Mint Remedies and Natural Cures

| Modified: Jun 26, 2020
Add New Post The mint family of plants is wide and world-encompassing, and everywhere you find it, you find it put to use for a bountiful array of home remedies. Mint's delightful scent is a natural relaxant perfect for aromatherapy. That same aroma makes it a great way to kill bad breath or even body odor. Likewise, it can help to soothe nausea and is treasured by mother's as a remedy for morning sickness!

Mint tea is taken for all sorts of stomach disorders and can likewise curb the appetite so that we eat less--a great diet aid! Your cat adores the stuff too (catnip is in the mint family). Peppermint essential oil (essentially, menthol) can be used extensively for skin conditions or can be applied to the temples to help you relax or quickly relieve headache pain.

Make Mint Tea: Steep fresh-cut leaves for about five minutes for your own homemade mint tea to soothe heartburn, relieve an upset stomach, relax your muscles, relieve sinus pressure, tame a migraine, or reduce flatulence.

Acid Reflux

Posted by Gregory (Royal Oak, MI) on 11/30/2008
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Peppermint! I have had Acid Reflux now for 6 years and tried medicine, which doesnt work, apple cider vinegar, which made me vomit, and all sorts of remedies. I tried a lifesaver peppermint and it temporarilly helps me stomach settle! Not a cure, and not sure if it will help you, but why not give it a try?

Directions: Simply eat one or two peppermints

Peppermint cured my burning throat pain for the night, however it doesn't end acid reflux either. I carry a bag of peppermints in my room when I get attacks.

Posted by Abigail (Ypsilanti, MI) on 11/15/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I spent 2 years fighting acid reflux. I ate antacids like candy til the doctor put me on Zantac, then I started taking those like candy. Finally, my pastor gave me some dried mint leaves and told me to steep 1 teaspoon in a cup of water and drink. One cup a day for a week. By the second day I hadn't had an attack. By the end of the week I threw away my Zantac. The tea was only used for a week as it was. After about 1 month the erosion was healed and it would be 4 years before I would have heartburn again. I drink the tea and have no more problems. I use vinegar once or twice a year if I get heartburn again but the tea did a total turn around. None of my doctors believe I used to have acid reflux. Note: the mint used can even be the kind you find on the spice rack at the local grocery store.

Posted by Paa (Las Vegas) on 02/04/2006
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I have heard of mint juice as an Indian remedy. Haven't tried it though.

Posted by Tonia (USA) on 03/20/2005
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I just did my science fair project on this subject and got a 1st, and Best of Show. I found that peppermint will actually lower the acidity in your stomach. Like a mint (like peppermint candy) or peppermint tea will help lower the acid in your stomach that produces the acid that gives you heartburn.


Posted by Elizabeth (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on 02/24/2012

I would love to know if you've had any further developments on this front. A couple years ago I had myself checked out because I had always had abnormal facial hair (my mom always attributed it to heredity), continual weight loss and gain, irregular periods, etc. But I felt it was something more. An external and internal ultrasound showed that I had ovarian polyps, an earlier stage of PCOS.

At that time I had maintained a healthier lifestyle (diet and exercise) with little processed foods and simple sugars out of habit rather than restriction, which had held the polyps at bay. That has changed within the past year and I have noticed a difference on every front. Spearment tea sounds like a wonderful idea and I would love to give it a go so I am thoroughly interested in your findings.

Replied by Sharon
Odessa, Mo Usa

For PCOS and irregular periods, eat seaweed.

Posted by Loveallnatural (Kansas City, Mo) on 01/22/2012
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Spearmint for PCOS Acne

Came across an article stating women with PCOS might benefit from spearmint tea. I went to the nutrition store and bought some organic and starting drinking spearmint tea on Friday afternoon. I wasn't really expecting anything for a few weeks, but I woke up today, Sunday, and my face looks 100% better. It was only about 36 hours and is so improved that it defies logic! One cup in the morning and one at night and I'm SHOCKED at the results. I also bought some high quality spearmint oil and put a few drops in some all natural liquid face cleanser so maybe that had something to do with the almost immediate results... ? Today I have almost no oil, my pores are visibly shrinking, and my skin is healthy looking with a more even tone and a pinkish glow... But not even one single new bump/cyst/eruption/pimple and it is finally smooth again!! My face is covered in the healing blemishes, but those should heal soon and nothing new is coming up. On Saturday I noticed that one bump that has been on my cheek for months had finally gotten bigger. Nothing would come out before, but it wouldn't go away. I guess the spearmint had finally brought it to the surface. I was shocked at how deep and infected it was, but today it is finally healing. It honestly looks like I've had 3-4 months of prescription treatment on my face. I thought I was crazy so I asked my husband to look at my skin and he was visibly shocked and said my skin hasn't looked this good in years. My face has gone from being overly oily to almost oil at all. I'm allergic to moisturizers and I've had to start using organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil again just to make sure my skin is hydrated enough, and it is good for my skin too.

I have PCOS (can't take the pill) and for the past year or so my skin has started breaking out with cystic type acne and my pores have gotten really large. I've never had great skin, but I've always controlled it... With retin-a all through high school and college and then switched to a mild face cleanser and toner of organic apple cider vinegar when I got pregnant with my first child. I usually had one or two pimples every couple of weeks. After my children were born I was even able to just use Lancome products and my face looked really nice. Suddenly, about a year or so ago, I developed a severe facial allergy to sodium and ammonium lauryl sulfates and my skin started breaking out worse than ever before. I went to the dermatologist and she said it was hormonal acne caused by the PCOS so there wasn't much she could do and other than prescribe the pill, which I can't take, but to exercise, lose weight, eat healthier, etc. (gee, thanks. ) Due to my allergies, I had to stay with all natural products and my face just kept getting worse and worse. I went back to my tried and true apple cider vinegar, but it didn't really help. I've tried tea tree oil, violet extract, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, organic virgin coconut oil, you name it and nothing helped at all. (I'm very allergic to benzoil peroxide and any of the OTC acne remedies so I couldn't try them. ) I'm in my mid 30s and I looked like a 15 y. O. Boy. It has been so horrible!! Today I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and I just hope it keeps on this same path of healing!!!!

Spearmint is supposed to help regulate hormones and for women with PCOS that is the key. No wonder nothing helped as it really was hormonal acne. I doubt this would work at all for women without hormone issues and men probably shouldn't try it, or maybe try the spearmint oil added to a face cleanser... But in less than 36 hours my skin looks 100% better and I couldn't be happier with the results!!! I'm sticking with this and hoping it continues to improve. Maybe it will even help with other PCOS issues... Only time will tell. I'll post back if anything changes. Good luck to all!!!!

Posted by Karen (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 08/18/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I've suffered from chronic hormonal acne for more than 20 years. I stayed on birth control pills during most of the time because it was the only thing that kept me consistently clear (any combined pill seemed to work for me). After leaving my job and losing my health insurance I found that the drugs were too expensive and started looking for a natural remedy.

After more than a year of giving everything I could think of a try, I finally started to see results with peppermint tea. Took about 2 weeks to start noticing improvement. It's not a 100% cure but it's something of a small miracle after being so completely unresponsive to everything else. 1 - 2 unsweetened strong cups a day seems to do the job. And I quite enjoy the taste.

After doing some research I think this only works for androgen-type hormonal imbalance ie. Too many male-type hormones. I believe the effects are similar for men. Spearmint, which I can't seem to find, apparently works as well.

Bad Breath

Posted by Amy (Anytown, Oh, Usa) on 09/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Tried brushing with the peppermint essential oil tonight and it worked like a charm. I have now woken up after a long night's sleep and still have a pink tongue, so it seems to have some staying power.

Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 08/03/2010

Hello, can you please tell me how many mg. of peppermint oil your daughter took per day? Also, I would like to know if there were other ingredients in the capsules. The ones I saw at the store had a variety of other herbs in them. Thank you so much.

Posted by Mayo (St. Paul, Mn) on 02/06/2010
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My daughter started taking peppermint oil capsules to aid digestion and noticed the bad taste in her mouth disappeared and tonsil stones stopped forming. When the capsules ran out the stones came back. Restarting the capsules resolved the problem again!!!

Blood Sugar

Posted by Ratgirldjh (Austin, Texas, USA) on 10/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

i am a diabetic on insulin and i recently discovered that peppermint oil lowers blood sugar - a LOT.

how i found this out is i took a bath with 5 drops of peppermint oil and i also have a tooth powder that i mixed up with several drops of peppermint oil and powdered sea salt.

after soaking in the bath - which felt wonderful - i brushed my teeth with the tooth powder and also rinsed my mouth out with a little in water.

after this i started feeling weird. i had eaten whole grain pasta and veggies for dinner and couldn't believe my blood sugar was low. but it was 81 - and it continued going lower even after i ate 1 1/2 kashi cereal bars - 1 teaspoons of karo syrup - and 1 whole wheat gingerbread cookie. i ended up eating another cereal bar and finally got it up to 120.

this morning it was still lower than usual after all those mid night carbs - it was 177.

usually the morning after something like this happens it will be in the 200's - since it finally all catches up again.

so be careful with peppermint oil if you are a diabetic on insulin.

i plan to still use my tooth powder - but i have lowered my insulin doses!!!

i am also taking ACV and water a very small amount 2 x a day.

Body Odor

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Usa) on 12/21/2011 2110 posts

Nishi, extreme body odor is a sign of TOXIC body. Try some detox cures like Charcoal, Bentonite, Chlorella, colon cleanse, Vit-C, Baking soda/epsom salt hot bath etc.

Posted by Nishi (Ahmedabad, India) on 12/20/2011

My armpits smell horrible so I read on net that boiling mint leaves and having bath with it works great and can cure body odor and it was a miracle for me but my problem is, for how much time do I have to continue with mint bathing water?? Is there any permanent cure??

Bug Repellent

Posted by Dawn (North Hollywood, CA) on 08/01/2006
5 out of 5 stars

You mix 15-20 drops of spearmint oil in a spray bottle with water, spray on fur and ears, careful not to get in eyes, you can spray dog houses, the outer perimeter of your home and the flies disappear almost instantly. my dogs are 7 and I have never found anything that worked until I tried this.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us
5 out of 5 stars

Years ago I traded plants with strangers and got some chocolate mint plants. I brought them when we moved and share with neighbors and friends. They love the clay soil here and grow like weeds. Neighbors have lots of critters (poop )that draws flies and we have had more than our fair share getting into the house over the years. Last week I had to pot some of my mint to make room in garden space and put it by each door. No flies, no mosquitos and it claims mices : ) don't like it. I put some under my fruit trees and some under my nut trees. Learning new stuff all the time. Chocolate mint tea is nice too. Blessings, Charity

Posted by Dawn (North Hollywood, CA) on 07/10/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to tell you about something I discovered I did not see on your site. Dogs and Flies... My dogs were being eaten up by flies, a friend recommended spearmint oil and it worked. I have been using it over a week now and there has not been one fly around them since. IT WORKS.