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| Modified: Jun 12, 2018
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Vitamin E Health Benefits

An antioxidant vitamin, vitamin E functions to protect the cells from damage. As such, vitamin E is a particularly important nutrient. Vitamin E can be used to treat and prevent a wide range of conditions.

What is Vitamin E?

A naturally occurring nutrient, vitamin E is present in eight chemical forms. The different forms of vitamin E include alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherol as well as alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocotrienol. The different forms possess different levels of biological activity, with alpha-tocopherol being the only form that is identified as meeting the needs of the human body.

With so many different forms, vitamin E must be supplemented from the appropriate sources. A wide variety of foods provide limited amounts of vitamin E; however, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils are identified as the best sources of the human form of the nutrient. Green leafy vegetables and fortified cereals are also significant sources of the nutrient. Specific foods that offer substantial amounts of the nutrient include wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, almonds, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, and peanut butter.

Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties make it particularly effective, yet this is not the only function of the nutrient. Vitamin E is also involved in immune function, gene expression, and metabolic processes.

Health Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays a number of roles in the body and offers a wide range of nutritional and health benefits. With its main purpose as an antioxidant, vitamin E is a nutrient that the body needs daily.

Additionally, the nutrient helps the body by extending the life of cells and, in turn, preventing cancer. The nutrient also helps treat and prevent arteriosclerosis, heart attack, chest pain, leg pain associated with hardened or blocked arteries, and high blood pressure. Vitamin E is also useful for treating diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, night cramps, restless leg syndrome, and epilepsy. The nutrient can also help increase energy, reduce damage to the muscles after exercise, and improve muscle strength.

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that plays a role in the functioning and maintenance of many of the organs. As such, it can be used to treat and prevent a wide range of conditions.

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Posted by Laura (Honolulu, HI) on 03/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, sometimes (i'm thinking with hormone flucuations and whatnot) I have a low libido. It can go for months at a time. I have found that taking vitamin e does a lot for my body. I've even heard it been called an aphrodisiac. If you have a low libido, try it out- I was taking 400 IU capsules 3x a day. Sometimes I'd take just 2 or one.. see what works for you!

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio
5 out of 5 stars

YES, vitamin E has done alot for my over all health and especially my sexual health. I'm 29, and because I'm constantly under alot of stress, I sometimes have a problem with irregular periods, and libido, aswell as insomnia, and painful cramps, etc. My Mother kept telling me to take Vitamin E and how important probably the most important vitamin out there, etc.

I took it in the past and never really saw a difference, untill I tried a brand from ____. Now that brand, I don't know what it is. IT WORKS!! I even tried another brand, and I didn't really see a difference. I began taking 2 400ius of vitamin E twice a day, along with folic acid, because folic acid really does help with yeast infections, etc.

The first thing I noticed was my skin. It started glowing and becoming very oily, BUT I LOOKED YOUNGER, and my eyes also looked clearer. That youthful glow, it was amazing. I also began having acne, and pimples, unfortunantly,because of the increased oil production, but I didn't care my skin looked so pretty. I just wash my face with tea tree oil soap.

Then I noticed I was becoming more sexual, definently, very strange.

Then after about 2 months my period was notibly less painful and more regular, but heavier, it's like I'm more fertile, or something. It's been about 4 months, and if I go a couple of days without taking it, I see a big difference, my skin starts to look crappy again. My reproductive and over all health is much better since taking vitamin andfolic acid.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

re: Vit. E., make sure it is natural d-alpha-tocopherol & not the synthetic dl as in dl-alpha-tocopherol. Although more expensive..(much more) I occasionally purchase the wider spectrum natural vitamin E with Tocotrienols.

this from Wiki...

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio

It has to be the water soluble kind of vitamin e, that's the one that is most effective for me.

Replied by Cwilly
Kennewick, Wa, Usa

Oh my goodness, yes! I was thinking due to my age that I was losing the ability to have as much lubrication as I had in the past (saw something about it on Dr. Oz) I read this thread and thought it was worth a try. I had a natural vitamin e complex and took one before bedtime. Well lets just say lubrication was NOT a problem last night!

Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to share it!

Replied by Nic
Philadelphia , Pa, Usa

i am suffering from vaginal dryness and im 30 years old. Should I take the vitamin e by mouth? or by inserting it into my vagina? how long before I will naturally lubricate again?

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Nic, your body is telling you it is lacking in nutrition. I found that wheatgrass juice (drinking) a couple of times a week and taking a lot of wheatgrass powder in capsules totally cleared the problem.

Replied by Anabela
Leiria, Portugal

You can take vitamin E and to aply locally wheat germ oil. the problem of vaginal dryness has to do with hormonal imbalances, the best supplement is a product called Maca which you can find in good health food stores. There are in pills and there are in powder. If you buy in plls buy 500 mg and start to take 3 at every meal. Maybe you have to do some few months, but is good for libido and dryness. Any questions please contact me.

Posted by Carmella (NYC) on 10/18/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to report in about vitamin e after reading about it on your website as an aphrodisiac (sp?). I usually take vitamin e (400, natural e, not synthetic) when I start to feel pms strike. I don't feel I need it until then. The interesting thing is that if I take it 15 to 30 minutes before... you know, errrrrr.... love making with my hubby, I find that it takes me a very short time to reach orgasm. Usually at this point in my cycle (1 week before my period) I get a little numb down there. But when I take vitamin E, things are hot, hot, hot! Ladies, let your friends know -- it really does work!

Posted by Mary (Portsmouth, UK) on 07/16/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I totally agree with the nurse from NYC - Vit E does seem to be an aphrodisiac! I put a few drops in with a plastic spoon nightly, & after a while was aware that my vagina felt & smelt healthy for a change. Suddenly, after four & a half weeks, I had an unexpected surge of libido which has shown no signs of abating. I'm so happy to have got back what used to be a very important part of me & which after a 4 year 'drought' I had become convinced had gone for ever. Tell everyone about it! Especially women post menopause (like me), who think loss of erotic feeling is something they just have to get used to. Incidentally, I was already on a very good high Vit E diet.

Replied by Chris

I was reading the comments about Vitamin E and I noticed some said they "dropped" it in or took to capsules -- does that mean ingested them; or placed them in the vagina? Where does one buy Vitamin E in liquid form?

Replied by Tess
Palm Beach, FL

I see what you mean. Confusing! I think she ate a diet rich in Vitamin e and also inserted liquid vitamin e into her vajayjay.

Replied by Sam
Salt Lake City, Utah

I wonder if my wife would realize these benefits if we used Vitamin E as a personal lubricant during intercourse?

Posted by Joanne (NYC, NY)
5 out of 5 stars

A nurse at my college health clinic told me about vitamin E for vaginal dryness. Let me tell you, it works wonders! I take 1 capsule 2x a day. I also think that it is a aphrodisiac. Well, maybe it's just me. Hope to hear back from other women about this!

Posted by Erica (Tuscon, AZ)
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking Effexor the past year now and, like many others, discovered how much it lowered my sex drive. I did a little research and came upon Vitamin E supplementation. It definitely helps... so does a lot of strenous exercise!

Bad Moods

Posted by Hisjewel (America, Ny) on 06/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Being happy is very important to me, so when my mood is off I notice it immediately. Believe it or not I walk around with a bottle of vitamin E in my pocket book for this purpose. I take one or two 400 IU of Vitamin E and it always helps to lift the contrary mood. Try it, you'll be glad you did. I started taking them when I was in perimenopause and I never had to take hormone medicine.

Breast Cyst

Posted by Carolyn (Pittsburgh, PA) on 01/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After finding a lump in my breast, rushing to a doctor, I was told that I' needed to find a surgeon, before a scan was even taken. After the scan, I was informed that it was merely a cyst and I could either have it aspirated with a needle, or just leave it, as it would cause no harm. I left it alone, and remembered being told that vitamin E can cause cysts to go away. It worked and when the cyst came back a year later, I went straight to the vitamin E bottle, and next doctor appointment, there was no signs of the cyst.I take it continually now. I am currently taking vitamin E (as d-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) 1000 IU, but if I recall, I was taking 400 IU when my cyst dissolved.

Breast Pain

Posted by Tammy (Bradfordsville, Ky) on 07/11/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had breast pain and tenderness so severe that I couldn't stand my shirt or bra near my breast, I read somewhere to take viamin E. I bought Vitamin E 200 IU and started taking one pill a day and all of my breast soreness went away after the very first pill. I couldnt believe it and there is no way I will go a day without my vit E.

Posted by Sandy (In the sticks, Nevada) on 11/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin E has totally eliminated the breast pain I would get before my period, as well as the cramping I would get during my period. I take 400 IU once a day. The breast pain disappeared the first month I was taking this and the cramping disappeared the second month.

Replied by Diana
Mesa, Az, Usa

I totally agree with the posts about using Vitamin E oil for bowel fissures or hemmorhoids. I contracted e coli poisoning from a buffet restaurant, so spent many days in the bathroom with severe diarrhea and vomiting. I ended up with an extremely sore and irrritated anal sphincter, so I used some Vitamin E oil in 12,000 I. U. Strength. I just applied it after each trip to the bathroom and after only one application, healing was almost complete. What was is so amazing is this bottle of ____ Vitamin E Oil is about 10 years old and it still is potent enough to bring great relief! I just hadn't thrown it out and wasn't sure if it would still be effective. Just another testament to the amazing healing power of natural oils and supplements (even outdated products).


Posted by John (Milwaukee, WI)
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin E in the liquid form (and wheat germ oil) is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids. Put the oil on a cotton ball and apply it a few times a day until the pain goes away.

High Dose Vitamin E

Posted by Shadel (Nebraska) on 12/27/2013

Someone recently suggested taking Vitamin E in large amounts. Was this to help with circulation? Thanks for anyone who can tell me.

Hot Flashes

Posted by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa) on 08/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 48 year old woman have recently started having hot flashes and night sweats. I had no idea how uncomfortable they would be, until it finally happened. I could not sleep because of the constant heat coming and going. During the day, I would have at least 5 episodes of them, but at night I would suffer at least 10 episodes, with constant interruption of sleep. I tried the raw apple cider vinegar with no success. So next I tried the vitamin E. All I had in the cabinet was 1000IU so that is what I took. I must say it worked on the first night, and the second night, so I feel safe in saying it really works. I take it at night about an hour before bed, Peace, Rena.

Posted by Janie (Hammond, La) on 03/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have taken vitamin E for years to reduce hot flashes. Works wonders.

Itchy Skin

Posted by Suzanne (Abbotsford, BC) on 08/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

When my young son had chicken pox, he was covered with the itchy bumps and it was driving us all crazy. I tried calamine lotion, oatmeal baths, etc. before finally poking a vitamin E capsule and applying that. The itching stopped instantly! Now, whenever we have itching worth mentioning, we reach for the vitamin E. Make sure it is D-Alpha, though, not the synthetic DL-Alpha. The synthetic E is useless. Don't waste your money buying it.

Liver Spots

Posted by Maria S. (Sacremento) on 05/10/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I took 4,000 IU of a high-quality vitamin E every day for six weeks to eliminate liver spots on my face that had developed.

Replied by Mark

Did you take the 4000 IU internally or just put it on your face externally?

Replied by Angela

Mark, since Maria hasn't responded, I am guessing she took that much orally.