Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

Liver Disease
Posted by Syrena (Florida) on 08/13/2020
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Evidence of Liver Healing?

I'm 55 years old, and female. Have had enlarged liver with cysts and pain around my liver since 2017.

I've been using small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide for about 9 days, now. Just a few drops in water, and not using the protocol as outlined in most books of increasing the drops. When I did that, it caused my candidiasis to bloom, so I cut back to using 2-3 drops of 35%, 2-3 times, daily.

This might sound like too much information, but it is a very important breakthrough for me. In the past few years, my feces have been coming out the same color as the food I ate. I have many food allergies, and can only eat a few foods. For example: If I eat potatoes the feces comes out gray/white. Gross....sorry. But the good news is since day 7 of the hydrogen peroxide drops, (two days ago), suddenly the feces is the right color!

I'm under the impression that my liver was not producing bile for quite a while, and that is why my fecal matter was so pale. I know that my liver is enlarged with cysts, and I have had pain around my liver area since early 2017. I do not know what the state of my liver was before that, since I only started looking into it when the pain started.

The change in the color is hopefully a wonderful bit of evidence that maybe I am moving in the right direction in the healing process. Hopefully, it indicates that liver healing is happening!

I have also noticed that moods are lighter and happier since taking the H2O2, and I have more energy. My skin complexion looks a little nicer, too.

I plan to update when there are new breakthroughs. I have been reading a couple of different books, but right now, my favorite one is a free download. The book is called, "The Truth About Hydrogen Peroxide", by James Roguski.

I eat a high carb, low fat vegan diet, and have since 2017 when I found out that my liver was enlarged. Before that, I was on paleo for a couple of years, and clearly that didn't help my situation.