Mint Remedies and Natural Cures

Dental Issues

Posted by Angie (Sparta, Missouri) on 05/12/2008
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re: Recurring sore on gums and white tongue... For 2-3 years I have had a recurring sore on my gum that would not go away and plus a lot of white build up on my tongue. towards the end of last year I started using 1 drop of certified organic peppermint oil on my toothbrush that I bought from ebay 1-2 times a day. since then my tongue is pink, no more white buildup and the sore is almost gone. I hope this helps someone out. I really believe the key is using organic peppermint oil.

Ear Mites

Posted by Atomiconion (Montgomery, Alabama) on 08/26/2011

there is a mycoplasma going around that allows these mite to live on people and animals the remedie is because the mycoplasma feeds from frontal lobe and ammonia and some acids symptoms can be mites, aligator legs, pink spots, weight gain, fatigue, lesions, insomnia, malnutrition, depression, swollen glands, headaches, walking nemonia, nervous condition etc. The cure is a slice of onion on forhead for several weeks changing onion only when it is dryed up and not plyable hold it there with sweatband put napkin over it to avoid ridicule, if that the problem you will feel it working after as little as a week for comfort de earth in between legs. the mites go when this mycoplasma dies cure. same for pets. you may need buy dog hat for them to keep it on.

Posted by Anne G. (Milton, VT) on 06/02/2009
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Holistic Ear Mite Remedies:

I adopted two kittens in November and both were infested with fleas and ear mites. They were babies, only four weeks old, but the mother stopped producing milk, and the woman who owned the pregnant cat said she'd had enough of the constant bottle feeding.

My key goals became to rid them of the fleas and mites, but the vet I have told me to avoid any medications at their young age, especially since one of them was the runt of the litter and barely weighed 14 ounces. The other was one pound.

Anyway, he suggested I mix 1/4 cup of olive oil with 10 drops of peppermint oil and then store it in a bottle. Every day, I'd put three or four drops of this oil mixture into their ears and then massage it in. I'd follow this with a bath in warm water with baby shampoo to kill off as many fleas as possible. Then I'd use blunt-tipped tweezers to pick off fleas that climbed to the head. Wrap them in a blanket and dry them off some. Then I'd use a flea comb to remove any other fleas that escaped. I was told that by bathing them right after the oil treatment, any mites that escaped the ear were washed away by the shampoo.

After two weeks, I took them back to the vet and heard the words I was waiting for--both kittens were completely flea and ear mite free. They are eight months old and never had fleas or ear mites again. So obviously the olive oil and peppermint oil mix did the trick. Now I have my two boys who weigh 11 and 13 pounds (the runt is 13) and as I've been told they are obviously part Maine Coon, the vet's told me to expect them to be huge. Given the size of their paws, I'd already expected that!


Posted by Rossana (Toronto, Ontario, Cnada) on 07/01/2009
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For gallbladder attacks, or when you feel it coming, boil water and in a 250ml cup add fresh celery leaves, mint leaves and 1/2 lemon juice and drink it gradually. This may cut down the pain from regularly 3 hours to 1 hour. I have been scheduled for surgery in August and had been using this as backup.

General Feedback

Posted by Cara (Dublin, Ireland) on 12/26/2010

Spearmint tea is available in Ireland from herbalists and shops like 'down to earth' in dublin that stocks herbs.. No need to go on line.


Posted by Sgbellaragazza (Providence, Ri) on 09/25/2010

I agree peppermint oil works wonders. I have also drank peppermint tea as well, which also seemed to work well.

Posted by Mtairy72 (Virginia Beach, Va, USA) on 08/24/2010
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I keep a bottle of Peppermint Oil (essential oil) in my pocketbook. You dab the oil on your index finger and middle finger. Then rub it on the same two fingers of the other hand. Close your eyes so the fumes don't irritate your eyes. Rub, in a circular motion, on either side of your head at your temples. Don't be afraid to press hard while rubbing. I haven't taken a headache medicine in years. I am 58. You can get the oil at a health food store.

Posted by Kim (Greensboro, Nc) on 01/03/2010
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I was just recently introduced to peppermint oil. I had a really bad headache and a friend of mine said here rub this on it. I rubbed it on the spot and my headache went away immediately. Just be warned that it can irritate your eyes so do not put to much. Just smear some on your finger and rub it in.


Posted by Nim (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 05/17/2011

Beth from Dublin -

blackstrap molassses is trecale in UK

Posted by Beth (Dublin, Ireland) on 05/11/2011

Cara, I had a look at the "down to earth" website and they don't seem to stock spearmint tea. Maryland, as Sara Khan from Birmingham says (above) "it is spearmint NOT peppermint tea"

Posted by Maryland (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/25/2011
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Peppermint tea didn't help me at all. I drank one or two cups a day for a long time and nothing changed. I restarted a few months later and still no result. I quit about 4 years ago.I read that tumeric is good but it can also stain your face, that's why I haven't tried it yet.

Posted by Michelle (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 04/19/2011

REPLY to Sara Khan from Birmingham, Uk

SARAH, we are not GUYS... That's why we are here... Try not to use YOU GUYS to girls/females as it is offensive.. That's like saying YOU MEN.. We already have problems with excess hair.. We don't need to be compared to men!

Replied by Melissa
Portland, Or

I am seriously so tired of stupid feminists taking offense to the smallest of things. "You guys" is a GENERAL term, if you take offense to this you need to seriously step back and take look at yourself and your priorities. Small things like that should not irritate you like it does. Geez, you make women look bad.

Sincerely, Melissa

Posted by Sandy (Toronto, Ontario) on 02/24/2011
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I've had excess facial hair since age 19 (I'm 22). I tried laser hair removal and let me warn all of you LASER MAKES FACIAL HAIR WORSE!! Instead of getting rid of the dark hairs, I now have a peach fuzz, PLUS the darker hair. I've heard of many other woman who have experienced the same thing.

I've been getting electrolysis for almost a year now, on a weekly basis and I'm starting to see results... But it takes a long time!

Anyways, on to mint tea. I read that it helps with excess facial hair, by blocking free testosterone in your body (or something of that nature). I can honestly say that I notice a big difference during the weeks that I drink mint tea daily vs. weeks where I forget. The growth of the dark hair is minimilised considerably.

For anyone battling annoying facial hair, I suggest you try it. You have nothing to lose, as it's delicious and nutritious! I buy plain old peppermint tea bags from the grocery store.

Hope it works for you!

Replied by Anon

I know a girl who had lazer and it worked great.

Posted by Beth (Dublin, Ireland) on 10/04/2010
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Hi Sara, I have started taking the spearmint tea, (I have had to order it from the USA, as it is not available in Ireland) I've been drinking 2-3 mugs a day now for the last nine days and have not seen any improvement yet! You mentioned alum powder, what is alum powder?( I never heard of it) and rose water, I would like to give that a try, the only problem is I cant get alum powder here. Do you know of any sites where I could order it?....... Many Thanks, Beth.

Posted by Tessa (Auckland, Nz) on 09/22/2010
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Hi - I have been drinking approx 2 cups of organic spearment tea for about six months now - I have not noticed any difference yet. I would also like to add that my facial hair also got A LOT worse after getting laser treatment. I am now going to try the Alum or go back to electrolysis.