Mint: Top Health Benefits of This Herbal Wonder

| Modified on Jan 22, 2024
Nail Polish Remover
Posted by Donna (Janesville, WI) on 07/16/2008

I had heard that Pure Peppermint Oil stops bug bits from itching. Well, it did, but guess what?! It also took off my nail polish!! WOW! I was in utter shock! How cool is that! Ok, I'll try and calm down now~ much love donna

Dental Issues
Posted by Angie (Sparta, Missouri) on 05/12/2008

re: Recurring sore on gums and white tongue... For 2-3 years I have had a recurring sore on my gum that would not go away and plus a lot of white build up on my tongue. towards the end of last year I started using 1 drop of certified organic peppermint oil on my toothbrush that I bought from ebay 1-2 times a day. since then my tongue is pink, no more white buildup and the sore is almost gone. I hope this helps someone out. I really believe the key is using organic peppermint oil.

Posted by Sara Khan (Birmingham, Uk) on 09/10/2010

Hey guys read your comments and I thought I would clarify it is spearmint NOT peppermint tea. You need to drink two cups a day for 5 days in order for testosterone levels to decrease. Hence, not good for men!!! There are many websites which will explain the spearmint tea. However, I can recommend alum powder and rose water. Mix the two and apply with cotton wool on areas where hair is removed. This should be washed after 15 minutes... (but some may keep it on longer about an hour max) This will overtime reduce the growth of unwanted hair and coarse hair will reappear as fine hair and may eventually disappear overtime. The alum powder and rose water formula has worked miracles for many I know!!! Good Luck

Posted by Nw (New York, Ny) on 02/09/2010

I read on ec that excessive hair growth can be treated with blackstrap molassses and spearmint tea so i tried. i couldnt find spearmint so i got peppermint. its been 2 weeks and i cant believe the difference! I drink the tea 2x/day but am kinda lazy about the molasses. I used to have to "pluck" EVERYDAY because the hair on my chin was so coarse. its been so frustrating for so long and i think ive finally beat it. I bought the sand paper type thing they sell for unwanted hair just to get the few light hairs off that were left and now my face is so smooth, it has to be the tea...

Stomach Ache
Posted by Simon (Bath, England) on 02/20/2012

Whenever I feel that something hasn't gone down properly, or that I've tried to stuff too much down (I do tend to over-eat sometimes... ) I just have a mint or two. They are strong laxatives, so they basically flush everything through the system. I don't think chewing gum works quite the same (even if it is strongly minty), so there must be something in the extra strong mints...

Maybe it is for this reason that restaurants often give a free mint after a meal?

Posted by Loveallnatural (Kansas City, Mo) on 01/22/2012

Spearmint for PCOS Acne

Came across an article stating women with PCOS might benefit from spearmint tea. I went to the nutrition store and bought some organic and starting drinking spearmint tea on Friday afternoon. I wasn't really expecting anything for a few weeks, but I woke up today, Sunday, and my face looks 100% better. It was only about 36 hours and is so improved that it defies logic! One cup in the morning and one at night and I'm SHOCKED at the results. I also bought some high quality spearmint oil and put a few drops in some all natural liquid face cleanser so maybe that had something to do with the almost immediate results... ? Today I have almost no oil, my pores are visibly shrinking, and my skin is healthy looking with a more even tone and a pinkish glow... But not even one single new bump/cyst/eruption/pimple and it is finally smooth again!! My face is covered in the healing blemishes, but those should heal soon and nothing new is coming up. On Saturday I noticed that one bump that has been on my cheek for months had finally gotten bigger. Nothing would come out before, but it wouldn't go away. I guess the spearmint had finally brought it to the surface. I was shocked at how deep and infected it was, but today it is finally healing. It honestly looks like I've had 3-4 months of prescription treatment on my face. I thought I was crazy so I asked my husband to look at my skin and he was visibly shocked and said my skin hasn't looked this good in years. My face has gone from being overly oily to almost oil at all. I'm allergic to moisturizers and I've had to start using organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil again just to make sure my skin is hydrated enough, and it is good for my skin too.

I have PCOS (can't take the pill) and for the past year or so my skin has started breaking out with cystic type acne and my pores have gotten really large. I've never had great skin, but I've always controlled it... With retin-a all through high school and college and then switched to a mild face cleanser and toner of organic apple cider vinegar when I got pregnant with my first child. I usually had one or two pimples every couple of weeks. After my children were born I was even able to just use Lancome products and my face looked really nice. Suddenly, about a year or so ago, I developed a severe facial allergy to sodium and ammonium lauryl sulfates and my skin started breaking out worse than ever before. I went to the dermatologist and she said it was hormonal acne caused by the PCOS so there wasn't much she could do and other than prescribe the pill, which I can't take, but to exercise, lose weight, eat healthier, etc. (gee, thanks. ) Due to my allergies, I had to stay with all natural products and my face just kept getting worse and worse. I went back to my tried and true apple cider vinegar, but it didn't really help. I've tried tea tree oil, violet extract, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, organic virgin coconut oil, you name it and nothing helped at all. (I'm very allergic to benzoil peroxide and any of the OTC acne remedies so I couldn't try them. ) I'm in my mid 30s and I looked like a 15 y. O. Boy. It has been so horrible!! Today I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and I just hope it keeps on this same path of healing!!!!

Spearmint is supposed to help regulate hormones and for women with PCOS that is the key. No wonder nothing helped as it really was hormonal acne. I doubt this would work at all for women without hormone issues and men probably shouldn't try it, or maybe try the spearmint oil added to a face cleanser... But in less than 36 hours my skin looks 100% better and I couldn't be happier with the results!!! I'm sticking with this and hoping it continues to improve. Maybe it will even help with other PCOS issues... Only time will tell. I'll post back if anything changes. Good luck to all!!!!

Body Odor
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Usa) on 12/21/2011 2063 posts

Nishi, extreme body odor is a sign of TOXIC body. Try some detox cures like Charcoal, Bentonite, Chlorella, colon cleanse, Vit-C, Baking soda/epsom salt hot bath etc.

Posted by Kelly Elmore (Kingston, Ok) on 08/26/2010

I soooooo agree! It's amazing. Works awesome for nausea. I rub it on my tummy and throat and it's gone in minutes. But for headaches it's AWESOME!!!! I put it not only on my temples but totally across my fore head and wow, it's almost instantaneous! And if I feel sinus pressure on my cheeks I put it there too!

Bad Breath
Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 08/03/2010

Hello, can you please tell me how many mg. of peppermint oil your daughter took per day? Also, I would like to know if there were other ingredients in the capsules. The ones I saw at the store had a variety of other herbs in them. Thank you so much.

Chicken Pox Itchiness
Posted by Michelle (Smithfield, Queensland, Australia) on 05/18/2009

My daughter was 7 when she contracted chicken pox. The itchiness was preventing her from sleeping, so I made up a solution of pure peppermint oil & water. (You can also use pure lavender oil). To 1 litre of water add 1 drop. Shake vigorously, tip out half the water, top up with water to again make 1 litre and then do it again, so you end up with 1/4 oil to 1 litre of water. This works on the homeopathic principle of attenuation (to weaken/reduce in intensity). I applied it where-ever the spots were, and within minutes the itching had stopped, and she was able to sleep peacefully. I prefer peppermint oil, as it has a soothing & cooling effect, and the spots clear up quickly with no scarring.
Have respect when using this oil, (as it is very potent) and be careful not to get any near your eyes or face, as it burns! (I can tell you this from personal experience!) Flush with plenty of water should this happen. However, reduced down to a quarter of its strength, it makes a formidable ally against chicken pox itching and scratching!

Stomach Ache
Posted by John Smith (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) on 01/04/2009

Stomach Ache Cures: i have found that a simple home rememdy i have been using for years works greatly and i would like to share it with everyone. MINT works great to relieve the pain. chewing minty gum, eating a peppermint pattie, or anything with a minty flavor will help the pain decrease signifigantly.

Posted by Jon (Maui, USA) on 08/19/2008

i recently had an itchy painful skin rash on my chest that started spreading. i thought it might be from the sun, or maybe scabies, poison oak, shingles, skin cancer. didnt know. i tried spraying hydrogen peroxide on it. didnt work. i went to the doctor and they couldnt tell me what it was either. they gave me a steroid cream with a ton of dangerous side effects. they said it wouldnt cure it but would stop the itch. i tried it for a few days didnt work. total joke western medicine as unusaul. i tried pure peppermiint oil 2x a day. this is day number 3 and its totally gone. peppermint oil!! try it!! amazing. its what worked for me.!!

Posted by Frank (Uk) on 08/18/2018

I have used oil of oregano directly on facial pimples, you have a stinging and a red patch but the latter disappears overnight as does the pimple. BUT you have to make sure it gets nowhere near the eyes!

Stomach Ache
Posted by Rebekah (Fresno, CA) on 02/20/2008

I use peppermint tea and candied ginger for my stomach aches. I get daily pain due to IBS. These alternative remedies worked 10x better than the Rx meds the Dr's gave me. Ginger helps relieve nausea and will aid in digestion. Peppermint tea works to soothe a sour stomach.

Sore Throat
Posted by John (Omaha, Nebraska) on 04/08/2007

this is all 100% natural and can cure the sore throat asap. first get some water, next mix water with 2 teaspoons of spearmint oil, and then gargle.

Trigeminal Neuralgia
Posted by Michele (Oak Hills, FL) on 12/07/2006

For the Trigeminal Neuralgia heading, I wanted to mention that I've had ATN (constant pain in T2 and T3) for nearly three years due to an incompetent dentist. Prior to diagnosis, I was trying all kinds of things to stop the pain. I discovered just about any kind of peppermint gum (preferably the kind with a hard shell initially) will stop or greatly reduce the pain within a minute or two. As long as I can taste the peppermint flavor as I'm chewing, the pain is reduced. As the flavor goes away, the pain comes back. Now that I've been diagnosed and am on medications, I still chew gum in the afternoons when the pills decide they're not going to work anymore! This is very helpful when I'm driving somewhere and would prefer not to cry. Oh, peppermint flavored mouthwash does the trick, too. Do some major swishing for at least two minutes, and afterwards, your mouth will feel a lot better.