by Sarah (Brussels, Belgium) on 05/20/2007

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with GERD and I suffered from acid reflux and heartburn. The medication prescribed by the doctor rather worsened my situation and I suffered a number of side effects from it. I came across a site suggesting that drinking raw cabbage juice cures acid reflux and other problems related to the stomach, such as ulcer.I did further research to confirm this and decided to give it a try.

The general suggested daily dosage is about a quart [800ml] of raw cabbage juice to be taken about 4 times daily. I found that rather too much and I started with 400ml [100ml x 4].I noticed great improvement and after one week I reduced the dosage to 300ml [100ml x 3]. After about 3 weeks of the whole therapy, I decided to take only 200ml a day. Those with stomach ulcers or acute cases of acid reflux might need to take the full dosage.

I have stopped drinking cabbage juice since about 10 months now and I haven't had any serious reflux problems. For those who would like to try it, PLEASE NOTE that it is said to have strong impact on the thyroid glands [the more reason why I never consumed 800ml a day!]. Not to mention the stench - it is better stored in an air-tight water bottle and kept in the fridge. Good luck to all, and thanks for the great site.

Posted by Papia (India) on 01/03/2007

Raw Cabbage salad has cured my dry, flaky skin and fatigue : ). I started having raw cabbage salad every morning after exercise for the last few weeks and I wasnt feeling tired the whole day and to top that my skin started glowing & feeling smooth .... !! I sure do love cabbage and now its like a ritual for me to have a bowl of raw cabbage salad every morn!

Posted by Carol (Southern NJ) on 10/29/2006

I eat about 1 cup of raw Savoy Cabbage a day with a meal. It relieved my roller coaster episodes of diahrrea in one day...and constipation for the next week. Also it helped with PMS. I can think more clearly, I have a higher energy level, my mood is improved, and I feel really healthy.

Posted by Carol (South Holland, IL) on 10/25/2006

Eating Raw Cabbage for stomach pain. Also used the cabbage leaves to relieve the pain in my breast after my baby was born, and to dry up the flow of milk. It stopped the stomach pain from fibroid tumors. I believe it will completely heal my stomach if I continue to eat both the red and green cabbage raw. The Lord told me to do this to relieve the pain and it worked! I never knew about the extensive healing properties found in the cabbage before.

Posted by Donald (Red Bank, NJ) on 07/19/2005

I used raw cabbage juice to cure my stomach problems many years, and now and then should i ever have stomach problems of any kind, i have some cabbage juice, that takes care of the problem.


Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 06/16/2011

Check this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2004070/The-appeal-peel-The-surprising-ways-fruit-veg-skins-work-wonders-looks.html

This newspaper comes with articles about eating the peel of the fruits quite regularly and although I don't doubt how good they are for the health I also think that one is running the risk of taking in too many harmful chemicals! They never talk about that!


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Posted by Robbie (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) on 08/04/2008

This is going to sound hideous... and it is, but it does the trick.

When ever I have a cold I have a number of remedies I use.

In Scotland we have a thing called a hot toddy which is basically whiskey, cloves, honey and lemon made into a tea.

However, my other remedy (and this is the disgusting one) I have used and it works... is blend some garlic cloves and water into a blender. Then gulp down some of the brew at night. I normally just try to drink the whole thing. I don't really bother with measurements, Just play about till you find something that works for you. It's the garlic your eating, the water just helps it go own. Plus it's broken up and therefore absorbed into the body quicker and easier.

I also do the same as a mosquito repellent. Blend the garlic and water together and pour through a siv. The pulp I place in plant pots on my pation and the water garlic solution I place in a squeezy bottle and go around spraying my windows and door frames. All blood eating creatures hate garlic.

You can also use Listerine which surprisingly mosqutios hate for some reason. I use a combination of the two.

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