Barefoot for Health: A Natural Remedy!

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Children know the sheer joy of going barefoot out in the world. Should adults relearn that childhood habit for the sake of their own health? Natural health care practitioners who believe in the principles of earthing or grounding promote the idea of going barefoot and being as close to the earth as possible in order to balance the body's ionic potential and the body as a whole.

Going barefoot can be good for bones and joints as well, from the foot through the leg joints and right up to the hips and back. Shoes can cushion impact, but they also tend to change our body mechanics and encourage a harder heel strike. Recent trends in barefoot (or near-barefoot) running point toward this fact, and to the fact that shoes can encourage heel spurs, bone spurs, flat feet, and other misalignments.

As for earthing, the idea in going barefoot is to soak up the positive ions to be found in the earth in order to counteract all the negative ionization found in our bodies and surrounding environments.

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Posted by Samantha (Redondo Beach, California) on 05/20/2007

I never thought of being barefoot as connecting with the earth. i just don't like wearing shoes to me they've always felt like prison. i like being free. i thought i was the only one whose mother complained about them being barefoot growing up and still now when people come to my house or i'm about to leave people tell me to put shoes on and sometimes won't let me out without shoes it makes me feel like a child lol. i think ill start thinking more about being barefoot as connecting with the earth. maybe it will help me mentally THANKS! xoxo

Replied by Fred
(Hillsdale, Ontario Canada)

Fred -Canadian


Barefoot Reader Feedback
Posted by CC (Eureka, MT) on 01/19/2007

My mother use to complain all the time that I didn't wear shoes. As a young child I would even hide them so I wouldn't have to were them.I am 43 now and even today I refuse to wear shoes unless I have to go to the store. As soon as returning home or getting into the vehicle I take them off.The snow doesn't stop me either. Fact I love to stand in the snow for a while and just feel it. If I do have to wear shoes, I have started making my own. Moccasins are great. I refuse to get store bought moccasins that have the rubber sole. The connection to the earth is not the same. I never understood any of this till the last few years. Give it a try. It's wonderful. Now to check out the sun gazing when this winter sky decides to let the sun shine. Guess I've kinda done it all along, again not knowing what I was doing. Just instinct I guess. Many Blessings

Replied by A
(Philadelphia, Pa)

hi c I read your story about being barefoot and how realxing and therapeutic it is I feel the same way I love being barefoot.. Hey I was wondering how you make your mocasins ? that sounds like such a good idea I love it.. thank you vary, vary much stay blessed

Barefoot Reader Feedback
Posted by D (Atlanta) on 01/15/2007

My mother always used to tell us that walking on wet sand or wet grass in the early morning was very energizing and healing. Not sure where she had heard about it...

Barefoot Reader Feedback
Posted by Alice (Naperville, IL) on 01/13/2007

Over the years, my mother and some doctors said to go barefoot to connect to the earth. Earth connection helps with sleeping, inflammation, neutralizes free radicals, headaches, pain, TMJ, swelling, bloating, heart burn, stomach reflux, constipation, nausea, PMS, irritability,tendonitis, wound healing, consistency of performance in sports, cortisol and melatonin are normalized, circulation, circadian rhythms synchronized, skin thickness, depression, thyroid problems, aging, and so much more.

Replied by Carole Ann
(Moira, New York)

I have tendonitis of the foot and am wearing a shoe brace (2nd month). I need to rest and ice my foot, but none of the three seem to help. Will walking on the grass improve my condition? if so, is once a day for 10 minutes a good start? The weather is getting colder as I live in the northeast....but I am definitely interested if it works. Thanks!

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hello Carole Ann,

Tendonitis is a pest and it can take literally months to heal, esp. if one is "older" and "less moist"!! The received wisdom "out there", is that there is a lack of blood flow and oxygen to certain of the body's more trouble-prone tendons for whatever reason.

At times one despairs it will ever heal! Especially is this the case when a load bearing joint is involved such as ankle/foot/knee etc. Stick with a regular programme of treatment with maybe week-ends off.

You are adopting some good measures to mitigate the effects and you could pick up more useful tips on this Site under "Tendonitis". Make sure you read Ted's invaluable advice on it also. Search for that one specifically.

I am taking a joint supplement that is supposed to target tendons and ligaments as well as the joint itself. In combo with the following, I am having a few better days, if I do not stress the joint too much.

Alfalfa tablets: 340mgs at the rate of two such tabs three times per day straight after meals for a couple of months MAY benefit depending on the individual. Some folks take mega-doses to start with to give the system a kick in the guts as it were. Be cautious if you are on some meds - the doctors should be able to advise. Alfalfa is popular with many sufferers. It has heaps of minerals - try for organic if possible.

Alkalize the body and drink twice as much water as you are currently consuming spread out throughout the day. Whenever I wake up during the night I will take a half glass also.

There is an accepted protocol of alternating ice with warmth but you should not ice for more than a few minutes at a time. A hot water bottle is a good, inexpensive investment here for either heat or cooling. Or you could hide a bag of frozen peas in a tea towel!

Not sure about the grass but one hermit in our hills advised me to walk bare foot on the beach for my knee. Something about "Grounding".

My Acupuncturist deplored my wearing gumboots and persuaded me to place orthopaedic inserts into some proper shoes which I have done. I am in for the long haul and have cut down my intake of fried foods.

I would crawl across broken glass to get rid of my tendonitis.

I have not begun to mention creams or poultices but Ginger and Turmeric are good and a bandage support can be wonderful.

Good luck and always remember the well-worn adage: "Life could be Sweet - if You would only look after your Feet".



Replied by Carole Ann
(Moira, New York)

HI Michael, Thank you for your input. Very good advice. Actually, I stopped wearing the brace that I wear in my shoe and my foot feels so much better. In fact, I stopped wearing it because it was bothering my leg....aches and pains in the front and back. I am going to look into the info you sent because my foot is not 100% as of yet....close, but not quite close enough...I did do a lot of walking today though and I hardly noticed any pain at all!

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Posted by Maria (St Petersburg, Russia) on 02/13/2012

We grew up in Russia. It was common practice and encouraged by our grandmother to walk barefoot on grass. We used to go out and carry our sandals in our hand - and walk barefoot from home all the way to the beach or hills. It felt really good and relaxing. and it was pretty normal - we weren't the only ones doing that.

Barefoot Reader Feedback
Posted by Ted (Bangkok) on 01/15/2007 391 posts

Earth connection healing, or what I privately call it natural electrical properties of the human body as a form of healing is one of the basic principles of healing that is not yet well recognized. The concept of earth connection is to increase the electrical flow in our body, rather than balancing or restoring blockages.

Both systems are actually complementary in alternative medicine. Many are quite familiar with energy balancing, electrical balancing of the body, restoring "blockages" of chakras and all that, but there is something more important than that even energy healers sometimes forgot. Natural electrical flows must be strong enough and only energy balancing is supportive of that electrical flow. That means energy balancing is not helpful if the overall basic flow of the entire body is low.

Take for instance electric motors where the electrical connections to the motors are not good (blockages). The electrical motors will not run as efficiently and hence the principle of energy balancing is to restore that connection, or at least improve on that connection. This can be very clearly seen if the battery power supplying the electric motor is weak, but the interesting thought is if the battery power was strong enough, even a slightly defective connection, it could still run quite efficiently. Children seems as if their "energy is balanced", but in fact it is their battery powers that are strong, not necessarily that their energy are balanced, but it does appear to be so, such as the electric motor analogy.

Therefore, energy balancing or chakra blockages is useless if electrical flow of battery power of the body is zero. The issue therefore appears to be how to increase that battery power and hence, a necessary pre-condition for an energy balancing, or restoring blockages to work best. The entire explanation of this art just goes beyond this posting, but briefly electrical energy properties can be maintained several ways, through drinking or bathing of natural sea salts which restores electrical imbalance in the body as sea salt is electro-conductive, through the use of different metal rods that the ancient Egyptians have used since ancient times.

Basically this is a posting that I sent in detail years ago to earthclinic on how to measure it, as well as how to restore balance to this, but I guess that posting was lost so I mention a small portion of the less technical aspects of it. Basically, certain metals are ideal for right hand and left hand. This means copper is to the right side of the body and zinc is to the left side. Different metals used on different parts of body have different electrical properties also. Therefore wearing a ring of certain metal composition either to the left or to the right may actually make your health much worse or better. So I guess you are playing with fire, especially if you are wearing a wedding rings. Women tend to wear wedding rings to the left, but most metals, amusingly are of positive charge and should actually be worn of the right! Most metals have an electropositive charges relative to the other metals, but in general they are of positive charge with possible exception of zinc, aluminum, etc, which is to the left! So after marriage, I guess wearing wedding rings on the wrong side of the body just messes their natural electrical flow of the body.

The only way to prevent that besides changing sides of the body, I guess is to change the kinds of metal being worn on the left side of the body, such as zinc and other metals of similar electric negativity charges. Therefore, wearing metals depends on where they are located on the right hand and left hand. In fact I have actually seen a vein and artery growth going a U turn direction or to actually change the direction of growth whenever certain metals (e.g. zinc, copper, etc) are put in part of the body causing a cut off in circulation towards the extremities within days after the application!

With this knowledge it is potentially unsafe to put in certain metals as a prosthetics as it will interfere with neural, veins and other natural repair systems going on through a distrubed natural electrical properties that is interfered. On the other hand a converse is true if you want to experience a growth circulatory veings and arteries of these where the circulation is poor. All that was explained partially in the book by Dr. Robert Becker in, The Body Electric and his second book, Crosscurrent.

Basically this is an ancient art of healing that was used as part of sun gazing, which we required that a person walked bare footed when gazing at the bright lights, and in practice not necessarily directly at the sun, or whenenver the sun is sunrise or sunset. Scientfically this makes sense, because there is a little understanding of our body's natural electrical flow in the arts of healing energy. It was Dr. Robert Becker that solved this mysteries through his studies on amputated limbs and its eventual regeneration of amputated limbs.

Yes it can be done provided that the electrical voltages of the extremities are large enough, and this does not mean 100,000 volts, but only in the region of nanoamperes, whch is an extremely small amount of power. Humans don't possessed even that amount and it is actually the salamanders that have that kind of nanoamps so they can restore their amputated limbs. Dr. Robert Becker was able to do that by metals, but actually there are simpler ways. So I guess, the secret to health an longevity and actually if I have time, is how to increase the body's battery power.

The concept of standing on a wet sand barefooted works on the principle that the ground is acually of negative electricity, while the atmosphere is positive. This might be strange for most people, but negative charges, electrons, goes from negative to positive poles. The charges acquired by the clouds are actually positive charges, and this is why frequent flyers are so unhealthy, the positive charges steal electrons from the person while in the airplane. Most people understood that the lightning bolt goes from cloud to the ground, however the truth is the opposite. It goes from the ground to the clouds. A typical mountaineer expert will actually know before a lightning is struck on this basic principle and this could save your life. Before a lightning strikes a ground, static charges are acquired before being struck on that area. I remember a typical students who was happy to see their hair was standing straight and took polaroid pictures only seconds before they were struck by lightning killing the everyone in the pictures. If in a rainstorm there is a static charges on you must run to places AWAY from the static charges. Otherwise you will get struck by a lightning!

Sylvester Stallone played a movie, Cliffhanger, in which they mentioned during the making of the movie that the crew experienced an electrical charge where the hair was standing on end. The mountain guide warned that that was the area the lightning is going to strike, saving the lives of the production crew. Therefore, the ground is negative charges and the cloud is positive charges.

If you can connect the dots, it was Dr. Robert Becker by measuring electrical differences in a salamander and you can make a blotting paper of salt water to prove that also that determined that the central neural system is of positive charges while the extremities are USUALLY negative charges, with the EXCEPTION of the head which is positive charge. Therefore a typical human in a standup position, the natural electrical flows increases, much like the body recharging itself or increase battery if the person is standing on barefooted and allow a strong wing to blow through his body. The electrical flows of negative charges on the feet goes to the head where the head is of positive charges, and hence the electrical flow is improved.

The wind, especially moist wind and the wet ground are good conductors of electricity will improve such flow. You can of course make an analog where sea salt water is put on your feet and a humidifier while you are standing up right. The sea salt metal container, therefore should be well grounded so as the body can acquire the negative charges while the head with the air humidifier acquires the positive charges improving the electrical conductivity. When this happens, many health conditions can be healed by increasing the electrical charges. However, you can also increase the body's battery power by chemical means also, but I never really gone far enough for lack of time.

Your body is basically an alkaline battery and this is why time and time again I would use the use of apple cider vinegar plus baking soda formula. Why apple cider vinegar and baking soda should increase the body's electrical charges? Simple, malic acid or malates, when reacted with baking soda becomes an alkaline solution. The chemical malate which is the component of the apple cider vinegar or apple acid, is involved with the body's Kreb's cycle, which is the center of energy production in the mitochondria.

It is not surprising therefore that people who take apple cider vinegar alone or apple cider vinegar with baking soda to report increase in energy. It is this increase in energy that is the key to increasing the body's natural battery power. And this is why whenever my friends told me he want to go see an energy healer that they should take plenty of apple cider vinegar with baking soda BEFORE an energy healing sessions by at least 15 minutes to an hour. It is almost an absolute prerequisites that before energy healing sessions that a body's battery power be increased otherwise energy balancing session won't work as well. In fact a tiny amount (less then even a pinch) of natural sea salts be added to improve electrical conductivity too.

For those purists, I am sure you can make an electrolyte alkaline solution with maximum electrical charges by using a simple multimeter with zinc and copper electrodes to measure the electricity. The clue is simple: the solution must be about 7.35 pH being the primary condition. Baking soda is always used. Any mixtures of citric acid, malic acid, vitamin C, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, etc can be used and trace minerals can be added. If you can get this solution electrical properties high enough, the body should be able to have high enough electrical charges to be able to create stem cells and cellular regeneration.

This is no hypothesis, Dr. Robert Becker have mentioned that in presence of silver ions, treated nylon on victims of open wound leg injury that there were teeming numbers of "dedifferentiated" cells and this is actually stem cells that is responsible for the cure of so many diseases. You need not wait for the government to approve stem cells, when you can do this at your own home for healing purposes. So this is a circuitous explanation why standing on the feet on wet sand, but ESPECIALLY salted water that you can cure all kinds of disease. It is the basic of energy healing, regardless of whatever energy healing practices you are doing, the body's battery power is important. The whole issue of electrical properties goes beyond this posting and the ancient Egyptians have done it too, using the wands of horus, where, copper rods was was > to the right hand ( ) charge and zinc was > to their left hand (-).. Ted

Replied by Mesem
(Toulon, France)

This older contribution from Ted was a great reminder of how nature re-energises us and why long walks on sandy, salt-sprayed beaches, swimming in the ocean, or walking barefoot on windy, WARM, wet days is so energising. I feel better already. As a kid my parents were always telling me to put my shoes on but kids know instinctively the energy buzz they get from this!

I wanted feedback from anyone who has worn negative heel sandals or shoes as I'd like to try them but am wary.

Replied by Peggy
(Topock, Az)

I do love the Earth shoes with the negative heel technology and have 3 pair... Mostly what I now wear are Vibram 5 finger shoes... Minimalist shoes that feel like you are barefoot. I have 4 pair of these and are what I prefer.

Replied by D
(Sf, Ca)

These "5 Finger" shoes have rubber soles.... Does that help in regards to "grounding"???

Replied by Martin

No. Rubber and plastic, and derivatives thereof, are the most used soling materials for shoes, and are not conductive, and will not ground you.

Barefoot Remedy Feedback

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Posted by Mohamed (Garowe, Somalia ) on 05/06/2020

This is good.


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Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 05/22/2011

I have diabetes and take insulin with my meals. if my blood sugar goes high for a few days I get numb or tingly spots in my feet and lower legs. also I noticed that if my blood sugar was high for a few days (like when I have a cold) when it starts to normalize that the tingling would come back and then go away.

What has helped me more than anything (besides keeping my blood sugar as normal as possible) is going barefoot more and wearing shoes that do not compress my feet. if I wear shoes that compress any part of my feet I am more likely to have this problem.

Also for me socks are a NO. all socks either bind my toes too tight once I put my shoes on or the elastic in the top hinders circulation.

When I stopped wearing socks and shoes that don't leave compression marks I have virtually stopped having this problem.

Hope that helps! going barefoot is the very best for me. I know they say that diabetic should always wear shoes but for me this made me worse. now that my feet are stronger I feel much better all over and much more steady on my feet!


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Posted by Luluspice (Tacoma, Wa) on 08/14/2013

Being barefoot & grounded to earth is the best feeling. Living in the city with lots of concrete one tends to forget to go bare, until we hit the woods. Walking/running barefoot in the woods the entire weekend of the Rainbow Gathering in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington State without a single nick, cut, scrape etc. & feeling much more connected with the earth & people. My feet were super clean, happy & healing walking on trails that felt like sponges from thousands of years of fallen leaves & needles from the trees.

Replied by Alex
(Thessaloniki - Greece)

Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 08/01/2012

I went to the longevity site Lisa from Thousand Oaks has sent links to (for teeth and gums) yesterday and watched a seven part video with David Wolfe on Earthing.

I have heard of Earthing (Grounding), and had read about it in the past. I always intended to do it.... but hadn't yet.

It was such a fascinating video!

They drew blood from a few people and showed before and after slides after one hour of earthing. Before earthing, their blood was all clumped up, the celles all smashed together looking. After being grounded for one hour.... Wow.... you could see each individual blood cell! Amazing.

I have chronic upper back pain due to scoliosis and hereditary issues. It gets very bad from time to time, and yesterday my back was in a TOTAL lockdown spasm. (Whis was why I had the afternoon to spend on the internet Watching longevity Warehouse videos ;-).

After seeing the videos on earthing, I thought.... What the heck. I am just going to go outside and stand around in the grass barefoot for awhile. We have almost and acre of grass to mow here. I decided to just take it slow, and mow the front grass barefoot!

NOTE: I do NOT recommend mowing while barefoot... Aside from being dangerous, your feet will turn BLACK-GREEN and you must allow for a l-o-n-g foot soak to get them clean again!

So, after one hour of tromping around barefoot in the green, green grass - My back didn't hurt ONE BIT. I mean, the pain was TOTALLY GONE! The pain is slowly starting to come back again today, but I seriously slept like a baby last night! This is amazing! I plan on going out daily and walking around barefoot. They say one hour a day is the minimum.

Going to look into the grounding thing for beds. Seems like that you be the way to go. I couldn't imagine how eight hours a night of being grounded would make me feel, when one hour had such a profound effect on my pain!

Here is the link to the Earthing Experiment intro video. The rest of them are on the "videos" tab at the top of the Longevity Warehouse page. Click on that, and MANY interesting videos will show up. These are near the bottom of the page.

What an excellent site - Thanks again to Lisa for showing it to us EC'ers! :-)

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
2063 posts

The term "Earthing" could easily be applied to Magnet Therapy, Detox Foot Pads or Spas. Tourmaline Jewelry or even Negative Ion Air Purifiers. Any of these technologies where negative ions are applied will balance the bad postive energy in our "modern" lives. Even subtle influences like artificial indoor lighting can create bad energy in our body or psyche.

Going barefoot AND harboring pets like dogs & cats is dramatically increasing one's risk of parasite infestation, so it is advised to take proper precautions there.

Daily exposure to any or all Solffagio Harmonics is recommended for the removal of bad energy. Any Chakra balance or attunement is also recommended as stress and bad external energy damages those centers.

Lastly and on the other end of the spectrum, many Near Death Experiencers have reported miraculous healing from traumatic or chronic injuries after visiting the beyond and bringing back some of the devine energies. Mellen-Thomas Benedict was totally cured of stage 4 cancer during his journey. It can be properly deduced from the NDE'ers as well as documented Saints, Gurus, Brahmins, Yogis etc that higher states of consciousness also has direct positive effects on body health.

Replied by Anon

Sandy beach walks have healed the bursitis on my toe joints. I wear a barefoot shoe( no toe seperation ) but not on long walks, only in town, very comfortable but not enough foot support for uneven terrain

Posted by Carol (Orland Park, Il, Usa) on 05/04/2012

I have recently heard that earthing also called grounding has wonderful effects for a myriad of ailments. Could someone please elaborate on this?

Posted by Maria De Suecia (London, Uk) on 11/10/2011

Hi, I couldn't find "Earthing" under your remedies. I'd be very curious to see what people have to say about it, before I invest in an earthing sheet.

EC: Actually, we do have a section! Here's where you'll fine it:


Replied by Pam E.
(SW California)
140 posts

LIZA of EC ...

When using Earth Clinic's *own search engine* currently, nothing turns up for either of the best known names for the practice of 'Earthing' or 'Grounding'....

'Barefooting' is a misnomer, as Earthing / Grounding does *not* require that a person go barefoot.

Also, 'Barefooting' seems to imply that going barefoot *in & by itself* results in Earthing's benefits.

So ... PLEASE at LEAST make EC's search engine show people your page about Earthing / Grounding when they have used the appropriate names for it! (I used each of them, & came up with NO link to this page using either, other than links to a few individual posts which use one of those words.) Thank You Kindly! (:

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/19/2011

I want to bring something to the attention of everyone that I have been reading a bit about... It is called "Earthing". Could Earthclinic have a section in remedies called "Earthing"?

We are now surrounded by EMF - Electro Magnetic Fields all around us in our homes, offices, everywhere. Wireless phone towers surround us in our cities. Ours shoes mostly have rubber soles (instead of leather which grounds us to the earth) so we never ground ourselves to the earth anymore.

It is a fascinating concept. From the article linked:

"Earthing, or grounding, as we alternatively call it, refers to the discovery of significant health benefits resulting from contact with the Earth's natural surface electric energy. Contact is as simple as walking barefoot outside, or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive devices that transfer the outside ground energy inside to you".

The Benefits of Earthing
For more than ten years, Earthing research and feedback from individuals who have grounded themselves, primarily while sleeping at night, demonstrate a multitude of benefits. Here is a short list of them:
- improvement or elimination of the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders
- reduction or elimination of chronic pain
- better sleep and faster to sleep
-increased energy
-lowered stress, more calmness by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones
-normalization of the body's biological rhythms
- thinner blood, improved blood pressure and flow
-muscle tension and headache relief
- lessened hormonal and menstrual symptoms
- dramatically faster healing and reduction/prevention of bedsores
- reduction/elimination of jet lag
- protection against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
-accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity

So we all should spend at least 40 minutes each day (or whenever possible) sitting or standing outside in bare feet with our feet touching the ground (or buying some grounding equipment to sleep at night with). Walk in the park with bare feet or your backyard and get some great sun while you are at it... Or make sure you buy shoes with a leather sole.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2063 posts

Only occassionaly I sunbathe, moonbathe. My earthing involves simply lying back down on the lawn with arms & legs spread out, and simply let the earth do some healing. As I live very near local and regional power lines, this helps. I also do magnet therapy to neutralize the bad energy.

Posted by Clalre (Shotteswell, Oxfordshire, England) on 07/16/2011

I just want to share how much my earthing blanket has helped me with insomnia. I have slept very badly, sometimes staying awake all night, but normally taking several hours to get to sleep and then waking up far too early. This was really getting me down. I was trawling on Amazon in the book section, and as always happens looking at one book lead to another and so on, and I came to the Earthing book. I read the many good testimonials, and then checked with the American Amazon site, and read many more. Earthing just made such logical sense, that it was a "euraka" moment for me, and I thought that this was the missing piece in the puzzle that was my life. So I ordered the book, and then went on a website and ordered the earthing sheet. I am a pensioner living on a very small income, so it was a big thing for me to buy without even reading the book first. Well it came the very next day, and I read that anxiety sufferers can take longer to reap the benefits, but within a week I definately noticed a difference in my sleeping. I also felt my anxiety levels drop and felt more peaceful.

Now about six weeks on I can guarantee I can go to bed and get to sleep without jerking awake with anxiety a few minutes later. I do still have to get up once a night for the loo, and don't always sleep until the alarm, but this earthing sheet has been the best investment in my health that I have ever made. I sleep deeply now, and for a good seven to eight hours. I thought I would have insomnia for ever and dreaded never getting a decent night's sleep. Also it was a lottery as to whether I would sleep or not. Now I would say it is 95% better. Please all you insomniacs out there, buy an earthing sheet, and try to walk barefoot too. It is a wonderful experience, and you want more and more of it.

Posted by Lou In Texas (Somewhere, Texas) on 07/02/2011

My sister has fibromyalgia, and for several decades has almost always been in pain. She began sleeping grounded on an earthing sheet for about 4 nights, and since the first night she has had almost no pain at all, just minor twinges. So far, it has not helped her to sleep much better (she also has sleep apnea and other health issues), but she has more energy in the daytime.

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