Food Grade Peroxide Cures

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Posted by J.medina Bey (Nyc) on 03/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Although all doctors know of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% they all deny the fact of it's healing power do to being discredited by medical field and the other being there is no money to be made with healthy people so if and only you get a doctor who recommends peroxide 35% it's a doctor who has morels and honors the Hippocratic oath which is not to lie cause that's what they swore to.

As for me I've been taking it for almost two years now and I can speak from my own experience that I first took it with the recommended dosage of 3 drops three time a day and elevate by adding one drop per day at three times until you reach 25 drops a day at three times per day then do the same process in reverse until you get back down to the recommended maintenance of 3 drops per day at three times a day, what it did for me in just a matter of two weeks is it cured my asthma which I suffered from since a child and now I am able to breath and enjoy life better and I use it in my water to clean it but always know that unless you have a reverse osmosis filtration unit to purify your water you will never have your water fully clean without all the chemicals that are drinking/tap water contains.

One thing to remember which you can look up if you choose to, is that it might give you side effects in a good way meaning if your a person who's body is very ill the peroxide will flush out your system first of all the radicals you have in you which is great and then you will start to see a very significant change in your health so don't be alarmed it's the way it works you and always when using it drink and if diluting use distilled water if someone can't afford a method of purifying your water I recommend to drink distilled water cause it's nothing like the BS spring water that's no different from the tap water in one's home yep for those who didn't know your wasting money when you buy spring water cause it's just same thing as tap but distilled is processed in a whole different matter which you can look up as well.


Posted by Rochelle (Bouton, Ia) on 09/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My diabetes was out of control, A1C was 13 two months ago, which means my glucose was 300 or higher. I started using the food grade hydrogen peroxide, still using insulin, now I'm getting glucose readings of 100 to 160. Can't wait to see my doc's reaction after next A1C! I do not know if I will reveal my secret.