Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

Swollen Tonsils
Posted by Denise (True ) on 03/16/2020 137 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I have a good stockup of Hydrogen Peroxide. Not food grade, but it says it can be used for mouthwash. I did use it when a tonsil swelled up before this whole corona thing hit, and took the swelling and soreness away in 2 days. I believe that's what did it as I wasn't using anything else. I can't find any info on how to disinfect "areas" of your home with HP though. Can someone tell me how to use it? I read not to put it in a clear container, so haven't figured out if I can put it in a dark colored spray bottle. This is the 3% HP I have. Also, if anyone knows something good to use in my little diffuser, I would appreciate that as well, or, just a link of some sort to find out the best for eliminating any germs, maybe even killing them, without killing myself ;)