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Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects

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Posted by Sean (Arizona) on 09/14/2021


I started a program of H2o2 almost a week ago. I am using 35% in 6 to 8 oz. of water three times a day. I started at 3 drops and am now at 7.

I am doing it to try to overcome a light headedness that I have had for over 3 months. I have looked up ever cause I can find and only seem to have the one symptom, although I have been actively taking supplements and dieting to try to overcome anemia, blood sugar and or clogged arteries. But like I said I don't have any other symptoms. I'm not fatigued, nauseous, depressed, brain foggy etc.

Since I have been taking the H2O2 my symptoms seem worse. I seem to be more light headed. So my question is should I continue on the program? Am I potentially getting worse because I'm over the target and my body is detoxing, or is it more possible that the H2o2 isn't the right approach.

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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How did you feel on three drops? It makes sense to me that the area you have concern with is the same area you are noticing have reaction. But I would reduce the dose to where reactions were much less, and I probably would have started with one single drop, do that for several days, if no negative signs then increase to two drops. The main thing is to listen to your body

Best to you

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Laura (British Columbia) on 08/04/2021

Hydrogen Peroxide orally for cleansing the body of bacteria and parasites

I just started a hydrogen peroxide treatment - 35% food grade yesterday. I started with 3 drops and drank twice yesterday. Today I'm at 4 drops. I noticed a couple of times a very quick pain that seemed to be the area of my spleen. Not crippling, doesn't last more than a second or so. Could this mean that there is something wrong or could this mean that the peroxide treatment is doing its job?

I'm so new to this and obviously afraid of harming myself. I should also add that I take a teaspoon of ionized colloidal silver at a completely different time (2 hours apart) so as not to have those mixed at all in the tummy or elsewhere.

Replied by Art
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Hello Laura,

Aside from the FGHP, you mentioned that you are taking 1 teaspoonful of ionized colloidal silver. In one sense, colloidal silver is essentially a type of antibiotic and taking an antibiotic every day will eventually lead to bacterial resistance where a bacteria becomes resistant to the antibiotic. The same thing can happen with CS used in the same way. There are already bacteria that are resistant to CS.

Also, whenever you take an antibiotic, you generally have to take it at a specific dose for a specific amount of time with a few exceptions. If you take that antibiotic at a lower than prescribed dose, it makes it easier for the bacteria to become resistant to that antibiotic, and the same can happen with CS. Based on studies, one teaspoon is too low of a dose to be effective as an antibiotic in the human body unless you are using a very high part per million CS or you are getting a placebo effect.

Antibiotics are generally used to fight a specific bacteria or health condition and with a few exceptions, are not generally used as a prophylactic. CS is the same in this respect, you generally use it to fight a specific bacterial or viral infection and not as a prophylactic. Unfortunately, this information is never printed on the label of CS retail products because this would essentially be the same as the manufacturer making a medical claim for CS, which is not allowed by the FDA.


Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Adnaloy (Ny) on 05/15/2018

Hello, I started this therapy and I'm feeling pretty good, just started soaking my feet in it at 3% last night and I'm looking forward to getting rid of my Nail Fungus which I've had forever. The only thing is that I cannot take the HP with filtered water or Distilled water. I cannot handle the bleachy taste and feel like I'll puke, so I started taking it with kefir almond milk and find it much better, is this ok?

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Chris (Iowa) on 05/10/2018 4 posts

I was on the HP for about 15 days, starting with 1 drop 35% in 8 oz. water, 3 times a day and adding a drop every day. I went a little slower than most people, stayed at 3 drops a couple days etc. At about the 5 drop day I started to feel better and have more energy and a good frame of mind, very happy with that. BUT, I also started bloating up so bad I couldn't fasten my pants, ankles swelled and my appetite was crazy (gained weight! ). I can almost understand the bloating, if I had maybe eaten too close to taking my HP. The swelling up of my feet, and my face I do not understand. Have not taken it for 5 days now, no longer have a crazy appetite and swelling is down. Unfortunately I am back to NO energy and not a very good mood.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Chris, either stay on low dose for longer or try Bill Munro''s inhalation method for h2o2.

Replied by Chris
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Thank you. I think I might try the low dose. I miss not having any energy.

Replied by Shauna

You might want to try staying at 3 drops per day for a little while longer before increasing to 5 drops. I was reading about how something like this might happen because of Candida, and it suggested a lower dose for a longer period of time until this passes.

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Diana (Minnesota) on 04/13/2018

I am wondering if anyone else has had a breathing problem drinking hydrogen peroxide? I am on day 8 increasing everyday by one drop like the book One Minute Cure instructs. Yesterday my breathing seemed to be more labored and still is today. Am I doing anything wrong and will it get better in time. The doctor tells me I have COPD but I don't believe them but I have had Asthma for some time now. I am a little frightened with the breathing thing going on, any help would be welcomed. I have read other stories but no one mentions the shortness of breath. Thanks.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Diana, "listen yo your bones"! You are obviously taking too much for your body! Skip a few days and see if your breathing gets better, then start (and stay) at a much lower dose.

Replied by Béryl

Hi Diana,

I am also having shortness of breath in taking the H202 remedy. I am putting this down to a Herx reaction for the moment. The shortness of breath seems to be due in my case to muscles tightening in the belly region preventing natural movement of the diaphragm and not to a lung problem as such. I will continue the H202 for the moment and see how it goes.

All the best,

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Mandini (Ca) on 11/01/2017

Hello I have a question, I have type two diabetes and Lyme Disease. I am up to 20 drops of 35% food grade peroxide twice daily. I started my period a few days late and it was a weird one, one of the worst I have ever had and I normally have bad periods, but then it didnt end its two weeks later and its still there. Does anyone know whats going on, or had this happen to them? Is it a healing crisis? I feel very hormonal, a little dizzy, mild cramps. Other than this the h2o2 has been working great. Thanks for your help!!

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Mandini, lower your dosage.

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Packer53 (Minneapolis) on 07/03/2017

I've been doing the protocol using 35% food grade peroxide. I left a mixture of 5 drops with 12oz of distilled water in the fridge overnight. This am when I drank it, it caused my to vomit. The only difference from the day before was that I left it on the fridge overnight. Would that cause me to be sick?? Thanks for the help.

Replied by Rsw


Did you dilute the 35% food grade peroxide down to 3% before you started taking it? It must be diluted before ingesting - I believe it is eleven parts distilled water to one part 35% peroxide.

Replied by Jude
(Santa Ysabel, Ca)
01/24/2018 my opinion..there are many germs all around inside. There might have even been a reaction from the inside of the container. I disinfect my glass by spraying the inside before I pour the water In my glass

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Chanda (Fl) on 02/12/2017

I've felt like I've had a stomach bug for about 3 weeks now...I've been taking 35% food grade in a glass of h20 regularly bt not everyday I went n had an abnormal pap n bacteria infection n went to dentist because my root canal is messed up bt 3 more weeks to get it looked @....I feel sooo sick n just wondering if I'm having die off...

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Change, lower your dose A LOT.

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Patty (Pilot Mtn, Nc) on 09/02/2016

I am having hydrogen peroxide nausea. Anything I can take for the nausea besides reducing my drops? Also, does stress really counteract this therapy by closing off the cells from the extra oxygen?

Replied by Timh
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It is very important to first do alkalizing remedies prior to Oxygen Therapy. You may want to consider an herbal parasite cleanse as there are several bad toxins produced from various paras. Also consider Colloidal Silver in place of H2O2. After making these changes, you may try doing H2O2 again.

As for stress, well there are many forms of it and most of them are damaging to health on many levels. And stress, over time, is deadly as it causes big declines in health, and is becoming known as one of the leading causes of cancer.

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Keith (US) on 08/17/2016

I use the food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. I have an itch like I have hemrhoids but I do not. What can I do to alleviate this?

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Kjoken (Savannah, Ga) on 05/10/2016 1 posts

I started taking food grade hydrogen peroxide. It's 35% and I have been putting 8 drops in 8oz of water every morning. I have been doing this for over a month. I am feeling sick and am having headaches and eye issues. Could it be the peroxide? please help!!!!!

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Kjoken, yes, you are taking too much and too often for your body.

Replied by Joey B

Lady, you are poisoning yourself. You should be putting 3 drops or less of 18.5% hydrogen peroxide food-grade into 16 ounces of water a day. Anything more you're destroying yourself. Stop what you're doing immediately, wait for a week and then start the three drops.

(Annapolis MD)

I'm curious as to your statement you are saying that the "one minute cure" is calling to poison yourself? or no? I'm using it myself, so I'm asking, so if anything more than 3 drops H202, in 12oz of H20 is FAR LESS than what is called for in this text? can you elaborate?

Replied by Goalkeeper

Use 7-10 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide per glass of water.

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Jane (Avon Lake, Ohio) on 05/01/2015


I am very upset because I used a couple of drops of Hydrogen Peroxide and I did not put it with distilled water and I mixed it with an eight ounce glass of water. I have been through hell since I did it. I have gone to the E.R twice for swelling and inflammation and it does not seem to get better. It feels better for a little while and then starts to feel like it's swelling again. I am so upset, I have been suicidal at times. I am a victim to not researching this properly and being a complete idiot. Please help me know if in time this will heal.

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Edward (Arizona) on 03/07/2014

Dear Representative,

I have a couple of questions about food grade hydrogen peroxide. I bought a couple of bottles from Eagle Enterprises about a year a go and they seem to have lost their strenght or concentration.

1) Does this happen, ie can hydrogen peroxide degrade.

Secondly since it seems weaker I was able to use 60 drops per 8oz of water, but it made me a little nauseaus but then passed and I had to urinate about an hour later, even though I just urinated an hour earlier. My feeling was that the H202 went right through.

2) Is there any danger to my kidney's or the rest of my body?

Thanks, Edward

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Marie (Connecticut ) on 02/02/2014

Hi I started the 35% food graded hydrogen peroxide therapy jan 20th 2014 and I was at 18 drops yeasterday at 9:00 am and finish drinking the dluted water around 9:40 ish and started eating around 10:40 ish , I didn't realize it was 11 yet and I know you have to wait an hour before eating .. so I am worried that the food mess up the lining of my stomach ... I pray that it didn't but I have a lil discomfort on my left side and some cramping and nausea ... I'm not sure if it's because of the food or because I'm at a higher dose so I'm scared and don't know if I should stop today or continue or go to a doctor. Please help

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Jay (Newyork United States) on 10/30/2013

I was on 35% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide regime was up to 18 drops I took after doing some pushups then went to take a shower I immediately started feeling pain in my chest. I jumped out the shower and started to look online on what to do. I found out I should drink lots of water. I assumed maybe I took more than 18 drops by accident. Any tips guys?

Replied by Marie

Did you dilute the 35% then add the drops Or did you add the drops straight from 35%?

Food Grade Peroxide Side Effects
Posted by Bristolbeth (London) on 09/22/2013

I have been diagnosed with COPD and had a very bad experience using the steroids I was given. I have since been trying to find alternative ways to manage my condition and recently read a free ebook about using H2O2 ( hydrogen peroxide).

There was lots of advice on using it for COPD and then this statement ....

"If you have any artificial parts in your body, you must seriously consider the risks of using hydrogen peroxide. No one really knows what these risks are".

This is a link to the e book: written by James Paul Roguski.

I want to try using H202 but I have nine dental implants and am very concerned about embarking on this treatment as dental implants would qualify as an artifical body part! I emailed the author of the book and was not able to get a clear answer. I was wondering if anyone on this forum had had a similiar experience of treating themselves ( with any condition) ingesting H202 with dental implants/artificial body part.

Replied by Arthur

I don't know how old this post is but I think they were referring to heart, lung and kidney transplants. The H2O2 will reject the transplant. Hope this helps.

Replied by Sandra

In reply to artificial body parts...i had breast augmentation years ago. Still have my implants and am on the FG hydrogen regime with NO side effects. My mother who has dental implants also uses hydrogen peroxide solution with NO side effects. I say try it and watch to see if you have side effects. If you do just discontinue use.

Replied by Elaine

If you have COPD then you probably have a nebulizer. Have you thought about putting H2O2 in your nebulizer? It would bypass the stomach and GI tract. Plus, your lungs get the H2O2 into your system faster. And, it will also do what you want it to do to your lungs; clean them out. But, I have also seen here on Earthclinic where Ted recomends DMSO for COPD. It will melt the tar in lungs. It has to be food grade DMSO as normally it smells very strong/garlicky. I have not done any of these things nor am I recommending them. Just ideas.

Food Grade Stabilizers

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/02/2010

Well here's something interesting that I've just found. I use HP quite alot, looks like the FDA are trying to squeeze out HP for internal use completely. Probably part of their Codex Alimentarius tactics. It seems that perhaps even food grade HP may not even be so safe from additives. Here are some extracts:

"Food grade and Technical grade hydrogen peroxide are essentially the same. However, the FDA regulates among other things the processing of Food grade hydrogen peroxide.

For Example:

The manufacturer produces 10 drums of technical grade H2O2. He would test the first and the last drum for quality and purity. The FDA inspects or test all 10 drums. All 10 drums are now considered to be food grade H2O2 after the additives added by the manufacturer for compliance. If the packager pours food grade H2O2 out of one of those drums into a smaller container, it is no longer a "food grade" unless that smaller container is also tested for the FDA compliance."

"Hydrogen Peroxide Grades

3% Hydrogen Peroxide (Drug/Grocery Store Variety)
Used as antimicrobial agent for treating wounds and sanitizing agent
[Made from 50% Super D Peroxide, Diluted. Contains stabilizers - phenol, acetanilide, sodium stanate, tetrasodium phosphate among them.]
[This peroxide contains known chemicals do not ingest!]

6% Hydrogen Peroxide
Used by Beauticians for Coloring Hair. Used as sanitizing agent.
Comes in strengths labeled 10,20,40 volume. Must have activator added to be used as a bleach.
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities dependent on manufacturing and dilution process. Do not ingest.]

30% Re-Agent Hydrogen Peroxide
Used in medical research.
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities dependent on manufacturing and dilution process. Do not ingest.]

30-32% Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Used for washing transistors and integrated chip parts before assembly.
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities dependent on manufacturing and dilution process. Do not ingest.]

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (Also 50% Food Grade H2O2)
[....*....]. Also used to spray inside of foil lined containers for food storage - known as the aseptic packaging system. [...*...additional information removed for FDA compliance]
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities dependent on manufacturing and dilution process.
--e.g. This Food Grade Hyrogen Peroxide is Stabilized using tin based formulations ]

35% Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Used for waste water treatment and the disinfection of potable water, cosmetics, and laundry applications. [...*...additional information removed for FDA compliance] [May contain a small amount of phosphorus to neutralize any chlorine in the water it is combined with.]
MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET & Technical Details: Hydrogen Peroxide (20 to 40%)

35% Standard Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (Also 50%, 60%, 70% Standard Grades)
Used mainly for bleaching in the pulp and paper industry and in the textile industry; oxidation reactions in the chemical industry; environmental processes (detoxification and deodorization). Used for Waste water treatment.
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities Do not ingest.]

90% Hydrogen Peroxide
Used by the military as a source of Oxygen at Cape Canaveral. Used as a propulsion source in rocket fuel.

99.6% Hydrogen Peroxide
This was first made in 1954 as an experiment to see how pure a hydrogen peroxide could be manufactured. "

It seems that even food grade HP will have stannous or tin stabilizers in it at a minimum. This won't stop me using HP though, since I only use drops anyway, but the article is interesting.

Hair Loss, Sinus Infections

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Posted by Colette (KS) on 02/23/2023

I also read and followed the One Minute Cure. I was losing my hair from Covid at a rapid pace. Within two weeks of the food grade hydrogen peroxide protocol, my hair stopped falling out. I also was on Adderall and no longer have to take that. I'm on the maintenance dose now. My husband and I both had sinus infections a couple weeks ago. Mine went away in a few days. I increased my dosage a little. My husband is on his second round of antibiotics and still hacking up green phlegm. I can tell a difference in my skin and my hair. It is definitely a cure all.

Replied by JC

So glad to hear this worked for you. Can you please tell me where or the website you purchased the food grade Hydrogen Peroxide and what was the protocol you followed. Many Thanks!


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Posted by Olivia (Il ) on 12/29/2016

Like another poster on this site, I too had herpes as a result of childhood sexual abuse. I hardly ever had any outbreaks, but within the last year I began to have them monthly, then they began to come back to back in the same month, before one breakout was gone, there would be one to two more breakouts. I began to panic, I was going to have to report it to my doctor, which I never did.

So some how I found about the H202. I started Dec 1,2016, increasing the drops each week, starting with 3 drops n 8oz water /milk/juice, 3 times/day. There were no further break outs the first week of the regimen. I'm up to 20 drops because the end of the regimen was 25 drops but anything greater than 22 drops was too much for me so I went back to 20 drops 3 times/day.

Today is Dec 28, 2016, I will continue the 20 drops until Jan 2017, then begin to taper up. Since day one of the treatment, I've had no further breakouts. After 3 months of this regimen, I will be tested to see if it's out of my system for good.

Replied by Lonely
(St . Louis)

Olivia (Il), my question is were you drinking the hydrogen peroxide or were you putting it in a spray and spraying it on your body. How was the out come of your test?

Replied by Michael
(Wichita, Ks)

I am having a simular situation- could you please give be more instructions on how to increase the dosage of peroxide? I get to start with 3 drops 3 times a day and to stop at 20-25 drops by the end, but I am not sure what to do between that???


35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Maintenance Dosage

Day 1………..3 drops, 3 times daily
Day 2………..4 drops, 3 times daily
Day 3………..5 drops, 3 times daily
Day 4………..6 drops, 3 times daily
Day 5………..7 drops, 3 times daily
Day 6………..8 drops, 3 times daily
Day 7………..9 drops, 3 times daily
Day 8……….10 drops, 3 times daily
Day 9……….12 drops, 3 times daily
Day 10………14 drops, 3 times daily
Day 11………16 drops, 3 times daily
Day 12………18 drops, 3 times daily
Day 13………20 drops, 3 times daily
Day 14………22 drops, 3 times daily
Day 15………24 drops, 3 times daily
Day 16………25 drops, 3 times daily

In most situations after the above 21-day program, the amount of H2O2 can be tapered off gradually as follows:

25 drops once every other day for 1 week
25 drops once every third day for 2 weeks
25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks
This can then be reduced to between 5-15 drops per week based on how one feels.

Other Helpful Tips

Those with more serious problems will often benefit from staying on 25 drops three times a day for one to three weeks, then tapering down to 25 drops two times daily until the problem is resolved (possibly as long as six months).

It is important that H2O2 be taken on an empty stomach. This is best accomplished by taking it either one hour before meals or three hours after meals. If there is food in the stomach, the reaction of the H2O2 on any bacteria present may cause excess foaming, indigestion and possibly even vomiting. Additionally, some animal research indicates that when H2O2 given orally combines with iron and small amounts of vitamin C in the stomach, hydroxyl radicals are created.
The bleach-like aftertaste of H2O2 can be lessened by chewing one of the sugar-free cinnamon gums.

Some individuals taking H2O2 immediately before bedtime have a difficult time getting to sleep. This is probably due to a sense of alertness triggered by an increase of oxygen at the cellular level.


Replied by Yaz

Can you tell me each week how many drops you are supposed to ingest. I can't find the complete regimen head to toe and I want it so I can begin. Thank you

Replied by Louis

Hi Olivia,

Just out of curiosity I would like to know what were your test result after participating in this treatment for three months? Please let me know if it's safe to do and did it work for you?

Replied by Scotty
(Lancaster, Va)

Have you gotten tested yet? Just curious to know if it gets rid of it completely or suppressed the outbreak.

Replied by Rivers
(Atlanta Ga)

Hi I was just wondering how long did it take before the virus left your body v and did you only drink it?

Replied by Lacey
(Louisiana (la))

Did you ever go back to the doctor to test.

Replied by Jameko

How did your results go?

Posted by Happy Camper (Scottsdale, Az) on 06/13/2016

I had Genital Herpes for 40 years, tried everything; finally tried 35% Food Grade H2O2. Unbelievable, but no more Herpes. The process of increasing daily doses and then decreasing by the same amount took 32 days. Then maintain the lowest dose for a month.....DONE, INEXPENSIVE and it works!!!! It has been almost "3" years. All I can say is it worked for me and I am a Happy Camper.

Replied by Timmy
(South Carolina)

What type of water? Can u eat with it or not? Do u use 8ounces of water? Please explain

Replied by Mel

That's great news! Did both IGM and IGG come back negative?? How long did you take to get tested to be certain the herpes was eradicated?

Replied by Karen
(Leinster, Ireland)

Can u please tell me where you purchased the 35%food grade HP.. Desperate in Ireland

Replied by Elaine
(Lakewood, Ca)

What schedule did you do?

Replied by Shelly
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Hi. Did you have to eat a certain diet or give up protein and dairy products?

Replied by Rivers
(Atlanta Ga)

Hi I was just wondering were you drinking it or spraying it into your body? I have a book that says what you said but it wants you to spray it into your skin not drink it. But I think I will try both.


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Posted by Kaylee ( Santa Barbara ) on 06/03/2021

My medical doctor had me on medical grade hydrogen peroxide IVs that were administrated for an infection that would not go away and right after the IV, I felt immediately better. After weekly IV for a couple of months, I was cured. I also had ozone IVs. Both methods create higher oxygen levels in the body.

Inhaling Food Grade Peroxide

Posted by Ed (Hillsdale, Michigan ) on 10/20/2014

I've been told ingesting h2o2 35% diluted or not is not advisable! I hear it's better to inhale it in the lungs would get it to the bloodstream safer ? I'm not sure what a nebulizer is but how about putting a diluted mixture in a vaporizer overnight ?? Anyway that's my question and I'm interested in starting this protocol, what's your thoughts on this matter? Ed.

Liver Disease

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Posted by Syrena (Florida) on 08/13/2020

Evidence of Liver Healing?

I'm 55 years old, and female. Have had enlarged liver with cysts and pain around my liver since 2017.

I've been using small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide for about 9 days, now. Just a few drops in water, and not using the protocol as outlined in most books of increasing the drops. When I did that, it caused my candidiasis to bloom, so I cut back to using 2-3 drops of 35%, 2-3 times, daily.

This might sound like too much information, but it is a very important breakthrough for me. In the past few years, my feces have been coming out the same color as the food I ate. I have many food allergies, and can only eat a few foods. For example: If I eat potatoes the feces comes out gray/white. Gross....sorry. But the good news is since day 7 of the hydrogen peroxide drops, (two days ago), suddenly the feces is the right color!

I'm under the impression that my liver was not producing bile for quite a while, and that is why my fecal matter was so pale. I know that my liver is enlarged with cysts, and I have had pain around my liver area since early 2017. I do not know what the state of my liver was before that, since I only started looking into it when the pain started.

The change in the color is hopefully a wonderful bit of evidence that maybe I am moving in the right direction in the healing process. Hopefully, it indicates that liver healing is happening!

I have also noticed that moods are lighter and happier since taking the H2O2, and I have more energy. My skin complexion looks a little nicer, too.

I plan to update when there are new breakthroughs. I have been reading a couple of different books, but right now, my favorite one is a free download. The book is called, "The Truth About Hydrogen Peroxide", by James Roguski.

I eat a high carb, low fat vegan diet, and have since 2017 when I found out that my liver was enlarged. Before that, I was on paleo for a couple of years, and clearly that didn't help my situation.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Jess (Phoenix) on 07/03/2023

I've been using 3 drops of 35% H2O2 in 1 liter of water (I drink about 2 liters p/day) for over a month now. Great results! More energy, skin looking even better (but I do eat lots of good fats > olive oil, coconut) and energy...also the temps here in the beautiful Sonoran desert are pretty extreme, yet I'm seemingly not bothered by them > this due to the oxygenated water regulating body temperature! (I've also been able to notch up my AC - remarkable.)

I love that regaining health doesn't have to be complicated :)


Replied by St Md
(Madison WI)

Do you do this one time a day, or 2x, I.e., do you do it in each bottle of water? Thanks so much for sharing!!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Vern (Southern California) on 12/28/2015

I have been using H2O2 for several years. I put 3% on my tooth brush and then paste and brush regularly, followed by a fresh water rinse. This had cured my bleeding gums and haven't had a cold in the last 4 years.

Have used food grade 35% for killing skin cancers. Here you must be very careful as it burns the cancer. I found that applying, with a Q tip every other day for about 5 - 6 days kills the cancer. In 2 weeks the scar is gone and the skin is normal.

All, have a healthy and happy New year.

Replied by Gina
(Great Neck, Ny)

Did you put the full 35% strength food grade hydrogen peroxide on the cancer tumor? And apply with a q-tip? It must really burn so I assume not to put too much on?, please reply if this is correct.

Replied by Oksana
(St.kitts, Caribbean)

Hi, so just applying the H202 to the moles on the skin can cure the skin cancers? Because I also take the hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade by mouth as well.

Multiple Cures
Posted by William (Bartow, Fl) on 12/02/2013

In 2003 of Nov. I was told that I would be dead with in 5 to 6 years. In 2004 I started The Food Grade Peroxide with 10 sprays three times a day. The last spray was about 4:00 pm. If I took it later I was not able to sleep. In 2007 July had a quidtriple bypass and still took the Peroxide with no side effects.

I'm still living and still take it from time to time to keep my system clear. But you need to make up your mind as to what you want to do because being told that I was dying does make a driffence I couldn't lose. Number 1 it made me feel better and I ended up living longer. If you pray, set down and do just that and it may help you to make up your mind.

Tim Sumner: sumnertimm(at)netzero(dot)net. 863-519-5490

Replied by Harry M

Is there any information on dosage of food grade hydrogen as far as a safe dosage, an average for me is 1-2 drops in water.

Protocol Instructions and Important Notes

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Posted by Liz (Las Vegas, Nv) on 09/02/2011

The program outlined for the best way to use 35% HP is only a suggestion, but it is based on years of experience and reports from thousands of users. Those who choose to go slower can expect to progress more slowly, but that is an option. The program is not carved in stone and keep in mind that it can be adapted to fit individual needs. Individuals who have had transplants should not undertake an H202 program.

Note: H202 stimulates the immune system and could possibly cause organ rejection.

Day #/Number of Drops/ Times Per Day (Add drops to 8 ounces of water or juice)

  • 1 - 3 / 3
  • 2 - 4 / 3
  • 3 - 5 /3
  • 4 - 6 / 3
  • 5 - 7 / 3
  • 6 - 8 / 3
  • 7 - 9 / 3
  • 8 - 10 / 3
  • 9 - 12 / 3
  • 10 - 14 / 3
  • 11 - 16 / 3
  • 12 - 18 / 3
  • 13 - 20 / 3
  • 14 - 22 / 3
  • 15 - 24 / 3
  • 16 - 25 / 3

Maintenance Dosage
In most situations after the above 21 day program, the amount of H202 can be tapered off gradually as follows: (add drops to 4-8 ounces of water or juice)

  • 25 drops once every other day for 1 week
  • 25 drops once every third day for 2 weeks
  • 25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks

This can then be reduced to between 5 and 15 drops per week based on how one feels. Those with more serious problems will often benefit from staying on 25 drops three times a day for one to three weeks, then tapering down to 25 drops two times daily until the problem is resolved (possibly as long as six months). Those with chronic systemic Candidiasis may need to start with 1 drop three times a day, then 2 drops three times a day before starting the above schedule.

It is important that H202 be taken on an empty stomach. This is best accomplished by taking it either one hour before meals or three hours after meals. If there is food in the stomach, the reaction of H202 on any bacteria present may cause excess foaming, indigestion, and possibly even vomiting. Additionally, some animal research indicates that when H202 given orally combines with iron and small amounts of vitamin C in the stomach, hydroxyl radicals are created (J Inorg Biochem 89;35(1):55-69). The bleach-like aftertaste of H202 can be lessened by chewing one of the sugar-free cinnamon gums. Some individuals taking H202 immediately before bedtime have a difficult time getting to sleep. This is probably due to a sense of alertness triggered by an increase of oxygen at the cellular level. The oral dosage schedule is basically the same for all conditions. There are several points to keep in mind, however.

Some individuals may experience an upset stomach. If this occurs, it is recommended that one not stop the program, but rather remain at the current dosage level or reduce it to the previous level until the problem stops. (Some patients have been able to solve the nausea problem by taking three or four lecithin capsules at the same time they take the H202. ) During the program, it's not uncommon to experience what is known as a healing crisis. As dead bacteria and toxins are released from your body it may temporarily exceed your capacity to eliminate them quickly enough. In some individuals this overload may cause fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, skin eruptions, cold or flu-like symptoms, and/or nausea. One should not discontinue using the peroxide to stop this cleansing. By continuing the program, toxins will clear the body sooner and this healing crisis will pass rather quickly.

If you are not already taking vitamin E and an acidophilus product, I recommend starting them before going on H202. Vitamin E can make more efficient use of any oxygen available and acidophilus will help re-establish the beneficial bacterial flora in the lower bowel and also help in the internal production of hydrogen peroxide.

Replied by Margaret
(Ronan, Montana)

The above drop schedule is for 35% into distilled water or juice. A full glass of water (4 to 8 oz.) is recommended. So it would be 3 drops (35%) into glass of water or juice, on empty stomach 3 times a day... etc... as the schedule indicates. So at this dilution it should be well under 3%, to start off with anyway.

If you need to dilute it, recommendations are 1 part h202 to 11 parts distilled water. This will make 3%.

35% can cause discomfort if gotten on skin, so use caution. It will whiten the skin and cause sharp nerve pain, which can be lessened by running under cold water. It usually doesn't last very long.

35% taken orally straight can cause a trip to the doctor, so don't do it. :)

Oh, and I'm not an expert, just relaying what I know from what I've read and experienced.

Pulmonary Fibrosis Lung Scarring

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Robert (LA) on 02/05/2023

Resolving Pulmonary Fibrosis Lung Scarring

In August of 2021 I went to the emergency room requesting assistance because I had a lack of energy, great difficulty with breathing and just felt bad. I was told to take a seat and I would be seen as quickly as possible.

The next thing I realize I am waking up in a hospital bed and two months had gone by. I had the Delta version of COVID along with pneumonia (which I have had several times in my life). While I recovered quickly from COVID, the lung damage done by pneumonia had caused excessive lung damage and I wasn't able to breathe on my own.

During the initial stay, I was given a tracheotomy to assist in breathing, placed into a medically induced coma to assist in breathing (supposedly I was told because of my age {62} I might not come out of it) and had a gastric tube inserted to provide needed nutrients along with being placed on a ventilator.

My family had been forewarned if I did make it thru and woke up, I could end up being a vegetable because they had no way of knowing if my brain had become oxygen starved while being in the emergency room and not in an actual intensive care unit. At one point in time, the charge called my family and told them if they didn't do something desperate, I would be dead in a few hours. My former wife called in a priest who administered last rights and my family started the funeral process on my behalf. Being the royal pain I have always been, I survived and eventually recovered enough to be brought out of the coma.

Spent 2.5 months in the hospital and another month in Rehab having to learn how to walk again. Went home the second week of November.

Had a Pulmonary visit in January of 2022 where I was informed I had Pulmonary Fibrosis and given time, it would take my life. I was also informed I had excessive lung scarring due to the aggressive pneumonia and there was no cure for the scarring and it would get worse as time went by.

I had a laundry list of medications including twice a day steroid inhalers, twice a day Nebulizer treatments, numerous meds and I don't remember any longer what else there was.

I was forced to go on Social Security because I had difficulty just getting up the staircase to my apartment. This sucked!

Stayed with the meds routine and ended up back in the hospital at the end of May 2022 for a week. I was pumped full of steroids and sent on my way. My next Pulmonary appointment wasn't until the first full week of September.

Felt great! .....for about 6 weeks then the congestion started returning and I felt none of the assorted drugs were truly doing any good by the way I felt so I decided it was time to go to plan B.

First hit up this website then started researching medical studies (outside the US) and saw a pattern developing surrounding Hydrogen Peroxide diluted with distilled water and given Nebulizer treatments several times a day.

So I bought a bottle of 12% FOOD GRADE (not that stuff for external use) Hydrogen Peroxide and a gallon of distilled water. Did some basic math and determined I needed to dilute it to 1.5% (to start) and around 4-5 cc's at a time in the Nebulizer. Started doing this twice a day and coughed constantly while using the Nebulizer. The gunk in my lungs were not happy to see this stuff and let me know!

After 3 days of this I could breathe again and I could feel the congestion breaking up! By the middle of August, I felt sooo much better that I could go out for walks again (really short ones).

Kept up with this twice a day until the end of August. Starting in September, I cut back to once a day and increased the dilution ratio to 2%. I was now also increasing my walking distance an it was up to a mile now. Went to my Pulmonologist appointment, explaining what I was doing and got a look like I had just fell off a turnip truck! The Dr.had no idea what I was talking about and couldn't condone it . He suggested I stop this and return to the drugs that weren't doing me any good. Don't hold your breath!

By the end of September I was walking 2 miles a day and had cut back the Nebulizer treatments to once a week having increased the diluted ratio to 3%

In October, cut back to once every two weeks, holding at 3% and increasing my walking to 3 miles a day. By November I was walking 3 miles both morning and evening. Had to stop this because my knees were giving me grief and cut back to walking only once a day.

In December I went in for a Cat Scan of my chest prior to my upcoming office visit with the Pulmonologist in January. By the end of December, I was at 3.5 miles a day in walking forgot more often than not about the Nebulizer treatments.

January 2023 rolls around and I head to my appointment. Met with the Dr.and he had a strange look upon his face. This had me concerned. I asked him if he looked over the Cat Scan results and he said he had (while gently shaking his head). The Dr.told me there was no lung scarring in the lower portions of my lungs and only a small amount up top!

After the Dr.and one of his residents had left the examination room and closed the door I could hear him telling somebody, " I have no idea how he became so dramatically better in only a year". I told him how but, its not part of Western Medicine.

Recommended H202 Books

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Posted by Linda (HI) on 04/04/2023

For Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide use

There is a wonderful book available on Amazon, called The One Minute Cure, by Madison Cavanaugh all about using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Purchase the second edition.

Replied by Rob

Hydrogen Peroxide Miracles! Amazing Recipes For Home, Health & Healing by Brad Tomson


Posted by Tess (Ohio, Usa) on 06/16/2018

Would the food grade hydrogen peroxide be safe for a person with a hip joint replacement that has some metal in it? Also, has anyone used it topically to help with the pimple-like bumps related to rosacea? I had read on another site of one 37year-old woman whose skin improved in one week far better with the FGHP than any of her meds had done for her in five years. She applied it 2 times a day after washing her face and left it on for 10 minutes and rinsed.

Starting Dosage of 35% Food Grade Peroxide

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Posted by James (Nola) on 04/25/2020

Starting dosage of 35% H2O2 is 7 drops of h202 per gallon of water. Anymore than this if you're new to it might make you a little queasy. Please be very careful with this stuff and mark it clearly with warnings in your fridge. It's safe to use with guidelines just like cars, tools and weapons are or they can hurt you too. I've used this for years with no issues.

Replied by Paulette

I've diluted down to 3%. Do i still use 7 drops of the diluted to a gallon of water? or do I start with the undiluted 35% to a gallon of water? I want to use this to fix a chronic bladder infection. What is the dosage I should use And how often and how long after can I eat or take medications? thx

Replied by ella dragif

Hi I'm trying to find out the protocol on the daily dosage of 3%. The info for 35% is easier to find.

Replied by Noriko Takei

For drinking, h2o2 must be food grade. Add 1 oz of 35% h2o2 to one gallon of distilled water. As a mouth wash, add one oz to 11 oz of distilled water. Must follow by rinsing your mouth water. Find excellent books by Elizabeth Baker and Mary Wright.

Storing Food Grade Peroxide

Posted by Lizajane (Id, United States) on 01/04/2014

How long is 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide "good" if stored in the refrigerator?

Replied by Paul

Is there an expiration date for 35%HP?

Swollen Tonsils

1 User Review
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Posted by Denise (True ) on 03/16/2020

I have a good stockup of Hydrogen Peroxide. Not food grade, but it says it can be used for mouthwash. I did use it when a tonsil swelled up before this whole corona thing hit, and took the swelling and soreness away in 2 days. I believe that's what did it as I wasn't using anything else. I can't find any info on how to disinfect "areas" of your home with HP though. Can someone tell me how to use it? I read not to put it in a clear container, so haven't figured out if I can put it in a dark colored spray bottle. This is the 3% HP I have. Also, if anyone knows something good to use in my little diffuser, I would appreciate that as well, or, just a link of some sort to find out the best for eliminating any germs, maybe even killing them, without killing myself ;)

Replied by Mary

Buy a spray bottle at the dollar store and put that on your peroxide bottle. Problem solved.

Replied by Cass
(Rocklin, CA)

You inquired about using your 3percent around the house....I have sprayed it directly on a spot in our bathroom near the toilet and shower to kill black mold and it works! It took several applications, but it works...keep sraying til it is saturated and let it sit. Do that for several days in a row...apply it 2x day.

Tooth Abscess

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Posted by Tami (Kennedy, Mn) on 12/28/2016

I had an abscess on the inside of my bottom gum for about a month and it was really starting to bug me so I grabbed my food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide and put some on my finger and put it directly on the problem area. I figured mixing with saliva would dilute it. Not smart I suppose but listen to what happened. The next day my face was all swollen. It looked like I had a golf ball in my mouth but it didn't hurt at all. It felt like novicane. The next day swelling is gone the abscess was gone!! No root canal for me!! I honestly think the swelling was the peroxide that had gone into below my teeth and went to work getting rid of the infection.

Replied by Heather

Food grade Hydrogen with your finger dipped in 35% would make your finger completely white. You really did this? Dangerous

Replied by Gloria
(Cape Coral Fl.)

plus it would sting like heck!

Replied by Marsh

I have gum infections every so often. HP doesn't seem to work as well as 4-5 drops oil of oregano in a small glass of filtered water or a mixture of tea tree oil in coconut oil. Take a mouthful and swish, or oil pull throughout the day. (The OofO mouthwash lasts 2-3 days.)The infection clears up within 1-2 days. I also keep a bottle of heal thy mounth blend for this purposes and apply at bedtime.

Replied by Jess

That is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for sharing!

I totally LOVE healing stories > God is great!!!!

Vaporizing Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Beth (Fl) on 07/21/2020

I've been using 3% through a vaporizer. My 75 lb Furbaby has been battling cell cancer. I have breast augmentation. Is it safe for me to use?

Where to Buy: Australia

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Posted by Norma (Sydney) on 06/22/2015

For Aussies looking for a high quality product. I've been using 35% Hydrogen Peroxide for many years and in 2013 came across a product far superior to other brands. One Step Health in Australia have the best locally produced 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and it is free of dangerous chemical stabilisers. They have a website

Replied by Catherine
(Sydney, Australia)

I buy mine opposite QVB .... I think the place is called Newingtons....

Replied by Greg

If you are looking for the best product in Australia, I buy pure food grade hydrogen peroxide 35% at it is by far the superior product.

Where to Buy: Canada

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Posted by Jeanette (St. Stephen, NB, Canada) on 10/31/2021 7 posts

Hi I live in a very small town on the border of Canada and US and am in search of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, where I can purchase it and not sure if it can be posted, any help would be appreciated.

Replied by Tessa

Hi Jeanette (St. Stephen, NB) -

If there are any health food stores nearby, you could check to see if they have food-grade hydrogen peroxide in stock.

If not, they might be able to order it for you. Here in BC, I can get 3% food grade and 17-1/2% food grade at some of the health food stores.

If you want to order it online, here is a Canadian link – Sprout Masters:

Due to Natural Resources Canada regulations, hydrogen peroxide OVER 30% is considered a “chemical of concern” and Sprout Master will need to ask for your driver's license number (do not send a photo of it - they just need the number). If you don't have one, then you need to give your provincial ID number when you check out.

As well, you will be asked what your intended use of the product is.

I use it for many things – growing sprouts (helps prevent mold), sanitizing fruits and vegetables, watering plants (diluted), cleaning around the apartment, as an alternative to bleach in the laundry, etc.

As well, you can buy food-grade 3%, 6% and 12% hydrogen peroxide on

I hope this helps.

Take care,


Replied by Jeanette
(St. Stephen NB Canada)
7 posts

Hi I recently posted a question about where I could find 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and it was answered but I do not know how to find the reply...I found the post I wrote but do not know where the reply is lol, please help? I posted it on October 31 2021 if that is at all helpful?

EC: Hi, we've attached your post to the thread with Tessa's reply. It's on the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide page at the bottom of the table of the contents under "Where to Buy: Canada".

Here's the link:

Replied by Lisa
(Orlando, Florida)

They only ship within Canada. Got an American source/URL? Thank you!

BTW…I was ordering 35% food grade from Amazon till the scamdemic hit. Now 12% is the highest level they sell.

Where to Buy: Caribbean

Posted by Chris (Trinidad & Tobago) on 11/14/2014

Where can I find food grade hydrogen peroxide in Trinidad & Tobago. We are an island in the caribbean and I cant find it anywhere

Replied by Wanda

i order from Guardian of Eden online. That's Guardian ..not Garden.

Where to Buy: India

Posted by M (Us) on 04/01/2016

Hi, Can someone please if I can get Food Grade H2O2(35%) in India? and If so where? My dad is suffering from IPF and none of the medications are working for him now.

Please help!


Replied by India
(New York)

Go on, they sell it there. I hope your dad gets better.

Where to Buy: Ireland

Posted by John (Ireland) on 03/01/2017

Why is it I cannot seem to be able to buy 35% hydrogen peroxide in Ireland?

Where to Buy: Norway

Posted by Anne (Oslo, Norway) on 02/16/2017

Hi - Do you know of any Place in Norway where you can buy Food grade hydrogen peroxide? Thanks, Anne

Where to Buy: Thailand

Posted by Elaine (Thailand ) on 09/27/2015


Does anyone know where I can buy Food grade hydrogen peroxide in Thailand? Or know of a company who will ship there!


Where to Buy: Turkey

Posted by Michelle V. (Mobile, AL) on 02/11/2024 4 posts

Hello Everyone. Where can one buy Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Turkey? I have been telling my sister about all of it's great benefits and how it has helped me tremendously and she wants to purchase it, but is having trouble finding it. Can anyone help? She is not doing well, in so many ways, and I feel the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can help. Any suggestions?

Replied by Guzin
(Canada BC)

Hi Michelle, there is a very well known site in Turkey. They sell them, here is the site.

I hope this helps.

Where to Buy: UK

Posted by Bluehubble (London) on 04/04/2018

In the UK you cannot buy 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide anymore. Unless you get a license from the home office, which is very involved.

Can anybody tell me does using 12 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide, diluted in distilled water to 3percent work in the same way and is as effective?

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