Barefoot for Health: A Natural Remedy!

Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 05/22/2011

I have diabetes and take insulin with my meals. if my blood sugar goes high for a few days I get numb or tingly spots in my feet and lower legs. also I noticed that if my blood sugar was high for a few days (like when I have a cold) when it starts to normalize that the tingling would come back and then go away.

What has helped me more than anything (besides keeping my blood sugar as normal as possible) is going barefoot more and wearing shoes that do not compress my feet. if I wear shoes that compress any part of my feet I am more likely to have this problem.

Also for me socks are a NO. all socks either bind my toes too tight once I put my shoes on or the elastic in the top hinders circulation.

When I stopped wearing socks and shoes that don't leave compression marks I have virtually stopped having this problem.

Hope that helps! going barefoot is the very best for me. I know they say that diabetic should always wear shoes but for me this made me worse. now that my feet are stronger I feel much better all over and much more steady on my feet!