Baking Soda, Aluminum Content?
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Does Baking Soda Contain Aluminum?

| Modified on Nov 17, 2019

Baking soda is wonderfully inexpensive and quite effective as a natural remedy for many health issues. The purity of baking soda, however, is sometimes questioned, lest more harm be done with a questionable substance than good. Obviously if baking soda contains aluminum, many are not going to want to use it to improve health and inadvertently cause harm!

Years ago, one company claimed that their baking soda was "aluminum free," casting suspicion on other baking soda brands. However, baking soda has always been aluminum free. Sadly, selfish marking techniques have led to years of confusion regarding the actual content of baking soda.

Baking soda is made of four elements - sodium, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. Baking POWDER contains baking soda (a base compound) and an acid compound. Sometimes the acid compound used to make baking powder contains aluminum (sodium aluminum phosphate, for example.) Other baking powders contain a non-aluminum acid like monocalcium phosphate. Always check labels when buying baking powder to avoid aluminum, but there is no need for this when purchasing baking soda!

Simply remember this rule of thumb:

Baking soda is a base,

Non-aluminum is always the case.

Baking powder is an acid,

Aluminum may be an included atom!

Baking powder and baking soda are both useful for cooking. Baking soda, additionally, is an excellent natural remedy both internally and externally. It is handy for cleaning, too!

Please feel free to share your experiences with baking soda for health!


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Posted by George (Brisbane, Australia ) on 11/17/2019

Thanks for clearing up the differences between baking soda and powder. I've looked online, admittedly not all sites, that's impossible, but haven't received a proper answer, even two health shops. I realise now that not everyone knows and you need to be constantly checking. I take it for internally for good health.