Cloves Health Benefits

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Clove Health Benefits

Cloves have long been trusted as a source of natural remedies for many ailments. The clove's strong flavor actually includes anesthetizing components that are used commercially to soothe toothache and other pains. However, the cloves you have at home can do the job just as well or better!

Ordinary kitchen cloves, a strong spice that once helped drive the spice trade to the West Indies, is not only delicious but also has antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities. They have been used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine for fungal infections, digestive ailments, and respiratory conditions.

Natural Remedies: Tooth pain is the first natural home remedy cloves can offer, but chewing on cloves can also cure other oral pain including sore throats. Cloves are further said to help indigestion and bad breath.

Antioxidant Properties

Posted by Sam ( Miami, FL) on 04/14/2015

ORAC, oxygen radical absorbance capacity measures the antioxidant potential of various foods and substances. ORAC of clove oil is 1,078,700 (carrots-210, blueberries-2,400). Two drops of essential oil of clove taken orally have the antioxidant power of 5 pounds of carrots or 1.3 cups of blueberries. A single drop of essential oil contains 40 quintillion molecules and is enough to cover every cell in your body with 40,000 molecules. Clove oil is being used as dental anesthetic for 500 years. Clove oils is the strongest antiviral , antibacterial, antifungal, and many other anti... Always read rules for safety with essential oils. You can find in on page 486 of the book "the chemistry of essential oils made simple". Google allows you to read selected pages of the book. If you are concerned about allergy, pure distillied essential oils never cause allegedly, but you need to know about certain things. Not oils are distilled. Pages 451-466 devoted to explanation about allergy and oils...

Replied by Avielle
(Santa Clara, Ca)

Any suggestions on how we can use clove oil to improve general health and well being? How often can one use such a powerful substance?

Replied by Sam

This is a good question and I will write more about it sometime later, but keep in mind that pure therapeutic grade essential oils are very expensive. The vast majority of essential oils, over 95% do not fulfill therapeutic standard.

An example. When you see a bottle labeled as frankincense oil for $10-20 for a full ounce, you can be sure it has been diluted because you can't gather the resins from the Arabian or Somalian deserts, transport them to France or England to be distilled, and then import them to North America for that price and maintain quality and purity. Pure, unadulterated frankincense should cost around $140 per ounce.

Replied by Mama To Many

For 20 years, we have been using essential oils from a variety of sources. I would agree that there can be some quality differences among companies. And, I would not be surprised if there are oils out there that are adulterated. And yet, oils I buy at the health food store seem to work quite well for the purposes for which I need them. I have also found excellent quality oils (Organic Frankincense for example) from a couple of different online companies with stellar reputations, when I feel I need a very high quality oil. And the Frankincense from those companies in particular has been very effective for my needs. I was able to get it for about $40 an ounce.

The only places I have seen the super expensive Frankincense, for example, is through multi-level marketing companies. Part of their expense is going to be coming from being that kind of company. Yes, if Frankincense has to be transported from country to country I could see it being expensive, but I did note today that one company I trust gets their Frankincense in the USA.

Just my experience and 2 cents.

~Mama to Many~

Clove Reader Feedback

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Posted by Shelagh (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) on 09/14/2008

Clove powder is a natural anesthetic; dentists still use clove oil for treating toothaches. You can find clove oil at a pharmacy or your local natural foods store; I will numb a painful hot spot before treating it with my herbs, if I have the option.

The clove tincture is good also for humans: for a painfully sore throat; gargle as deeply down in the throat as possible, I recommend not swallowing this.

When my son was 6 he had a horrific tumble off his bicycle. His beautiful face was embedded with rough gravel and sand. I calmed him by reminding him to breath; in/out in/out. I reminded him how much I love him & asked if he had faith in his mommy... I honestly told him this tincture would sting like crazy, but only for a couple of seconds, then all the pain would be gone. I told him it would hurt less if he screamed as loud as he could while I dabbed it on... and then I told him I would scream with him, which he thought was hilarious. I had him pour the clove tincture onto the wash cloth, then I told him to take in a deep breath for a good long scream and with wash cloth at the ready...

He did. I did. A minute later he was laughing as I plucked gravel out of his face with tweezers. Spike is 24 now, he has no scars from this crash & burn, but good memories of how to calm a panicked child.

Clove Reader Feedback
Posted by TS (Rajah) (Wimbledon, UK) on 02/17/2008

Chewing cardamon or clove works quite effectively for bad breath.

Clove Reader Feedback
Posted by Donny (Miami, FL) on 05/31/2007

I rarely get sick. I am in pretty good shape, don't always exercise like I should, but I don't allow myself to get out of shape. However, every now and then I do catch something. Caught a sore throat the other day and instead of buying medicine from the store, I decided to go natural on the problem. I'm drinking only citrus juices (grapefruit is my preference), water, and tea with lemon and honey. For on the go relief I may take an aspirin (no more than 3 in 24 hours), and I take a couple whole cloves (not garlic, the spice), nibble on them a bit, and hold them between my teeth/cheeks and just suck on them. A little bitter, but instantly numbs the sore throat, and on the plus side, keeps your breath fresh and smelling like cinnamon! Excellent strategy, and I WILL use it in the future.

Clove Reader Feedback
Posted by Donnie (War-Town, GA) on 01/24/2007

Tried the whole cloves, only took a few minutes, and seems to be working great!

Clove Reader Feedback
Posted by Brenda (San Diego, Ca)

For No-see-ums in the ears, be sure to dilute a concentrated solution of oil of cloves, since it will cause your skin to peel. Start out with a very small diluted amount and work up a little at a time until no-see-ums are gone.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Dr Vyas (India) on 09/15/2017 2 posts

Clove is a wonderful spice, in india we use in daily cooking.

Simply suck on a clove the whole day, do not take more than 2 / day

1. it checks bad breath

2. keeps gum and teeth problems at bay due to the presence of anti bacterial volatile oil.

3. prevents decaying of tooth

4. one of the best remedy for recurrent rhinitis ( running nose)

5. improves the digestion, boost up metabolism, improves appetite

6. clove oil is an instant pain reliever for tooth decay.

7. u can use drop of clove oil in ur morning toothpaste to improve oral hygiene

Just one clove a day keeps ur digestive issues away.

Sore Throat

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Posted by Avidcooker (Raleigh, NC) on 12/23/2007

Yes, I am a true believer of holistic medicine and cloves definately work great for sore throats. When I feel the sore throat coming on, I suck on 2 cloves, biting on them just a little so that the oil form within gets released. I keep it in my mouth for q hour or so, 3 times a day. And the sore throat is gone within 12 hours. I've never had to go to a doctor for this condition even as a child... the cure is there right at home.

Sore Throat
Posted by Hema (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 11/05/2007

Hi all, I came across this website after getting really tired of doctor's medication which have not made me better and have in fact made my stomach sensitive. I was searching for a remedy for sore throat and tried cloves. After sucking/chewing 4-5 cloves in a day, my throat felt MUCH better and the next day it was totally gone!! I was so GRATEFUL dat I didnt need antibiotics 4 it!

I also have a sinus infection and share similar symptoms as many here. Ive been trying ACV for the past few days and have gotten up each morning with yellowish-green phlem coming outof my nose. Its making me feel like ACV is cleansing my sinuses. The great part is my face and head feels very light d whole day after dat!! From now, this website is on my 'favourites' list and is my best friend! thank you.

Sore Throat
Posted by Penny (Fresno, CA) on 02/01/2006

Whole cloves cure and numb sore throats. I carry cloves everywhere I go. At first sign of a sore throat, I place one or two between my cheek and teeth after crunching them just a little bit. This numbs the throat and kills the germs that cause the problem. If I awaken at night, even one clove can save me from a sore throat coming on, if I place it in my mouth in this manner. I had to tell my family, 'No, it does not stain my teeth. No, I never choke on it, and yes, I do sleep on my back, etc.'

Sore Throat
Posted by Melanie (Lafollette, Tennessee)

I saw where whole cloves would work for sore throats and since we don't like to give any non-natural things to our children we tried it and yeppers it worked..

Tooth Pain

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Posted by Bosco (Beaver Falls, Pa) on 09/08/2009

Clove Oil helped my aching tooth. It was a friday night when my tooth started to ache (go figure, and on labor day weekend so no dentist available for 3-4 days, always my luck). I spent labor day with an ice pack on my jaw and cheek all day. I used anbesol so many times i began to like the flavor. I had to figure something out because the next day I had to open my store and run my business and had to sleep. So I saw this about clove oil. I tried a couple drops of pure clove oil on a gauze pad and held it between my teeth. As soon as it became saturated, it was unbearable and I had to spit it out. At that point the pain went from 7 to 10 (on a scale of 1-10). When I finally got my jaw frozen again, I decided to try again. This time I mixed 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 2-3 drops of clove oil in a small dish and dunked a gauze pad in. It tasted much better that way. I held it between my teeth for as long as I could before the pressure was causing more pain than the tooth was. Needless to say, the pain went away completely for the next 4 hours. To be sure I didnt wake up in the middle of the night with massive pain again, I dunked another piece of gauze in and held it for about 10 minutes. The nextg morning I woke up with no pain. Didnt need more until about noon. Great Remedy

Replied by Lera
(St Petersburg, Fl)

After doing research on cloves, I too discovered how good they are for toothache and sore throats...I also discovered they are very high in antioxidants... even better than berries like acai and guava... so using them as a breathe freshener also will keep your antioxidants high!

Tooth Pain
Posted by Ellen (Arlington, TX) on 08/31/2008

I woke up with a horrible toothache around 5:30 AM, this morning. I took two Tylenol and used Chloraseptic spray on the gums surrounding the tooth that was hurting. Nothing really worked. Actually the pain progressed until I couldn't do anything but sit in my computer chair and deal with the agonizing pain. I found this site a few weeks ago and had used two other recommended cures for other issues with great success. So it finally occured to me to search this site for a cure for toothache. Under the topic of tooth absess I saw clove oil and powdered cloves were used by many for relief of tooth pain. I immediately went to the kitchen and rubbed powdered clove on the surrounding gums. Within minutes my pain had diminished to bearable levels. I ate and then applied more powdered clove. The pain is gone! I am so grateful for this website. It has made a huge difference in my life in the last few weeks. Thank you all.

Tooth Pain
Posted by Susan (Missoula, Montana, USA) on 04/18/2008

Be careful what you put out in the universe, keep it positive at all times! Yesterday there was a boring meeting I just did not feel like attending so I crossed my fingers and used the little "white lie" about a toothache! This morning I woke up to a throbbing in an upper molar, and drinking cold water set me over the edge! Grabbed a tiny bottle of pure Clove Oil. Applied two drops to outside of my cheek opposite my toothe, then one drop on gum area! I couldn't believe it...sure it's a tad bitter, but ten minutes later I am pain magic!

Tooth Pain
Posted by Jamie (Mesa, Arizona) on 01/10/2008

Pertaining to clove powder, it is incredible. The tooth pain is gone but unfortunately, the abscess is still hurting but I just may be able to sleep today.

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