Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

Posted by Mariana (Canada) on 01/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have started again a "treatment" with hydrogen peroxide 35% Food grade because of a right shoulder unbearable pain (arthritis) and I have already feeling better, and guess what I do not even taking in gas I have read. In the morning, I drink a glass from a 1l 1/2 bottle of osmosis water and I am o.k. For me, it is like drinking water. In the bottle I pour only maximum 20 small drops because my dripping thing I'd thin and that's all I do. I feel other benefits as well, stomach ease, breath ease, light head, etc.

I mention that I have my first meal one hour later after I drunk it. If you want to take it 3 times a day, for safety, I will eat three hours later. I do not inhale anything yet to cure my sinuses expecting a cure in time due to the regular taking in as written above. It is efficient, inexpensive and not stressful. Now, for my sisters's tendonitis and arthritis and cholesterol and heart, I encourage her to start this and I am sure she will be healthy again, that much trust I put in the peroxide.

We all suffer of oxygen depletion. I have observed mountain people who live in more oxygenised environment, big difference! I hope that who will read this will get the necessary courage to start healing soul and body. Thanks God for the good nature full of natural remedies and for inspiring true loving people to become more and more knowledgeable of the treasure the nature offers to the mankind and how to benefiit from it. Nutrition and faith, both are important. We have to change our life style, simplicity of life reduces stress, passions and bring peace and wellbeing. How wonderful is to feel good, to be good, of good cheer, to help, to encourage, to love, expecting noting in return, but happy people around.