5 Healthy Energy Drink Alternatives

| Modified on Feb 15, 2019
Natural Alternatives to Energy Drinks

"So much to do, so little time" is a common theme in our fast-paced world. A typical solution to this problem is the use of energy drinks to allow the body to get more done and feel “energized” to do it.  But the reality is, you can’t get something for nothing. There is a price to pay for the use of energy drinks that goes beyond the dollars spent on these popular drinks.

Energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine, sugar and artificial ingredients. These ingredients can cause serious short term and long term side effects. Short term side effects of energy drinks include headaches, heart palpitations, insomnia and an exacerbation in psychiatric symptoms. Energy drinks are increasingly part of the “perfect storm” that causes sudden death in some young people. Energy drinks, consumed in rapid succession or with drugs or alcohol are particularly dangerous. Energy drinks can also increase risk of injury or death due to the effect of large amounts of caffeine on a consumer’s judgment.

Long term side effects can include diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems and obesity.

There are natural alternatives to energy drinks that carry little risk to your immediate or long term health. And believe it or not, you will feel better.

5 Ways to Increase Energy Without Energy Drinks

1. Pucker Up

Add the juice of one lemon to a glass of water. You will be surprised at how refreshing and energizing this simple and low calorie drink is. It is a perfect start to your day.

2. Cut Carbs

High carb or high sugar meals and snacks will give you some quick energy but leave you feeling lethargic. Instead, reach for higher protein and high fat snacks and meals.

3. Go Nuts

Nuts are an excellent alternative for a pick-me-up. They are full of protein and nutrition. But read your labels. A number of roasted and flavored nuts contain MSG. Look for nuts that have only sea salt added.

4. Add Some Heat

Hot peppers are a great source of energy. They increase your circulation and open up blood vessels to your brain. Add cayenne pepper to your food. You can even add cayenne pepper to a beverage. Start with no more than ¼ teaspoon. Your body will adjust to the heat and you may be able to tolerate more.

5. Go Green

If you must have caffeine, green tea is a less drastic way to get it. Green tea also has numerous health benefits. If you are out with friends and have few options, try unsweetened green tea or carbonated water with lemon. Your friends will envy your clean freedom!

Have you experienced side effects from energy drinks? Or have you found a super alternative? Please send us some feedback!

Energy Drink Alternatives

Posted by Molly (Benton Harbor) on 03/29/2017

I saw your post on Instagram about energy drink alternatives. I know a lot of people using them for high caffeine and buzz factor. Red Bull is very popular at my school. If anyone has any other suggestions for alternatives, please share. I don't think lemon water will wake me up enough hah.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

There are many very good natural energy boosters, finding most of them in one product is difficult, but I will list a few.

-Tyrosine *may raise blood pressure*
-Bee Pollen

Herbs like:
-Cordyceps Sinensis
-Bitter Orange (may raise blood pressure)

Replied by Adri


I have a question. I drink hot water with lemon and ACV and then 15 minutes later I have a coffee.. Is that bad cause I need my coffee. I'm just wondering if I'm doing its counterproductive. Thank you

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

To Adri.

I suspect you may be right! Can you think of taking a different drink AFTER you have your coffee perhaps (if you must! ) in order to counteract the Coffee effects? I wish I could give up my daily coffee too but I enjoy it too much! Some say the occasional coffee (and Dark Chocolate) is good for us. The pesticide angle worries me though, (as with TEA) so Organic would best. Don't go down the decaf route though-that has other problems.

Cheers, Michael

Green Juice

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Posted by Mary (Toronto ) on 02/15/2019

Green juice will give you extra energy and increase your red blood cells - wheat grass, a mix of veggies ( I like kale or spinach and a little bit of pineapple, or kale and grapes, or apples for a little bit of sweetness) chlorophyll, chlorella. I love the wheat grass juice during the day, I buy it in powder form - keep in mind it's recommended to drink it first thing in the morning, just like coffee on an empty stomach for better absorption, I have around 4 glasses during the day, it gives me great energy.

Lemon Water

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Posted by Dylan (Columbia, South Carolina ) on 02/13/2019

I was addicted to energy drinks and couldn't break the cycle and I tried drinking lemon water upon awakening and sort of fasted in the morning for a few days and then finally I had clean energy! Gotta get organic lemons and clean healthy water makes the difference as well. You can kick the caffeine cycle you just gotta stick with it and try lemons!