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| Modified on Aug 04, 2017
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Glycerin and Sea Salt Body Scrub

This is a wonderful home remedy which has Welsh roots, apparently. We read about this remedy in a beauty magazine a few years ago and finally tried it for ourselves. It is incredible! Your skin will glow and feel extra soft for about 2 days after the scrub. Most pharmacies carry their own brand of glycerin (e.g., RiteAid). One small bottle of glycerin costs around $3 and lasts for approximately 4 treatments. If you want to feel like you've just been restored at the spa, end this scrub with a 2 minute cold shower.

Mix together one cup of sea salt and enough glycerin to moisten the salt (1/8 cup or less). Leave mixture outside shower until you are ready as water will dissolve the salt. Take a hot shower, then turn shower off and begin scrub from the feet on up using either your hands or a loofah. Rinse off with warm water and end with a two minute cold shower (if you are brave enough, that is).

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