Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

| Modified on Feb 13, 2024
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide offers numerous health benefits and uses. It fights infection, eliminates toxins, cures bacteria and viruses, and neutralizes germs. Hydrogen peroxide in almost any form is considered an effective home remedy. However, not all grades of the substance are the same. Suppose you are looking for a safe, effective treatment with no additives. In that case, you’ll want to look strictly for food-grade hydrogen peroxide – a solution significantly more concentrated than the brown bottle of stuff everyone keeps under their sinks.

What is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance comprised of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms or H2O2. This arrangement makes the substance highly reactive and easily broken down. The breakdown of the substance forms water and oxygen.

As we mentioned, many different “grades” of hydrogen peroxide are made and intended for different uses. For example, electrical-grade hydrogen peroxide includes chemical stabilizers to prevent it from decomposing. As such, the only grade of the substance that should be used for home or personal use is food grade. This form is typically a concentration of 35% and is significantly more potent than what is often sold in stores.

What are the Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide?

H2O2 is an effective, natural disinfectant. As the substance is utilized, it oxidizes, eliminating toxins and other pathogens in the body. With that, the substance delivers many benefits. The liquid is considered the world’s safest sanitizer as it functions to cleanse by oxidation. It fights infection, eliminates toxins, cures bacteria and viruses, and neutralizes germs.

Hydrogen Peroxide for the Flu

Watch our video to learn how to use 3% peroxide to prevent colds, flu, and viruses.

What Does Food Grade Peroxide Cure?

With as many benefits as it has, H2O2 can be used in some ways to support health.

  • Treating sinus infections
  • Cleansing wounds and preventing infection
  • Eliminating parasites
  • Reducing toothache
  • Detoxing the skin and body
  • Killing any microbes present in the body, in the air, or on surfaces to prevent disease

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

While hydrogen peroxide is a safe, natural treatment, you must dilute food-grade peroxide before use. Otherwise, it could cause significant health concerns.

Whether you are looking to treat a skin issue or detox your body, hydrogen peroxide is an appropriate choice that can naturally cleanse and eliminate an infection.

Continue below for feedback from Earth Clinic readers who have extensively experimented with food-grade peroxide to treat various ailments over the years. Let us know how it worked for you and if you experienced any side effects from food-grade peroxide.

Food Grade Peroxide Tips by SWFowkes

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Posted by Swfowkes (Cupertino, California) on 03/12/2017 46 posts

Hydrogen peroxide tolerance builds up over time. Each time you expose yourself to a dose of hydrogen peroxide, you stimulate your production of catalase and glutathione peroxidase, which dismutate the extra hydrogen peroxide. So with regular exposure, your levels of these enzymes goes up, allowing a bigger dose to be tolerated. And with cessation of exposure, the enzymes drop back to their regular levels. So you should start with only one drop and work your way up. Depending on the strength of the peroxide stock solution you are using, this can be slow (if it is strong), or fast (if it is weak).

In children (and adults) with Down's syndrome, they naturally have higher hydrogen peroxide levels all the time. This happens because they have an extra copy of their 21st chromosome, which carries the superoxide dismutase gene. Their SOD enzyme levels are roughly 50% higher, and this depletes superoxide (the substrate, or input to SOD) and raises hydrogen peroxide (the output, or product of SOD). As a result of this higher H2O2, their catalase and glutathione peroxidase go up, and stay up, just as if they were taking peroxide supplementally.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide can come in strengths varying from 3% to 35%. So you'd have to use 10-12 drops of 3% before you'd get to the same level as one drop of 35%.

Hydrogen peroxide is a general stimulant to metabolic rate. Low metabolic rate is a pro-viral influence, so H2O2 might show antiviral effects. But this is not guaranteed as there are other pro-viral factors other than low metabolic rate that might be involved in a particular person's situation.

And even if low metabolic rate IS a cause for you, H2O2 might not be the most effective way to compensate. If your low metabolic rate is caused by low levels of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism), it will provide only a limited benefit. If your low metabolic rate is caused by lack of thyroid receptor activity, heavy metal toxicity, an overly alkaline diet, estrogen dominance, or a nutritional deficiency of some kind, the peroxide effect will be limited. But if your low metabolic rate is caused by low oxygen availability in your mitochondria, the peroxide might seem like a miracle cure.

By the way, most lipid-enveloped viruses are not "gotten rid of" by therapies. They merely encourage the virus to attenuate so that it is inactive or silent. With herpes, for example, roughly 99% of the human race is infected, but only a few percent have repetitive flareups. So even people who say they do not have herpes actually do have herpes. The average person who dies of old age has more herpes virions and genomes their body than they do human cells of all types combined. This is why scientists have found herpes actively replicating in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease at autopsy. The metabolic failures that occur at death are very similar to the metabolic imbalances that cause people to have regular flare ups. Only worse. (OK, you can chuckle here.) So the secret to finding a successful herpes (or other virus) treatment is matching the intervention to the metabolic imbalance. When you do that well, you get good results. And sustainable results. If you do not get good results, or if your results are not sustainable, then you need to keep searching.

I hope this helps.

Replied by Nurit
(New York)

Swfowkes, You seem to be very knowledgeable.

My MIL is suffering from a burning tongue syndrome, and I read that the herpes or varicella viruses could be the cause. She has a thyroid issue and is taking medication for it (hyperthyroid, so taking medication to calm the over function of the thyroid). If this is the case, how do we diagnose the metabolic function to match the treatment?

Replied by Swfowkes
(Cupertino, California)
46 posts

@nurit. Over 40 years, it has been a rare experience that clients treated for thyroid problems are actually properly treated. I'd say, maybe 2%. Under-treatment for hypothyroid conditions is the standard of care, because blood testing norms are believed to be valid, and because of a professional belief that TSH is the most predictive thyroid marker when it is the least. So my first suggestion for your consideration is to re-assess your mother-in-law's hypothyroid symptoms to see if they are actually gone or mitigated. The thyroid one-pager on the steve page at the Project Wellbeing website will give you a list of symptoms. Put a single check mark next to one that your MIL feels, and two next to ones that are blatant.

Next, consider antiviral therapies using sublingual dosing. Since the tongue burning symptoms are located in the mouth, sublingual absorption of B12, vitamin A, Evening Primrose oil, or BHT dissolved in refined coconut oil would give you a clue as to what metabolic factors were at play. This is the self-care or "biohacking" model; apply the agent and see what happens. Infer from what happens what the underlying factors are.

This can be expanded to include pH assessments, CO2 assessments, metabolic-type assessments, constitutional assessments, and a variety of medical and hormone tests. This is a big enough subject to be impossible to itemize here. But ANYTHING that you find that helps (or worsens) somebody's condition gives you clues to the underlying causes. It may seem daunting to have so many variables to consider. But that's the fundamental nature of biology; it's complicated. But the good news is that the body is fundamentally a self-healing system. So you do not need to figure it all out, all you need to do is find the bottleneck or choke point that is restraining healing and the body will take care of the details.

Replied by Erin
(Edwards CO)

Has anyone internally taken H2O2 with Berkey Filtered Water - instead of Distilled?

(Philly suburbs)

My wife has stage 1V breast cancer and uses 35% food grade HP with only alexapure water. Cancer is disappearing quickly. Uses 10 drops in half a glass of water and 1 drop of DSM 2X a day.


I am very interested in hearing about cancer patients that have used FGHP 35%. My husband is at the end of all possible conventional cancer treatments. He also had a triple bypass 7 yrs ago. I worry HP could affect his heart, but we both have hope that FGHP will help. Do you know of a blog on FGHP users? the best of luck to your wife


What does DSM stand for?


Hi Carol, I'm almost certain that DSM is DMSO. I was just reading about how effective and safe DMSO is in targeting and eliminating cancer cells. You can read more about it in the following ebook. If you can't find it online, I can email you a copy if you leave an email address.




Research Summary

Dr. Dennis Clark, Ph.D. Research Scientist


In my view, I'd stick to using distilled or RO water. The Berkey water may have residual minerals in it, which may/could react with the H2O2.

2142 posts


What specific type of cancer does your husband have?


Replied by L.A.
(Southern California)

Hello Earth Clinic community,

I am suffering so much from chronic fatigue for years and only have a little money left, so I have to be decisive on what I'm able to try. I just bought a nebulizer so I can nebulize food grade H2O2, as I was having hard time drinking it, and I do suspect mold spores in my sinuses for years.

With that said, will nebulizing be enough to heal me, or am I going to have to get an ozone machine too?

But another thing I'm wondering, could I add a very tiny bit of food grade H2O2 to my waters and get the same effect as ozonating it? I don't mean doing the significant doses of H2O2 in distilled water. I mean tinier amounts of H2O2 that I can drink all day w/out having to worry about not mixing it with foods and supplements. I got this idea when James Roguski said to add a tiny bit of H2O2 to your raw milk to keep the bad bacteria at bay. I thought, well if we can do that, then surely we can add tiny amounts to our spring water that we drink with other supplements, right..?

I also started thinking on this since I'm seeing "oxygenated" waters at my local natural foods store that are extremely expensive, though I wish I could afford them. Could I add a tiny bit of H2O2 to get the same effect as these types of waters?

P.s. I had been drinking food grade 3% H2O2 daily in the morning in distilled water. I had increased it slowly over time, but it just started tasting gross as I drank higher amounts, and it was becoming burdening for me to have to wait to add my supplements and breakfast I so depended on. Also, it seems I had very little improvement while forcing myself to do something that was starting to make me feel grossed out. I'm not saying H2O2 isn't amazing, just that I'm needing other/easier ways to get the oxygen in me.

(Portland, Ore.)

Lemon juice may help mask the bitter taste of hydrogen peroxide in drinking water. Lime could work but other citrus such as grapefruit or orange may not do as well with their sugar content. H2O2 was distasteful to me when I first tried it, but now it's not a bother at 10 drops of 35% per glass. I use an ozone machine (air purifier) and it works great as I am often in a damp area or a room that has poor air circulation. I would check if the "oxygenated waters" in the store actually have more oxygen than regular tap or distilled water. They may have put oxygen through the water which may have cleaned it a bit, but it doesn't stay.

(somewhere, europe)

MeIR, and how does one check?

Advanced Prepararation

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Posted by Mrs A (London, Uk) on 01/11/2017

Here is an idea for anyone wanting to take H202, but who finds that the X-hours-after-food and y-hours-before-food restrictions make it too hard. If (like me) you have to get up in the night, prepare a dose in advance and drink it then. I thought it might prevent me from going back to sleep, but happily it didn't.

Replied by Maxwell
(Georgia, Usa)

Are you doing intermittent fasting? I eat only in one 2-4 hour window now per day. So much clarity and energy in life.

Replied by Okwukwe

There are a lot of interesting information posted. Just wanted to know if this hydrogen peroxide product will take care of fibroid, blocked fallopian tubes and help with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). If so, what dosage/regimen do you suggest?

A prompt answer will be appreciated.

Thank you

Replied by Tisha


Serrapeptase (enzyme) takes care of fibroid, blocked fallopian tubes, I cant confirm IBS but it did help with my gastro issues. My tummy went down 3-4 inches just in a month of taking it.

Replied by Chris

Definitely will clean out your GI tract.

Replied by Carlos

Serrapeptase will definitely help you.


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Posted by Linda (Ohio) on 09/06/2020


I purchased this HP 12% from Amazon. Could not find 35%. I tried 35% a couple years back. I battle severe arthritic pain. I did the 1 drop then 2 drops a day for approx 20 some days. Literally one morning I crawled out of bed expecting pain. It was gone. Sometimes the pain I felt was unbearable. But no joking it was gone in my right leg ..better in my left leg.

Over all I felt like I had a new lease on life. But near the end I felt a little discomfort in my left side in my back. I read up on things and let it scare me off even though it was probably just my body releasing toxins. I did keep relief for a few weeks before it started slipping away. I bought a bottle of 12% food grade h2o2 again and want to try again slowly. How do I do I dilute 12%? Any advice?

EC: Hi Linda, we have dilution instructions on this page toward the bottom:

Posted by Mariana (Canada) on 01/27/2017

I have started again a "treatment" with hydrogen peroxide 35% Food grade because of a right shoulder unbearable pain (arthritis) and I have already feeling better, and guess what I do not even taking in gas I have read. In the morning, I drink a glass from a 1l 1/2 bottle of osmosis water and I am o.k. For me, it is like drinking water. In the bottle I pour only maximum 20 small drops because my dripping thing I'd thin and that's all I do. I feel other benefits as well, stomach ease, breath ease, light head, etc.

I mention that I have my first meal one hour later after I drunk it. If you want to take it 3 times a day, for safety, I will eat three hours later. I do not inhale anything yet to cure my sinuses expecting a cure in time due to the regular taking in as written above. It is efficient, inexpensive and not stressful. Now, for my sisters's tendonitis and arthritis and cholesterol and heart, I encourage her to start this and I am sure she will be healthy again, that much trust I put in the peroxide.

We all suffer of oxygen depletion. I have observed mountain people who live in more oxygenised environment, big difference! I hope that who will read this will get the necessary courage to start healing soul and body. Thanks God for the good nature full of natural remedies and for inspiring true loving people to become more and more knowledgeable of the treasure the nature offers to the mankind and how to benefiit from it. Nutrition and faith, both are important. We have to change our life style, simplicity of life reduces stress, passions and bring peace and wellbeing. How wonderful is to feel good, to be good, of good cheer, to help, to encourage, to love, expecting noting in return, but happy people around.

Replied by Baigal

Dear Mariana,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I have long usd peroxide. This is a wonderful substance and you described this exactly. I also want to repeat your words. Thanks God for the good nature full of natural remedies and for inspiring true loving people to become more and more knowledgeable of the treasure the nature offers to the mankind and how to benefiit from it.

Replied by Lina

Dear Mariana,

Thank you for the valuable information. Where in Canada do you buy osmosis water and HP? All HP I found in Canada contains stabilizers and water which makes it no good for using internally. Did you manage to fing a pure one?

Do you put 20 drops of HP 35% in 1,5 L osmosis water at once (doesn't it evaporates quickly?) or 2 drops at a time per glass?

Your reply is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Replied by Chris
(Burlington On)

Not all health food stores carry 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide....but Sproutmaster sells and ships it. Plus Healthy Planet sells Sproutmaster HP as well in their stores.

Replied by Kmh

Reverse Osmosis water is not recommended.

Steam Generated Distilled Water is.

The purest water will help obtain the best results. RO water is filtered and better than tap water but steam distilled water is exponentially better for this therapy.

Replied by Heather S.
(Thunder Bay, Canada)

I found SproutMaster 35% HP at my local health food store.


Does anyone know where to find it in Europe?

Replied by KELLY K.

TRY BORON, you can use 20 mule team borax for arthritis.

Replied by Bigmama

You don't mention how many ounces in the bottle. I don't want to overdose with the 35% HP, because that's what I purchased. Thx in advance for your response.

Arthritis, Lung Mass

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Posted by Jesse (Illinois) on 11/15/2017

I've been using 10 drops twice a day for 2 years, with no side effects. I have degenerative arthritis and through MRI and lung capacity test was said to have a mass on my lungs. I did not return to the doctor but started this so called treatment because I had a dream about it. I have since returned to the doctor with no signs of a mass and no joint discomfort in my body. Haven't been sick of any kind and I've been sleeping longer and better, being in the past I only slept for 3 hrs a day.

I don't know why it works for me and not others but keep looking for proper solution maybe your bodies are already stressed and you need to take the process even slower, along with life style changes. Don't give up, ask God for the answers you seek and maybe they'll come as a dream.

Thank you for your time: God bless the world.

Replied by Nika
(Montreal, Canada)

Wow! This is incredible Jesse! I also had a dream about taking hydrogen peroxide!!! Before the dream, I had never heard about it! I am now on 12 drops, and increasing every day until I get to 25 drops as the protocol says. So far so good! It is very encouraging to see that your lung mass disappeared and that you have no more arthritic pain! This is very exciting. Thank you for sharing.

Replied by Chris R
(Winston Salem, Nc)

Like you, I am on a maintenance does of 10 drops, twice a day. However, every 4-6 weeks, I go up a drop until I get to 20 and maintain it for a few weeks before stepping back down.

It will work for everyone, but you have to select the right program. Some, get benefits just form a maintenance dose. The question is, how much? I found mine by going through the curve dosage about three times and as I would step down, paying attention to how I felt that day. 9-11 drops, I am good. 5 drops, I do not feel much and actual start to feel sluggish.

The benefits have been great! Better eye sight, less anxiety, several lumps disappearing, small blisters clearing up, more energy, better sleep, more focus..........

It is the one best thing I can recommend for your health that requires little time and effort.

Replied by Rich

What percentage of peroxide, please?


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Posted by Terrac. (Warren, Oh) on 08/21/2018

I've been taking food grade peroxide for almost a year now. It's amazing! I take it for my lungs... so I can breathe without using inhalers. Thank God for natural cures, help online, and people that stand up for what they believe in!

Posted by J.medina Bey (Nyc) on 03/28/2016

Although all doctors know of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% they all deny the fact of it's healing power due to being discredited by medical field and the other being there is no money to be made with healthy people so if and only you get a doctor who recommends peroxide 35%, it's a doctor who has morals and honors the Hippocratic oath, which is not to lie cause that's what they swore to.

As for me, I've been taking 35% food grade peroxide for almost two years now and I can speak from my own experience that I first took it with the recommended dosage of 3 drops three time a day and elevate by adding one drop per day at three times until you reach 25 drops a day at three times per day then do the same process in reverse until you get back down to the recommended maintenance of 3 drops per day at three times a day, what it did for me in just a matter of two weeks is it cured my asthma which I suffered from since a child and now I am able to breath and enjoy life better and I use it in my water to clean it but always know that unless you have a reverse osmosis filtration unit to purify your water you will never have your water fully clean without all the chemicals that are drinking/tap water contains. One thing to remember which you can look up if you choose to, is that it might give you side effects in a good way meaning if your a person who's body is very ill the peroxide will flush out your system first of all the radicals you have in you which is great and then you will start to see a very significant change in your health so don't be alarmed it's the way it works you and always when using it drink and if diluting use distilled water if someone can't afford a method of purifying your water I recommend to drink distilled water cause it's nothing like the BS spring water that's no different from the tap water in one's home yep for those who didn't know your wasting money when you buy spring water cause it's just same thing as tap but distilled is processed in a whole different matter which you can look up as well.


Replied by Dave

Well I'm a bit of a skeptic myself. I don't think you can group all all doctors who look at the science behind h202 and conclude that it's not healthy to be money mongrels. I'd like to see the science and facts behind your opinion.

(Brooklyn, NY)
3 posts

It's not about all doctors being money mongrels. it's about the medical associations all over the world being run by big pharma and in turn educating the doctor's, that is the problem.

(Rutland Ma)

It's all over the internet, dating back to the 1800"s, with all these people's testimonies, I doubt that they take the time out to be on this site and take the time to type a lengthy paragraph, . I don't know of any more proof that you need.

Blood Sugar

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Posted by Lorna (Stone Mountain, Ga) on 01/17/2017

I took food grade peroxide two consecutive mornings and it actually pushed my sugar up. HOW long did you take it before you see results?

Blood Sugar
Posted by Rochelle (Bouton, Ia) on 09/05/2015

My diabetes was out of control, A1C was 13 two months ago, which means my glucose was 300 or higher. I started using the food grade hydrogen peroxide, still using insulin, now I'm getting glucose readings of 100 to 160. Can't wait to see my doc's reaction after next A1C! I do not know if I will reveal my secret.

Replied by Prisca
(Ftl, Fla)

Don't. The doctor won't agree bc he can lose business from all the health benefits. Lol

Replied by Kamal

Can you please tell me the steps that you're using while taking the HP to defeat Diabetes?

Replied by Gr Harr
(Dallas, Tx)

I, too, struggle with my A1C. Can you tell me how you are using the Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide? You must ingest it in some manner, right? If you don't mind telling me, how much and and how ofter?


Replied by Sm
(Crescent Beach, Florida)

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in December 2015. I've been trying to lower blood sugar with diet and lifestyle (exercise) changes. I had it down to 200-250, sometimes lower, and began using diluted 35% hydrogen peroxide about 5-days ago. Since then, my blood sugar has spiked to 350+

This is exactly the opposite to what all the literature and websites say should happen. But is this a temporary spike and then levels start falling? I don't know whether to continue using it or not.

(Story City Iowa)

I'm curious about this too. I'm going to use it for Asthma - but you know diabetes is a side effect from asthma medication - so I am hoping to get rid of both diseases.

Mama To Many

Dear Sam,

How much hydrogen peroxide are you using? It is possible that you may need to lower the dose you are taking and increase it slowly over time for best results.

~Mama to Many~

(Crescent Beach, Florida)

Hi ~Mama To Many~ ...

I started using the drops according to the book (where I first learned of hydrogen peroxide treatments): 3 per 8oz glass of water 3x a day, sometimes 4x and then increased number of drops daily.

I'm not panicking or bashing hydrogen peroxide treatments, just wondering if others have experienced this. It has to be doing something because of the blood sugar spike.

The thing is: my foot and toe neuropathy has become a little better since starting -- and isn't near where it should be with 350+ blood sugar.

I've read that many things can affect blood sugar -- including sickness -- which would be recognized by the body as yucky stuff in the blood. So maybe there are suddenly some dead bacteria in there and maybe my cells are just getting shocked awake.

If anyone else has experienced increase blood sugar after starting hydrogen peroxide therapy, I'd be interested to hear about it -- or even success stories about blood sugar. I'll make sure to post my results.



Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U STEVE, , , , , , , , , , , , , , let me whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Alpha Lipoic Acid will help with your neuropathy. Supplements help, but IV's are best. Also, if you are as bad as you say , then at some time your feet will get infected. Do not allow any doctor to suggest amputation. Instead find you an integrative doctor who does H2O2 IV's and he will save your limb. Have witnessed this too many times when I was doing EDTA Chelation.

Wish you well. ======ORH=========

(San Fernando, Philippines)

Robert Henry is right on the nail concerning your peripheral diabetes problems. Alpha lipoic acid will certainly help to eradicate diabetic neuropathy, but you will need a larger than normal dose. Between 600mgs and 1200 mgs ALA is advised -- and you will have to find the exact dose for yourself that is suitable within the range I have already given. And if taking this amount of ALA causes you any acidity in the stomach -- then just alkalize about a half an hour after you take it using 1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate in water. That will safely put out the fire in your stomach.

Since you're talking about diabetes type 2, one regimen I would also strongly urge you to follow is just to take chromium and vanadium minerals everyday at a dose of 200 to 400 micrograms or more for both of these minerals. This mineral regimen actually acts to cure your core diabetes problems because taking these two minerals so hugely increases the efficiency of insulin's ability to properly escort sugar into all the cells of your body. Researchers actually discovered this as a veritable cure and preventative for diabetes in 1958 and this research has been heavily suppressed in favor of the somewhat useless effects of the medical diabetes drugs -- which only ever treat the symptoms of diabetes -- ever since. Here's the article and all the research on it.

Other nutrients that will also help against the symptoms of diabetes are:

Lugol's Iodine -- Anit-athogen that also efficiently detoxes heavy metals as well as bromine and fluorine and which also makes the insulin receptors on every cell in your body more efficient.

Hydrogen Peroxide -- Will also improves liver function, oxygenates the body, detoxes your body and also kills any underlying pathogens that might also be involved in your diabetes condition.

Selenium -- detoxes mercury, good for the heart, needed for glutathione production in the human body.

Chanca piedra -- lowers blood sugar safely. Protects liver and kidney health. Antiviral.

Quercitin -- bioflavinoid with significant antiviral effects(new research shows that quercitin can stop Hep C dead in its tracks).

Magnesium. Has many beneficial effects Proper levels of magnesium in the body is essential for all diabetics.

The above are just some of the other nutrients you should be taking in your diet whose effects, for the most part, will mainly improve your diabetic symptoms. But, as I see it, the key minerals that you really need to actually improve your core diabetes condition are the chromium and vanadium minerals and also perhaps the iodine to increase insulin receptor efficiency in every cell in your body.

Steve M
(Crescent Beach, Florida)

Thanks, Robert Henry!

Steve May
(Crescent Beach, Florida)

Oh, and thank you too Bill ... I've started these!


Do not forget Iodine, Vitamin D and Fulvic Acid.


I want to ask Robert Henry about EDTA. Did you have a bad experience? I've been thinking about using it to chelate accumulated heavy metals. Medicardium is a EDTA suppository I am considering. I'd love to hear your thoughts on EDTA, or warnings

Replied by Jose
(Dallas, Tx)

How exactly did you use it?? I desparately need to see about lowering my a1c.

Replied by Randall Forsythe
(Crestview, Fl)

Are you still doing it? What's your A1C now?

Replied by Sanjay Patel
(London Uk)
5 posts


I have diluted 12% HP to 3% using distilled water and about to start my father on this, starting with 3 drops 3 times a day. However, can you or anyone please let me know if I mix this solution with anything, if so what, or take the 3 drops directly in his mouth. Your urgent reply is greatly appreciated.


Replied by Kimmy
(Antelope Ca)

You dilute it in 8oz of distilled water, so 3 drops into 8oz of distilled water, and you are using 35% food grade HP right?

Replied by Cheryl

Diabetes can be reversed in about 2 months. It's a vitamin/ mineral deficiency of chromium and vanadium. Check out Dr Joel Wallach YouTube or Dr Peter Glidden.

Big Pharma is using you as an ATM machine and you'll never be cured just managed. Stop eating carbs / sugar - that's feeds the cancer cells you have in your body. Give your body what it needs to heal itself because God made us that way.

Replied by Steve

12 ounces of water with 5-8 drops of food grade peroxide. Use distilled water only.

Replied by Marilyn
(Ft. Wayne, Indiana)

I have to tell you all, the government and doctors are all financially into medicine and money is passed around with every drug prescribed. There are great home remedies out there that doctors are fully aware of, but greed is the number 1 reason your doctors will never tell you about hydrogen peroxide, but I am here to tell you that it really does work. Talk about a great cancer fighting agent. If this gets out, all doctors can go out of business. Imagine, 1 extra molecule of oxygen can cure what all ales us. So keep the secret from him. You will be off your insulin in no time. Tell your friends and their friends and so on. Save your neighbors life too. God made magnificent cures for all of us to use. The problem with that, Uncle Sam and all those rich doctors would loose the income the medicines provide for them all. The less chemicals you put in your body, the better your body will function. I say do it, do it all the time and tell everyone you know to do it too. The proof is in your medical results. I promise that. Always remember that you must add water to the food grade stuff.

Happy holidays to all who come here. May god bless you all with the best of health. Marilyn

Replied by Lawrence

Marilyn, Very encouraging news for lowering blood sugar with food grade hydrogen peroxide. Can you please give the specifics, please - What l concentration is used; how much and how often is it consumed? I purchase 3% food grade H2O2. And how long until blood sugar is decreased and by how much? Thanks, Larry/Fairfax, VA

Replied by David

Never tell the Doctor. My brother made this mistake divulging that he was using Chinese products and treatment in Mexico for Mesothelioma cancer.The Dr. saw the CT scan and said "It's like looking at the Holy Grail!", then my brother told him his secret.The Dr. immediately told him he needed Chemo, also that he could eat whatever he wanted.

3 weeks ago he was sent home to die and on hospice.The Dr said while I was there."I'm not going to give you the last dose, I don't want to be known as the Dr. that Killed you with Chemo! "He also said "look how tiny the tumor was in July, "now it is all over his left side completely. It was like revenge for going outside of "The system."

I've since started him on Amino Acids and he has been better for the last 4 days.Screw Doctors!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

DIANA,,,,,, one of my top ten female names. Started EDTA Chelation in order not to have heart plug gage problems. Have had some 66 sessions and had an angiogram about 5 years ago at age 75 and there was zero blockage. At age 70 I had my carotid arteries checked and they were over 50% plugged. After 30 treatments, they were less than 10%. To me it's a no-brainer. Met some 200 people that were only alive because of chelation. Most had numerous by-passes before going to chelation as a last resort.

You are lucky as there are folks that preform this procedure in Hawaii. I wish you well. Some folks throw away their glasses because their vision comes back with clean blood vessels. FDA fought it for many, many years and ruined lots of good doctors. Tried to ruin mine here in Tenn.


Replied by Scott H
(Riverside Ca)

While I appreciate the general enthusiasm for purified water (whether via distillation, reverse osmosis, etc.) being expressed in this thread, it is important to understand a couple things about the nature of water. It is called the universal solvent because it dissolves just about anything in nature sooner or later. When all minerals are removed from water and then bottled, it is in a fairly aggressive state. Water seeks stability at between 100-250 ppm of calcium. When it is bottled with no calcium at all, it is going to start dissolving calcium from whatever source is available until it reaches stability. If your body is the next environment into which purified water is introduced, guess where it will get the calcium it seeks. You need water that has been reconstituted after purification with some of the minerals that it seeks for stability.

(Pawleys Island, Sc)

To Scott, How do you get purified water that has been reconstituted?

Replied by Paul
(Alexandria, Va)

For the type II diabetes folks, you may want to supplement your diet with plant-derived colloidal minerals (especially chromium & vanadium). These are absolutely essential for blood sugar metabolism. And no matter how voracious your appetite, you will not be able to glean the minerals from the food you eat, because the soil in which it grows is seriously depleted of minerals. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Replied by KT

Thank you for your post, Paul. At the same time I feel it is important to share what I learned from my Nutrition Almanac and then personal application. I have had multiple surgeries, injuries, diagnosed with arthritis and degenerative disease. I am headed into the seventh decade of my life.

Most vitamins are absorbed into the body easily but minerals are not. Minerals have to become attached to amino acids before absorption or they just pass through the GI tract. This is why it is essential to consume complete protein with each meal. A mineral deficiency often results in illness.

I had bone-on-bone grinding in my neck, sciatica, and different joint pain. An MRI revealed a vertebra pressing on my spinal cord. I was referred to two neck specialists to inquire whether I needed surgery or not. I was given very painful exercises to do that made me dizzy. After horrible reactions to different medications I decided I needed to look into nutrition for some answers. Magnesium and vit C have made all the difference in the world. There are spices that have also made a difference in my quality of life and I am pain free unless I don't get enough of what I found beneficial for me personally.

Because everyone eats differently and will receive a variety of reactions/benefits, it takes time to learn what you can tolerate when. It has been a piecemeal endeavor for over two decades to find what is safer. Our food supply has been made corrupt, including vitamins, supplements and medications due to hidden sources of MSG. It is my strong opinion, infiltration of GMO's cannot be avoided just due to wind and bird droppings that have occurred over decades.

My original post several years ago about the FDA becoming the Fool and Deceive Agency is confirmed now more than ever.

Replied by Terri
(New York)

Please tell me how to use this in a bath for cancer. I'm also interested in this magnesium you mentioned. My neck sciatica degenerated discs are in so much pain. Please tell me


Dear Terri,

I apologize for such a late reply and I cannot advise about the use of peroxide.

I will first advise you should not take calcium supplements. Calcium and magnesium can both be in most foods. A Nutrition Almanac reports chemically similar minerals compete for the same amino acid carriers. The weaker minerals lose out. Minerals that do not attach to amino acids can become bound to phytic acids from cereal grains or to oxalic acid in foods like beets, spinach and nuts preventing absorption. It would be beneficial to Google foods that contain oxalates.

Too much calcium or food that contains oxalates can contribute to kidney and/or gallstones without adequate magnesium. Too much magnesium can cause loose stool IF not enough protein is eaten.

The magnesium I started with was 500 mg. before/with each meal. Nature Made and SUNDOWN were the safest when I was learning about the toxic effects of MSG over two decades ago. I don't recall how long it took my neck to heal but later I started getting Magnesium Oxide Powder from NOW. I use both tabs and powder, depending on what I'm going to eat. I will warn you not to take magnesium citrate. (Long story) but when I started taking the mag citrate I started having frightening heart palpitations and was diagnosed with PVC.

I hope this information helps your neck and I am so sorry I did not read this when it was first posted.


Replied by James
(Florence Alabama)

Thank you so much for the post. I needed to hear that. I just picked up some hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade and I have high sugar. I think you should keep it to yourself... tell them that you just went on a vegetable diet. I would think they would try to make it harder for us to get the peroxide if they really knew just saying.

Replied by Gladys
(Puerto Rico)

Would Hydrogen Peroxide therapy be effective on people who suffer from grand mal siezures?


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Posted by Joy (Washington State) on 05/24/2020

Yes. I used 1% food grade peroxide in a nebulizer when I had covid symptoms and within 2 days all symptoms were gone. I did four 10 minute treatments in a day.

Posted by John Coombs (Harpswell, Maine) on 05/03/2020

In the U.S. library of medicine, you can find the article: interaction by hydrogen peroxide:

In nov-dec 1977, 5 Russian scientists set out to find the effect of food grade hydrogen peroxide on the following viruses--adenovirus type 3 and 6--adenoassociated virus 6--rhinovirus a&b-respiratory syncytial virus strain long and coronavirus strain 229e with all studied in vitro, using different h202 CV concentrations and time of exposure... They found that when 35% hydrogen peroxide diluted to 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration, it inactivated all the viruses in their study within 1 to 30 minutes.

Coronavirus and influenza was found most sensitive in this study-- The russian scientists were--r. R. Mentel--R.Shirrmaker--a. Kevich--r.s dreizan--i.shmidt--vopr virusol----(pub ---the cure is here-- Viruses can't survive oxygen you can inhale 35% h202 if YOU dilute it---don't buy 3% in the local stores as you can't trust who is diluting it--read people's testimonies and successes about inhaling, or putting drops in juice/ tea....don't let anyone inject you --- h202 is proven, it works (USE ONLY FOOD GRADE h202)

Posted by Frank (Austin, Tx.) on 03/14/2020

Can food grade H2O2 be effective even against the Coronavirus? I'm currently using 3 ml. (3 droppers) 3% in distilled water in the morning before food just as a maintenance dose.

Replied by Kim

According to ADHA it kills the Corona virus

Dangers of Food Grade Peroxide

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Posted by Ebb (Sonoma, CA) on 12/24/2015

Hello earthclinic, I'm about to start hydrogen peroxide therapy and came to your site here for advice and education. Believe I've read 100s of posts on the subject. FGHP is dangerous stuff.

Somehow this has not been hammered in to many of your posters. I think you, separately from obviously knowledgeable posters state somewhere and somehow -- where it is always commonly seen -- that FGHP is diluted TWICE before drinking. (at least twice)

First, 35% MUST be DILUTED with pure water: 1 part HP to 11 parts water. This is called 3%...

Second, before 3% is ingested it must be AGAIN DILUTED by eyedropper in more pure water (of at least 7-8oz, whatever...) for any therapy session.!!!

Especially for first timers, and for people who don't take the time to read posts, or don't understand them because they are not complete in themselves to understand. What is stated above here is not understood by many posters, and even some posters already in their own version of 'the HP therapy'.... Which I see is wrong, or they themselves have not interpreted the protocol correctly, or state it in a confusing way. And seem to be advising others what the correct protocol is, but is NOT.

It seems very easy for people to damage themselves by not completely understanding what they are embarked on with HP. It should be made totally clear. Thanks, Ebb 12/24/2015

Replied by Kwasi

Do you mean that you dilute it to 3% or whatever lower percentage. Then after again dilute it with 8oz of pure water/distilled water before ingesting?


how many drops of 3% in 8 oz water?


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Posted by Mark (Rancho Cucamonga, California) on 03/14/2018

Hello to all of the Healthy family,

I started Monday 3/12/2018 with 3 drops in 6 ounces of DISSTILLED WATER 3 times on the FIRST day and I feel much better after just 3 days. No more diabetes pain in my arms and shoulders. A1C dropping with each drink.

I am living proof HP works, I'm starting my wife and daughters on it next week because I have more problems than they do and I wanted to see if woks or not. Two thumbs up is what I'm giving it.

Replied by Mark
(Frankfort Il)

Glad to hear it's working. Just started myself and I am up to 8 drops. I do notice a lot more energy, and some of my pain has started to disappear. The only thing I am worried about is if it is really 35% FG hydrogen peroxide. Anyone know how to tell? I did the freeze test and it does not freeze. I purchased mine from true health discounts, any suggestions?

Replied by Joseph

Are you still taking hydrogen peroxide and what side effects do you have.. Does it make you constantly sweat?

Diluting Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 03/06/2021

ORH here, and as a Ch E, I cringe whenever I read out how 35% hydrogen peroxide is diluted to get 3%.

2 US tablespoons = 1 fluid ounce. So to 12 oz of distilled water add 2 tbsp of H202.

To get 1 1/2% only add 1 tbtp to 12 oz of distilled water.

Most take a measured beaker and add 12 oz of water and then using the next line on the beaker add the Hydrogen Peroxide. You ain't even close to 3%. You are welcome.


Replied by Ellen

Why not just start with 3% FGHP? Swanson Vitamins carries it online. What's the ratio recipe for the 3%?

(Edwards CO)

brilliant - thanks for bringing this to my attention! I just bought gallons of 35% - but will tell my mom to buy this 3%!

Diluting Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Barbara (Texas) on 04/24/2018

I am doing the H202 protocol. Currently I am taking 3 drops in 8 oz of distilled water. It tastes awful, so I put a few drops of lemon juice in the water. Is this ok? And is bottled water ok to use instead of distilled? Thank you.

Replied by Weslo
(Panama City Beach, Fl)
9 posts

You do not want to use bottled water with H2O2. It has additives that could cause the peroxide to attack the additives and not get the full benefit of the H2O2.

Also, you should take the peroxide and distilled water alone, then just use a mint or something to help cover the taste.

The peroxide is incredible and I have used it to beat lung cancer as well as other health issues. I had lung cancer back in 2005. Lungs are full of asbestos that cannot be removed.

No chemo or radiation. I am 67 years old and still work full time by choice.



Replied by Kellie

Hi there Weslo...just wondering how you use the peroxide for your lungs. Do you just drink it? Have you ever nebulized it? What is your dosage? Thanks for a reply.

Replied by Sl

Where do you buy your FG hydrogen peroxide? Thanks

Replied by Weslo
(Panama City Beach, Fl)
9 posts

Sorry for the slow reply. I buy mine from a health food store in Panama City, Fl. Most health food stores should carry it. Just make sure it is 35%.



Replied by Weslo
(Panama City Beach, Fl)
9 posts

Sorry for the slow reply, Kellie. Yes, with distilled water. You can get the dosage schedule for free from



Diluting Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lindsay (Atlanta, Ga ) on 04/23/2018


I brought 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, the instructions were to dilute 1oz with 11oz distilled water. So I did, and within 3 minutes I had a severe stomach ache and was hugging the toilet, and throwing up for 3 more minutes. **THIS STUFF IS DANGEROUS **PLEASE BE CAREFUL** Start off with one drop in a lot of water and go from there, you cannot go by anyone else's measurements.

Replied by Dave

H2o2 can form radicals with iron or copper which are highly unstable and when more than what the body produces on dna contributing to aging. That's why the body locks iron into hemoproteins and uses catalase which is an enzyme with the pure job of breaking down hydrogen peroxide.

How can more h202, than the body already produces, be beneficial?

(Lousville, KY)
27 posts

Taking recommended amounts of safely diluted FGHP is good for all of us because levels of oxygen are reduced in today's atmosphere. With all the chemicals and pollutants inside and outside, we need more oxygen to help destroy viruses and bacteria and help us operate at optimal levels.

Replied by Weslo
(Panama City Beach, Fl)
9 posts

I have taken it for years. I measure 6 ounces of distilled water in a glass and start with 3 drops 3 times a day from an eye dropper. Works great and does a great job.

Has stopped my lung cancer in its tracks. With lungs full of asbestos, I rely on it heavily. Knocked cancer out in 2005 and I am still going at 67 years old and working full time by choice.



Lover of Nature

I too have been reading the Protocol of how to take H P via the book called One Minute Cure information. Yes, one starts with 3 drops and increases by One drop 3 x a day up tp 25 drops... after about 13 drops in the glass of water... the TASTE is very difficult to get rid of.... Raw Goat milk seems to work ok as well as freshly cold pressed Pine apple juice..

Do you or any other reader know if these drinks work with HP or is there any ingredient that cancels the benefits of HP??? Yes, this too is for metastasised cancer..... Your help greatly appreciated Jen Australia

Replied by Deb

The one ounce to eleven ounce ratio makes three percent solution. This is NOT the amount to use to do therapy. There is a book called One Minute Cure that has the protocol in it and a lot of good information.

I have been using for a week. I have had severe chronic fatigue syndrome for thirty years. I have noticed that I am starting to breathe better, have more focus and have had better REM sleep. I have noticed an increase in energy, concentration, memory, and have been able to up my activity levels a bit. I don't know if it is a true cure all, but I have noticed enough of a significant improvement that I am going to keep going in an effort to heal myself with this therapy. Also, use distilled water because if there are minerals in the water, it will attach to them instead of being used in the body the way it was intended. PLEASE research anything that you plan to ingest. Good luck with your research and hope that you find health.

Replied by Brenda

Yes, but then you're supposed to dilute it and take a few drops in distilled water. It's a two dilution method clearly mentioned several times.

Replied by erin
(edwards CO)

you diluted it to 3% - then you have to dilute it further - 1-25 drops in 6-8oz of water .... no wonder you had side effects!!!

Replied by Bill

Well, if it was my first time and if I were to decide to regularly supplement and use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) every day for any particular reason then the very first thing I would do is to make absolutely sure to read the definitive book on H2O2 -- called The One Minute Cure by Madison Cavanaugh -- which tells you all about how to use H2O2 to cure cancer(as well as many other diseases), how to detox your body, how to reverse brain damage(through oxygenation), how H2O2 also kills a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungus and mycoplasma/mycobateria.

And if you read The One Minute Cure you will also realize that H2O2 in the blood, through its own useful action or because of the body's defensive enzymes(like catalase), will always break down into harmless water and oxygen -- both of which are also highly beneficial to the body.

And for serious problems like cancer, the book also recommends that you should supplement a daily dose of 25 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day outside mealtimes. You should initially start with 2 drops, increasing by one drop each day until you reach 25 drops of H2O2 supplemented three times a day.

I'm currently using 3 drops of 35% H2O2 once a day. So, for the sake of comparison, that amount is equivalent to 33 drops of 3% H2O2 per day. I take that dose because it helps to flood my blood and my brain with oxygen, thereby giving me more energy. It also helps to protect me against any COVID-19 threat. I've also used 3 drops of 35% H2O2 + Methylene Blue drops to good effect for assisting my energy needs as well.

And, in the past, throughout all my H2O2 experimentation, I have never once felt bad or sick while taking H2O2 at the stated larger dosages. But that's probably because, for the last 15 years or so, I've been faithfully taking my own detox protocol(Lugols Iodine(8 drops/day), Milk Thistle(1000mgs twice a day w. meals), Selenium(200mcgs twice a day w. meals ), Mag Chloride(250mgs twice a day w. meals), Zinc(10mgs/day) NAC(600mgs twice a day w. meals) and Chromium Picolinate(800mcgs/day w. meals) every day.

And for all those who say they feel really sick when taking H2O2, I would advise that you should first detox for a while using either a lower starting dosage of H2O2 or just use my detox protocol above for a while. Because, like I said before, H2O2 is a great detoxer, so if you're body is already chock full of poisons like fluorine, bromine, chlorine, pharma drugs, Roundup Ready weedkiller(glyphosate), heavy metals and pesticides galore, then, of course, taking H2O2 could well promote the poisonous re-distribution of all said toxins in your body which will probably cause you to feel quite sick.

So, as I've said, when supplementing the higher H2O2 daily dose you should initially start with 2 drops of 35% H2O2 and just increase the dose by one drop every day until you are taking 25 drops 35% hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day(always outside mealtimes). The latter is the dose and frequency that is advised in the above book for all serious diseases like cancer.

But another way of taking H2O2 would be to take it at the lower dose that Ted from Bangkok suggests. I've always personally liked his one-capful-of-3%-H2O2-in-one-litre-of-water-per-day method myself for lesser problems like arthritis. No fuss, it's cheap and it's so easy. And it works. Read the book!

Diluting Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Bern (SW England) on 10/02/2014

Hi I'm Bern,

Help me please!!! It's difficult to buy 35% FG here in the UK now as I guess it maybe in many other countries. So I've bought 12% FG. My question is can this be diluted 3:1 to produce 3% FG and be used as if was a reduced 35% solution? All the written material refers to using 35% to achieve 3% strengths which leads me to ask is the purity in 35% greater than in other strengths? Which begs the question if you can buy 3% FG why can that not be used?

I'm hoping it's just to save money and make the product go further but my 12% stays where it is 'till I find some answers...your help would be appreciated!

P.S. I'm aware of the problem with stabilisers ..are they more prevalent in lower grades?

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Bern,

I think it is fine to dilute your 12% food grade the way you describe to make it 3%.

Certainly I think you could use food grade in 3% if you could find it.

I think one reason that stuff doesn't get labelled "Food Grade" easily is that it has to go through more paperwork or inspections so it is easier to say it isn't food grade than bother with that, especially since most people don't need or want food grade anyway.

I use regular 3% peroxide from the grocery store or wherever and have had only success with it thus far. I look for things that have only "purified water" as the inactive ingredient.

~Mama to Many~


My friend uses 33% HP but he always uses Distilled water and so do I, every other water has germs, so when you are using a med of some kind that you add to water it is best to use Distilled. I drink a glass of it with lemon & lime with a little pink Himalayan salt, I never use white table salt it is been known to have glass and sand in it which will make tiny cuts in your veins and your cholesterol rushes to fix the problems and that is 1 reason people have high cholesterol, I order my Himalayan salt and it taste so much better and you only need a little to make your food taste good.

Replied by Antoinette

Hi. I need some help. I live in Uk and I need license to buy 35% hydrogen peroxide, can I use 12% or less in the food range and get good result? Thank you. Your prompt response will be appreciated. Antoinette.

Replied by Prioris
(Florida, US)

You really can't use 35% food grade h202 because it would burn you. In the end h202 gets diluted. hence 12% food grade h202 is okay but you will have to dilute even that further also. Buying food grade h202 at 12% is preferable since it is safer to handle than 35%.

Replied by Rudy

Hi! Do we use the whole amount from the glass dropper (counting this as one drop) when mixing it in with the 8oz of purified water, or do we just let tiny drops of the FGHP out of the dropper dilute into 8oz of purified water? Thanks in advance for you help.

Replied by William Sumner
(Bartow, Fl. U.s.a)

I stared to use the 3% in 2004. the best place to find it is " " it comes in different sizes and is already mixed to 3% it comes in a spray bottle and in quarts & gallons. you don't have to mix it .

Replied by Tom
(Fleet, UK)

Hello, Bern, i, ve just been on E-Bay and found food grade 3%.They do various sizes. Hope this helps.

Replied by Ronaldo

Hi, anyone can help, what is the dilution for making 0.45% hydrogen peroxide, I have a bottle of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I have a small tumor in my kidney and I want to dissolve this tumor, could anyone help, or any other advice, how I can I dissolve this tumor?

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Ronaldo, Canada ---

Do research EC section on Essiac and you will benefit. I am using it for detox every year. Take note, it must be "four herb, all roots included".

Regards, Om

Replied by Bibijoux
(New Mexico)

It is important that you take 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and dilute the drops in distilled water. Most food grade hydrogen peroxide shipments come with a little dropper bottle so that you can easily count the drops that will go in the water.

Best to you!

Replied by Marimargaret
(Fort Worth, Texas)

How many drops of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide to 1gallon of distilled water does it take to equal 1gallon of 3% solution?

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

I always do this by easy math method of decimal multiplication. Add one cup of 35% H2O2 and 10 cups of distilled water to an empty jar or jug and you will have almost exactly a container of 3.5% H2O2.

Replied by Hil

Help -- Please help me understand... 35% to 3.5%. My brain suggests that if that one cup were augmented to ten cups, it would be one tenth the strength. In other words, one cup H2O2 and nine cups water... Why would you want to dilute it to one eleventh of the original dilution if you want it to be one tenth the strength?

Replied by Moni
(New Haven, Ct)

I was using 12% hydrogen peroxide and had problem like really bad acidity. Can I use 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide instead of 12% or 35%. Mix 3% food hydrogen peroxide with distilled water and drink it?. Please advise it is ok to use 3%.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Moni, of course you can use less strength! Or you can use the one you have and dilute it a lot more.

Replied by Erica

I made the mistake of using a whole dropper vs 1 drop, I found out the correct amount is one tiny drop is considered a "drop".

Hope it helps!

Replied by Suzyq

I don't get what the big scare is? My doctor, yes medical doctor! did a hydrogen peroxide iv on me at his clinic, I'm allergic to most antibiotics. I had hp iv for months. All it is oxygen. My ND also suggested hydrogen peroxide, he told me 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide was well not that strong so he had me increase drops for awhile. I recently ordered the food grade hydrogen peroxide 35% and I took one drop in glass of water three hours after food, and will increase the drops slowly then stop at certain place.

I sometimes think some, not all, doctors just see us an income source if they cured us, we would no longer see them so they just keep you stringing along, not finding any cure ever, while they whiz away in the latest sports car!

Replied by Nadia

I read that if you take 2 drops of 35% food grade HP in a glass of water for 60 days can be beneficial for tumors.

Replied by Niamh

Hi Ebb: Are you quoting from the One Minute Cure? "First, 35% MUST be DILUTED with pure water: 1 part HP to 11 parts water. This is called 3%..."

I'm interested as I haven't seen this double dilution when I read it and wondered if you could refer me to the section. I don't want to embark on h202 internal therapy until I have made sure I am dosing correctly. Thanks a mil.

Replied by Wayne
(Nova Scotia)

Please don't confuse people by saying it has to be diluted twice before ingesting. 35% food grade hydrogen pyroxide is what is dropped into 6-8 ounces of water and ingested, you do not dilute it to 3% first, that would be for placing into a vapourizor or an ultrasonic humidifier, or for spraying directly into your throat. Get the book on this.

Robin E.

Wayne - you are absolutely correct in what you wrote! I just started 35% FGHP today after reading the instructions very carefully. I then read what this 'person' posted & almost had a heart failure! I reread my book 'The One Minute Cure' & then read your post & was so relieved.

Replied by Mandy

Geez, all I want to do is start my HP regime and do you think I can find the correct information on what percentages to use?? Everyone says something different. This post seems the most sane that I've read so far but is this correct? I've searched everywhere on the internet but come up with the same problem. You mention in your post that you are just starting your HP is this definitely the right information? Thanks :)

Dosage Tips

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Posted by Myke (Tucson, Arizona) on 01/18/2019

So glad to see all of us interested or on H202 Therapy. I found increasing by one drop a day too much and my schedule wouldn't permit 3 times a day so I increase my drops once a week, on Monday's and stick with that dose all week and only once a day, first thing in the morning. I swish the last full gulp around my mouth and teeth before swallowing and I save the last bit for soaking a cotton face round in; then wipe my face with it (skin cancer). All is working great! My holistic NP is amazed with my Bio-meridian report! All body systems are greatly improved!

Replied by Roger

I am just starting the process, good to read your message. Thanks, Roger

Replied by Jacquie

Hi Myke, How much HP are you taking in each dosing?

Replied by Loretta

Thank you! I can only commit to 1 time a day as well, I was wondering if anyone was doing that and if they saw any difference. I am doing 8 drops a day, I did 10 and I was so moody!!! I said ok maybe 8 is better for me right now. lol I get headaches with every day, but I am sure it will pass.. Thank you for sharing..

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Side Effects

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Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 10/18/2021 84 posts

After buying a lot of expensive, food-grade hydrogen peroxide for oral use, for the elimination of intestinal worms that I may, or may not have, I've got two issues. Issue #1: I'm worried that this valuable peroxide will be worthless in one year. Issue #2: Regardless of how little of this peroxide I take, my body responds with a combination of nausea and diarrhea. I wonder what it is that I should I do. Any advice?

Replied by Jgny
(Thousand Islands)

I have read to pour some into a small dropper type bottle and put the big bottle in the freezer. I did that.

Replied by Madelyn

@RB (Somewhere in Europe)

#1 The peroxide will not be worthless. Simply keep in tightly capped and it will be just fine.

#2 You did not mention what percent peroxide you're using. If you have the 35%, try diluting a small amount to a 3% solution and use only 1 drop. Work your way up slowly. Take the peroxide first thing in the morning mixed with water on an empty stomach.

If even a small amount gives you nausea or diarrhea, then give topical applications a try. They are quite effective. One method is to simply add some peroxide to your bath water and soak. A foot bath would work too. Another method is to soak a cloth with a 3% solution of peroxide and apply to your feet. You can set the soles of your feet on the cloth. You can also put the cloth on your feet, wrap in plastic wrap, and cover with socks. I recently did this on my 4 year old son after he awoke one morning and had puked several times. He couldn't even keep down water without throwing up water, and later bile. I took 2 washcloths soaked in 3% peroxide, placed on the bottoms of his feet, and then wrapped them in plastic wrap and socks. It was in less than an hour that he got up and pronounced himself “all better”! He sat down and ate a small meal. He never threw up again! It worked fast, completely and painlessly.

One last idea, you could try the inhalation method, aka Bill Munro's method. Lots of info right here on Earth Clinic.

Once you've raised your body's oxygen levels and perhaps detoxed gradually, you may find you are eventually able to better tolerate drinking peroxide by slowly increasing the amount.

Food Grade Instructions

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Posted by Adriamarievigg (Rochester, Ny) on 07/10/2016

I couldn't find any step by step testimonials so I thought I'd write one.

I bought 35% Food Grade from our local health food store & a gallon of distilled water. I measured out 1 1/4 cup of water, dumped that out and added 1 1/4 cup of H2O2 to make a gallon of 3% solution.

Never use the 35% straight in a glass of water. Only mix 3% solution in with your glass of water!

I started slow with three drops in a 20oz glass of purified water on an empty stomach. Because my schedule didn't allow me to drink it 3x a day, I only drank it once in the morning.

Now everyone's experience is's what happened to me.

I experienced nausea...a lot of nausea. I had to gradual increase # of drops every day. If the nausea got to be too much I would reduce the drops until I could tolerate it and then start going back up. My goal was to drink 1 oz a day. Although I did reach this goal I couldn't maintain it. The nausea was too much, so I dropped down to .5 oz. I did this routine everyday for 2 months

Other symptoms included pooping a lot, anal itching, some sinus problems, head cold like stuff, intense fatigue in the afternoon, facial breakouts, some small rashes, back aches, joint aches and some headaches. Each individual symptom only lasted 3-7 days.

The good news: I did have a lot of energy in the morning and my mood improved. My Blood Pressure went from 132/90 to 115/90. My thyroid increased. My oral health improved. My gums were no longer bleeding and irritated and I didn't have any cavities (I usually have at least 1-3 every time I go), my appetite decreased, and I didn't crave junk food anymore.

I'm very thankful I found this website. It truly has changed my life for the better.

Replied by LJ

I'm believing that your body was absolutely getting rid of parasites...good job!

Replied by mactine2k22

H2O2 Dilution Chart

I finally found a measuring chart for the food grade H2O2 that I had at 12%. This is how to dilute in order to make a 3% solution.

This site also includes a helpful chart to dilute the 35% and is in line with the post I'm replying to, just a different layout.

For 12%

For 35%

Thank you Earth Clinic!

Replied by mactine2k22

H2O2 Dilution Chart

I finally found a measuring chart for the food grade H2O2 that I had at 12%. This is how to dilute in order to make a 3% solution.

This site also includes a helpful chart to dilute the 35% and is in line with the post I'm replying to, just a different layout.

For 12%

For 35%

Thank you Earth Clinic!

Replied by Mick
(Ottawa, Canada)

When doing the HP protocol(building to 25 drops 3x/day) do any of the following contradict(lessen) the HP effects and should be avoided during the HP protocol - Borax, ACV, Baking Soda? Thanks

Food Grade Peroxide Cures

44 User Reviews
5 star (28) 
3 star (2) 
1 star (5) 

Posted by Troy (United States) on 06/17/2020

Hello, been taking food grade Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy (H202) using the "The one minute cure" oral method and have to say I'm amazed at its success. Started it about 18 months ago after a good friend told me about his success.

I had 6 gall stone attacks with a few weeks that were painful as hell. I hate going to the doctor but eventually went because the pain got pretty bad. Doctor took xrays and said I had a gall stone that I would need surgery. I'm a bad eater and don't drink much water so I wasn't happy about forever having to eat healthy and lots of water. I also had a reoccurring Urinary tract infection for 3 years that antibiotics could never get rid of.

Also, kidney stones twice a year. Doc thought the kidney stones had caused a lot of scar tissue which the UTI infection could hide from the antibiotics. After a month or so of HP therapy the UTI infection and gall bladder stone completely disappeared and I've not had any re-occurrence since then. And let me tell you, I've pushed the limits on bad eating to see if the gallstone was really gone.

Furthermore, the HP therapy got rid of my smoker's cough, wheezing at night and I haven't had a kidney stone or been sick since (except once when I stopped taking the HP about 6 months ago and sure enough after a two weeks, I got one of the worst flu's of my life.) Started taking HP again and the flu went away in a few days and then stopped taking the HP again about a month ago. Doing the HP therapy is a pain in the but and I've been healthy as a horse so hard to find the motivation. However, just yesterday morning I noticed a slight consistent gallstone ache so I'm back to HP therapy. Just finished my second HP dose and this time I'm using a nebulizer.

I've heard there are better results over the oral method. Can't say I have any proof that the HP cured these ailments but I can say I have not taken any other remedies/medicines, did not improve my eating habits (except for first month after diagnosis of gal stone) and hardly any exercise. But I did improve my daily water intake. I believe the HP therapy fixed all my ailments. Since starting HP therapy I spoke with a few doctors to get their feedback and this is what I learned. From my VA doctor he said he has a couple patients that do it with success. He shared with me that when people do those Vitamin C IV's to fight off the flu, that the Vitamin C immediately turns into hydrogen peroxide and it makes sense that HP therapy would work. The extra Oxygen molecule breaks off and goes right to the blood stream and the rest turns to water. He said it makes perfect sense if properly diluted, Food Grade HP would cause no harm. My dentist from Bulgaria shared with me that everyone in Europe knows about this therapy as a cure-all and food grade HP is sold everywhere. She was surprised when I mentioned it since no one in the US knows about it.

My Naturopath doctor friend said HP therapy totally makes sense and should have similar results as Ozone therapy which he does a lot of at his clinic. He said he couldn't recommend this because it could jeopardize their licensing. If there was a drug screening or trial that proved HP therapy worked then he could. Since there is no money in HP there is zero likehood there will ever be a hydrogen peroxide therapy drug trial. Hope this helps.

Replied by Claude

35% hydrogen peroxide therapy works! If you want to enhance it by 1000, try 5 to 10 drops hydrogen peroxide with 2 to 5 drops DMSO and a cap full of colloidal silver in an 8 ounce glass of distilled water/ 3 times a day! Don't use any metal or plastic spoons to stir, only glass stir sticks! It cured my mother's rheumatoid arthritis and her stage 4 lung/liver cancer!

Tonya C
(Ewa Beach, Hi)

How long did your mother take it before she saw results?

Replied by Edith


I was wondering if you take it internally or by nebuliser please?


In response to your question regarding taking diluted H202 by Nebulizer the answer is a resounding yes! I started out with a diluted mixture at 1.5% (about 4 cc's worth) and coughed constantly while using the Nebulizer for about a week. As time went by I increased the mixture to around 3% and had a Neb treatment twice a day to start and after several weeks, cut back to once a day then once a week. This stuff did wonders for my lungs!!!

Replied by Amy

So. I would not start at this dosage unless u want serious detox reactions. Start with 1 drop, 1 x per day and increase from there. Food grade H202 is powerful stuff!

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Shauna (Usa) on 07/25/2018

So I have been taking H202 for about a month and I feel amazing. I did the protocol and have found that a maintenance dose of 5-10 drops twice a day is working to keep me progressing and feeling better. I adjust it depending on how hungry I am at the time. If I haven't eaten a lot that day, I take a lower dose and usually eat about a half hour or 45 minutes after taking it.

I feel better if I don't try to starve myself to keep up with the schedule and just about every symptom I have is disappearing. Symptoms I didn't even think would ever go away. I feel amazing. I have energy. I can concentrate. I feel more positive. There used to be this tugging sensation behind my eye that made me feel stressed that is going away. I used to have some shortness of breath that is going away. I have been exercising again. I truly can't believe that something so simple has alleviated so many problems. Just amazing.

Replied by Jillian

Hi! Which one have you been taking? What strength? Thanks!

Replied by John
(Binghamton, NY)

Shauna wrote that she takes 5 to 10 drops maintenance dose daily. Is that an 8 oz of water or more? Thanks.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Bleda (Las Vegas) on 07/12/2018

I have just started HP therapy 1 week ago. Yes I was nervous, people are always nervous putting unknown things into our bodies. But then I have realized daily we put other toxins in our bodies with food or cosmetics, which are far worst then HP. I am on my 10 drop dose with 35 percent food grade HP. I don't feel much of a difference in my health but I would consider my self a healthy person, maybe that's why I don't feel all the toxins flushing effects like so many others are experiencing. I feel energy at some times after I take it, other times I don't. The only thing I suffer from is sinus. I cant breath and I am using this in a spray bottle and spray it in my mouth or nose couple times a day. It makes me breath a little better but still have this frog in throat feeling. Hope that gets better over time.

I do eat right after, some times, or right before and never had any issues doing this either. I am going to finish the 25 drops therapy and will do the 5 drops 2x daily maintenance with 35 percent HP.

My question, I am giving this to my son with milk because I know he won't drink it in water because of the taste. I give him 3 drops once or twice a day. I dont wanna hurt him since he is only 13. I would like to know the dosage on teens. Whats the correct dosage to give to teens?

Replied by Shauna

I would imagine keeping a teenager on 3 drops a day is going to be the best route. It should help with detox and prevention without putting him at risk of anything. If there is a condition that you are giving him H2O2 for, I would recommend finding a location that does IV hydrogen peroxide therapy to help with correct dosing. This is because of what I read in the book by Dr. William Douglass on the difference between IV and oral hydrogen peroxide therapy according to the research. He says it can bind with food to create oxidative stress, but it should be okay within a certain range citing a maintenance dose of 10 drops a day twice a day, I believe. The book is called Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle. It is really good and has a lot of useful information.

Replied by Lisa
(Orlando, Florida)

Your sinus issues might be resolved by cutting out dairy. My son has a lot of trouble with his sinuses but he eats a lot of cheese. Try going dairy free for 30 days and just see what happens.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Max L. (Spokane) on 05/15/2017 6 posts

I am currently up to 14 drops 3x a day on 35% food grade peroxide. It's been an interesting venture so far. I had mucus in my sinuses. I had (for a long time) had a pain like what felt like an block in the right side of my colon-like south of my liver. After the first or second dose at 2 drops, this went away. It has started up but only lightly and goes away within a hour of taking the h202. Tonight, it's almost like I can feel the increase in pressure from within. More oxygen. It's similar to the bends and that's why you have to take it slow.

Again- For hard headed people out there like Frank Foode - GO SLOWLY. So it's not just about not burning your mouth and pipes. If you do this, please look at your tear ducts from time to time over the dosing. I am curious if I am the only one that has ejections from my ducts. I had tularemia 2016 and it did get access to me through my tear duct so that particular outcome might be case specific.

Sometimes, it makes me nauseous but chem0 would too and it goes away. Sometimes I have no appetite either but I seem to be making better choices. So's been interesting. Good luck to any thinking about doing this protocol.

Replied by Roosevelt
(New Jersey)

Please elaborate on the " watching your tear ducts" statement. What would be the purpose of watching your tear ducts?.. Please inform me.

Thank you

Replied by Cyndi60
(Brookings, Or)

I have 3% food grade HP and I can't find anywhere what the dosages should be?
Do you by chance know? Why does it have to be 35%? My 3% also has deionized water knit.

Pam E.
(SouthWestern California)
130 posts

There was a time when 35% was the only strength that Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide was sold in. It's rather recent that it has begun to be sold in the US in 3% strength solution & many of the comments were posted before then.

Replied by Barb
(Hobart, Indiana)

Wow, on my sixth day of HP therapy, I had so much eye matter that my vision was blurry. I didn't equate it with the HP therapy because I have cataracts, until I read your post. I'm now on my 12th day and in a healing crisis with break outs and headaches. I'm soaking a cotton ball in 3% and dabbing the sores and they are gone in a day. Continuing my quest to rid the toxins and it is working.

(Erie Pennsylvania)

You can cure cataracts with castor oil on lids three times daily.

Replied by Shirah

About dilution - If I dilute 35% in distilled water, can I make up a batch e.g. 8 ounces, and keep the diluted batch in the refrigerator and use it daily? Will it deteriorate over time? About how long can I keep it in the refrigerator before it has lost it's power?

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

From personal experience, FG 35% H2O2 keeps well over a 1yr in quart or gal plastic container at room temp, so if kept in a sealed container in fridge, it should last likely up to or over 5 yrs, imho.

Replied by Jethmal

Do you mean 14 drops of 35% strenth food grade H2O2 in 8 oz pure water and 3 times a day without bringing it down to 3%?

35% is too strong. I heard it heavily react. Are comfortable with this strength?

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Al (Toronto, Canada) on 11/11/2015

I am going to say only one thing to all..I have been drinking a 500 ml bottle of water infused with 12 drops of h2o2 35% every day for over 5 years. I am not dead, sick or have any weird symptoms what so ever..however I feel unbelievable and what's far I am convinced that it cures or prevents or just blocks only one thing for sure..don't get me wrong I am fairly confident what it does in other areas but only convinced of one.. break through for sure

Replied by Devon W.

What is a good dose to start off at?

I just ordered my first bottle of 35% food grade peroxide so I hope it will help me.

I have been suffering from chronic back and shoulder injuries for over 17 years now. Also I have smoked for many years & now have been cutting way back because I suffer from shortness of breath to the point of almost passing out now. I have been out of work (Doctors Orders) due to my past, so now I am hoping this will help me cleanse myself close to where I was when I was very athletic!!

Thanks 4 sharing.


Replied by Lynna
(Birmingham, Al)

Thanks a lot!

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Jan (yon) (Danville, Il) on 08/15/2015

I've used food grade hydrogen peroxide for years.

To get 3% mix 1 part 35% to 11 parts distilled water. If you use 1 ounce of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, you must add 11 ounces of distilled water to make a 3% solution.

I was almost crippled after a car accident, I had sciatica nerve damage and a 'charlie horse' that would grip the right side of my back several times a day. I could not raise my head up and walking was slow and painful. Ol' dummy doc gave me opiates for nearly 2 years. He said I'd be in a wheel chair in a few years. I started researching and took hydrogen peroxide therapy. Within 2 months I had eliminated 90% of the pain, I could raise my head and walk normally, eventually the sciatica healed and I spray 3% solution into my lungs and inhale every day with a fine mist bottle.

I have never been sick since. Doctors don't know anything but drug dealing. I am now pain free.

(Gurnee, Il)

3% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide MUST BE FURTHER DILUTED for use in a nebulizer: As a preventative to keep infections at bay / promote healing – add 0.5 ml (cc) (or ~12 drops if using a dropper) to a nebulizer filled with 5 ml (cc) distilled water. Use once a day or as often as you feel the need. To fight a lung, bronchial or sinus infection or to get hydrogen peroxide into the body for a systemic treatment – add an amount (see below) of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a nebulizer filled with 5ml (cc) distilled water. Use several times / day as convenient. The lowest effective dose is ~0.5 ml (cc) or ~ 12 drops (if using a dropper) in 5 ml (cc) distilled water for about 3 minutes. (As a guideline: 1 ml usually contains about 25 drops, but obviously varies with different droppers). If this is your first time using this therapy, use this dose (or even less) to test your reaction. Increase dose as tolerated up to a maximum 2.0 ml (cc) in 5 ml (cc) distilled water for up to about 10 minutes (maximum dose determined from anecdotal reports) Nebulized H2O2 will not only contact the lungs, it will also enter the bloodstream, where it will oxidize pathogens and toxins. CAUTION must be exercised by smokers and individuals who have used prescription and nonprescription drugs in their lungs, and those who are very sick. If H2O2 solution is too strong, the H2O2 reaction with a heavy contaminant or microbial presence could promote tissue-damaging inflammation in the lungs and a potentially dangerous systemic “die-off” effect, called the Herxheimer Reaction.


Can you elaborate on the drug / hydrogen peroxide counter indications? I'm assuming most of the people on here are on some kind of drug. My dad is on steroids. Can that interfere?

Replied by Lisa
(Houston, Texas)

Can I inhale 3% solution in a nebulizer and how much do I inhale? Thanks so much?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile Tn)

HI U LISA,,,,,,,, know you Texans are tough, but suggest you start on 1 1/2 % in your nebulizer. 3% by mouth inhalation works, but too strong in a nebulizer.


Replied by Vinnie

Hi Jan, was wondering how you breath in the peroxide must. Do you spray it into your mouth while breathing in??

Replied by Rsw

Hi Vinnie,

Deirdre Layne, the creator of Earth Clinic, has posted a video on YouTube to show people exactly how to use Bill Monroe's peroxide treatment. Here it is:

Best wishes!

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Susan (Usa) on 12/13/2014

I'm fairly new to studying and using food grade hydrogen peroxide. I mainly use diet, homeopathy - etc.

I'm following the gradual increase of drops and my gums are getting very inflamed and sore. I stopped for a few days and it went away. I'm again on day three at 14 drops and it is happening again. Everything I have read says it should be helping gums/gum infections/inflammation --- I am thinking it could be a healing crisis but want to double check with someone who has more knowledge /experience on it. It's disturbing enough I nearly do want to stop.....but am enjoying other benefits so I don't want to stop too quickly and uninformed. Thanks.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

If you have Mercury Amalgam fillings then the H2O2 would cause a reaction as heavy metals cause major free radical production.

Oil Pulling is recommended for gum problems.

Selenium/Vit-E/CoQ10 will greatly strengthen the gums.

Replied by Mayan2012
(Ontario, Canada)

Are you using 3%? if it is stronger that could be your problem. I use the one in a store that has nothing added to it, but it is not classed as food grade.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Susan, from what I understand, the h2o2 works at lower levels just as well, so no need to go to where it is making you uncomfortable. You can safely lower your dosage and still get the benefits, G-d willing.

Replied by Davidson

You are only supposed to put about 4 eye drops of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide if even that in a glass of water and you are only supposed to take this twice a day depending on how bad your situation is. There is nothing wrong with ingesting this amount of hydrogen peroxide in fact it cures arthritis to do such too. If you are using more than that I would expect this hurting you are getting because it is burning your gums because you have not diluted it enough.

Replied by Helga
(Asheville, NC)

I dilute my H2O2 (food grade) to 6% and spray it every day on my gums and teeth and it works wonders, but I don't have amalgam fillings.

Replied by Dw

Wondering if you could use a straw like dentist suggest for orange juice, to get it past the teeth?

Replied by Jo

I have used peroxide for years on my gums, I use the peroxide neat, keep in the mouth for a few minutes then rinse wait a while and repeat the process. Don't swallow the mixture. Repeat for a few days then give it a rest. It has always been successful for me. whenever you visit dentist come home and do this process, bacteria in your teeth can make you sick because you swallow some of it.

from joanne

Replied by Larry

Be aware that there is a commercially available 3% food grade H2O2 (Essential Oxygen HP Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, available at WFs). Although expensive, you avoid having to dilute the corrosive 35% food grade H2O2.

Replied by KT

Just thought I would mention that I get 32 oz. of the 3% H202 at Walmart for 88 cents. I dilute a cap full of H202 with about a half or equal cap full of water and swish in mouth for two minutes, two or three times a day after eating with no problem. My gums did get sore when I did not dilute the peroxide. I have done the Oil Pulling with coconut oil after using the peroxide. Is this an acceptable thing to do because I have amalgam fillings?

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Brendan (Ireland) on 12/02/2014

I've been using the 12% food grade h2o2 with the following protocol, tomorrow I start 66 drops 3 times a day.

1st day, use 9 drops
2nd day, use 12 drops
3rd day, use 15 drops
4th day, use 18 drops
5th day, use 21 drops
6th day, use 24 drops
7th day, use 27 drops
8th day, use 30 drops
9th day, use 36 drops
10th day, use 42 drops
11th day, use 48 drops
12th day, use 54 drops
13th day, use 60 drops
14th day, use 66 drops
15th day, use 72 drops
16th day, use 75 drops

So far so good, I was a bit scared at first before I tried, but after reading a lot about food grade h2o2 and it's benefits I had to give it a try, the things I have noticed are increased energy, for example I walk up a steep hill once or twice a week and am usually out of breath by the time I reach the top, but since taking h2o2 I've been walking up the same hill and when I reach the top I just want to keep going, with the increased energy my body feels stronger.

Some other things I've noticed are increased lung capacity, breathing is clearer. When I wake up I'm awake, usually it takes me 30 minutes to not feel groggy in the morning time, I've been sleeping better, 30 minutes after I drink food grade h202 my thought process become clearer and I'm extremely alert. I feel more confident within myself.

I've had no issues so far concerning side effects.

Replied by Faeqa
(Amman, Jordan)
66 posts


I am suffering from rheumatism since 25 years, before 6 months I began to take H2O2, I follow the protocol explained in the net, when I reached 25 drops I noticed a very good changes in the pain but I couldn't continue because it caused a very hard pain in my stomach. Anyone can give me advice how to take H2O2 without stomach pain, thanks.

(Somewhere in Europe)
84 posts

Faeqa, I would cut back on the dose of 25 drops. I'd restart at 20 drops. I'd give myself significantly more time to get used to the peroxide.

Replied by Brendan

Hi Faeqa, I take the hydrogen peroxide / h2o2 3 hours after food and I don't eat food until at least 1 hour after I have drunk the h2o2.

I have noticed some stomach issues, but then I started eating yogurt after my meal and it became better. Also, instead of drinking the h2o2 as fast as I could because the taste is strong, I have taken small sips of h2o2. It can take me 20 minutes to drink a 250ml glass of purified water with the drops added; after these adjustments I have no problems with my stomach.

Replied by Sheryl
(Plaucheville, Louisiana)

Brendan, I was told to start with one drop for first week. Then two drops for second week & so on. Could you please tell me where you received your information?

Thanks for you help, Sheryl

Replied by Brendan

Hi Sheryl

I read an online book called the one minute cure, you can google it by searching "the one minute cure.pdf" it should be the top link. It's a fantastic book with lots of information about food grade H2o2.

I'm using 12% food grade H2o2 so I took the same information from the book and using its protocol for 35% food grade H2o2, I've increased the drops for using 12% food grade H2o2 accordingly.

Of course if you are using 35% H2o2 then on the 16th day and beyond you would only use 25 drops for each dose.

Another resource I've used is

I am still using the h2o2, I'm on 75 drops twice a day and I have to say I've never felt better in my life. I no longer suffer from depression, fatigue, constipation or any addictions such as sugar or smoking, my breathing remains crystal clear and my energy levels are those of a teenager, my appetite has returned and my metabolism is off the charts.

In nearly 4 months I've been taking it I haven't been been sick except when I had a die off effect from the toxins in my body around a month after I started, that was to be expected and it felt like I had a flu that never came on to it's full extent, actually I nearly gave up taking it altogether because I felt pretty bad and spent a day and a half in bed, but I pressed on with it and just felt better and better, so don't give up!

I would recommend food grade H2o2 to anybody that has problems with their health, make sure you research it first. If you'd like to ask me any more questions about my experience with H2o2 I'd be more than happy to answer. I wish you good health!

Replied by Dinesh

dear friend ,

I just came across the hydrogen peroxide treatment. I'd like to know how you used it from the very beginning. I have a nuero immuno problem, I ignored allopathic treatment. Plz share more information u know about the method of using h2o2 and doses.

Replied by Brendan

Hi Dinesh,

This is how I used the food grade hydrogen peroxide

Dosage Schedule Using 35% Food Grade H202

Day 1...........3 drops, 3 times daily
Day 2...........4 drops, 3 times daily
Day 3...........5 drops, 3 times daily
Day 4...........6 drops, 3 times daily
Day 5...........7 drops, 3 times daily
Day 6...........8 drops, 3 times daily
Day 7...........9 drops, 3 times daily
Day 8..........10 drops, 3 times daily
Day 9..........12 drops, 3 times daily
Day 10.........14 drops, 3 times daily
Day 11.........16 drops, 3 times daily
Day 12.........18 drops, 3 times daily
Day 13.........20 drops, 3 times daily
Day 14.........22 drops, 3 times daily
Day 15.........24 drops, 3 times daily
Day 16.........25 drops, 3 times daily

You must use 250ml of distilled water or purified water to dilute the hydrogen peroxide.

After day 16 you stay on 25 drops, 3 times daily for 3 weeks.Then after 3 weeks, you take 25 drops 2 times daily for up to 6 months depending on how you feel.

If you have problems with your stomach start by using 1 drop, 3 times daily and then build yourself up to 25 drops.You can go at your own pace.

When I got to 16 drops the taste got really strong for me, eventually you get use to the taste. When the taste got strong I took small sips and would drink the diluted h2o2 over a period of 20 minutes.

I hope this helps you, you can also check out and this online book for more information about dosage and how to use food grade h2o2

I wish you good health!

Replied by Lori
(Tennessee, US)

Thanks for all of the great information! I wanted to know if you had any tips about how you worked around the drinking and eating. I see that you can't eat for 3 hours prior to drinking it and for 1 hour after. That seems like it would make it very difficult to take it 3 times a day. Any suggestions?

Replied by Patrick

to Brendan in Ireland: Where can you buy food grade hydrogen peroxide in Ireland?

Replied by Brendan

Hi Lori and Patrick,

Patrick I buy my food grade h2o2 at "Bobby's healthy shop" you can google it and I buy my purified water at the local chemist, the name of the company is "ultrapurelabs", it costs about 5 for 5 litres of water.

It would be best to buy at least 4 bottles of 12% h2o2 for a few months of usage and store it in the fridge and not the freezer. Make sure you ask them for a few droppers when you order, they gave me a plastic dropper but it's been used so many times it cracked at the top where there's the bubble to suck liquids up, I ordered again from them and got 4 bottles but all I got was a pair of rubber gloves they must of thought I was using it to clean around the house."35% h2o2" is no longer available, more information about that, is on the website where you can purchase the h2o2.

Lori, I can tell you now that it was the toughest part of the program along with the taste.

What I did was get up at 7:30am and drank the h2o2 by 8am then had breakfast at 9am, 12:30pm would be my 2nd dose and I would have lunch at 2pm then at 5:30pm - 6:00pm my 3rd dose and dinner at 7:00pm or 7:30pm.By 10pm-10:30pm I would be in bed.

Getting up in the morning isn't a problem when you start taking it and you will have the best sleeps. There were times that I felt absolutely starving and wanted to eat so badly that my stomach was literally growling at me, so when the hour was up after drinking the h2o2 I would have my meal prepared and sometimes I would have to eat more to fulfill my appetite.

Other times I would skip breakfast or lunch and drink some more h2o2, I felt more comfortable doing this "double dosing" about 1 or 2 hours after my first dose in the morning that way my final 3rd dose would be around 4:30pm or 5pm.

Each persons life and schedule is different so it's best to do what you feel comfortable with, the first 5 weeks are the toughest concerning the taste, the schedule, the detoxing process and just adjusting to the program, but I promise you it does get easier and easier, especially after the 5 week mark when you only take 2 doses per day.

During the first 5 weeks, time and food was constantly on my mind, I would be looking at the clock a lot and usually I'm never like that, but I made a promise to myself that I would follow the program through, and I'm very happy that I have. It has changed my life completely.

It's so good that at this stage I don't even taste the h2o2 anymore and I look forward to drinking it now. My energy levels are amazing, my mood is amazing, my thinking is amazingly clear, even going to the toilet is amazing, considering I was constipated for years, and even the guys that make my toilet rolls are happy I'm taking it. :)

If you'd like to ask anymore questions about my experience taking h2o2 i'd be more than happy to answer them for you, and if you do decide to start taking food grade h2o2 let me know how you're getting on, i'd love to hear from you!

I wish you good health!

Replied by Drjoe
(New Jersey, Usa)


Brenden, I read that book, too ... I thought you use that schedule with diluted 35% to 3% That Is 1 oz. 35% to 11 ozs. of distilled or dechlorinated water. Then use the drops as indicated. Too much has been said to cause brain damage. Go over recipe and formula again. It's worth double-checking, it's peoples' lives we are talking about.

Replied by Brendan

Hello Drjoe,

All of the dosages are correct and I can assure you that from my experience and consuming h2o2 for over 3 months, that I do not have brain damage in any shape or form, quite the opposite infact.

My brain feels more alert from taking h2o2, I'm more awake than I have ever been, my body confirms this to me everyday as I feel lighter and stronger than I have ever been in my life, at no point in my life before I started to take h2o2 have I ever felt so good.

Of course people should research what they are consuming and find the relevant information on dosages and be aware of any conflicting allergies they might have before taking a new product, just like I did for over a year before I started on this therapy.

I chose this therapy because it is natural. Food grade h2o2 is water and an extra oxygen atom. Nothing more nothing less.It doesn't get more natural than that!!! If I thought for one second that it would cause me brain damage, I wouldn't be taking it.I'm improving my quality of life not trying to hinder it.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Rob
(New Zealand)

@Brendon, the warning Drjoe gave you is valid, I have been using the H2O2 for 18 months now and the one minute cure specifically say to dilute the food grade 35% to 3% and then use the number of drops you describe.

People you need to do your own research as a mistake can be very dangerous.

I have had good results regarding fatigue but I have Motor Neuron Disease and I am not convinced that it is helping that but having said I suspect it is helping me to detox and is possibly slowing my MND progression.

Replied by Cheryl
(Washington, Usa)

Actually, that should be 6-8 oz of water that you should put the drops in to drink it. I was incorrect with my last submission.

Replied by Cheryl

... Many people find that the most convenient way to dispense hydrogen peroxide is with a glass bottle via eyedropper cap. Once you fill the glass bottle ( label it "35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" in order to prevent accidental undiluted use), store the remaining hydrogen peroxide in the freezer, out of the reach of children. If you don't use all the hydrogen peroxide that is contained in the bottle with eyedropper cap, you can leave it in the refrigerator until you administer your next dose.

The above is an excerpt from One minute cure book. Next it shows the chart of how many drops to use from this bottle. That would indicate that it is drops of 35% FGHP in 4-6 oz of water as a dose. It doesn't say 3%.

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

I believe Brendan's dosage is based on him using 12% food grade h202 and not 35% food grade. In any event he is still with us and one has to conduct his or her one research.

Replied by Maureen
(Waterford, Ireland)

Hi Brendan

I am also in Ireland so will have to buy on the website you have recommended as can't get it here.

Finding the dosage a bit confusing.

Is this the way you are diluting?

Dilution to 3% H2O2
3 parts Distilled Water
1 part 12% Hydrogen Peroxide

and then further diluting drops in 250mls distilled water?

Replied by Brendan

Hi Maureen,

The way I use it, is as follows.

250ml of purified/distilled water, 3 times daily, so on the first day I take 9 drops at 3 times during the day and so on and so on.

1st day, use 9 drops
2nd day, use 12 drops
3rd day, use 15 drops
4th day, use 18 drops
5th day, use 21 drops
6th day, use 24 drops
7th day, use 27 drops
8th day, use 30 drops
9th day, use 36 drops
10th day, use 42 drops
11th day, use 48 drops
12th day, use 54 drops
13th day, use 60 drops
14th day, use 66 drops
15th day, use 72 drops
16th day, use 75 drops

All drops for the above schedule contain 12% H2O2.

After day 16 you stay on 75 drops, 3 times daily for 3 weeks.Then after 3 weeks, you take 75 drops 2 times daily for up to 6 months depending on how you feel.

If you are using 35% H2O2 you would use 3 times less drops of the above each day, so on the fist day you would only take 3 drops in 250ml of purified/distilled water 3 times per day.

I still continue to use H2O2 and it continues to amaze me, the most powerful feeling I'm getting from it is an inner strength that has eluded me my whole life.

I have no problem getting up from sitting or lying down, when I awake I can roll back on my back, bend my knees and twist sideways and just stand up, I've had back problems my whole life but not anymore, so I've gone from rolling out of bed onto the floor and using the bed to stand up straight, to literally leaping out of bed, and having to use my arms to help me get up from a sitting position, to just using my legs.

It's great having all this extra energy everyday it has made a huge difference to my life.

Replied by Maureen

Thanks very much for your reply Brendan.

That is very clear, but can you tell me please are these drops used straight out of the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide - 12% Solution - 500ml on the Bobbys Healthshop site.


are you diluting first as I have seen on other posts. Then further diluting with drops. Sorry for making this sound so confusing but just want to be sure I am diluting properly as sounds a bit scary if not.

Great to hear your back is so improved, I am hoping this will help my rheumatoid arthritis, last resort before going on biologic injections which I really do not want to do...

Replied by Brendan

Hi Maureen,

That is correct - Straight from the bottle of H2O2 12% using a dropper into the purified water.

Because you are using 250ml of purified/distilled water, the dilution is very large when the drops are added to it, so even now that I'm on 75 drops two times per day it equates to 0.016% of H2O2 that you are taking in every glass that contains 75 drops of 12 % H2O2, and it's the same dilution at 25 drops of 35% H2O2. (20 drops = 1ml, 80 drops = 4ml, 4ml divided by 250ml = 0.016%)

As you can see it's a very small amount that you would eventually be consuming, there's no need to worry, if you get uncomfortable at any stage taking it, then stop taking it. As I've said there is a die-off effect that will happen when your body starts to detox, but it doesn't last long, it might not happen at all for you, as each person is different, it happened for myself and it felt like a flu that never came on to its full extent, then after that I have been feeling great everyday, and I'm sure you will be too.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Wendy

Hi Brendan,

My son has tattoos. Would H2o2 treatment be good for him? Do you know if the heavy metals in tattoos cause depression? Thank you for your response.

Replied by Brendan

Hi Wendy,

I don't know much about tattoos as I don't have any. What I can tell you though is that I was suffering from depression before starting H2o2 therapy and the depression has vanished over the past few months since I've begun the therapy.

If there are heavy metals in his tattoos then it would not be a good idea to mix an oxygen based product with the metals as this can cause a reaction, like rusting.

I wish you good health!

Replied by John

Hi Brendan, my name is John. Can you tell me your honest opinion of something? I see that you've been using H2O2 therapy for several months now. I've read all of your posts. I've read all of the benefits you mentioned in your life by taking H2O2 water and that your health is better than ever now. But with all of your use of H2O2, can I ask if lately, do you still have any "problematic health symptoms" - anything at all? Like headache, chest pain, nausea, any physical pain or discomfort, eye or hearing problem, food addiction, etc etc - whether regular or occassional. In your opinion, do you feel that taking H2O2 eliminated literally all of your health problems and now you are perfectly healthy?

Replied by Brendan

Hi John,

All of the things you have mentioned "headache, chest pain, nausea, any physical pain or discomfort, eye or hearing problem, food addiction, etc etc - whether regular or occassional", - I have no pain anywhere, whereas before I had some pain in my back, I can't remember the last time I had a headache, no discomfort anywhere, eyesight and hearing are normal.

My diet has changed over the past few months, I'm eating mostly whole foods now and I've made a choice to become vegan, before starting H2o2 therapy I ate a varied diet of processed food and whole food but more sugar than anything else, I loved ice cream and chocolate if I was snacking, but now I eat fresh and dried fruit instead, and have swapped meat for beans and lentils, It's only in the last 10 days or so I've decided to go vegan, I've never tried to become a vegan before so I thought I'd give it a go, I'm sure the H2o2 has helped me transition to a more healthier state as it hasn't felt like I've given up meat and dairy products at all.

Your last question "In your opinion, do you feel that taking H2O2 eliminated literally all of your health problems and now you are perfectly healthy?" - Yes and no. The more I take it the better I feel, that's the general feeling I have had since I've started to take it, and got over the detox period which wasn't very long at all. My body was weaker for sure before I started the therapy, now it's very strong, before I had problems running because of my back, but now I can run, I only run a little bit, but I can run now without pain in my back.

And now the no part, I say no because it's up to you if you want to eliminate your health problems, a product like H2o2 is a very good tool to help you along the way but for myself to eliminate all of my health problems it has taken me to become strong willed to overcome my health problems, like giving up smoking and stopping myself eating things that are unhealthy for me, H2o2 cannot do those things for you, but it has helped. Am I perfectly healthy? - well I have no need to see a doctor and I'm not taking any drugs and I can skip and even run down the road all in the space of a few months, if you had met me 5 years ago you'd think that I was going to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair because I could barely stand up or even walk, but then I got some shoes to realign my spine and started to get around better, 3 years ago I swapped tobacco for the herb yarrow and started to smoke that instead, until I got sick of smoking it and stopped altogether after 21 years of smoking, now I'm vegan and taking H2o2 everyday and my lung capacity is better than before I started to smoke, so it's a whole lot of things and not just the H2o2 that has made me healthy once again, I hope that answers a lot for you John and if you'd like to ask me anymore questions about my H2o2 experience feel free to ask.

I wish you good health!

Replied by John

Thanks Brendan,

Just like you were, right now and for a very long time I'm also eating varied processed food(as little as I can) and whole/raw fruits and vegetables. Well... I actually know fully well what you are saying about unhealthy foods. They are very bad for my health and makes me sick - all those junk food, dairy, salt, sugar, McDonalds, we know the long list. Pretty much anything that are not vegan. My problem is I'm addicted/dependent... I always felt physically better and healthier whenever I don't eat any unhealthy foods, but my withdrawal symptoms is too painful to deal with whenever I try to quit.

I just started H2O2 therapy, but I will continue to use it for several months. Hopefully, it will help me reduce my withdrawal symptoms/cravings so I could reduce the unhealthy foods that I eat and eat more healthy/raw fruits and vegetables.

You mentioned before as well "I no longer suffer from depression, fatigue, constipation or any addictions such as sugar or smoking, my breathing remains crystal clear..." I hope I get the same results in months as well because I've been breathing for only one nose for more than a decade. My other nose is usually congested.

Replied by Brendan

Hi John,

It sounds like you have a deviated septum, If you're have breathing problems you might need treatment for it. You can try this for breathing problems it will surely clear it up.

I wish you good health on your H2o2 journey.

Replied by Kerry T

Hi Brendan,

I am just about to start using hydrogen peroxide and like yourself I purchased the 12% variety and this is the only site I've found so far to be able to assist with this so thank you so much for your info to date. I would like assistance further as I would like to be ableto use the spray method to assist with dental hygiene and to be able to lift myself at work as I work in a very hot office and I feel that a spray would boost me during the day. How can I dilute my 12% down to make myself a non-harmful spray I can use in my mouth and on my face?

Many Thanks for all your assistance your info thus far has been so appreciated...

Love and light Kerry :)

Replied by Brendan

Hi Kerry,

Sorry for the late reply, using 12% H202 you would need to dilute it to 3% or less to make it safe for inhaling, so one part H202 to three parts distilled/purified water to make 3%. Another example would be 25ml of 12% H202 mixed with 75ml of distilled/purified water would make 3% H202.

If you would like 1.5% H202 just add an extra 100ml of water to the 3% that you've already made, if you haven't already started, it might be best to start with a weaker mixture and then build your way up to 3%.

There is a section in this .pdf book about using 3% food grade H202, starting on page 34, ( I personally like the testimonials) it's also a great book about the uses of H202 hopefully it will be useful info for you. The Truth About Food Grade hydrogen Peroxide

I wish you good health!

Replied by Naomi

How much will it affect me to only do 2 treatments a day?

Replied by Brendan

Hi Naomi,

Just as long as you're taking it, no matter how little, you'll be fine. There are no set rules, just don't take too much like Terry did.(I'm glad you're ok Terry) If you follow the guidelines set out in this post you'll be feeling better than before you started to take it.

I'm still taking it once a week and since I've started I've never been sick once, nor do I have any health issues like I did before I started to take it. I have loads of energy during the day, at night I get tired more quickly than I did before and when I awake I'm wide awake, I will never stop taking it, now that I know and have experienced the benefits of taking food grade H202.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Beth
(Waynesvilke Mo)

I would appreciate any info you can give me. I have recently started having alot if health problems and my blood work is showing lack of oxygen in my red blood cells. I have a high metab and react to most meds. Thank you

Replied by Brendan

Hi Beth,

Start slow and build your way up in drops, read this post from the start, go to the links I've suggested, take one day at a time, if you can't take it 3 times per day, take it 2 times per day, just make sure you're taking it, if you forget to take it, take it as soon as you remember and in the time frame of 1 hour before food and 3 hours after food.

It can be tough at the start taking it because the taste isn't all that great, but as time passes the taste becomes more bearable. Drink plenty of water the cleaner the better. Eat less foods with added sugar. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Foods that will detox the blood are...beans, coconut and coconut water, cayenne pepper, kale, leafy greens, moringa, garlic, oregano, red grapes and wheatgrass. I hope this helps you Beth.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Stella
(Flint, Mi)

If a person is taking medications for high blood pressure and COPD is it okay to use food-grade-hydrogen-peroxide therapy?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Stella, the safer thing to try first might be h2o2 inhalation method.

Replied by Brendan

Hi Stella,

I would ask your doctor first and foremost, if you don't wish to take his advice, the way I would go about taking H2o2 is to do the inhalation method first before you start drinking H2o2. The inhalation method would better suit COPD as it deals directly with the airways and the amount that you would be ingesting would be a lot less by volume than drinking it.

Start off slow and build your way up, try 1% H2o2 for a week then 2% and then 3% the following weeks, if there are any bad reactions then stop taking it. I'm sure there won't be, I happen to know someone that was taking medications for high blood pressure and they drank food grade H2o2 and were fine, but everyone is different so take it nice and slow.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Dw

One oz daily if using 3%, 3 drops 3x day if using 35%, see has other schedules also.

Replied by Sharon

My question is if you are diluting 35% hp to 3% hp, why not just use 3%?

Replied by Brendan

Hi Sharon,

I would say people would buy 35% fghp to dilute it to 3% fghp because it's more cost effective, also it saves the environment when you can dilute it at home rather than buying 11-12 bottles of 3% you can just buy 1 bottle of 35% fghp and 2 bottles of distilled/purified water to dilute it with.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Charlei
(New Tripoli, Pa)

Concerned... I've heard to only use 35%... I have 12% and would like to start on it... what do you think?

Replied by Brendan

Hi Charlei,

I've been using food grade 12% H2O2 for over a year now, my experience with it has been documented in the previous posts as well as the dosage schedule that I've personally used.

In the year that has passed, my energy levels have increased enormously and I have not had any colds or flus. Everyday I feel great but since I've gotten so use to feeling this way, it seems to be my new normal. In hindsight before I started this therapy I would not of thought for one second that I could improve my condition in the way that I have, and from something that is so natural it's absolutely amazing the benefits that I've received from consuming it.

I'm now on the maintenance dose of 45-60 drops of 12% H2O2 once a week. I've started to notice a slight drop off in my energy after 5 days of dosing, but it's no big deal to keep going for the 2 remaining days before I take another dose.

I remember before I started on this therapy I was apprehensive to say the least, people are scared of the unknown and I certainly was, but I took the plunge, got my dropper out and started off slow and increased my drops everyday and I haven't looked back since. Now I can't imagine life without H202, I'm so much more of a happier and content person than I was before I started, and I'm absolutely sure that that you will be too if you start this therapy.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Julie
(Pierre Sd)

What I have read said work up to 25 drops 3 times daily for several weeks and then cut back to 25 drops only 2 times per day, but after I did cut back I noticed a decline in how I both mentally and physically felt. Would it be safe for one to remain at 25 drops 3 times a day indefinitely??


Hi Julie,

That is completely up to yourself, It would totally depend how you feel, or in your case, how you want to feel. However it is advised that you cut back your consumption from what I have read, but if you feel that you need to take more, (within reason of course) then there shouldn't be any problems.

When I was taking it at the maximum amount of drops 3 times daily, and then 2 times daily, after a couple of months my body was so full of oxygen it was hard not to be jumping around the house with all the extra energy I had, now at one dose per week, I am happy with my energy levels, but what suits me, doesn't necessarily suit the next person, so in that regard what I will say to you is that, only you know your own body, so you are the correct person to treat your own body.

I have read on the internet about people taking double or triple the amount of doses, but they have had cancer or other serious health problems, they had no issues consuming food grade H2O2 in large doses and I've read several accounts where they even cured their ailments.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Nancy
(Grand Prairie,Texas)

Where are you purchasing the food grade hydrogen peroxide from and do you have any brand suggestions please?

Cable Cutter
(Tri-cities, Washington)

You can get it from Amazon.


Hi Nancy,

Bobby's Healthy Shop For the 12% H2o2, I'm in Europe so that's where I buy it from. The 35% you could buy it from here or try amazon and even ebay.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Ac

Hi there, I can only find 12% h2o2. Can I just ask you to confirm that you multiply the drops by 3x to get to the dosage of 35% which Madison has listed in her book? So did you start with 9 drops 3x daily?

Replied by Gloria
(Oviedo, Fl Usa)

He is using 1/3 the strength of the 35%. That is why he is using 3X of the drops.

Replied by Rsw

Hi Gloria,

My understanding is that 35% H2O must always be diluted using one part H2O to 11 parts water. Only then should you take that dilution at 1-25 drops on consecutive days. One third the strength is still too much H2O, so using three times that concentration is way more than is suggested. Please read the Remedies page at the top, and look for Hydrogen Peroxide to see the recommended dosages and dilutions.


This is from the book. There are two different ways to use FGHP..#1 it's straight 35% FGHP in drops from a eye dropper into a 6 to 8 oz glass of water, working your way up in the amount of drops and then working your way back down.You don't dilute it twice as some have said to drink it. #2 To inhale or spray in mouth, it is a 3% solution if you're using a nebulizer or a sprayer into your mouth. With the nebulizer it is recommended you start out with one and a half percent and work your way up to 3%. Personally all I could get was the 12% FGHP And I am tripling the amount of drops as I will be drinking it from a glass.

Replied by Regina
(Lexington, Ky)
3 posts

Rather than take hydrogen peroxide 3 times per day, can I take 2 drops per day for 3 days and then 3 drops for 3 days and increase by 1 more drop every 3rd day? Will I get the same benefit but at a slower rate of time?

Replied by Susan

Hi Brendan, I am just about to begin this therapy, however im worried as I have a reflux problem, and recently healed stomach ulcer, im taking nexium and it stops the production of acid in your stomach, its very hard to wean yourself off it as it affects your whole day with terrible you think the h20 will cause irritation ..i would like to try it as I have arthritis and would like to see some improvement in my health....thanks Susan

Replied by Gina
(In, Indianapolis)

Had questions on who to order from and how to measure, since I just heard about this. I have asthma & my mom has dementia (really would like to see a change in her & a friend's mom has Alzheimer's).

Replied by Brendan

Hello, apologies that I haven't checked in on this thread in quite some time, the dosage is clear, if you are using 12% h2o2 then you start with 9 drops per dose on the first day, and then increase your dose by 3 drops per day until day 16 until you reach 75 drops 3 times per day. These drops are taken directly from the bottle of 12% h2o2, do not dilute it to 3% and then add the drops as this will decrease the dosage by 75%. The dosage for 35% h2o2 is one third (1/3) less than above.

Hi Regina, you will of course get the same benefit so keep on keeping on, I've taken it 3 times a day, once a day and once a week, every time it been taken it benefits my body and mind, it's an amazing substance and your body will thank you for it.

Hi Susan, The best way for you to take it would be the inhalation method < Just click on the link, this will ensure that you get the benefits of h2o2 through your lungs rather than drinking a lot and being absorbed through your intestines, the amount is minuscule compared to drinking it and it will benefit you just as much, then maybe you can try low doses of h2o2 and see how you feel, h2o2 has a very good way of healing tissue and is used for cuts and grazes so it should promote healing in stomach ulcers, if you feel anyway bad at all drinking it then take a rest from drinking it and/or lower the dosage, feeling dizzy or lightheaded after drinking it is normal and just lasts a couple of minutes.

Hi Gina, all the links for ordering are above on this post, if you have asthma then the inhalation method would be great relief for you the link is just above.

So it's been 18 months since I first started on this journey and I'm not just still alive I'm bursting with life, I'm so happy that I've found h2o2 it has provided me with a new start in life, a new foundation on which to build, my body and mind has been purged from all the toxic build up of my past and my mind is as clear as it has ever been, I have been getting busy with life once again so apologies once again for not dropping by so often, but I will check this post more regularly from now on, just in case you'd like to ask any more questions, I'd be more than happy to do my best to answer them for you!

I wish you all good health!!!

Replied by Mary
(Westland Michigan)

I have been researching and using did grade peroxide for over 6 years. The only thing bothering me about this thread is the %. 35% is to be diluted to 3%. Period. No questions at all. The droppers/dosage is AFTER dilution. It is 3%. No one should be internally using stronger than 3% internally. That is where the people make their mistakes. You never ever use drops straight from the 35% bottle. ALWAYS dilute into a seperate bottle down to 3% and then follow dosage. 12% is simply too strong. And 3 months is no where near long enough to show you the adverse after affects of using such a strong formula. Do not follow this doseage with 35%. Or 12%. Do your math for whatever % you purchase to dilute down to 3 % before you touch it. That is an absolute fact.

Replied by Brendan

Hi Mary,

I can tell you haven't read this thread thoroughly, if you had, you would of come to the realization that I have been ingesting these amounts for over a year and a half rather than the 3 months where you are implying that is no where near long enough to show the adverse after affects of using such a strong formula.

If you had read the sources that I have left on this thread, I'm sure that it would of become apparent to you that the dosages I have stated are correct, Now I'm not saying diluting it to 3% is incorrect, I'm saying it is a weaker solution and if you do that, you clearly are not getting the full effect of what FGHP has to offer you.

Let me remind you of the sources that I have left on this thread, In this e-book if you scroll down all the way to the bottom and click up 9 times on the side bar you will see a schedule for 35% FGHP

In this e-book Chapter 4 tells you how to administer 35% FGHP

And this website also tells you how to administer 35% FGHP

Maybe they're all wrong? I'd doubt it very much though, I'm the healthiest person I know and have yet to even get a whiff of any cold or flu in over the year and a half that I have been taking what you call simply too strong amounts. I am on a maintenance dose of 75 drops of 12% FGHP once a week, I feel comfortable taking that amount and have done so for over a year now, I have never felt better.

Anyway I hope you read up on the information I've provided, I'm perfectly fine after taking all of that FGHP, as they say here in Ireland, There's not a bother on me!

I wish you good health!!!

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Brendan, different people tolerate things differently.

Replied by Brendan

Hi Mmsg,

Yes they do!

If you read the schedule it advises you to start off on a low dose and build your tolerance up, it also advises that if you feel uncomfortable at any time to either drop the dosage or stay at the same dosage until you feel comfortable to continue with the schedule.

Personally I never felt the need to drop or stay at the same dosage, (even though at the start of my H2O2 journey I was terrified starting it, to be honest) because I soon found out that the more I took H2O2 the better my whole body felt. Now I am overdosing you could say, as the schedule says to take between 10-15 drops of 35% FGHP in 250ml of purified/distilled water for the maintenance dose, (this would be 3 times the amount of drops for for 12% FGHP because it's 3 times weaker than 35% FGHP, so for 12% I should be only taking 30-45 drops a week instead of the 75 drops I'm taking now) as I've said before, I feel comfortable taking that much and I don't feel the need to redose every 5 days, that amount keeps me going for 7 days, I'm very active now so that might be why I need so much, and at the end of the day it's what you feel comfortable with, if you feel comfortable taking your drops of 3% and then further diluting it when you add it to water, that's ok. If you feel comfortable taking your drops of 35% or 12% H2O2 and diluting it when you add it to your water that's ok too. The correct way to take it is with the schedules that I have left on this thread for the 35% and 12% strengths, taking 3% drops and diluting it further into 250ml of purified/distilled water is also correct in its own way, but it is really diluted and would not benefit you in that same way as dosing with the the schedules for 35% and 12% FGHP.

I've just realized myself that I have been taking FGHP since the start of 2014 so it's over 2 and half years I've been taking it, and here was me thinking that it was only a year and a half, doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

I wish you good health!!!

Replied by Tami
(Kennedy., Mn)

Take less drops. That 25 is tough! I stick with 10 twice a day and a couple times a month go up to 12. Just stick with it where you feel good.

Replied by Chris

Can I take 12% diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide internally? I cannot purchase 35% in the uk and I read somewhere that only 35% should be used internally I'm confused?

Replied by Brendan

Hi Chris,

As long as it's food grade h2o2 and you follow the dosages outlined here and in the sources I've left on this thread you'll be fine, 12% is the same as 35% FGHP, except 12% is 3 times less the strength of 35%, so you just have to take 3 times the amount that you see for a schedule of 35%. A schedule for 35% would start with 3 drops the first day and by day 16 you would be on 25 drops, A schedule with 12% FGHP would start with 9 drops on the first day, and by day 16 you would need to take 75 drops (3 X 25 = 75) I hope this clears it up for you.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Frank
(Tintah Mn.)

Will 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide help clear up my bladder infection? I'm a 55 year old male having to self catheterize everyday and I'm dealing with major bladder infection. I was wondering if I would drink the hydrogen peroxide after I diluted it down to 3% would cure my bladder infection?

Replied by Brendan

Hi Frank,

If the infection is serious and you're in pain, you should visit your doctor. That being said I would go the natural route in treating the infection and then adding citrus to my diet to keep it from recurring.

Cranberry extract is excellent for treating UTI's, just take 2 drops 2-3 times per day, until the pain eases, then take 2 drops once a day for a week, the drops should be added to a glass of water. After this you should drink lemon water every morning it will stop the infections from coming back and also give you lots of energy as well as keeping your digestion tract active and healthy, it will improve your metabolism.

I hope you're feeling better at this stage ( a week later) I've had a few bladder problems in the past and have been in terrible pain, lemons were easy for me to get at the time, so I squeezed lemons, added water and kept drinking it until it passed. A word of warning though concerning FGHP, if you have had any organ transplants, do not ingest any FGHP. That is a good reason in itself to refrain and/or not take FGHP if you have any problems with your internal organs whatsoever. Other than that, it is the best and the most amazing substance that I have ingested, as you can tell from my own testimonials above.

I wish you good health!

Replied by Jesus
(Las Cruces, Nm)

I was diagnosed with IBS after they took two precancerous polyps in my colon do you think I can cure that some how with the 35%? They got me on muscle relaxers and I wish I didn't have to take them?

Replied by Sarah

Please tell me how did you get to 75 drops. I tried this before and got to 18 drops. I quit because I couldn't get past the flu symptoms. Recently I just started ok. I did the 3 drops in 8oz of distilled water 3 times a day. I got up to 5 drops but when I just drank it now the whole side of my face/head just went numb and my eye blurry. I'm sitting here scared it's starting to go away but my eye still feels funny. Please get back to me

Replied by Kat
(Novi, Michigan)

They have 35% food grade H2O2 at a health food store by me. In fact they ONLY have 35%. I just started taking it yesterday. Hoping it works and goes well!!!

(Diamond Lake.)
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Hi Kat, how's it going for you so far?

Replied by Manuel
(Pietermaritzburg (south Africa))

Hi Brendan, is it compulsory to eat before or after drinking the hydrogen peroxide solution?

Replied by Rebecca
(Diamond Lake)
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Brendan in Ireland, I read every post you've written and the posts directed to you and I am very appreciative of your efforts to educate us. Thank you

Replied by Max Luck
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Brendan, are you still on this board? Im at 14 drops n having inside pressure like the bends from scuba. Usually take on an empty stomach-12 hours no food between doses at 9pm then at 6 am. Feeling rough. Curious if you experienced this?

Replied by Patricia

Just would like to ask Brendon the reason why you are using this protocol or for what purpose please. Also does anyone use this product to treat cancer?

Replied by Brendan

Hello everyone,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

"I'm still alive" for any naysayers out there, Just thought I'd let you know that I'm thriving.

Before I tell you what I've been up to lately, I'd like to answer your questions one by one.

@Jesus... If they are finding polyps in your colon, it would be of benefit for you to go on a diet, possibly a vegan diet and if you can't abide by that, then consider a flexi-vegan diet. Meat takes weeks to digest in your colon, you wouldn't sit beside rotting flesh for weeks, so why do it to your intestines? Food Grade H2O2 will work best for you if it can reach those areas unhindered by chemicals and hormones that we find in meat products these days. I wish you the best and hope you come out the other side a healthier person.

@Sarah... Take your time with it, if you feel any adverse effects, either stay on the same dose or reduce your dose until you're felling good enough to increase your dose. This substance isn't a cure for everything, neither is it a substance for everyone, each one of us is different and have different requirements at any given time, so what's good for you, isn't necessarily good for the next person. Adverse reactions can and will happen, especially with a substance as powerful as food grade H2O2, if you have toxins in your system they won't be happy and will want out, this will show through in your skin, or headaches as the toxins leave your organs and enter the bloodstream. You have to be strong and push through these things, it won't be easy but the benefits will out weight the bodily distress you describe. I wish you the best for your future health.

@Manuel...Eating is a requirement doing this protocol, avoid junk food and sugar especially. Eating things like yogurt will help with any stomach issues you might encounter while drinking FGH2O2, Drinking plenty of water will help, as will garlic. Garlic will help to get the oxygen to all parts of your body. The yogurt will help replenish your natural bacteria in your gut, you can also try kefir grains, water kefir or the dairy version. Let me know how you're progressing.

@Kat... I hope you are keeping well, let me know how you are getting on, it would be great to hear your own story.

@Rebecca... Thank you for the kind words, just sharing my experience as so many before me have on this great website, hopefully people will find it useful in someway.

@Max Luck... Make sure you eat before going to bed, please re-read this entire post and visit the links for information on the schedule. The effects you've experienced would be on par to drinking a bottle of vodka without eating anything and expect not to feel drunk from the alcohol, eating something while drinking would of course lessen the effects (bends).

@Patricia... The reason I started was a history of cancer in my family, It's hard for me to tell you with any accuracy if I do have cancer at the moment, but going by how I feel today I would say no. This wasn't always the case. Before I started on this protocol I had all sorts of aliments, aches and pains, brain fog, no energy, depression, skin disorders. Food grade H2O2 got me through days when I thought that I couldn't, it reset my body and along with it, whatever was causing all of these things that I was living with for years. My body was polluted from various toxins and to a certain degree still to this day is. Not as much as before, I know this to be true as my mobility has returned as has my love for living and I have a bounce in my step. It was not an easy journey but it was worth it in the end because of the improved results my body experienced, and now that I have conquered this protocol, I feel that I can conquer anything that life has to throw my way. Perseverance and persistence is the key to this protocol as is educating yourself and listening to what your body needs and when it doesn't need it. I hope this answers your questions.


So I think we're up to date here now, if I missed anyone or any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

I have finished this protocol for the time being and have started on other substances, It took a long time (more than 5 weeks, less than 10 weeks) for my energy levels to return to mortal levels. You can feel like superman on H2O2, the energy you acquire from consuming it is off the charts.

I gained some weight afterwards but it has since returned to normal. I am currently flexi-vegan and not full vegan as I was before, occasionally I will eat some cheese or products that have cheese like pasta for example. I have really got into eating chili peppers and adding them to my diet, there is a chemical in the chilies called capsaicin that eats fat and helps you feel fuller for longer, so I am eating less and have less cravings.

The reason I have stopped taking food grade H2O2 for the time being is because I found out about Iodine.

Currently I am taking "lugols iodine" everyday with some juice, the benefits I have gained from it in just over a week are amazing. To name a few, I'm sleeping very well, during the day I am very relaxed and it's very easy for me to get around, all my aches and pains are gone. Today I was speaking to a family member who is also taking it, we started the same day last week, they are on 4 drops a day and I take 6 drops, when I mentioned that my morning stiffness had gone and my mobility has increased, they confirmed this with me also. I am also taking 3 grams of turmeric everyday (1 gram three times daily) and oil of oregano to cleanse my blood, I thought these two things might be interfering with what I was experiencing until I mentioned it to my family member who is not taking either turmeric or oil of oregano. We are supplementing "lugols iodine", alongside vitamin C, selenium and magnesium.

Some other things I have noticed is, I'm much calmer, my vision is more relaxed and this is visibly noticeable just by looking under my eyes to where there used to be bags, it seems like the iodine has rejuvenated and toned my skin. It's early days yet and I'm hoping for more improvements, also I have added "Le Guerandais course sea salt" to my diet, I'm sure all those minerals are being put to good use and it tastes amazing, it's like discovering popping candy when you were a child. Your body craves for the minerals that you find in this type of unprocessed sea salt, sadly table salt is stripped of these minerals that your body requires. If you are vegetarian/vegan you will more than likely have an iodine deficiency so it's important to ensure you add it to your diet, getting it from table salt or seaweed might not be enough. Even if you're not vegetarian/vegan you could still be deficient in iodine.

Hopefully my experiences will help and encourage you back to health, you deserve it, I'll leave you with a few ebooks that have helped me and hopefully they will help you too along your journey :)

I wish you good health!

Replied by Sheila
(Magnolia, Texas)

I have read to not use hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for infection because if you have fillings, it will cause the toxins from the mercy to be released into your body

Replied by Carl
(Warwick, Rhode Island)

I have followed the program listed in hydrogen peroxide book since June of this year. Presently I am taking 25 drops, 2 to 3 times per day, which is described as the maintence dose. I have had 0 negative effects. Recent blood tests do indicate improvements in glucose and blood components. I am in stage 4 kidney failure whose parameters were not affected by the peroxide. I have had 5 types of cancer, including T cell lymphoma, squamous cell scalp cancer and sqamous cell lung cancer ( pneumonectomy), none of which returned. I can say that is good, however I really don't know if that result is related. I will continue use until I expierience a negative.


Replied by Amina
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Hi, I am a beginner to this HP protocol. I have 3% Food Grade HP. Since most of the users I have researched are using either 35% Or 12%, should I increase my 1st day of HP from 1drop to 4drops and increase by 4drops every day?

Replied by Kirsten

@BRENDEN - I was hoping you or others could help clarify a few things. I'm just now discovering FGHP benefits and have found this site to be the most informative. I'm am a 49yo female in peri-menopause. I have been on pharmaceutical anti anxiety and allergy meds for 10+ years. I consume alcohol beverages and I am a smoker of 25yrs. I do not always eat the healthiest and I'm not very active. I'm looking to change all that and Im ready to make my health my #1 priority.

Before I begin the regime, I'd like to know, if I have to have my alagram fillings removed first? Can I consume, if I am on any type of medications? Are there any drug interactions? Are you supposed to follow a specific diet and exercise program to get the maximum benefits? Once I begin should I continue the regime for the rest of my life? What are the side effects of discontinuing abrubtly, in the event? Should I discontinue consuming other products like ACV, vitamin supplements, pea protein powder? Are there any foods, products, medications that are simply off-limits while consuming FGHP?

Let me get this part order to ingest 35% FGHP you will always need to dilute the product down to a 3% solution and then make a ratio of 1:11 and then dilute this to 3 drops to 8oz of distilled water and increase to 25 drops to ingest? Am I correct in my understanding, that you should NEVER ingest 35% FGHP/distilled water without diluting it first?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

Replied by Kaba

How can it help HIV patients? And diabetic?

Replied by Sheila
(Midlothian, Tx)

Brendan, I don't know if you are still on this thread or not, but I wanted you to know I have enjoyed reading all of your post. My husband and I are waiting for our 35% FGHP to be delivered Friday. I plan on starting us on it right away using 1 drop of the 35% in 5 ounces of water. I hope we experience the many great benefits that you have. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!

Replied by Michael
(Jacksonville nc)

I have kidney disease stage 3 -- will peroxide help my kidney disease?

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I recently completed an article for Earth Clinic about four considerations for chronic kidney disease (CKD) so you might want to read it if you are interested!


Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Chris (Missouri) on 07/31/2014

I bought some 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide but still scared to try it. I have shortness of breath and if it works would be wonderful, but I don't know whether to take it orally (1 oz to 11 oz) and drink it or put it in a small inhaler bottle and inhale it or now I have seen where they make it in capsules which I would prefer and love if it works as good, please someone give me some good advice, I am such a scary cat, I need some advice please!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Chris,

1 ounce of food grade hydrogen peroxide plus 11 ounces of distilled water will give you 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you are going to drink it it must be diluted much further still. I think people begin with 1 drop of 3% in water and work up from there, but I don't know the protocol. I do not think I would put peroxide in capsules. I don't think one drop in water measured by the ounces would actually have much taste. But again, I am no expert on that at all.

Since yours is a lung issue, I might begin with the Bill Munroe's inhalation method. This will deliver the hydrogen peroxide right to the lungs, where it is needed. We have used 1% hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer. (1/2% might be better and some use even less.) It has been really helpful done this way.

Please be very careful when diluting that peroxide and let us know what you try and how it is going.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sheila
(Maryland, US)

Best to start with 3 drops in an 8 ounce glass of distilled water. Do this before food and do not eat or drink for 2 hours after. Try just once a day to let your body tell you if there are effects, good or bad.

Distilled water is important because other waters may have elements that interact with the H2O2.

Replied by Natalie
(Ft Lauderdale Fl)

I use 2 oz in a gallon of water add to a cool mist humidifier and run it while u sleep at nite. My grandson hasn't had bronchitis in over a year, which he used to get every time he got a cold, oh maybe because he doesn't get colds any more.

Replied by Carol
(Gustine, Ca)

The three drops in an 8 Oz bottle per day to that @35%, or diluted to 3,8,12%?

Replied by Pamela
(Louisville, Ky)

Will the h202 interfere with medicine already having to take? I have liver disease.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Paula (Farmington, Nm, Usa) on 05/24/2013

I have been told that hydrogen peroxide had a carcenogen in it unless you get food grade. Does anyone have documentation one way ot the other?

Replied by William Sumner
(Bartow, Fl.)


Replied by Anony

This is confusing? Why are you saying %3 HP? What is the difference between 35% Food grade HP and %3 HP? The more I read these comments, the more I become skeptic of using it?

Come on guys keep a direct firm on the topic?

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Double D (Bfe, Ok, Usa) on 02/19/2013

A free ebook, The Truth About 35% Foodgrade Hydrogen Peroxide by James Paul Roguski, has some great information. I've been on this protocol for awhile with good results. I have many problems, from fibromyalgia to rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, just to name a few. I take no prescription medications now and all my blood tests show improvements every 3 months. I also use organic apple cider vinegar with baking soda, oil pulling with coconut or olive oil, eat lots of healthy foods, very limited sugar, flour or processed foods, lots of herbs and spices, some supplements. I have gotten lots of good info from this site and incorporated many things that have helped me tremendously. My health is much improved now that I'm completely off all the medication. Nature heals, BigPharma kills. Wish I'd known better looooong ago. Oxygenating my body and balanced pH does make a tremendous difference in my overall health.

Replied by Katherine

I looked at the site you recommended and down loaded the book. I drank my first batch this morning and am looking forward to a good report in a month or so. I don't expect over night miracles. Thank you for sharing that site! Kat

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Jimmy (San Francisco, Ca) on 07/26/2012

Hello, I need some help. This past Sunday I started the Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. I started off with 4 drops of 8% Food grade H202 on an 8oz cup. Took it twice on Sunday. On Monday, I increased it to 5 drops. But then I noticed that my legs were getting swollen (edema). Other than the legs, I felt fine. Maybe, a little hyper.... The reason I was taking the H202 is because I think I might have a yeast infection. About a year ago, I got circumcised because of it but I feel that it's still on body. Once in awhile I would still get a discharge. In addition, my adrenals and/or thryroid seem to be extremely tired. I am on a sort of candida diet, no carbs or sugars. With this diet, I feel a lot better. Before that, my balance (hormones??) would fluctuate easily, sometimes feeling extremely fatigue and other times with hot flashes, cool feet, muscle aches, joint aches. Maybe, I took too much H202? Why would I get swollen legs after taking it? Your help is appreciate it...

Thanks, Jimmy

Replied by Marcus
(Atlanta, Ga)

Don't drink it!!!!! Nebulize it. I put 3% H2O2 in my nebulizer and breathe it. It gets to your blood without doing damage to your gastro system. Read Dr. William Douglas, H2O2 Medical Mirical You are flooding your body with Oxygen through the blood via lungs.

Replied by Dee
(Dallas, Tx)

This is in responce to jimmy needing help with the use of hydn. perx. go to, ( educateyouself. org) there u will find an article by (dr. david williams) who will explain all of the different grades of hydn. perxs. their different uses and how they're used, and especially which grades not 2 use internaly. and how 2 correctly mix and use the one made for internal consumption plus all of its benefits. he will also brief u on some side effects of its misuse ~ good luck~

Replied by Bkcrook
(Fairfield, Ca)

We are new to the concept of H202 therapy. Excited to see you can put it in the nebulizer, but how much? My husband has emphysema, is oxgyen dependent, has congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. I know to dilute it to 3%. but I need to know how much to use in the nebulizer. Thanks, bkcrook

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Bkcrook: I have used the H2O2 in approximately 1:5 ratio (1-H2O2 : 5 Distilled Water) with no bad side effects to report.

Another remedy to consider is Colloidal Silver nebulized. Although I don't have emphysema, I do believe I have Mycoplasma of the lungs. For my specific conditions, I prefer C.S. over H2O2 nebulizer. A rotation of these two remedies might prove superior, for some conditions, than either alone.

Replied by Kay
(Augusta, Ga)

I really want to use the nebulizer method. I bought one and diluted my H202 (food grade) down to point five percent. But it makes me cough. Should I keep at it until it becomes more comfortable? If so, what would the goal be? Should I have longer inhalation sessions, or shorter and more frequent ones? How often? Any thoughts anyone? Thanks.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Kay, more is NOT always better, especially with h2o2. Dilute down more, like to 3%. And no need to up the number of times a day you use it. A bit of PRODUCTIVE coughing is to be expected, as it is bringing up gook from inside. But use your intuition and go slow and low.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Donald (Mount Sterling, Oh) on 12/22/2011

I bought a bottle of the 35% hydrogen peroxide from a place in Michigan. I mixed 11 OZ, of distilled water with 1 OZ of 35% peroxide. Did I mix this correctly? After a couple of days, my throat feel raw or very sore. What would cause this if I mixed it correctly? I an stopping this for a while. I was using Bill Monroe method staight of of the 3% peroxide you purhchase at Kroger drug dept and it seem to be better. It says on the battle that is has purified water with it. And it is only about 79 Cent. Bill if you read this let me know. Thanks

Replied by Roberta
(Absecon, New Jersey)

Your right on the first part of the mixture. Now for ingestion you have to mix it further.

1oz of H2O2 TO 11oz of DISTILLED WATER!

Now you have to dilute it further:

One (1) drop to 6 to 8 ozs. of water for ingestion. (this brings in down to less the 1%! )

It works someone has a book 'The One Minute Cure' if you can find it, check it out for a world interest. Go to Amazon. com do a quick search and you will see several books on H2O2 therapy.

If you do it right it can be of real value H2O2 therapy.

You don't know me so I won't say "trust me"... when someone tells me that I automatically don't trust them! The best to you and enjoy your new health.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Mcleod51 (Prosperity, South Carolina) on 11/13/2011

62 year old male in mostly good health, I am undergoing this protocol for general health and some minor complaints (occasional flu, incontinence, tinnitus, sore muscles, mild arthritis in guitar fret hand, recent hair loss and alarming decline in energy level). I have been taking FGHP for three weeks. At the ten day mark I was up to 13 drops of 35% FGHP in 7 oz. of distilled water 3x daily, my energy level fell off a cliff and has not rebounded. I've plugged along and am up to 24 drops. Headaches, louder tinnitus and headaches and slight loss of balance have accompanied my fatigue. Anyone have a similar experience?

Replied by Kitty
(Melbourne, Australia)

24 drops of HP sounds like an awful lot! I would stop that immediately if I were you! If your health has gone downhill since using this therapy, the logical answer would be to stop! I just read a post above where a woman actually got blood cancer from HP! Scary!

Replied by Samdi
(Brantford, Canada)

Hi, H2o2 is not to go in your stomach-inhale it you will have the benefit in a short time.

Replied by Eliza
(Cary, Nc)

Please note that the 35% H2o2 must be diluted to 3% first.

The protocol specifies drops of 3% food grade, not the full strength 35%.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Andrew (Charlottetown, Pei, Canada) on 11/13/2011

Hi, I've purchased the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I'm only taking one drop in 8 ozs of water per day for three days and I find it makes me constipated and stomach irritability. I take this glass one hour before I have breakfast in the morning. I tried this about two weeks ago with one drop the first day then two drops the second day then three, on the fourth day I had severe anxiety and light headiness and also some stomach irritability. Am I too sensitive for even one drop per day or is my body so full of toxins? I have severe allergy problems or candida in my right sinus passage for the last 7 to 10 years. Any info would be great ...Thanks

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Andrew, as I wrote once: I do the HP by breathing thru it with my mouth. Meaning to say I put diluted HP in my mouth, swish it a bit, then breath 6-8 inhalations thru my mouth with the stuff still in it (I do not swallow) then spit out and rinse. You can try this a few times a day and see if it helps. Can't hurt.

Replied by Andrew
(Charlottetown, Pei, Canada)

Hi What dilution do u use, is it the 35% food grade and how many drops to how much water? thanks

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

I think you need to read very carefully on here about how to take this peroxide. I am not sure, but I believe I read that the stomach should be empty for 2 hours before and after ingesting peroxide.

Replied by Andrew
(Charlottetown, Pei, Canada)

Hi, Yes I seem to agree, it seems that whatever seems to be a sure bet for you is always so complicated... I'll have to move on to something else I guess... and git rid of the H2O2 that I puchased..Thanks

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Jeanne (Tampa, Fl) on 11/05/2011

I know it is probably on here some where but where do I find how to dilute 35% food grade h202 to be 3% h2o2? My math brain is not working right now and I need some help please.

Replied by P
(Middle, Fl)

Here is a paragraph of this website that you could further investigate yourself;

This is an article By Walter Grotz and the following is just a clip off;

To make a 3% solution, mix 11 oz. Of distilled water with 1 oz. of 35% hydrogen peroxide. Always be careful when handling 35% food grade, and keep it away from children. If you spill some, wash the area with water to dilute it. If you get it on your skin, rinse under running water. The skin will temporarily turn white, but no permanent harm is done.

Hope it helps!

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Beck (Boca Raton, Florida, Usa) on 03/30/2011

I need to know exactly how to the Hydrogen Peroxide therapy I have purchased the 35% food grade I need this badly in my body but I need specific instructions on how to do this.

I have severe Asthma, Allergies and I am now suffering with my 3rd sinus infection and it is now going into my lungs and I need your help and feedback. I am so tired of the steroids and the weight gain in my life. Thanks

Replied by Jim
(Ft. Lauderdale, Fl)

Just google "hydrogen peroxide therapy" Here is one good article - hope it helps -

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Dodobrain (Na, Ct, Usa) on 03/09/2011

Aloe Vera Juice instead of Distilled water for Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Can I use aloe vera juice to dilute food grade hydroge peroxide instead of distilled water or tap water with baking soda instead? I know lemon water is not recommended b/c it neutralizes the effect.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

Phamacitical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is 35 % and can be dangerous. KISS, , , , , , keep it simple stupid. A military term. Only use distilled water in diluting.
===ROBERT HENRY==, Ch. E. , 1960

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Dan (Lagos) on 01/29/2011

I have 2 problems. The 1st is, each time I use 3% food grade 2 clean my face my eyes get irritated even tho I don't let it come in contact with my eyes. The second is, I have been ingesting food grade HP since Dec 25th as prescribed in an ebook but none of my several health probs have been cured yet. My energy increased a few days into the treatment but later reduced til now. My teeth, eyes, ears etc still have probs till now. Do I have to take it for three months before noticing the 1st cure?

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by George (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 01/16/2011

Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade - Lung Concerns

I have been taking 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide the last 6 months. I started approx mid July 2010. My dose was between 2-5 drops once a day in 200ml of water. I always took in the morning, one hour before food consumption. All of a sudden I have become ill 2 weeks ago, flu type symptoms, dry cough, phlem and mucus build up and this now seems to have infected my lungs. A friend of mine had the same symptoms and she came over to see me and I became sick the next day. The dr has told me I have dullness in my left middle lung and may have a number of issues with my lung. I am wondering if the peroxide has done this. I would appreciate any comments please...

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

I'm no expert, but if you were not inhaling the FGHP I don't think it would be affecting your lungs. There are a lot of nasty viruses going around right now, my mother has been in the hospital 3 times in one month with pneumonia caused from a virus. I think your lung problem and your FGHP is probably just a coincidence, but hopefully your doctor can come up with the correct answer. Good Luck

Replied by Mike
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

You wrote: "and she came over to see me and I became sick the next day" Maybe you caught something from her and it had nothing to do with the H2O2 after all.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by George (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 12/28/2010

I have been taking 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide the last 6 months. I started approx mid July 2010. My dose was between 2-5 drops once a day in 200ml of water. I always took in the morning, one hour before food consumption. All of a sudden I have become ill 2 weeks ago, flu type symptoms, dry cough, phlem and mucus build up and this now seems to have infected my lungs. A friend of mine had the same symptoms and she came over to see me and I became sick the nect day. The dr has told me I have dullness in my left middle lung and may have a number of issues with my lung. I am wondering if the peroxide has done this. I would appreciate any comments please...

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Kpandbailey (Hood River, Or, Usa) on 10/29/2010

Can someone please give me advice on a couple of things regarding 35% h202.

1.)When you dilute it to use for gargling, spraying on your body etc. Is there a special type of spray plastic bottle this diluted solution should be stored in and does this solution also need to be put in the freezer or can it be stored under bathroom sink???

2.) Could you also confirm for me the exact ratio to make this diluted for body use solution.

Replied by Thenewguyintown
(Westwood, New Jersey, Usa)

Just wanted to reply to your inquiry regarding H202. There is no special spray bottle you need, however IF you can find a brown one it would help with light contamination. After all, H202 comes in a brown bottle itself to help protect against UV rays. However, so long as you keep it under your sink it will be fine. No need to freeze or refrigerate

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Laurie (Olney, Il, Us) on 10/08/2010

I live in the US and the shipping for 35%food grade peroxide is ridiculous, over 40.00 because of regulations here... I called sproutmaster because they are recommended by a contributor on this site - and they referred me to Rebekah's Pure Living. Rebekah's dilutes their 35% food grade to one half making it 17 1/2 strength. My question is, will this be ok to take internally? I intend to take it for the body detoxification program. Thank you

Replied by Laurie
(Olney, Il, Us)

My question about the 17 1/2% food grade peroxide, diluted down from 35% in order to make the shipping affordable... What I was wanting to know is... If it's watered down by the shipper, is it as good as if I had bought 35% and diluted myself? In other words.. Has it lost it's potency in the time it took to get from them to me because of it not being refrigerated immediately. Sorry I didn't make myself more clear.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, USA)

I am also in the US and looking for FGHP - or any HP without stabilizers. Can you email me with somewhere I can get it online? Reach me at veryvanilla27 at yahoo dot com. The HP I have is 3% but is clear and colorless and says 3% USP on the side. Is that OK to use?

Replied by Cookie75
(Plano, Tx)

For Citygirl27 from Richardson: You can get 35% FGHP at: Natural Health Shop, 400 N Coit Rd, Suite 1902, Richardson, TX 75080

Driving Directions: located at the intersection of Coit & Roundrock, in the same shopping center as the Neighborhood Walmart and the US Post Office.

It's a big bottle for around $35. I keep in refrigerator per instructions and have had it over a year.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Robert (Rokeby, Sk, Canada) on 10/04/2010

I was wondering if doing the inhalation method AND taking FGHP internally mixed with water is too much all at once, or does it provide added benefit?

I have read a lot of material in a very short time, and wonder if it's OK to take FGHP with something other than water. The taste is something I'm not sure I'll get used to. I was thinking maybe the taste is too strong because I'm doing both methods daily. Can someone please provide feedback?

Replied by Shirl
(Greene, Ny, United States)

Hi, i don't know how many people know about this, but the website [ lets talk health] sells 35 0/0 food grade hydrogen peroxide capsules. it is crystalized and put in capsules. aprox $15.00 per 90 caps. i have been using them aprox 1 yr. can't be without them. my body was very swollen and in a lot of pain. im taking the equivelent of aprox 114 to 126 drops. that is 16 to 20 caps a day, and it has done no harm. if anything the swelling has gone way down and im not in that much pain. i have herpes and im 68 yrs old. i really believe i can cure it, but need to be careful not to use alcohol, too much sweet or milk. i also take lots of vitamins. other wize you cause the herpies to replicate.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Kelly (Cincinnati, Oh) on 09/27/2010

??? Please someone better at math than I--tell me what the strength that 12% food grade H202 would be at 1/4 tsp. per 1 quart of water.. THANKS!

Replied by Alain
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Answer to Kelly from Cincinnati,

1 Teaspoon = 0. 17 US ounce. 1/4 Teaspoon = 0. 0425 US ounce. 1 quart = 32 US ounce. Therefore, 1 quart contains 753 times 1/4 teaspoon. 12% concentration divided by 753 1 becomes 0. 016%.


Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Jeff (Nashville, Tn) on 08/18/2010

I use 35% H2O2 in a dropper bottle for dosage in water. It is quite common that a few weeks after filling, the rubber on the bulb gets sticky, distorted and falls apart. Is this common? Is there a "special" dropper I should be using? Thanks!! Jeff

Replied by Joanofarc83
(Morton, Illinois Usa)

Jeff, I had into the same problem until I purchased a new dropper and now keep it in the refrigerator. I hope this helps. I bought my dropper at the pharmacy of our local Kmart. Good health to you and yours.

Replied by David
(Anchorage, Ak, Usa)

My rubber plunger on the dropper would always balloon or melt. Now I just keep a dropper on its side, next to the bottle, and use it exclusively for the h202.

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Backpacking5 (Roseau, Mn, Usa) on 06/08/2010

I am new to this and kind of confused about taking Hydrogen Peroxide.

1. When you are talking about putting the drops in your glass of water is it the straight 35% food grade or the diluted 3% H2O2? If you use the 35% by drops in your drinking water why dilute it to 3%?

2. We have well water, do I have to use distilled water to mix with and drink?

3. Is it okay to mix it with more water then 8 ozs at a time? I drink a lot of water and was wondering if I could mix it in the bottles I take to work. If so, how much can I put in a liter bottle with ice, and is ice ok to use?

4. Can I drink it throughout the day as I sip my water or is it better to drink all at once in a smaller glass?

As you can tell I have a lot of questions and am very excited to start using this.

I love this site and very happy I stumbed onto it. Thank you very much for putting this information out there for us.

Replied by Nancy
(Pahoa, Hi)

I use food Grade Hydrogen peroxide. THe 35% is way to strong, so it must be diluted. Must be taken on an empty stomach. I like to take it before I eat. Then I can eat after 30 minutes. If you take it after you eat you have to wait 2 hrs. Once I forgot and got an upset stomach. I take it 3 times a day if I am sick. If I would remember to gargle with it at the first sign of a sore throat, I wouldn't get sick.

You can see it foam up, just like when you put the regular peroxide on a inflamed cut. I try to gargle for at least one minute 3 times a day.

Good luck

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Suberk (Highland Beach, Florida) on 06/07/2010

i have been making my own 3% from 35% for five years. i take orally 10 to 15 drops as the severity of my cold, i feel dictates. Empty stomach is a must. Do not try otherwise.

i wonder if anyone ever made restrictions/comments for child use? i have a friend w/ 5yr old who has nagging nose drip, etc, partially w/ allergy. i want to know if anyone read about age restriction and quantity. thanks.

Replied by Carla
(Hollywood. Fla)

I have not tried this therapy yet I'm only researching right now but I read you can make a nostril spray out of it.. That might be ok for a child. But go read and find out how to make it.. The 35% food grade has to be reduced to 3% than mixed with distilled water in a spray bottle.. I'm going to try myself!

Food Grade Peroxide Cures
Posted by Sara (Sacramento, Ca, Usa) on 05/07/2010

I have a question here regarding using Hydrogen Peroxide food grade 35%. I have got this product from a health food drug store, and I want to give it to my mom who is 73 years old, and she is suffering from arthritis on her both knees. I would appreciate if someone give me a direction how to use Hydrogen Peroxide.I know I should start it slowly by giving her 1 drop a day twice. Does she need to take it on empty stomach or not? what will be the side effects?


Replied by Alain
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)


There are several ways to use h2o2. Internally, it is a powerful stuff. Start slow. Always on empty stomach. Externally, one of EC posts suggest to rub the knees with regular h2o2 (3%) several times a day. I could not find easily that post.

Magnesium is also great. Applying soaked towels with Epsom Salt solution on knees will also help. Rubbing with regular milk of magnesia is also an option. Things will take time.

H2O2 and ES can be taken in baths, see .

One of my posts in EC offers a lot of links to h2o2 articles. Its content is basically the same as , but the later as a chart for the number drops in water. In the articles you will find good info.

Charts are just guidelines. Amount x is relatively not the same for a person of 100 pounds than for a person of 200 pounds. Level of weakness should be considered. With h2o2 less is better than too much.

There might be some detox symptoms. If too strong, reduce concentration to a comfortable level and increase it later.

IMO h2o2 is great. But I would strongly like you to consider alkalizing protocols. And better nutrition will also help. Improving nutrition and alkalizing may remove the causes.

Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses is also a good source of alkalizing minerals. In meals just replace regular sugar with it.

Good luck and god bless people helping their parents.


Replied by Todd
(Nashville, Tn)

Look up boron in relation to arthritis... Boron supplements.

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