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Is Distilled Water Good for You?

| Modified on Sep 30, 2022

Most would agree that drinking plenty of water is good for overall health. But this is usually where the agreement ends. Opinions vary greatly as to which kind of water is ideal. There are many options including tap water, well water, bottled water and distilled water. Each has its own advantages for health and convenience, but which is really the most health promoting?

Surely clean water is ideal and dirty water can be downright dangerous. But to be clean does water need to be H20 and nothing else? That is what distilled water is. It is simply hydrogen and oxygen with no other particles in it. Distilled water is free of parasites, bacteria, and pesticides. No one would argue the value in that.

However, in spite of being purely H20, distilled water is not as innocent as it seems. Looks can be deceiving.

A glass of distilled water, tap water, well water and bottled water may each look about the same. They will likely not taste the same. And the hidden chemistry in water reveals significant differences among different types of waters. Upon further investigation, all sorts of particles are in non distilled waters, some for better and some for worse.

Hundreds of years ago the options were simple and limited. People used wells and springs to obtain water. These waters contained the expected H2O as well as varying amounts of necessary trace minerals like magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Each of these minerals is essential for life and drinking water with these minerals benefits the body.

Water has become more complicated, however. Wells and springs are not practical or available everywhere so municipal water supplies provide water. These waters also contain trace minerals but usually include chlorine to keep the water free of bacteria. Additionally, it is common for water supplies to contain added fluoride. Well water and spring waters are often contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals.

Fear of consuming bacteria and harmful elements and chemicals has led many to choose alternate water sources, via filtration systems or bottled waters.

Water, Water Everywhere, But Which One Should I Drink?

Distilled water seems to be the easiest choice. Knowing that it is only water and nothing else, brings comfort. No bacteria, no parasites, no chemicals.

But what about no magnesium, no sulfur, no sodium, no calcium? The arguments tend to be, “But I eat well and get nutrients in my foods,” or, “I will just take supplements.”

If only it were that simple. Unfortunately, distilled water not only lacks important elements, water is a solvent. Distilled water, or demineralized water, actually pulls minerals from food during cooking and processing. This means in addition to lacking the mineral supplements available in most water sources, distilled water depletes other minerals as well!

Long term use of distilled water is a suspected cause of heart disease and osteoporosis because it can cause a long term deficiency in calcium and magnesium.

An incomplete list of potential health risks from drinking distilled include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Increase risk of bone fractures in children
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Digestive Problems
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Cancers

Many illnesses are rooted in nutritional deficiencies. Unfortunately, distilled water can cause or exacerbate nutritional deficiencies.

What is the Best Water to Drink?

There is no easy answer. An ideal drinking water should have plenty of healthy minerals. It should have no harmful chemicals, pesticides, parasites or harmful elements. This ideal water, however, is not so easy to come by.

Bottled water can be quite pricey and sources vary greatly in the mineral content. Some even contain fluoride, which consumers sometimes assume they are avoiding by drinking bottled water.

Well water can contain bacteria and pesticides.

Distilled water and reverse osmosis water are stripped bare of minerals. (Reverse osmosis water is water that has been processed to remove most of the impurities. Unfortunately, most of the beneficial minerals are removed as well.)

City water sources usually contain chlorine and fluoride.

Weigh Your Options

Test Your Water

Getting your own water tested will help you to know what you are getting right from the tap. Most local water companies will test your water for a fee. This is suitable for those with well water or those with municipal water.

Check Your Mineral Levels

Get your body’s levels of minerals tested to see if you are low in certain nutrients.

Compare Bottle Water Sources

If you decide to drink bottled water, do comparisons on mineral content in bottled water to make an informed choice.

Use Vitamin C to Neutralize Chlorine

If tap water seems to be the best option, but chlorine is a concern, consider options to neutralize chlorine. Vitamin C in the sodium ascorbate form, neutralizes chlorine.1

Detox from Fluoride

Again, if tap water seems to be the best choice, make fluoride detox part of your health routine.

Options to consider for removing fluoride from the body include magnesium, bentonite clay, and boron. Each of these can be used internally or as a bath additive for detox.

Being aware is the first step in making a good choice about which water to drink. Now take action to ensure that you are getting the most out of every glass of water.

Should I Ever Use Distilled Water?

If distilled water is the only source of safe water, it is better than unsafe water or no water at all.

Distilled water is also ideal for making homemade colloidal silver or activated charcoal eye drops.

Have you experienced health problems from drinking distilled or reverse osmosis water? Have you figured out a solution to maximize the nutrients and minimize the risks in the water you drink? We would love to hear from you!


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Distilled Water Myths

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Posted by Peggy M. (Leigh, Nebraska ) on 06/20/2018

Distilled water is the best water we could ever drink. It only removes inorganic minerals and toxins, not the minerals our bodies need. The minerals we need come from real food. We have been told many lies. I'm really disappointed to see earth clinic telling people to not drink distilled water. I have been researching for a long time, and the benefits are never-ending. I do take shilajit for trace minerals 4 days a week. The rest comes from food. There is a difference between organic and inorganic minerals. One favorite website is www.aquariusthewaterbearer.com. But there are many more as well.

Replied by Paracelsus
(Orlando, Fl)
47 posts

Unfortunately you are wrong about distilled water. Minerals such as sodium magnesium and potassium (Na Mg and Ka) are elements from the periodic table and are known as minerals and are needed by living beings to survive. Many people have died from excessive hydration and distilled is the worst. Water cannot differentiate between what we need and what we dont need.

The healthiest water comes from springs known for their healing powers since antiquity. Mineral waters such as Henniez, San Pellegrino, Evian etc.


>> Water cannot differentiate between what we need and what we don't need.

Ah, perhaps true. But water does not have a living Spirit within it. We humans all have an Ego, with intelligence, and it does things that science has yet to appreciate or replicate. So if you want to ignore the spiritual side of things, fine - you will be missing out on the other side of the coin, to your detriment. There is much more to life and every process than just what the materialists think and believe. Occult scientists know this is absolutely true.

(rhode island)

She's not wrong, look into the difference between organic and inorganic minerals. If you knew it would destroy your argument which just rephrased the article. Your body can't absorb inorganic minerals that they add to water or come from water naturally, only those from food. People need to realize they've been trying to give us all cancer from the beginning, I mean there's pesticides in water and they ADD fluoride. It's in “baby water” at Walmart. Drink the equivalent of rain water like the natives.

Replied by Grizelle
(Montreal, Canada)

So what now? What are we to do with all the contradictory information we have been reading and receiving over the years? It has been all over the map.

Will the jury ever come to a decision?

As far as I am concerned, EarthClinic dot com has become one of the most reliable sources of info in the matter of efficient natural remedies.

I know it is asking a lot, but could an authority figure here, such as Ted who I hope is rapidly regaining in health, help us cut this gordian knot?

Thank you in advance and wishing the best to all.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

GRIZELLE,,,,,,,,,, depends on your question. Distilled water has no dissolved solids, thus, it is a solvent and will adsorb any mineral over time. It you use distilled water to make your coffee, you will never have to clean the elements in your pot. But if you use well water, full of minerals, like we do, then the elements will soon cake over with minerals and you will have to clean it with vinegar or some acidic fluid.

The same goes for your body. We not only drink well water, but we put that through an alkaline ionizer and get a double dose of minerals. We take mineral baths and spray our bodies down with magnesium oil to up take it in trans dermally. We want the minerals. We need it.

Condensate from steam lines is distilled water and will eat the calcium out of the concrete it falls on. Soon there will be a large hole where the condensate drops.

I think there are some reasons to drink distilled water. If I had the Gout, then that would be my choice. There is a reason folks have bathed in hot mineral water since the beginning of time. They needed the minerals for health.

In my youth in Arkansas, the Mafia declared Hot Springs as no man's land. Folks from all over the world went there to get well. Gangsters from all over the nation went there for their health without fear of violence. Last time we took the baths I wanted to cry. All but one of the bath houses had been closed. All you need now it a pill of some kind. Big Pharma has the answer for everything.

Don't think I have given you peace of mind, but now you know there is no simple one answer to your del lima. It depends on your health situation. Read and read some more.


50 posts

Hello Robert, (update below)

This was such a good read for me. I am going to try the mineral baths if I can do that at home. I will look for answers on what to use in the water (minerals right, lol) but I so wish we had a place like you spoke of Robert. thank you so much for sharing your info.

I looked around the internet for how to make a mineral bath, and saw Epsom Salt. I also saw something on Magnesium Chloride being the best and most absorbable. Would you recommend a spray for me? There are so many online I am not sure, and some are spendy of course, so I want to get as close to a good one as I can? And what about to bathe in? Epsom Salt or whatever you and your wife use? I would so appreciate the help deciding, Denise

11/18 - I ordered the Flakes instead of crystals, and didn't notice until after the fact. I see in your list it says crystals. Hope this won't make a dif. Also, I did find another brand of the spray where I could get twice as much for the dollars, so I ordered that after reading the label. The Flakes are Ancient Minerals brand. So using half Epsom Salt must work fine even though it's the sulfate type. Or maybe it is because we wouldn't want too much of the magnesium absorbing at once? Anyway, I am very anxious to try it. The Flakes are arriving on Tuesday, and I'll pick up the Epsom Salt at Walmart, probably same day. ty again

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

DENISE,,,,,,,, here is our bath formula.

1. bottle of hydrogen peroxide

2. cup of baking soda

3. cup of epsom salt

4. cup of magnesium chloride crystals.

Take a cloth and pull the water over your exposed body.

For taking magnesium trans dermally. Spray your body down with magnesium and shower in 20 minutes. Your heart will thank you. We use Ancient Minerals Magnesium.

ATS ====ORH====

Replied by Denise
50 posts

Thank you so much, I saw that brand I'm sure so I will go look for it again! Also, the chloride crystals. I can't wait to try the spray, but the baths are going to be wonderful too! I just have one other question which I could probably google, but I like the feedback/info I get on EC the best. I now ingest my magnesium glycinate 2 x 200 mg and my Magnesium Citrate 2 x 100 mg so 600mg per day with no ill effects. I don't know how much more I will absorb by doing the bathes and spray so I just don't want to overdue, what do you think? thank you again.

(Ontario, Canada)


The effect of too much magnesium is diarrhea (I'm speaking from experience here. I was having frequent Epsom salt baths and wrongly thought my body would only absorb what it needed.)

I had this result..after which time I cut back the frequency and concentration to return to a normal balance.

If you get to that point just cut back on quantity or frequency.

50 posts

Hello Jay, I will be careful and had planned to do maybe 2 baths a week. I so appreciate you sharing your experience. Denise

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

DENISE,,,,,,,,,, almost all are delinquent of magnesium. Due to my bowels I take Magnesium L-Threonate, a compound devised by MIT folks.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

JAY,,,,,,,, you gave sound advice because your body does tell you things. However, some magnesium compounds cause more bowel problems than others. Took me several years to appreciate that and the reason I take the particular magnesium that I do.

We all know from our youth that milk of magnesium is a laxative. But regardless, magnesium helps keep your heart rhythm right, etc., etc.

Robert Young was just sentenced to 3 years in prison and has to pay 105 million for trying to help a cancer patient. He is the pH Miracle Guy of years ago. I have his book and think he is right on, except he messed with Big Medicine.

Yesterday, I had an Alpha Lipoic Acid IV for my peripheral neuropathy and in the room was a missionary that the Aliphatic MD's had burned up with Chemo. His was a sad story, but he was just thankful to have found an integrative doctor that would help him.

When I have a serious medical procedure, my doctor always ask if he can pray with me. Are you kidding? I will accept that help for certain.

Friends and neighbors, my integrative doctor only gets people that are in their last days after their immune system is shot and their regular doctor tells them to go home and get their paper work in order.

He is a God fearing man. We need more.

ATS ====ORH====

Replied by Allen

I have been drinking distilled water since 1981. I am the healthiest person I know. I am also a vegetarian since then as well. Perhaps it works differently for different people. BTW, for those who might be curious, I have Scorpio rising and it is the strongest sign in the zodiac. That certainly doesn't hurt.


Thank you very much for your reply.

I'm thinking about the laws of nature on this subject. Nature works with distilled water, sun..clouds...rain. This was the reason for me to switch to drinking distilled water.

Pure clean water coming down to earth, seems to be the best thing to drink.

Got very confused by all the different views about this topic, and your answer is worth gold. Thank you for sharing it!

Have been drinking only distilled water for a year and my energy level is rising!!

Greeting Aniek